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Oct 2, 2010

For nearly three centuries the samurai of the Imperial Exploration Corps have gone where no samurai has gone before, studying the worlds beyond the Empire's borders and preparing them for colonisation. The current focus of the Empire's expansion efforts are in the Jade Frontier, a stretch of space beyond the northern border. Many new worlds are being discovered, but what they will bring to the Empire remains to be seen...[/i]

. . .

The Katsumaru, Sapphire Flower System, Jade Frontier
6th Day of the Dog, 3122

The Katsumaru is one of many bureacracy-ships in the Exploration Corps. The hundreds of the Imperial family samurai that live in this converted battleship help oversee the Corps, direct its efforts, and generally do the paperwork. Not the most interesting place in the Frontier, but you hopefully won't stay long.

You've been assigned to the Expedition Scribes, an obscure part of the Corps tasked with "recording the history of the Empire's expansion". In effect, you come along after the initial exploration and sanctification has been done to make sure all the reports were accurate and whoever's colonising is doing it properly. It's an open secret that this job mostly exists to give the Imperial families political leverage over new colonies, and most Clan samurai who get assigned here do their best to get reassigned as soon as possible.

You've been waiting for a chance to prove yourselves, and today might be that day. A high-ranking bureaucrat has just called you up to the court offices, and it sounds like he has a job for you. You take an elevator to his office...

. . .

Seppun Zakuro, Ministry of Exploration

As the man in charge of approving claims on new planets in systems the Katsumaru is assigned to, Zakuro's job is to let the Imperial Families get first dibs on everything and make everyone else fight over the rest. ("Can the Crane have this system?" "Well, Imperial edict requires you share it... you like the Scorpion, right?") His office sits near the front of the ship, and the glassy wall behind him offers a commanding view of the current system to let visitors know who really owns it.

He's been an infuriatingly calm, vaguely smug man the few times you've met him in person, but the woman on the other side of his desk is slowly eroding his composure.

Hiruma Akebono, Crab Corps Officer

"I'm sorry, you must have me confused with a Clan who gives a poo poo!" she's shouting as you enter.

"Akebono-san," Zakuro holds up a hand. "If you'll just—"

"This better not be about compensation again. I want ac—"

"Please, we have visitors. They're here to help."

Akebono softens a little and turns to you. "Oh, this should be good..."

. . .

Welcome! Please quote your stats in your first post for quick reference. Rolls can be done in #scorpionemperor and pasted here if you use IRC, or by rolling in Orokos (use the campaign name "Emerald Stars: Frontier".) For now, you can start by describing how you react to a Hiruma samurai chewing out an Imperial officer.


Dec 30, 2009

...It shone as if its guts and skin, its bones were phosphorus. As if it were all cold and bright rock. A firefly, a death mask, a wooden skull.
A fegkarion. A moon elemental.

Evidently there had been a bureaucratic mixup somewhere. Instead of being posted to the Sector Administration Section (which Maru had been assured was such a hotbed of intrigue this season), the shugenja had instead been rapidly reassigned to nine different positions in four days. Thankfully that number was not instead ten, as the exasperated commander of the local station had then thrown up her hands and forcibly acquired the ear of some senior Miya bureaucrat before any more complications could come up. So after two more days of waiting, schmoozing, predicting all that waiting and schmoozing, and sending email updates to her adoptive parents about the waiting/schmoozing/predicting, Maru found herself on a shuttle to some dowager of a battleship. Doubtless this didn't necessarily play into the immediate designs of the Scorpion, but they could still make something of it.

Benten's Touch, TN 15: 5d10o10k3! 18

Regardless of who her superior was, or of his reputation on wheedling out concessions from the clans while keeping the choicest bits for the Imperial Families, it did not hurt to make a good impression with Seppun Zakuro. And the same could be said (differently) for her new colleagues, who seemed to be a strange joke on the part of Shimura (Fortune of Chance, or of Probability in more scholarly circles). So a quick prayer to the local kami wouldn't be much of a bother, would it?

But Hiruma-san here was an unexpected variable, displaying the stereotypical Crab...candor. If Seppun-sama carried a knife behind his back, then his companion certainly had hers in the front. Best not to have either of them draw. "You summoned us, Seppun-sama? I should hope that we're not interrupting your prior meeting or anything of the sort. Or might you in fact be our contact, Hiruma-sama?" Hopefully this was indeed the case, for Maru hadn't predicted yet another bureaucratic mixup (or other bad outcome) for herself.

Benten's Blessing is up for the next while, for +1k1 + 3 to Social Skill rolls. Also I figured I'd run with the change in premise and make something of it.

Tako Maru

Tako Shugenja 2

Insight 157	Honor 4.5	Status 1	Glory 2		Exp 70/70

Earth   2	Stamina		2	Willpower	2
Air     3	Reflexes	3	Awareness	3
Water   3	Strength	3	Perception	3
Fire    3	Agility		3	Intelligence	3
Void    2
Total Spent: 48

Guided by Fate Expend spell slots to gain +1k0 to one Social Skill Roll as Free Actions,
to a maximum of School Rank. Gain Free Raise on any spell with the Divination keyword.
Courtier Mastery 3: +3 to Insight.
Etiquette Mastery 3: +3 to Insight.

Skills:		Rank	Trait	Emphasis	Rolls
*Acting         1	Awa			4k3
Athletics       1	Str			4k3
*Calligraphy    1	Int			4k3
Commerce        2	Awa			6k3
*Courtier       3	Awa			6k3
*Divination     2	Int	Astrology	5k3
*Etiquette      3	Awa			6k3
Firearms        1	Ref			4k3
Investigation   1	Per			5k3
Kenjutsu        1	Agi			4k3
Lore (Any)      0	Int			4k3
Meditation      1	Voi			4k3
Programming     2	Awa			6k3
*Sincerity      1	Awa			4k3
*Spellcraft     1	Int			4k3
Total Spent: 23
*School Skills

Advantages			Disadvantages
Sage				Dark Secret (Peasant-born)
Reincarnated			Idealistic
				Wrath of the Kami (Earth)
Total: 9			Total: 10
Total Spent: -1

Reincarnated Skills

Air (5k3): Benten's Touch, Tempest of Air, Voice of the Wind
Earth (3k2): -
Fire (5k3): Fire Kami's Blessing, Tail of the Fire Dragon
Water (6k3): Path to Inner Peace, Reflections of Pan Ku, Reflective Pool, Visions of the Future
Universal: Sense, Summon, Commune

TN-to-be-hit:		20
Initiative:		5k3
Attack:			3k3 (unarmed) or 4k3 (wakizashi)
Damage:			3k1 (unarmed) or 5k2 (wakizashi)
Reduction:		0

Outfit: Robes, Wakizashi, Knife, Scroll Satchel, Travelling Pack, 3 koku

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Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007



Hamzah ibn Asmari is on long term contract with the Unicorn, so he goes where they say - and they said to accompany young Iuchi Kokoro on her gempukku, out to the frontier. And to make sure she didn't die of aliens, or else. And that, through a series of luck, deal making and being a gaijin, meant he got her and himself assigned to the relatively safe frontier work of the Expedition Scribes. Good work for a gempukku, probably, and not likely to get a teenage girl with a case of xenophilia killed.

He hangs back, allowing the actual Rokugani to handle talking to each other. They seem to prefer that, after all. He does, however, give a decent approximation of a bow.

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Jan 20, 2004

Trout Clan Daimyo

Shinobu Shinobu

Shinobu is honored to be a part of such an important undertaking! She's glad to have the chance to work alongside the Imperial families and the other Clans. She's also glad that someone else has taken point on this particular conversation.

Name: Shinobu Shinobu
Clan: Snipe
Family: Shinobu (+1 Agi)
School: Shinobu Ninja (+1 Ref)
Insight: 155
School Rank: 2

Honor: 1
Glory: Who cares.


Air 3
  Reflexes 3
  Awareness 3
Earth 2
  Stamina 2
  Willpower 2
Fire 3
  Agility 3
  Intelligence 3
Water 2
  Strength 2
  Perception 2
Void 2

School Skills: Acting, Athletics, Ninjutsu, Sincerity, Stealth (Sneaking) 2, Lore: Ninja

School Techniques:
Rank 1: May use Ninjutsu and Stealth without loss of honor.
Rank 2: Gain a free raise on Lore: Ninja.  Gain +1k0 to shuriken.

Acting 3
Athletics 3
Ninjutsu 3
Sincerity 3
Stealth (Sneaking) 2
Lore: Ninja 4
Defense 2
Etiquette 3
Kenjutsu (Ninja-to) 2
Courtier 3
Investigation 1
Skill Masteries:

Acting 3: TN to create a disguise reduced by 5
Athletics 3: Moderate terrain doesn’t impede movement, difficult terrain lowers Water by 1 not 2
Ninjutsu 3: +1k0 to damage with Ninja weapons
Sincerity 3: +5 to contested Sincerity rolls
Etiquette 3: +3 Insight
Courtier 3: +3 Insight

Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Black Traditional Kunoichi Outfit, Ninja-to, 3 shuriken (kunai), Traveling Pack, 3 Koku


Silent (2 points*) - +1K0 to all Stealth rolls


Fascination: Ninja (1 point) - Obsessed with learning about ninja
Gullible (4 points) - Opponents using Sincerity (Deceit) against me gain +1k1

Infinite Oregano
Dec 31, 2007

I'm going to make my friends eat infinite oregano and they'll have to do it because the recipe says so!

Kaiu Darano was having a bad day. His usual calibrations were being unusually shoddy, he couldn't find a kawa of the latest episode of Shiai no Gyokuza anywhere he'd usually look, and he lost a ranked match in Ijotokei when it should have been a sweep! Robin mains have no place in ranked and even Darano can't handle such a handicap! Now of all things he was being forced into social circumstances with someone who is ostensibly a superior, however luckily all eyes seemed to be on his fellow clansperson, so at least her kicking up a fuss means he could try to avoid having to do anything but nod.

With that in mind, Darano let Tako-san take the lead. After all, a Kaiu Engineer ostensibly proves their worth through their works, and unless the chief bureaucrat wanted Darano to build a robot on the stop, they'll probably have to wait a bit. Still, keeping this in mind and how relatively important this situation was, Darano made his best to make himself look presentable, especially in hopes that his appearance doesn't become a topic of conversation. He could be spending this very moment trying to find that latest episode, but it's seemingly frowned upon to be using such comms devices in amidst a meeting like this!

So Darano kept quiet, following standard protocols ofcourse, but not attempting to draw nor command the conversation. Even with a fellow clansperson in the room he didn't really want to be here.

Kaiu Darano

Clan: Crab
Family: Kaiu
School: Kaiu Engineer
School Rank: 2
Insight Rank: 2
Insight: 151
Experience: 0/70

Honor: 4.5
Glory: 1.0
Infamy: 0
Status: 1
Taint: 0

Air: 2
  Reflexes: 3
  Awareness: 2
Earth: 2
  Stamina: 2
  Willpower: 2
Fire: 3
  Agility: 3
  Intelligence: 4

Water: 2
  Strength: 2
  Perception: 2
Void: 2

Initiative: 5k3
Armor TN: 25

Skills:			Rank	Trait	Emph	Rolls
Athletics		1	Str		3k2
*Battle			1	Per		4k2
*Craft: Armorsmithing	1	Var		(x+1)ky
Craft: Masonry		1	Var		xky
Craft: Shipbuilding	1	Var		xky
*Craft: Weaponsmithing	1	Var		(x+1)ky
*Defense		1	Ref		5k3
Divination		1	Int		5k4
Driving			1	Int		5k4
*Engineering		3	Int	Robotics8k4
Etiquette		3	Awa		4k2
Firearms		3	Ref		6k3
Games(Ijotokei)		1	Ref		4k3
Games(Go)		1	Int		5k4
Games(Shogi)		1	Int		5k4
Heavy Weapons		1	Agi		4k3
Hunting			1	Per		3k2
Iaijutsu		1	Ref		4k3
Investigation		1	Per		3k2
Jiujutsu		1	Agi		4k3
Kenjutsu		1	Agi		4k3
Knives			1	Agi		4k3
*Lore: Architecture	1	Int		6k4
Lore: Bushido		1	Int		5k4
Lore: Ghosts		2	Int		6k4
Lore: Heraldry		1	Int		5k4
Medicine		1	Int		5k4
Meditation		1	Void		3k2
Piloting		1	Int		5k4
Programming		1	Awa		3k2
*War Fan		1	Agi		5k3	

Firearms 3 - Deal +1k0 damage when firing a gun.
Etiquette 3 - The character gains an additional +3 Insight above the total normally indicated by his Rings and Skill Ranks.

	Strength of the Earth: In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. 
You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. (2)
	Sacred Weapon (Kaiu Blade): You possess a special weapon created by the master weaponsmiths of your Clan, and considered
to be an icon of all who bear the mon of your Clan. Thecost of each individual weapon is denoted by the number after its name.
		Kaiu Blade (6): 3k3 katana; unbreakable; -2 to target's Reduction 
	Sage: You have a love of learning, and have accumulated a staggering amount of information during the course of your lifetime.
Whenever you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll when using a Lore Skill, you instead are considered to have 1 rank in that Skill. (4)
	Blood of Osano-Wo: You are descended from a bloodline of Hida Osano-wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, and his resilience lives
on in you. You are immune to any penalties or damage from natural weather conditions, such as winter cold, summer heat, etc. If you suffer damage
from a spell that employs natural forces (such as the mighty storm created by Hurricane, or the lightning bolt summoned by Fury of Osano-Wo), reduce
the amount of damage you suffer by 1k1. (3)

	Fascination (Ghosts): You are completely fascinated by some subject, and will go to great lengths to learn more about it or to experience it in
new ways. Typical subjects of a samurai's fascination include music, horses, poetry, and history. This fascination badly impedes your judgement, and you
will take even dishonourable actions to learn more, which could end in absolute disgrace if your actions are discovered. (1)
	Lost Love: You shared a bond of true love with someone once, and have since lost it. This need not be romantic love, as familial or brotherly love
lost is equally tragic. You tend to suffer bouts of melancholy when reminded of your lost love. When you are reminded of your loss, all your TNs are increased
by 5 until you spend a Void Point to regain your focus. This disruption of your concentration cannot happen more than twice per day, and at least one hour must
pass between instances. (3)
	Antisocial: You find the presence of others uncomfortable, so much so that it is immediately obvious to those around you. Your preference for solitude
 causes you to behave in a manner that might best be described as rude. If you take the 3 point version of this Disadvantage, you suffer a penalty of -1k0 to all 
Social Skill Rolls. For 5 points, the penalty is -1k1. (3)
	Disbeliever: You have experienced a dramatic revelation that has shattered your faith in Rokugani theology. Perhaps you believe that the Fortunes have
 no interest in mankind, or perhaps you have come to believe that the Tao of Shinsei holds nothing but empty promises. If your disbelief were made public 
knowledge, you would be shunned by all properly pious individuals everywhere, and any memberships you possess in temples or monastic orders would be instantly 
revoked. Your lack of piety makes you uncomfortable around shugenja and monks, and any Social Skill Rolls made with them have their TN increased by +5. (3)

Light Armour (Bonus to Armor TN: +5 Reduction: 3, Price: 25 koku)

Kaiu Blade Katana- Atk 4k3, Dmg 5k3
	(Medium, Samurai; DR: 3k3; Unbreakable; -2 to Reduction of target)
Wakizashi - Atk 4k3, Dmg 4k2
	(Medium, Samurai; DR: 2k2, Thrown (20'))
Standard Rifle - Atk 6k3, Dmg 7k4
	(Medium, Samurai; DR 4k4, Range 500')
Unarmed - Atk 4k3, Dmg 2k1
	(Small, DR: 0k1)

A student of the Kaiu Method is taught the many basic essential disciplines the family uses to serve the Crab.
You gain a bonus of +1k0 when making any School Skill Roll. When spending a Void Point to augment a School
Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +2k2 instead of +1k1. These effects are not cumulative.
The Kaiu are feared on the battlefeld for good reason—they are the masters of both construction and destruction. 
When constructing any large structure (temple-sized or larger), you may make an Engineering Skill Roll at TN 25 to add
 an additional number of Wounds to the structure equal to your School Rank x 100. Also, when commanding a siege engine, 
you may re-roll once any of the siege engine’s damage dice that roll below your School Rank.

Light Armour, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho (including Kaiu Blade), Standard Rifle, Travelling Pack, 3 koku

Healthy (+0)	Nicked (+0)	Grazed (+2)	Hurt (+7)
		OO		OO		OO
Injured (+12)	Crippled (+17)	Down (+37)	Out (-)

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Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

Jiro, unlike the others, had volunteered for this position. Well. Sort of. He assumed he was volunteering for a sister position that was far more exciting and dangerous. Unfortunately, paperwork has never been his strong suit, and he ended up here.

But there were some benefits.

Right now everyone was (wisely) keeping quiet. It did no good to anger your superiors, and the easiest way to ensure you didn't was to shut up. Yes, best we let the shugenja do all the talking. The path of humility and patience was the path of the wise.

And so, he gave the best, most charming smile he could, and...welp.

"Hiruma-san, I ask your forgiveness for any potential impertinence, but you need not worry. I, Yoritomo Jiro, am present. Whatever is going to happen, you have my guarantee that it is sure to be good."

The Yoritomo were not always known for following the path of the wise.

Yoritomo Jiro
Yoritomo Bushi 1

Insight 136	Honor 3		Status 1	Infamy 1		Exp 70/70

Earth   3	Stamina		3	Willpower	3
Air     3	Reflexes	3	Awareness	3
Water   2	Strength	3	Perception	2
Fire    2	Agility		3	Intelligence	2
Void    2

Way of the Mantis - No penalties to movement or attacks due to terrain; no Glory or Honor loss for using Peasant or improvised 
weapons; no offhand penalties for small/medium Peasant weapons; +1k0 to attack rolls
Knives - no offhand penalty for using knives

Skills:		Rank	Trait	Emphasis	Rolls
*Athletics	1	Str			4k3
*Commerce	1	Int			3k2
Courtier	1	Awa			6k3
*Defense	1	Ref			4k3
Etiquette	1	Awa			6k3
Games (F&W)	1	Awa			4k3
Intimidation	1	Awa			4k3
Investigation	1	Per			5k3
*Jiujutsu	1	Agi	Improvised	4k3
*Kenjutsu	1	Agi			4k3
*Knives		3	Agi	Kama		6k3
*Piloting	1	Agi			4k3
Storytelling	1	Awa			4k3
Temptation	1	Awa			4k3
*School Skills

Advantages			Disadvantages
Blood of Osano-Wo		Driven (be as good as my mom)
Daredevil			Greedy
Languages (Mekhem)		Infamous
Luck				Lechery
Sacred Weapons (Storm Kama)
Ancestor: Osusuki & Akomachi

TN-to-be-hit:		25
Initiative:		4k3
Attack:			5k3 Jiujitsu; 8k3 Storm Kama
Damage:			3k1 Jiujitsu; 5k2 Storm kama
Reduction:		3

Oct 2, 2010

"Hello. Please excuse my rudeness, et cetera." Akebono bows, then turns her glare back on Zakuro. "Are you going to tell them or should I?"

Zakuro waves his hands over his desks—keyboards are for lower-ranking people—and a hologram of a gas giant with many moons floats into view. Akebono starts quietly counting to ten.


Six Petals
System: Path of Hope System
Type: Gas Giant
Influence: Maigo no Musha (Satellites vary)
Primary Star: K2II (Orange Giant)
Satellites: 6

Friendly Moon
Type: Terrestrial (Rokugan-like)
Satellite of: Six Petals
Influence: Chikushudo

"This is Friendly Moon," Zakuro barely even pauses at the Crab's typical imaginative naming, "a recent Crab acquisition from the last system we sanctified. Six Petals had several moons of value to—"

Akebono reaches ten. "This moon should be ours but someone's already here."

"I am getting to that," Zakura says smoothly. "I believe "Friendly Moon" was chosen as a base for Crab operations in the expanding north of the galaxy, particularly research and court..." he catches Akebono's expression. "Anyway, Akebono-san here is part of their colonisation force and she has reports of squatters in the area."

Akebono turns to you. "Since we've landed we've been losing supplies. Now our scouts are reporting finding camps in the jungles near our forward base. Someone's been taking our things."

"And these scouts are nezumi, Akebono-san?" Zakuro asks.

Akebono's mouth twitches into the kind of smile Crab get right before they pitch someone through a window. "Yes, Seppun-sama, some of our nezumi allies are with us. They don't typically steal their own supplies."

"And how are you dealing with it, Akebono-san?"

"Oh, we can. But we were promised a habitable moon that had already been pacified by the Corps. A moon of our own, free of interference. So having to bring an army in to clean up some strangers isn't an expense we were hoping for." Akebono folds her arms. "I want to know if you'll take action, Seppun-sama. I don't think that's unreasonable. It beats compensating us for the contract violation, don't you think?"

Zakuro pretends to adjust some AR files and looks at you. "Well, then. Could I trouble you to inspect these problems on "Friendly Moon", and see if it's something the Katsumaru can deal with? Or even a band of samurai such as yourselves. Perhaps we can save the Crab from bringing in their soldiers, which I'm sure must be a bother," he adds because Akebono has been annoying him.

"Oh, they're on the way," Akebono says. "But seeing as the other moons have been claimed by the other Clans, perhaps a proper inspection should be conducted just in case. Perhaps the Unicorn might suffer a similar problem. Or the Crane. Or the Scorpion. They also claimed moons, or so I hear."

"I appreciate your concern, and I hope these fears are unfounded." Zakuro looks at you as he says this.

. . .

So, there you have it! This habitable moon should be pacified, but the Crab are having trouble. They're dragging the Corps into it because they suspect deliberate sabotage by another Clan, and even if it isn't they can probably squeeze some leverage with the Corps out of this. Your mission: find out what's going on, and if possible, either deal with it or find a way to make this not the Exploration Corps' problem.

Any plans before you make planetfall?

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

Hamzah bows again, still silent until out of range of both Zakuro and Akebono.

Then he lets out a long breath. "Ah, but it's stuffy in there. A pleasure meeting you all, and I hope we will work well together." His Mekhem-accented Rokugani is clear and understandable, at least. "I will be happy to tell you tales of the Jewel I come from and hear stories of your exploits later - but for six hours, I will need an undisturbed room. You may feel free to attend and watch my work, but not interrupt it, please." It's phrased as a request, but definitely isn't one.

He could try to rush it in one, but better safe than sorry, even if the Qabal fast methods are still mostly reliable.

The ritual begins with the painting of Hakhim's Seal on the floor. In ancient times, paint was actually used, but now, the work is done by very precise use of holographic emplacements. As he works, Hamzah mutters the equations to himself.

At first glance the lines of the seal resemble just that - lines. But each is an equation, and a poem, and more. The complexity of the Seal grows over time, as Hamzah adds in more work to complete it. The air above it begins to cloud up, as smoke rises within. The Seal is a mirror of the universe - and by altering one, the other is altered as well. By the third hour, the seal is completed, and the rest of the ritual can begin. Hamzah has collceted several ornate cups from his pack, filling each to the brim with water. These he places around the Seal, sprinkling the water in a wide circle. Then, he sprinkles sand and dust in a wider circle. This takes another hour. In the fourth hour, Hamzah begins to chant as he brings in a set of streams and fans, to move the air about. In the fifth, the chanting rises. The smoke in the center of the circle is growing darker. Hamzah again brings out an object - a metal cube containing...nothing. It is pressure-locked, and made of strong materials, and within is only vacuum. This is put to one side.

In the ritual's final hour, Hamzah places a brazier in the center of the seal. His Mekhem chanting is at its height - though few can understand it. He has been chanting a story, the story of the creation of the world (from a Mekhem perspective, invoking the gods Shilah and Kahlil rather than any kami) and the birth of the jinn. He lights the brazier, but no smoke rises from it. He places a stick in the flames, and with it, he writes a single Mekhem word in the air. The flames hover in the air there, for the word is a name - a name of great power. The name of a jinn.


First: Casting Jinn Summoning 1 to get +2k0 to my bargaining rolls. This eats one of my Air slots for today, so I'll be taking a nap before planetfall, too, if possible.
Vs TN 15: [06:39.25] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 29 = 7k5(4,8,4,6,3,1,7)
Okay, we're good.

Then, we roll for my summoning - base TN 5, +10 for a Hunting 3 (Tracking) Jinn with at least Perception 3.
Vs TN 15: [06:43.28] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 29 = 5k3(5,2,6,[10,8],1)

The burning name roars, then coalesces. The flame turns blue, expanding to become the shape of a woman, but obviously no human. Not right now, anyway. She is fire in flesh, smokeless fire that speaks with a will.

Hamzah kneels before her. "Mighty Najwa! Spoken of in song and story! She whose sword cleft apart the Pirate Shah of the Black Rukh! She who flew as a bird to signal the fall of the Traitor Jinn! She who knows the names of ten thousands beasts and the ways of ten thousand worlds!"

He rises, then, and all humility is gone. "I am the great Hamzah ibn Asmari! I, who am taught the secrets of the Qabal, call upon you by name! I, who speak the words of power and whose knowledge rivals Hakhim! I, who walk the void of stars, by whose will the secrets of the world are torn from the breast of numbers!"

Base: +1 Perception.
Random stat boosts: [06:47.13] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 18 = 2d10(10,8) - +1 Str, +1 Ref
Random protection: [06:47.51] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 1 = 1d10(1) - Immune to wound penalties.
Random ability: [06:49.02] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 9 = 1d10(9) - Celestial, [06:49.10] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 2 = 1d10(2) - Farsight 2
Random combat bonuses: [06:50.08] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 12 = 2d10(3,9) - +3 damage, +3 wounds/wound level.
40 CP to spend, and ability to have 1 Advantage. I have predetermined that 8 is spent on Hunting 3 (Traps). The rest I have rolled randomly but omitted the rolls for because holy poo poo that'd be boring.


Najwa, Mighty Jinn

Air 2 (Reflexes 3)
Earth 2
Fire 2 (Agility 3)
Water 3
Void 2

Attack: 5k3
DamageL 5k3+3
Armor TN: 20
Wounds per level: 7

Abilities: Shapeshifting (Can take any form it wants at will, no stat changes), Invincible (can't die, but is banished if it would be Taken Out), Suffers No Wound Penalties, Can use Farsight 2 2x/day (Remote viewing of familiar places via pool of water)

Advantage: Sensation

Skills: Brawling 2, Commerce 3, Hunting 3 (Traps), War Fan 1, Swordsmanship 1, Sleight of Hand 1, Calligraphy 2, Acting 1, Spears 2, Intimidation 2, Courtier 1, Horsemanship 1, Knives 1, Forgery 1

Hamzah spreads his hands. "Come, and let us bargain! I ask of you this service: I would have you serve me for one week, to walk with me and guide me in the wild lands. Your wisdom to advise me, your strength to defend me, and your song to raise my spirits! This I ask. One week, no more. In return, I offer you that which your home can never touch: water, and more! So speak with me now, oh mighty Najwa, and we will come to terms."

Now, contested Commerce rolls. I get +5 for only asking for a week of service, rather than a month. I get +2k0 to my roll as well from my spell.
My roll: [07:34.24] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 20 = 7k2(7,3,5,[10,1],6,9,5) + 5 = 25
Her roll:[07:33.32] <+Morphball> MorsRattus: 16 = 5k2(7,9,6,4,1)
Because my result beats hers, she will only desire "a minor task requiring only moments, such as speaking well of the jinn to other sahir who summon her, or flattering her ego."

Until we reach a deal, she cannot exit the circle she is bound in and cannot harm me for the next hour. She is not requiring to obey me once the deal is struck, but jinn are extremely honorable and hate to disobey deals.

Mors Rattus fucked around with this message at May 22, 2017 around 23:40


Feb 17, 2011

The strongest! The smartest! The rightest!

"But of course, Seppun-sama. We would be MORE then happy to assist the radiant Himura-san in this matter. That such has happened to her is, of course, a grand tragedy - ah, but the fortunes have smiled, and have brought us here to end this meddlesome trouble for you."

As Hamzah leaves, Jiro waggles his fingers in a vague kinda-wave and says goodbye in Mekhem before turning to the others. "Chikushudo influenced? Interesting. I just might be able to ask a few questions others wouldn't be able to otherwise - to individuals others wouldn't be able to otherwise. Sadly, this may end up being altogether too easy."

No plans before the party leaves

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