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Faerie Fortune
Nov 13, 2004

The Hell Is This?
LYNE is a neat (and very relaxing) puzzle game originally made for mobile devices by Thomas Bowker, ported to PC on Steam in 2014. You can buy it for your mobile device here, for Android and here, on the Apple store. I first stumbled upon it one time when my old computer was broken and I had to resort to using my phone/tablet for entertainment. In the middle of another session of binge-watching all of Buffy, this little game popped up as a free app of the day on Amazon so I grabbed it out of curiosity.

Several hours later, I put it down. This game is one of the best mobile games I've ever played. There's a wonderful little tactile pleasure in swiping your fingers over some shapes and making serene little dooting sounds. The gameplay is simple enough, with easy to understand and well-telegraphed rules that never change -- the difficulty comes from how the game combines the elements of gameplay, not in changing them. But, I'm getting ahead of myself!

How Will This Work?
Lyne has a lot of puzzles. A lot. 650 puzzles in fact, with the next one always being slightly more difficult than the last. They're arranged into 26 sets of 25 puzzles, one for each letter of the alphabet. This fact was not lost on a lot of people who purchased the game on Steam when they realised that you got an achievement for completing each set. An achievement that had the letter of the set you just completed in the graphic. People use this games' achievements to spell out things on their steam profile is what I'm getting at here. Sometimes dirty things.

Anyway, each update of this LP will be going through one set of puzzles. The first update is quite short because its the tutorial but they'll get longer as the puzzles get more difficult and I have to think more about what I'm doing! I'm aiming for very sparse commentary on these ones and I've opted for subtitles on the first video so you can enjoy the soothing background sounds of Lyne while I explain mechanics to you. Most updates won't have any commentary at all and I'm just going to let the puzzles speak for themselves!

Along with the set updates, inspired by my friends Artix and FPzero's LP of Picross, I will also be posting some homework assignments! Lyne has, ever since its release, released a daily set of puzzles. They're machine-generated (unlike the puzzles in the main game which are hand-built) so they're very difficult but they're fun and always different! I'll be posting a set of six of these puzzles along with every update, with the solutions posted with the next update!

I think that's about it! Let's do some puzzles!

Update 1 - Set A/Tutorial
Update 2 - Set B

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Faerie Fortune
Nov 13, 2004

Thread Participation Puzzle Time!

Lyne has some pretty neat daily puzzles, so let's do some! Now that you know the rules of the game, give these a try! You can use an image editing program, your own brain, pen and paper, whatever you like to try and figure these out. There's no prize, just have fun! Solutions will be posted in both video and screenshot format along with the next update so you can see how you did!

First Set

Solutions will be revealed on 26/05/17!

Apr 26, 2010

Old Vulgrim's got something neeeew for you~

I am glad to see that our incredibly dumb LP idea has inspired more like it. Bad LP ideas are the most interesting ones.

Dec 11, 2012

This game is such a good time waster for phones.

For the better part of a year, it was my go to thing whenever I had to wait for a bus or my shift to start.

Jan 27, 2009

I fought the lava, and the lava won.

Grimey Drawer

I picked this up after watching you stream it a while back, and while I've gotten to puzzles that are hard enough that I don't tend to make much progress at any time, I still play it when I know I'm going to have a long wait.

Nov 4, 2011

LPer, Reviewer, Mad Welshman

(Yes, that's a self portrait)

I love LYNE, as its simple rules and premise are quickly explained, but the layouts very quickly get mind bendingly tough. Will be watching the heck out of this.

Also, I did one of the puzzles. Spoilered below.

Cloud Potato
Jan 8, 2011

"I'm... happy!"

This seems like a nice, fun little puzzle game. I'll have to seek it out. Here's an attempt at the 1st thread puzzle:

Edit: and the 2nd thread puzzle:

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Faerie Fortune
Nov 13, 2004

Update Time!

Update 2 - Set B

Thread Participation Puzzles
Here's the solutions to last week's thread puzzles!

Puzzle 01
Puzzle 02
Puzzle 03
Puzzle 04
Puzzle 05
Puzzle 06

And here they are in video form!

And here are this week's puzzles!

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