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Mar 11, 2003

Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis


Seeing the skeletal figures rise up, Ezra begins to ready his staff for combat. He sees what Zarina does. Taking the hint, he moves towards the offering dish. As he makes his move he reaches for some coins to offer up.

AR: 13. DP: 7 memorized Cure Wound x2, Martial Inspiration
Cha 11, Dex 9, Fer 7, Health 14, Int 12, Will 13.


A Velociraptor!
Aug 20, 2007


His sword is raised immediately and ready to bear down with all his might upon these monsters as they start to rise. But the Bey's instructions, and the others moving quickly to follow them, give him pause.

'Sometimes a sheathed sword wins the fight.' Taking the same path, he moves to pinch a coin and toss it into the offering dish. If it prevents a needless fight then so be it. And if not then at least he can gain satisfaction in destroying these monsters.

Oct 14, 2006


She looks around the chambers, raising her guard and reaching for her axe. The sister watches the others place their coins, then scoffs, "Absurd." She holds her torch aloft and looks down the steps from the doors, "I'm not going to appease whatever devils and nightmares dwell here." As the skeletal creepers turn to face her way, she looks at the others and prepares to rhetorically defend herself, "It's a matter of principle." Even as they start to advance, she is also moving in the opposite direction, moving along the wall, keeping as much distance, "We're here to confront this evil, not bribe it. And if we give a little regard, then we empower it - and further evil is done not just in their name, but our name too." Reyhana admirably keeps a fast pace walk, staying out of arm's reach of the skeletons as she labors her point, "And while I've been talking, and they've been ignoring you, you could have smashed their brittle skulls in."

One imagines she would cross her arms stubbornly, if she weren't climbing over a pew and dragging it in position to obstruct the skeletons pursuing her, "Also, I left all my coin at the shelter." She looks around, her cheeks flushing, "What? Why would I bring my coin purse into a labyrinth? Why did any of you?"

Reyhana is playing keep away and hoping these are the slower kind of skeletons and not the fast kind!! If they turn out to be fast then maybe she will have to climb up something or run out the door...
C 8 D 14 F 13 H 11 I 10 W 12
AR 12 D 8

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