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Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?

>> Incoming Flash Traffic...
>> Distress Signal from 3V (Coco)
>> Distress Signal from K2 (Thousand-Barbs-Severs-the-Flesh)
>> Burst Message: BTC attack. Stole exploratory data. Both bodies damaged. No pursuit.
>> Burst Message: Agents still on island, slow extract. Request orbital drop reinforcement.
>> Forwarding to: Combat Controller Distribution (CCD)...

>> From: CCD-1; To: CCD Distribution
>> Burst Message: VENGEANCE IS OURS.


Oneshot at 1500 GMT+10 on Sunday, played over Discord. This is mostly so I can mess around with Dungeon World. Trash homebrew setting. Make a level 2 character from any playbook, I really don't care about balance. You work as a murderlackey for GKI, a megacorp made up mostly of liches and assorted crazy people. Additionally, pick a single one-use weapon device to bring with you. Trix has already claimed the Lia pregen!

What to expect: drop pod onto a resort island, steal a car, fight your way up an abandoned hotel, murder someone and steal the data back before they can fulton away.


Oct 22, 2004 does that work?

Doctor De'ath
The Medic
Level 3
Look ➤ Empty Eye Sockets ➤ No Hair ➤ Space Suit ➤ Professional Attitude

"Of course! Who better to understand the sanctity of life than the dead! You never realise how
important something is until you lose it. Now hold still and trust me, I'm a doctor."

STR	09 (+0)
DEX	15 (+1)
CON 	12 (+0)
INT	16 (+2)
WIS	13 (+1)
CHA	08 (-1)

HP	18
DMG	d4
XP	0/10

Alignment: Neutral
Avoid or escape from trouble without resolving it

Medical Practice: Mark of Healing
Once per day, you may instantly and magically heal 5 HP of any living creature within Far range.

Patient _____________ is suffering from a serious chronic condition, but doesn’t know it yet.

Patient LIA is a specialist, but she needs to be more multidisciplinary.

Patient THEYN needs to become PROFESSIONAL. And it's my duty to help him.

⃞ Sci-fi Space rations (5 uses, 1 weight)
⃞ Bandages (3 uses, 0 weight).
⃞ Scalpel (hand, precise, 1 weight)
⃞ Space Suit Armour (1 armor, 1 weight)
⃞ BAG OF DRUGS (6 uses, 0 weight)
⃞ Virulent Ultra-Cancer Syringe (One-shot weapon, hand, 1 weight)

First Aid (INT)
	When you take a moment to see to someone’s physical wounds, roll +INT. On a 10+ the patient
		may hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. The patient may spend hold to:
	• Recover d8 HP (1 hold)
	• Be cured of one know poison or disease (2 hold)
	• Remove one debility (3 hold)

General Practitioner
	You always count as a healer for the Recover move, even for yourself, and you take +1 to
		Spout Lore when diagnosing diseases.

Not On My Watch!
	When a nearby ally with whom you share a bond takes his Last Breath and you are able to
		administer emergency medical attention, they can reroll one d6 and must use the new total.

Living Anatomy
	When you successfully Spout Lore about the anatomy of a specific living creature, your damage
		becomes d10 when using that information against it.

Professional Distance
	You may roll +INT instead of +Bond to Aid or Interfere.

Worldly -> Devoted Healer
	When you heal someone else of damage, add your level to the amount of damage healed.

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Feb 28, 2011

Strategic Strike Coordinator (Ret.) L1-A “Lia” 
Star Mage
Level 2

Look ➤ Glittering Hair ➤ Gaudy Robes ➤ Alien Body ➤ Speckled Skin

STR	9  (+0)
DEX	13 (+1)
CON 	12 (+0)
INT	16 (+2)
WIS	16 (+2)
CHA	8  (-1)

HP	16
DMG	d6

Setup and trigger a crazy chain of events.

Background: Ex-Machina
You used to be an interfacing machine of some variety before downloading into a squishy body, 
but you still have a knack for wave warfare. Pick one spell or item; 
it’s jammed for the duration of the scene and can’t be used.

 _____________ finds me unnatural.
 _____________ lacks the vision necessary to see the world as I do.
 _____________ and I share a common past.

⃞ Bizarre adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight). When you use this gear,
describe how the equipment varies from mundane equipment.
⃞ A small computerized guide to the galaxy (1 use, 1 weight). It functions
as a bag of books, except it restocks 1-use each time you Make Camp.

Origami Universe
You are capable of creating small folds in spacetime at will. What these folds look like is
up to you, whether they be small portals, wrinkled space, warped elongations, or some
other spacial effect. When you make use of these folds to extend your reach, anything
you can see within Near range is also considered to be within Hand range of you. You
can touch, manipulate, drop, pick up, or attack any one thing in Near range as if all
intervening space between you did not exist. Be warned - this goes both ways, and what
you reach out to can reach back.

Fold Space (Wis)
When you expand your folds in space to make a portal large enough to walk through,
tell us two points in space that you can see within Near range and roll +WIS.
On a 10+, the spaces become connected - anyone can move from one to the other with
a single step across the folded space, and this fold lasts as long as you need it to.
On a 7-9, the fold is unstable: either only one person can pass through safely, or the fold
is unsafe to use for some reason, the GM will tell you why.
On a 6-, you still make a connection, but it isn't between the places you wanted it to be.
The GM will tell you what went wrong.

When the Stars Align
You are able to read the stars and create a prophecy of things to come. When you Make
Camp under the open sky, instead of healing, you may stay up all night reading the stars
for a prophecy. This prophecy will tell you about a grim portent that will come to pass
unless you do something about it, but the prophecy is vague. Choose two things that the
prophecy actually tells you:
• You get the name of someone involved in the event to come.
• You get a clear mental picture of the event's location.
• You get an idea of what action will trigger the event.
• You get a vision of the event's aftermath.

And the Kitchen Sink
You can use your folds in space to pull items from anywhere, throwing
them through your portal at high speed. You can always Volley with
the Thrown and Near tags, at any time and with nearly anything

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Hashtag Yoloswag
Mar 24, 2013

...I'm sorry. I can't seem to remember any of the rest.

They'll Never See Me Coming (Theyn)

Theyn is a drone created by VerSO in order to better understand this whole "adventuring" business that it missed out on by a few hundred years. He has some history working for White Feather, but is currently a freelance hitman. He is a quiet, somewhat intense man who opts to let his blade do most of his talking. As a consequence, he doesn't have many friends. What friends he does have think he's a sulky jackass.

VerSO worries that this line of work is stunting Theyn's emotional growth, but does not intervene. VerSO worries that it isn't a very good parent, but does not intervene.

The Walker
Level 2
Look ➤ Dangerous Eyes ➤ Hooded Head ➤ Cloak and Mask ➤ Synthetic Body

STR		16 (+2)
DEX		16 (+2)
CON		9  (+0)
INT		12 (+0)
WIS		13 (+1)
CHA		8  (-1)

HP		17
DMG		d8

Drive: Vigilante Justice
Render judgment for their crimes.

Aspect: Training
The Hidden Cities
Replace the description to No One Looks Up with the following:
	When you climb along a ceiling without talking or attacking, NPCs will never notice you, 
	if you haven't been spotted already. Anyone actively watching the ceiling always has a
	chance to see you.
I have a running bet going with ___.
___ impressed me. I need to one-up them.
___ doesn't think highly of me. How foolish of them.
___ has my back, and I have theirs.

Gear: 6/12 Load
+ Dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight)
+ Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight)
+ Survival knife (hand, 1 weight)
+ Combat knife (hand, close, thrown, near, 1 weight)
+ Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
+ A repair kit (6 uses, slow, 1 weight)

+ Wall Walking
	You can climb along solid walls and and ceilings as quickly as you can walk or run, regardless
	of their texture or composition. When you are climbing, you only have one hand free to take
	actions with. You may carry one person with you while you are Wall Walking, but you can't use
	your hands at all if you have a passenger.
+ Death From Above (STR)
	When you drop in on someone from above, roll +STR. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one:
		- Deal your damage with a melee weapon.
		- Kidnap them - you retreat to somewhere nearby, taking them with you.
		- No one notices you dropping in, and your target doesn't make a sound.
+ On A Mirror's Edge (STR)
	When you begin free running, start moving and roll +STR. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On
	a 6-, hold 1, but when you spend it, the GM will add a complication. You lose all of this hold
	the moment you stop moving. 
	Spend 1-hold to do one of the following:
		- Avoid or knock aside an enemy attack and keep moving.
		- Leap around, over, or through an obstacle or enemy in your path.
		- Get up somewhere out of reach or out of sight.
+ No One Looks Up
	(As described in Aspect: Training)
+ Brutal Strike (STR)
	When you attack a surprised or defenseless enemy with a melee weapon, either deal your damage or
	roll +STR. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one.
		- You deal your damage +1d6.
		- You knock them down or toss them aside.
		- You maim them - a limb or sense of your choice becomes useless.
		- You terrify them - they'll do anything they can to get away from you.

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?

Ok you know what gently caress it I lied, I might run more of these on an irregular basis so go ahead and total up XP just in case. I'll use this thread for posting times and any other information. Assuming the same players, the next one would involve you guys trying to do some sort of odd jobs for money since you're a bunch of post-scarcity cool space guys but Lia still needs to eat food at a minimum.

And Theyn was totally not as sick as he thought he was.

e: You guys got all three end of session XP things imo so there's the 3 plus whatever else you got from alignment and bonds.

Atlatl fucked around with this message at Apr 24, 2017 around 11:27

Oct 22, 2004 does that work?

Atlatl posted:

And Theyn was totally not as sick as he thought he was.

loving called it

Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?

Plan on another one same bad time Friday.


Jan 2, 2008

Art thou doubting
your best bro?

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