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Nov 5, 2010

Warning, Internet
may prove lethal.

Freak: +1 | Danger: +2 | Savior: -1 | Superior: +1 | Mundane: +0
Potential: 1/5 | Conditions: | Location: Near her village and having a really bad day.

I stand on the edge of the main street. I can't help be sigh as the usual suspects scamper away into their homes. They'd watch us every step of the way. The group would be barely out of sight before they scurry back out into the street and start to gossip. She already knew the first house they passed on the outskirts was already penning it's dramatic retelling of the siege of the little hovel by the ruffian hoard that stormed the village. Mrs Maflinty never changed. I'd never liked her. Stupid old crone. She was the worse of the village gossips, and she always managed to make the topic of the day the greatest tragedy to ever affect the land. Because it had personally sought her out and attacked her.

"Come on. Otherwise we'll never hear the end of it. Especially from Mr Griffins. YES! I SEE YOU YOU STUPID OLD FART!" I yelled accusingly at a house, the shutter that had been slowly creeping open slamming shut. I could already here the muttering. Uggh. I lead the others through the town centre, and start up the winding path to my hill top home. We always had the worse land, it would have been great for sheep, but we couldn't afford them. We could barely afford food most days. The taxes from the Duke were harsh enough even before the bandits moved in. I keep my armour up. Just so they couldn't see my face.

We pass run down buildings. Blacksmiths, stores, a tavern, simple village amenities. I already feel suffocated by them all. But soon we're on our way up the hill. I glance back down on the town. Spying the villagers already gathering in confusion and whispering amongst themselves. Soon it approached. Home. It was as I remembered it. Sturdy, not like the other homes in the village. A lean, heavyset man steps out of the door. In his hand a huge sword. His old sword, I still remember him putting me on his knee and telling me of the wars he had fought in. How he always taught me that a sword was not a solution to my problems. He doesn't say a word. Just stands ready. He looks tired.

Auron Vale - Ex Soldier, Giant Slayer, Farmer

My heart is pounding. I step forward. His steel coloured eyes lock onto me. I can't help but freeze in place. Slowly I raise my hand to Patter's scabbard on my hip. I hear his grip tighten on his sword. But then I take my sword and just drop it. Patter hovers just above the ground. His gaze flicks from Patter back to me. Unflinching. I reach up and remove my helm. My golden hair falling about my shoulders, catching the light. His eyes widen.

"Hey... Daddy...." I murmur, I can't keep my face straight. I'm waiting for the explosion. The rage.

He steps forward. I hunch, preparing for the tide wave. His arms find me. Enclosing me in a grip that stings my eyes with tears. I smell his familiar scent, memories flood me unbidden. "I-I didn't mean to run away!" I say, my voice horse, shaking. I'm not going to cry! I'm NOT GOING TO C~CRY!

But I was, and I am. My armour melts away as I sniffle into my father's shoulder. Hanging on tightly. Reduced back to a child in a matter of seconds. For once? I don't even care.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Freak: -2 | Danger: -2 | Savior: +3 | Superior: +1 | Mundane: +3
Potential: 1/5 | Conditions: None! | Location: The Duchy of Sommerlund

As Lilly drops her sword and melts into her father's embrace, I sink a bit under the sudden weight of the still-slumbering mage. I must admit the sight brings forth feelings of jealousy in me. I cannot remember the last time I was actually happy to be reunited with my family. Still... perhaps this is good. It's no secret that she has her own demons. Perhaps the chance to reconnect with her family will salve some of them.

I look over at Lady Ghorza and place a comforting hand on her shoulder. It seems that the phantom's words haunt her still. I... I will do what I can for her. What I can and more besides. It pains me to see her heart hurt like this.

Nov 6, 2011

...She's behind me, isn't she?

Freak: -1 | Danger: -1 | Savior: +3 | Superior: +1 | Mundane: +1
Potential: 1/5 | Conditions: None!| Location: The Duchy of Sommerlund

It had been an eventful day, to say the least, so to see Lilly be so overwhelmed with emotion was not entirely surprising. Still somewhat startling, however, considering I had never seen her this emotional. Though in a way, it was somewhat, well, nice was an odd word to use here, but it seemed the right one nonetheless. Being open with our emotions was not a luxury us nobles often had, let alone us Sentinels. so watching Lilly be so joyous was a pleasant change of pace. Though, I think offhandedly to myself, Vane certainly had no qualms about openness, at least when it came to Ghorza. Another trait of his to be respected, to be sure. It did, however, leave me somewhat awkwardly on my own. Not sure as to what I should be doing, I stand around for a few minutes as daughter and father reunite, before stepping forward with a clearing of my throat.

“Ahem. Erm. Greetings, Sir… Mr. Vale? Um. I am Pryce. Pryce Halder. One of your daughter’s, Lilly’s, that is, fellow Pages. Rather, we are all her fellow Pages. Except for Lady Selza, over there. ...It is an honor to meet you?”

Oh, if Father and Grandfather could see me now. Why was I stumbling over all my words? Why. This should not really be so difficult, but I had to admit, Lilly’s father was an intimidating man indeed.

Aug 31, 2006

Freak: +3 | Danger: -2 | Saviour: +0 | Superior: +3 | Mundane: -1
Potential: 3/5 | Conditions: Guilty! Insecure!| Location: Lilly's Village

I wish I could say I was happy for our victory, but I am not exactly in the most joyous of moods right now.

I still feel the sting of the Phantom's words. I feel lost. Unsure. Am I foolish for thinking that one, naive ork like me could actually change anything? What am I doing this all for...?

It is not until Vane puts his hand on my shoulder, and when I look at him, that I remember why I'm still here. Why I still haven't given up yet.

I'm doing this... for us. So our two people can live in peace, and so we can live happily together. A little naive, yes, but maybe beinf a little naive isn't all thay bad?

I smile at him. It's a tired smile, but a smile nonetheless. I walk up to his side, and lean my head on his shoulder. My expression turns serious for a moment, and I say, in a low voice, "I'll never let you lose your way."

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Freak: -2 | Danger: -2 | Savior: +3 | Superior: +1 | Mundane: +3
Potential: 1/5 | Conditions: None! | Location: The Duchy of Sommerlund

I pause for a moment, thinking back to the confrontation with the phantom. Was she right? Would my assumed disgust with the established order lead to my fall? I could not rule it out, as much as I wish otherwise, but I believe that there is one thing that the phantom has failed to consider. The Lady Ghorza and I are stronger than she thinks. Separately, yes, but even moreso together. As I feel her warmth against my body, I say, "As you say, my lady. With you by my side, I cannot see it ever being lost."


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Yami Fenrir
Jan 25, 2015

Is it I that is insane... or the rest of the world?


After the reunion, Lady Selza speaks up. "We meet again, Auron." he greets Lilly's father with a bitter smile. "You look like you've seen better days."

Auron doesn't respond, only nodding in reply.

"Well, I'm glad we got to meet again, either way." she replies. "My apologies for accidentally stealing your daughter away, old friend. ... She never told us."

Auron stares disbelievingly at Selza for a second, then back to Lilly, then back again, and sighs.

"Unfortunately, circumstances led us to having to spend the night here. I'm sure you have a lot to talk about with your daughter. I'll leave her in your hands in the meantime. The rest of you, let's see if we can't get some lodging in the tavern."

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