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Apr 30, 2012

Strike Command : The Commandering

Strike Commander was released by Chris Roberts in 1993 to much acclaim and some total radness. The entire premise revolved around you using your F16's to fly mercenary missions while keeping the books balanced. You go to do awesome stuff like visit people on your base and choose weapons loadouts and fly missions in a pixelated landscapes.

Command : Modern Air Naval Operations (CMANO) is published by WarfareSims and models modern air and naval combat unlike anything else on the market. It simulates radar, flight mechanics, weapons performance, thermal ocean layering, and drat near anything that could impact combat operations. It's kind of groggy but also pretty drat approachable. We've got everything from 1946 Wildcats to hypothetical Chinese stealth fighters. Want boats? We got it. Want submarines? gently caress yah. Want an obscure Chilean helicopter from 1964? It's probably there.

This Let's Play is Strike Commander in theme but CMANO as our engine. You won't be flying the jets. You'll be telling a squadron of mish mashed poo poo where to fly, what to bomb, and how to do it. On top of that you'll be choosing our financials. Do we buy those used Egyptian MIG-23's for a song or do we save up for some old F-18's? You'll need some ground and support units, and of course, you'll need to pick the missions.

Because at the end of the day it's all about keeping this sorry operation running. You will decide the fate of this endeavour.

You are the shareholders, executives, and tactical commanders of Strike Command : The Commandering

The game will be broken down into phases. First you'll vote on the airframes from a list of possible choices. Some are cheap, some are expensive. Then you'll pick some support options. Then it'll be mission time. The world is full of hot spots and angry people with money.

Lastly will be the mission itself. We'll see what works best to define the flight paths and mission protocols but I'd like to leave as much of it to you guys. Then I'll build the mission in CMANO, run it, and upload a video. The game has time compression so you'll only get the good bits.

Finally will be mission complete, an AAR, and the payday! Then, if this is all fun, we'll do another round. You'll need to not drive us into bankruptcy.

Regarding missions : If you choose to help evil dictators certain munitions options will go away. But other ones might appear. The same if you choose to do stuff that the US/NATO/UN/EURO doesn't care about, or you side with them. The choices you make will have a direct impact on the financial future of this endeavour. Choose wisely.

After a brief period of US isolationism the world got itself into a shitfit. Wars are no longer being fought in buttfuckistan by major operators but across the globe in many, many regions. Now with a reduced budget, and a desire to keep taxes down, the US has sanctioned a bunch of Private Military Contractors.

(That's us BTW)

With the defunding of NATO congress has decided to make these PMC's earn each buck instead of just pissing it away in procurement. There's a midterm election coming and by god the senator from Kentucky cannot have a tax increase. Similar situations have occured throughout Europe. In a nutshell it's like Ayn Rand wrote the military defense budget.

Fortunately there's pockets of stability. Unfortunately most of the rest of the world poo poo in a bag and lit it on fire.

In 2019 China invaded Taiwan, or rather tried to. A fierce missile battle ended with the Taiwanese launching a tactical nuclear warhead into the Chinese invasion staging area. An hour later they launched a second missile that airburst over Guangzhou. The Taiwanese not only had managed to design and manufacture there own subs but also had retrieved some warheads from K-219 near Bermuda.

In the ensuing months China broke apart as a nation as the economy collapsed. Today there is everything from rampant capitalists to staunch Maoists. Beijing is trying to bring it all back together but it's a damned mess. In many areas it's unclear who's really in charge.

The Taiwanese subs were suspiciously close to a variant of the US Navy. Speculation was that the US assisted the Taiwanese in designing the subs as conventional missile subs and they had no idea of the Taiwanese nuclear capabilities.

In this same area North Korea is making GBS threads on South Korea but open hostilities haven't started. Yet.

Russia in the East is a province of its own that as long as it supplies raw materials to Russia in the West, no one asks any questions. Oddly enough the fishing fleets in this area have proven to be the greatest source of friction as everyone is out to harvest those waters.

India and Pakistan haven't tossed nukes at each other but Kashmir is still a sticking point. It was an autonomous UN zone for about a week and then the shitstorm hit. For now it's a no mans land that no country dares claim. Tibet is in the midst of a rebirth, though China still has the hammer down.

Eastern Europe is simply the unstable zone. Russia, unable to conquer it all militarily, has instead sought to destabilize the zone economicaly, militarily, and culturally. Romania skirmishes with Bulgaria. Ukraine and Poland went at it. The Balkan states are just a huge basket of gently caress no. Estonia leads up the anti-Russian league but lacks anyone with any muscle to back it up. For now Russia is satisfied to just create the chaos.

The Former Yugoslav states have merged into an odd economic zone that purchased all of Greece's debt from Germany. Now they manufacture weapons for sale to damned near everyone else. Greece is poor but mostly stable. Though a good deal of Greek nationalists are foaming at the mouth for independence.

Turkey still stands but drat near everything near her is a dumpster fire. Iran and the Saudi's came to blows once and both sides were completely embarrassed by the UAE Air Force. The UAE is the only stabilizing force at the moment and if they pull back it'll go to poo poo.

North Africa has settled into a staging point for everyone to get the gently caress out and to Europe. Italy is the main collection point to send them all back. We won't get into the rest of the details of Africa right now. But reserves of rare earth metals there have proven to eclipsed even the demand, and cruelty, for mining diamonds.

South and Central America is a playground for the CIA and DEA. PMC operations in that area are discouraged unless sanctioned. As of now the lithium deposits in Chile and Bolivia make those countries like Saudi Arabia was in the 1980's. Rich.

Please see below for the Hired Goons current location, order of battle, and roster. Episode highlights are linked below. Anyone can join in, no knowledge necessary (trust me), just toss your name down for a future pilot seat.

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Apr 30, 2012


Current Location : Diori Hamani International Airport, Niger

Asset List

F-15I Eagle QTY - 12
SU-24M2 Fencer QTY - 12
Safran Patroller Drone QTY - 3
HELLAD 10kw Laser QTY - 1
AN-TPS80 Gator QTY - 1

Pilot Roster and Log

Guides - Or what the gently caress is an AGM-85 HARM-D ALARM IFR IRIST

Supplier Chosen & Name : Hired Goons
Operating Expenses and Weapons Inventory
Mission Area Options #1
Mission Operatives
Mission #1
Jack the Lobbyist Updates the Team
Operation SeaFood Buffet
Political Update
Status Update
Operation Max Profits
Max Profit AAR
General Krishna Update
Operation Strict Parenting

End of Tibet Operations News Clip

Procurement Phase #1
Areas of Operation
Faction Details
Procurement Complete

Theater - Angola : Count Vidas Von Hoff
Other Mercs in Angola
Operation First Impressions
Operation Black Diamond
Black Diamond Post Mortem
Operation Grognard
Current Aircraft Roles After Grognard
Grognard Post Mortem
Operation Golgotha
Golgotha Post Mortem
Operation Gatecrasher
Mission 6 Voting
Operation Finest Hour

Procurement Complete
Next Theaters of Operation
Bering Sea Factions
Dogmocracy for Faction

Wild Willie's Thunderdome
Voting on Mission 1
Voting Results and Intel
Thunderdome (bumfight) Results!
Operation HalfAss
Operation Dutch Harpoon
Post Dutch Harpoon Update
Operation History Maker
History Maker Post Mission Update
Operation Poor Life choices & Post Op
Russian Intel Dump
Operation Ultima Weapon

Theater Teaser and Voting
Theater Voting
Mission #1 Planning
Mission #1 Voting
Ground Mercs
Operation We Didn't Start The Fire
Mission #2 Choices
Mission #2 Voting Results
Mission #2 Basics
Operation Sunglasses at Night
Employer Choice Vote
Mission #3 Planning
Operation Catlike Tread
Operation Minimal Effort
Operation Balkan Shield Part Nje
Operational Balkan Shield Part Dr
Post Mission Update
Balkan Procurement!
Procurement Results
Operation Somewhat Precise (Recon)
Mission 8 : Nougat Negative

Procurement Draft
Balkans 2.0 Procurement #1
Balkans 2.0 Procurement Conclusion & Theater Update
Mission #1 Situation
Mission #1 Voting Conclusion
Mission #2 : Operation Dance Card
Theater Update
HGSS Liquid Asset Kills a Container Ship

Hired Goons 2.0 Procurement

Theater Brief
Fighter Procurement
Strike Procurement
Support Procurement
Ground Asset Procurement
Theater Choice
Ground Mercs
First Mission Choice

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May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Neutrality Assured PMC, Klaus and Petersen. I'm less familiar with their munitions so it'll be fun seeing that compared to the usual US and Russian kits.

Cathode Raymond
Dec 30, 2015

My antenna is telling me that you're probably wrong about this.
Soiled Meat
I used to love Strike Commander! But I was so bad at it.

I have to look over the equipment choices but I think our squadron should be called The Shrieking Deadbirds.

Feb 11, 2014

Klaus and Petersen is my vote, though I'm tempted by the Ivanov offering so we can leave people wondering what Russian gunships are doing there.

Jun 4, 2011

I'm 😤 not a 🦸🏻‍♂️hero...🧜🏻

I vote for the most P.C. name for a gang of cutthroat mercenaries, The Romantic Businessmen.

Nov 11, 2004

Dynamic instability during transition.
This is awesome!

I vote that we please the Senator from Ohio, and buy 'Murican from Broadstreet Ford, Lincoln, and Military. Looking into the future, the US platforms support a wider range of weaponry and spare parts for old F-16s are plentiful. Well worth the premium today, I think.

Is there any way we could negotiate for some JDAMs now? While our expensive fair-weather friend the Paveway is nice for the occasional moving target on a clear day, GPS-guided bombs can be dropped on stationary targets from high altitude with accuracy, even on a cloudy day. I can see us bombing lots of mud huts in the future.

Apr 30, 2012

Tetraptous posted:

Is there any way we could negotiate for some JDAMs now?

Possibly yes. This initial loadout is to get us started. However we can definitely do a "special delivery" depending on mission specifics.

Planes are individually modeled, so you can claim a plane. If you want one just let me know your callsign!

Now we'll know when Goony McGoonFace dies to a 1950's era SAM.

Oct 5, 2010

Lipstick Apathy
*hums Strike Commander theme*

A vote for Broadstreet Ford, Lincoln, and Military because can this really be Strike Commander without some F-16's shot-up with so much 9-mike that they'll rip apart on the first high-G turn?

Davin Valkri
Apr 8, 2011

Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD
Gripens! Gripens! GRIPENS! (Klaus and Petersen)

Also I wanna be the good guys. This world sucks enough and we don't need to add to its woes. To that end I propose an appropriately "chivalric" name, the Pegasus Knights.

EDIT: Also also put me in a plane! I love CMANO but I suck at it, so call me something appropriately derogatory like Unicorn or Rook.

Davin Valkri fucked around with this message at 16:32 on Mar 29, 2017

Sep 11, 2016

History shows, again and again, how nature points out the folly of man.
Klaus and Petersen for the finest assault rifles whose barrels can't withstand the heat generated by firing and so the muzzles warp and the gun becomes uselessly inaccurate and most cutting edge tech that Europe has to offer!

Oct 31, 2011
Broadstreet Ford, Lincoln, and Military without a doubt. Look, the F-16 is not only better than most of those other birds, but it's versatile. CAP? Check. CAS? Check. SEAD? Check. Strike missions? Check. We get a half dozen planes in one, and we get ten of them.

Sign me up as a pilot, callsign DSM!

May 21, 2008

In the end, his dominion did not touch a single poster.

Chris Roberts was a visionary.

Aug 3, 2014
Vote for Klaus and Petersen

We will get Viggens and we will go LOW AND FAST

If possible I'd like to claim a CAS aircraft, callsign Mud Mover

As for the name of the PMC, I'd like something that sounds totally harmless like Bespoke Solutions Inc

Neutrality Assured is fine too

Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!
Klaus and Petersen

For the name, we should go for something business-like and respectable. We're on the stock market, after all!

Dr. Snark
Oct 15, 2012

I'M SORRY, OK!? I admit I've made some mistakes, and Jones has clearly paid for them.
But ma'am! Jones' only crime was looking at the wrong files!
I beg of you, don't ship away Jones, he has a wife and kids!

-United Nations Intelligence Service

Now this looks like it's going to be a fun ride. All things considered I'm erring towards Klaus and Petersen because Gripens never get enough love and they're the only company willing to sell us a proper AWACS plane. got it. We shall be Hired Goons.

As for planes, I'd like to request that I be given whatever recon/sensor plane we get under the callsign Tourist.

Aug 22, 2015
Voting for Klaus and Petersen

I would like to claim any sort of AWACS aircraft that we get and go by call sign I-SPY

C.M. Kruger
Oct 28, 2013
It's a hard choice between Broadstreet and Klaus and Petersen but ultimately I will vote for K+P. 10 modern F-16s is a formidable force but we won't have a AEW aircraft and operating costs will be higher. Additionally the Gripens will be cheaper to operate, and will be newer than worn-out National Guard fighters. Hopefully the lack of AGM-88s won't come back to bite us.

The Ivanovs are just trying to pawn off junk on us, those MiG-21s and -23s are ancient, and upkeep for the large number of dissimilar aircraft, including unicorns like the MiG-29K, will eat up any savings on the initial purchase.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Oh, if we can take individual callsigns I'll go for callsign Stool Pigeon.

Stago Lego
Sep 3, 2011
I also choose Klaus and Petersen because I love SAAB planes.
For the name of our company I would say: The Flying Cirus Or T.F.C..

Edit: I would like the callsign Sonic Assassin

Stago Lego fucked around with this message at 19:02 on Mar 29, 2017

Dec 13, 2012

Most Amewsing Prinny Ever!

Dr. Snark posted:

Now this looks like it's going to be a fun ride. All things considered I'm erring towards Klaus and Petersen because Gripens never get enough love and they're the only company willing to sell us a proper AWACS plane. got it. We shall be Hired Goons.

I like this choice and support it.

Triple A
Jul 14, 2010

Your sword, sahib.
I'd like to send our offer to the Ivanov Bros since they offer us quantity that's necessary for conducting multiple operations at the same time. Also, I'm fairly certain their Israeli connections would get us first dibs on lucrative contracts they and their American lobbyists want done.

As for our name; Exemplary Outcomes LLC

My callsign: Ventura

PS: If we do get some Hinds, I recommend we hire some ex-SF dudes so we can drop them off to conduct operations at the ground level with them.

Triple A fucked around with this message at 19:30 on Mar 29, 2017

Happy Hedonist
Jan 18, 2009

Call sign Hot Pants - tanker pilot.

Jun 21, 2013

Callsign: Powerthighs

Also, I vote Klaus and Peterson as well. AWACS is important.

Jun 24, 2007

Bringing the forums together with the greatest thread!
Klaus and Petersen, for the Gripen.

Also, call sign: Rock Paper

Soup Inspector
Jun 5, 2013
Count me in on the Klaus and Petersen bandwagon.

If there's any spots remaining I'd like my callsign to be Bandit. Now watch as I get shot down before I ever get a chance to do anything. :v:

Nov 11, 2004

Dynamic instability during transition.
Already voted on supplier upthread, but I would like to second the company name Hired Goons, and will gladly take callsign Pork Chop.

May 23, 2009

Death before dishonor?
Your terms are accepted.

I vote we buy 'Murican from Broadstreet and our outfit should be Hired Goons.

I'll take any plane, callsign Big Pig

Oct 10, 2012

Voting Klaus & Petersen, outfit name Hired Goons, and going for an AWACS pilot with callsign Roamer

Oct 29, 2005

Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto.
Voting Ivanov because Flankers are awesome and those Hinds could be pretty drat useful. Plus the MiG-29 and SU-24 are going to be decent, even if the other 8 fighters are horrible garbage.

Jun 10, 2013
Voting Klaus and Petersen because the JAS-39C gives us a great mix of capabilities and affordability. It's 49% cheaper in terms of cost per flight hour than the F-16 block 40/50, it's NATO compatible, can refuel from a tanker, and it's designed for ease of maintenance. It provides us with a good precision strike/air superiority platform, and the Sk 60Bs can be used in the light CAS/COIN role. The package also comes with an AEW&C aircraft, so our fighters can be guided in on targets with their radars off, which is great for starting out. We're also less likely to be jumped unaware if we have radar overwatch up. A couple of Hinds and 3-4 Mi-8MTs from the Ivanov brothers would be a good future buy so we can provide services across the whole spectrum of aerial warfare for our customers. The Hinds are good attack helicopters with limited troop transport space, and the Mi-8MTs/Mi-17s are great transport helicopters that can also mount a huge number of rockets and some pretty capable 20mm gun pods, so we could use them for everything from mine perimeter security contracts to ground attack.

I'll jump on the Hired Goons bandwagon.

I'd like to fly a Gripen, callsign Scoper.

Edit: The BK-90s we're getting as part of the starting package give us some really good standoff capability. They don't replace proper anti-radiation missiles like the AGM-88, but at least our fighters don't have to be right on top of the SAM/AAA site to kill it.

DrunkenScoper fucked around with this message at 09:46 on Mar 30, 2017

Apr 30, 2012

NOV 11 2023

The voting trajectory among the partners is leaning heavily towards Klaus and Pedersen. The KP representative was reached mid-sauna and confirmed their commitment to providing a solid maintenance package with the planes. The name Hired Goons is also on the top of the list, 5 to 2 verse Neutrality Assured PMC

We'll let the voting continue for a bit longer. But as of right now it's looking like a flock of Griffins.

We're still awaiting the contract packages to know about the full weapons loadout but I'll elaborate once it's in.

Speaking of contracts, we have a few in the works. More to come later.


Nov 18, 2008


Dr. Snark posted:

Now this looks like it's going to be a fun ride. All things considered I'm erring towards Klaus and Petersen because Gripens never get enough love and they're the only company willing to sell us a proper AWACS plane. got it. We shall be Hired Goons.

Can't do better than this!

Mar 30, 2011

Mutiny!?! More like "reinterpreted orders"
Broadstreet Ford, Lincoln, and Military -- we can get qualified F-16 pilots from all over the world. Same story with parts, and weapons.

I'd like my callsign to be Bac.

Bacarruda fucked around with this message at 13:12 on Mar 30, 2017

Jun 18, 2012

#2 isn't ALWAYS bad...

I'd like to put my name in as a Saab 105 driver. Callsign FUNGUS

I suppose this also counts as a vote for Klaus and Peterson.

Apr 30, 2012

CMANO is getting an update package sometime in the near future. When it does arrive we will absolutely be using it. What does it give us? (Emphasis mine)

Baloogan posted:

gonna be a new ~cmano standalone~


a 12 scenario US - Chinese world war 3 campaign! (+4 non campaign scenarios too)

NEW! Communications disruption by network/cyber attack or any other arbitrary factor: Isolated units realistically limit their tactical awareness to only what they themselves can detect and engage, and are completely on their parent side of control. Say goodbye to Borg-view of the battlefield!
NEW! Cargo, landing and airdrop operations. Load mobile forces on ships, aircraft and even submarines, and unload them on any suitable point on the battlefield. Platforms are realistically limited by volume, weight and crew on what they can transport.
NEW! Comprehensive damage model for aircraft. Aircraft may be shot down outright or receive damage that will still allow them to limp back home. Different aircraft can absorb different punishment on their fuselage, cockpit and engines. Depending on the amount of damage received a plane may be "mission killed" if its repairs take so long that it misses the fight.
NEW! Advanced weapons for the new age of war. Tactical EMP weapons, railguns, high-energy lasers and more!

Davin Valkri
Apr 8, 2011

Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD
By the way, how "off the wall" are you planning to make future operations? Will we be eventually able to operate F-20 Tigersharks, Yak-141 Freestyles, and maybe Naval F-117s?

Jun 4, 2011

I'm 😤 not a 🦸🏻‍♂️hero...🧜🏻

I'd be ok for any plans, with the callsign Potoo, the most majestic of all flying creatures.

Apr 30, 2012

Davin Valkri posted:

By the way, how "off the wall" are you planning to make future operations? Will we be eventually able to operate F-20 Tigersharks, Yak-141 Freestyles, and maybe Naval F-117s?

If we have the opportunity to go balls to the wall loving wild, I'll let you guys fly anything and everything. After a few missions we'll have the bugs worked out and gently caress yah, if you have the funds to buy this crazy poo poo, you can totally fly it. At the end of the day it's about the flying missions and watching your decisions unfold on the world. If the finances end up becoming a bit, erm, unusual, then that's ok. Though I'm going to try and aim for as much realism as I can. But Herbert Kornfeld, our accountant, is liable to get all up in your poo poo.

F117 Seahawk :
F-20 Tigershark :
Yak-141 Freestyle :


Oct 31, 2011
Are we X-COM? Do we pick a base location?

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