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Feb 20, 2012

Night-vision Goggles Equipped!

So in ten days I'm going to be traveling outside Canada for basically the second time in my life, flying to Richmond. The way there doesn't have me worried, since I know I'll pre-clear with US customs at my airport (YYC in Calgary) and my layover at JFK in New-York is two and a half hours anyways.

The return trip a week later has me worried though. I'll be flying Richmond to Boston to JFK to Calgary. My Layover at JFK the second go around is only an hour and fifteen minutes, which I know is already tight just to navigate the airport. Will I get screened by Canadian customs at this point, or will it happen earlier in the flight path? I'm incredibly worried about missing my flight home and being stuck in New York. I'm already planning on just packing carry-on if I can simply to reduce travel cost so hopefully that can speed it up a little.


i fly airplanes
Sep 6, 2010

Richmond Virginia?

You haven't given us enough details. What carrier are you flying?

Also, if your itinerary was sold to you as a single ticket, the airline is responsible for you if you misconnect. If they think the connection is doable, then it probably is. Canadian immigration is done when you land at YYC, there is no preclearance for Canada.

EDIT: YYC-JFK is probably Westjet, but JFK-RIC is probably Delta. Delta operates from both Terminal 4 and 2, so if you're lucky, it's the same building. Otherwise you have to take the "Jitney" at T4 to T2 that comes every 5 or 10 minutes.

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Feb 20, 2012

Night-vision Goggles Equipped!

One itinerary, all through Delta, and yes Richmond Virginia. I was unaware that the clearance would be done once I'm back in Calgary, and that's a pretty big worry off my mind.

The flights in and out of Calgary are on WestJet planes. but the ticket was sold through Delta.

Thanks for the advice. I'm completely new to flying so I'm all kinds of nervous about it, but it sounds like barring delays there will be enough time for me to get to the next flight.

Fleta Mcgurn
Oct 5, 2003

Who has two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn't cried once today? This moi!

Don't worry. US Customs has (and deserves) a bad rep, but I doubt you'll encounter any troubles.

JFK frequently has late takeoffs, too, so you might actually get a bit more time than you thought. If you're really nervous about your transfer, tell an attendant on your flight or the ticket agent when you check in. They might have some advice and may be able to help you make your transfer. I flew from Beijing to Barcelona a couple months ago and had a 40-minute window to transfer planes in Munich. Of course, we were late coming in. I let the flight attendants know and they were already aware of the situation and had someone waiting in Munich to escort all four of us making that same transfer.

Flight attendants and check-in people are really awesome and generally helpful. Like I love flight attendants sososososo much because they are usually people-pleasers as well as safety professionals, linguists, and balancing artists. Don't be afraid to let people know if there's anything you're unsure about; you won't be a pest as long as you're not demanding and it's better to fly with a clear mind and be relaxed as possible.

Jan 5, 2006
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Fleta Mcgurn posted:

Don't worry. US Customs has (and deserves) a bad rep, but I doubt you'll encounter any troubles.

On the other hand, pre-clearance at YYC through the new international terminal is now one of the least painful border crossing experiences you'll ever have. Most of it is done by a machine, and then you hand a little printed ticket to the customs agent, who might ask you a question or two.

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