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Nov 19, 2004

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Fun Shoe

I just got a smart phone a couple months ago, and I'm having a problem with it that I can't seem to diagnose, and I'm looking for someone who might be able to help me figure it out.

Phone: Galaxy 7 Edge
Service Provider: Verizon

Certain apps/functionality either works very poorly, or just not at all, when I use wi-fi instead of mobile data, particularly when I am on my home wi-fi. Here are a few examples.

-Settings -> Google: Cannot sign in at all when at home. Can sign in at hotspots and on mobile.
-E-mail: Cannot sign-in or check my Gmail account through the "E-mail" app. Can sign in at hotspots and on mobile.
-Gmail: Specifically going to Gmail in the Google apps folder lets me access my e-mails, but loading/receiving mail can be slow and inconsistent. Hotspots are better, but mobile is best.
-Snapchat: Used to have zero problems until recent updates (a week or so ago?). Now, getting new snaps takes a while to load when at home, but is instant when on mobile. Can't seem to receive any at hotspots, but that might just have been signal strength.
-Pokemon Go: Again, never had issue until some updates a month or so back. Cannot log in at all when at home. Hotspots are OK-ish but disconnect frequently, possibly due to signal strength. No problems with mobile data.
-Netflix: Ridiculously slow loading at home, slightly better with hotspots, instantaneous loading with mobile data.

The baffling thing for me is, like with Pokemon and Snapchat, these weren't always this way; Only after more recent updates did the problems start occurring for them. No other devices at home (computers or gaming consoles) have issues with wireless signals. It's just my phone being connected to my internet that seems to result in poo poo not functioning correctly.

I've called Verizon, and they concluded the issue must be with my internet provider. I called my internet provider, and they concluded the issue must be with the phone. I called Verizon AGAIN, and after doing a factory reset, I'm basically being told I'm looking at replacing the SIM card or the whole phone, which seems strange for a brand-new phone and an issue that wasn't always there and is so inconsistent. I figured it would be some sort of configuration that I need to sort out.

If anyone has some insight on this, I would love to hear it. Also please talk to me like an idiot/child because I know nothing about phones.


Mar 15, 2006

Why stay in the Cape when you can be in the WAVE?

Your problem is with your home internet, most likely a bad router.

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