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try the new taco place
Jan 4, 2004

hey mister... can u play drums while I sing and play plastic guitar???

I don't think Netflix feature films are TV movies and should be included. They're certainly Oscars eligible, and I was going to include them on my movies list.

Also OJ Made in America is a weird exception- it is Oscars eligible and screened at film festivals. But it aired in its entirety more than once on ABC/ESPN, and through their streaming services. So I think it's TV.


try the new taco place
Jan 4, 2004

hey mister... can u play drums while I sing and play plastic guitar???

Lick! The! Whisk! posted:

Isn't that literally only because Netflix does limited release public screenings alongside the films to technically get in to Oscars eligibility? From what I understand that is exactly what they did with Beasts of No Nation.

Yeah, but if you include those, then shouldn't you include any movie released on VOD?

Like, Black Mirror is a TV show, collection of short films. But ARQ or XOXO or the Adam Sandler things are feature, stand-alone films that just happen to come through Netflix.

try the new taco place
Jan 4, 2004

hey mister... can u play drums while I sing and play plastic guitar???

My first list has 60 different 2016 shows. I might start a couple more before January #peaktv

try the new taco place
Jan 4, 2004

hey mister... can u play drums while I sing and play plastic guitar???

10 Superstore, Season 1-2, NBC
With apologies to Brooklyn 99, The Good Place, and even the late Parks & Rec, this is my favorite spiritual successor to The Office. The different dynamics in the "will they won't they" set it apart enough from Jim and Pam. And even though Dina is a pale-r imitation of Dwight, she's still one of the funniest characters on TV. I never laughed harder than the sight gag of her costume in the Halloween episodes.

9 Silicon Valley, Season 3, HBO
Another great season of this show didn't disappoint. There really is no standout episode, moment, or cast member to me, it's all a hilarious blur. The ensemble is perfect, and so far each guest star has blended into the show perfectly.

8 Vice Principals, Season 1, HBO
I was just mildly interested in the latest chapter of men behaving badly with Danny McBride until THAT part of the end of Episode 2. Then I was hooked for the ride for the rest of the 9 episodes. Walton Goggins also, as always, became the best part of a very talented cast. I really loved Shea Wigham's understated character that still managed to get huge laughs. The end of the season was another very sharp shock that has me hooked very hard to see the next half.

7 Stranger Things, Season 1, Netflix
I've never even seen E.T. But I still found a lot to love here. Love to see a series that goes 8 episodes with all killer and no filler. The writing here was very tight and managed to give equal weight to all three storylines/groups, especially when they all converged in the ending. The next part of this is one of my most-anticipated shows of 2017.

6 Lethal Weapon, Season 1, FOX
How did this get here? My hopes were pretty low going into this, even with a pretty open mind to all things remake. I also kind of feel bad rating and judging just 9 out of 20+ episodes. But gently caress it, I love this show. It's pretty stupid sometimes, but never goes over the line to outright bad and annoying. Clayne Crawford brings a surprising amount of depth to Riggs, and he's equally entertaining as the titular "Lethal Weapon" as he is a broken misanthrope. The supporting cast of cops, captain, family, and medical examiner are all really strong, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them as the show rolls on.

5 Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Seasons 1-2, The CW
There's no other show like this on TV. There was Galavant and Glee, but this is really something different and special. Rachel Bloom has a unique vision that's more or less going unfiltered over broadcast, ratings be damned. Even if it was a little bit rough in the back part of season 1, this show is good even when it dips.

4 American Crime Story - The People v. OJ Simpson, FX
The Other OJ Show couldn't measure up to reality, no matter how hard Ryan Murphy tried. It was still pretty great, and cemented its place as one of the best shows of the year with a handful of perfect moments - the Bronco chase revving up to "Sabotage", Clark holding court in a bar, the glove, and many others. "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" is deservedly showing up on many best episodes of the year list, and none other of the show's chapters had the singular focus on one character/aspect of the trial.

3 The Americans - Season 4, FX
With so many slow-burning fuses, there were eventually going to be some huge bombs going off in The Americans' future. Metaphorical plot bombs, that is. I never dreamed nearly all of them would go off in the same season. This one kept me on the edge of my seat and watching each new episode as quickly as humanly possible. The acting is flawless, especially Dylan Baker joining for this season as a scientist integral to the Russians' plans.

2 Bojack Horseman - Season 3, Netflix
The magnificent underwater episode, "Fish Out Of Water", was easily my favorite single episode of the year. Even without that, this was Bojack's strongest season yet. I love how deep the bench of characters is on this show. But they still constantly have amazing additions like Alexi Brosefino and Jurj Clooners.

1 OJ Simpson: Made In America - ESPN/ABC
I went back and forth on including this. But in the end, I really think this worked better as a miniseries than 7+ hour film. Each part was distinct, and there was some good discussion and reaction to each piece and angle of the story. All that being said, this was just a tremendous documentary. One of my favorites of all time. Extremely brutal and hard-hitting, but never feeling manipulative or cheap.

Honorable Mentions / Incomplete
These are not necessarily 11-20, they're things I saw part of and loved. I fully intend on finishing them, but not enough time. I loved all of them enough to think they could possibly break into the bottom half of my top 10. C'est la vie.
Angie Tribeca, Quarry, Pitch, Atlanta, Broad City, You're The Worst, The Get Down, Veep, The Exorcist, Better Call Saul, Lady Dynamite, Love, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Dishonorable Mentions
I stopped watching all of these because they sucked, they got cancelled, or they sucked and were cancelled. The last one might be so bad it costs CBS $750,000,000.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Conviction, Designated Survivor, Pure Genius, Chelsea, Man With A Plan, The Tick, Speechless, The Case Of - Jon Benet Ramsey

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