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Apr 15, 2003

Quality posting direct from my brain to your face holes.

Okay - trying this again. Read carefully.

:siren: OPERATION GOOD BOY :siren:

SITUATION: Forums-wide dog contest.

MISSION: NLT Wednesday 1 March 2017 confirm asset MONTY as #1 GOOD BOY, TOP DOG of GIP, and sustain continuous SALUTES and PETTES of MONTY by all friendly and enemy elements.

EXECUTION: This operation will be conducted in three phases:

Phase I: Nominate Monty as GIP's TOP DOG, and pet him. Monty is a good boy.
Phase II: Confirm Monty as GIP's TOP DOG and continue to pet him. Monty remains a good boy.
Phase III: Forumwide votes overwhelmingly confirm MONTY as SOMETHING AWFUL's TOP DOG. Monty is a very good boy.

SUSTAINMENT: Digital image capture devices organic to friendly element COLE aka Tbeats will be utilized to resource TEAM GIP with digital imagery of MONTY.

COMMAND AND CONTROL: The following rules are in place for this thread:

1)Required for nomation: One picture, one sentence of why the dog is a good dog, and the dog's name in your post.

2) Anyone can nominate any dog, but only one nomination per person please.
3) Dogs can be nominate an unlimited number of times.




pig slut lisa posted:

:shibe: Welcome to the Something Awful Top Dog Tournament! :cheerdoge:

The Something Awful Top Dog Tournament is a competition to determine the top dog across this whole forum. Think you know a pooch who's up for the task? Nominate a dog, win the subforum round, and take on the top dogs from subforums across SA!

How does it work? :eng101:

The three stages of the Top Dog Tournament are:
1) Subforum Nomination - Each participating subforum has a nomination thread for posters to nominate potential Top Dogs
2) Subforum Voting - Each subforum votes to determine the champion that will represent them in the forumwide vote
3) Forumwide Voting - The champions from every subforum go head to head to determine the Top Dog of the Tournament

This thread is Stage 1: Subforum Nomination

To nominate a dog for the tournament, please post ONCE AND ONLY ONCE in this thread in the following format:
  • Dog name
  • One sentence about why this dog is a good dog
  • Picture of dog

An example of a properly formatted nomination post is as follows:

Nominations will be open until at least Wednesday, March 1. Polls for subforum voting will open shortly after.

Questions and Answers
  • Do I have to post my own dog?
    No! Post any dog you like.

  • Can I nominate more than one dog?
    No! Please nominate only one dog and choose one subforum to nominate in.

  • Does the dog I nominate have to be a real dog?
    Nope! Paintings, cartoons, doodles, ASCII art, it's all fine. The only condition is that the dog must be Good.

  • Can I vote in subforums I don't actively participate in?
    Definitely! Please visit all the participating subforums so you don't miss any dogs.

  • Where can I talk about the dogs that I like and dislike?
    The voting threads are a great place to talk about the dogs you like! Please only post nominations in the nomination thread.

    It is illegal to dislike any dogs

  • Won't the big subforums crowd out the little ones during the final vote?
    Who knows and who cares!

  • Who should I talk to if I have questions?
    The mod of each subforum is a good place to start. You can also ask tournament organizer pig slut lisa any questions or post in QCS.

  • Who's a good boy?
    All of them :3:


Jun 2, 2014

I nominate Monty. He is a good boy, because he puts up with cruel treatment like this.

Jul 14, 2009

Taste the High Country

I (also) nominate Monty. I really don't know a lot about him, but GiP says he's a good boy, and he has the face of a honest dog, which is enough for me.

Icon Of Sin
Dec 26, 2008

I also nominate Monty, on the ground that I absolutely cannot say no to this face :3:

Naked Bear
Apr 15, 2007

Boners was recorded before a studio audience that was alive!

I also nominate Monty. Look at his ears!

Boop! :kimchi:

Feb 15, 2005

What, Me Worry?

Monty heard somebody didn't want to nominate him.

Don't make Monty sad, be like me and nominate Monty.

Fister Roboto
Feb 21, 2008


All dogs are good, but I nominate Monty as the goodest dog around.

Jun 2, 2014

Fister Roboto posted:

All dogs are good, but I nominate Monty as the goodest dog around.

Read the rules. You have to post a picture or it doesn't count.

Fister Roboto
Feb 21, 2008


Haha whoops.

I nominate Monty because he just looks like a winner.

Fister Roboto fucked around with this message at 00:13 on Feb 28, 2017

Jul 14, 2009

Taste the High Country

Fister Roboto posted:

Haha whoops.

I nominate Monty because he just looks like a winner.

He looks like the kind of dog who you can sit down and have a treat with!

Jan 18, 2002

My vote is for Monty because he is a good dog with lots of pictures to prove it.

I have no good pictures of Monty but for the rules requiring a picture here is Tycho who is also good. He just isn't competitive unless it's for treats or pets and doesn't want to compete.

Booblord Zagats
Oct 30, 2011

Pork Pro

I nominate Monty, but have no pictures, so I drew one on my post its

Oct 12, 2006
Can't post for 7 years!

I nominiate Monty because he's good dog with many talents.

boop the snoot
Jun 3, 2016

Thanks for all the nom noms


Kung Fu Fist Fuck
Aug 9, 2009

i nominate monty because hes rad as gently caress


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