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Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Original (archived) recrutiment thread

Hey, I needed to reopen recruitment for this game, and needed an OOC thread in general, and the original thread got archived. So here is a new one

Fakeedit: I'm looking for a melee character app, preferably a striker. Please post apps here!

e: Game thread

Creation rules for new characters:
level 3
standard level 3 starting gear
inherent bonuses
free improved defenses
free expertise
free melee training
no themes
one background

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Straight White Shark
May 16, 2009

Joel Hammond.

Fun Shoe

Are new characters still at level 1?

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Straight White Shark posted:

Are new characters still at level 1?

Should have mentioned that... Level 3 with standard level 3 starting gear.

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

There is also a Discord server for the game that a couple potential new recruits are in... feel free to join!

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Sorry if this rains on everyones day but I'd prefer no pixies. Figured I should mention it.

Mar 25, 2011

Operative Izleth Sharyan

Chelicerae Order Files posted:

Name: Izleth.
Seed Origin: Sharyan.
Training Facility: Foulskar
Training History: Transferred from Imperial Glory cloning facility to Foulskar facility at [redacted]. Started training with Batch 3421 under instructor Selvania at year [redacted].
Survived the Trial of Shadow and surpassed last record by 0.3 miliseconds.
Survived the Trial of Knives at fifth all-time highest score, surpassing former Mother Superior Din'yar.
Survived the Trial of Hatred with average wounds.
Observations from Instructor Selvania Zer'yn: Excelled at all physical and field tests, performed admirably on written and oral tests.
Observations from Psi-Handler Yladis Kurzon: Psychiatric tests have shown perfect show of loyalty and willingness to die. Yet as the first experimental batch of the Sharyan Geneseed, must be kept under extreme surveillance. This Handler suggests the subject is to be processed as soon as she shows signs of possessing Memory Syndrome.

"You ever wondered what it is to be someone else? Being a shade of another person? It's something that can really mess you up, but it's something that every operative in the Chelicerae Order must bear with. The Order's the left hand of the Vular Imperium, helping with its expansion and domination of the Galaxy from the shadows. Generals and leaders of Planets that resist against them, conspirators against the Empress, scientists working for the Alliance, all of them were targets to be culled by an Order older than the Imperium itself, dating from the previous days when Drowkind was fractured and scattered through Vular.

I was born in a tank, bred from the Genetic seed of another legendary assassin from centuries ago at a cloning facility on the moon of Zinzerena. Raised with nine of my sisters from the same genes, we were taught from five years of age several skills for assassination and infiltration, with every year one of us being taken away as to cull the weak. Even during these hellish times, when I tried to build the mindset to survive training, there were a few... Dreams that eluded the sleep inducing medication that we were all given on our bunkers. Dreams of stalking on the shadows, dreams of killing, dreams of... A friend?

And then, I was the only one left standing, and upon graduation, as a full Operative, they sent me to kill a rebelling Governor on planet Arbhat on the Relan Arm. A petty, meager man who wanted to build his own personal fief. As I entered unseen his chamber and struck him from behind with my blade, he still had the strength left in him to strike a blow against my face and electrocute me with a personal weapon of his. The shock brought me down to my knees, and short circuited the inhibitor that was implanted on my brain.

Then memories, memories that were not mine, but memories from my genes, flooded me. Memories of the person I was built from, the legendary assassin Sharyan, who helped to unify Vular under the Imperium by killing every single leader of the competing Drow nations in one single night. And the memory of her death, betrayed by the Order and by the Empress. It was then that I found out that Sharyan was promised something to help the First Empress to unite Drowkind under her rule. The freedom of her sisters and those kept and trained by the Chelicerae Order.

What happened after was... A haze of sorts. I returned to my escape ship covered in blood, and once I was back at Zinzerena, they assigned me a new mission, to kill a group of insurgents in Teris to ensure their rebellion is crushed. How ironic that my training, to prevent the enemy to gain information once I was captured, was used to hide the fact my inhibitor was destroyed. How ironic that I hid away the sheer hatred now burning inside me, the hatred that the memories freed from the indoctrination I was subjected to.

How ironic that I'll use that training to destroy this Imperium that has betrayed my sisters."

* Where are you from? That is, What planet are you from? What kind of world is it (climate, size) and what is its role (trade, military, mining, colony, something else)? How populated is it? What part of it are you from?

Zinzerena is one of the moons surrounding Vular, a small and desolate satellite that was the first place to be colonized by the Drow centuries ago. Formerly a hangar for spaceships, the moon was gifted to the Chelicerae Order by the first Empress during her ascension to power, and now serves as their headquarters and training facility. The moon is heavily guarded by several anti-ship defenses and access to it is forbidden to all but members of the Order and the Empress herself.

* Who is your best friend? Your worst enemy?

"There's no enemy to be left alive and no friend to serve as hindrance for the Chelicerae Assassins. One more aspect of life that is stolen from us."

* Why do you fight? What did the Imperium do to make you decide to risk your life to join the rebellion? What are you sacrificing to be here?

"The genetic memories of Sharyan being unlocked have awoken me to the sheer monstrosity that is the Order. How we are raised, as disposable tools and shades of our deceased predecessors, to be thrown away once we are no longer of use, to not be allowed to live a normal life. To think this assassination mission will give me the chance to defect is quite funny..."


Parrying Dagger: Reskinned to Chelicerae Vibroblade.
Distance Hand Crossbow: Reskinned to .38 cal silenced and scoped hand pistol. Discreet and deadly.

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May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.

Look Around You posted:

Sorry if this rains on everyones day but I'd prefer no pixies. Figured I should mention it.

What DO you have against pixies?

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Waci posted:

What DO you have against pixies?

I don't like tiny size shenanigans pretty much.

May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.

I am now imagining a pixie from a very very large world, who is tiny by their home planet's standards but size medium by everyone else's.

Health at any size activist / pixie barbarian (size: medium)
Haywire resort buffet automated carving station / warforged assassin
Gray goo / whatever vampire
Nanomachine hivemind that worships its own gestalt consciousness / something avenger

Chosen by the process of elimination, coming right up.

Edit: Ok, backstory:
Elf Jonestown discovered ancient texts about cloud computing, way back from when that was new and cool. Started worshiping clouds and took it as divine imperative to transfer their consciousnesses into a nanomachine cloud. Now an evangelical cloud that worships itself.

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K Prime
Nov 4, 2009

Kacht-ka, Ka Remembrancer


I am Kacht-ka, once of the Ka, now my own master. I am tasked with carrying on the work of the Ka to new worlds.

The word of Ka is glory, and denial. The greatness of victory, tempered by self-control. That is our guiding principle. It was for that reason that the Ka rose as one to oppose those who destroy. Those without self-control must be controlled.

They are a difficult and willful student.

Thus, I, without Ka, must carry on. The destroyers still have not learned, so I must teach. I am no word-speaker, so I use what I have. Through my carapace, I bring the lesson of glory. Through my claws, I bring the lesson of denial. I race their wing-craft to each world, and I am the forlorn hope at world-fall. I am defeated, again and again, and yet I return. I am Ka-without-Ka.

Their blood is libation for the fallen millions. Ka is not dead until I cease to oppose. So, I shall never cease. The simplest strategy- often the best.

* Where are you from? That is, What planet are you from? What kind of world is it (climate, size) and what is its role (trade, military, mining, colony, something else)? How populated is it? What part of it are you from?

Homeworld was a green place. Great trees, our homes, grew from pole to pole, warmed by our blue sun to what many find unbearable. It is very cold since. I have been saddened by this.

Ka never asked for more from Homeworld. It housed and fed and gave us strength. When we left, we found no reason to remain away. Control of self; why consume other planets, when Homeworld kept us safe?

Now, the fire, lit by the fire-falls of destroyers, slowly burns its way from the site of Dashka, consuming all green. Behind it, destroyers plant fake-trees of metal and stone. My people are gone.

* Name one thing that made you who you are today.

I was not-born when Homeworld burned. I grew among strange-peoples, who feared us more than they feared the destroyers. I have learned to hide my carapace and steal their leg-gait, so that they find me more comforting. It was then that I first left the dark of Ka and changed.

* Who is your best friend? Your worst enemy?
My clutch-mate, Gah-ka, and I traveled together for some 10 years when we were both nymphs. They refused to change for the softer races, while I did. It was not a disagreement between us, but we promised before we parted that we would see who brain-changed first. I have not heard word of him in some 3 years. I hope he survives yet.

There is a destroyer hunter who has been tasked with taking my head. She killed my clutchhatcher. That does not bother me, but it seems she enjoyed it too much, which is bad thought. We have clashed some 4 times, and I have escaped; I fear her frustration will soon overwhelm her reason. I have heard her called "Elteeboranzan."

* Why were you on Teris when the Imperium took over?

I took passage on the last freighter in before the ship-line stopped exits, racing the fleet as usual. The Ka will still teach the destroyers until the last falls.

* Why do you fight? What did the Imperium do to make you decide to risk your life to join the rebellion? What are you sacrificing to be here?

My life is a teaching lesson for the destroyers. Even if they slay me, if they learn the lesson of Ka, then I am complete in my victory.

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Dick Burglar
Mar 6, 2006
Check out my hot takes because I'm a straight white male

What are you referring to when you say no themes? I feel like a bonehead for even asking this question. Stuff like Harper Agent, Knight Hospitaler and Sohei?

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Dick Burglar posted:

What are you referring to when you say no themes? I feel like a bonehead for even asking this question. Stuff like Harper Agent, Knight Hospitaler and Sohei?

Right. They show up in CBLoader under dark sun themes.

Straight White Shark
May 16, 2009

Joel Hammond.

Fun Shoe

Mowrog Blackfur aka Trooper KL-013449823

Veruumgoron, The Green Mother, is a large rocky moon orbiting a huge gas giant on the border of the Pelan arm. Known as Cygnet V to most of the rest of the galaxy, it is a lush, temperate world home to a variety of dangerous megafauna, and it is little surprise that the bovine-like people that evolved there were equally large and fearsome. Some generations ago first contact was made by Plisean traders; having neither the manpower nor the inclination to tame the world's rugged wilderness they settled for establishing a small trade post there, buying exotic plants and animals from the native herdsmen and hunters in exchange for offworld goods.

Mowrog was born into the Great Black Herd, the herd who had the honor of controlling the territory surrounding the Plisean port. He was still merely a teenager when Vular raiders descended, razing the Plisean outpost and taking many of the natives as slaves. Like most of his herdsmates, Mowrog was captured and shipped to an unfamiliar world where the Vular pressed him into service as a slave trooper for the Imperium. Poorly equipped and poorly trusted, the slave troopers are deployed primarily as expendable shock troops and riot control in situations deemed too dangerous or too insignificant to be worth risking actual soldiers' lives.

Broken down by his Vular taskmasters, Mowrog was an obedient and brutally efficient servant, traits that kept him alive long enough to become one of the slave corps' rare veterans. While slaves are allowed no rank nor honors, he was recognized unofficially by his professional commander (a mercenary goliath named Maugun Skyhammer) as his personal right-hand-man. It was in this capacity that he accompanied Maugun alone one fateful day on a routine sweep of a ghetto known for harboring rebel fugitives. Together they tracked down a known rebel sympathizer, and there Maugun did something that would change Mowrog's life: away from any witnesses, he quietly slipped the rebel family money and travel documents and blessed their departure.

Mowrog, who'd had obedience to the Imperium beaten into him, immediately challenged Maugun as a traitor. But Maugun was the stronger and more experienced fighter, and he easily disarmed Mowrog and began to explain himself. He told Mowrog of the god Kord, telling the minotaur that even though he did not know Kord he still benefited from the blessings of the Lord of Battle from whom all true strength comes. According to him Mowrog's strength and prowess were no accident: he had been chosen by Kord for higher things, and it it was time for him to start acting in accordance with Kord's wishes. After securing a vow of secrecy from Mowrog, he introduced him back at the barracks to other followers of Kord, a secret network spanning the slave corps that hoped to one day rise up and throw off their shackles.

Initially Mowrog listened to Maugun's teachings only because he wanted to become strong enough to personally defeat Maugun as a traitor to the Imperium. But gradually the gospel of Kord began to grow on him, and as he found himself able to tap into newfound reserves of strength he never knew existed, he became convinced that Maugun spoke truth to him. What he lacked in formal indoctrination he made up for in sheer raw belief, and he soon became one of the most devout members of the secret cult of Kord.

When the Imperium raided the barracks some months later to execute Maugun as a heretic and traitor, Mowrog steadfastly refused to sell out his comrades in Kord. Maugun's executioner, a drow intelligence officer named Captain Xelar, personally interrogated Mowrog for hours in an attempt to root out Maugun's cohorts. Although it rankled him, Mowrog spoke nothing but loyalty for the Imperium and ignorance of Kord. Mowrog's performance was convincing enough to spare him execution, but the Imperium decided he was an unreliable asset and shipped him to their invasion fleets on the front lines. As fate would have it, he was assigned to the invasion of Teris.

On Teris, Mowrog bided his time for a while, still pretending to be a loyal slave to the Imperium. But when rumors began spreading of an insurgent rebellion, he sensed that his moment had come. The slave barracks doubled as a formidable prison sturdy enough to contain even the strongest and most dangerous slaves, but by now Mowrog was more than any mere mortal slave: he was a vessel for Kord Almighty. His fellow worshippers had taught him how to disable the punishment circuits in his standard-issue slave equipment; with that done, it was child's play for him to overcome the guards and make his escape, trusting in Kord that he would be able to make contact with the resistance.

Sep 26, 2007
Dragon God

Mark V. Psychic Interface Enhanced Human Soldiers Mark V

Alpha 5001 was the first of the Mark V Psychic Interface Enhanced Human Soldiers, and the last, in his youth he underwent daily tests to gauge his combat capability, his reflexes, his burgeoning psychic abilities, and the integration of his cybernetics designed to help him channel said abilities. There was poking and prodding, and there was hushed whispers. And then there was heartbreak. The project was suspended, funding was cut, and soon it became apparent the government was bankrupt. They had to sell off much of what they had developed, and even sold Alpha 5001.

In his early years, and as he worked for various mercenary groups that bought and sold his services throughout the years, Alpha 5001 pieced together various facts about his origin. He was "born" on the planet Talzar IV, a planet that never seemed to break it into the galactic big leagues, and that resented its place in the hierarchy. Over the last couple centuries they continued to advance their technology, and continued to try and become a galactic power. But they always failed to do so. They never became an economic power, and all their attempts at creating powerful fighter craft, power armor, super soldiers and such never amounted to much compared to what was already out there. But eventually they discovered that a small portion of their populace was born with some minor psychic ability. Too few to create any viable army, but one of their previous attempts at super soldiers involved cloning. And so the government at the time began project Psychic Interface Enhanced Human Soldiers. They cloned their burgeoning psychic populace, growing them with a series of cocktails designed to enhance them or gain one or another results, and then installing various cybernetics in their bodies to both stabilize the cloning process and interface with their psychic ability. Over the next thirty years they went through four different iterations of the project. Each iteration failed in some way or another, the scientists on the project were becoming more and more worried, the government was becoming more demanding and more erratic. But finally with the fifth iteration they had success! Or at least it seemed. The first result, Alpha 5001, seemed stable. His clone body did not fall apart, his cybernetics were not rejected, and his psychic abilities, while not worldshatteringly powerful were more useful than any of the previous iterations. For the short time he was trained at the facility they found that he could use his psychic powers to "mark" someone and his attacks with a blade, or his strange psychic blast that he could project from hand or blade, would seem to hurt his target more than usual. They also found that soldiers fighting him had a harder time connecting if he had marked them. They found the combination of his psychic abilities and cybernetics could make him harder to target when he was near shadows, as his body started to blend in with them. Undoubtedly they would have found more things about him, had they more time. Yet that was not to be. Before Beta 5002 could be finished and released the project was cancelled. The government was bankrupt. Between this project, all the previous projects that tried to create super soldiers or death machines, and various failed attempts to become a super power the government of Talzar IV had simply run out of resources. The current government was overthrown and a great many products of these various projects, failures and successes both, were sold off to off world.

Alpha 5001 spent time among various mercenary groups that bought and sold his services after the collapse of Talzar IV's government, while doing so he learned more about the great wide galaxy and the various powers, he honed his abilities as he grew into a young man in his own right, and he began to call himself Mark V as it sounded more like a real name than Alpha 5001. Besides he was the only Mark V of the project.

* Where are you from? That is, What planet are you from? What kind of world is it (climate, size) and what is its role (trade, military, mining, colony, something else)? How populated is it? What part of it are you from?

I have been all over, but I am originally from a small planet by the name of Talzar IV. It was mostly temperate, at one point, though its advances in science through its natural environment out of balance. The tried, so hard, to be the best at a number of things. They wanted to be a trading hub, but failed, they wanted to be an economic power, and failed, they wanted to be a military power, and failed, and they tried to develop weapons of war, and they, well they may as well have failed there too. In the end the government was overthrown.

* Name one thing that made you who you are today.

Project Psychic Interface Enhanced Human Soldiers. It quite literally made me who I am today. As I would not exist without it. I am a clone, crafted and grown in a vat, injected with various chemicals and implanted with cybernetics all to help develop my psychic abilities. The various mercenary groups I have worked with over the years have shaped me, quite a bit, but that was what actually had the biggest impact on my life.

* Who is your best friend? Your worst enemy?

For the last few years I have been serving with the Silver Taurus Mercenary Company. In that time I have grown rather close to Commander Tony "the Bull" Balastos. He is a brash and headstrong man, but a good commander, a wild drinker, and a good friend. I spoke with him about my past, about how I was created, and he did not hold it against me. I feel like he might have been like an older brother to me, if I understand those relationships correctly.

Before this last mission I would have to say my worst enemy was the scientists of the project, particularly Professor Harold Nixwell who seemed to take perverse joy in my pain and discomfort from the various treatments and tests they put me through. He seemed particularly unhinged when the project was suspended and rather incensed about myself, and the few survivors of the previous failed versions, being sold off. I still have nightmares of him leering at me as he prepares some new torture device to study me. That was before this last mission though.

* Why were you on Teris when the Imperium took over? How did you get past the blockade?

This is my last mission with the Silver Taurus Mercenary Company. We already knew it would be my last, but we didn't know just how right we were. Our mission was to break through the blockade, smuggle in food and weapons to the rebellion, and the get out. Our mission did not go as expected. The stealth systems worked, for the most part and we got past the blockade itself, but a malfunction began to develop as we got closer to the planet Teris itself. We were spotted and shot down.

* Why do you fight? What did the Imperium do to make you decide to risk your life to join the rebellion? What are you sacrificing to be here?

As we were infiltrating Teris to drop off supplies to the rebellion we were shot down. Commander Balastos was killed in the crash, a long with most of the crew. I could not find a few of the bodies, perhaps they survived, perhaps I could find them. But first I have to get revenge for Commander Balastos and the others who died in the crash.

Dick Burglar
Mar 6, 2006
Check out my hot takes because I'm a straight white male

I haven't made a 4E character in a while, so I want to confirm something: normal level 3 starting gear would be 520 gold and magic items of level 2, 3, and 4, right?

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Dick Burglar posted:

I haven't made a 4E character in a while, so I want to confirm something: normal level 3 starting gear would be 520 gold and magic items of level 2, 3, and 4, right?


Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

I realized I should probably annoucne a deadline... I'm gonna cut them off tomorrow (Sunday the 12th) at 11:59 pm, since it'll have been a solid week. If you need an extension because I announced so late, PM me here or on discord (preferably on discord).

Angry Walrus
Aug 31, 2013

Quinn it
Win it.

Here's the sheet I whipped up, I'll pop onto the Discord tomorrow to check and make sure the backstory plays nice with the setting before typing that up.

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Hey guys, there's a few people that are close but need a little more time and we're not in a huge rush, so I'm gonna push the deadline back one day to Monday 3/13 @ 11:59pm.

Mar 5, 2013

Tormod, Genasi Swordmage|Barbarian

Where are you from? That is, What planet are you from? What kind of world is it (climate, size) and what is its role (trade, military, mining, colony, something else)? How populated is it? What part of it are you from?

Tormod will claim to be a conscript from Elan, but in truth he hails from the planet of Dispiter, a large planet well known for its erratic weather, and for its amount of urbanization despite it. Although it is known as an almost right-hand ally to Vular, its leaders have been concerned about the Drow becoming too powerful as a faction, and have been secretly giving aid to the opposition to ‘right’ the balance of power. Tormod was sent to Teris for that very reason, so that he could quietly give the rebel faction tactical support.

Tormod was born in a more backwater part of the planet, in the country of Ionitus. There, a thunderstorm rains down perpetually, and its people have adapted to be able to absorb and control the endless lightning.

Name one thing that made you who you are today.

Although Tormod originally joined Dispiter’s militia as a way to delay having to take over his family’s business (a soap factory), he became fascinated in military history, and through studying it rose through the ranks as a tactician.

Who is your best friend? Your worst enemy?

For a time, he had been stationed at Dispiter’s capital city of Agitus, and he would in his spare time go to a local teahouse to read books there. One of the waiters there, named Taran, had a similar interest in history, and he and Tormod developed a sort of mutual friendship over that, though it wasn’t particularly deep. In general, Tormod has a somewhat abrasive personality—mainly, he finds it hard to maintain a conversation if the topic isn’t either directly relevant to him or in his interests—and as a consequence finds it hard to make close friendships.

Relating to that, one of Tormod’s superiors, Lt. Emniske, found his attitude obnoxious, and recommended the Teris mission for Tormod mainly to get him out of his sight, and partially in hopes that he’d die from it.

Why were you on Teris when the Imperium took over?

His superiors knew about the planned takeover beforehand, and had him planted there a few months ahead of time.

Why do you fight? What did the Imperium do to make you decide to risk your life to join the rebellion? What are you sacrificing to be here?

Tormod has basically two things that will motivate him: his loyalty to his home planet, and a desire for excitement. On a personal level, he thought that performing this sort of infiltration was a bit too treacherous for his tastes. However, he did like the idea of going off somewhere distant, and he believes that performing this mission, while risky, was worth taking if it meant personally helping his planet’s cause.

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Mar 18, 2007

Karan "Karash" Shaedar


It didn't have to be this way.

Karan was born in the midst of the Shaedar family, a boisterous bunch of farmers and combine workers on the temperate agribusiness world of Baramin. His life was rarely a quiet one, spending mornings in the CalCorp classrooms ("Preparing your child for a brighter, more productive future!") and the afternoons either helping family members when needed or tearing up and down the tenement streets with the neighborhood children. On clear nights, after his parents had shooed him and his siblings away from the vid-player he'd slip out of the cramped bedroom, climb onto the tenement roof and fall asleep watching the stars.

As he grew, his lanky frame filled out with muscle through hard work and exercise, but the young teen possessed nimble hands and a fine mind for machinery, apprenticing himself at one of the combine's shops where he learned to build and repair a variety of tools, drones, and power equipment. More importantly, the shop was also closely by to the local spaceport, providing its workers with ample opportunity to earn a few credits under the table with some work on the side repairing loading drones, transports, and even the occasional starship. And of course, the hotels, bars, clubs and cineplexes built to provide for the various spacers and visiting corp execs meant that the city around the spaceport had the closest thing to a bustling night life in the region.

Some nights proved to be less memorable than most. One morning Karan reported to work with a black eye, busted lip and a pounding hangover after one too many drinks the night before (which turned out to have been one- Valisian Impactors were designed for species with a higher tolerance than most, and could double as rocket fuel in an emergency). A quick patch job and he was about as ready as he could be for business as usual, if not for the fact that one of their clients recognized him from the night before. The two had exited the same screening of the Talaketin serial drama And The Stars Shall Shine Forever and had had a rather heated disagreement on several issues including the continuing progression of one of the romantic subplots and the best formats for translation and localization. Karan was well-willing to apologize for how heated and out-of-hand he had gotten the night before, but drew the line when it was demanded that he recant his opinions. And thus Karan Shaedar's second encounter with Captain Adris Johnai went about as well as the first, and the third and fourth encounters weren't much better.

But business was still business and a client was still a client, even if they wouldn't know a good plot twist if it came down and knocked their stupid hat off. And for some strange reason even the occasional dust-up wasn't enough to stop Adris from bringing them work from time to time, and the two bonded over less contentious subjects like cooking or brawling. So when Captain Johnai brought word of a cargo freighter in port looking for a mechanic, Karan tentatively put his name forward... and to his surprise, managed to secure his place aboard the Merry Widow (though in retrospect, he suspected Captain Shyrla had brought him aboard as much for his skill in the galley as in the engineering bay).

His first foray amidst the stars was taxing, exhausting and ultimately exhilarating. He may have been traveling in a clanker held together more by the captain's stubborn refusal to let go rather than any feat of engineering, but all of that was forgotten the first time he set foot on another world and beheld a sky he was not born under. Space had sunk its hooks into him, and he wanted to see more, do more, be more. Each time he finished a tour with one crew he'd find another one, preferably one going off in a different direction than the one he'd just been on. Eventually this course put him aboard Captain Krive's Bold Endeavor, which despite the name was really more of a workhorse of a heavy freighter specializing in deep space mining, construction and occasional demolition and salvage work.

One day Captain Krive informed them that they had been contracted to mine out an asteroid belt and use its resources in the construction of station in the Pelan Arm on behalf of the Zhin Conglomerate. Such a station could be used to open up trade routes between the arms. As part of the deal they'd be hosting a corporate team to oversee construction and engineering, led by one Abidae Zhintel.

It was the first time Karan had encountered the drow.

It wasn't anything resembling a shock- he'd met plenty of elven variants before and it would take more than skin color and night vision to perturb him. And Abidae was nothing if not gracious both as a guest and a host in return. Perceptive, educated, well-traveled, the two could swap stories of worlds they'd visited or the adventures they'd heard of, or join the others in the makeshift cantina at the end of the shift for a round or two of drinks and cards (or at least, they could until word got around that the drow was an excellent card player). The mining went well and the construction proceeded swimmingly, even ahead of schedule.

It was a curious day (or whatever passed for it in the depths of space) when Karan followed Abidae to a meeting between Captain Krive and the rest of the Zhin management team. The captain delivered the progress report with pride and gusto, and there were smiles and congratulations all around... and then Abidae informed the Captain that they would no longer be needing the Endeavor's services for the next cycle, and that the final touches would be carried out by a Conglomerate crew. Captain Krive was less than thrilled by the loss of what had previously been a substantial contract, and wouldn't relent until Abidae promised a sizeable bonus for the captain and crew, a glowing review and several contacts for well-paying work elsewhere.

Morale among the crew was mixed for the next two days as they gathered up their gear and decamped from the station that had become both work and home for the past year. Karan was among the last to board, opting to instead say his final goodbyes to the drow and linger until Captain Krive had received their final payment from Abidae and the Zhin team. It was nice to know that even a professional like Abidae Zhintel looked a bit sad about their departure.

After receiving the case of credits from the drow, Krive immediately opened it up to double-check the final count. Then there came a flash of light from the viewport behind them.

Karan whirled and saw the Bold Endeavor venting air through several gaping holes in the hull. Then came the next wave of detonations.

He turned back and saw that the Zhin team was armed to the last and advancing up them. Thinking quickly he grabbed the closest thing at hand, his multibeams, a variable-energy construction tool that could be used for a variety of purposes such as cutting or welding and soldering. And in the hands of man that had spent a lifetime building and dismantling machinery as well as a few years learning the odd fighting tricks from spacers, they could work just as well on people.

It was horrible.

He lost sight of Captain Krive in the ensuing melee and made a desperate escape through the station, eventually commandeering one of the supply shuttles. It was a long, slow limp back to Plisean space, only to find out that the Vular Imperium had arrived in force. And there was a warrant out for him for terrorism and corporate sabotage.

And thus Karan Shaedar became a rebel. Part of it was about making a stand against the encroaching tyrants who steal life, liberty, joy, and the stars from people, but there's a part of him that does it because he just wants to know why this all happened the way it did.

It didn't have to be this way.

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Thank you everyone for your interest! After a very hard decision, I'm going to go with K Prime with Kacht-ka!

Jun 21, 2006

Nice guy.
Tries hard.
Loves hot dogs The Game.

Did some retooling, so here is my new sheet

May 19, 2011

Everything by design.

New PDF sheet.

Dec 17, 2008

Links to my .pdf sheet are in my combat block and my post header. It is also here.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Level 4 sheet. Picked Boots of Rapid Motion and bought Belt of Vigor, retrained Chill Wind to Magic Stones(fluff: bullets from a gun!!!), got the feat Disciple of Stone(fluff: more chems.)

Zivilyn Dariox  						 
HP: 41/41		AC:	18	Passive Insight: 22
Surges: 8/8 (V: 11)	For:	16	Passive Perception: 24
Initiative: +13		Ref:	18	Action Points: 1
Speed: 7		Will:	20      Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven	

At Will			Encounter	           Daily
Magic Stones		[ ] Second Wind            [ ] Lightning Arc(E)
Jolt of Lightning(E)	[ ] Wall of Smoke          [ ] Serpentskin(Item)
Pounce                  [ ] Tundra Wind(E)         [ ] Feyswarm(Item)
Wild Shape                                         [ ] Lesser Restoration
                                                   [ ] Rapid Motion(Item)
                                                   [ ] Flame Bracers(Item)
Animal Messenger
Comprehend Language

Implement: +10(E) or +9
Melee: +11, 1d8+2
Ranged: +7, 1d10+2
Crits: +1d6 Fire and Daze

Staff Expertise: Implement Powers do not provoke OAs
Agile Form: Always Shift 1 when entering or exiting Wild Shape
Wild Step: Ignore Difficult Terrain when Shifting
Berserker: Ignore OAs provoked when Charging
Rapid Motion: If Slowed, roll a Save to end it (Encounter)
Primal Wrath: +1 Attack to Elemental Powers (+E)
Superior Reflexes: CA against all Enemies on first turn
Group Awareness: +1 Perception to Allies within 5 Squares
Disc of Stone: Gain 5 THP on Healing Surge use
Sense Threat: Use Perception for Initiative
Grant +2 Initiative to Allies that roll lower within 10 Squares

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Shifting gears to a Predator build.

Zivilyn Dariox  						 
HP: 55/55		AC:	20	Passive Insight: 23
Surges: 8/8 (V: 14)	For:	18	Passive Perception: 25
Initiative: +15		Ref:	22	Action Points: 1
Speed: 8		Will:	23      Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven	

At Will			Encounter	           Daily
Magic Stones		[ ] Second Wind            [ ] Faerie Fire
Jolt of Lightning(E)	[ ] Thorn Spray            [ ] Vine Serpents
Grasping Claws          [ ] Verdant Bounty         [ ] Thunderwave(Item)
Wild Shape              [ ] Quills                 [ ] Factorum(Item)
                        [ ] Camouflage Cloak       [ ] Pouncing Beast(Item)
                        [ ] Bloodspray Bite        [ ] Rapid Motion(Item)
                        [ ] Takedown Strike

Implement: +11, +2d8 Thunder on Crit
Melee: +13, 1d8+4
Ranged: +13, 1d8+2

Staff Expertise: Implement Powers do not provoke OAs
Agile Form: Always Shift 1 when entering or exiting Wild Shape
Wild Step: Ignore Difficult Terrain when Shifting
Berserker: Ignore OAs provoked when Charging
Rapid Motion: If Slowed, roll a Save to end it (Encounter)
World Serpent's Grasp: Prone the Slowed
Superior Reflexes: CA against all Enemies on first turn
Group Awareness: +1 Perception to Allies within 5 Squares
Cunning Stalker: Gain CA against Adjacent solo Enemies
Sense Threat: Use Perception for Initiative
Grant +2 Initiative to Allies that roll lower within 10 Squares

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!

Stoaga's been revealed to be a space wind vampire!!! Or alternatively, "a people who don't take in sunlight for any cellular process, reducing the rate of regenerative burnout, but also no protection against exposure to sunlight." Also she swapped her stuff for a Devastating Ki Focus (L5, D398), Bracers of Archery (L6, AV), a Belt of Nourishment (L7, AV2), and an Ornament of Alertness (L8, AV). You can find the Windlord theme in Heroes of the Elemental Chaos. Also, have a few other things.

• As a general rule of thumb, Stoaga will use Reactive Shift in response to an enemy getting adjacent to and ending their turn next to her.

• Relevant skills for fluff scenarios (IE skills above 10): Acrobatics (13), Athletics (10), Nature (14), Perception (20), and Stealth (13).

• Feats: Improved Defenses (Free), Melee Training (Dex) (Free), Ki Focus Expertise (Free), Crossbow Expertise (Free), Vampirism (L1), Weapon Proficiency (Superior Crossbow) (L2), Weapon Focus (Crossbow group) (L4), Alertness (L6).

Stoaga of the White Legs  						 
HP: 52/52		AC:	21	Passive Insight: 16
Surges: 4/4 (V: 13)	For:	16	Passive Perception: 30
Initiative: +20		Ref:	21	Action Points: 1
Speed: 7		Will:	18      Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial	

At Will			                      Encounter	                  Daily
Aimed Shot		               [ ] Second Wind             [ ] Ornament of Alertness (Item)
Clever Shot	                       [ ] Disruptive Shot         
Rapid Shot                             [ ] Disruptive Shot         
Seeking Falcon Stance                  [ ] Disruptive Shot                
Dancing Serpent Stance                 [ ] Invigorating Stride      
Lone Wolf Stance                       [ ] Reactive Shift        
                                       [ ] Wind Fury Assault
                                       [ ] Protective Gale

Ranged: +15, 1d10+11, treat 1s and 2s on damage dice as 3, +1 on bloodied enemies, +2d8 on Crit

Stance Benefits:
Seeking Falcon: +2 Speed, +2 Perception, ignore Long Range penalty (On by default)
Dancing Serpent: +1 to attack and damage to enemy without allies adjacent, shift 1 at end of turn
Lone Wolf: +2 to hit bloodied enemies, automatically detect any bloodied creature within 5

Item Power: 
Ornament of Alertness (Daily, Minor): Enemies don't gain +2 to hit you from CA this encounter

Crossbow Hunter: Ignore Partial and Superior Cover, reload free
Ki Focus Expertise: +1 damage vs bloodied enemies
Alertness: +2 to Perception, Never Surprised
Ambush Expertise: +2 to Stealth to all allies within 10 after a Stealth check
Watchful Rest: No -5 penalty to Perception while taking an extended rest
Wilderness Tracker: Can roll Perception during short rest to track
Child of the Night: Don't age, don't need to breathe, Vulnerable 5 Radiant, weak to sunlight
Blood is Life: Can take a healing surge from a willing ally to heal for surge value
Belt of Nourishment: +3 to Endurance, don't have to eat.
Reactive Stealth: Can roll Stealth during Initiative with cover or concealment
Sense Threat: Use Perception for Initiative, +2 Initiative to Allies that roll lower within 10
Wild Step: Ignore Difficult Terrain when Shifting
Windlord: Elemental Origin, fly 1 additional square from any Flight source, Second Wind gains push 1

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May 19, 2011

Everything by design.

More teleports, more healing. Also a tattoo.

HP: 52/52 (THP: )        AC:   20    Passive Insight: 20
Surges: 7/7 (V: 13)      For:  16    Passive Perception: 18
Initiative: +4   	 Ref:  21    Action Points: 0
Speed: 6     	         Will: 22    Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, Elven

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Staggering Note         [ ] Cunning Ferocity                 [ ] Stirring Shout
Guiding Strike          [ ] Fey Step                         [ ] Swordmage Warding                 
                        [ ] Lesser Dimensional Step          [ ] Timeless Trek in Mithrendain
                        [ ][ ] Majestic Word     
                        [ ] Moment of Escape 
                        [ ] Prescient Warning
                        [ ] Revitalizing Incantation
                        [ ] Second Wind
                        [ ] Words of Friendship

Item Powers
[ ] Couters of Second Chances (Daily)
[ ] Eyes of Charming (Daily)
[ ] Mithrendain Steel Longsword (Daily)

Advantage of Cunning: Slide an adjacent enemy into a square vacated by the ally when using Virtue.
Amulet of Mental Resolve: +2 to saves against charm, illusion, sleep keywords.
Attract Attendants: Receive up to 3 people to do mundane tasks when in a place where you have fans.
Bardic Training: Perform one bardic ritual a day without expending components.
Bardic Wayfarer: Whenever I teleport an ally I can teleport as well. Majestic Word teleports instead of slides. 
Eladrin Swordmage Advance: Make a free MBA when you Fey Step.
Eladrin Will: +5 to save against charm effects.
Escape Tattoo: Whenever a non-minion deals damage with a crit, teleport 3 as a free action. 
Iliyanbruen Guardian: Whenever using fey step, take an adjacent ally. They teleport to a square adjacent to the destination.
Inescapable Longsword Each miss adds cumulative +1 to attack until I attack different target or hit.
Shoes of Waterwalking: Move on water as if it were solid ground (rough water is difficult terrain). 
Break through surface as a free action. 
Song of Rest: At the end of a short rest, you and allies add +4 to the hp of every healing surge spent.
Trance: Meditate aware for 4 hours instead of sleeping for a long rest.
Virtue of Cunning: When an enemy misses an ally within 9 squares, slide that ally as a free action 1/round.
Welcome Guest: Obtain room and board for yourself and up to 7 allies when in a place where you have fans.

Dec 17, 2008

No major build changes for Kvardek. He's still chunky and resilient but only mediocre at dealing damage. Soon...

Picked up level 5 Resplendent Gloves with money to help out with the damage on Eyes of the Vestige, then added Resplendent Boots (L6) and Belt of Sacrifice (L7) to fill out my paper doll. Upgraded my Staff of Ruin to +2 (L8), because even with inherent bonuses this item actually cares about the staff's enhancement bonus.

Took the theme Halaster's Clone to complete the robot package; oddly enough warforged are still susceptible to age and disease. Now Kvardek isn't. Most of the power swaps available for utility powers have a time theme that doesn't mesh well thematically, so I won't be taking those (with one big exception). It does remove one of the last reasons for me to ever roll Endurance, though, so I retrained it to Bluff.

For powers I swapped my U2 with the theme power My Body, Myself! as insurance against the worst status conditions and at the same time get ammo for Fortune Binding. Got another Vestige (D5), Dark One's Own Luck (U6) offers a daily reroll for when I absolutely must make that attack roll/saving throw/skill check, and Hero's Arrow (E7) offers some healing capabilities.

Didn't swap any feats out, but picked up Cursed Shot to make it easier to get Prime Shot and its delicious attack bonus.

HP: 61/61 (THP:-)	AC:   20    Passive Insight: 12
Surges: 10/10 (V: 11)	For:  19    Passive Perception: 12
Initiative: +5		Ref:  20    Action Points: 1
Speed: 6		Will: 17    Vision: Normal
Languages: Common
Save Bonuses: +2 vs. ongoing damage	
Status: Normal

Melee Basic: +12 vs. AC, 1d8+8 damage (+1d6 vs. cursed enemies) and slide target 1 square

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Eldritch Strike		[ ] Warforged Resolve		[ ] Vestige of Mt. Vaelis
Eyes of the Vestige	[ ] Second Wind                 [ ] Vestige of Xandor  
Warlock's Curse		[ ] Action Point 		[ ] Augury
			[ ] My Body, Myself! 		[ ] Dark One's Luck
			[ ] Alter Time
			[ ] Clarion Call
                    	[ ] Fortune Binding
			[ ] Hero's Arrow
Item Powers
Delver's Light (A)
[ ] Amulet of Resolution (D)
[ ] Armor of Dark Majesty (D)
[ ] Warsoul Dagger +1 (D)
[ ] Belt of Sacrifice (D)
[ ] Resplendent Boots (D)

Passive Bonuses:
Armor of Dark Majesty: Get +2 item bonus to all defenses vs. enemies cursed by you.
Resplendent Boots: Get a bonus vs. opportunity attacks equal to items in Resplendent set. (+2)
Staff Expertise: Don't take OAs from making ranged/area attacks in melee.
Warlock's Curse: Deal an additional 1d6 damage to cursed targets, gain Pact Boon when cursed
	target dies.
Warforged Resilience: +2 to savings throws vs. ongoing damage, use die roll or 10 for Death Saves.
Prime Shot: +1 to attack rolls if no allies are closer to target than you.
Cursed Shot: When determining Prime Shot, ignore adjacent, helpless, stunned, dominated, unconscious, or
	petrified allies.
Shadow Walk: Gain concealment (melee/ranged attacks against you get -2 to the attack roll) UEoYNT 
	if you move 3 squares or more during your turn.
Living Construct: No food/water/air required, ignore Endurance checks for starving/thirst/suffocation.
Halaster's Clone: Do not age, immune to diseases of your level and lower.
Bloodied Boon: When a cursed target is bloodied, you may remove your Warlock's Curse to get Pact Boon.
Vestige - Zutwa: When you hit with Eyes of the Vestige, get Prime Shot bonus on target UEoYNT.
Zutwa Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, your Prime Shot bonus becomes +3 UEoYNT.

If I am struck with the stun or dominate condition, I will use My Body, Myself! to remove that condition
	and gain dazed (save ends) instead at the cost of 1 healing surge.

Alternate Vestiges
Vestige - King Elidyr: When you hit with Eyes of the Vestige, one ally which hits the target before EoYNT
	can make a saving throw.
King Elidyr Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, one adjacent ally gets +2 to all defense UEoYNT.

Vestige - Mt. Vaelis: Eyes of the Vestige deals an additional 1d6 thunder damage.
Mt. Vaelis Pact Boon: When a cursed target dies, one other cursed enemy within 5 squares gains
	vulnerable 5 thunder UEoYNT.

Vestige - Xandor: Eyes of the Vestige deals an additional 1d8 psychic damage.
Xandor Pact Boon: When cursed target dies, make a saving throw or gain Con mod (4) temp HP.


K Prime
Nov 4, 2009

Kacht-ka continues down his path of blurred blades and destruction. Nothing surprising.

HP: 66/66 (THP: )	AC:   20    Passive Insight: 23
Surges: 6/6 (V: 16)	For:  21    Passive Perception: 23
Initiative: +6		Ref:  20    Action Points: 1
Speed: 7		Will: 19   Vision: Low Light
Languages: Common, Thri-Kreen
Save Bonuses: 
Status: None

Melee Basic: +13 vs. AC, 1d10+10 damage

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Twin Strike     	[ ] Thri-Kreen Claws		[ ] Jaws of the Wolf
Marauder's Rush 	[ ] Off-Hand Strike 		[ ] Frenzied Skirmish           
Agile Recovery		[ ] Action Point 
Hunter's Quarry		[ ] Disruptive Strike
Agile Recovery		[ ] Sohei Flurry
                        [ ] Serpentine Dodge
                        [ ] Flurry of Blows
                        [ ] Lashing Leaves

Item Powers
Gloves of Recovery (Daily) [ ] MBA on missed Melee Attack
Steadfast Amulet (Daily) [ ] Make saving throw against daze or stun, Reliable
Boots of the Fencing Master (Encounter) [ ] Shift 2
Coif of Mindiron (Encounter) [ ] Ignore daze from Will attack.

Passive Bonuses:
Multiple Arms: 1/turn draw or stow a weapon or item as a free action
Natural Jumper: Always have a running start when jumping
Torpor: 4 hours of torpor rather than sleeping
Running Attack: +1 to attack rolls during any standard action allowing movement
Heavy Blade Expertise: +2 to defenses against OAs
Harmony Blade: Make off-hand attack when critical hitting. When both this weapon 
and the off-hand weapon hit on the same turn, target takes -2 to attack rolls until EomNT
Farbond Spellblade: Can be used as a heavy thrown weapon range of 5/10. If I have
 Swordbond, I can call the blade from up to 1 mile away.
Predator's Hide Armor: When I hit a Quarry target, +1 bonus to all defenses against
 that target until EomNT
Bracers of Enforced Regret: When marked, +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls against 
the marker.
Blade Dancer Regalia: +set bonus to AC against Opportunity Attacks.

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