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Jul 11, 2016

“Your benefactors are convinced of your intent and expertise and have commissioned you to found a settlement in the new world. Your expedition has been approved. Congratulations.” He placed the parcel on the tabletop and slid it to your seat. A moments unwrapping revealed it contained Letters of Marque, a note from the King of Gault, land and mineral permits and a nobleman's signet and letter seal. “That package is your charter.” he interrupted cheerfully. “Keep it close.” He leaned back then like he was not in fact squatting on a stool. “Your ships will sail for Peregrin Minor in late summer. They should make land just before spring. There may be a couple cold weeks but you'll be well entrenched when it starts warming up.” His eyes narrowed on you as his arms crossed over his chest. He leaned in to rest his elbows on the table, bringing his peering eyes closer to yours. “Bear in mind that you represent Gault down there. Our empire's reputation is sailing with you. The King will be keeping a watchful eye on your colony. So will we.”

“But apart from that, pay your benefactors and stay out of trouble and everything should be hunky-dory! Ha! Correct? Right old mate? Anyway, best of luck down there. We're all pulling for you!” He chuckled lightly and shook his head and then reiterated “The business. The business. You should know you won't be the only settlement, you might have as many as a dozen competitors. Fortunately they're all Gaultese. Pyrenze tried to outbid us for land claims but, what the crown wants the crown gets... If you see anyone sporting a foreign flag while your down there report it to us, but don't expect to. The land is uninhabited and Gault holds claim to the entire eastern coastline. Its unreasonable to expect anyone would land on the southern cape or along the west coast. Choppy seas.” He began collecting his things then and stood from his table, indicating with a nod for you to do the same.

“You'll likely be landing in the heart of the jungle. It's all jungle there, the whole east coast mostly, and past that we don't know what to expect. Just... get to someplace habitable as quick as you can and start excavating something for us. If relics found in Peregrin Major are reliable, Peregrin Minor is where the real treasures are buried. Pull them up on our behalf and we can make you very wealthy.”

The two of you had made it to the doorway of the Cadburry Whale before he stopped you by squeezing your shoulder, pulling you closer towards him. In a whisper you hear, “Oh, Yes. The need-to-knows. Don't be alarmed by buildings. Or ruins. They're long abandoned. The land is empty. And if you find anything ... unnatural ... let the crown decide how we handle it. And who finds out. He gives you a hearty clap on the back and returns to his normal timber “And try not to look so serious! Gault likes its heroes plucky. Maybe have your portrait done before the end of summer. Give history something to remember that bonnie face by. Ha!" Another clap on the shoulder and he was gone, like a feeble gust across the darkening bay. It was over. Peregrin Minor would be yours. And summer could not come quickly enough.

"Alright, I've taken precious minutes out of my life to read your drat four paragraph intro. What the hell is all of this? Make it quick or I swear to God I'm gonna-"


Welcome to Peregrin Minor! .............................................................................................................. it's super cool.....

This is a Colony game set on pseudo earth. You're a citizen of Gault, our functioning analogue for Great Britain - if Great Britain had remained pastoral instead of embracing empires. The colonies on Peregrin Minor will be Gault's first. And it's about time because Pyrenze (France and Spain if it was one place and never stopped kicking rear end) has colonies over half the free world. The balance of power is definitely in their favor and it's time to change that. Two continents have been discovered in the last twenty years. Peregrin Major - the larger more northerly continent. And Peregrin Minor - marginally smaller but more lush, connected to Peregrin Major through a thin equatorial land bridge. The Pyrentine have already claimed almost all of Peregrin Major. But Peregrin Minor is still untouched. That's where you come in.

You'll be founding a colony. Growing your colony. Exploring the unknown. Looting ruins. Trying to promote your own devious machinations. In the spirit of real life colonies you may end up throwing off the yolk of your abusive empire. All of you might get together to write a constitution. Or you might go to war with each other. At the very least you should give the continent a nicer name.

You might also have to guard your colony and mind from hellspawn night-horrors... Might. No promises.

"This is brilliant beyond all reasonable expectations. You're clever and sexy. How do I play in your game?"


Description/Pic: (either or both are acceptable.)


Skills [+8] - pick up to four skills.

Drawbacks [-4] - pick two drawbacks.

Who Holds Your Charter?:

(A charter is your authorization to found villages and colonies in the new world. It can have been granted by either the King of Gault or some other influential industry, personage or collective; if you pick the latter option, please describe your benefactor in detail. A brief list of reasonable options would include: The Church of Gault, The King’s Illicit Half-Brother, The Lumber Industry Magnates, The Royal Department of Wildlife and Wilderness Preservation, etc. Something in that vein. People can share the same benefactor, if anyone wishes to.)

All the Necessaries Fit Snugly in Four Ships. You Were Chartered Five Ships. To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?

(Begin the game with a well stocked surplus of one kind of resource, supply or item. A brief list of reasonable option might include: Weapons, Rations, Artisans, Horses, etc. Something in that vein. Alternately if you can think of a purpose for an empty ship that does not involve shipping, or you wish to sail to the new world with one empty vessel, you can describe what you choose to do with the ship.)

What Sort of People Will You Bring To The New World? (Create a [+2] Skill for your colonists)

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home? Tell us something, or a couple something’s, about Gault. Keep this portion in-character and please try not to contradict other entries.)

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper? (Same as above, but without concern for contradicting stories. Pyrenze can be a complicated place...)

"Okay. But what if I want to find you? Because I want to find you... It'll be fun! We can talk about the game or something. Come on, tell me where to find you."

Follow this link to join us in Discord. If you don't have Discord, you should download it. It's free and awesome. And we're gonna be playing this game mostly on Discord with this thread serving as a central hub for information so ... Join Us.

I'm American. And I'm up all night about half the time. I keep irregular enough hours I'll be able to gm for basically anyone. And when I'm not on, my Co-GM AnonymousIdiot is very regular. Talk with us and we'll be your friends, I guess.

"It's not enough! I need more! I'm so obsessed I can't stop thinking about this game! Do you have like, head-cannon I could obsessively scroll through while I'm waiting on you to respond in Discord? What's the King's blood type?!"

I picture Peregrin Minor as like South America, from the Amazon to the Andes just a very diverse and naturally elegant continent. Peregrin Major is similarly, in my head, built like North America. The feel of the RP will be similar to the founding of the 13 colonies of the early United States. I'd like to see players cooperating to write constitutions and arguing over where the world's capital should be, in between robbing ancient tomes like Indiana Jones's sugar-fiending little brother. It seemed to I and AnAnonymousIdiot that a colonization RP ran the risk of being a little culturally insensitive. As such we've decided to remove the game from the realm of realism by making the continent totally empty and including a fantasy horror subplot. Be prepared for the game to turn scary later. Technology is gonna be appropriately 18th century. Pyrenze will have fancier tech than us because Gault hasn't begun to industrialize and Pyrenze has.

AnAnonymousIdiot and I both look for a healthy sense of originality when evaluating characters. We like weird ideas best, typically, and we encourage all applicants to embrace their surreal side a bit while making entries. We'll be keeping the game open for apps until next Saturday, the 27th of May.

"You're so Perfect..."

Nah, babe. You're perfect.


Jul 11, 2016


Jul 11, 2016


The Unlife Aquatic
Jun 17, 2009

Improvement makes straight roads; but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius.

Name: Hakonia Alkasaki (In Feial rendering her name is Alkasaki Hakonia, it is presented here in standard Gault scheme for clarity)

Backstory: Hakonia Alkasaki was born to the Feial Clans, matriarchal tribes living on the northern extremes of Gault in it's cruelest, coldest mountain range - the Shalkik. The Feial are nomads. They live by horseback and yurt - tending goat herds, hunting what they can, and gathering in the brief spring. Once, the Feial were the prized light cavalry of the Gault. Their bows made them fearsome hit-and-run attackers and they served as skirmishers, raiders, and scouts. But plague, raids from their fellow Gaults, and increasingly harsh winters have dwindled their numbers.

Hakonia was raised on stories of their glorious past, told by elders and bone carvings. Those memories have crystallized into the guiding principals of her life. To bring the Feial Clans back from the brink, to make them strong and proud. Her sharp eyes, nimble hands, and sharper tongue brought her success as a hunter. And to be a good hunter in Feial society is everything. By 25 she was the Mother of the Alkasaki Clan, and at 29 a gathering of the tribes gave her the title of Great Mother. Her duty was nothing less than seeking the salvation of the Feial. And she did it by doing what no else could, traveling south to petition the King for aid. They wanted salt, goats (for milk, for coats, for meat), and maybe firewood. They got this. It was considered a betrayal and insult, for their service they were...sent away.


Both Accurate and Precise (+4) Hakonia's incredible dexterity and sharp eyesight combine to make her the most gifted living archer among the Feial Clans. She's not bad with a musket, either. In general, any task that calls for hand-eye coordination and a careful hand is easy for her.

Stealthy (+2) Hakonia is exceedingly quiet, and able to sit still for hours.

Survivalist (+2) - Hakonia has spent her whole life living in the bleakest wilderness in all of Gault. She's learned how to make the most of anything and everything she's come across. Nothing goes to waste, nothing.


Iliterate (-2) Hakonia has little book knowledge, and has never learned to read. Not much use in the frostbitten wilderness, after all.

Supersitious (-2) Feial are highly supersitious, and Hakonia is expected to set a good example. As a result she is unusually strict in her observance of several rituals. The primary concern with foreigners is her use of salt. She must spread a small line of salt mingled with her blood before speaking to a foreign male, and must "cleanse" a foreign structure with salt before entering. She must only do this once, and only with foreign structures.

Who Holds Your Charter?

The King. That damned king. We humiliated ourselves by asking for his aid and he gave us...this. It's an insult, but it would be a greater insult to turn away his "aid". And so we go to what he must think will be our death. We will not die. We have survived worse.

To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?

We already had to throw out their iron to make room for our yurts and goat herds. What use do we have for...their baubles? The last ship contains what truly matters to us - bags of good elk pemmican, clean water, and the sacred salt. (Rations)

What Sort of People Will You Bring To The New World?

My sisters, my family. As many of the Feial Clans as we can stuff in their foul smelling boats. (+2 Ranged Combat)

Feial Culture: Feial clans are strictly matriarchial. Child-rearing is considered a communal task. When Feial socialize among themselves they use Last Name-First Name, but understand the rest of Gault culture enough to know they prefer First-Last and can change to that to avoid confusion. Their history is mostly passed down orally, through bone carvings, through the art on their yurts. Every Feial woman is expected to be able to track, kill, and dress an animal on their own. They also tend herds, and hunt for salt. Men are used primarily for camp labor, and gathering during the spring. Men are not allowed to own weapons, or speak to a woman before being spoken to, a man who touches a Feial woman without consent traditionally has the offending hand cut off. Feial religious life primarily focuses on the three pillars of survival - fire, water, and salt.

In combat a Feial woman carries three weapons - a greatbow to be used for long range combat on foot (also a sign of social status), a much smaller recurve for use from horseback, and a spear. They also carry a utility knife, for obvious reasons.

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home?

We will remember the Shalkik mountains. Our first home. Their winds howled, the cold bit deep into our necks, but they were home. We will remember the Gaults who raided us in our leanest times. We will remember their betrayal. We will remember the King sent us here to be rid of us. We served with honor, always completing our contracts, collecting medals and accolades. The second we asked for help, we were thrown away.

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper?

They speak of strength of arms, and great riches. Guns that can match our bows, and function in bitter cold. If they can pay us, we will serve. We are loyal only to ourselves now.

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Jun 23, 2011

Name: John Smith

Description/Pic: (either or both are acceptable.)

John Smith, Professor at Noxford and long time supporter of the arts and science. Born in a rural village, his intellect marked him apart and he soon found his way to the big city of Tondon, where he worked in a paper mill while attending Noxford. He suffered an unfortunate industrial accident there and had his left leg crushed. While it never healed right, he managed to devise a spring assisted brace that let him walk almost normally again with the assistance of a cane. In a eureka moment he patented the spring design and its use in a number of industrial applications, not to mention carriages, brought him both wealth and acclaim in academia. Over the years he made a number of inventions and discoveries culminating in John being made a professor at Noxford. However he chaffed at the restrictions that the church had placed upon the university and found himself in trouble several times over it. When word of colonial expeditions to Peregrin Minor reached him, he was able to persuade Leonard, the Kings Illicit Half-Brother to get him a charter and used his personal wealth to outfit a fifth ship with a large amount of industrial equipment. Then he recruited heavily from Noxford students and industrial worker families, promising new open spaces to build and raise families, free from the churches restrictions and plenty of opportunity for all.

Skills [+8] -
Science (+4)
John is very intelligent man and has studied/taught most of his life at Noxford. To say he is on the bleeding edge is no exaggeration.

Steel Mind (+2)
John raised himself up out of a hut in the woods to a man of science using luck, ingenuity, and strength of will.

Rhetoric (+2)
Academia can be a dog eat dog world, and to rise John learned to art of speaking. If not silver tongued, its at least copper plated.

Drawbacks [-4] -
Lame Leg (-2)
Crushed in an industrial accident and never healed right. A brace and a cane let him get around almost normally, but any fast movement is at great effort.

Dark Phobia -(2)
Irrational, John knows, but the dark has always frightened him as a child and he has not escaped its grasp as a man.

Who Holds Your Charter?:
The King’s Illicit Half-Brother, Leonard. Long time supporter of science and shielded from the churches ire by his blood. His funding and status as a patron as kept the church at bay from Noxford

All the Necessaries Fit Snugly in Four Ships. You Were Chartered Five Ships. To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?
All the needed parts to quickstart industry. Milling and lathe equipment, waterwheels, ready to fabricate metal and all the works.

What Sort of People Will You Bring To The New World?
Scientists and Engineers. Mostly younger folk who seek to escape the church's choking grasp on the sciences, and a couple of professors wanting a fresh start. Culturally they're still Gault but they're a younger generation, less hidebound by their elders ways.

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home?
Noxford University, John's home for many years as a professor. Its hallowed halls hold all the high learning of Gault. He'll miss less the nearby church and its priests always "visiting" to make sure things don't get too heretical.

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper?
They say the men of Pyrenze never shave because they believe to do so would weaken them. That beard braiding is done as a sign of status, with rings of precious metal placed in the braids to signify wealth.

Dec 20, 2005

And their legs get
stuck in my teeth!

Clare Wraight


Clare is a natively born bastard Prince of Gault, disinherited by way of the Clergy after the birth of his younger half brother. Despite this, he has taken a name by assuming the mantle of Knight Protector of the Crown; one of the most forthright organizations of knights and holy soldiers blessed by the Church. The entity of course, given such esteem, still, by way of suppressing the Feial insurgency in the North so long ago. In modernity, the Order has taken a more ceremonial symbolism in such times of peace with the surrounding nations. However, resources are funneled by the Church and Crown towards the armament of the Order as it has become the Crown’s personal detachment of trained men. Clare has, by an intrinsic dark ambition, and in lieu of his ability to attain the crown, taken a pivotal leadership position within the Protectorate, and levies it against a weak Kingship in terms of what could effectively be determined as tithings against an organization with the power to stage a successful coup.

More importantly to his character, in civil action against unruly burgers and dukes, Clare has proven himself well beyond the position he holds. Countlessly, rebellions are quelled with few to tell any tale but to his immaculate handlings of such regrettable failings of compromise; though often the results are morose as war always is. Factions against the King have, in fact, been sparse since his Order has been wielded against the populace of the Kingdom itself. Word travels of horrible atrocity in its wake, rebels flayed alive and hung from crosses in droves on the roads from the Capital to the place the Order was sent; and men seemingly brainwashed against the evils committed along the way at their destinations. These forces, of course, always seem helmed by none other than the disinherited Prince.

As well, he has a small brood of unclaimed bastard children currently being reared in the back rooms of various brothels throughout the Gault kingdom, that are rarely acknowledged as carrying the birthright of the crown, though he did not ever bother to well cover his tracks. Wraight’s strong claim upon the throne, however, has come at a cost. In trade for a vast sum of wealth, his services have been determined more beneficial elsewhere, as an Arm of Church and Crown to subjugate the land of Peregrin Minor beneath the glorious iron fist of God. And, dutifully to his position and stature, he had no choice but to commit to the will of his superiors.

Skills [+8]

Icon of War (+4): Clare is a shining general; capable of leading men beyond their self imposed limits, to great heroism and renown. His martial prowess is nearly unmatched in the lands of Gault.

Blessed By God (+2): If only by way of his connection with the church, Wraight is rarely put to question. Those of weaker wills seek his judgement and blessing. In matters of religion, his word is lawful. When support is nowhere to be found, it can be found in God, through him.

Armored Heart (+2): No setback can put down Clare’s will to fight, no dark seems so impenetrable for him not to bring himself to bear it. His will is like that of iron in all matters, as is his pride, and his heart can be as cold as it is stubborn.

Drawbacks [-4]

Utterly Impious (-2): Despite his standing in the church and his will, when given the opportunity Wraight indulges his demons vehemently. Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, Hubris and Lust stand out among his less kempt virtues, and in that order.

Ambitious (-2): His goal is always for better; and insatiable. This, of course, leads him to make mistakes in his dealings with those wiser and more calculating or deceptive than he himself.

Who Holds Your Charter?:

The Church of Gault, in its high importance. The King holds no sway in the hearts of the people and lines our pockets. Unlike his, our cause is noble. We shall pull this land into our grip, and pry from its secrets untold riches for the glory of God and his devout.

All the Necessaries Fit Snugly in Four Ships. You Were Chartered Five Ships. To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?

A contingent of the Holy Order, a Relic of our Church, horses and enough food for them to be kept. All this blasted, overgrown Hell needs is the Glory of our Word and the Devout who speak it.

What Sort of People Will You Bring To The New World? (Create a [+2] Skill for your colonists)

The Righteous (+2): The men and women under Clare’s care are those of deep religious belief. This benefits them by way of solace in their endless toil; and promotes deep, unquestioning cohesion.

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home?
Clare has never forgiven the weak king, his father, for the treachery of stealing his birthright. By decree of will of God, he could no longer wear the crown. His brother bears the same weaknesses of their father, of course, and thusly Wraight holds no good will toward the Crown or its current line.

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper?

The sailors speak in hushed tongues only about the Pyrenzen women. Extravagant beauty, and loose of morals and dress. A fact certainly contemptible by the modest preferences of God. The Pyrenzen men would likely keep them at heel as they should, if they were not all so dandled in wine and spirits.

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Jun 1, 2011

It's good to see this back and with a bit more interest the last time KhediveRex. Had my previous application on file so I figure, why not?[/u]

Sir Andrew Gene Blackwood

Sir Andrew Gene Blackwood is the Son of Baronet Johan Melville Blackwood the celebrated war hero, who saved the life of the king at the battle of Helgrady. For his courage Johan was made a nobleman and invited to court, quickly becoming a favourite of the royals and the nobility. By chance, the kings first son and heir apparent, the crown Prince Frederick Floric Antes was born within a few months of Sir Andrew and so it was ordained that the two would be true friends for life.

Much to the chagrin of many at court, the two did indeed become fast friends. Some would say the strength of their friendship was “inspirational”or “concerning” is they were feeling less charitable. Some would even say the strength of the bond between Andrew and the Prince was “inappropriate”, but any who would say that within earshot would soon find themselves on the wrong end of Andrews swordpoint.

In either case, recent rumours, a certain degree of controversy from the church and the upcoming wedding of Prince Frederick has all meant that it has become… politically expedient for Andrew to be out of the country for a few months or years. Fortunately, this series of events has lined up nicely with the Kingdom of Gaults desires for outward expansion. By chartering Andrew with the responsibility of founding a colony, the King gets a loyal servant on Peregrin Minor and a walking, talking controversy out of Gault where it can explode mostly harmlessly.

- - - -

+2 Royal Prerogative - Being the only son of a war hero who was elevated to the nobility for saving the life of the king has it’s advantages. Andrews father was made a Baronet for his heroism and he and Andrew have been fixtures of the court for many years allowing them to curry many favours and friends among the royal family. Andrews association with the crown prince is also a source of much influence. Even on the other side of the ocean, Andrew’s word holds much sway.

+2 Dueling Aficionado - The fickle nature of court life means the nobility are constantly after some form of distraction and entertainment. Andrew has had many “hobbies” over the years; horse breeding, botany, cattle breeding, poetry, sheep breeding and so forth. One of the few things that have held Andrews interest for more then a few months in dueling. And at court, where yesterdays friends are today's enemies, there has been plenty of opportunity for practice.

+4 Palace Education - Being a favourite of the court and the royal family of similar age to the Crown Prince, Andrew was often made subject to the various tutors along with Prince Frederick. While education was often the furthest thing from Andrews mind, it’s hard not to absorb some knowledge from some of the best tutors the universities of Gault had to offer.

-2 Religious Controversy - It all started going downhill when Andrew was nine, when he and young Frederick threw jam tarts at a visiting priest for having a “stupid hat”. Since then it’s been controversy after controversy, coming to a head with a paper published only a few months ago postulating the theory of “Andretics”, a more catchy title compared to “The Andrew Gene Theorem Of Offspring Inheritance”, based on Andrews experience with animal and plant breeding, which suggests life was not made whole cloth by god, but rather a number of factors. This outrageous and heretical claim, coupled with the (what some would say inappropriate) friendship with the Crown Prince has meant that Andrew has had to leave Gault very, very quickly.

-2 Foolhardy -This recent spat with the Church is just another example of Andrews inability to back away from something. Mountain climbing, fighting with the church, fighting with pretty much anyone really. Andrew is stubborn and foolhardy to an extreme, and although a bit of stubbornness will be a necessary quality in the establishment of a colony, Andrew takes it to a whole new level.

Who Holds Your Charter?:
Andrew’s esteemed [I]friend
, the Crown Prince Frederick Floric Antes of Gault, is the holder of his Charter.

All the Necessaries Fit Snugly in Four Ships. You Were Chartered Five Ships. To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?
Andrew’s briefing was quite… brief; so hurried was his departure from Gault he scarcely had time to pack all of his furniture! But there was one thing Andrew refused to leave without and that was his newest project. A cattle breeding program, hoping to create a more robust and practical cattle breed for use of the peasants in less hospitable areas. While the meat is not as tender as the Wellington breed and the milk not as creamy as the Borgendale blend, Blackwood cattle are hardy, resistant to all temperatures, are milk-able and edible both and above all, Andrew refused to leave without them. So, the fifth ship became home to a small herd of very special cattle.

What Sort of People Will You Bring To The New World?
+2 Industrious - In either a form of ironic joke or genuine care of his part, Prince Frederic managed to charter some recently out of work guild hall members as settlers for Andrews aspiring colony. Diligent, hard-working and industrious to Andrews… not any of those things, the desperate workers know who really pays their contracts and will remain fastidious in their duties, whether or not this whole “colony” thing actually manages to work out.

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home?
Ahh, what I will remember most fondly about Gault is the Rontham Road. Many years ago some very clever king decided that all the best universities and colleges should be all grouped together in the same place, to allow lecturers and professors easier access to materials from other universities, promote inter-disciplinary unity and to have a right big booze up every Saturday night. At one end of the road you have the Royal Chartered College of Surgical Excellence, on the other end you have the Gaultian Military Academy, where all the strapping young officers go to begin their learning in the military arts. In between the two there are twenty seven other institutions each catering to different disciplines; mathematics, architecture, literary works anything else you could possible want. And where they havn’t stuffed a university, they’ve got salons, coffee houses and pubs. Pubs galore! It is a fantastic place to be whether you’re looking for some learning in a certain field, art and culture, a fine debate among peers or if you’re in the mood for a punch-up.

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper?
The sailors whisper of but one thing coming out of the Pyrenze Peninsula; war. War with Angelerre and Monte-Farbach on the continent. War between the highest nobles for control of the crown. War with the nations of Cantrica to the far south, and even with Xing’Ing and Raptnan at the furthest known reaches of then east, and wars with nations even beyond that! You would scarcely think they had the men for so many wars! The war talk that passes through the most lips however, is the talk of war between the Pyrenze and Gault. The Pyrenze sit atop the golden throne of power and while seemingly merciful with the supplicant, it appears that this recent attempt at grabbing a slice of the new world for ourselves has angered them greatly.

Apr 12, 2006

"I'm sure you are already aware that it took Gault thirty years to adopt the crossbow. Thirty. Years. Thirty years after first being introduced to it through war, through death, through the armor of our knights being punctured and pierced and perforated, through our armies and superior longbowmen being outclassed by inexpensive hordes of untrained conscripts armed with cheap weaponry the Church finally grant an exception to its archaic rule against technological complexity.

I'm not sure there's a more apt metaphor for our country, sir. We could have industry and success. Instead, we have stagnancy and death. We have the Church."

Letter to the King's brother, His Grace Arthur FitzRoy, Duke of Brightwell

Sir Malcolm Hawke

Hawke can pinpoint the exact moment his country swung back into mediocrity. He knows the exact date. He wouldn't never say it outloud, of course, being both as an ardent monarchist and a keen survivalist but he knows all the same. It was day of the birth of the current of the king. The "Miracle Prince" he was called at the time.

The old king, His Royal Highness Richard VI, had no heirs. His wife had produced no children in twenty-five years of (quite-loving) marriage. And worst, he had no close male relatives of appropriate blood. The Church was and still is radically anti-divorce. And so his Royal Highness began... drifting from the Church. To put it lightly. This is all common knowledge. A young woman named Anne, a servingwoman in the castle, was determined by a panel of royal advisers to be an excellent candidate for siring an heir to the throne. She was young. Strong. And exceptionally beautiful. And, sure enough, she produced King Richard a son: Arthur. Arthur was given the surname "FitzRoy" as befitting the king's acknowledgement of him and was placed in the Royal Nursery.

This put the whole Church in an awful tizzy. Adultery being a sin and all. But the more dust they kicked up, the further King Richard separated himself from them. Several cardinals were stripped of power or forced to resign. Certain Church lands were seized by the Crown for development. The king, the Church, and indeed all of Gault was at a turning point.

But then the Queen became pregnant. She was fifty-seven years old. The "Miracle Prince" was born. The pendulum swung back. And the Church of Gault has never been more powerful.


Hawke is a loyal servant to the Crown and a traditionalist and a family man and a Church-goer but he is frustrated by the state of his country. He has seen first hand the damage the Church can inflict upon Gault. To live in a time when "work smarter not harder" is a borderline heretical thought could drive any man to near madness. But Hawke is a military man, a decorated naval officer, and he has witnessed first hand the unnecessary death born from an edict against innovation. One cannot retroactively prepare for war. Gault almost lost part of its coastline to the Pyrenze and Hawke was almost excommunicated and imprisoned for saving it.

The Royal Navy-- highly skilled but horribly outgunned--was in disarray following the death of the Vice-Admiral and the disastrous battle outside of Kingsport. Everyone else limped off to save their ships and to live to fight another day. Hawke did the opposite. He docked, packed all remaining gunpowder both from his ship and the city at large, scuttled his beloved Horizon to hide his presence, and waited for the Pyrenze to arrive.

And then he blew it up. All of it.

The Pyrenze Armada was shattered. The city of Kingsport (if not the dock) was saved. And Hawke was put on trial by the Church.


He would be released, of course. After public outcry and a little royal pressure. But it left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. The consensus amongst all parties is that it would be best for him to take his "talents" to the New World and everyone would get to save face. The Crown could reward a hero. The Church could remove a thorn. And Hawke could receive a real opportunity to better his country.

Veteran in Service of the Crown -- Academy graduate. Distinguished officer. Decorated war hero. Gentleman of questionable moral character. Questionable at least as far as the Church concerned since Hawke has routinely demonstrated and vocally stated that he values the importance of his men's lives over strict adherence to tradition and dogma. +2 War

Modernist in Service of the Country -- Hawke knows there is only one thing that changes the world faster than war... gold. And there is plenty of that to be made in the New World. Without the suffocating stranglehold of the Church to stymie innovation and invention and advancement, there is very real opportunity to facilitate change for the country. Even if it has to happen far, far from the country itself. +2 Business +4 Innovation

Revolutionary -2 -- Men who look to the future always concern those in charge of the status quo. After all, how far a stretch is it really for a man who rails against one tradition to move on to another?

Poorly-Allied -2 -- He might be beloved by the common man but his friends in power number few. And his one major benefactor, the holder of his Charter, isn't much better off himself.

Who Holds Your Charter?:
Technically, the Charter is held by the king's half-brother, Arthur FitzRoy, the Duke of Brightwell. The two men share a proclivity towards progressive thought and a desire to see Gault industrialize. Unofficially and a bit ironically, the Church of Gault is also involved. The public outcry that stemmed from the trial of "the Hero of Kingsport" was a tremendous egg on the face of the current hierophant. But the wily old statesman didn't ascend unto his position of higher power without learning how to turn an egg into an omelette. He's taking this event as an opportunity from God to dump the Church prisons--and the country as a whole--of undesirables.

What Sort of People Will You Bring To The New World? (Create a [+2] Skill for your colonists)
Free-thinkers. Inventors. Dissidents. Artists. Atheists. Debtors. Divorcees. The Church's condemnation casts a wide net. So Hawke's future colonists might not be singularly focused or particularly specialized in any one field (save for the fact that they are unwelcome and unliked and persecuted in their home country) But, goodness, there are an awful lot of them. +2 Numerous

All the Necessaries Fit Snugly in Four Ships. You Were Chartered Five Ships. To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?
As Hawke see's it: the future. Raw materials. Metal. Tools. Everything necessary to build a foundry and then enough resources left over to begin short-scale production.

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home? (Tell us something, or a couple something’s, about Gault. Keep this portion in-character and please try not to contradict other entries.)
"Gault is the greatest country in the world. God save the King."

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper?
"Their king is a decadent, indecent slob unfit for leadership let alone a crown. Their soldiers are well-trained yet decidedly over reliant on their equipment-- in a fair fight we'd whip them three-to-one. Their civilians are hot-headed, quick to anger, but honorable. Prisoners of war are well-treated. Their Peregrin Major colonies are suffering from an unknown ailment or malady. I'm not sure what it is but it's causing quite a concern amongst those in power."

Jan 8, 2012

Calvin "Praise-be-Azathoth, the Great Leveler" Montressor, Patriarch of the Order of the Ebon Sickle

We are a simple faith. An ancient faith. We feed the earth, and the earth feeds us. Now there are those who claim that we practice strange and unholy rites, human sacrifice, poisoning wells, trying to awaken ancient slumbering gods. Fools. We haven't practiced those rites in at least 300 years. Not since the Conclave of Bloodhenge. Instead of trying to bring him into this world to remake it in his image, we now know that by living a good and virtuous life, in the name of Azathoth, we will become one with him in the next life, the true life. Still, the Church of Gault practices persecution of the old ways. And so we try to live our lives as best we can, away from the centers of power of Gault. The King, may Azathoth bless him, has decreed that we are to be tolerated, but what of the next king? Or the one after that? We simply want to live our life, to worship our gods in peace.

Charismatic Preacher (+4): Whether it be spreading the faith to the masses, or stirring up the passions of the faithful, Calvin is quite skilled at the arts of religious oratory. This has served him well in his decades of preaching in the streets and fields of Gault, much to the dismay of the Church.

Expert Theologian (+2): Naturally, Calvin has studied the legends and beliefs of the Order of the Ebon Sickle extensively. But he has also studied the legends and beliefs of many other faiths as well, the better to understand how they might be convinced or converted.

Tough old Bastard (+2): Calvin has spent decades wandering Gault, preaching and ministering to his flock. They are a disliked cult by many, and he has spent much time sleeping in haylofts and ditches, being chased and occasionally beaten by angry mobs, and dodging thrown rocks and rotten fruit. This has made him extremely hardy for a man his age.

Heretic (-2): In the eyes of many, he and his followers are heretics, accused of ancient and foul crimes. Some of them even may have been true, once. But the suspicion lingers, many of the faithful of the more mainstream religions fear and distrust him.

Favors Owed (-2): A lifetime spent as a persecuted minority has meant that Calvin has accepted help from many people who do not see eye to eye with the crown or mainstream authorities. Smugglers, foreigners, other heretics, criminals... and they have done him and his flock great favors in the past. How can he turn them down when they ask for a little help?

Who holds the charter?
The Earl of Weselton. The Earl's family has been a secret member of the cult for generations. This shouldn't be surprising, given that the ritual site of Bloodhenge lies on the Earl's lands, but for centuries they have escaped notice. Mostly because Weselton is an isolated part of the kingdom, in the swamps and moors of the east. Perhaps the Earl has grown too accustomed to his comfortable life to want to uproot himself and travel to the new world, but he has arranged for us to travel in his stead, to build a new Bloodhenge in the wilderness.

What sort of People will we bring?
+2 Famers: The faithful are mostly drawn from the farmers and peasants of the east. Hardy folk, used to long days and backbreaking labor at the plough and the scythe.

To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?
I fear that our relics may not be safe once so many of the faithful have left. We will bring as many of the sacred texts of old, plus our ancient relics. The golden sickle of Carcossa, the Chronicle of the Ever-thirsting God, the Veritas Prophecies, and of course, the Skull of the Elder Soul must all come with us, to be safe.

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home?
The fertile earth, our orchards and our fields. The sacred spaces of our ancestors. Bloodhenge. It is said that it was built by giants, great stone pillars hewn from ancient mountains. Once the stones were carved with secrets, but they have long since worn away. The Skull of the Elder Soul was found buried in the center. We are sad to lose our connection to the land.

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper?
Azathoth teaches us that the nations of the earth are as dust, false lines built by men to divide themselves. We have no enmity towards Pyrenze, and if any of our brethren there have also travelled to the new world, we will welcome them with open arms. We do fear that their persecution of the Order has been more thorough than that of Gault, so we have not heard from our brethren there in some time. They did send emissaries to the Conclave of Bloodhenge, presumably the teachings of that conclave have been adopted by our Pyrenzese brethren.

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Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

Mortimer Charleton Snodgrass

Nos Pondus Portant

Charles Snodgrass, the family founder, was a sheep farmer with more business sense than his neighbors. Finding himself in possession of more of their farms than he could administer himself, he became in short order a land-lord, and one of the members of the rising mercantile class, whose distastefulness to the clergy and the nobility had finally been outweighed by their self-evident essentiality to life in Gault.

That was three generations ago, and today Snodgrass Wool Wholesalers is one of the preeminent cornerstones of the Gaultier wool trade and a founding member of the Iron Sea Company, a trading company licensed by the crown to dictate trade all along the dead gray seas north of the continent. Last year, patriotic as any other men of Gault, the heads of the Iron Sea Company forwarded a proposal to the King to settle an inlet in Peregrin Minor formerly used by Gaultier explorers to recaulk their ships. The thought of a trade and naval station proved agreeable to the King, and Pitchford Colonial Company was born.

The fourth Snodgrass, eldest of three brothers, was chosen to lead the expedition--and for good reason. Mortimer Snodgrass is a brilliant, intense patriarch with a sense for men and a cold, tempered optimism that has held his company through the frequent bubbles that plague Gault’s economy. He has the intention and the will to shoulder whatever burdens necessary, a trait that will serve him well in a foreign land.

The other may not. Snodgrass has shown signs of paranoia and instability since the age of thirty. While unimpeachable in conduct and standing, his colleagues whisper plainly in private: Mortimer Snodgrass is slowly going mad. The PCC is heavily insured (though all colonial companies are), and Snodgrass’ younger brother, Hector, is both stabler and less… individual. If it succeeds, Pitchford has the potential to produce a stellar outpost of Gault and a foothold for trade and discovery in Peregrin Minor. If it fails… the Iron Sea Company is prepared to swallow it as an acceptable loss.

Skills [+8]

Merchant Adventurer (+4): Mortimer shows all the economic genius of his great-grandfather, backed by a childhood spent in the warehouses and cabins of his father’s merchant empire and the finest schooling money can buy. Few have more sense of coin--where to find it, and how to use it.

Good With People (+2): A talent underappreciated by many is that of human resources: delegation, promotion, and all the arts of bringing out the best that a man can be. Merchants know this talent better than any other, and Mortimer is no exception.

Inspiring (+2): Confidence breeds confidence. Mortimer’s internal sense of when to hold and when to break rarely fails, and he knows it, and acts it. The men who work under him respect his skill and are reassured of his capability, and as such will give just about anything for him.

Drawbacks [-4]

Going Slightly Mad (-2): Exactly what caused it is unclear. Shortly after his 28th birthday Mortimer began seeing things in the shadows. He is now approaching his 41st, and is thoroughly paranoid. This illness has bleached his hair, lined his face, and was starting to affect his ability to conduct business; the family’s secret hope is that being removed from the cutthroat world of continental business will help him recover. Madness tends to fuel itself, however; Mortimer may yet recover, or the replacement of one set of shadows with another may prove no help…

Curious (-2): The world of Peregrin Minor fascinates Mortimer. The lands of the Iron Sea have been well-charted for centuries, and Gault is a solved problem. So much about this new land is unknown. What lies in its jungles? Who built the ruins that now stand empty along its shores? And these artifacts… Curiosity is a terrible bug to those who cannot temper it, and it has bitten Mortimer hard. That he has almost no skills suited to surviving on his own does not help.

Who Holds Your Charter?

“I represent the Pitchford Colonial Company, a crown-chartered association of businessmen interested in the exploration and development of Peregrin Minor. Our illustrious group--” He cranes his neck around you, looking around the room, and mutters something low that you think includes the words bastard and at least two of his fellow businessmens’ names-- “has been authorized to found a naval station for His Majesty and do whatever we see fit with the rest of the land.” He turns back to you. His smile is taut.

All the Necessaries Fit Snugly in Four Ships. You Were Chartered Five Ships. To What Use Do You Put Your Final Ship?

“TRADE, of course!” He looks around again, and then leans in. “I don’t for a moment believe this rot that the land is uninhabited. If there are ruins there, they didn’t just spring out of the ground full-formed. Their owners may have moved on, but they might just as well move back. And everyone wants something.” He straightens back up. “So, we’re taking a broad selection. Trinkets and beads, but also metal goods like cauldrons and kettles, a small stock of firearms--we control the powder contract, of course--and cloth.” He grins. “Cloth in seven different colors. Irresistable. And if there really is no-one there, we can always trade everything we’re taking with the other colonies.”

(Trade Goods)

What Sort of People Will You Bring To The New World?

“Sailors, of all stripes! We are founding a merchant colony and a Royal Naval Station--all the men on the docks can smell the opportunity in both, and want to get the first taste.”

(Sailors +2)

What Will You Remember of Gault on Your Long Voyage Away From Home?

He leans back, and for the first time since you’ve met him he looks genuinely relaxed as he smiles and reminisces. “The docks! The docks of Kingsport Strand, even after the damage from the battle. You’ll find their like nowhere else in the world! The chatter of dozens of tongues, the creak of stilted warehouses and laden ships, the hauling and striking of cargos too numerous to name, and the energy!” He waves his hand. “Pyrenze has long since lost it, but there is an energy down at the Strand--a new hope, the combined wills of a people who have caught the whiff of new opportunity! Nowhere else in Gault will be more eager to hear of our successes. I intend not to disappoint!”

When Your Sailors Whisper Rumors of Pyrenze, What Do They Whisper?

The seriousness and stress return, and a dark edge with them. He leans in and folds his hands. “Pyrenze did not become the mightiest empire in the world by playing aboveboard. She has spies in every port, agent provocateurs ready to cause unfortunate accidents or steal the juiciest secrets.” He leans in further. His eyes burn like coals. “Her women are the worst. I have heard the Queen controls her finest spies personally, women all. You can’t trust any woman from Pyrenze, not unless you knew her as a child. Any of them could be a fox in ermine’s white.”

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