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Apr 28, 2002

Long Live The King!

I still have one of my top shows that hasn't started yet and my number one show from last year just came back last night. So I'll probably be running close to the deadline this year.


Apr 28, 2002

Long Live The King!

Zaggitz posted:

Waiting for a few more shows to finish/hit their mid season breaks before I write up my list but this has been a drat good TV year.

Yes, yes it has. On my preliminary list I'm finding it hard to order the top seven shows because any of them would have been number one in any other year.

Apr 28, 2002

Long Live The King!

I usually don't like to put documentary style stuff in my lists, but this year I had two I enjoyed so much they had to go in my Top 10.

Here's the 'not quite' list first though.

26 - Black Sails
25 - Westworld
24 - Turn: Washington's Spies
23 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
22 - Stranger Things
21 - Arrow
20 - Daredevil
19 - Colony
18 - Agents of SHIELD
17 - iZombie
16 - Limitless
15 - Insecure
14 - Rectify
13 - The Americans
12 - Lethal Weapon
11 - 12 Monkeys

10 - Soundbreaking
This is a PBS documentary series about the history or recorded music. It's eight episodes long and aired back in November. It might still be available on your localized PBS site for streaming and if it is I highly recommend watching. It covers how recorded music has evolved and changed over century its been around from the days of wax records all the way until the MP3. And it does so through the lens of the artists and producers that did the evolving. With interviews with literally everyone you can think of, this documentary was put together by George Martin's production company not long before he passed this year. If you have even a cursory interest in the production of music this is a must watch.

09 - This Is Us
Man this show is just the definition of emotional. Probably one of the best pilots I've ever seen. Easily the best drama I've seen on a broadcast network in years. Reminds me of early Parenthood where you have just really solid written characters coming to life from really solid actors. There's not a lot to discuss in this show but it's great comfort TV. It will both pull on your heart and make you smile, which is what you want out of a good drama.

08 - Travelers
This one came out of nowhere for me. It's a low key thinking sci-fi, which is the kind of sci-fi I like. There's no flashy CGI or aliens or anything, just a number of actors doing good work with a premise that while fantastic is grounded in reality. As our titular Travelers have to balance the new lives they've taken over with the duties of their mission it places the crux of the story not on the overall plot of the mythology but on the mental growth of these characters as they become attached to the world they're trying to save. It's a neat premise that is executed very well. Hopefully we get another season.

07 - 19-2
This show has slipped my mind a few times doing this list because it always airs so early in the year, but this year I loved the season so much it's stuck in my head all year. This is a Canadian cop show based on a French Canadian cop show as near as I can tell this was the first season where it went its own way and wasn't just remaking the original show. Now don't get me wrong, the first two seasons might as well have been new to me as I never saw the originals and I loved them as well. But the two leads on this series are just constantly knocking it out of the park. This series focuses more on the personal relationships and the toll the job takes on the characters. It's reminds me a lot of Rectify in that it's not afraid to get really introspective at times and really dive into what's going on in the character's heads.

06 - Planet Earth II
Quite possibly the greatest use of a video camera that mankind has found yet. This series is awe inspiring and just mesmerizing in every way. Every episode provides moments that will leave you wondering how this footage was obtained. And more often then not will actually answer that with the behind the scenes footage at the end of each episode.

05 - Veep
And still the best comedy on TV? You bet your rear end it is. This season I went in worried that maybe they'd finally started to stretch into a premise too far for the show, plus there were some behind the scenes changes. I should have known not to worry. This might have been the best season of the show yet. Non stop funny with easily the highest joke per minute ratio on TV. And to all the people complaining about JLD getting all the awards still, let's see someone better then. Because I sure haven't seen anyone come close.

04 - Vikings
Another fast forward in time has kept this show super fresh, especially after doubling the episode order this year. The intro of Ragnar's kids has really refreshed everything for me, not that the show needed it, but it feels like it could go another three or so seasons now just on them. Still one of the best looking shows on TV for me money as well.

03 - Shameless
Shameless also doubled up on episodes this year. The earlier season wasn't really my favorite of the show and probably would have dropped the show a bit on my list if not for the run at the end of the year. I think this most recent run, which I guess was Season 7, might have been might favorite run of the show so far. I feel like finally every character got equal service and the ending of the season was so good I almost thought for a moment they were ending the whole series. I'm glad they're not though as it's clear they still have the creative fire to go ahead.

02 - Mozart in the Jungle
This show is always cutting it close to the wire and I always have to wait on it to do my list because I know it won't fail me. And it didn't. Another show in my Top 10 that may have had my favorite season of the run. I loved the addition of Monica Bellucci to the cast and once again Gael Garcia Bernal had one of my favorite performances of the year. And probably my favorite if not for the guy who also came in late to steal the top of my list...

01 - The Young Pope
As I'm watching the third episode of this show I'm not even sure if I like it. And yet seven episodes later it's my favorite show of the year, and probably my favorite season of TV since I started doing these lists. This show is as much a contradiction as the main character is. At times needlessly cruel and offputting and at times devastatingly fragile and beautiful. If ever a season of TV embodied the spirit of the character it was following it was this one. With a performance of a lifetime by Jude Law. I've always liked Jude Law but I've never been just completely blown away with any of his performances like I was with this. The show is scheduled to have a second season already and I can't wait, but I'm not sure how you can improve upon this season of TV. It's going to be very difficult. This hasn't aired in the US yet but will starting in January on HBO. Don't miss and don't give up on it for being too weird or not getting it at first. This show really is a journey and I'm so happy I didn't stop early when I didn't really understand what I was watching.

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Apr 28, 2002

Long Live The King!

Person of Interest has a more robotic lead than any of the characters on Westworld that made the show pretty much unwatchable for me. Unless it's revealed during the final season he actually is a robot and his complete lack of personality and charisma is a feature and not a bug then they did a really poor job casting that role. And if lack of personality and charisma is actually a feature then the people making the show were dumb for making the lead of the show a mannequin.

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