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Aug 8, 2013

Hey nerds, remember me? I'm in and want a random cover, preferably Mr. Space Skeleton.


Aug 8, 2013

Getting Stuck in Space and Quicksand
1000 words

Rathern than the plush, familiar bed she’d fallen asleep in, Anna Boyd awoke to find herself stranded in an expanse of sandy rock, shivering and wearing only her nightgown. She groaned and pushed herself upright. A horizon line populated with towering, stalagmite-like mountains greeted her view.

Anna’s eyes grew wide and her lips parted slightly as the gravity of her situation struck her. She surveyed her surroundings and felt around her nightgown pockets for anything that could’ve been of use. Her fingertips brushed against the smooth glass of a near empty perfume bottle and nothing else.

Something in the distance caught Anna’s eye. It looked like a person crouched down with their back towards her. They seemed preoccupied with something, and the sunlight hit them in such a way that they were little more than a shadow. Anna demanded her legs to run, to escape from this person and this horrible place they must’ve taken her to, but her body refused to respond.

The figure stood. It was tall and masculine. Anna trembled as it strode towards her. She saw that it wore a metallic suit the color of burnt bronze. Her legs sprang into action when she noticed that the face behind its visor was little more than a skull.

The thing raised its arms into the air in a waving motion and called out in what sounded like a synthesized voice.

“Please, don’t run!”

Anna’s feet scarcely contacted the ground. She dared a peek behind her and screamed when she saw it effortlessly keeping up.

“Please! If you keep running you’ll hit the-”

Anna’s feet froze in an ice cold, syrupy thick substance. The rest of her body continued forward and she nearly fell face first into a pool of mint colored muck.


Anna struggled as the goop sucked down her ankles. The skeleton stopped at the edge of the quicksand.

“Please, miss, I understand that my appearance is, well, frightening, but you need to listen to me.”

Anna gulped down mouthfuls of air as she contemplated her situation.

“Why? Why did you take me here?” Anna asked.

“I didn’t. In fact, I saved you.”

Anna shook her head.

“Sure, you saved me. Saved me from what, exactly?”

Her words were acid.

“They’re called the Invidians. Miss, I can get you out of that sand but you need to let me help you.”

“Invidians? Right.”

Anna placed her head in her hands.

“This is ridiculous!”

The skeleton reached out and laid one of its frigid hands on Anna’s shoulder.

“Take your hands off me you monster!”

A sound similar to the whine of a mosquito but amplified several times over rose from the south before waning back into silence. The sound of a bottle being uncapped followed and, before Anna could react, a purple liquid spread through the muck encasing her.

“Just grab my hand, please,” the skeleton begged.

Another insectine wail in the distance coerced Anna into complying. The thinned sand gave up its grip on Anna’s feet and she trudged herself out of the muck.

“We need to run, now,” said the skeleton.


A massive, red sun hung low on the horizon, its light painting crimson highlights on the soft green mountains as Anna and the skeleton raced through them. As they tried to crest a hill, Anna slowed and slumped into the dirt. The skeleton stopped and knelt beside her. He pulled a roughly textured tablet from a slit in his suit and set it alight by rubbing it in his hands.

“So, what are you, exactly?” Anna asked, placing her feet near the flames.

“Before I responded to the signal, I was called Dr. Forrest Addams, NASA researcher.”

He paused.

“The signal was obviously alien, obviously intelligent, and it wasn’t from some far-flung corner of deep space, but near Venus. I beamed a greetings to the origin of the signal and tried to call in my discovery, but before I knew what was happening I was strapped to an operating table with these awful insect faces glaring at me. They stuffed me into a spacesuit that won’t let me die. They watch me wander in the wilds for entertainment.”

Dr. Addams looked away from Anna.

“They take me back to their hive now and then and give me an audience with their Queen. She and her children slurp on what little marrow is left in my bones. At midday they all rest, and I wander aimlessly through spiraling chambers of the hive. I was doing just that when I happened on you, strapped to an operating table like I was. I snuck you out as they slept.”

A buzzing whine rolled over the mountaintops. Anna ducked as something like a cross between a horsefly and a nightmare tried to grab her. She looked up to see that Dr. Addams wasn’t so fortunate. He struggled as the bug hooked its spindly legs around his arms. Before it took off, Anna grabbed Addams’ leg.


The Invidian Queen was a house-sized blob of chitin enwrapped flesh. Her mouthparts spasmed and drooled with anticipation as she examined the two humans cowering before her. Hundreds of Invidian drones the size of large dogs flew overhead. The Queen chirped and a flock of drones descended upon Dr. Addams. He screamed as they pierced into his helmet and sucked on his skull.

“For the love of God just kill me already!”

Anna trembled. Another swarm lingered overhead, waiting for their mother’s word to strike fresh flesh. Anna collapsed to the ground and the half empty perfume that had been sitting in her pocket slid out. In a rage, Anna threw the bottle at her tormentor.

The glass shattered and coated the Invidian Queen with sweet smelling liquid. The drones stopped their assault on Dr. Addams and turned their attention towards the Queen. The hellish flies swarmed their own mother, devouring her. Anna hopped to her feet. Before sprinting away, Dr. Addams thanked her as his alien life support fizzled out.

Aug 8, 2013


Aug 8, 2013


Sokoban posted:

Oh! Added.

I like you.

Aug 8, 2013


Aug 8, 2013

There Are No Zombies in This Story
Words: 1492

Rows of neglected and forgotten headstones stretched across the graveyard. Edward smiled, strands of dirty blonde hair poking out from the rim of his baseball cap. Clara stood next to him, her purple scarf lazily clinging to her black sweater. Edward looked over to her, and his buck toothed grin widened when he saw the nervousness in her eyes.

“Edward, I’m not sure I want to be here,” Clara said.

Edward walked ahead of her and shrugged.

“Don’t worry baby, there ain’t no zombies here.”

Edward walked over to a squarish grave and hopped on top of it.

“Isn’t that right mister?” Edward asked the plot, “you’re sleeping much too soundly to bother eating little Clara over here.”

Edward jumped off the stone and attacked Clara with a hug.

“Although you’re really missing out!” Edward said as he snuggled against her.

Clara wasn’t having any of that, however, and smacked Edward’s face so forcefully that there was an audible thwacking. Edward’s smile barely faltered.

“Come on babe! This is supposed to be fun!”

Clara walked over to a rather flat gravestone and sat down.

“Coming to this creepy place was your idea, asshat. What’s supposed to be so fun about a bare patch of land that happens to have dead bodies buried under it, anyway?”

Edward kicked away a rock and shrugged.

“It’s taboo, I guess.”

Clara groaned at Edward’s stupidity.

“I mean, look at it Edward. It’s just a big field with a bunch of old and ugly little statues. There’s nothing here!”

“Don’t you like exploring the great outdoors? Besides, it’s good to get some sunlight.”

Edward looked over Clara’s pale face and arms before slinking beside her.

“You could really use the Vitamin D. Both kinds.”

Clara reeled her hand back to bitchslap Edward, but she stopped midway. From somewhere in the distance came a groaning noise, deep and guttural. Edward and Clara stared at each other before another awful groan sent them booking it. Clara huffed and puffed, her body unequipped for running. Edward sprinted past her with arms flailing. His foot caught on a headstone, however, and he went rocketing face first to the ground. Not too far behind him, Clara fell to her knees panting.

In the distance stood a tall, masculine figure. His broad shoulders were heaving back and forth as he cackled in a baritone voice. Edward squirmed onto his back to get a look at the man while Clara focused on catching her breath.

“Zombies don’t laugh, right?” Edward asked.

“Zombies?” asked the figured.

Edward pulled himself to his feet, preparing to apologize. When he actually saw the man, his apology was replaced with stunned silence.

The man’s skin was a swampy blue-green, and his eyes were small and set far apart. His nose was upturned and piglike, and his open smile was fanged. His fingernails were two inch long claws, and he tapped them together as he examined the two humans before him. Edward stepped back, and the creature threw his head back in another fit of laughter.

“My my my,” said the creature, “what lovely little humans we have here.”

Clara crawled back to her feet, and she screamed when she saw the creature. Edward kept backing up, not breaking eye contact with the bizarre thing that continued laughing at them. Something from behind wrapped its arms around Edward’s waist, however, and crushed him to its chest. Edward tried to look behind him, but whatever had him was inhumanly strong.

“Don’t leave so soon,” a soft, female voice hissed into his ear.

The creature holding onto Edward pushed him into the dirt. Edward flailed around on the ground before getting into a somewhat upright position. He saw that his attacker was another creature, one with light violet skin and a feminine form. She crouched to his level and flashed him a wide, fanged smile.

Clara crawled over to Edward as the creatures corralled them together. Edward looked up at the two looming demons. They had to have been well over eight feet tall.

“W-what do you want from us?”

The male figure hooked his arm around his female companion’s shoulder.

“We’ve been dying to add humans to our inventory.”

Edward’s voice cracked.


The two sniggered and before he knew what was happening, Edward passed out.


Edward bolted upward. His eyes darted from side to side. The room he’d found himself in was cast in a flickering, orange light. Crimson bars surrounded him, and after a minute of staring blankly he realized that he was in a cage. He rubbed his face and moaned. He looked around a little more, and saw Clara sitting in a cage to his right. She was cradled into a ball and rocking herself. Edward buried his head into his chest and wept.

A metallic clunking noise echoed throughout the room. A metallic door slid open and the male creature stepped inside. He carried two clay dishes in his hands and gingerly placed them inside Edward and Clara’s cages. Edward looked at the slop in the bowl, looking like someone had dribbled melted butter onto expired oyster. He dipped a hesitant finger into the muck and tasted it.

He vomited.

A nasally, high-pitched giggle came from above. Edward looked up and saw something inside a cage that was suspended from the ceiling. The thing inside was neither a human nor one of the creatures that’d kidnap him and Clara. It looked like an impossibly skinny, almost skeletal old man with skin so pale that it was pure white. Its bulging blue eyes threatened to pop out of its head with each breathy laugh.

“What are you laughing about?”

The creature raised its bony hand up and meekly slapped the floor of its cage.

“Looks like Kra and Ren added another pet to the ol’ collection!”

“Another pet?” Edward asked.

“Yeah, you and your lady friend! They always like gettin’ a breeding pair when they can!”

The female demon stepped into the room. She led another creature of identical lineage, her skin grey and her black nails over five inches long. This new creature crouched to the floor, getting eye level with Edward.

“Aw, he’s a little cutie!” said the creature, her hot breath smelling like rotting garbage.

The creature stood up and walked over to Clara.

“And this is his little lady friend? So cute.”

Clara wailed while the ashy grey demon giggled. The violet demon shook her head.

“Unfortunately, the humans aren’t for sale right now. We’re working on getting more without disturbing their natural ecosystem.”

The violet demon motioned for her customer to look upward at the pale creature that had laughed at Edward earlier.

“This is Prance, a rare Callian. He’s been looking for a home for a while now.”

“Eh, he’s kind of ugly. How long until you have more humans?”

The violet demon smiled a wide, toothy smile.

“Very soon.”


“Clara, I’m so sorry. This is my fault.”

Clara didn’t say a word. Edward slunk back into his cage while Prance rambled to him.

“Now Kra’s the main owner and sales representative. You only gonna see her when a customer’s lookin’. Ren is that big fella who brings us the chow and keeps us clean.”

Another creature in a ceiling suspended cage growled.

“Would you shut up already!”

The enormous blob of flesh in the cage groaned and belched. Its bulbous black eyes leered at Prance and, finally, he shut his trap. Edward banged on the bars of his cage, shrieking profanities.

“You calm down, too! I’m trying to loving sleep!” said the flesh blob.

“Aw gently caress you!” snapped Edward.

The flesh creature hissed, but whatever cutting remarks it had prepared had to go unused as both Kra and Ren entered the room.

“It’s too dangerous,” said Kra, “and besides, the Dimensional Protection Agency will be on our asses if we do!”

The violet creature sighed.

“At least we managed to snag these two,” said Ren as he unlocked Edward’s cage.

Edward tried to struggle against the creature as it effortlessly hoisted him over his shoulder. Clara barely struggled in the arms of Kra. Edward begged to be released as the two brought them to a colorful, actually somewhat cozy looking room. Edward and Clara were thrown onto the floor and their captors hastily left.

“Clara,” said Edward.

Clara looked over her shoulder at him. Her sweater was torn and caked in grime, and her face was bruised. Edward didn’t look any better.

“They want us to have sex,” said Clara.

Edward stood there. His face was stained from countless streaks of tears.

“I know you hate me,” said Edward.

“I don’t know what I feel anymore,” said Clara.

“You know, this is awful. It’s horrific, actually.”

Edward scooted up to Clara and hugged her.

“But, at least we don’t have to suffer this alone.”

Clara turned and bitchslapped Edward, a thin smile on her lips. They both laughed.


Aug 8, 2013


Uranium Phoenix posted:

Interprompt: Dreams are encroaching on reality (125 words)

Water So Good
I once had a dream that I was in my grandma's neighbor's yard and they had a water fountain. I drank from it but it didn't do anything for my thirst. When I woke up I was really thirsty so I got some water. The moral of the story? Real water > dream water.

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