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chickie nugs for brekkie
May 17, 2010

It predates reggae and gave Jamaica a musical identity.


Nov 23, 2015

Treadmill? What's that? Is that some kind of cake?

Thats not the kind of ska people are talking about when they say they hate it

chickie nugs for brekkie
May 17, 2010

Sponge Baathist
Jan 30, 2010

OP you gotta pick up your thread making game. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up.

a bone to pick
Sep 14, 2011

what are you talking about OP everyone loves ska

chickie nugs for brekkie
May 17, 2010

Skankin the night away ◼️◻️◼️◻️

chickie nugs for brekkie fucked around with this message at Mar 20, 2017 around 13:55

ra tehuti
Feb 9, 2017
Thoth is protecting
my flesh entirely
I am Ra
day every
Seer of millions of years
is my name
traveling twice
along the way of
Horus the Judge

I am the lord of eternity
I feel
I perceive
I am in the utchat in it's closing
I exist by it's strength
I come forth and I shine
I go in and I come to life

ska does not predate reggae

chickie nugs for brekkie
May 17, 2010

Stoner says wha

spank my snatch
Jun 4, 2009

Do people still hate ska? I thought no one gave a poo poo anymore.

fishing with the fam
Feb 29, 2008

"No, mom loves me more!"
Either way, Archie will NEVER be impressed.

If you want people to give a poo poo about your dumb music, give it a less dumb name.

a bone to pick
Sep 14, 2011

fishing with the fam posted:

If you want people to give a poo poo about your dumb music, give it a less dumb name.

tell that to hip-hop

Robot Randy
Dec 31, 2011


the owner of the pizza place i worked for looks like he didnt make the cut for a ska band and pizza was his backup and he now uses it to take out his self hatred for his failure on his employees

Hector Beerlioz
Jun 16, 2010

aw, hec

Idk what ska is

chickie nugs for brekkie
May 17, 2010

<FuriousC> listening to music no one else cares about doesnt make you cool, its just means you're a ska fan

Jan 21, 2007

Hector Beerlioz posted:

Idk what ska is

Its a sex act

Feb 4, 2013

Cake is not ska.

dad gay. so what
Feb 18, 2003

by zen death robot

if you listen to ska you are probably severely mentally ill, OP

Hector Beerlioz
Jun 16, 2010

aw, hec

Don't try to fool me I've had sex before

Extra Large Marge
Jan 21, 2004

third place is still pretty damn good

Fun Shoe

Wearing checkered Keds and a fedora is no way to get people to like you.

Iron Crowned
May 6, 2003

Even in death I still post

Yams Fan

Ska is bad music for bad people, that's why everyone hates it

Dec 3, 2005

Mmmm, You smell like Lysol Wipes.

Ska is fine in the same way that Angler Fish are fine. Because almost no one on the planet will have to deal with either of those things in the process of going about their daily lives.

dad gay. so what
Feb 18, 2003

by zen death robot

i like to skank my pickle. im white.

That Robot
Sep 16, 2004

ask me anything about robots


it sounds like injured dogs being beaten in a sack

med school head
Apr 17, 2012

bruce likes ska

Nov 7, 2012

No one hates ska, they just hate assholes who won't shut up about their ska band

Jerry Mumphrey
Mar 10, 2004
Can't post for 4114 days!


other people
Jun 27, 2004
Associate Christ

i c u

Aug 15, 2015


Horns are dumb and should only be used sparingly and sparsely in dub. It's like getting a pizza that's just covered in olives.

Wicker Man
Sep 5, 2007

Just like Columbus...

Grimey Drawer

Too many pretentious white people get into it.

a misanthrope
Jun 21, 2010
Can't post for 4111 days!

lol this thread

Who What Now
Sep 10, 2006

Like all music Ska was ruined by white people.

...and the pitch!
Jul 13, 2007

Hating any music is just being negative for no reason.

Jan 8, 2008

Grimey Drawer

Jk ska fuckin rules. Streetlight Manifesto/BotAR especially. Not as big of a fan of Toh Kay's solo stuff, though.

berth ell pup
Mar 20, 2017

Ska is okay but ska-flavored new wave (e.g. Oingo Boingo) is Real Good.

Hector Beerlioz
Jun 16, 2010

aw, hec

I hate all music except rap and country

...and the pitch!
Jul 13, 2007

Hector Beerlioz posted:

I hate all music except rap and country

The switcheroo!

Squashing Machine
Jul 5, 2005

I need this
This is my job
I'm the ass replacer

ska bad

Jim Barris
Aug 13, 2009

My gay gather calculated emotional damage into monies and found it to be five dollars worth

So what, the number was pulled out of a hat.

Boy I guess the OP and I are similarly confused cause neither of these bands are ska... right?

Jul 28, 2003

Not understanding why ska is bad is the same kind of brain problem that leads to liking ska op, so I don't think this is explainable to those that need it the most.


Pawn 17
Dec 17, 2000

expect attention, newbie

Because all of those super awkward and weird band kids love ska, and watching them skank is the most embarrassing thing ever.

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