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Mu Zeta
Oct 17, 2002

Me crush ass to dust

Grimey Drawer

Waypoint Radio is a podcast about bideo james. It has Austin, Scoops, and some other people.


We aim to be a guide to games culture. We want to investigate how and why people play games through a combination of articles, live streams, podcasts, and videos. We want to make you think, laugh, and ask new questions. Waypoint isn't just our name, it's a guide for us at the site, too, something we can orient ourselves with as we step forward into whatever comes next.

oddium posted:

waypoint fans are super into writing fan fiction. specifically "waypoint is good"


The Lobotomy Kid
Aug 27, 2011

and act like a nut.

Waypoint is actually good.

Aug 13, 2008

Yes...Ha ha ha...YES!

Austin owns and I'll watch anything he is involved it

Nov 19, 2013


Fallen Hamprince
Nov 12, 2016

'Cause we are living
in a material world,
and I am a material girl

Cubey posted:

Austin owns and I'll watch anything he is involved it

I can confirm that Austin is extremely good.

Pryor on Fire
May 14, 2013

This podcast is awful, it's like going to a clinic to get tested. They really need someone with a sense of humor, it's more of a painful chore of getting lectured on how to think and how to speak every time a new episode drops instead of something joyful.

Pryor on Fire fucked around with this message at Feb 6, 2017 around 16:43

Apr 26, 2010

I had a beer with Stephen Harper once and now I like him.

Fun Shoe

Just listened to the latest one and it was poo poo. I could handle Patrick on Giant Bomb, but not now. He's horrible.

Jun 2, 2011

I like the intro/outro music and the podcast

Paul Zuvella
Dec 7, 2011

ChumpsForChange posted:

I like the intro/outro music and the podcast

It's good.

The podcast, however, is bad. I was really hoping they would hit their stride but its been like 4 months and it's still bad.

Rody One Half
Feb 18, 2011

The podcast is good and I like that the girls and Pat do their best to break Austin

Sep 8, 2006

You see all the colors.
All of them.

I like it but they always feel rushed. I get they wanna be an hour long and no further but gently caress that if you need an hour just to talk about Avatar: The Mobile Game I will take that ride with you

Apr 21, 2010

Ball Hard Enough.

I like it. Quick hour-long twice a week format seems appropriate as they don't have to be all-consuming covering every topic under the sun like the Bombcast. I agree that none of them are particularly funny, though, but this is a problem for almost every gaming podcast (besides Kris Straub's 28 Plays Later)

Paul Zuvella
Dec 7, 2011

Telling your daughters black boyfriend that you know how to tie a lot of knots when you are a merchent marine is the most dad thing I've ever heard in my life.

Gingerbread House Music
Dec 1, 2009

by FactsAreUseless

Lipstick Apathy

Man, Dan sure is a funny dude on that last Quick Look he did.

Sep 26, 2009

I'm going to play Binary Domain because of this podcast.

Also, Rob is a welcome addition.


Mar 20, 2010

Soiled Meat

Austin owns, Danielle owned on Idle Thumbs, Patrick's cool but I've always felt like Austin does Patrick better than Patrick. These are my opinions of Internet Video Game People.

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