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May 5, 2010

In with


May 5, 2010

Eden’s Island
1514 words.

Sarah looked around the beach and prayed she could make it through her first popular party. She nearly fell over when her sister Jennifer asked her to come. She and Jen hadn’t spoken much after their parents separated.

Kevin and Mike and started a fire and dragged some logs around it. Through in the large rocks that dotted the beach, and it was almost an enclosed space. Very intimate.

Kevin sat down next to her on the log, while Mike joined Jen across the fire. The roaring fire was large enough and cast enough smoke that her sister and her boyfriend could hardly be seen. Sarah hadn’t gone to a lot of these kinds of parties, but even she could figure out it was all deliberate for privacy.

Sarah looked at Kevin and tried her best smile. It worked well enough for him to smile back.

She knew him from around, but had never spoken with him before. Football player. Definitely handsome. Guess he was the loose end that Jen was tying up. Can’t be unprepared for a beach party.

Kevin looked into her eyes. Sarah wanted to meet his gaze with her own smoldering version, like she had seen on tv, but she was too shy and kept darting her eyes around.

Kevin smiled. “It’s great that you could come. I’ve been wanting to meet you for a while.”

A lump formed in Sarah’s throat and she started to sweat. “Yeah?” she finally managed. “I’d thought a boy like you wouldn’t notice a girl like me.”

“Hey, I’ve got to pass the library on the way to football practice. I’ve seen you. Plus Jen thinks the world of you. She talks about you all the time.”

Sarah crashed back down to reality -- there was no way her sister spoke anything about her, let alone something positive. It was a line. It was nice, but it was flat.

“Huh.” Sarah stared back coolly at him and changed the subject. “Isn’t this the island that weird guy owns? The one whose daughter died?”

Kevin sighed. “Yeah, I think.” He tried to pull himself together and try back at Sarah. “Let’s not think about them though. Let’s just think about us.” He moved closer to Sarah.

Sarah leaned away. “She died at the party thrown by the mayor's son, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Kevin said. “She drank too much and fell out a window. Look, what’s this got to do with anything?”

Sarah looked at him. His eyes were narrowing and his jaw was tightening. “I just think it’s interesting that she died at a party and here we are at a party. Well, of sorts.”

“It’s not interesting. It’s just a secluded spot. And she probably wouldn’t have died if she was trying to have fun like everyone else there.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, everyone else was having a good time, but she was trying to get away. If she’d just relax and have some fun, she’d probably be alive.”

“Good time? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Kevin’s eyes lit up and a sly smile crossed his face. “I thought you’d never ask.” He leaned in quickly, trying to kiss Sarah.

Sarah closed her eyes and pulled away, fearing she was too late, but the kiss never came. Instead, she just heard gasping coming from Kevin.

She opened her eyes to a horror scene. There was Kevin, with a shocked and pained look on his face, and a giant ax sticking out of his back. Holding the ax was a dark figure, dressed in a sweater, with long hair and dead eyes.

She let out a bloodcurdling scream. The figure spoke, a voice rumbling as if from beyond the grave: “Get off my island.”

Sarah bolted. Screaming the whole way. She was quickly joined by Jennifer and Mike and their terrified screaming as well.

Sarah turned onto a path leading into the woods, with Jennifer and Mike right behind. She had no idea where the path lead, only that it lead away from the killer. Blindly hauling rear end through the woods, they finally reached a clearing and stopped.

The trees stood around the clearing like a palisade wall. There was a rock at the center, almost ceremonially placed. More paths ventured off in different directions. One hopefully leading to escape.

“What the hell was that?” asked Mike.

“I don’t know!” said Sarah. “It just came out of nowhere when I had my eyes closed. Oh god, he killed Kevin.” Tears were coming to here yes now.

“Kevin’s dead?” asked Mike.

“Oh god,” Jennifer screamed.

“Keep your voice down.” said Mike as he shook Jennifer. “We don’t want to attract it’s attention.”

“I’m pretty sure it followed us up this path,” said Sarah. She was terrified. Her arms were shaking. “We’ve got to get out of here. We’ve got to get back to the boat.”

“Yeah,” said Mike. “This is a disaster. I can’t believe you've let this happen.“

“How is this my fault?” asked Sarah. “Is there something I could have done?”

“How could you not have warned Kevin? How could you could not have shouted for help? Clearly you did something to let Kevin die. He was my best friend!” Mike reached out and slapped Sarah so hard she hit the ground. “When we get out of this, you’re going to pay dearly!”

The dark figure burst from woods, swinging his ax. He went straight for Mike. Mike tried to run away, but the figure was too fast. He raised the ax above his head and drove it down in an arc, lopping off Mike’s head. Blood splattered everywhere. Sarah had now been hit with a second person’s blood.

“You’ll pay!” he screamed. “You’ll all pay!”

Sarah got off the ground and ran over to Jennifer. “Let’s get out of here!” She screamed. “This way!”

The two women took off running, back towards the beach. Sarah hoped they could reach the boat before the dark figure caught up with them. The boat was their only chance for survival.

They reached the beach, with it still burning fire. Kevin’s body was still slumped over, with a gigantic wound in his back.

“Where’s the boat, Sarah?” asked Jennifer.

“I don’t know. Maybe it drifted a bit.”

Jennifer shook Sarah at the shoulders. “You’ve got to get me out of here. You’ve got to find that boat.”

Sarah freed herself. What had gotten into her sister? “We’ll find the boat and we’ll both get out of here.”

“I have to get out of here and back to safety. You’re my sister -- you need to make sure I’m safe.”

Sarah gave a confused look. “Let’s look for the boat. I’ll check over here and you check down that way.”

Sarah jogged down the beach a ways. She heard a splash from behind her and turned to see her sister in the boat. “Jennifer!” she called. “I’m over here come get me!”

The boat was not far from the shore. Jennifer looked at her sister, grabbed an oar, and starting rowing away. Sarah was horrified. She kept her look of horror as the dark figure rose out of the water. He swung his ax, burying it in Jennifer’s exposed back.

“You’ll never leave this island alive!” the dark figure called.

Sarah ran back down the beach, away from the terror of her sister’s dead body and the dark stranger that ended her life. She spied a path back through the forest and followed it down.

She risked a glance over her shoulder. Standing at the mouth of the path was the stranger. She dug down and ran even harder. Finally, she emerged in a clearing.

There was something different about this clearing, something almost calming. In the center was a statue and grave stone. The statute was that of an angel, face cast towards Heaven, with a pose as if pleading for someone’s soul. The grave was badly kept and overgrown. It looked like no one had been here in quite some time.

Sarah went up to the grave and fell down on her knees. She was exhausted. She was terrified. She didn’t know how much longer she could run. And she didn't know if she ever could escape this madman who seemed hell bent on killing her.

Sarah reached out and cleared out the the brambles from around the grave stone's name. All it said was, “My Angel.” She began to clear away more and more of the vines and the leaves and the tangle of nature from the grave stone. Her hands hurt, and bled, but she kept going.

She worked as if she was possessed. But after a time, the site was clean. She had done it.

A ray of light shun over her shoulder, striking the grave stone.

She looked around. It was morning. The stranger, who was just on her heels, was gone.

Sarah walked back down to the beach. Her sister and Kevin were gone. The boat had managed to drift back to shore. She got in, and went back to the mainland.

May 5, 2010


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