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Mar 23, 2015

Assuming that AMD goes for the HEDT market, and assuming that it will use single socket half-Naples chips for it (16C/32T), we should get something like quad channel DDR4 and 64 lanes out of the platform. Call them R9, and release them on 12 and 16 core flavors.

That would be really sweet. But...that is assuming too much, at least at this point in time.

Next stop, Naples.


Mar 23, 2015

For the last month, I've been a happy mother of a 1600X based system. Here is what I got:

Fractal Define C
Ryzen 1600X (Corsair H110i Extreme)
Asrock X370 Taichi
G.SKILL Flare X 16GB 3200Mhz
Samsung 960 EVO 1Tb
Seasonic Prime 650W

Very satisfied so far. Was originally going for the 8 core, but 1600X had such a good price that I decided to go for it. With the money difference I chose to double the PCI-E SSD size and refrain from getting a HDD altogether.

Someone handed me some industrial PWM Noctua fans too (the black ones), so I promptly put 5 on them in the rig (2x140 on the rad, 2x140 on the top and a 120 on the back). Was seriously doubting whether that was a good choice as soon as I posted, those 2000rpm fans are pretty loud!. I was psychologically ready to dabble on speedfan for a day or two, but I found out that simply running the Asrock BIOS option for auto fan control made the whole rig whisper quiet. The fact that both GPU and PSU run fanless on idle/browsing/movies etc helps a lot too.

Have not tried OCing yet, other than setting the memory to its 3200Mhz 14/14/14 profile. The whole thing is reporting pretty good temperatures though, to the point that I don't hear the fans unless I'm stressing the system.

And running something like Furmark/Prime95 for an hour or so provides still glorious temps (that 280 AIO cooler is worth it)..albeit with very increased sound.

So far, so good.

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Mar 23, 2015


Eh I don't read Hungarian though. drat all the PC enthusiasts must be stoked over in the EU then with AMD's prices. Seems like you guys normally get boned hard over there on cost.

That is $592. Biggest online retailer here in Greece.

gently caress my country. That is why I bought most of the hardware for my 1600X rig from ze Germans.

Add to that about 30 for shipping to Greece, the total comes to $488.

Dante80 fucked around with this message at Jun 10, 2017 around 16:19

Mar 23, 2015

If I had someone in Germany, or if the tickets to go there and back were cheaper, I would have done it when I bought my rig a month ago.

In other news...a temp report.

I did a test around two hours ago or so, ambient here was 29C (Athens, Greece). The Corsair H110i with 2 Noctuas NF-14A industrial is keeping the CPU at 36.2C idle. And that is because I have chosen (via the Taichi BIOS) to run the fans at ~425rpm.

Under Prime95 (SmartFFT), the CPU gets to a Tdie of 60.5C after half an hour or so.

But, the fans are still working around 1300rpm then. I can change the profile to send them to 2000rpm and get even cooler, but I don't think the extra noise is worth the hassle.

Overall, I am very impressed. Granted, we are talking about stock speeds here, but still.

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