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Top Hats Monthly
Jun 22, 2011

People are people so why should it be, that you and I should get along so awfully blink blink recall STOP IT YOU POSH LITTLE SHIT

Just going to copypaste from the last time


What is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport played with sticks and balls with the goal of advancing the ball into the opposing net. Some call it the fastest sport on two feet. It's got a lot in common with hockey, and was invented by the First Nations people of Canada.

What kind of equipment?


There are three types of lacrosse sticks. There is the regular lacrosse stick, a 40-42 inch stick meant for passing and scoring with. This is what the man in the front is holding. The "D-Pole" is what the defender is carrying behind the man, it can be anywhere from 52 to 72 inches, but most defenders will prefer as long a stick as possible for poke checking and hitting. There is also this guy.

Goalies can have any stick, most use short attack sticks because they're easier to wield

Protective Gear

Here are my sick MS paint skills.

Some players will wear shin pads, but they get made fun of, so most don't.



These guys linger on the opposite end of the field, and just bomb sick shots all day. That's pretty much their job description. Set up for a sick goal.


These guys take faceoffs and run around everywhere on the field, they often advance the ball up the field from a defensive position. They have to be pretty well conditioned and are asked to do jobs that both defenders and attack players would do.

Long Stick Midfielder

These guys do the same duties of the midfielder but are more defensively oriented. If a midfielder is switching out for a line change while the team is backed into their zone, an LSM will typically come out. For some teams, these guys are unicorns and are only out there rarely. They sometimes take shots and look goofy as hell.


They hit, stop, and block the attack and middies from getting the ball into their net. They will utilize poke and body checks to keep them out. Sometimes they will block shots. They're pretty crazy.


They stop the ball??? They don't wear shin pads. They're weird.


Many of the same rules as hockey are shared. In Box Lacrosse, you can even fight. But this entire OP is about Field Lacrosse so eh. You cannot go offsides, and you can have a maximum of four people in a zone. You can't go crazy and swing your stick around with one hand, and if you hit someone in the head with a two hand slash you're in bad shape. Head contact is illegal.

College Teams

If it's an east coast school, they probably have a lacrosse team. Denver is the most westerly lacrosse team. Last year, North Carolina won in Mens and Womens

Well that OP sucked, and you do too OP

Thanks! If you want to check out college lacrosse, you can often find it on ESPNU or streaming online. Pro lacrosse is harder to find, and might be on weird niche channels or streaming. Box lacrosse games are hilarious.

Added, Box Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse is Hockey's native cousin. It is supposed to be much more physical, much louder, with a lot more scoring and fighting. However, in recent years the NLL has been trying to be family friendly (update, they've literally had press releases suggesting such), resulting in much stiffer penalties for fighting and hitting. If you want my two cents, now it just feels like field lacrosse without an edge, which is what NLL was always supposed to be. Regardless, there are still sometimes hits and the tighter playing surface can result in some interesting techniques.

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Top Hats Monthly
Jun 22, 2011

People are people so why should it be, that you and I should get along so awfully blink blink recall STOP IT YOU POSH LITTLE SHIT

Pungry posted:

The NLL was a lot better when the Stealth were in Washington. Come back, Rhys Duch! Come back, Tyler Richards! We (I) miss you!

Same but with the Swarm in Minnesota, why are they moving south, the Swarm had the Xcel honestly mostly packed, which is better than I've seen them doing in Georgia

Top Hats Monthly
Jun 22, 2011

People are people so why should it be, that you and I should get along so awfully blink blink recall STOP IT YOU POSH LITTLE SHIT

DJExile posted:

Box is neat and I don't blame them for going the family-friendly route. Minor league hockey has had to do the same thing.

That's boring though

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