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Apr 3, 2019

Irradiation posted:

Does anyone know how long it takes for the appliance home delivery and installation after you buy something either online or in store?

Seems like it depends on what you're buying and when. Bought a fridge and dishwasher from the 'co online last year right after black Friday, took 10 days to deliver. They hauled the old stuff away same day (I had uninstalled the old dishwasher a day ahead of time) and installed the new fridge. The new dishwasher was delivered left in the packing. I was given two options for it, wait and the delivery company would schedule a different installer to handle it in a day or two, or install it myself. I opted for the self install.

Ordered a new clothes washer and dryer online at the end of September to overlap a sale and a cash card "rebate". They were delivered and installed 5 days later with removal and haul away of the old broken hunks of poo poo.

Delivery and installation service is 3rd party (Innovel in my area, ymmv) and hit or miss on attention to detail, at least to my standards. Crew that handled the fridge and dishwasher were great. Different crew that did the clothes washer and dryer were just ok, missed some things like getting pedestal clip-in covers the right way, making sure the units were dead-level to stop vibrations, etc. Overall their service seems better than what I've gotten from other big-box stores delivery.


Apr 3, 2019

Chinatown posted:

The time has come.

Did a 9.2lbs one for Christmas eve dinner last night. Took about 5 and a half hours to hit medium rare temps in the middle. Got rave reviews from everyone, will be doing it again next year. :kiss:

Apr 3, 2019

Noslo posted:

Pretty sure they're trained to say that to everyone, I got pitched with "our system flagged you, you should upgrade to executive blah blah" a few weeks ago

I told him I ran the numbers already and would need to spend 3k annually to break even, which I don't do, so no thanks

I'm sure I'd hit 3k if I bought gas there too, but I don't because I'm not going to drive 30 miles there and back to save $0.10 per gallon

Gas station spend doesn't count towards Executive rewards. Had that conversation multiple times with the person trying to get me to sign up.

Apr 3, 2019

Paul MaudDib posted:

the ones I see in Home Depot are usually the rug doctor units, are they way better than a bissell? Always wondered how much you’re paying for the brand vs actually a better unit there.

I assume both pale in comparison to having a van come out with pro equipment and chemicals...

Highly recommend renting a bissell from lowes instead of a rug doctor from home depot. The power roller brushes and used water extraction on the bissell perform way better than any of the rug doctors I've ever rented.

Having a van come out is the best option, but is definitely going to run you a premium over a 24/48h do-it-yourself rental.

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