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Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Careful +1 | Clever +3 | Flashy +0 | Forceful +1 | Quick +2 | Sneaky +3
Fate points 2/2 | Stress boxes:

"Hmmmm.... tough call... the ladder would be the normal way to advance. Butttt.... I happen to have played at being a ladder before. Let them get half way up, curl up under them and then *chomp*! They never see it coming." She nodded. "I should know." How should they proceed though?

"I could try and scout ahead if you like?"


Nov 6, 2011

...She's behind me, isn't she?

Fate Points: 2/3 | Free Invokes:

Listening to the others debate, Oghrul paces over to the ladder, looking it over. As the Baron said, the orc thought, logic dictated that if we wished to return to where we were, we should move upward. On the other hand, this was a dungeon, and we had been forcibly moved here by a trap. In other words, logic wasn’t always correct in such a locale. An inconvenient truth, to be sure. Still, it seemed our best bet for moving forward. Mostly, Oghrul had had enough of doors for the time being. Speaking of, he glanced back and said,

“Ladder might be a trap, might not. But I wouldn’t try any of the doors, you three. Me and Blackbone got attacked by two fakers earlier. N’fact, no one answering when I called for the rest of you is why I came back in the first place.” Oghrul motioned with his head towards the ladder, continuing, “This might be a fake too, but I’d still risk it over the doors. Still, let me examine it first.”

The orc starts to approach the ladder, pauses, and then observes it from a safer distance after thinking about it for a moment. And what he found was...


TheFireMagi-Today at 1:45 PM
/roll 4dF+3 #Oghrul Carefully Creates an Advantage by checking out this sort of suspicious ladder!
SidekickBOT-Today at 1:45 PM
@TheFireMagi: 4dF+3 Oghrul Carefully Creates an Advantage by checking out this sort of suspicious ladder! = (bbb+)+3 = 4

Yami Fenrir posted:

Yami Fenrir - Today at 1:48 PM
yup, the ladders a mimic. And the room above isn't a thing - it's its stomach

"...Oh for the love of- Yes. Yes, it's a mimic, so everyone step back and don't try to climb the thing."

TheFireMagi fucked around with this message at Jul 24, 2017 around 17:49

Jan 15, 2008


Fate Points: 4/3 | Boosts: Sneaky Snakey, Breaching Snakey| Consequences: None! | Stress: [_] [_] [_]

"Wow!" Coral clapped her hands to her cheeks, "Mimic ladder? A real mimic ladder!? This dungeon is so, so, tricky!"

The naga slithers towards the leftmost door, stopping a fair distance away, and points to it, "Mimic door~ I'll make you show your true form."

With her hand on her throat, she begins to hum an easy tune.


SidekickBOT - Today at 4:49 PM
@Scrree: 4df+4 Sing Along With Me, Mimic! = (+++b)+4 = 7
Difficulty was 4; so Success With Style!

"Do Re Mi."

"Do Re Mi.'


"Hm Hm Hm."

Coral points towards the door. If it's a living thing, it HAS to hum back!

Yami posted:

It's a door.

"It's a door!" Coral shouts, and basically bodyslams the thing. It's wooden frame shakes as she tumbles wildly through, "What's in this room!?" She yells. Aw yeah, she thought to herself, picked the correct choice again. She was just so good at puzzles!

Creating a new boost; Breaching Snakey as Coral accidentally performs a perfect combat-roll into a new environment.

Aug 31, 2006

Fate Points: 2 Boost:

There is no response from Percival as Newbee shakes his tiny little furry body. Even the sudden, dramatic appearance of Blackborne doesn't faze him. There's a moment, a very, very brief moment where it almost looked like he was about to sober up, but the effects of the curse are too strong for the pup to handle. Even as the spirit is vanquished, the curse still lingers on, and the only thing he's really capable of doing now is lay on his back, hiccup, and glow brightly in his drunken state.

The poor Corgi. He would be ashamed of himself for letting the curse take over, if he was actually capable of rational thought right now.


@Hugzilla: 4df Can Percival Overcome the drunken curse!? (Difficulty 3) = (++bb) = 2

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Fate Points: 3 | Boosts: None! | Consequences: None! | Stress: [_] [_] [_]

Hm... Well, it doesn't look like Sir Percival is in any condition to be walking around. That curse is some serious business. So, of course, it's up to me to help him out! I scoop my fine, furry friend up into my arms and bob back up into the air. As we make our way back across the room to Blackbone and Lady Midnight, a thought occurs to me. Sir Percival is cursed. Sometimes curses get lifted if you kiss the cursed person. So... maybe I should kiss him? Just to make the curse go away, of course! We are sworn comrades on the battlefield, you know, and if I can help him... That's probably what I should do.

I look at his goofy smile and tongue lolling out to the side as we slowly bob up and down. Awwwwww. He's so cute! It'd almost be a shame to wake him up. But I can't protect Lady Midnight alone and I think Blackbone is kind of crazy. So, before I can think too hard about it all, I plant a quick kiss on his nose and squeeze him tight. I hope this works!

Spending my action to Assist Percival's Overcome and give him a +1, making it a Tie. The curse is overcome with a minor cost.

Aug 31, 2006

Fate Points: 2 Boost:

Somehow, almost as if this was a fairy-tale, Percival slowly feels the curse lift from his body after Newbee plants a kiss on his nose. He blinks, his vision slowly starting to come into focus again, "Newbee...?" He rubs a paw on his aching head, "What happened...? Did we defeat the spirit? And why does it feel like my head is about to burst in two?"

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Fate Points: 3 | Boosts: None! | Consequences: None! | Stress: [_] [_] [_]

It worked! Wait, wasn't it usually princesses or love or something that cured curses? Hm. I'd have to ask Lady Midnight about that later when we got her away from Blackbone's cage. She knew everything. Well, whatever! It probably just worked because I'm the best. That's how most things worked. Why would this be any different?

I looked at him with concern evident in my eyes, "After the ghost went in you, it made you drink a bunch of weird stuff! And then I almost beat it but it cheated and brought its brothers and then Blackbone came and he smashed it to pieces and he has Lady Midnight in a cage because of mimics or something and then I tried to wake you up and then I woke you up for real. And that's everything that happened!" I sucked in a deep breath and nuzzled my forehead against his fuzzy one. "I was worried when you didn't wake up!"

Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?


Bone Armor, one Invoke
Greater Drunken Doggo Aura, two invokes


Mimic Doors (dual mini-bosses) (missing)
Left door: * ** *** Mild Boost: Lesser Strength
Right door: * ** *** Mild Boost: Poison Spikes

Team Fishslayers

DONK. Coral, breaching the door... Has not had enough time to realize that there is a staircase right after the door, loses her balance due to the sudden height difference, and hits her head. But at least - it's the way out of this mess!

As you ascend the stairs, you find yourself in the hallways from before. However, shuffling behind you gets your attention.

Seems like the mimics have gotten desperate and... are attacking you... head one?

Oghrul, you recognize that poisonous gleam! These two mimics are the ones that attacked you and Blackbone earlier! And they appear to be quite out of their element.

Due to this, they get -1 to their rolls!

Team Bat Protectors

"Hey! Glad to see you two are doing alright. Nice work on beating that miniboss!" Lady Midnight congratulates. "I'd loot it but I'M STUCK IN THIS BLOODY CAGE BLACKONE WON'T LET ME GET OUT OF! Could SOMEONE please let me out already?!"

Yami Fenrir fucked around with this message at Aug 2, 2017 around 22:00

Jan 15, 2008


Fate Points: 3/3 | Boosts: Sneaky Snakey, High-Ground Holder!| Consequences: None! | Stress: [_] [_] [_]

Coral held position at the top of the staircase, holding her hands to her bruised head and groaning slightly. She had really been hoping to discover a room full of treasure, or better yet, a sliding block puzzle! But all she had found was the cold, stone ridge of a stair. Ah well, she had found the way out of the maze, and figured out what door was really a door, so her siblings just had to be impressed by her performance!

What was that noise?

"Doors!" She yelled back to her siblings, "Uh, uh, Mimic doors! Bad ones!" In a flash, she unlatched her trident from her barding. The two Door Mimic's were forcing themselves up the stairs, a certain desperation (hunger?) in their eyes. Coral slithered down to them, her trident raised high, "Combaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!" she roared as she thrust her weapon deep into one of the mimic's pulpy flesh!

Attack posted:

@Scrree: 4df+3 Coral Quickly Attacks [The Poison Spike Door]! = (-+++)+3 = 5

Burning the boost Breaching Snakey to bring the roll up to a 7, and then burning a Fate Point to invoke Forward Scout to bring it up to a 9!

Defend posted:

@Yami Fenrir: 4df+1 door attempts to defend = (+b+b)+1 = 3
Yami used the Mimic Door's Poison Spike boost, bring it's defense roll to a 5!

The Doors seemed surprised the speed and ferocity of Coral's assault. She held her ground on the stairs above them, pushing her trident downwards with all of her (not very substantial) might. The Mimic Door she attack now had three, gaping holes in it's front, but more than that -- the poison spike it'd be wielding had been hooked by the trident, and actually lodged into the Mimic's own skin!

Still, despite the damage, it and it's partner continued to push up the stairs, "Brother, Sisters, I hit one! I hit one really hard!" Coral yelled, her tail working overtime as she tried to slowly and carefully slither up a flight of stairs backwards, "Uh, it's still coming, uh, ah, help!?"

Shifting damage down by one to create a new Boost, High-ground Holder, which means I deal three Shifts of damage. That'll destroy the Mimic Door unless it takes a mild complication, which I will define as Poison Spike Turnaround as it's own weapon is lodged into it's own skin. Anyone can invoke this Complication as an Aspect, once.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Fate Points: 3/2 | Boosts: Battle Focus, Battle Tutor | Consequences: - | Stress: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Not even a second after her request a garish flash of pink-tinted yellow dashed from Coral's right in a [Duelist's Advance], planting first a blade into the approaching mimic, and then a boot that sent it crashing down on its ally.

In the few moments of peace they had, Zanzibar turned an appraising eye-socket at Coral, the glowing pinpricks of his gaze burrowing into her. "Not bad at all, young lady Coral. You fight with skill belied by your years. Nevertheless, when holding a trident, you should keep your elbow thusly", Zanzibar adjusted the Naga's arm a bit, "And your grip is slightly too stiff, which interferes with proper stance control", the mimics started to regain their footing. Zanzibar seemed uncaring of the fact, "Neither should you forget your talents for magic. Enchantment is not the most obvious of battle magics, but...", Zanzibar wrapped his cape around his free hand, "... a little glamour goes a long way. Observe, if you would, young lady."

The mimic charged, but hit nothing but air due to Zanzibar's [Cape Feint], causing it to stumble as the skeletal duelist deftly outflanked it with an [Uncanny Sidestep], and split it horizontally, from bottom to top, into two equally large pieces with a two-handed [Underworld Swing].

"This concludes your first lesson in combat, young lady", Zanzibar said to the Naga, all the while turning to the last remaining mimic, and keeping his attention on it as he stood between it and the rest of the team, sword poised, in a duelist's stance, "Shall we rehearse?"


SidekickBOT: @Theantero: 4dF+4 Zanzibar's Flashy Attack to help out young lady Coral = (+-+b)+4 = 5
]SidekickBOT: @Yami Fenrir: 4df+1 defense = (bb+-)+1 = 1

I Succeed with Style, dealing 4 shifts of Damage. I only need 3 to kill the already wounded Mimic, thus I lessen my Damage with one to take the Boost: Battle Tutor

Theantero fucked around with this message at Jul 29, 2017 around 23:56

Nov 7, 2011

My other car is an asteroid

Blackbone (I'll come back through and edit these in a few weeks time. Having a little difficulty copying and pasting stuff on my phone. You'll just have to bear with me and Australia's internet)

Blackbone watched the dragon and dog for a while before examining the walls.

"Don't think there's any other threats do you? First sign of danger it's back in the safety cage for you"

He lowered the cage down and delicately opened the door to it. Reaching inside to lift Lady Midnight out and set her on the ground. The cage door not lending itself well to trying to flap out of it. Having done this he wandered over to the walls and started prodding them. Daring them to be a mimic.

"Do you two know where the others went? I was with Oghrul a little while ago fighting a pair of door mimics, but he vanished and then I found myself with Lady Midnight. There were no sign of any of you. Kind of irresponsible leaving Lady Midnight alone like that." He glanced at the pair but shrugged, no sense in playing the blame game right now. "What happened to you after we left? Missile you were right next to us seconds before we were attacked. Where did you get off to?"


Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Fate Points: 3 | Boosts: None! | Consequences: None! | Stress: [_] [_] [_]

I shake my head at Blackbone's question, "Nope! Everyone left while I was solving the puzzle. After I got bored with that, I heard Sir Percival call for help and then..." She indicates the cell. "We're here."

Still carrying Sir Percival in my arms, I float over to Lady Midnight. Shooting a side look at Blackbone, I get close and whisper to the bat, "Are you okay, Lady Midnight? Blackbone seems a little... off. Even for him."

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