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Mar 19, 2007



I'm so sorry for being slow with my second half. I'm in the process of moving and it's not been fun.


Jun 22, 2016

nards by name, nards by reputation

You guys are doing amazing work. Thank you for your help. All-Rush Mixtape, you've already voiced two "significant" characters, for lack of a better word. I don't want to overuse a single voice for too many people if it can be avoided, so -- if you want to do one more significant, and, I don't know, two or three fillers, that'd really help out. Of course, you've done enough now and I don't want to take advantage of your generosity, so it's fine if you want to sit this out. The advantage of doing this season with the script already written and the voices at least organized if not already voiced is that I can work on any of the scenes and episodes individually and in any order. Nevertheless, I prefer to work in a straight line, if possible. The first episode is already ready but for...I think one single voice, at this point? Which someone is supposed to be taking care of -- the episode after, however, is a mess because it's where we enter the Hub which is a nexus of activity and characters. If you're up to it, you could help me out by taking on Mitch, the dwarfish All-N-One merchant. He has seven lines (5, and also I mislabeled one character as MERCHANT when I meant MITCH so if you take on this role, you could also add the two MERCHANT lines? Also, some smaller roles we need that you could fill pretty well, I think: GIZMO'S GUARD 1 (3 lines), JUNKTOWN PEASANT 1 (1 line), and some of the combatants, like INVADING MUTANT 4 (1 line), SUPER MUTANT MALE 2 (1 line) and SUPER MUTANT 3 (2 lines) -- these two look the same but it's because I was sloppy in how I handled multiple mutants in two different scenes. Anyway, these are just a few...for most of these incidental characters, it's not as necessary to try and match your tone to what I envision some character to look like. I'm a fan of a kind of blind casting...I don't like adhering to character archtypes, wherein certain characters must sound a certain way. The only exception to this is, of course, something like the mutants who all have pretty deep voices, so like...I wouldn't want a castrato to do one. What's important is trying to keep the same actor from voicing too many characters in the same vicinity. So if you think there's a character you'd be good for, just let me know!

Inzombiac, you've already done a lot for us, and there's nothing you've signed on for that is immediately pressing. We're about to move in the next month and I dread that circus of logistical chaos.

I wanted to also say that the script calls for a total of around 3,300 lines, and we're down to about 400 left. Thanks for helping us tackle this project. Oh, and speaking of which, we finished our first season. It was delayed for a number of reasons; full time jobs, we're now both in plays, and my partner has a barely treatable stomach disease that can at times cripple her for days. She must have ate a lentil or a piece of celery or something. Anyway, the episode is up at the website, or in the Pimp Your Podcast thread. What a fun trip this has been so far!

Mar 20, 2016

Long-time lurker, occasional poster, often-time actor-comedian over here. I'd love to read a few parts if'n you'll have me.

To hear my ordinary speaking voice (not to pimp it outside the pimp megathread, but it couldn't hurt to know what I sound like): I'm the male co-host of this MST3k podcast. Here's a YT link of our first episode for quick listening convenience.
Even more brief are some Instagram vids: here, here , and here.

I've got a Blue Yeti mic and a quiet recording space.

Jun 22, 2016

nards by name, nards by reputation

Your instagram videos made me giggle.

We can definitely use you! Our first episode is finished now (to be uploaded on the 1st, so I have time to edit it ahead of time so there isn't an unforeseen twenty minutes of distorted amplified sound garbage -- uh, something that happened in an earlier episode), but there are still a bunch of roles left over. The really meaty ones are gone, unfortunately, but there are 300+ lines left to be voiced. That's over ten more episodes, though, so they'd likely be so spread out that we could get away with just having me and a few others do the rest of the lines. However, I don't want to do that.

I don't think I'm going to update this thread again -- I feel this is a rather niche thing taking up a lot of room, and anyway, the new season will go live in a week so this feels unnecessarily cumbersome to the forum as a whole. So, since I don't have private messaging, send me an e-mail at and I can totally give you as many lines as you feel comfortable doing!

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