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Jun 28, 2005

I'll probably hold off for bit but I wanted to say that I've really enjoyed and appreciated these threads. If not for this thread I may never have experienced the incredible show that is Review. I look forward to finding more gems this year!


Jun 28, 2005

Senerio posted:

Honestly, the poll doesn't really matter. This is just the place to talk about all the TV we liked this year.

I disagree, I have definitely used the polls from past years to check out shows I might otherwise have overlooked. It's not the only thing but I appreciate folks who make the effort to participate.

Jun 28, 2005

Unfortunately my list is certainly not reflective of what was the very best television in 2016. I simply did not have enough time to get around to many shows I'm sure are worthy of top 10 consideration. I definitely have a nice list of shows to check out or catch up on thanks to the thread. That said of the things I watched here's what I liked best:

10. Bojack Horseman
I've worried that my list may be over representing the cartoon genre but I feel it's more diverse than ever and Bojack is a great example of that. The underwater episode was really creative and fun with a great punchline. The last hurrah with Sarah Lynn was tragic and beautiful.
9. The Venture Bros.
Another strong season, here's hoping the wait for the next is shorter. I liked the change of backdrop and roles this season a lot. The only problem was there wasn't more and I just feel they could do great thirteen episode season.
8. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
It took two years but you got me TVIV. I tried this show twice before and it just didn't stick but the third time was the charm. Rachel Bloom is my newest celebrity crush and if you have time I highly recommend her youtube channel. The show itself is fun but I feel Bloom and the musical numbers put it over the top.
7. Steven Universe
This show just gives me the warm fuzzies and is consistently great. There is literally one episode I didn't love and that was Onion Gang, given that over 30 aired I think that's impressive.
6. High Maintenance
The new HBO series was so amazing I went back and watched all the previous stuff from their Vimeo days which was also great! Shows that really do it for me are usually doing something different than the rest of what's out there. The way this show blends it's story and is able to interweave vignettes throughout the life of The Guy is just brilliant.
5. Animals
There's something about lovely animation with incredible talent that just does it for me. This is another in that longstanding tradition that gave me the likes of Home Movies, Space Ghost, Dr. Katz, etc... All of the stories were hilarious and they were even able to choke me up a couple times. Their ability to pull in such a dearth of talent to voice the various characters is incredible.
4. Mr. Robot
Thankfully I was not the super sleuth some were so I didn't discover the big twist too early on. While I would agree with those that felt the season was uneven it still was able to intrigue and excite me in ways that most other shows just can't. The big reveal in the FBI satellite office was probably my favourite scene of the season and I listened to The Moth and The Flame obsessively for days after.
3. Stranger Things
When thinking about how to rank my top 10 I tried to recall just how strong the desire was to complete the season once I started. Once I started Stranger Things it pretty much took up any free moment I had until I had finished it a few days later. I had my doubts that they could pull off the campy nostalgia and keep my interest but they blew my expectations out of the water. Millie Bobby Brown knocks it out of the park as Eleven but I feel all the kids did a great job.
2. Gravity Falls
I wanted this to be number one. It was for the majority of the year even with such a short run time compared to other contenders. This show was amazing from start to finish and I want to say flawless. There isn't a single episode I dislike and I have re-watched every episode multiple times. Part of me wishes there could have been more but I'm also happy that it ended so strong. I will sign up for whatever Mr. Hirsch decides to tackle next in a heartbeat.
1. Westworld
Westworld is a work of art. It is deliberately crafted and thought provoking. The entire cast is exemplary and this Anthony Hopkins is a rising star to watch out for! There are so many great moments throughout the season but the finale has to be at the top because of the amazing story building done throughout and resulting payoff. I'm only worried that there's no way a second season could possibly live up to first but that's one of those good problems to have.

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Jun 28, 2005

Thanks Rarity and everyone who contributed!

Jun 28, 2005

Good to have a count to stop at. I tried PoI but definitely felt the same as Jerusalem.

It's unfortunate I was unaware of The Young Pope until it was too late. I'm definitely glad I gave it a chance because so far it's a real treat.

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