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Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?

It's fairly late in the evening, but you've been busy all day. After all, Lady Midnight has given each of you a very important task earlier today!

Specifically, she wants each one of you for suggestions as to how to improve your respective areas, that you have been granted dominion over in her name! You have underlings on your own now, and and your very own domain to defend and improve! You're already made it pretty big.

Lady Midnight sure is a generous master, truly worthy of praise! Speaking of Lady Midnight, she has requested your personal presence in the Inner Sactum, likely to hear the report. Perhaps you should give her some sort of offering of gratitude in return while you're at it, so that she stays as kind of an overlord?

This prompt, answer the prompts below and then head up the tower to meet Lady Midnight. Don't actually voice the reports yet - that's for next prompt.


Lady Midnight has asked you to think of ways to improve the security of the treasure chamber. She also mentioned wanting to relocate it to the upper levels, as it's far too accessible in the lower parts of the tower. Did you some up with any good ideas?

Baron Zanzibar Zygomaticus

The Inner Sanctum's current status is absolutely unacceptable for a residence of a lady of Lady Midnight's standing. Surely you've already drew up some plans to improve it?

Mimi the Mimic

You've been assigned the village! Pretty nice place, isn't it? But you feel like it needs a lot of work to truly be worth being Lady Midnight's village, don't you? Where do you even start?

Percival "Missile" Jasper

You can't help but think that it is far too long of a journey up the tower for Lady Midnight! How is she supposed to supervise the dungeon if all she spends so much time walking up and down the tower? Surely, there's got to be a way to fix this...

Oghrul Skullbasher

Did you find out anything about the strange disturbance in the Alabaster Archives? Lady Midnight being disturbed or even attacked in her own tower simply would be unacceptable, after all.


Rubble, Rubble, Rubble. Everywhere you look is rubble. Even with all these skeletons now under your command, clearing all this is going to take a while.

And you're going to have to clear it, because Lady Midnight has plans for the Ancient Markets. Big plans. She wants to restore them to their old glory! Bring in traders from far and wide! ... and gets extremely rich, of course. And you'd be in charge of it all!

... But seriously, where do you even start?

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Nov 7, 2011

My other car is an asteroid

I call item economy, gold farming and digging new rooms for the dungeon with a Miner Lich!

How are you? Nice to see you. Sit down anywhere you like, I could do with a break. Gotta tell you my muscles sure get tired swinging this pick around. Ha! Muscles... oh don't look at me like that. Oh I get it, you're thinking "oh what a big strong skeleton" well thank you, I been working out. Bet you just thought I was big boned. :@{}""£}{})

*Cough Cough* oh my god how does he do that? I feels like my tongue just broke it's spine. Have you ever tried to speak the ancient language of Eee-mo-gee? It's a tough one. But it's all so I can understand and converse with my Master better. A great and powerful lord of this dungeon. You've not seen him? Ah well you're pretty out of the way down here. But since you're here, let me tell you a little about myself.


Name: Blackbone

High Concept: Miner Lich
I was brought into this world from six feet under and the deep dark places of the world are my domain. I shall dig out my own underground kingdom for myself with my own two hands. No I mean that quite literally.

Trouble: Oh that's not how you spell Minor? gently caress it! Leave it in!
I'm not what I was meant to be and no one knows it more than me. Every bone in my body tells me that a mess changed my entire purpose and being in this world. I know I should be an all powerful undead sorcerer! In my true soul I know it! But I'm stuck like this and I will bury you if you mention it to me! AND I DO NOT HAVE ANGER ISSUES YOU TAKE THAT BACK YOU SON OF A-

Aspect: The Dungeon Digger
Call that a Dungeon? I could make a better dungeons in my sleep! If I slept... Which I don't so give me that shovel and start looking for some lovely rusty chains to decorate your new room with.

Aspect: One Rich Lich
The treasures of the earth are as varied as they are buried deep, from minerals and gold to ancient tombs and caves filled with loot. I mean half the crap I find we stick in the chests in our dungeon. I keep the best of it back for myself our Lord.

Aspect: To Be Decided

+4 Forceful
+2 Quick, Sneaky
+1 Flashy, Careful
+0 Clever

Secret Tunnel, Secret Tunnel, Through the mountain
Because I love making Secret Tunnels I gain +2 to Sneaky when using my digging skills to create an advantage

Boulder Breaker
Because I am a boulder breaker I gain +2 to Forcefully overcome an obstacle in my way through brute force

Lord of the Hoard
Because I am One Rich Lich, I can use one of the magical gems I have uncovered in my diggings to gain +2 to Flashily enchant a weapon or item to create an advantage

other aspects or bonuses

Pickaxe of Acid
This pickaxe was forged to mimic the digging methods of the Caustic slimes, which burrow through thick layers of rock by concentrating their alchemical bodies to burn away the ground beneath them. It was thought lost when the forger of it placed it down and it melted it's way through the floor.
Inflicts acid element damage.

unidentified mining light


What part of the dungeon did you excel in taking over and how did you impress the overloard in doing so?
Well let me tell you a tale of heroism and daring the likes of which you've never heard! Approximately 83 meters down or three "floors" as our Master calls them, there was this place called The Ancient Markets.

The Ancient Markets

This place, well you can see from this bit of it that still remains was beautiful. You could still see signs of the past from when it was still an active bustling town, the withered marketeers still manning their stalls, their wears long since rotted away or reclaimed by the ever creeping plant life. You just got this sense of... industry! History! Treasure! And oh boy the treasure! There were stacks and stacks of it. I mean most of it was rusted beyond use, but there were hidden gems. Actual hidden gems. Can you believe that? HA! They were some crafty sons-o-bitches and the deals were to die for. I mean there were mobs of revenants and some of my mindless kinsfolk fighting over those items still. Tons of them, the eternal Black Friday in the darkness of the underground. Worse of all though though was The Saint of the Hoard. The Lord of the Grand Bank. Our Master said it best: "OMG WTFuck! This guy is soooooooo OP!" I don't know what that means exactly but if our Master said it then it is a quote worth remembering.

The Saint of the Hoard

His Battle Clerks

This guy was tough. His Battle Clerks were hard enough but the more gold you held the more powerful this guy was. When I was awoken our Master had been trying to "beat this floor" for some time. The secret to victory lay in not obtaining any of the quantities of money distributed around the Markets so the Saint would be less powerful. But it was not a tactic our Master was willing to consider, and I applaud him for it. For what master is worth following if they do not seek a challenge? Our Master lived up to this ideal with gusto. As such we needed an alternative plan. My Master was... uh, disappointed in me. It seemed whatever grand strategy he had planned for me I was unworthy of fulfilling. So he told me to "make myself useful and get some gold or something". Now the place with the most gold that I knew of was the market and more specifically the bank. So while our Master slept I devised a plan and got to work.

I dropped the floor above on the absolute ball bag of a lord. I crushed him, the battle clerks and the entire bank and most of the market, combining the two floors, wiping out the local monsters and claiming them both for our Master! All it took was to dig down from the floor above and weaken the supports that keep the ceiling up. I'm still excavating my way to the bank so we can get back the gold there. But once I get there I hope the Master will be real happy with me!


And what curious thing did you learn about this seemingly otherworldly being that created you?
Our Master is a great sage. Beset by visions and otherworldly noises, sometimes, when I'm standing next to him. He'll zone out and you can hear music coming from his mouth. Then when he awakens he seems to know otherworldly secrets like where secret rooms are or ambushes up ahead. Once though... once he was possessed. No I swear this is true. He began to move around and a voice came out of his mouth that was not his own, young, high pitched, giggling. I thought perhaps some imp or demon had taken control of them as he blundered into walls and obvious traps. Then there was a mighty yelling in our Master's voice and he threw the spirit out of his body with a great "Get out of my room you little goblin!" followed by a loud otherworldly wailing which was swiftly silenced by the sound of the door to hell slamming.

To this day I still never dug up (ha!) the courage to ask our Master about it. But I always keep my eye on him when he goes into a trance for fear of this goblin returning.


For what purpose did they create you, anyway?
I was to be a source of the undead and necromancy, to overwhelm floors with weak mindless undead. I do not know what happened to make me like this. But now I try my best to bring my Master the best gear and equipment from my digging. Anything to find acceptance in his eyes.

Gazing around at the assembled skeleton, and the work ahead of him. Blackbone felt what might have been called pleasure. This was the closest he'd gotten to feeling like a Lich, undead under his command. If only they had been his own. Ah well, maybe one day. He picked up his pick and rested it on his shoulder as he watched one of the minions explore it's neighbours eye socket with a curious finger while it stared off into space.

"Right you 'orrible lot! Front and Centre!"

The skeletons bounced off one another as they formed a ragged line in front of him. He surveyed his troops and suppressed the weird urge to spit. What the hell was that about?

"We're going to start with something really simple. First, we're going to sort out the soil from the rock in this area. The rock can be used again, building materials or cobbled streets whatever. Soil is just in the way. We need buckets, spades, maybe a wheelbarrow. Rocks will be put here."

He drew a large square in the dirt with the blade of his pickaxe and gestured at it.

"Soil can go... elsewhere. I will make a square for it. For now, all you have to do is pick up the loose rock in the dirt piles and put them in this square carefully. Do not throw them carelessly in here and cause them to fall down on top of you. Do you understand?"

He waited a moment to see if they would reply back. Wondering just how smart these lesser kin actually were. When no response was forthcoming he stamped his foot

"Hop to it then! Come on come on! Wait..."

He looked over to the skeleton that had it's hand raised.

"What do you want?"

The Skeleton regarded him then chattered it's teeth together it sounded like two dice rattling. There was a moment's pause before all the other skeletons started also chattering to each other. Like it was a really good point. The din echoed throughout the cavern and disturbed a few slumbering bats, who squeaked a wheeled through the air grumpily. Blackbone stared at the skeletons in confusion.

"...What the hell did that even mean? Never mind, I'm sure it'll all be fine in your capable hands. Now I'm off. I need to go see our Master"

He drew out a gem encrusted shield from his knapsack. It was shiny and gleamed promisingly, all who beheld it would surely think it held great power. Shame it was low level garbage, but it was good low level garbage. It looked great, and was worth a lot. Probably the single most expenses item he'd recovered since the cave in. He hoped his Master would like it. He gave it a quick buff with the edge of his sleeve. Expertly smudging dirt on it. He prayed to his maker it would do. He stowed it again. Looking about at the milling skeletons as they clacked away apparently heedless of him. Man being a leader was harder then it looked. Maybe he should get a chair, Master had a nice chair and they always obeyed her. Maybe he should get one of those too? He started to wander away as the skeletons began to form into some chaotic order flailing at the dirt to pull the rocks from it. Still racketing at each other or perhaps just the dirt in general.

He began to make his way deeper through the cleared sections of the market, towards the Clocktower. His pickaxe swinging at his side. He wondered if he'd run into Newbee. She wasn't too far away. Nah she was probably already up there fawning over the Master. He tried not to think of all the cool junk and money he'd found that she could present as her own. It all went in the pile, mostly. Well if she did he'd have a bone or two to pick with her...

He paused and stared off into space before letting loose a loud


Then continuing on his way. He wished that didn't tickle him so much, he was fairly certain one of the others was seconds away from caving his skull in if he made that joke again.

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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

The Inner Sanctum

A gloved phalanx swept across the armrest of the throne, to be then lifted mere inches from the glowing embers that served as Zanzibar's eyes, the skeleton inspecting the bright white piece of apparel for any blemish. And as he had suspected, a dull gray splotch of dust now marred it. The sanctum was filthy, as well as overgrown.


He closed his hand into a fist, and placed it behind his hip bone as he walked, taking in the sights, observing the servants dusting rubble, that sort of thing. A cleanup was in order first of all, the vines would have to go too, they were wholly unsuitable. Some textiles to coat the naked stone, tasteful drapes in dark hues to go with the mistress' chosen style. The roof would need to be lifted too, for a proper royal atmosphere. Yes, he had such plans...

But alas, for now they would have to settle for something more modest, for they had not the resources for such grand renovation yet.

Zanzibar sighed a deep, rumbling sort of sigh. At least the cleanup was going according to schedule. He gave his temples a slight rub, and decided that he should go consult Blackbone on the furniture supplies on the market next. However, before he could go, Zanzibar was interrupted by a feminine, if rather irate voice, that still managed to remain respectful.

"Baron Zygomaticus."

Zanzibar turned, first his head to the direction of the voice, before turning to face his addressee bodily. A pale woman, with red eyes, wearing polished steel plate and a sword at her waist. She carried a neatly folded french maid outfit in her hands, a clear expression of distaste on her face. She was one of the vampire thralls, the small number of elite mobs stationed to the inner sanctum. They were the only military personnel Zanzibar had control over, for he mostly was in charge of the domestic staff, but at least they were some of the best the dungeon could offer.

"With all due respect", she continued, "What be the meaning of this? We are warriors. So why'd I wake with such servant garb next to mine coffin?"

Zanzibar offered a genuinely apologetic seeming nod. "Apologies, Julianna. Certainly I realize such an outfit is not the most optimal for battle, taken it offers little protection, and has several unnecessary frills to get in the way of the sword", there was a small pause, "Nevertheless, the Mistress requested... battle maids. I tried to convince her of the impracticality of the concept but... she insisted."

And at that moment, the two shared the sort of quiet look of mutual understanding that only those under the bootheel of the severely out of touch could share.

"I see", replied Julianna with a touch of dejected resignation, but she still carried herself with enough pride to not seem whiny, "I shall gather the troop and start instructing them in maidly etiquette at once."

Zanzibar stood in stoic silence for a moment after Julianna left, before turning on his heels and approaching the throne currently being cleaned up for the Mistress. It wasn't proper for a servant to keep their liege waiting, after all.


Baron Zanzibar Zygomaticus


High Concept: The Lady's (long suffering) Champion
Champion in the sense that they represent their noble liege in single combat. And indeed, a noble (auto-generated) upbringing ensures that he represents his master flawlessly both in manners as well as battle aptitude. Somebody has to deal with all those rare mobs and minibosses the Player aggroes but is underleveled to actually deal with, after all.

Other Aspects:
Crossing Baneblades
Baron Zygomaticus is a master of the sword, but not only that, he also has the typical undead withering properties to go with his attacks.

Fiendish Etiquette
As a skeleton of high class, Baron Zygomaticus handles fancy cutlery just as well as a blade, and his footwork is equally at ease during a devilish waltz as it is sidestepping fireballs.

Nothing but Steel and Bones
He's a skeleton! What are you going to do? Stab him? Has all the usual resistances (and the handful of weaknesses) that go with being a member of his particular brand of undead.

Trouble: Even Evil has Standards
Zanzibar does not spite the rogues and knaves of the group on principle, but he himself represents the more cultured, fancy kind of evil that a stylish overlord would not spite having stand beside them in a decorated throne room. Thus, he himself is loathe to partake in honorless skullduggery.

Careful: Average (+1)
Clever: Fair(+2)
Flashy: Great (+4)
Forceful: Average (+1)
Quick: Fair (+2)
Sneaky: Mediocre (+0)

The Noble Duelist
Because I am The Noble Duelist, I gain +2 when Flashily Attacking a single target that is without back-up or in a duel with me.

Master of the Debuff Stack
Because I am the Master of the Debuff Stack, I gain +2 when Quickly Defending ahgainst personal buffs or attempts to buff (Create Advantage rolls) by using debuffs and disruptive swordplay.

Noble Bones
Because I have Noble Bones, I gain +2 when Cleverly Overcoming social situations by being the sane, well mannered man of the group.

Master Fencer
Because I am a Master Fencer, I gain +2 to Flashily Defend when being attacked by a lone aggressor.

Refresh: 2

Other Aspects and Assets:
The Mist Sword
Allows its wielder to teleport behind their foe
The worst cape of yellow and pink (aka. The Cape of the Flamboyant Swashbuckler)
A daily invokeable +1 (can be invoked AFTER the roll) when attacking with duelist weapons, and -1 to socially attacking

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Aug 31, 2006

Theme of the Clockwork Tower

At the highest point of the Clockwork Tower, Percival peers downward with a stern look (or at least, as stern as he possibly can) on his face. While the tower, with it's endless steps, hidden traps, and floating platforms has managed to deter many would-be invaders, it's not without it's issues, the biggest one being the length of time it takes to climb the tower. If his master wishes to supervise her dungeon, then she must spend a full hour making her way through the tower first, and that cannot do! His master put him in charge of the tower, and Percival feels as if it his job- nay, his duty to find a way to make the journey easier for his precious master. But the question is how?

"Hey, chief," squeaked a voice above him.

Percival moves his head to the direction of the tiny voice, and floating above him is a rat, with a propeller strapped to it.

The rat is part of a much larger group who call themselves The Rat Pack. They might not be the strongest minions around, but they make up for it with their sheer ingenuity. They, with Percival's supervision, are the ones who make sure that everything in the tower stay in working order, as well as bombard those who dare climb the tower with rocks and exploding alchemy potions. They may be small, fluffy, and cute, but the Rat Pack are not to be underestimated, just like Percival himself.

Percival crosses his arms behind his back, and says, "Report."

"Yea, so me 'n the boys found somethin' interestin', chief. Look over there." The rat twirls around, and points a tiny arm down, bringing Percival's attention to what looks like a hidden door behind one of giant, wall-mounted cogs, "One of th' boys found it while they were cleanin' up th' cogs. We took a look inside and there was this magical device thingamajig. Th' more magical boys say it's like some kinda teleportation device, and there might be more like it in th' tower. It's been decommissioned, but we think we can fix 'em back up. Maybe you should tell th' master about 'em?"

Wait, hidden teleportation devices? That's perfect! With those, the master wouldn't have to worry about tiring herself out climbing all those steps! "Oh boy!" He says, as whatever serious act he was trying to put on starts to break, "I'll go tell the master right now!" He turns, and runs back to his master on all-fours, panting excitedly on the way. He can't wait to tell the master about this! She'll be so happy!

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Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

The village was nice, in that quaint sort of, everyday farmer sort of way. That was alright... but it needed more. How was an ambush preditor supposed to hunt if they prey could just walk up the centre away from all the nooks and crannies? Ugh, this would not do! First things first!

They'd need to redisign and rebuild. Blocking on areas and building new bridges and walkways. Forcing attacking parties to bottle neck into a maze of pathways. Especally if there were ways for Mimi to scamper around unseen and get to her next attack point! Then they'd need to hide the entrance. Some kind of ilusionary wall would do for now, at least until they could come up with something a bit more permanent.

The mobs around the place could help with building, but they'd also need to be able to live in this area. Hidden rooms with living accommodations perhaps? She'd need to consult them for their needs. Obviously they'd need to be able to live a normal life, and only fall back to defensive structures should the place be attacked. Well, Mimi knew all about hiding in plain sight. Maybe she could ask Blackbone about underground tunnels to move from place to place. If the mobs could join in on the ambush fun it would really slow the enemy down, they'd certainly be a lot less willing to run straight in if they could be attacked from anywhere! That would also give everyone else time to prepare their own defence. Some kind of warning sign.... oh the village bell! Yeah, that would be good!

What else... traps? could be risky for the mobs. Hmmmm... she looked at her underlings. Most looked like normal every day people. But there were the Spiders to consider as well. They were about the size of a dog. But they moved quick and could paralyse with a bite. They'd be able to get around pretty well.

"Hey, any ideas on how we can make this place defendable?" She asked, patting the spider lightly on the head.

"Keeeeee?" It considered the question. "Trapdoorsssss anddd, murderrrr holessssss. Websssss toooo catchhhhh. Websssss innnn woodsssss woulddddd warnnnn offffff threatsssss." Mimi nodded, thoughtfully.

"Alright, I'll make sure to mention it to Master. Thanks." She looked back to the mighty clock tower. Time to make her way over. Master must be so lonely without her! Mimi to the rescue!

She scampered over to the tower. This was her special entry point. But she'd have to be quick. She formed into a spider herself, and skittered up the tower walls. Worming her way between the stonework and onto the inside. Ahh, the archives. This was where she'd penetrated originally when scouting the dungeon out. From here it was just a hop skip and a jump to the Master's chambers.

She paused briefly, to pull some books out of the shelf, and crawl through into a little hidey hole she'd found during her original scouting. It was here that she'd placed something. Something which would clearly wow Master. A rare piece of equipment that dropped from one of the original encounters when she mapped out the dungeon.

Truly a staff worthy of an overlord! It's archane enhancing abilities and imposing appearance would be perfect for striking fear into the Master's enemies!

And then there was the pet!

The King of Ravens, a inteligent pet that would match the Master's dark and mysterious appearance with a touch of royalty.

Tucking the staff under her arm (so as to not get spit all over it) and holding the bird carefully in her hands. Mimi skipped happily up towards Master's throne room. Let's see that stupid dragon wannabe beat that!

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Theme of the Underground Coliseum

My loyal servants splayed out across the former treasure chamber, nestled into large piles of sleeping canines. The Tribe of Doge, as I had come to learn they were called, were most excitable, but required plentiful sleep to maintain their vigor. They had introduced me to one of their favored pastimes earlier today, a ceremony in which the Doges fought over the honor of returning a stick, and the resulting excitement had done much to drain them of energy. I had, of course, promised a repeat of the ceremony if they were to fulfill the Mistress's desires.

The Mistress was most insistent on her riches being relocated to the highest levels of the tower. This was no problem, of course, seeing as I surely could move the treasures myself. My strength could not be matched by mere baubles, even if they are one of the few things to bring joy to the Mistress's eyes. Yet why should I, the Mistress's favorite, do such a mundane task? The Doges had proven to be well suited, if somewhat distractable, to the job. I could already discern the true shape of the chamber beneath the piles of treasure. It appeared that, with a little more effort, it would reveal itself to be some sort of coliseum.

This was perfect. What better stage for me to reveal my true potential? The servants who came before me were naturally going to let foul adventurers slip through. None shall escape my arena. I can imagine their terrified cries as my glorious claws rend their flesh asunder and the darkness leeches the strength from their very bones. Of course, some might try to sneak by. Hah! Like I would let them. I would hold the key to the next level myself. No cowards would be able to proceed. And, of course, why would I deign to fight fair? The Doges would weed out the unworthy before I made my grand appearance.

I was shaken from my grand vision by a tremor at the bottom of the pile of Doges I was lounging upon. I looked down curiously, then saw my loyal servant, Bark Ruffalo, rushing up the pile. He held a strange box in his hands. Curious. If it was a worthy prize, I may even forgive him for disrupting my rest. Bark Ruffalo huffed excitedly, barks and yips escaping between words, "Found prize! Prize for queen! Scritches? Scritches??"

I gingerly took the box from the excitable Doge. It's purpose was not immediately evident, but when I opened it, I saw a dizzying array of powders and cremes inside. Intriguing. It seemed to be a box of cosmetics. I had heard the Mistress speak of them, many days ago, but she was lamenting that they seemed limited to a "cash shop." I know not the origin of these, but surely it would prove a suitable token of my esteem. I closed the box and looked sternly at Bark Ruffalo. I spoke, as grandly as expected from one of my stature, "You have done well, my servant. For your prize, I shall bestow upon you three minutes of scritches!"

The Doges immediately perked up, the piles of them tumbling down to the floor as they scrabbled to their feet. The word seemed to hold great power over them. I heard a rhythmic thumping start as the Doge tribesmen began to wag their tails against in unison. A cry of "Scritches! Scritches!" filled the underground chamber. I began to gingerly — for it would not do to dismember such a loyal servant — bestow the desired gift upon him. The Doges went wild. They would surely be motivated to finish the transfer of the Mistress's riches. After the three minutes had passed, I looked to the Doges and then back to Bark, "I shall make a report to our Mistress! If the work is complete before I return..." I let the words linger in the air for a moment. "Scritches for all!"

It was a madhouse. Complete bedlam. I allowed a small smile to cross my face. It was merely because they were potent warriors, of course. Their excitement wasn't cute or anything. Why would you even suggest that? Idiot. With a few flaps of my wings, I started soaring towards the Mistress. I could hardly wait to report on our progress!


High Concept: The Tiniest Tank
Newbee was created to serve as the ultimate shield for the Master -- a creature that was utterly invincible, possessed unbelievable power, and inspired awe in all who would behold her. That was their intention, of course, but the Master's level of Create NPC didn't quite match up with their vision. Dragons are quite expensive to create given their natural gifts and talents. Instead, Newbee was created as the lowest form of a dragon. A mere whelp. Her power belies her size, but it can be hard to take her seriously.

Other Aspects:
Dark Knight, Darker Dragon
Newbee's abilities as a Dark Dragon Whelp give her many tools for tanking and leading the way into dangerous territory. She can drain life through her claws, breath plumes of pure darkness at her foes, fly on wings of shadow, and grow stronger as damage is traded in any given combat. She is, however, very focused on dealing dark element damage. It may prove problematic given a particularly resistant or gimmicky foe.

Who Needs Versatility?
Newbee was created based on a guide the Master read online. Her stats and abilities are min-maxed for maximum tanking potential, but may prove a liability when she's forced out of her element.

(Basically) A Real Dragon
Newbee is a Dragon Whelp, the cheapest form of dragon to create. Instead of the intimidating force of nature she envisions herself to be, most people actually view her as 'cute' or 'completely adorable'.

Trouble: Delusions of Grandeur
Newbee sees herself as the Master did when she was created. Why concern herself with minor things such as impossible odds, terrifyingly powerful foes, and the very real limitations of her power? Who would retreat when triumph is certain? The Master said she was invincible and so she believes it to be. On the upside, her delusions make it very, very difficult to inflict conditions such as fear.

Careful: Mediocre (+0)
Clever: Average (+1)
Flashy: Fair (+2)
Forceful: Great (+4)
Quick: Fair(+2)
Sneaky: Average (+1)

Developing Dragon
Because I am a Developing Dragon, I gain +2 to Flashily Creating An Advantage with my draconic abilities.

Monster Magnet
Because I am a Monster Magnet, I gain +2 to Forcefully Defend against a large group of monsters (4 or more).

Truly Tanky
Because I am Truly Tanky, I gain +2 to Forcefully Defend against a boss.

Refresh: 3

Magical Items:

(Cursed) Dress of the Stars — Teleport a number of times per day based on spellcasting ability. Currently: 1/day.
Ring of Flight — You can fly!

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Nov 6, 2011

...She's behind me, isn't she?

Silent as he listened, Oghrul periodically turned the pages as he pretended to read a random tome he had taken from the shelves of the Archives. Eventually, after several minutes had passed and nothing caught his attention, the orc stood up with a sigh and returned the tome to its place. He hadn’t expected such a conventional method to work in catching whatever presence he was sensing, but it was worth a shot, he supposed. At this point, ‘concern’ was beginning to turn into genuine concern. While the presence hadn’t caused any direct trouble as of yet, what if it tried something while the Chief was down here? Not good. Not good at all.

Putting the matter aside, much as it pained him, Oghrul turned his focus towards the new task Chief Midnight had given him. Improvements to his domain, was it? It was simple in theory, but in practice… the Archives wasn’t exactly the most defensible of positions, all things considered. There were too many nooks and crannies for the stealthy types to take cover in, and toppling over one of the shelves could cause quite the painful chain reaction. Also, it’d be a pain in the rear end to clean up afterwards. What to do then… Oghrul began to circle throughout the Archives, occasionally stopping to reprimand some of the goblins that had been placed under his command.

“I see you hiding in the corner there, Zix. Get back to work! You, Snitchel! Stop bending the pages when you read; these books belong to me, which means they belong to the Chief, so handle them with care! And don’t think I can’t hear you munching away, Fee. If you’re gonna eat, take it out to the garden!”

The offending goblin blew a raspberry at him as he yelled, though she did head outside as ordered. Shaking his head in annoyance, Oghrul continued his walk around the perimeter. Bunch of no good troublemakers, he grumbled to himself, like a band of children too clever for their own good. At least they were loyal, the orc noted, in their own special sort of way. He traced a finger alongside shelf 3C, which had been correctly organized alphabetically… except for every third and fourth book, which had been swapped because they thought it would bother him. And, unfortunately, they were completely right.


With an exaggerated “Hmph!” Oghrul set about fixing the grievous error, well aware that his underlings would likely make a mess of things again as soon as he left. Several rows in, he noticed that one of the goblins had started to assist him. Pierced ear, one eye…


“Sorry ‘bout this whole mess, Sir. Was supposed to be my section, but-”

“I told you to try and figure out if there’s a method to reset the book trap, I know. Any progress on that?”

“Actually, yes. Remember that secret backroom ol’ Zix stumbled on yesterday? The one with all the levers?”

“You mean the levers that I had to forcibly keep all you numbskulls from pulling?”

“Er, yes, if you want to put it that way. Thing is, Sir, I found a note upon further investigation of that room. Said that setting those levers in the right pattern is the way to arm and disarm the trap.”

“That right? Good find. So? What’s the pattern?”


“You don’t know, do you.”

Couldn’t ever be easy, could it? Oghrul held in a small groan as the duo finished replacing all the books to their proper positions. At least he had something to tell the Chief. Hopefully, it’d be enough.

“Well, solid job anyhow. I’m heading out to report in, so keep an eye on things while I’m gone. After I return, we’ll see if we can’t figure out this pattern of yours.”

Giving a nod to Drek, Oghrul made his way out of the Archives. It was overall a rather unproductive evening, which left the orc feeling slightly dispirited as he headed towards Chief Midnight.

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Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?


One way or another, you make your way up to the throne room, where Lady Midnight sits on the throne, filing her nails as she waits for the last of you to arrive.

Seeing you all assembled, she looks at each of you, in turn, as if waiting for a reaction of some kind. "Very well, I see all of you have responded to my summons. I trust you have completed your tasks dutifully. State your reports ... one person at a time." she orders, her eyes wandering through the assembled crowd as she waits for the first of you to talk.

Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Stepping forth, Mimi places the bird on the ground, and bows low. The raven does the same.

"Oh great and noble Master! I present to you gifts from your most loyal servant, i.e. me! Hehehehe. This, mighty staff, captured during our raid to take the dungeon, amplifies magical ability greatly, and can be set to float menacingly to free your hands up for other tasks! I also present to you a rare treasure! The King of Ravens! A intelligent familiar who's regality and nobility is almost a match for your own! Truly a pet worthy of serving you, oh Master!" Mimi bows low, adding an extra swoosh of the hands. "Now for my report. The Village as it is right now lacks defensive options. However, with your permission I would like to convert back areas into bottlenecks where your minions might better ambush the enemy, as well as give us ways to move through the area unseen to better set up further ambushes. This would still leave areas liveable for the mobs. But would give us plenty of ways to bring down unwary adventurers, and slow the wary down considerably."

Mimi smiled. It stretched a little too far across her face. "I would also like to ask for Blackbone's advice on setting up tunnels to allow your troops ease movement within the village itself. As to the front, we could present a normal village, complete with traders and farms. That way we can continue to add to the treasury, and send away or lure in visitors depending on our needs."

Nov 7, 2011

My other car is an asteroid


Blackbone came forward and bowed holding out the shield, before looking up, and shuffling a few feet to his left so the shield caught the light better.

"This is the first of the treasures we've recovered. The shield was the former possession of Darien De Verr. One of the battle clerks of the Markets. The gems alone inlaid into the shield are worth a lot, but the entire piece is particularly valuable and survived burial particularly well. I expect more to be uncovered soon. We have already begun to remove the debris from the cave in and I intend to use the loose rock to rebuild the buildings and the smaller pieces to be used to cobble the streets. The earth and soil will have to be moved, but if Mimi is in need of defensive options then an earthen wall would be a good start. Once we've cleared the area and shored up the ceiling to ensure further cave ins are unlikely, unless you want to have the options to drop the roof on everything there again at your will, then I will begin to design the areas to your specifications. We have quite a lot of ceiling space, I was thinking of perhaps towers and statues of yourself."

He looked around and then at the shield. Realising he had no where to place it. He should have brought a minion or something to hold it for him.

"I'll just... uh... hold on to this until you know where you would like it Master. If that would please you"

He shuffled back into line

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Politely waiting for Mimi and Blackbone to finish, Zanzibar stepped forward and bowed deep.

"Good evening, Mistress", he begun, "As your obedient and humble servant I am glad to inform your grace that the renovation effort is thus far advancing as per plan and in schedule. Indeed, it ought to take no more than two days from now for the sanctum to achieve a state that would not unduly tarnish a lady of your standing to inhabit. However, I am afraid that in order for us to achieve a level of resplendence truly representative of your greatness, we'll require funds temporarily beyond the limits of our meager treasury. Magical furniture, antique items and elite guardians in excess of what we already have ought to be within fairly easy reach, but major expansion would require a far more concerted effort."

"Other than that, I am pleased to inform you that the training of the battle maids has begun without complication, and they ought to be ready for your service soon, Mistress."

Zanzibar waved a skeletal butler over, carrying a small jewelry case, who proceeded to kneel in front of midnight to present two pieces of jewelry.

"And this not all, my Mistress. Whilst surveying the Sanctum, I came across two pieces of jewelry I believe worthy of you."

"First, the Amulet of Daylight Saving. A boon indeed, for it greatly reduces the inherent daylight penalties of the vampiric. In finding this in the Dungeon, we save the effort of having to otherwise procure one."

"Second, the Ring of Black Vines, which lets one cast the spell Black Vines with a rather reasonable cooldown period. Such a useful spell would certainly warrant a ring slot, I believe."

Zanzibar nodded politely to signal the end of his speech, and stepped back into the row to let the others make their cases.

Nov 6, 2011

...She's behind me, isn't she?

His turn arriving, Oghrul came forward with a salute, as he generally preferred.

“Chief Midnight. Oghrul Skullbasher, reporting in. My preliminary examination has found the Alabaster Archives to be… mixed as a defensive position. While the multiple floors of the Archives grant us a solid vantage point against any intruders, the bookshelves obstruct our sight and offer a measure of cover against any ranged attacks we might use. Cramped fighting conditions mean that any area attacks have a good chance of friendly fire, and there are several sections where it would be easy for one of us to become pincered in. Currently, I am working on a redesign for the Archives that creates a singular chokepoint from the entrance using the bookshelves as barriers, though the shelves themselves will need to be reinforced and nailed down so any intruders can’t just knock them over and ruin the whole strategy. Soon as you give the word, the goblins and I can start moving things around. However... it won’t look so pretty once we’re done though.”

A relatively minor concern compared to the tactical advantages the redesign might bring, but Oghrul felt compelled to bring it up nonetheless. He quite liked the atmosphere of the Archives as it was, and believed the Chief did as well, so he felt it was worth mentioning.

“Besides that, one of my men thinks they’ve found a way to reset that flying book trap that triggered the first time we ran through the Archives. Could definitely be useful, but I haven’t had the chance to see if they’re right or not yet. I’ll update you on the situation soon as I find out for sure. Oh, right, and speaking of books…”

Oghrul dug down into his pack, feeling around for a bit before pulling out a tome with a rather intricate cover of skull and roses.

“ of the goblins found this while we were tidying up the Archives. Would have delivered it to you sooner, but said goblin was planning on giving it to you behind my back. Hmph, honestly... at any rate, this is a Tome of the Grim Sisters. Has a bunch of crafting recipes in it, including the Sisters’ dresses which are in the… “gothic lolita” style? Is that right? Regardless, I thought it might interest you.”

His piece finished, Oghrul stepped back into line with the others.

Aug 31, 2006

The throne room door bursts open as Percival charges forward, practically living up to the "missile" part of his name.

"Master! Master!" He yips, his tail wagging excitedly, "Good news! Good news! I-" No! Calm yourself! This is not the behavior fitting of a paladin! Percival stands upright, straightens his back, and clears his throat. "Ahem, yes. As I was saying, I, Percival, your most loyal warrior, bring you good news, my master! The Rat Pack and I have found a solution for your tower woes! We have discovered a hidden teleportation device behind one of the cogs, and we think there might be more of them hidden within the tower. I believe they were being used by the previous owner as a way to transport themselves in and out of the tower in an instant. With your permission, Master, we would like to re-activate the teleporters for your benefit, so you would not have to tire yourself out traversing the tower anymore!"

"Oh! And one more thing! I have bought a gift for you, Master!" Percival pulls out a sword larger than him from behind his cape (Where did he even put that?). He bends on one knee, and offers the sword to his master.

"I bring you the Mist Sword. The true name of this blade has been lost to time, but it is said that it once belonged to another vampire lord, who is obviously nowhere near as great as you, Master. The sword grants you the Mist Strike ability, which allows you to teleport behind your foes, and strike them from behind." Percival bows his head, and lifts the sword up with his paws, "I hope this gift pleases you, Master."

Once he is done, he marches back in line.

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

At last, it was my turn to report to the Mistress. It was good that I had allowed the others to speak first — they were certainly all competent, if not as great as I, yet it was only fitting that I finish the reports on the highest possible note. As Percival fell back, I stalked forward a few steps and bowed deeply to the Mistress. The ribbons she had provided me dangled against my horns. What a wonderful Mistress! So powerful, so worthy of worship! I didn't dare to hope for another token of her favor, yet... With the gift I would provide and the progress on her directives, it would not be impossible!

I raised my head to look at Lady Midnight, "Mistress! I have been hard at work following your grand vision! The Doges have been working through the night on the transfer of treasures to a room near the tower's peak. If you recall the room where we fought the golem, that seemed a fitting chamber for your countless riches. With some consultation with your other faithful servants, we should be able to repair and reactivate the golem to serve as a sentinel who shall crush any who dare approach your treasures without leave. The former treasure room, instead, shall become a coliseum! I shall await all challengers with the Doge legions and showcase the might of your forces, my Mistress!"

Theme of the Treasure Chamber

A bashful smile crept across my face. I should present the Mistress with my find! She would surely be thrilled — the curses against those of the Payetoowynn dynasty had filled the Mistress's chamber many times over prior days. Their heinous plots and affronts would not stand! I would see all of the Payetoowynns crushed into pieces and incinerated in the blackest pits.

I revealed the small, black box from behind my back. It certainly did not seem as impressive as the other's gifts, but it had certain hidden depths. The Compact of Infinite Glamour had been the apple of our Mistress's eye after one of her sessions researching the "cash shop." It should, according to her comments earlier, offer the user an array of unusual and imposing cosmetic options. The Mistress had mentioned her envy of those who were able to acquire items that changed one's aura. While the changes that the Compact offered were merely cosmetic, it would be a brilliant addition to our Mistress's imposing nature.

I approached closer and extended the box to her as I knelt down, "Mistress! In our efforts to shift the treasures, I have uncovered an item that is only fitting for you to possess. The Compact of Infinite Glamour." I waited a moment, hoping to hear a delighted cry, then continued. "It seems that some of the Payetoowynn dynasty had failed in their attempts to conquer this dungeon. I shall carefully watch for any other items of note, Mistress, and inform you the moment they are found!"

As I retreated back to the line of the Mistress's servants, I took the opportunity to smile slyly at the loathesome creature beside me. Mimi. She may claim to be the Mistress's favored servant, but that was surely a display of her crippling lack of understanding. I alone possessed the Ribbons of Awe. Their soft pink fabric fluttered through the air as I brushed my hair back from my horns.

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Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?


Lady Midnight looks honestly surprised as you all present her offerings. She seems to enjoy the King of Raven, for sure, what with giving him a bit of petting before seating it on her shoulder, and taking the staff, testing out the levitating feature of it.

"Marvellous. This will prove most useful." she comments, before even more gifts are given to her. "So many? my, you truly are very devoted servants..."

She closes her eyes for a moment as she gazes upon the shield. "Oghrul, you are the most experienced in such martial matters. Is this shield valuable as as equipment? Or is it mere decoration? My class does not allow me to use shields, so I cannot tell the difference. Please advise me."

A predatory grin forms on her face as she sees the Baron's gift, one that is wide enough to remind people that she is in deed a vampire, and not a human child. "Most thoughtful of you, Baron. I am impressed." she replies as she immediately equips both items. "This is indeed awfully convenient. One has to wonder who how many people have failed to ascend the tower before us, for so many valuables to still linger."

She then takes the book, seemingly having trouble lifting it. Perhaps it's a bit heavier than expected? As a spellcaster, especially of Lady Midnight's level, even heavier books might cause trouble. "Hmm, interesting. Thank you. Give me another report once you finished that design." she voices towards Ohgrun.

Hearing Missile's explanation, she takes the Mist Sword, but... it immediately falls out of her hand. A short pained look gives way to a dejected one, before it returns to her cheerful persona. (Just how low is her strength stat!?) The sword remains on the ground, and Lady Midnight continues to speak, clearly expecting someone else to pick it up. "Thank you for your gift, Missile. You mentioned a teleporter network, yes? Find all other nodes, but do not activate any yet. For this, I will grant you and your Rat Pack full access to the areas of the others."

And finally, Newbee's gift. As she hears Newbee's explanation, at the phrase "Payetoowynn dynasty" a very confused look forms on her head, before she suddenly bursts into laughter. "Hahaha. So even these kind of items can be list in such a place... ah, this is a wonderful discovery." she notes. "And the Colosseum is a wonderful idea. It will be a great addition to the markets, and the treasure will be much safer up here.

She then returns to face the group as a whole. "Very well. As a general degree, improving security of this tower will be our main goal for the time being, with the secondary goal being restoring the facilities to working order. We will restore this place to it's former glory. No. We will make this place something even greater! But... that is a thing for the future." Lady Midnight explains.

"I accept all of your wonderful gifts. And as your master, it is my obligation to reward you." she starts, taking the staff given to her, and casting some sort of eldritch magic that is alien even to liches. As she does, everything around you is briefly engulfed by a moving column of light that blinds you for but a moment. "Behold! Your master has bestowed the power of a Guardian (the name of a player-made Boss] upon you. While you are in the domains I granted to you, your power will be fivefold!"

Indeed, Baron Zygomatius can already feel the incredible power surging through him, as this is his assigned area. Even the others can tell his jump in power.

"But, I digress. It has gotten rather late in the day, and I will return to my quarters for some time. I wish not to be disturbed. Because you have impressed me so, I will give you a simple task to complete until tomorrow. Gather twenty bear flanks. I require them for a q- ... ritual. You may spend the rest of the time until I awaken again as you wish. Before that, however, do you have any questions?"

Lady Midnight is about to log out. For you, this looks like she's in an utterly unshakable sleep.

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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Being well-read enough in the ways of combat to know of Guardians, Zanzibar knows to expect the burst in power, but even expecting it he almost lost his composure at the sudden burst of power, but still managed to keep from flinching. He wastes no time picking up the Mist Sword from the floor.

"Very good, Mistress", he replies, "We did indeed find the remains of no less than four adventurer parties. Ill equipped to handle the Dungeon as we did."

"As for this sword, my lady, is it your wish for it to be displayed on your armor stand, to begin a career as a ceremonial weapon? Or would you rather it be put to use by your servants? Such would certainly improve the speed and efficiency this quest you laid for us would be completed in."

Baron Zygomaticus, of course, was not crass enough to ask for such a thing, but he was confident that the Mistress knew him to be the premier swordmaster in the premises. Having the mist sword could make parts of his combination attacks deal Backstab damage, after all, as well as removing the need to make himself vulnerable by circling the opposition.

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Nov 7, 2011

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Blackbone shook his head. Not having any particular questions for the Master.

"Thank you for the mission Master. We shall carry it out with all haste. Oh, hang about... Do you wish for any of us to stand guard whilst you sleep? Will you be alright if we all go out to get these bear flanks?"

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Aug 31, 2006

Percival is practically ecstatic over his master's reward. It is a shame that she was not able to wield the blade, and he has made a mental note to be more careful with his gifts next time, but it still made his master happy, and to Percival, that is more than enough for him. The increase in power now means he can better serve his master!

Percival bows ceremoniously, like a proper knight should in front of their lord, his tail quickly wagging back and forth, "I have no questions, my liege. My only wish now is to go, and to perform the task you have given us. I, Percival, swear that I will not rest until I have found all twenty of those bear flanks for you!"

Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Bear flanks? Ha, easy! They'll be easy! Mimi shook her head at the question. "No questions Master! You'll have those hides by the time you wake up! Hehehe!" Mimi giggles striking a pose. Hell, she already had a few rattling around inside of her. It was only like... 3 or so, but that was a start! Bowing low before her Master, Mimi smiled to herself. Yeah, this was in the bag. Master could count on her!

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

I couldn't help but allow my eyebrows to raise as Zanzibar's power exploded forth. He was competent, at the least, and the boost in power might even make him my equal. Hahaha. Ah, that's simply impossible. Yet what would I feel when I returned to my domain? Would the immensity of my power shake the very foundations of the dungeon? Might I destroy what I was charged to protect through my sheer presence? Perhaps. I would need to carefully marshal my strength.

I bowed deeply to the Mistress, "It shall be as you command! I shall return with 20 — no, 40! — of these bear flanks. No bears shall remain flanked while I still breathe!"

Nov 6, 2011

...She's behind me, isn't she?

Oghrul stared for awhile as Chief Midnight struggled first to handle the tome he handed her, and then the Mist Sword that she ended up dropping. Certainly, he was aware that her physical capabilities was lacking compared to his own, yet even so… Well, the orc thought, it wasn’t as if a spellcaster needed much strength anyways. Giving a quick lookover at the shield that Blackbone had brought, Oghrul said,

“...Hmph. Too overly decorated for my tastes, but it seems serviceable as a shield; if it survived one of Blackbone’s cave-ins, then I imagine it has to be sturdy enough for one of us to use in battle. After extracting the gems so they can be sold, of course. Does us no good if those get destroyed in the middle of a fight.”

His impromptu analysis finished, Oghrul listened as the other servants piped in with quite the deal of enthusiasm. Thinking for a moment, the orc asked,

“Seems to me getting twenty flanks won’t be much of a problem with how excited this lot is. Any other ritual components you want us to keep an eye out for while we’re hunting, Chief?”

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Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?


Lady Midnight sharpens her eyes at the Mist Sword, as if examining it. "It's not bind on equip. Hm. Leaving a weapon lying around to look pretty is useless at this stage. Very well... For the time being, Baron Zygomaticus, I will grant you the Mist Sword. Do not lose it, especially not to adventurers." she replies, before turning to Oghrul.

"Seems serviceable? I want certainty. After you are done with the current task, Oghrul, I want you to extract the gems and then test the shield for it's quality as such. If it has worth in battle, consider it a gift to you. Finding good equipment for you all is also one of our priorities."

And finally, she turns to Blackbone. "No, it will be fine. This tower is so far out of the way, news of its capture cannot possibly have traveled far yet. ... To be honest, I don't think most of the world knows this tower exists. While a bit disappointing, it also works in our advantage for now." she explains.

She then gets up, as if preparing to leave.

"Oh, yes! If you are to happen upon a golden rabbit, I would like one for breeding purposes. They are the source of very rare materials. But they're very rare and flee quickly, so I don't expect you to finish this task. Consider it optional. Hm... now that I think about it, do we even have a place to hold a golden rabbit? Oh well... I'll leave that for tomorrow. Until tomorrow, my guardians!" she concludes, heading towards her quarters and disappearing into it.


Roughly an hour later, you arrive in the forest proper, where already you can see a few bears in the distance. They have not noticed you yet.


A golden rabbit, is what Lady Midnight requested, right? Surely, she would shower you in favor if you caught one! Forever would you be her most favored servant, there would be no doubt that that oversized reptile could never reach such heights!

... but she wanted a live one. How are you going to do that? Could it survive in your stomach? Hmm...


A bunch of bears should be easy enough. But going outside just for bears seems a bit wasteful. Sure, there are also the golden rabbits Lady Midnight asked for, but those are really rare. Surely something springs into your eyes you could bring back to improve the tower?

Baron Zygomaticus

That went unexpectedly well, didn't it? Perhaps Lady Midnight is simply more capable in non-combat matters. True, one would expect a dungeon overlord to be powerful, but it cannot be denied that she carried herself quite well today! It is quite possible her aptitudes aren't as quantificable as raw combat power.

You even got the Mist Sword for yourself, for now. It will certainly be useful in carrying out this task. But still, the Lady gave the entire group quite a lot of time to hang back and relax after this quest. Do you think there is an ulterior goal to that?

Also, why are you still so worried about your surroundings? Is there a rare mob?

Oghrul Skullbasher

If all goes well, and this shield isn't proved to be tougher than paper, you might just have yourself a new piece of equipment! ... Perhaps you should gift it to Percival though? While he is a Paladin in name, he does look like he'd get knocked over by a stiff breeze. Could he even carry it?

Ah, being a frontline fighter is hard.

But still, it's clear Lady Midnight does appreciate your intelligence, otherwise she would not be tasking you to appraise the shield. What curious thing did you notice nearby, thanks to your above-average intelligence?

Percival "Missile" Jasper

Hmm, it is a bit disappointing to see your gift in the Baron's hands, is it not? But, Lady Midnight is a wise and clever master. Surely, if she deems it appropriate, it is. But still, why him? Ugh.

Also, your senses are going a bit haywire right now. There's a strange smell on the wind, and undead below you. Curious. Is there some sort of cave below you, perhaps? And what about that smell?


You can't help but feel a bit envious towards the other servant being given gifts, can you? But still, you know that you got a gift first, and therefore are the most favored servant! It's clear as the night sky! ... Wait is that how the saying went

... Actually, that's a good point. The night sky is really clear today. Are the others going to be fine in this darkness? Oh well. You're the best servant, you have dark vision, clearly you should take the lead! To begin with, bringing back just 20 flanks is painfully mediocre! Lady Midnight deserves nothing more than excellence! Therefore, 40 flanks is the minimum.

Actually... If you bring back fourthy BEARS, she'd have infinite flanks! Because bears breed! Hah. Nobody can hope to match your genius!

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

The Baron walked with regal, confident stride in front of the group, his undead eyes glinting menacingly in the dark of night, his right hand resting at the pommel of the Mist Sword that lay in its sheath. Only when they sighted the bears, did he signal for the group to stop with a raised hand, as he took a gander at the situation.

"The bears are clustered in groups of three", he finally stated, "We should face no problems if we proceed with caution, and only aggravate and pull in one such group at a time, and wait to gather enough strength between each such bout to use our abilities again. Since we have the initiative, it ought to be trivial to lead each such group to traps laid by Mimi and Blackbone, which ought to be sufficient to remove one bear in each group. With the mist sword, I ought to be able to strike decisively enough to kill another one in each group before they have much chance to counterstrike. Newbee is strong enough to absorb the damage from the remaining bear without issue, and should be able to finish it off quickly enough with the help of Oghrul."

"Jasper can sit on the sidelines and heal whatever damage we take after each fight, and try his best to not chew on the flanks."

He pointed to his right with an extended arm. "However, whatever route we take, I must advice against our right flank, for I see a mushroom fairy elder in there, meaning the toadstool ring cannot be far away."

"And whilst it is true that they possess many magical reagents for the taking, we are not quite as well prepared to face them yet. Thus, it is an unnecessary risk, as of yet."

Zanzibar faced his colleagues.

"Is there any objection?", he asked dryly, "I'd rather we get any such thing out of the way before we strike to avoid hurting our cohesion."

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

The matter of the sword and shield did injure my feelings, though I would never admit it to any — save perhaps Percival. He was an excellent listener, for a lesser creature. Perhaps I would even share with him some of the scritches that the Doges desired so much. They did appear similar. Were they distant cousins, perhaps? I shook my head, the ribbons fluttering as I did, the soft touch of their fabric against my scales reassuring me. So what if the others received tokens of the Mistress's esteem. They were still far behind me. I was the first to receive her favor and, clearly, the best and most devoted of her guardians.

I snorted as Zanzibar finished his screed, a small plume of darkness escaping my nostrils, "That's a fine plan for a coward. These are mere beasts! How could they match up to the chosen servants of our Mistress? We should fight more aggressively. My might could match twenty bears, no, even more! You lot can prepare what traps you wish, but I think we should pull the entire left flank-" I gestured at the groups with a claw, not particularly concerned if the others could see or not, then continued. "-and finish this in one fell swoop. That may even allow time for us to pursue this so-called golden rabbit and fulfill the Mistress's every desire."

I struck my claws together, sending a small shower of sparks dancing through the night air. It had been too long since I felt the thrill of combat. The joy of seeing my enemies slain by tooth and claw even as their energy became my own. The bears would fall before me, surrendering their very flanks, or they would swear allegiance to my draconic might. There would be no other outcome. Not with my skills.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

There is an almost inaudible sigh in the air, with just the tiniest bit of dejection apparent in it.

"This a fool who mistakes tactics for cowardice, planning for weakness, and bravado for strength. And indeed, should you charge by yourself, you will be showcasing nothing but flagrant idiocy, despite what you seem to believe. And trust me: no-one here will be particularly impressed with such."

Zanzibar leered at Newbee.

"And even as much as I think it a good lesson in humility for you to have this unearned self-confidence beaten from you by a pack of ravenous beasts, Newbee, it would be an insult towards the Mistress to risk her assets in such a pointless manner on such a routine task. By charging in and aggravating all the bears at once, you will be needlessly wasting our advantages for no particularly good reason. Even your own, for the tank is the cornerstone on which the group is anchored. And should you prove yourself too unstable to be relied upon, you will be less than worthless. You will be an active liability."

"So either do what you're good at, or stand to the side. But do not risk disappointing the Mistress just because you judge nursing your own fragile ego more important than serving her will to the best of your ability.."

Nov 7, 2011

My other car is an asteroid

Blackbone looks around at the trees and bears with a hunched back, he always got like this when he was out under open sky. Too light, too much space, not enough deep dark shadows. He drew his attention back to the bickering and raises his hand

"oh me boss, pick me. I got a question. How much bear flank constitutes a flank? I mean, a flank is it's side right? So can we get two flanks off a bear or does that only count as one? Plus if we stab them in the side does that mean we don't get the flank? We might have to go at them from the front or the back to maximise the amounts of flanks we get.

Second question. Did anyone bring a cart or something to carry them back in? Because that's a lot of bear to carry. Even if we're mostly going to stuff it down the gullet or the walking cupboard over here"

He motions to Mimi. Silently praying she wasn't about to start lecturing about how valuable she was to the Master.

"Also how does one mine for wood? Like..."

He angels his head regards the trees and then his own pickaxe

"...Do you just tap at them or am I supposed to go at it from the bottom or what?"

The trees seemed nice and strong. Wood had made the market stalls and things, so they'd need some of that. Splinters weren't really going to be fit for purpose. But now he came to look at them he really wasn't sure how you were supposed to get wooden planking from them. For a start they were round, and none of them seemed to be in regulation sizes. Oh, maybe the planking grew on trees? Yeah, loads of stuff grew on trees, like money right? Someone had told him that. If they could grow money why not a few rectangles. You could do tons of stuff with wood too like... wooden, uh, wooden things. Oh don't give him that look! What was he? A bloody woods, woodsm... No of course he wasn't a bloody woodser. Bloody stupid things woodser, he should know as he wasn't one and he wasn't bloody stupid. Proves his point right there. True enough.

Right? Right.

Oh he could really go for some marble right now. Nice bit of marble, he could probably do a lovely little fountain in marble. Could go right in the centre of markets, he knew just the place. Wonder if there's a seem or two around here?

NO. Focus, outside. Bears. Rabbits. Rabbits dug didn't they? Lived in dens? Sets? Fuckin' holes or something. Proper way to live that. Bet he could find some. If he could find those holes he could probably dig into them. He'd have to keep his eyes peeled.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Zanzibar nodded towards Blackbone.

"I happen to have read on bears and their slaying, and can say with a fair amount of certainty, that upon their demise, a Bear Flank can be obtained a full 80% of the time, for it is by far their most common drop. On occasion, of course, rarer gifts such as Pristine Bear Pelt can be obtained instead, unless non-physically damaging methods were used to slay the bear, in which case this small chance may be upgraded to certainty. And indeed, whilst you're correct that the method of slaying can affect the rates of drops or even result in unique drops, we are not yet rich enough in such a variety of damage types that this would be relevant for us to consider. Indeed, with our current arsenal, Bear Flanks are what we can expect most often, which serves us well for that is what the Mistress desires. As for cutting wood, may I suggest our left flank so as to not unduly disturb the mushroom fairies? We are unsuited to combat them at the present moment."

His explanation over, Zanzibar cleared his non-existent throat.

"Now. Can I trust in you all to follow my plan, or have you objections? I'd rather not waste time if such can be avoided."

Aug 31, 2006

Was Percival disappointed that the Baron took the gift he worked so long obtaining for the Master? Yes, of course he was! The sword was meant for the master, and the master alone, not a pompous blowhard like the Baron! He would have spoke out against it, but the master's throne room is no place for petty squabbles, and she herself has made the decision to give Zanzibar the blade. He would never dare question Lady Midnight's decisions, for his master is great, and wise, and gives the best ear-scratches, but that does not mean he has to like every decision she makes.

And now the Baron dares to insult his combat skills!? The blade was one thing, but this? This was another thing entirely, "Yes," Percival barks out, "I do, in fact, have an objection. Are you seriously suggesting I just "sit by the sidelines?" Do you think THAT little of my skills, Zanzibar!? I am just as capable a warrior as you, maybe even more. I will not sit back like some inexperienced pup, and if you have a problem with that, then I suggest you-"

Percival's rant is cut off when his sense are hit by an incredibly strong, incredibly vile stench. He sniffs the air around him a few times. It smells like... undead? It's coming from... below them? Percival gets on all fours, and starts sniffing the ground, to get a better sense of what is underneath them. After a few sniffs, he finally manages to recognize the scent.

"Below us. Skeleton Imps. A dangerous foe, indeed, and there is a cave underneath us that is full of them. We must avoid attracting their attention at all cost, for I do not think that any of us will be able to take them on."

Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Golden Rabbits huh? Well, if she could bring back one of those then that would show that idiotic dragon wanna-be her place. Did she even hear herself? Well it would be funny to watch her get taken out by bears. But it probably wouldn't help them succeed in this mission. Maybe some other time.

But anyway, while the muscle harvested the bears. She could focus on catching this wraskly wabbit. Now theoretically she could turn a part of her into a cage, but the big risk would be biting down on it. Traditionally Mimics were designed to bite and ambush. But that was because the prey struggled. But that can be overcome. Being ambush predators food might not wander by for weeks. Mimics had evolved a method to store subdued living food to consume later on. And once they'd learned about the sentient races desire for loot, a verity of objects and valuables inside themselves to act as bait. It was this trait that first lead to people trying to tame them and store their treasures inside of them. With mixed success. First things first, Golden Rabbits were a cowardly buncha critters, even for Rabbits. They ran and hide at the first sign of danger. But they kick pretty hard. Leaves tracks, and tracks to their hiding spot at that!

- - -
I'm going to Cleverly Create an Advantage by analysing our environment to look for signs of the Golden Rabbits.
Create and Advantage: 4dF+2 4

Creating situational aspect: Tracks of the Golden Rabbit
1 free invoke

- - -

Getting down close, Mimi could see the kick marks. Tiny things, but the marks were there if you knew what to look for. They were leading over that way. The bunnies must have bolted the first time they heard their group approaching. Which means their burrow wouldn't be too far. This might be easier then she thought!

Her ears perked up when Missile started barking. What was that? Skeleton Imps? Oh great! That was going to make things fun!

"Hmmm, guess we'll have to be careful to not create too deep a pit. Unless we could drop the bears down there and try and pick up the items beyond. But that might be more trouble then it's worth. I'm fine with the plan otherwise. But if Newbee wants to get eaten by bears she's more then welcome to." Mimi stuck her tongue out, it extended a foot and waggled in the air. That wasn't even nearly as far as it could go.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

"Certainly, I have no authority over you, Jasper," Zanzibar explained in a tired tone one might take when explaining simple concepts to a particularly obstinate child, "And I suppose the plan allows for you to function as a free moving asset. Just remember that you most important duty is keeping the rest of us in fighting shape. The fact that you feel some strange need to prove yourself in other ways, as if your given task was not most noble in itself, reflects poorly on you."

Zanzibar looked down on the dog. "The Mistress created you for a purpose, after all. You should find contentment in performing it."

"And no matter how much you bark or rage, you cannot change the fact that my plan is a very functional one that plays to the strengths of our group as a whole."


Theantero: Zanzibar is Carefully Creating Advantage via making a plan of engagement (Difficulty 0)
Theantero: !r 4df+1
Krysmbot: Theantero, +++-+1 = 3

I have created a situational asset of 'Zanzibar's Bear Battle Plan', that gets two free Invokes due to me succeeding in style that I or my allies can use.

Of course, realize that you can only really Invoke it if you actually go along with it

Theantero fucked around with this message at Jan 26, 2017 around 18:13

Nov 6, 2011

...She's behind me, isn't she?

Oghrul let out a weary sigh as he glanced at the gem-encrusted shield currently strapped to his back. Extracting the gems had been his suggestion, yes, but he hadn’t expected the Chief to order him to do so. Not that he minded the task, ever the obedient soldier, yet this seemed more suitable work for an artisan with less… orcish hands than his. Admittedly, his were steady hands despite their size, which would prove helpful in a delicate task like this. There was the testing of the shield to consider as well; while he was honored to be given a gift by Chief Midnight, the “sword-and-board” style as she called it was one that their resident Hell Corgi was more accustomed to. Strategically speaking, it would likely be put to better use by Percival, assuming the shield was actually viable in combat… and that the small pup could carry it. Worth considering, to be sure.

But that matter could wait for later. First, these bear flanks. Oghrul gave a listen to the Baron’s plan, as well as the bickering that arose soon after. Like a bunch of children, they were, though he could at least understand where Percival was coming from, from one warrior to another. Besides, the orc wanted to get another chance to witness the pup’s skill in combat for evaluation’s sake. Thinking that, he said,

“I’ve no issues with my part in the plan, but I’d like to suggest that Percival stick close to me. Armorless as I am, and with this shield currently unusable, I’m likely to take one of the harder beatings.”

Finishing his piece, Oghrul noticed Mimi move aside from the group, scanning the ground for some time. Intrigued, he made his way over to the mimic,

“Find something good…?”

He stopped as he stared down at the tracks that she had found. One set was rabbit paws, presumably that golden rabbit the chief had mentioned. Certainly interesting, but what concerned him was the two other sets of boot prints not far off. One about average sized, the other rather petite. Immediately quieting down, he turned to the group,

“Cut the chatter, you lot, or at least drop your voices. We’re not alone in these woods. At least two others sneaking about.”

Nov 7, 2011

My other car is an asteroid

Blackbone peers around for whoever Oghrul had spotted before shrugging. He does however, lower his voice.

"uh, I'm happy for you lot to lead the way. Combat isn't my shtick."

He scratches at his jaw bone, calculating in his head.

"Missile, did you say there were imps below us? Anyone reckon they like bears? Or mushroom fairy's? I bet that things got some things the Master would like. And Caves always have loot. Take it from me, I'm cave expert. We might be able to sneak off with their treasure while they knock lumps out of each other. Just a thought. But let's get the bears first. Otherwise I think Zanzibar might die again of impatience!"

Blackbone patted the Baron on the shoulder.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Zanzibar listened in dignified quiet as what he perceived to be the cooler heads of the group in addition to himself made their cases, respecting Oghrul's considerable amount of battle-wisdom in particular, and nodded respectfully when the orc asked for silence. As for Blackbone, Zanzibar turned to face the other skeleton as he felt bony carpals on his shoulder, not completely comfortable with the overtly handsy gesture, but not seeing it as such an affront as to bother mentioning it.

"I agree", he spoke in a quiet voice that was almost a whisper, "For your plan shows some promise. Should we complete both our given objective and the one on the side before morn, I'd be willing to try it. But not before."

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Fate Points: 2 | Free Invokes: Boost - "Target Rich Environment"

I tapped my foot with increasing impatience, the talons digging deeper and deeper into the ground. All this talk! What could be simpler? We needed to get those bear flanks. Couldn't do that without a load of bears. Did we need special flanks? Was it one of those scenarios where a bear might not have a usable flank at all? These schemers would be content to sit around talking until the Mistress awoke. Finally, I could bear no more, "Hmph! You've got a sharp tongue, Zanzibar. It's a pity your swordplay isn't up to the same standard. If I need to fight them myself, I will. I suppose that will simply provide me with all the glory when the Mistress returns."

With a mighty beat of my wings, I sped off into the inky night. It was little trouble to identify the groups I wanted. Small groups of bears and bears alone. For all his bluster, Zanzibar was right about one thing. We didn't need to fight the mushroom fairies. It wouldn't serve the Mistress's needs and their magic would prove most aggravating. Not a real threat, of course, but who would go out of their way to seek out gnats? As I approached the first group, I bellowed out a mighty roar and sent my soul-chilling breath creeping through the night towards them. It seemed to do little enough damage, but they were certainly incensed. Perfect. I would merely need to gather... Hm. How many groups would I need to gather to ensure we would have an appropriate flank supply? No matter. I would get them all.


Back at the NPCs...

Shortly after Newbee abruptly leaves with a few beats of her stubby wings, an adorable 'Rawr~!' echoes through the night. You can see brief flashes as she activates her breath weapon, but then everything falls silent.


After a few moments, I had quite an army of bears pursuing me back towards the others. This would surely provide the Mistress with all of the flanks she could possibly desire! There was the matter of actually destroying our foes, I suppose, but how hard could it be? They were just bears. With the number of them following me, I'd be able to use attacks that covered a wide area and maximize the amount of life I was draining. They seemed to possess only melee attacks, so it was hard to imagine them being a significant threat.

I roared again to announce my arrival, then settled back down in front of the group, "The time for talk is over! Now we battle for the glory of our Mistress!"

Create an Advantage posted:

Newbee attempts to Flashily gather all the bears with her dragon breath!
9:41 AM <Tricky> !r 4dF+4
9:41 AM <Krysmbot> Tricky, /---+4 = 1

Spending a FP to activate "Dark Knight, Darker Dragon" and boost the result by +2 to a 3.

The bears resist!
9:46 AM <Yamifenrir> !r 4df
9:46 AM <Krysmbot> Yamifenrir, /+++ = 3

The CaA roll is a tie and the boost "Target Rich Environment" is created with a free invoke.

Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?

Situation aspects:
Tracks of the Golden Rabbit (1 free Invoke)
Zanzibar's Bear Battle Plan (2 free Invokes)


The bears, roaring mightily, seem to be splitting up. Ten of them are heading towards Newbie, and the other ten are charging at Mimi, who split off from the group with Oghrul! Oh no!


19:46 Yamifenrir Bears are going to try and maul Newbee
19:46 Yamifenrir !r 4df+2
19:46 Krysmbot Yamifenrir, /-+++2 = 3


19:46 Yamifenrir Bears are also going to try and maul Mimi!
19:46 Yamifenrir !r 4df+2
19:46 Krysmbot Yamifenrir, /++++2 = 5

Combat start! Everyone is involved, so no individual prompts. Both packs of bears are using the Attack action. Mimi and Newbee, roll a Defend roll! (This won't take up your action for this turn.)

Yami Fenrir fucked around with this message at Jan 28, 2017 around 22:34

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Fate Points: 2 | Free Invokes: Boosts - "Target Rich Environment," "I have the high ground!"

I must admit the sight of some of my precious bears — or more specifically their flanks — swarming towards the loathsome mimic was most aggravating. I had worked hard to gather them all! How dare they be ungrateful and offer themselves up to my would-be rival? Still, that was a less immediate concern than my remaining bears. They seemed eager to taste the power of a true dragon. Pitiful ursines! They would receive no mercy from me, lest they offered themselves up as my slaves. It was still quite an idea to present the Mistress with living bears. We would be able to breed as many flanks as she could possibly require!

As the first bear leaped towards me, its jaws snapping and slavering, I charged into the midst of the group. I did not fear their attacks in the slightest. What tooth or claw could possibly pierce my scales? What beast could hope to fell me in battle? I could see a small outcropping of rock up ahead. It would concentrate their attacks further, for certain, and allow the group's fighters ample access to their blind spots.

Defend posted:

10:09 AM <Tricky> Newbee has no time for lesser creatures and will Forcefully barrel through their attacks! (+2 since I am heavily outnumbered by the ursine swarm)
10:09 AM <Tricky> !r 4dF+5
10:09 AM <Krysmbot> Tricky, /++++5 = 8

The defense is a Success with Style and generates the boost "I have the high ground!"

Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?


Pah! These ursine creatures are no match for the mighty Newbee! Not only do you have no problem dealing with these, you even put them into a good position for your team!

In fact, screw that dumb mimic! If you leave this position, the others can't finish off this batch as quickly. This is her own fault for being so far away from the most powerful servants of the Dark Eminence!

Compelling Delusions of Grandeur to leave Mimi to her fate, as clearly leaving your protection is her own fault! If you do so, you get a Fate Point, but if you don't, you have to pay one.

Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Mimi was already in the middle of spreading her traps. Off to the side, just like they planned. So the group could guide the bears into her kill zone. Easy stuff. Step on the pad, get eaten. Like a bear trap, but bigger. and toothiy-er. She'd just finished settling down into her form, laying out the last of her very much extended body, when there came the sound of a lot of very angry bears pelting towards her.

"What in- oh for the love of...!"

- - -
I'm just going to defend by useing the Ork as a orkman shield while I shape shift into thousands of ants and scurry *sneakily* away to the safety of my traps.
6:52 PM A<ArashiOfOrdo3> ArashiofOrdo3 !r 4df+3
6:52 PM K<Krysmbot> ArashiOfOrdo3, +-//+3 = 3
Invoking Zanzbars plan for +2. Final result 5
- - -

Mimi darted for the safety of the massive Ork so she could scatter her form into insects. She was going to run full pelt to the traps. Hopefully even catch a few of these bears and slow their charge. The hard part? Not getting stepped on! She darted through a forrest of legs to safety. She activated the first trap! It slammed shut loudly. Enough to startle the bears. Good, that should give them some breathing room!

She was going to have to dunk that Dragon's head into dung when they got home. Maybe even take that stupid ribbon she was so proud of. Ugh, that idiot!

Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?


Oh dear! You got away, but now it's Oghrun that's got huge problems! He has trouble retreating because there are just that many bears! He's almost surrounded!

Bears gain Boost: Wall of Bear from the Attack roll Tie.

What are you going to do? Help him, or run back to the group!?

Compelling Mimicry is my calling in life. Biting people is my hobby. You're out of your element here. Do you run to the safety of the group (and gain a Fate Point), leaving Oghrun surrounded, or do you stick around to help him? (and pay a Fate point to do so...)


Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Fate Points: 3 | Free Invokes: Boosts - "Target Rich Environment", "(Almost) More energy than I can handle!", "I have the high ground!"

Hmph. It was my duty to protect the Mistress and her servants, but what fool would willingly leave my protection? Mimi and Ohgrul would soon learn the errors of their ways, assuming they did not fall beneath the onslaught. Perhaps this would convince them to follow my lead into battle instead of meekly accepting the musings of Zanzibar. My plan was working perfectly! Why had the others doubted my abilities?

Accepting the compel. +1 FP.

I slowly drew in my breath until I felt I was about to burst. The array of bears before me snapped and growled, but they would be mere fuel for my subsequent attacks! That was my role's greatest strength. As a Dark Knight, I would simply grow stronger and stronger as the energy of my foes became my own. In exchange, of course, my basic attacks were considered to be 'low tier' by the sources of wisdom that the Mistress consulted.

A flood of darkness erupted from my mouth, sweeping over the bears before me. As the energy crackled and burned against their flesh, I could feel their life flowing into me. The minor nicks and scrapes that the bears had left on my beautiful scales faded. I clenched a fist, reveling in the feeling of power coursing through my veins, then roared menacingly at the lowly beasts. I was invincible! Forget twenty bears, I could fight them all! I could fight the skeletal imps, the mushroom fairies, and more. All would fall before me.

Attack posted:

12:32 PM <Tricky> Newbee is going to attack the bear army with her mighty and incredibly Flashy dragon breath!
12:32 PM <Tricky> !r 4dF+2
12:32 PM <Krysmbot> Tricky, +/-++2 = 3

1:15 PM <Yamifenrir> Whoops! I'm smrt. Tricky, here's your defense roll
1:15 PM <Yamifenrir> !r 4dF
1:15 PM <Krysmbot> Yamifenrir, /-/+ = 0

The attack Succeeds with Style, inflicting 2 shifts of damage and generating the boost "(Almost) More energy than I can handle!"

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