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Who is America's Next Top Mongrel?
This poll is closed.
Krustee 163 4.17%
Dog with Mailman Shoes 212 5.43%
Weedwolf 88 2.25%
Rusty 307 7.86%
Missile 170 4.35%
Kayak 407 10.42%
Loukanikos 566 14.49%
Rufus Wolf St. 138 3.53%
Dogface 235 6.01%
Ozzie 136 3.48%
Ivy 128 3.28%
Bella 143 3.66%
Rascal 224 5.73%
Gaston 152 3.89%
Boo 113 2.89%
Monty 280 7.17%
Andy 79 2.02%
Bear 182 4.66%
Maddie 184 4.71%
Total: 2004 votes
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pig slut lisa
Mar 5, 2012

irl is good

Welcome to the Something Awful Top Dog Tournament!

Please congratulate the finalists for the Something Awful Top Dog Tournament!

This thread is NOT the donation thread. That thread is here.

This thread is the final voting thread.

Questions and Answers
  • Should I post my vote in this thread?
    Votes only count if they're in the poll, but feel free to talk about your votes in this thread

  • Do I have to toxx to be able to vote in the voting thread?
    Nope! You are not required to donate to vote. You are only required to donate if you post in this donation toxx thread.

  • When does voting close?
    No earlier than the evening of Friday, March 24th

  • Where can I see all the nominees?
    Visit the individual subforums. I didn't collect them here because this thread was already enough work to format.

  • Who's a good boy?
    All of them

America's Next Top Mongrel Nominees

GBS: Krustee (nominated by Dinosaurmageddon)
Charity: New Harvest
Bio: Krustee - the rad as heck burgerpug - is from the alpha timeline.

PYF: Dog with mailman shoes (nominated by Mameluke)
Charity: Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Bio: This is my favourite dog.

BYOB: Weedwolf (nominated by Uxzuigal)
Charity: Camano Animal Shelter
Bio: Weedwolf is the chillest of all dogs, adopted by BYOB at Christmas 2016 he is the pinnacle of selective breeding, his favorite food is brownies!

Games: Rusty (nominated by Anidav)
Charity: RSPCA Australia/Animal Welfare League QLD
Bio: He is a good dog.

Let's Play: Missile (nominated by EponymousMrYar)
Charity: The Humane Society of the United States
Bio: Is good at barking, swapping positions of two similar-shaped objects and traversing through stable time loops (the slow way) to save his master because that's apparently what Good Doggies do.

Star Citizen: Kayak (nominated by Beet Wagon)
Charity: Bimini Biological Field Station
Bio: Kayak is a good dog because even though he got scared by a chicken thigh once he still goes on adventures and also if you take his sunglasses off he shoots red lasers out of his eyes like Cyclops (I made that part up).

C-SPAM: Loukanikos (nominated by wizard on a water slide)
Charity: Prison Pet Partnership
Bio: This is Loukanikos, the Greek "riot dog", who showed up to multiple protests over the course of several years in Athens. He died at home in 2014 at the age of ten, his health having been compromised by the various gasses and other nonlethal weapons used against protesters. There's a photo online of a pig kicking him. Loukanikos is the most C-SPAM dog, and my friend.

BFC: Rufus Wolf St. (nominated by Thoguh)
Charity: Animal Legal Defense Fund
Bio: He is a good dog because he is a very BFC dog.

YOSPOS: Dogface (nominated by graph and everyone in YOSPOS)
Charity: ASPCA
Bio: hes a very good boy

SAS: Ozzie (nominated by Athanatos)
Charity: Humane Society of Logan County, IL
Bio: He likes catfishing

Special Jury Selection: Ivy (nominated by bewbies in SAS)
Charity: The Bella Foundation
Bio: Ivy is a good dog because she was born without eyes due to some horrible irresponsible puppy mill operator but she still dogs as hard as any dog even though she often winds up running into things or stuck on top of things (as she is here).

Rowdy Ringsports: Bella (nominated by Writer Cath)
Charity: Lincoln County Humane Society
Bio: Bella's big, and wants to be your friend.

AI: Rascal (nominated by funny star wars parody)
Charity: Detroit Dog Rescue
Bio: Rascal is a good boy because he fights the temptation of his wild husky side by giving into his lazy Labrador side and sleeping a lot

PI: Gaston (nominated by where the red fern gropes)
Charity: Kaarakin
Bio: he owns my yard and won't leave

TFR: Boo (nominated by Sixgun Strumpet)
Charity: Quail Forever
Bio: Like Paxton and Rickman, too good for this world, you were a bit of an awkward teenager, and fascinated by gun related stuff, you loved shoes but you were a biter, you were a good little bird.

GIP: Monty (nominated by Zeris)
Charity: Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
Bio: A work of posting art

CineD: Andy (nominated by X-Ray Pecs)
Charity: \_(ツ)_/
Bio: Andy's a good boy who stole the hearts of action fans worldwide as Daisy, the dog John Wick (Keanu Reeves) received as a gift from his late wife

BBV: Bear (nominated by Black Baby Goku)
Charity: Snow Leopard Trust
Bio: He watches Coen brother films with me and laughs at the "cut off your Johnson" scene in lebowski as do I.

CC: Maddie (nominated by neongrey)
Charity: D'Arcy's Animal Rescue Center
Bio: She loves belly rubs and licking your hand and chasing things you throw for her and being terribly excited to see you when you get home and I believe these things qualify her not only as a dog, but as best dog.

Finally, please spare a thought for Icarus, the very good dog of forums poster Nostalgia4Dogges, who was recently struck by a car and killed. RIP to this good dog, and all the good dogs from everywhere who are now wagging in heaven.

pig slut lisa fucked around with this message at Mar 21, 2017 around 02:12


pig slut lisa
Mar 5, 2012

irl is good

P.S. Big thanks to the PYF mods for offering to host the finals!

rumble in the bunghole
Feb 25, 2011

This Australia Day I would like to give thanks for a worldwide return to sanity, as demonstrated by President Trump, Brexit, Senators Hanson and Leyonhjelm, One Nation outpolling the Greens, and the the demodding of EM.

Not a good time to be a rabid leftist lol.

Toilet Rascal

Tough choices but I think it's gotta be Kayak for me.

Nov 1, 2005

by zen death robot

OP, Mod, WTF?

Hand Knit
Oct 24, 2005

Beer Loses more than a game Sunday ...
We lost our Captain, our Teammate, our Friend Kelly Calabro...
Rest in Peace my friend you will be greatly missed..

Just look at how drat chill Ozzie is.

Liquid Communism
Mar 9, 2004

At least we didn't cook the dog.

Fun Shoe

I find myself deeply disappointed in the dog identification skills of some of our subforums.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few Good Dogs up there!

Dec 30, 2012

~~ Immortan-senpai
noticed me!!! ~~

Voting the gently caress out of rascal.

Aug 16, 2012

it's a cool place

Voting for rascal

holocaust bloopers
Dec 30, 2010

Thanks Ape Pussy!

Voting for Monty!!!

Beet Wagon
Oct 19, 2015

Lipstick Apathy

Vote Kayak imo

Feb 11, 2008

(Thought-ful Croak)

Aug 16, 2012

it's a cool place

I made some gifs from videos in my phone, hopefully u guys enjoy them!

Sep 23, 2003


Fun Shoe

Vote Ivy! Best blind and deaf double dapple dachshund in the world!

bewbies fucked around with this message at Mar 20, 2017 around 15:38

Clamps McGraw
May 6, 2009

The Deadliest Crotch

Grimey Drawer

A vote for Monty is a vote for FREEDOM

Oct 25, 2007

The right to bear arms

funny Star Wars parody posted:

I made some gifs from videos in my phone, hopefully u guys enjoy them!

Voting for Rascal because he is a double good dog

crazy cloud
Nov 7, 2012

Wow, cool. What?

Lipstick Apathy

Loukanikos the Antifa Dogg is the best but all of these dogs are good dogs

an actual dog
Nov 18, 2014

Dog, dog! Er, I mean, bark, bark!

The nice thing about a checkbox poll is that you can vote for all dogs

got any sevens
Feb 9, 2013

Only the smallest QB can ascend.

Polls discriminate against app users

Gunshow Poophole
Sep 14, 2008

Wear the hat
And get with that
Oppressive Bigotry


Clapping Larry

A serious case of leg deficiency has won my heart, go dogface go

Nov 2, 2010

Who's a little boy now?

Grimey Drawer

oh poo poo that's a lot of good dogs

Fister Roboto
Feb 21, 2008

Fully functional and programmed in multiple techniques.

Clamps McGraw posted:

A vote for Monty is a vote for FREEDOM

Jul 1, 2007

One day nearer spring

bark madness

Mar 4, 2009

Ham Wrangler

crooked rascal

Sep 1, 2011

I'm Pickle Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

Clamps McGraw posted:

A vote for Monty is a vote for FREEDOM

Dec 30, 2008


Lipstick Apathy

one like = 1 vote
one reply = 5 vote
one share = 10 votes

Jimmy Hats
May 8, 2012

yeah that was pretty good

500 good dogs
Jan 2, 2017

Let's just stop paying rent altogether... and see what happens...

Nov 6, 2005

Good egg

Voted the hell out of Rascal, but Ivy and her terrible luck of being born into a puppymill

Jul 14, 2009


Clamps McGraw posted:

A vote for Monty is a vote for FREEDOM

boop the snoot
Jun 3, 2016
Can't post for 6 hours!

voted for the Montster (bka Monty)

redneck nazgul
Apr 25, 2013

Clamps McGraw posted:

A vote for Monty is a vote for FREEDOM

Aug 16, 2012

it's a cool place

Rascal would like to thank everyone for their votes and also remind u that all dogs are Good Dogs

Sep 17, 2006

One big, stumpy family

Dogface is thrilled to see so many people voting, and would like to further remind you that

funny Star Wars parody posted:

all dogs are Good Dogs

(also pictured above is Refurb, who is not thrilled about anything that doesn't involve food)

Woof Blitzer
Dec 29, 2012

Lipstick Apathy

TBeats posted:

voted for the Montster (bka Monty)

Jesus christ how horrifying

Nov 9, 2004


Rascal is best dog

Jul 24, 2007

Why was it multi choice

Professor Bling
Nov 12, 2008

Clamps McGraw posted:

A vote for Monty is a vote for FREEDOM

wizard on a water slide
Aug 20, 2005

Clamps McGraw posted:

A vote for Loukanikos is a vote for FREEDOM

Jan 16, 2007

Grimey Drawer

Jose posted:

Why was it multi choice

Because All Dogs Good Dogs


Beet Wagon
Oct 19, 2015

Lipstick Apathy

This seems like a great excuse to post more dogges.

Kayak is good because when he was a baby he couldn't understand chicken

He is a dog of action!

He also helped me clean up in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew!

It was still a little windy...

A vote for Kayak is a vote for an extremely good dog (but so is a vote for every dog tbh)

Beet Wagon fucked around with this message at Mar 20, 2017 around 22:21

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