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Brian Reynolds
Apr 5, 2017

The Alpha Centauri world would make an *awesome* RPG-shooter - Game Designer Brian Reynolds, "Something Awful forums post", Datalinks

Hello! My name is Brian Reynolds. Yes the same one who made various videogames you may have heard of, at least as long as the ones you're thinking of were Civ 2, Alpha Centauri, Rise of Nations, FrontierVille, DomiNations, or various other ones that didn't do quite as much toward getting my kids through college. Why is a videogame designer making Let's Play videos of other people's games? Because I want to, is why. I like to PLAY games, not just make them! Also for some reason I like to edit videos and also I apparently have way too much time.

Fallout: New Vegas - "You Only Live Once" rules - plus Hardcore and some other stuff
Fallout: New Vegas has famously been completed without ever healing, but it hasn't been completed that way by me! Also it wasn't in hardcore mode "the only way to play". Plus there was fast travel and who needs that? So anyway the 99.9% of human beings who don't need to see a second or even a first "You Only Live Once" run in Fallout New Vegas can go somewhere else now! But those for whom... The Hunger ... Is Strong ... Read On!

This is the very first set of Let's Play videos I ever started working on (the Twilight Struggle LP's I started later after I realized how much fun it was). So you'll see my recording and editing skills evolve. But I didn't put the first episode on You Tube until I thought it was at least decent.

The audio balance gets better over time. :-)

Remembered in Legend and Song
I have somewhere around 2000 hours played in Fallout New Vegas - so yeah, like a whole proverbial "man year". It's possible I have even more, but I don't want to think about it, so 2000 hours makes a good proxy. A substantial amount of that time went into completing a permadeath run of the game - not a YOLO run, but let's just say I learned a lot about how to be very very very careful. Also "the" permadeath run was really about 726 individual runs, lasting various amounts of time from 30 minutes to 200 hours before I ignominiously died. The most memorable death was in the Sacrificial Chamber of Vault 11. I had totally forgotten about that. Then I remembered. RIP That Character, Level 26. We won't be going there in this run. Also I got killed by the NCR guys guarding President Kimball, when I was guarding him too, because I thought a fun thing to do during his long boring speech would be to stand up on his platform with him and jump up and down. Wrong answer. RIP about a month of game time. Also one time I fell off a cliff in the northern mountains with a level 22 character. I think the quickest I ever got killed was by a Giant Radscorpion I wondered if it was possible to assassinate from Goodsprings Cemetery when I was level 3 or so. I may do that again because I figured out how.

The Rules and Stuff
1. Permadeath. So no reverting to saves and stuff. Obviously Fallout New Vegas crashes every hour or two, and so some saves and autosaves will be necessary for that. But any time I take damage I will try to save as soon as safely possible.
2. No healing allowed. This is accomplished through the "True Health Counter" mechanic, which compares the total amount of damage I've ever taken versus my current maximum hit points. If the former ever exceeds the latter, the run is done. Gaining "max hit points", e.g. through leveling up or taking perks, is allowed. But there's no relevance to regaining hit points - there is only the total amount of damage ever taken versus the maximum hit points. ALSO there is no removal of radiation, no curing of addiction, no doctor bags, etc.
3. Hardcore mode (except Dead Money). The game will be played on Hardcore Mode where water, food, and sleep are necessary. Obviously water, food, and sleep "heal" hitpoints, but the True Health Counter renders that irrelevant (see rule 2).
4. No Fast Travel (until I can wear Power Armor). Personally I think most Bethesda games are more fun without Fast Travel, which breaks context and allows various kinds of exploits. I've completed a full permadeath of FNV without ever fast traveling. I will say that the later sections of the game (post level 20 or so) were a bit tedious without fast traveling, since the final quests tend to ping pong silly fedex deliveries between opposite ends of the map, so I have set the rules at "until I can wear Power Armor" to make a substantial challenge without making potential later episodes be primarily devoted to traveling over empty stretches of map.
5. Very Hard difficulty level. Sort of goes without saying, but there, I said it.
6. Also, I'm totally doing Bleed Me Dry. I have some special Cazadore hunting tricks. :-)

The Plan
The plan is, I'm going to play expert players, and comment the hell out of the game. Expert players I'm going to define arbitrarily as "people better than me", which is to say 1800+ Elo ratings. For my second game, I have located a player rated 2015, which in the current rating ecosystem counts to me as "almost inconceivably high" - only a microscopic handful of players online hold that rating. I am presently producing one episode a week, with a one week hiatus between games.

The Schedule
New episodes weekly, on Fridays.

Special Goodsprings Challenge
I always have a little sub-challenge with myself to see how many XP I can get without ever leaving the Goodsprings "tutorial area". So I'll totally be doing that.

"Chapter 1 - Goodsprings, Primm, and Mojave Outpost"
1 - Every Last Drop of Goodsprings
2 - Bugs of Various Kinds
3 - Crime and Punishment
4 - NCR is the New Black
5 - Don't Be Stuck in the Truck, Dude!

"Chapter 2 - What the..."
6 - Going Nuclear!

"Chapter 3 - Primm to Nipton and Novac"
7 - Shoot the Deputy
8 - Two Terrible Decisions
9 - Cow Tipping and Other Dirty Tricks
10 - The Screams of Brahmin
11 - Antler Sings For Stealth Boys

"Chapter 4 - To the 188 and New Vegas"
12 - Ant-icipation
13 - A World of Hurt
14 - Traitors, Fiends, and Dealers
15 - The Siren Song of the Thorn

"Chapter 5 - Assume the Position"
16 - Fisto and the Tunnel O' Ghouls
17 - Things That Go Boom
18 - Archimedes Screwed
19 - Scorpion Gulch; Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Have fun out there!

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Tin Tim
Jun 4, 2012

Live by the pun - Die by the pun

Thx for the cool 15+ hours video dump homie that's just what people around here love to see

Pro tip: read the rules

Here lemme help you out since the thread is buried for some reason

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Feb 23, 2013


Fedule posted:

No YouTube dumps, no reposts!

The point of an LP thread is, if not participation, at least discussion. It's not against the rules to have a backlog or even to record an entire playthrough in advance - just don't post it all at once.

Also, don't re-post an LP you've already started elsewhere. Create your LP for the thread, not the other way around.

(emphasis mine)

Brian you made good games but you still need to follow the rules.

Maybe close this thread, and start a new thread if you die and have to start a new run? That way people can follow along a you progress, instead of just being given over half a day's worth of gameplay all at once.

Brian Reynolds
Apr 5, 2017

The Alpha Centauri world would make an *awesome* RPG-shooter - Game Designer Brian Reynolds, "Something Awful forums post", Datalinks

Fair enough! Didn't find that! Back when I honestly was trying to read up.

Will do as you suggest!

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