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El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

Welcome to Stargate Command

The past 6 months have flown by in a blur that you can barely remember all the details you learned. Ever since you were recruited to a mysterious and secret-laden project, and signed reams of paperwork that all but guaranteed your lifetime incarceration should the highly classified nature of the program be released, it has been a firehose of information.

The initial month or two was a refresher on survival skills that were strangely focused on extreme wilderness situations and hostile environments. The next stretch of time was a course on indigenous culture contact and how to make friends among tribal cultures. Finally, near the end of the induction period you were given a briefing on the true nature of the program that was nearly beyond belief. That in the 1940s, a strange ring was discovered in Egypt that after decades of study was activated and a team of explorers were sent through to another world. The first expedition brought back reports of an alien empire and a barren world, incredible things that were not of this earth. Human civilization, transplanted out to the stars through a gate built by aliens. However, the program was mothballed until it reactivated just three short years ago. Since then, Earth and Stargate Command has been reaching out into the universe. We have explored strange worlds and discovered strange alien technology, and roused the anger of the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld, an ancient civilization based around slavery and oppression. A species of parasites that controls a human host and pretends to be a god over a host of primitive cultures. We know better, and our very knowledge of their game of false gods puts us at grave risk. Only through the brave actions of the soldiers and scientists of the SGC has Earth been preserved.

I didn't really sink in as a reality until you saw it with your own eyes. Once the training was complete and you were accepted to the program, you went on a tour of the SGC itself and saw with your own eyes as a rippling pool of water revealed a gateway to other planets. Your first trip through the gate was to a place called the 'Alpha-site', a secret off-the-grid location that the Goa'uld knew nothing about. The second was to Abydos, where the local people greeted you with homey warmth, strange food, and an unusual language.

The tours are over, and you arrive for duty at the SGC. Tomorrow you will meet your team and receive your first assignment. The on-base quarters you are assigned are small but comfortable and after a good nights rest you are up at 0500 for your briefing at 0630. The cafeteria has a surprisingly good breakfast, and the room is full of personnel from throughout the SGC. The time for the briefing approaches quickly and you are directed to the briefing room above the Stargate control room.

CMSgt. Harriman greets you as you all enter. "Good morning. Colonel Rogers will be here shortly, he's meeting with the General. Please, make yourselves comfortable." He departs, leaving the room to the six of you to get to know each other for a few minutes before the Colonel shows up.

A bit of ramp-up in the original post hopefully leaves you enough space to fill in the blanks about your own personal experiences in the training leading up to now, at whatever level of detail you care for. You've probably all seen each others faces at a distance during the training courses (SGC isn't THAT big) but this may be the first time you've all encountered each other face to face. Go ahead and say, do, or think whatever you like, after a couple of get-to-know-you posts I'll bring in the Colonel and get the party started. Please link or copy your character sheet in your first post. I'll refer to that frequently so it's very convenient there, along with any personalized equipment, notes, etc. Please edit it periodically to keep it updated.

Post format:
Name - Location

In game text.

actions and rules stuff

Out of character posts can either be regular text without a name tag or in italics, as long as it's clear.
For stat blocks, use either [pre ] or [super ] tags. Included current HP/FP, relevant stats, equipment or skills for whatever you're doing.

Bob Snakeshooter:
HP 10/10 FP 8/10 Move 5 Speed 5.5
Dodge 8 Parry 12
I shoot the Goa'uld

Can I make snakeburgers later?

Cast of Characters:

Capt. Kurt Tash, SGC-13 Command: Azhais
1st Lt. Michael Grey: Mykkel
TSgt. Jacob Glengarry and MSgt. McGriddles, K9: Rhyos
Dr./2nd Lt. Josephine Lawry, Biosciences: Twobirds
Dr. Alexandra Ross: CaptainCarrot
Dr. George Milton: hectorgrey

Recruitment Thread for any comments, questions, or general chitchat.


El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

Equipment and Mission Notes
The SGC prides itself on providing its personnel with the latest in wilderness and combat equipment. All teams are equipped with key survival gear in a minimal package in the event of a sudden emergency, and carry an pack capable of supporting an SG-team member for an entire week without resupply. In addition, our quartermaster maintains a stock of miscellaneous equipment sufficient to fill the need of nearly any specialist role.

The galaxy is an unfriendly place, and our teams are often involved in a hostile encounter with alien wildlife, hostile inhabitants, or the Goa'uld and their Jaffa servants. Numerous combat weapons were tested against captured Goa'uld arms and armor. The armor worn by the Jaffa varies in strength but is roughly equivalent to heavy-duty kevlar. Though modern battle rifles are capable of defeating the armor, the weight of such equipment is prohibitive except in specific circumstances. We therefore offer as standard the FNP90 SMG and the FN Five-seveN as the arms of choice for our SG teams. The armor-piercing rounds offer a good chance of defeating Jaffa armor, and the light weight and high ammunition capacity means more capability with less bulk. Optionally, a Colt M4A1 and H&K USP may be selected for greater firepower at the cost of weight and overall capacity. Please see the quartermaster for specialized loadouts.

These standard-issue field packs filled with everything you need for a given mission. Mission-specific equipment is available from the quartermaster. Please be sure to fill out a requisition for additional non-package equipment.

Survival pack - Pocket-sized emergency survival kit, to be kept on your person at all times. 1lb
-10ft paracord
-8ft snare wire
-3-inch knife
-Fish hooks and 50ft line
-Ultralight thermal blanket
-12 water purification tablets
-Signal mirror
-Wound closure strips

Combat Loadout - In the event of a hostile encounter.

- FNP90(6.6lb) + 3 spare magazines (1lb) = 9.6lb
- FN Five-seveN(1.7lb) + 3 spare magazines (.4lb) = 2.9lb
- Colt M4A1(7.3lb) + 3 spare magazines(1lb) = 10.3lb
- H&K USP(2.3lb) + 3 spare magazines(.6lb) = 4.1lb

Assault vest(8lb)
- Trauma plates optional (note: trauma plates have shown to be ineffective against Goa'uld staff weapons)
Grenades, Frag or Smoke (1lb)
Comm-gear (1lb)

FN Package 27.5lb
Colt Package 29.4lb

Expedition pack - Full set of survival, mission, and related gear. 50lbs base, plus extras.
- Frame pack(10lb)
- Bedroll and pad(2lb)
- Shelter(4lb)
- Rain poncho(1lb)
- Personal basics(1lb)
- First aid kit(1lb)
- Gas mask(2lb)
- Camp tool(3lb)
- 1/2" Rope, 30ft(1.5lb)
- Utility knife(1lb)
- MREx10(15lb)
- Water, 2L(5lb)
- Filter(1lb)
- Headlamp/flashlight(1lb)
- Binoculars(1lb)
- Weapon cleaning kit(1lb)
- Extra clothing(variable)
- Mission and role-specific equipment(variable)

Total equipment load: ~80-90lb

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Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry - Briefing Room

The couple of minutes spent in the relative calm of the briefing room were the least harried, least mind-loving moments that Jacob had spent in months. From the sandbox to the mountains to another planet to yet another new planet on top of having to read, live, and internalize the history book that scholars would murder to get their hands on, the past 6 months have been a brain-burning whirlwind of a ride. Still, it was here at the table that the final piece clicked into place. This was real.

The whole thing was a somehow more mundane, yet even more fantastical season of Wormhole Extreme: aliens, teleportation, and a blatant evil that made Hitler look like the smallest fry. All held back by a force of maybe 1000 people. The weight on one's shoulders was palpable, but having a team, a crew, an ideal to believe in made it bearable.

It also helped that they had the beginnings of a decent kennel. While it pained him to part with Bosco, after these past few months, Jake could see why a new dog would have to be trained from the ground up. While the rest of the team were brushing up on new protocols, new fields of science, and new geological and historical paradigms, Jake had to take his K9 training back to square one. With a clean slate, and a pup right out of Basic, there were new profiles to come up with, new orders to give, and a new reliance on the dog's hyperfocused senses, new worlds were opened figuratively and literally. Fortunately, English wasn't quite universal, so rather than foreign language cues, Jake was able to make use of mimicked accents to help with the training process. McGriddles had a lot to learn, and at his age, he was woefully unable to indulge in his namesake, one of Jake's guilty pleasures.

The team was something else entirely, and while "Buzzkill" felt out of his league, he made sure to remind himself that being on a team like this, even considered for a project like this, was an objective plus in his corner.

Milton was the "kid" of the group - one of the new breed of fightnerds that's come through lately. Vicious with a stick, he knew his stuff when it came to the languages and cultural nuances they would come across. Different corner of the sandbox, but respect, all the same.

Dr. Ross was the traditional egghead of the group. Clearly a brilliant mind, with all the burden that seems to bring with it. If it bleeps, bloops, and could potentially go boom, it snapped up her attention over all else. She was born for this poo poo, and it didn't hurt that she was obliviously cute, too.

Dr. Lawry was a little different: She would likely be the lynchpin of the group, as she was the one who would be stitching everyone up. She served in the Canadian military, and while there was the long-standing joke of the Canadians apologizing after every trigger pull, she seemed different. She was pushing the boundaries of field medicine, and with all of her expertise, she seemed destined for great things. He just hoped she would have a moment to talk with him periodically about his own issues from time to time.

The LT was a poster child for the Air Force. The sporty flyboy with just enough brains and brawn to round out the package, the man could speak god-knows-how-many languages and could drink drat near anyone under the table. He was a guy that was hard not to like, which really helps in hostile territory.

Finally, there was Cap'n K. If Ross was born for the lab, Tash was born for the field. As comfortable in an ice desert as he was in the tropics, there was a drat good reason he was in charge. He knew how to survive, and with the possibility probability of being stranded pretty much forever on an alien planet, it was good to have someone like him around to keep everyone alive. Ultimately, the name of the game was survival, and the prize was what you learned along the way.

There was a lot to look up to, and as he waited to finally meet and greet the team, it was hard not feeling like the odd man out.

Can't forget McGriddles!
MSgt. McGriddles

ST 9
DX 12
IQ 4
HT 10

Will 10
BS 6.5
Mv 8
Per 12 (Hearing 14, Smell 15)

Discriminatory Smell
Acute Hearing, Smell 3
Night Vision 2
Sharp Teeth
Blunt Claws

Brawling 	15
Jumping 	13
Tracking	13
Swimming	10

Claws 1d cr
Teeth 1d-2 cut
Also, would it be kosher to take a taser versus the sidearm?

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Oct 14, 2011

George Milton - Briefing Room

George sat in the briefing room; thankful for the peace and quiet as they wait for the colonel to arrive for the briefing. The past few months haven't been the most comfortable time for him; the survival training was mostly enjoyable, if viewed as a sort of a game but with the deadly seriousness kept in mind, and while he hoped not to have to use a firearm on an actual person, he did find being on the range relatively relaxing.

Over the course of the training, he had been fairly quiet; he would go out for a quiet drink, when such was allowed, but never to the louder, more crowded bars that some of the others preferred; he found that the noise was often physically uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Likewise, he would chatter quite happily (sometimes needing to be told to shut up) about subjects like Egyptology and linguistics in general, but he would rarely engage in more usual small talk unless approached, and his eye contact always seemed a little off.

During the hand to hand training, while he had been rather skilled with a stick, he had also been no slouch with a knife or unarmed - even if his style did look a little odd to those not familiar with it. In his spare time, George would happily take people on in the boxing ring; preferably with lighter gloves or with no gloves at all, but with heavy gloves if the other person insisted - if asked about this, he would generally explain that bare knuckle boxing is actually safer, because there tend to be fewer blows to the head and they generally aren't thrown as hard as when the hands are protected by heavy gloves; though he had no idea if anybody actually believed him.

The classroom based training was where George was most comfortable though; learning about other cultures and their languages was made simpler by his knowledge of linguistics and anthropology, and the Goa'uld language - taught to them in the guise of a "constructed language to simulate something the team could feasibly come across in their work" had enough similarities with ancient Egyptian that he was able to do reasonably well.

OOC Edit to include character shset:

Dr. George Milton 200/200 pts
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lb

Attributes (100):

ST: 10 (0)
DX: 12 (40)
IQ: 14 (80)
HT: 10 (0)

HP: 10
Will: 12    (-10)
Per: 12     (-10)
FP: 10

Thrust: 1d-2
Swing: 1d
BL: 20lb

Basic Speed: 5.5
Basic Move: 5
Dodge: 8

Languages (7):

Ancient Egyptian: Broken speech; Accented Literacy (3)
Goa'uld: Accented speech; Illiterate (2)
American Sign Language: Accented signing (2)

Advantages (59):

Accute Hearing 2 (4)
Accute Smell 1 (2)
Danger Sense (15)
Extra Attack (25)
Night Vision 3 (3)
Single Minded (5)


Honest Face
Style Familiarity: Escrima
Weapon Adaptation (Shortsword to Smallsword)
Offhand Weapon Training (Smallsword)
Offhand Weapon Training (Main Gauche)

Disadvantages (-21):

Clueless (-10)
Pacifism - Relucant Killer (-5)
Post-Combat Shakes (-5)


Low Empathy
 - has trouble determining another character's emotional state based off of facial expressions and body language, but does understand emotions in general)

Skills (34):

Anthropology                    IQ/Hard     IQ-2    12  (1)
Archaeology                     IQ/Hard     IQ-2    12  (1)
Camouflage                      IQ/Easy     IQ      14  (1)
Chess                           IQ/Easy     IQ      14  (1)
Climbing                        DX/Average  DX-1    11  (1)
Computer Operation              IQ/Easy     IQ      14  (1)
Computer Programming            IQ/Hard     IQ-2    12  (1)
Egyptology                      IQ/Hard     IQ      14  (4)
Electronics Operation (Comm)    IQ/Average  IQ-1    13  (1)
First Aid                       IQ/Easy     IQ      14  (1)
History                         IQ/Hard     IQ-2    12  (1)
House Keeping                   IQ/Easy     IQ      14  (1)
Karate                          DX/Hard     DX      12  (4)
 - Parry 9
Leadership                      IQ/Average  IQ-1    13  (1)
Linguistics                     IQ/Hard     IQ-2    12  (1)
Main Gauche                     DX/Average  DX      12  (2)
 - Parry 9
Occultism                       IQ/Average  IQ-1    13  (1)
Pistol                          DX/Easy     DX+1    13  (2)
Research                        IQ/Average  IQ-1    13  (1)
Savoir Faire (Military)         IQ/Easy     IQ      14  (1)
Smallsword                      DX/Average  DX+1    13  (4)
 - Parry 9
Soldier                         IQ/Average  IQ-1    13  (1)
Throwing                        DX/Average  DX-1    11  (1)

Techniques (21):

Aggressive Parry (Karate)                       Hard        Karate Parry    9   (2)
Armlock (Smallsword)                            Average     Smallsword      13  (0)
Armed Grapple (Smallsword)                      Hard        Smallsword      13  (3)
Choke Hold (Smallsword)                         Hard        Smallsword      13  (4)
Disarming (Smallsword)                          Hard        Smallsword      13  (0)
Elbow Strike (Karate)                           Average     Karate-1        11  (1)
Knee Strike (Karate)                            Average     Karate          12  (1)
Targetted Attack - Swing/Arm (Smallsword)       Hard        Smallsword-1    12  (2)
Targetted Attack - Swing/Hand (Smallsword)      Hard        Smallsword-2    11  (3)
Targetted Attack - Swing/Arm (Main Gauche)      Hard        Main Gauche-1   11  (2)
Targetted Attack - Swing/Hand (Main Gauche)     Hard        Main Gauche-2   10  (3)

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Oct 17, 2000

He's just using space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife.

Dinosaur Gum

Josephine Lawry - Briefing Room

The initial interest Jo had had had wavered a couple weeks into the training. She had begun to get the distinct impression the United States was planning on going to war with someone, maybe China, given the interest in cultural differences and conflict resolution. A few weeks after that, she realized they were already at war, and had been for a while.

That other UN member countries knew about it was, for a time, not much consolation, and Jo was angry the project had not been made public, given what the world would learn. The soldier in her won out, eventually, since it would have caused panic, or worse, loss of control of the project to people with self-interest at heart.

When she walked through an upright pool of water and landed on another world, she decided she should stop trying to jump to conclusions at all.

The people she met were like the other communities she had met in her career, worried about their necessities, about family. The thought that others out there saw them as nothing more than machines to be abused was sickening. She had managed to examine one of them in her time there, and found him healthy though not immune to his simple life. The SGC had done enough, and not more. That was good. They knew their limitations but also their responsibilities, unlike a lot of government programs she knew.

The others in her squad had a lot to take in, as well, that much was obvious. She liked Dr Ross immediately, though she had a feeling it would take some actual field work to get over the awkward initial meeting. She had a feeling the captain would have been the squad leader even without the rank; they were naturally a recon and first contact group.

She nods at George and Joseph. To the latter, she smiles and says, "Shouldn't your pup be here? I want to know what he thinks of our colonel."

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Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry - Briefing Room

Jake couldn't help but crack a grin at the interest. "Much as I'd like for the entire team to be here, it'll have to wait a little. He's still rather fresh out of training, and while I don't doubt he'd stay put, he's at the kennels for the moment. Still, he's coming along well! Sundays are his days off, so you just might catch him and I out and about."

Working dogs, especially military dogs, were high-performance animals. Much like athletes, they ate specially formulated food, had rigorous physical training schedules, and even their own equipment. As schedules begin to coalesce, it would be more and more likely that the Master Sergeant would appear at briefings, but it would take time.

Oct 8, 2012

Michael Grey - Briefing Room

Finally, a mission. 6 months of prep, and just now getting into the game. Still didn't like that everything was black box, but Mike was pretty sure Dad and Aunt Rachel had heard the truth in him being deployed to Colorado Springs as a "cultural attache" instead of getting to continue to fly with the newly reactivated Black Sheep squadron. Such a small team in Stargate Command to be responsible for the fate of humanity. And to be one of the chosen few to be on the frontline against the Goa'uld.

If there was anything Mike had learned in the last decade, it was always listen to the Sergeants. Sgt. Glengarry's jacked looked like the right sort
of sergeant to have on the team. A bit quiet, but solid and his previous K-9 assets had multiple commendations.

The science assets of the team were pretty remarkable, Mike wasn't used to not being one of the smartest people in the room, but Dr.s Ross, Milton, and Lawry were lights out sharp from the times they had been in the same classroom as Mike.

Then there was the Captain. He had every answer in the survival sections, and had the ability to blend into the team when necessary, but also able to make decisions. Good person to serve under.

Mike took a seat at the front of the room, "Anyone got a guess on where they will send us first?"

Jun 9, 2010

Dr. Alexandra Ross - Briefing Room

"Sorry I'm late, everyone!" the good doctor exclaims cheerily as she bustles in, clutching a satchel that looks to be packed quite full of papers. "There are some very interesting results coming from an experiment with small-scale wormhole generation, and I just got so caught up!"

Dr. Ross pushes her glasses up her nose and takes a look around the room. She's seen them all before, of course, but she was only really familiar with Dr. Lawry, from occasional lab hours spent together, and Sergeant Glengarry, from her visits to the kennel. Alex hasn't been able to have a dog since she left for college, which was quite a while ago, and to her delight the trainers had welcomed her presence, by schedule, since the dogs needed to be able to recognize when people were friendly and act appropriately.

"McGriddles is such a handsome boy!" she coos to the two. "It's a shame he can't have a nice collar when he's on duty. Not that his collar is ugly," she hastens to add, "it's just kind of . . . official?"

She sighs, contented, and sinks into a chair. "All of this is so exciting! I hope they'll send us somewhere that really needs our help. I'd love to get some samples of all this stuff, heh, I didn't know existed when I was in regular school!"

An outside observer might wonder if the woman is ever going to settle down all the way. An observer who has spent more than an hour watching her would disabuse the former of the notion of that ever happening.

Oct 17, 2000

He's just using space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife.

Dinosaur Gum

Josephine Lawry - Briefing Room

"The K9 unit's a good idea, I'm surprised it's not more developed. Well," she adds, waving a hand, "I guess you could say that about a lot of stuff here. The cafeteria doesn't look like it's had a chance to serve more than anything twice." She nods to Ross as the scientist enters the room, and grins at the comment about collars. "What, and be out of uniform? They're not that lax here."

To Mike, she shrugs. "I doubt it's anywhere interesting. No reason to send bunch of green squaddies on an important mission. Maybe we'll check in on a remote colony, or take topographics of some stone-dead rock somewhere."

She rolls her eyes. "Listen to me. Yes, we'll go on some boring mission that just happens to be on a planet on the other side of our galaxy."

Feb 5, 2007

Cybernetic Crumb

Kurt Tash - Briefing Room

As the final member of his new squad entered the briefing room, Kurt couldn't help but reflect on the events of the past few months. A little over six months ago when he was called into the Colonel's office at Fort Benning he had been surprised, a little upset, and more than a little confused at the request that he volunteer for reassignment- reassignment to an Air Force command no less- especially considering that the only information the Colonel knew, or was willing to give him at least, was that this wasn't a demotion. It was a bit of a leap of faith given that the Army was all he'd known; Grew up on various bases following his father's postings, joined the Airborne straight out of basic, and joining the Rangers' reconnaissance company after his first tour was up.

What followed was the strangest six months of training of his career. Started innocuously enough, survival training. He lived for that, and had put his hostile environment survival skills to the test over the last few years of continuous deployments to Afghanistan, but what came next was totally out of left field- other planets and a war with a highly advanced alien race. Weird. After seeing his first two alien worlds he couldn't wait to get back out there, he'd always been fascinated with the new, and now there was a whole universe of new people to meet.

Kurt glances around at the rest of the team. He'd met them all before during training of course, you had to be particularly wily to avoid getting a "Hello!" and a handshake from the Captain after all, and dossiers had been dumped on his desk as soon as he got in last night, but this was his first time seeing the people who he'd be serving with in person; A pair of formidable women handling the sciences, which was great because he didn't even pretend to understand the science behind all of this, an escrima loving archaeologist, an Air Force language specialist, and last but not least an MP K-9 team. Should be an adventure.

"I'm sure wherever they send us will be exciting. Even if the most remarkable feature of the planet is it's entirely featureless ice sheet, being on our own on another planet for the first time is likely to be the most exciting thing any of us has done in recent history. Personally I'm hoping for trees. I've seen quite enough of the desert and scrublands for a while."

Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry - Briefing Room

Crossing his arms with a grin, he leans back in his seat some. "Dr. Ross, when you get the ok to go offworld with a designer scarf on, we can talk collars for the pup. Besides, he's got a harness anyway." Tilting his head to the Captain, he smirks a little. "And on that note, if we go to an ice world, we've got a sled dog! At least there'll be clean lines of sight and a whole lot less chance of being snuck up on. Still, I think we've officially reached the "hurry up and wait" phase of operations. Unless you happen to have some insight that we don't, Sir?"

Designer scarf? What were you thinking? Way to-nooope, let's just cut that train of thought off right there. These folks barely know you, and you barely know them. Get a read before you bash that sense of humor!

Feb 5, 2007

Cybernetic Crumb

Kurt Tash - Briefing Room

"Don't know anymore than you at this point. Got in last night, was given personnel files so I knew who to expect in here this morning, and that was it." Kurt pauses for a moment, looking over at McGriddles. "True enough on the sled dog, though I doubt he'd be too happy dragging around the packs we're likely to be hauling. Perhaps we should put the Master Sergeant in charge of a squad of pack mules, turn this into a proper expedition."

As everyone is chatting, Kurt will make a sketch of the room in his journal to commemorate their first briefing as a team

El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

SG-13 - Briefing Room - 0640 Earth time

The smalltalk between the team is broken as footsteps are heard entering the briefing room.

Colonel Rogers enters the briefing room from the staircase. His uniform is crisp and immaculate. His salt-and-pepper hair is cut cleanly to regulation length and his eyes go from person to person in the room, taking their measure. The military personnel respond with salutes as the senior officer arrives. The Colonel returns it and gets right down to business.

"Good morning, have a seat. My name is Colonel Adam Rogers, I will be your commanding officer in charge of your team as well as SG-14 and SG-15. I want to start by thanking you all for volunteering for service with the SGC, both military and civilian. We do not have an easy task ahead of us, and we will undoubtedly face very real and dangerous threats through the gate on the other side of that wall. I have read all of your dossiers, you are the very best in your fields and I expect to see the very best from you.

First, let me clarify the command structure. General Hammond will continue to oversee the long-term operations and goals of the SGC, and has assigned groups of mutually supportive SG teams to the command of officers like myself. I will work with the three teams to set and carry out missions that will further the overall strategic goals of the SGC without burdening General Hammond with the minutiae of our day-to-day missions. SG-14, who have nicknamed themselves the "Double-7's" is primarily a combat-focused rescue team. When we need extra security or muscle they'll step in, or if someone gets in trouble, they'll pull their bacon out of the fire. SG-15, the "Highwaymen" is our construction and site team. They're responsible for setting up outposts and caches on already scouted planets for long-term study. You, SG-13, will be the point-team. Like SG-15 you have a strong scientific contingent but instead of long-term studies you will be exploring unknown planets and being the first contact specialists. Captain Tash the senior officer for SG-13, I leave it to him to organize the team as he sees fit. Technical Sgt. Grey is also participating in a pilot program to prepare K9 units for offworld work. I specifically asked for his assignment as I believe it will make for a valuable addition to the SGC.

Now, I am sure you are all anxious to get to work. Your first mission should be well within your capabilities, and I expect it will give you all a chance to figure out how you will work together in the field."

Colonel Rogers presses a button on a remote, powering on a projector. The lights dim and an image appears on the wall of a rough topographical map, along with a couple of images of a world that did not look at all unlike Earth.

"This is P6T-313. Initial surveys of the planet showed the Gate to reside in a temperate region of the planet that is heavily forested with rugged regions to the local north. No local populations were encountered, but the survey team did discover numerous ruins and signs of human activity so we may be looking at a transient population. You can read about the details of the climate and landscape in the mission packet. SG-15 was dispatched to set up long-term monitoring stations throughout the region. Your primary objective will be to retrieve the data recorders from the station and bring it back for the science teams to pick over. Make sure that all the remote stations have logged a successful upload of their data to the central collection station, hopefully everyone has checked in. That will make your job quick and easy.

Your second objective is to explore a network of ruins discovered to the north of the monitoring station. SG-15 surveyed a good deal of the region, but were out of time and resources to investigate by the time they discovered this complex of structures."

The projector image changes, showing a large rocky outcrop with a series of artificial stone structures worked into the rock. Most appear to be crumbling, but one or two look to be in good condition.

"The structures are clearly of alien origin. As they are not yet explored, you will be the first in to determine if there is anything of value there. The main monitoring station is a few hours hike from the gate, and the structure complex is approximately a days journey north from there. SG-15 left a cache of supplies at the outpost so you should be able to re-equip there. Sgt. Grey, this is a good mission for a K9 unit. The environment is dog-friendly, so it should give you a chance to explore his capabilities in the field and see how best he can contribute to the mission.

You will depart at 1300 hours. Any questions?"

Glad to see everyone checked in!
Please remember to edit in your character sheets to the first post in this thread. I will refer to them from time to time and that makes it very easy to reach with one click.

Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry - Briefing Room

"Sorry to correct, Sir - the name's Glengarry." Fidgeting a little, he straightens his BDU top, just in case. "Either way, 6 hours should be more than enough time to get the Master Sergeant ready to go. He could use a good walk! I'll have to get with the kennel about rations for him for the trip, but it shouldn't be an issue.

Leaning forward, he flips through the mission dossier for a moment before tilting his head up. "Has there been any word on local wildlife? Any known predators or signs of disturbed vegetation? On that note, what sort of data are these recorders picking up?"

He was no anthropologist, but it stood to reason that artificial structures meant people, and nonstationary people implied either a nomadic or a hunter/gatherer society at best, a tribe on the run from something much larger at worst. And when it comes to security, it always paid off to assume the worst.

El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

SG-13 - Briefing Room - 0655

Colonel Rogers blinks, looks at the uniform nametags, and then presses his lips together in mild embarassment.

"My apologies Sergeant Glengarry, and to you Lt. Grey for the name mixup."

The Colonel quickly checks his mission dossier at Sgt. Glengarry's question. "SG-15 set up a series of monitoring stations that collect information like weather, temperature, seismic activity, radiation, that sort of thing. I believe they also come with a series of motion activated cameras in case any interesting visitors wander by. I don't recall any reports of unusually dangerous wildlife. The Stargate network tends towards worlds that are suitable for human life, and so far we've seen a great deal of Earth-like analogs in terms of ecosystem. You might see what looks like a deer or a rabbit at a distance, but you'll notice the differences up close."

Jacob's pass through the dossier reveals much the same information with a few more relevant details. The region around the Stargate is well forested, and SG-15 traversed a good distance to find a less overgrown area to set up camp. Various photographs of alien vegetation and animals are present along with annotations about their attributes and behavior. Water was abundant in various streams and brooks though no problematic crossings were encountered. Nothing leaps out as threatening. SG-15 encountered only passing signs of large predators, possibly a bear-like or wolf-like animal that had killed and eaten a medium-sized herbivore. The ecosystem is active and vibrant here.

The signs of people show a moving camp structure. Photos of an abandoned lean-to and campfire remains are included along with notes of a very guessed at approximation of around a dozen people. Numerous campsites were found in the area, though they were fairly old and SG-15 remarked that they could not make any clear conclusions about the campers travel habits. Notable is that few campsites were found by the ruins, and the report conjectures that it seemed as though the local inhabitants were avoiding camping nearby them.

Oct 17, 2000

He's just using space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife.

Dinosaur Gum

Josephine Lawry - Briefing Room

Jo leans forward to look at the photos. It didn't look like much, for some reason she had been expecting wild sunsets and soaring science fiction cities. She stone structures reminded her of some sites she had seen while travel, but they were a little too grandiose, a little too ambitious. She forces herself to lean back and flips through the dossier as well, eyes lingering on a water analysis. "No pathogens in the air or water, sir? No human remains, things like that?" She hadn't saluted the colonel, but some habits died hard.

Feb 5, 2007

Cybernetic Crumb

Kurt Tash - Briefing Room

"Is there any information on how old that indigenous campsite is? Be nice to know if the natives have been in the area recently."

Oct 14, 2011

George Milton

George nods as he listens to the briefing. When it comes time to view the dossier, he pays particular attention to the ruins; here, he feels, he can be of most use.

Jun 9, 2010

Alexandra Ross - Briefing Room

Her brows furrow, though her eyes are still bright.

"So we'll be going to one station manually, picking up physical objects, and then connecting to other stations digitally and confirming that they've transmitted their data? Also, do we have any general information on the ruins? Energy signatures, likelihood of inhabitants, along those lines."

Dr. Ross is very much aware of her ability to deal with any hostile activity -- that is, if there's punching or shooting, she won't be of much help -- and is hoping to focus on her area of expertise.

Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry - Briefing Room

Jake shrugs. "I get the feeling that's what we're going there to find out. I can get why there are recorders to be manually picked up - don't really want a system to autodial here and give our location away. If everything's going as planned - which, honestly, we should assume it won't - we just nab the recorders and go. We should still prepare to have to move to every site, though. I'd imagine, at worst, a few days' worth of supplies to go from site to site. Which brings me to a good question: What's our time on site scheduled to be?"

El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

SG-13 - Briefing Room - 0700

"Sergeant Glengarry said it right. You're going there to find out. We don't usually have a lot of answers to these questions, you'll have to get used to that. Most of the time you'll have MALP reconnaissance data indicating whether the air is safe to breath, but you will be the first ones to discover if anything is immediately dangerous. The monitoring stations collect many gigabytes of data, we'd have to leave the wormhole open for a long time to get a full data dump. In addition, we need another team, you, to personally investigate some alien structures. SG-15 didn't have the time or resources to get a close look at them. I'm sorry Dr. Ross, aside from the pictures we're not sure what they are."

Colonel Rogers turns his head towards Josephine. "SG-15 didn't report anything, and their quarantine results were negative."
Josephine flips to the biosciences report in the dossier and gets a bit more background data. Soil and water samples had been sent to Area 51 for analysis, the team was otherwise unaffected. The hydrologic report showed frequent but light precipitation, and plenty of small streams. An Earth-analogue would be a coastal region nearby mountains, though no large bodies of water were located in the immediate area. The stay was too short to get a picture of what the seasons were like, but the day is not far off from Earth-equivalent at ~27 hours long. Everyone should be safe as long as they filter their water first.

Rogers then addresses Captain Tash. "We didn't encounter any locals, but there were signs. One thing the monitoring stations have are motion activated cameras. You should be able to review the collected data on-site, if any visitors showed up they'll have had their portrait taken."

Lt. Milton peers at the photos of the ruins. It strikes him that the structures are very old, for one, and that they're not of a typical Goa'uld design. Granted, he hasn't seen a lot of them but the training courses are still fresh and the structures here don't match any of the examples he saw in class.

Dr. Ross goes over the monitoring station setup to get a feel for more details on her question. The central station is a 2x2x1 foot metal box on stilts, about 4 feet off the ground and anchored securely. A forest of antennas sprouts from the top, and the internal batteries are powered by a nearby solar panel. The 12 remote monitoring stations are located in an irregular ring spread out anywhere from 5 to 15km away from the central post. They are smaller, and transmit their collected data back to the central station when they've filled their primary on-board memory, usually every 3-5 days. Sometimes batteries die, or weather interferes with communication, so in the event the remote station can't phone home it will still retain whatever data it collected, and write to a backup drive for overflow. Daily dumps would be more stable, but the SGC is concerned about excessive EM signals off-world, so less frequent uploads reduces their profile. Quite a clever little piece of equipment.

Colonel Rogers address the whole group again. "You are expected to return within a week, the monitoring stations are fairly robust and we don't usually see too many failures. The primary mission is to retrieve the data, but if you have to make a choice between a weather station and investigating the ruins, I suggest you prioritize the ruins. For supplies, you'll carry in what you need in a pack, SG-15 left a cache of food and equipment at the monitoring outpost so you'll be able to resupply there. SG-15 has a field-prepped report for you to take along that will have any technical details you need to refer to. That is all SG-13. Good hunting."

Colonel Rogers stands, and the rest of the team stands as well saluting as he leaves the room. It is now 0700, and the briefing room is still reserved for SG-13 for another 30 minutes to use to plan and discuss.

The team has the briefing room for another 30 minutes, and of course there are plenty of other spaces if y'all end up yakking for a while. The standard loadouts posted are available, please let me know if you add or subtract anything from that and remark as such on your character sheet. Gate opens at 1300, so you have 6 hours to rest and pack. Indicate in a post that you are ready to go and we'll advance to the departure time.

GURPS calculator is pretty handy, I used it to make a couple rolls. Just missing CaptainCarrot and hectorgrey from adding in characters.

Lt. Milton passed is archaeology roll so got a little more info on the nature of the ruins.
Josephine failed her biology roll so didn't pull any extra insight from the report.

Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry - Briefing Room

"I guess I'll have to bring along the big bag of puppy chow."

Thinking over the mission profile, Jake can't help but imagine the worst. Sadly, it's in both his nature and his occupation.
"Not sure about everyone else, but my first instinct is to plan for the worst. It would get absurd if I went into the minutia, but would it be safe to assume going into this that all recording stations are either down or destroyed, the supply cache has been ransacked or otherwise tainted, and the ruins are... well, ruined?"

Just an easy walk in the forest, Jake. A camping trip with friends, your dog, and a new set of stars. It'll be fine, you'll see.

Not wanting to disrupt the conversation, he calls down to the kennels, requesting a pack loadout be prepped for the Master Sergeant, including bowls, water, and a week's worth of food. If there's a safe and defensible area, they could go in heavy and lighten their load on arrival. He also requests that he be prepped for offworld activity and brought to the briefing room.

I've already updated my sheet with it, but if it's ok, Jacob's packing a taser as a sidearm in place of the Five seveN.

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Oct 17, 2000

He's just using space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife.

Dinosaur Gum

Josephine Lawry - Briefing Room

"I don't know about that," Jo says, shrugging. "If we were assuming the worst we'd be asking for the biggest guns they have, right? If you're worried - and I don't blame you, I don't see any reason to take the place lightly - is that we should check the monitoring sites first. Review the photos they've taken, if any. Learn what we can before doing anything else, particularly if they are people still traversing the area."

Oct 14, 2011

OOC: That would surely be Dr. Milton rather than Lt. Milton - he's civilian (or at least as civilian as one can be when participating in the Star Gate program). I'm assuming they don't look like any other race whose stuff I might have seen during training.

Also, as mentioned, the telescopic baton with built in LED flashlight. Probably won't see actual use for some time, but it will make for a very interesting surprise when it eventually does.

George Milton - Briefing Room

"Those ruins look old - very old, in fact; probably hundreds of years old at least," George says quietly as he looks through the dossier. "They also don't look Goa'uld - at least, not based on what I've seen during training. We could be looking at another alien civilisation; in which case, we would have to wonder what happened to them..."

Jun 9, 2010

Alexandra Ross

"Oh, I'm sure people would have seen signs of intruders if anyone came along and wrecked all that stuff," Dr. Ross suggests airily. "I think the most practical worst-case scenario to prepare for here is that the mission objectives have been damaged, but not so much that we can't use them. After all, if there's nothing we can do there, then there's not really anything we can do now, is there?"

Dr. Ross makes a mental note: she'll need a notebook, a reasonably portable computer, and a stripped-down toolbox -- she can engineer a lot better with more than just her hands, after all. This is just for flavor text on-site, for now.

Feb 5, 2007

Cybernetic Crumb

Kurt Tash - Briefing Room

"It has been some time since SG-15 set up that outpost, anything could have happened, even if it isn't highly likely. We'll be taking in the standard expedition packs. If something happened to the outpost we wouldn't want to be caught without supplies, and if everything is fine we can just add to the stockpile for the next team.

We'll head straight to the monitoring station on arrival and barring multiple downed remote stations do as the Colonel suggests and make directly for the ruins after retrieving the data. If more than one or two of the remotes are down I'd like to check that out first. If the transient population is back in the area and tampering with the devices I'd like to know before we end up stuck in those ruins with our back to a cliff.

If any of you", Kurt gestures to the civilian contingent, "need help or advice getting any specialized equipment you might need stowed or distributed in packs Lt Grey and myself are at your disposal and would be happy to help. As would the sergeant I'm sure, but seeing as how this is his first time getting Sgt McGriddles prepped for offworld I don't want to volunteer too much of his time.

Does anyone else have anything we need to discuss before we get kicked out of this room?"

Equipment wise Kurt will be including a waterproof field notebook (which he basically always carries) along with a spotting scope and digital camera in case he has an idle moment for birds. Barring other things coming up, either group or official, Kurt will be spending most of the remaining time before departure making sure that everything everyone needs was properly provided by the quartermasters and generally looking everything over to make sure there are no mistakes on his first official mission.

Oct 17, 2000

He's just using space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife.

Dinosaur Gum

Josephine Lawry - Briefing Room

"I'd like to take some rapid diagnostic tests," Jo says to Kurt. "TB, strep, stuff like that. I assume they have kits like that here. I don't know what might be wrong with the people there. The kits are light, too, I wouldn't suggest them otherwise." She shrugs. "Other than some extra chocolate bars, and my own doctor's bag, that's all I'd want."

El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

hectorgrey - Sorry, I thought he was a Lt! You purchased rank and all... Anyway, if it's not a huge bother he could be reactivated unless being a civilian is a deeply key part of the character. Again, sorry for the misunderstanding. The baton is no problem, in equipment just mark it as a telescopic baton and we'll agree that it also has a flashlight.

Rhyos - Tazer sidearm is fine. I'll update McGriddles' equipment list to your specifications.

CaptainCarrot - A laptop, accessories, waterproof bag, and a spare 12hr battery is 10lbs for the whole kit. An electronics repair kit is 2lbs at -2 quality or 10lb kit for a full set of tools.
ALSO: It looks like your skills in GURPS calculator are messed up. I think it's the apostrophe in the "Goa'uld" engineering specialization. Try removing the apostrophes and see if it cleans things up.

Azhais - Scope, notebook, camera and good to go.

Twobirds - A medical test kit dedicated to testing only is a first-aid kit sized package, 2lbs. Add in a blood sample analyzer for another 1lb.

Mykkel - I'll proactively state that whatever you plan on bringing is good to go.

Everyone update your equipment lists, and we'll be off!
(On like, Wednesday, so feel free to chat or chill until I post a big update.)

Oct 14, 2011

OOC: I didn't purchase rank. You might be thinking of a different character? I'll sort out equipment when I've had chance to sleep.

Also, Wednesday is fine. I work in a warehouse and GM a Star Wars game - tomorrow I'll recover from work, Tuesday I'll run Star Wars and Wednesday I'll be ready for this

Oct 8, 2012

Michael Grey - Briefing Room

Mike looks through the files on the planet. Looks like a file full of questions, and not a lot of answers. Should be a great way to get the squad bonding and working as a team.

"As the Captain suggested, if anyone needs assistance with acquiring or distributing specialized gear, I am glad to assist."

I'm fine with the standard gear, specifically the FN Package as far as weapons, updated character sheet with suggested the correct equipment.

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Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry & MSgt McGriddles - Briefing Room

A telltale rattling and clacking sounds down the hallway as the final member of the team arrives. As the handler drops off the Master Sergeant, Jake can't help but crack a grin. Kneeling beside him, he gives McGriddles a scritch before introductions are made.

"Team, this is Master Sergeant McGriddles, a one-year-old Belgian Malinois, and our canine companion for this trip. At present, he can respond to basic commands, and has recognition of my voice, accents, as well as his name and rank."
Tugging lightly at his harness for emphasis, he continues. "He's got a load-bearing harness, which for our deployment will carry his necessities, but in the field can also be used to carry light loads. He's got to remain agile, so don't load him down too much!"
Scruffing his head and showing off how used to human contact the working dog is, he tilts his head, showing off the teeth. "Friendly, pliable, dangerous. This guy's been raised for this work, and that's precisely what it is - work."

Rising to a full stand, he lets go of the harness. "While we're here at SGC, he's on a more relaxed duty - training, exercise, human contact, etc. Play is fine, but it's built into his schedule. While we're offworld, though, he's just like any other member of the team. He's working, so casual pets, mushyface, babytalk, etcetera are all a no-go. Just like we're all-business, so is he. He can distinguish the basics of "us" and "them", and as time goes on and he gets to know everyone, that distinction will grow. Let me know if you'd like to hang out with him on an off-day, as that might be the best way to get him to know you!"

Snapping to and giving the dog a salute, he gestures to the rest of the group. "He's all yours, folks!"

Oct 14, 2011

George Milton - Briefing Room

"Sounds like a good idea. Besides, I like dogs," George says.

Oct 8, 2012

Michael Grey - Briefing Room

"We had more than a few dogs back home on the farm, never actually interacted with a properly trained companion before though. I would gladly spend some time with the Master Sergeant when we get down time."

Jun 9, 2010

Alexandra Ross - Briefing Room

Dr. Ross softens when she sees the dog, putting her dangerously close to a liquid state. She offers her hand for him to sniff.

"Dogs are just the nicest ever, don't you think?" she asks, apparently of the whole room. "Can I cuddle him forever and ever when we get back?"

El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

SG-13 - Briefing room
MSgt. McGriddles gets the all clear from Sgt. Glengarry and approaches the outstreched hands with interest. He sniffs each person in turn, and submits to scritches and pets as he makes the rounds to the team members. After he checks everyone out thorougly, he turns back to Sgt. Glengarry with a doggy smile and trots back to sit in front of him like a good dog. He looks back over his shoulder with his tongue lolling out, bright eyes checking to make sure that the new pack is all still there.

"Whuff" he says happily.

SG-13 - Supply

The team busies themselves with gathering up their various bits of gear. The basic expedition packs are already packed and ready to go. The quartermaster, Sergeant Gomez, runs you through the basics.

"Good afternoon sirs, Sergeant. Sorry, Sergeant no biscuit for you this time. I assume you've all gone through orientation and done a few rucks. Since you're a new SG team you're getting your field gear for the first time. This will be yours as long as you're part of the SGC, so take care of it. Don't worry, everything is checked packed and ready to go. We take pride in making sure every SG team that goes through the gate is fully equipped to take on the Goa'uld.

The field pack here carries everything you need. Sleeping gear, shelter, water bladders, food, etc. These quick release buckles will let you drop the pack in case you need to move quickly out of danger."

He points to a set of six packs sitting on a large table in the quartermaster's office. Each one has a tag with the owner's name on it. Next to each is a set of weapons.

"Armor and weapons. Each of you indicated what weapon loadout you wanted, those are next to your packs. All of the ammunition is armor-piercing, it's the only thing we've found that will reliably pierce Jaffa armor. Sergeant, you specifically requested a Tazer instead of a sidearm. We don't have too many lying around down here, luckily someone from the guard station upstairs could lend me some."

He points to a small pack with a strap on it. "This is your survival pack. We had a guy in SG-8 live off of one for a week on P49-227 before he could make it back to the gate. Take care of this little guy, it'll save your bacon."

A small pile of gear sits at one end of the table, yet to be packed. "I got a few last minute requests, so here they are. Dr. Ross, here's your laptop and gear. The bag is waterproof, and you've got enough spare batteries to run for a while. Don't use it all up playing solitaire. Also, a toolkit. I talked to Sgt. Siler about which one you need and he recommended this one. Should have all bits you need to mess with Goa'uld tech." He pushes over a small stack of gear.

"Captain, a scope, camera, and extra fieldbook. Dr. Lawry...sorry, Lt. Lawry, here is your test kit. I raided Dr. McFadden's office for the blood analyzer, so try to bring it back in one piece."

He stoops behind the table and brings up a dog harness packed with gear. "Sergeant, here's the Master Sergeant's gear all packed. Ten days of food, water system, his blanket, and a small dog-equipped first aid kit. The sidebags clip on to his body armor here, as I'm sure you know so he's all ready to go. Good luck SG-13!" Sgt. Gomez snaps a salute as you all gather up your gear.

SG-13 - Gate room

Shortly thereafter you are standing in the gate room, loaded down with equipment and looking incongruously ready for a wilderness expedition in the middle of a military base buried a mile beneath a mountain. Already you can feel sweat gathering as you stand around waiting for the gate to activate. Technicians scurry around the gateroom checking systems and going through preparations for a gate activation. MSgt. Mcgriddles pants and looks around at the activity with interest, but obediently stays next to his handler.

"Five minutes to gate activation, standby SG-13." comes a voice over the intercom. The technicians clear the area, leaving you alone standing in front of the gate.

Alright everyone, about to head out. Please check your gear on your character sheet and upload it to GURPS calc. If it's not there I'll assume a 75lb load of the basics. Heavy, but hey it's (possibly) a long trip.

CaptainCarrot/Dr. Ross, you're carrying the most extra with the toolkit (10lb) and computer (10lb), check with someone if you want to distribute that.

MSgt. McGriddles is all prepped too. Good dog.

We'll go through the gate tomorrow, just a quick stop in the gate room for any last-minute remarks.

Oct 17, 2000

He's just using space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife.

Dinosaur Gum

Josephine Lawry

Jo instinctively gives a tiny hop to try and adjust her pack, but it's just nervousness and the annoyance of having the mass on her back; it wasn't going to get any better adjusted. She was used to having a battered truck or surplus jeep donated by barely-functioning governments for moving supplies. Not so lucky this time. It felt weird to be armed again as well; the MSF had a long-standing rule that no one be armed, and even if Jo wished it was broken for specific cases, it was a good rule for them. Here, they were the army, the doctors, and the police. And the translators.

She leans her head back, looking at the arch of the gate. "I think I've watched a hundred videos of this thing activating, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to scream when it opens."

Jan 2, 2006
It's probably my fault.

Jacob Glengarry & MSgt. McGriddles - Gate Room

Jake reaches down to give the Master Sergeant a light slap on the side. "Ready to work, buddy?" Getting in a last scritch before returning to full stature, he simply states a clear consise "To!" as the command to start the workday. Shifting lightly to get his gear in place, he shoulders up, p90 at the ready. Time to go to work.

Oct 8, 2012

Michael Grey - Gate Room

Mike is leaning forward, eyes focused on the gate, drawing deep slow breaths.

"No wonder Ma'am, Every time this opens, it hits me in the gut how much of a technology advantage the darn Goa'uld have over us. But on the gripping hand, tonight, we will see whole new constellations."

Oct 14, 2011

George Milton - Briefing Room

Dr. Milton gives McGriddles a few scritches as the dog comes around, and offers his hand for the sniffing.

George Milton - Gate Room

George stands up in front of the gate, adjusting his gear for comfort and making sure his p90 is in easy reach. "And yet here we remain - just enough of a pain in the rear end that only a treaty stops the Goa'uld sending more motherships after us. We're doing pretty drat well considering we're punching somewhat above our weight..."


Feb 5, 2007

Cybernetic Crumb

Kurt Tash - Gate Room

"It's going to be interesting, being the underdog. Around here we've been the top of the technology tree, but now we're dealing with groups with actual ray guns. But all the teams that have gone out before us have shown the galaxy that Earth isn't something that can be discounted and I know this team will uphold that reputation." Kurt glances over the group to make sure everyone looks ready.

"Any last minute questions, comments concerns? If not...", Kurt nods up at the control room, "SG-13 is ready when you are Sergeant."

Just from a load perspective, I'll take one of the two items from Ross (unless someone that actually invested in strength wants to) when we're packing, probably the toolbox as I assume she'll want readier access to the laptop. Adding 20 lbs could push her over to extra-heavy.

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