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Jun 1, 2011

Shin Soichi, Strength
Clever +1 | Quick +2 | Flashy +3 | Forceful +2 | Sneaky +1 | Careful +0
Fate points: 0/3 | Boosts: - | Consequences: - | Stress: -

"Yo, you're the expert. Happen to have a torch handy?" Shin whispers. Whatever feeble light his phone had been projecting up in the library proper was quickly consumed this far below ground. Of course, with the shadows flickering just on the edges of the group, maybe advertising where they were with a nice bright light wasn't the best idea?


Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

Rumiko Tsubasa: The Empress

Forceful +3 Careful +2, Quick +2 Clever +1, Sneaky +1 Flashy 0
Fate Points: 1/3 | Boosts: - | Consequences - | Stress -
Aspects: None

Rumiko went along with them, but when they where whispering she frowned. "Why are we sneaking?" She whispered. "Aren't we supposed to come here? Possibly to get answers? Let's just walk in there and ask them what all of this is supposed to mean."

Apr 26, 2014

Death, but with a gun

Yo Kobayashi, The Hermit
Flashy +3 | Clever +2 | Sneaky +2 | Quick +1 | Careful +1 | Forceful +0
Fate Points: 1/3 | Boosts: - | Consequences: - | Stress: -
Aspects: None

"It always pay to show a little bit of caution in these circumstances, only a little. Remember, we aren't exactly in Tokyo." He said, torch in hand (Which he does have) scanning around the immediate vicinity for anything out of the ordinary.

Satisfied that he didn't see anyone who would try mugging them nearby, he quietly motioned to the others and walked towards the source of the paper shuffling.

Apr 10, 2013

Yumiko Harada, The Moon
Clever +2 | Quick +1 | Flashy +1 | Forceful +0 | Sneaky +3 | Careful +2
Fate points: 3/3 | Boosts: - | Consequences: - | Stress: [] [X] []

"Right, we'll look into the teachers' lounge tomorrow. Speaking of, didn't the app say we had to go see someone in a scarlet room?"

Yumiko scrolls through the app's messages. "Hmm," she says, "Do you know anybody called Igor? What a strange name. Must be a Russian or something." With a wink, she asks Seka, "Do you want to see the velvet room? I'm curious. Sounds like a seedy bar that would sell alcohol to underage customers."

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!

A New Friend?

The group's travels, aided by the light of their torch, take them through a narrow cavern that leads out to a large abyss of a larger tunnel, with a large obelisk of sorts taking up front and center, with shifting faces seemingly coming and going from the surface of the stone. Moving your gaze downward, you find an oaken desk/countertop, with a tall fellow sitting in an office chair, reading through various documents, jotting things down on a notepad with a pen, and moving them from a pile on one end of the desk to the other.

He doesn't notice you immediately, though in-between papers he by chance glances in your direction and smiles.

"Why hello there. If you were able to open the door to this sub-basement, then clearly you're the newest players in my master's game. I am Wilbur, and I'll be playing the role of liaison between you and said master. Ah, but I might be getting ahead of myself. You must have many questions, not the least of which being 'what is this game you're referring to' or 'where is this place?' Well, I'll be more than happy to answer them." Standing up from their workplace, they stand themselves on their cane and lean upon it to try to be a bit more informal. Within the next blink of an eye, there are chairs present for the three of you to sit upon as he takes a thoughtful expression, choosing his words in a careful tone.

"To start with the most pressing question, you have, rather fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your way of looking at it, been chosen to participate in a bit of a competition between two entities with powers beyond your comprehension. Well, less a competition, more a gentleman's wager. Tell me, have you ever heard tale of people undergoing a traumatic event and coming out of it with a completely different personality?" They twirl their cane a bit to let this process for a few moments. "Well, in the event of such a drastic change in development, therein lies a philosophical debate for the ages; is this person still, at their core, the same person they were prior to the event? If every aspect of their mentality and social existence has been replaced, perhaps over time, or perhaps all at once, under what claim is their mind still the original? It is my master's belief that no, they are not, and that after such an event there is a moment where the original personality dies and a new one, one more suited to face the hardships of life, replaces it. Still with me thus far?"

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