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Tricky Dick Nixon
Jul 26, 2010

The body is but a vessel for the soul, a puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny. And lo, the body is not eternal, for it must feed on the flesh of others, lest it return to the dust from whence it came. Therefore must the soul deceive, despise and murder men.

  • Communication - Players should keep in communication inside and outside of the game. IRC is good for this, but in general always be talking and sharing with each other your thoughts. It’s a collaborative story game. One option, especially for one-on-one conversations where you and the other player are busy or not in the same time zone, might be to use a collaborative Google Document to detail out a scene together, and then post at its conclusion. An IRC channel on (#wethot) has been provided for helping with that communication. If you have tensions or issues with other players, let me know as applications come in, rather than after the game starts.
  • Metaknowledge - I firmly believe that using metaknowledge (that is, player knowledge over character knowledge) to advance the story is usually a good thing. It stops being a good thing when used to hinder another player or override their own direction. Planning relationships and sharing information outside the game is fine, but that is player knowledge, not character knowledge. Character knowledge only includes what is posted in the thread (there are no “secret actions.”)
  • - You don’t need to write a novella for each action, but you also shouldn't just post a single line of description. It’s good to have a sweet spot of flavor and mechanics, but sometimes you get rushed, or have some inspiration and want to flesh out something, so it’s cool. Because this is a PbP that relies on everyone taking their turn, I'll issue prompts every 48 hours or so. If you are going to be out for a bit, let someone know.
  • Tone - This is a comic book story, and one inspired by the Silver Age at that. Embrace the fantastick, the comical, and the earnest. Use it to contrast with the humor, the melodrama, and the angst of your teenage selves. The kind of characters you play should be heroic. The Delinquent and the Reformed give room for antiheroes, but at no point really should your character be considering things like murder, or crude torture. That isn't to say your character cannot come up with cruel and unusual ways to punish villains, in fact it's encouraged! But the emphasis should be on the unusual for the method, and an ironic cruelty rather than painful one.
  • Context - Despite the Silver Age tone, the context we’re playing with is thoroughly modern. I’m not really interested in stories about racism, sexism, or RL bigotry for this game, this is a comic book universe in which we can image a world that is better than that, even if we still fall short and have misunderstandings. I’d like to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, though in part we explore alien universes and settings as a way to have a time of the imagination separated from that. When thinking about the character, and what roles and experiences they’ve had, I’d keep that context in mind.
  • Comfort - I don't really intend to broach any real mature themes with this game. Children will be put into peril, and your responsibility over them will sometimes be played for drama, sometimes for laughs. Ultimately though the consequences are always, in the end, averted. This is a game where nobody really gets hurt, the only real hurt are based on relationships, disappointing people or entering into drama. It's a light-hearted game. That being said, being hormonal teenagers in a summer camp setting, I don't mind romance being a part of the game, but keep it TV-14. Likewise with the use of language or the like. Be mindful of the context at all times.
  • Metafiction - I tend to play with the idea of my comic book games as being metafictional, as in them actually being a fictional work of fiction that's being written and inked by the players and edited by the MC. I take the role of an editor as MC in providing context, conflict and questions, while the license is on you as the creative team to fill in the real story. I have the final word, but this is your story, not mine. We'll play with this on occasion and I encourage those interested in that angle to run with it as well. One thing I'll be using often (and encourage players to use) is "annotations" providing references to other comics within the Infinity Comics universe, as well as cutaway explanations for motives and powers.

The Play is the Thing
  • Sessions to Issues - A game session will be referred to instead in the PbP format as an "issue" and cover a single self-contained story. This game will be highly episodic and most issues will cover a single day of camp.
  • Team - Since Team can be spent after the fact, that is probably best arranged over IRC. Using Team to help someone's roll does require you to explain it in the fiction, however, though it doesn't need to be involved.
  • One Page Rule - Every post you make probably should not cover more than what would amount to a single page in a comic book. It might be a sequence of panel, a piece of dialogue, a long monologue showing an inner life of the character, or a single kickass splash page showing them in action. Ultimately, this means that you should never make more than one active move per post. Moves that triggered reactively, like taking a powerful hit or the like, are different. This plays into character Spotlighting.
  • Spotlighting - In addition to the one page rule above, after each prompt it'd be polite to allow everyone else a chance to reply before you take a second move or action. You should feel free as well to add commentary or expand on the fiction in the gutters between each page, with one exception: On a miss, there is a Hard Move. Generally speaking everyone should finish their round of moves and then wait for a prompt from me at that point as it can change the situation. Until a Hard Move happens, the narrative control is mainly in the hands of the players.
  • Agency - I'm a "yes, and" Storyteller when I can help it, and I fully encourage you to add details to scenes, spin up stories and connections, and draw things together. If you want to recognize a teenage villain as an old nemesis, give him a personal name and a bit of history if it hasn't been established already, please do. The only limit to this narrative license is that if it gives your character an advantage, it should be the function of a Move. As well, take care to not contradict what has already been established already, not just myself, but more especially other players. Everyone should get an equal chance at making the story.
  • Format - Please include at the top of each post your character name (or nameplate) and their current scene, as occasionally they'll split. When addressing a character for the first time in a scene, refer to them by name and bold that name. Likewise, when establishing a NPC is present for the first time, do the same. I will as well.
  • Time - Time is not linear in comic books. We will have flashback and flashforward scenes. You might be in more than one "scene" at once. This is Okay, just don't overwhelm yourself, and feel free to excuse yourself out a scene or push for its conclusion if things roll too much together.

CRISIS Datafiles (Setting Information)

Thread Music: Crisis Theme

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Tricky Dick Nixon
Jul 26, 2010

The body is but a vessel for the soul, a puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny. And lo, the body is not eternal, for it must feed on the flesh of others, lest it return to the dust from whence it came. Therefore must the soul deceive, despise and murder men.

"Time for orientation. We're going to kick this out the door by Memorial Day or my name isn't Nick Dixon. I want to cover a few points as far as how we're going to market this thing, and then how we are going to draw all eight of these characters and their comic history together for our first issue. I took the extras from your treatments and cobbled my own in a list of side characters. A good amount got condensed together or revised, to get a more diverse cast or just because six globetrotting superscientist women is really just a bit much when a power trio can do the job. First thing's first, your first post in this thread should be nothing but your character sheet which you should keep updated. This will make it easier for me to make reference to later."

"Now, let's talk about the Handbook."

"What is it that all the kids have nowadays that they didn't back when we were cutting our teeth? Cell phones. This space age technology just needs a Infinityverse makeover. There isn't cell reception in the great black yonder, but the team needs communicators, access to a network of information, and something that looks cool and kids will want to imagine having. The handbook is about as thick as cardstock but much sturdier and can be rigid or pliable as needed, with a holographic display that allows our heroes to access CRISIS datafiles, as well as obviously the Horizon rules, regulations, and even status trackers for the students. We can keep adding in the narrative little details to what it can do in play, but let's not solve every problem, and add new ones where we can.

"We'll do like we did with the Metaschola series and issue out the Datafiles as collectible trading cards. I've got my man Vane Lucas with some prototypes now."

"Now that all the gimmicks are out of the way, let's dig into the origin issue, Camp Crisis #0. Our team had a rough first few days at camp, and we're gonna start Issue #1 at the first weekend after, but we already want to start with them working as a team and only reference back in this "Issue 0" we're developing here. I've made a few modifications to our usual questions for the premise, and a basic order, but we can answer these at any time, we're just brainstorming. One of the questions is open for anyone to respond, as I wanted to balance out the more negative questions a bit with a positive note."

When the team first came together...

Cadence Turner/Witchcraft: We saved the life of someone important, either to the galaxy or to us personally. Who was it? Why are they important?

Reineke "Tricky" Fuchs/Stardust: We destroyed our surroundings in the fight. Where was it? What did we destroy?

Ali R. Burns/White Rabbit: The team discovered you during the incident; thank to them, you reached the outside world and helped in the fight. Where and how did they find you? Who gave you your current nickname? (ed. note: this means adjusting a little of what you wrote, likely meaning WR actually never left the Wonderment until now. The Newborn is written with this game being their first real interaction with the outside world. We can chalk it as a comic book retcon and what you wrote as WR's knowledge of their own metafictional history.)

Fred Greenberg/Kid Hyperion: We didn't trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?

Theodore Zebroski/Green Myrmidon: We paid a high cost for victory. What was it?

Chuck McNabb/Black Beetle: The connection between our two halves was threatened by the crisis. How? By what?

Anyone: All things considered, we did well and impressed an established hero. Who was it?

P.S. Euler/PULSAR: We drew attention and ire from plenty during the fight. One important person in particular now hates and fears us. Who is it?

Gennifer Goodfriend/Pointgirl: We found signs that this incident was just the start of something bigger. What were the signs?

"Next we want to draw some relationships between the characters forged out of this first encounter. Now, this is my advice and you can take it or leave it, but my recommendation is that you pick one of the two, and leave the second open for others. As well, I recommend spreading it as much as possible, not doubling up relationships, and picking people that you wouldn't otherwise have a 'in' with. If you feel there's a character that naturally clicks with yours, it's useless to use these relationship hooks because your characters already have something to relate with. Use these as bridges with characters you wouldn't otherwise think to connect with."

"I've also added a third one: Everyone has a roommate, and in White Rabbit's case they need to pick another pair that they are crashing with as they were an unexpected addition. Since we have a odd number of male and female counselors, I've expanded the NPC list and you can also room with those NPC counselors, if need be or you desire to. The exception is the lead counselor, the Cape, who has their own personal quarters. In addition to picking a roommate (this is a mutual relationship so they in turn pick you), both of you decide which Cabin you are attached to: Antares, Betelgeuse, Capella, Rigel, Sirius, Vega."


Black Beetle, the Joined
  • When you have problems with your other half, you talk to _____.
  • You are jealous of the relationship between your other half and _____, and you keep trying to interject yourself.
  • You are roommates with _____ attached to Cabin _____.

Green Myrmidon, the Doomed
  • You told _____ all about your doom and the danger you're in.
  • You'd love to kiss _____ before your doom comes.
  • You are roommates with _____ attached to Cabin _____.

Kid Hyperion, the Outsider
  • You've been learning about Earth by spending time with ______.
  • You have a crush on _____ but you keep it under wraps.
  • You are roommates with _____ attached to Cabin _____.

Pointgirl. the Beacon
  • _____ is awesome, and you take every chance you get to hang out with them.
  • You've got to prove yourself to _____ before you feel like a real hero.
  • You are roommates with _____ attached to Cabin _____.

PULSAR, the Transformed
  • _____ comforted you when you were at your lowest.
  • _____ knew you before you changed.
  • You are roommates with _____ attached to Cabin _____.

Stardust, the Nova
  • You hang out all the time with _____ to blow off steam.
  • You once hurt _____ when you lost control of your powers.
  • You are roommates with _____ attached to Cabin _____.

White Rabbit, the Newborn
  • _____ is an exemplary human; they show you around and tell you how things work.
  • The behavior of _____ confuses you again and again; you're determined to understand humanity better by studying them.
  • As an unexpected addition to the team, you were bunked with two other counselors, _____ and _____ attached to Cabin _____.

Witchcraft, the Janus
  • _____ knew you from your civilian life first.
  • You refused to tell _____ your secret identity when they asked.
  • You are roommates with _____ attached to Cabin _____.

"Last we decide which characters are an influence on yours. I'd recommend you not view this in the same way as a relationship: These are characters that have some kind of power over yours. Someone you look up to, you trust, sure, but it can also represent a powerful personality, or some kind of ineffable thing left unspoken between them. You decide between each other what it means, but just like with relationships, think of it as a possible bridge to people you aren't sure what your standing with would be."

"It also has mechanical considerations as well: A team works best if their leader has Influence on everyone. Comforting and provoking is easier as well."


Black Beetle, the Joined
Take and give Influence to Green Myrmidon. Are you more or less trusting than your other half? if more trusting, give out Influence to three teammates. If less, give out Influence to one other teammate.

Green Myrmidon, the Doomed
These people matter for what you need to do. Give Influence to two of your teammates.

Kid Hyperion, the Outsider
If you're haughty, you think you're better than them. Give no one Influence.

Pointgirl, the Beacon
You are so excited to be here. Give Influence over you to three of your teammates.

PULSAR, the Transformed
You try not to care what other people think, even if you can't shut everyone out. Give Influence to one teammate.

Stardust, the Nova
With a happy facade demeanor, give Influence to three teammates.

White Rabbit, the Newborn
You're receptive to how people think and behave around you. Give Influence to all of your teammates.

Witchcraft, the Janus
You look up to your teammates; they seem to have this superhero thing figured out. Give two of them Influence over you.

"Now I know I said I want this out by Memorial Day and that's true, in reality this is a holiday and I can't force you to do much of anything. Take your time: We will not start until all of this is filled out and taken care of."

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

The Nova posted:

Hero Name: Stardust
Real Name: Jessica Laplace
Look: Woman, White, Normal Skin, Casual Clothing, Fantastical Costume

Ability: Cosmic Energies — "What can I say? I'm flinging around the raw energies of the cosmos! You've got your proto-cosmic radiation, stellar winds, dark matter, and, heck, I'm just scratching the surface! I'm going to be honest, I don't know much of the what or why of this all, but I can sure as heck tell you it does the job! Haven't met a problem the ol' proto-photon collider couldn't fix! I don't feel too bad about not knowing how it works, though, cause neither does anyone else! I've been putting on a smile for the scientific community and playing along with their experiments ever since I first put on the mask and, uh, I have never seen more old people argue harder than the time I pulled the ol' sun-outta-nowhere trick."

Weakness: The Wreckage of Talos VI — "Alright, yeah, it's not all sunshine and puppies. When Talos VI blew and I got tossed into the cosmic rift, some of the wreckage got sucked in with me and went through a similar process. The good news? There's not a lot of it. It was a small enough science vessel. The bad news? While there isn't much, it got shot pretty much everywhere. Time, space, pretty much anywhere on this plane of existence. More than a few that aren't. So, yeah, that kinda sucks. When I get near a large enough concentration of it, my powers totally fizzle. It's like it's at the exact opposite polarity of my stuff and everything just cancels out."

Freak +2
Danger +1
Savior +0
Superior +0
Mundane +0

Burn and Flares:
When you charge up your powers, roll + conditions you currently have marked. On a hit, hold 3 burn. On a 7-9, mark a condition. On a miss, hold 2 burn and mark three conditions.

Spend your burn on your flares. You lose all burn at the end of the scene.

Shielding: You call up a fast protective field to stop a danger. Spend 1 burn to defend someone else from an immediate threat, rolling + Freak instead of + Savior.

Move: Spend 1 burn to move to any place you choose within the scene, breaking through or slipping past any barriers or restraints in your way. Spend a second burn to move to any place you’ve previously been.

Boost: Spend 1 burn to supercharge a teammate’s efforts with your powers, giving them a +1 bonus to their roll as if you had spent Team from the pool.

Snatch: Spend 1 burn to use your powers to seize any one object up to the size of a person from someone within view.

Moment of Truth:
Your mind’s eye opens, and you can see the world around you like never before. You can control it, at will, with ease. Of course, warping reality tends to have ramifications down the line, but in your moment of could you possibly be worried?

Team Moves:
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if there is any fear in their eyes when they look at you. If they say no, take +1 forward and mark potential. If they say yes, immediately shift your Danger up and Savior down.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them how they could stop you, if it came down to it. Give them Influence over you and clear a condition.

When our team first came together...
We destroyed our surroundings in the fight. Where was it? What did we destroy?

You hang out all the time with __________________ to blow off steam.
You once hurt ________________ when you lost control of your powers.

If you choose happy facade, give Influence to three teammates.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

When we first came together...

Camp Crisis #0 posted:

We destroyed our surroundings in the fight. Where was it? What did we destroy?

Our first foray with the campers was, as far as I can tell, never actually supposed to happen. Horizon³ was en route to some uncharted horizon full of wonders and scientific secrets. We didn't quite make it. Nobody bothered to tell us what was going on, but it must have been important because I heard them using that code phrase that means 'shut the Odyssey Engine down right now.' Perks of hanging out with Dr. Sullivan trying to figure out this Rift business, right? I know a few things about the weirdo inner workings of the place. Not enough to know why it happened, but at least I had a leg up on the rest of 'em! Honestly, it reminds me a lot of the way my parents used to talk about problems around me when we were searching for the rift. Well, I guess that was more 'they're using highly technical galvanic science terms' than any intentional artifice, but hey! Same gist.

So, anyways, our original field trip was canceled. Horizon³ popped back into existence in the middle of some sort of crazy nightmare hotel. A lot of things just... didn't work like you'd think they would. It was like your senses were going nuts trying to process something they couldn't possibly hope to. Witchcraft and I were in the middle of getting the Rigel campers mustered when one of them looked out the nearest view screen, doubled over, and just blew chunks everywhere! It was so gross, but luckily the janitor bots were around to deal with that situation. They have those cleaning beams and, boy oh boy, they are pure magic. How else are you even supposed to deal with vomit that's doing its level best to eat its way through the fabric of space?

I figured they were going to signal us to get the kids locked down for the duration of the emergency, maybe put on a movie or something, but... Well. Challenger hit the comms and said, swear to God, "Welcome to a place beyond time and space! This hotel, the Cosmic House of Mysteries, hosts peoples from countless times, spaces, and other sundry dimensions. It is one of the most significant locations in terms of multiversal relations. What better locale could we find for this session's first field excursion? Counselors, prepare your campers to depart within the hour!" I'm... pretty sure he signed off with an 'Excelsior!' or something like that, too.

Well, there we were. A bunch of campers who were not ready to follow directions, a bunch of counselors who didn't know each other or where we were, and a bunch of responsible adults who were completely and utterly busy with their own pressing emergencies. If you ask me, it's no surprise we ended up losing one of the hotel's wings. I mean, seriously, it's just gone. Not even that weirdo space wizard who manages the place knows what happened to it. But can you blame us? It's not our fault that campers are some sort of forbidden delicacy in transdimensional space. We just did what we had to do to get them back onto Horizon³ in one piece.



You hang out all the time with Pointgirl to blow off steam.

You know, Pointgirl is really something. I mean, don't get me wrong, we all are. The counselors all have something special. But to see her going so hard when she's, you know, just a girl with some really cool gadgets? Heh. Bet you don't need two guesses to know what that reminds me of. Way back, when I still had... All this stuff with the Rift can really weigh on me. I try not to show how much I need to actively keep it in check, but I do. It takes a lot out of me. Talking with Pulsar, Green Myrmidon, and Black Beetle helps, too, but sometimes it kind of feels like we're running the oppression olympics. Who has it the worst? Who's lost the most? Who can crack the most insensitive joke about the things that are secretly really bugging them? It never feels like that with Pointgirl.

Even when I mess up, she's there for me. Like that thing with Kid Hyperion? Man, I was a wreck when I finally got permission to unmask and unwind. No lectures about how close I came to blasting him into a million pieces, just... Asking how I'm doing. What she can do to help. It means a lot. It may just be girl time to her when we hang out, but I wouldn't give it up for anything.


You once hurt Kid Hyperion when you lost control of your powers.

Yeah... I still feel really bad about it. Really, really bad. I mean, I messed up real bad. Not going to dodge things. I can't blame anyone else for what happens with the Rift. It was the day after that mess with the Cosmic House of Mysteries. It's no secret that things are tense with me and his roommate. We actually got into a bit of a scrap when it happened. Technically it was sanctioned sparring under the umbrella of a counselor self-defense demonstration, but both I and Stopmotion had a bit too much riding on winning. He started going hard, then so did I. The problem is that when I go hard, I can... Well, the Rift can get away from me.

Witchcraft had stepped out to run one of the campers to the nurse, so Kid Hyperion was the only other counselor present. I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, but he tried to control the cosmic energy that was about to blast Stopmotion back to his own awful timeline with his light-control powers. It worked, about as well as anyone could have hoped, and Stopmotion is sadly still hanging out here being horrible. The real problem was Kid Hyperion got all torn up by it. Witchcraft got back just in time to run him to the nurse, too. She's a gem like that.

Once everyone got dismissed and I got my first real dressing down of the summer out of the way, which was actually way more relaxed than I would have thought it would be, I was asked to take an hour or two to regain my cool before resuming my duties. Good thing Pointgirl was on break, because I definitely needed to talk!

I should really do something for him to make up for that...


You are roommates with Witchcraft attached to Cabin Rigel. Now White Rabbit lives with you too!

Witchcraft is so cool! I mean, sure, she gets super shy whenever she doesn't have her mask on and she always is a little cagey when we get to talking about what all we were up to before becoming counselors, but I figure that's just the usual getting-to-know-you wrinkles. She knows a lot about science, though! I may not be anywhere near the same level of genius galvanic scientist that my parents are, but, well, I still know enough of the lingo to talk some shop! And have you seen her robots? Man, that's awesome! We must have the cleanest cabin around. Definitely reminds me of life at the Laplace Building.

White Rabbit is really interesting, too! Her existence may defy anything I thought I knew about science, but she seems to be settling in. The cabin's been getting a little weird with some of the stuff she leaves around. Like that black circle that turns into a hole? White Rabbit can pick it up, but the rest of us need to be worried about slipping into who-knows-where! And her closet! Which used to be a drawer, by the way, but now it opens up into a limitless expanse... of a zillion copies of White Rabbit's dress. How does it take her so long to choose what to wear in the morning?

You know, for all that the cabin wasn't designed for three, I've been really enjoying it so far! It's just like the close quarters on the Talos VI. It's kind of funny, really. I took everything that happened to me as pretty normal, you know? Living in a house of the future... Exploring uncharted space... Well, the Rift was definitely not normal. But everything else? It's just how things were. I guess I never thought of how weird it might come off to someone else. I'm just glad Witchcraft seems to find it relaxing when I start telling her stories from my childhood. Like the time when the Anatarian Space Envoys were at the Laplace Building for some sort of peace talks and I snuck out with their Space Princess to show her around the city. Haha, that was an adventure and a half! I wonder what things were like for White Rabbit? I should ask her.



With a happy facade demeanor, give Influence to three teammates.

My thoughts are Pointgirl because her boundless pluck and never-say-die attitude inspire Stardust. Witchcraft because of the ineffable power and inescapable presence of a roommate. Finally, Kid Hyperion because Stardust is still shook about that whole scene.

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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

The Doomed posted:

The Doomed
Hero Name: The Green Myrmidon
Real Name: Donny Johnson
White, Man, Steely Eyes, Adaptive Clothing, Adaptive Costume

Body Transmutation: The Hirrilid parasite has injected its genetic makeup into Donny's body, giving him the ability to manifest any of the creatures' mighty biological weapons and tools by will alone.
Superhuman strength and speed: The Hirrilids seem far more durable and strong than most species on record, and indeed, armed with their adamantite claws and reinforced muscle fibers, Donny can tear through nearly anything, whilst possessing extreme agility, reflexes and speed. And taken that the Hirrilid's natural plating can shrug off most weaponry, he is a potent fighting force indeed.
Memory manipulation: The Hirrilid Overmind's psychic presence is extremely potent, taken that it controls the entire swarm with psionic links. By channeling its powers, Donny can plant psychic suggestion into lesser minds, as well as block out memories and thought processes by the sheer weight of its psychic presence alone.

Antidote Z: Not being insane, Donny has worked diligently with the scientific establishment to figure out ways to combat this looming, extradimensional threat. Antidote Z is the latest chemical agent that they've managed to formulate, and seems to have extremely potent effects against Hirrilid biology, selectively causing most of their function to shut down.

Danger +1
Freak +2
Savior +1
Superior -1
Mundane 0

You have a nemesis, an epic and powerful enemy representing and embodying your doom. It’s
going to take everything you have to take them down in the time you have left.

Who is your Nemesis: THE OVERMIND

At the end of every session, answer the question:
Did you make progress on defeating your nemesis? If the answer is yes, mark potential. If the answer is no, mark your doom track.

You’re doomed. Your powers may be killing you, or maybe you’re hunted ruthlessly, or maybe
you embody an apocalypse. But one way or another, your future is grim.What brings your doom
closer? Choose two.

Overexerting yourself: Donny functions as a sort of 'psychic beacon' for the Hirrilid Overmind to find its way into our realm. The more he uses his powers, the easier it is for the Hirrilid Overmind to lock its gaze upon it as it sails through the interplanar void.
Facing danger alone: Other psychic presences, especially ones that are 'in sync' (read: friendly) towards Donny can help mask his own signal. Thus, if none are present, and he is in a dangerous situation that warrants power use, The Overmind can see more clearly.

Infinite Powers: Mark your doom track to use an ability from any playbook, one time

After his integration with the parasite, The Overmind was quick to lead Donny to the means by which the parasite had arrived in the first place. It has no name, The Overmind needs no names for anything part of itself, but Donny just calls it 'The Egg'. It's an egg shaped, chitin coated vessel, that he can command to manifest outgrowths similarly to what he can do with his own body, thus making interior remodeling trivially easy.

You have a place where you can rest, recover, and reflect upon your powers. Choose and underline three features of your sanctuary:
A teleportal: The Egg is technically some sort of interplanar forward scouting vehicle, and has this interplanar capability integrated. It can thus be used to travel almost anywhere in the local Multiverse very speedily.
Healing equipment: The Hirrilid capacity for biological manipulation is nothing short of wondrous. The Egg, then, can be used to heal nearly any wound, no matter how severe.
A power enhancement system: Even though Donny is integrated with Hirrilid physiology now, he is still occasionally limited by what his body can muster. Thankfully The Egg has the capacity to secrete Hirrilid Mutagens to increase his powers momentarily. And indeed, the Hirrilid Mutagen has been shown to increase nearly ANY powers based on mutation (this holds no risk of infection like what Donny has, that requires a parasite).

Choose and underline two downsides of your sanctuary:
Difficult to access: The Egg exists in a subspace pocket roughly following Donny across the multiverse. This, then, requires some way to pierce the veil to access it in the first place.
Tied intricately to your doom: The Egg, like everyting Hirrilid, is an extension of them, and their Overmind. That you're under its close scrutiny whilst inside is an inescapable fact.

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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

When we first came together...

Camp Crisis #1 posted:

We paid a high cost for victory. What was it?

Okay, so, first of all? That place gave me the heebie-jeebies and I'm glad we're out of there. Like, even I was nauseated by the escherian madness of it all, and I've got superior Hirrilied guts and vertigo-inhibitors. Can't even imagine what it was for the less augmented folk.

But yeah anyway, turns out the whole place is basically haunted (don't like ghosts since you can't hit them with anything but PSYCHIC LEERING), and we pretty quickly decided that the impromptu field-trip should be cut short. And like, we were in a hurry, a real hurry, since our 'aggressive' intrusion hadn't gone unnoticed by the denizens and they were starting to congregate en masse. Thing is, the Horizon takes a while to spool up its drives yeah? That's when Webster the eternal know-it-all starts babbling something about 'the A.E.G.I.S. (Aether-Effect Galvanic Inhibitor Shield) field slowing us down' and how it's 'totally unnecessary anyway' and the rest of us are all like sure fine deal with it if it gets us away from here quick enough to not be eaten by ghost zombies instead of yammering endlessly.

And he does! Does some obtuse incantation and the entire field goes POP, we evacuate and zoom away just in the nick of time!


Thing is, turns out the field is actually there for a reason you know? As in, it makes our dimensional travel smooth and nice by keeping all the inherent dangers and denizens of the, uhh, 'interdimensional void (even though Webster keeps on going about how calling it 'void' is totally misleading or something)' outside of the Horizon. Now the field generator is frazzled since it was disrupted so forcefully, and, well, fixing complicated galvanic stuff like that is kinda difficult during camp you know?


It's going to be an interesting handful of week I can tell you that haha. I hope you brought barf bags.



You told Pointgirl all about your doom and the danger you're in.

It's funny. You would've thought it was PULSAR, or maybe Stardust that I would confide in, taken they share with me and Black Beetle this whole 'surprise you've been transmogrified by strange forces in a way that needlessly complicates your existence' aspect of life. And like, we make a pretty good circle of friends when it comes to relating to that kind of stuff. But on the other hand? I think they can't help to view me as being like them for the same reason. Which is not really the case. After all, unlike them, me an Bee-bee are in actual, constant peril. I mean, the Hirrilids are not a secret or anything, but often people go 'oh yeah I too have a nemesis' when they're brought up. They view the 'lids and the Overmind like just your usual monster of the week, that is to say. And to be fair, it's not an illusion I'm too keen to dispel. This is a camp for kids after all, I've got to be the amazing Green Myrmidon with the Acid Blasts and Mantis Claws and cheery demeanor, I wouldn't want to scare them with existential dread. Would be a bummer.

Pointgirl though? She's got this... I dunno, professional air about herself? I mean, she is a Star Navigator, tied with CRISIS, and concerned with getting the job done. With her I don't feel like I have to pull punches for the sake of the atmosphere, like even with PULSAR and Stardust we usually just share jokey anecdotes and nods and good times (and don't get me wrong, those are important too!). But with Pointgirl, I can freely state that the Hirrilids are not our usual threat, and that they veer far more towards the apocalyptic-existential than what we tend to deal with. I can say that there is a real chance that me and bee-bee won't actually make it when the Overmind comes knocking no matter how well we prepare, and I can say that without things getting awkward.

...She's a good friend to have about is what I'm saying. Everyone needs to vent on occasion.


You'd love to kiss Witchcraft before your doom comes.

Dark, tall, mysterious. Well, when she's got the suit on at least, but it's still an evocative descriptor right? Heh, jokes aside, she has this muted charm that I just can't help but find a bit attractive, you know? And then there's also the inherent excitement and mystery of the mask. Like what is she hiding? Why is she hiding it? It's one of those mysteries I'd like to get an answer to before The Overmind shows up and obliterates my ego from existence. Taking off that mask, getting all the answers whilst leaning in for a kiss just before the end comes makes for a pretty killer scene, doesn't it?

I mean it doesn't hurt that she's really good looking too. But you know, that was far too good a spot to drop some more poignant reasoning for me to pass up.

Yeah go on, tell me it's cheesy and see if I care. Got other, more pressing things on my plate to worry about you know what I'm saying?


You are roommates with Black Beetle attached to Cabin Antares.

Ayy who else would I be roomies with than my good pal / brother in facing inexorably advancing doom Black Beetle? In cabin Antares for no other reason than the fact that Antares is the brightest star in constellation Scorpius. Makes sense, right?



These people matter for what you need to do. Give Influence to two of your teammates.

Stardust is powerful. Ridiculously powerful. She might be a good ally, considering what will eventually come to pass with me and BB.

Witchcraft, well, haha, I already told you about her didn't I?

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Apr 26, 2014

Death, but with a gun

The Joined posted:

The Joined
Hero Name: Black Beetle
Real Name: Teddie Bateman
White, Man, Unreadable Face, Casual Clothing.

Body Transmutation
Superhuman strength and speed
Memory manipulation

I'm riding on the same abilities that Donny possesses braheem. I have all his strengths, all of his abilities, and also since we are technically part of a hive-mind anyway I can read his thoughts and he can read mine.

Antidote Z: And also I have all of his weaknesses too. Unfortunately.

Danger +2
Freak +2
Savior +1
Superior -1
Mundane -1

Your Other Half

You share a deep bond with your other half. You are stronger together than you are apart, for now. If your other half is a Delinquent Outsider, or Transformed, take two moves from their playbook: one they have and one they don’t. Remember that you share much beyond your moves; i.e., if your other half is an Outsider, you both hail from the same dimension/planet/etc. For all other playbooks, you share in the core extras of your other half.

Green Myrmidon, The Doomed: Take a sanctuary, a doom, and a doom track: You and your other half share the conditions that bring your doom closer and a doom track; when it fills, you both choose a new doomsign. You start with the doomsign your other half chose. Your other half picks the initial features and downsides of your shared sanctuary. You choose one more of each.

You’re doomed. Your powers may be killing you, or maybe you’re hunted ruthlessly, or maybe you embody an apocalypse. But one way or another, your future is grim. What brings your doom closer? Choose two.

Overexerting yourself: Like I said, all the strengths, all the weaknesses. And that blockhead sometimes forgets that when he goes all out on some monster or crook we both get pulled towards the Overmind. We need to keep each other in check or we will both suffer the consequences.
Facing danger alone: Yes Donny, that includes rushing off ahead without your team and /especially/ without me!

Infinite Powers: Mark your doom track to use an ability from any playbook, one time

The Egg supposedly is only meant to let Donny on board since it's bonded to him and his parasite. But, ever since I sort of kind of accidentally co-opted his powers when I was given a transfusion of his blood to save my life, it lets me in as well. So either it knows who Donny's friends are or, I guess maybe it thinks I am also Donny even when Donny is already inside it. Think about that one.

You have a place where you can rest, recover, and reflect upon your powers. Choose and underline three four features of your sanctuary:

A teleportal, Healing equipment, A power enhancement system: Donny already gave you the full tour right? All the nitty gritty about what this weird bio-mechanical alien ship does and all the stuff we use it form so I don't have to repeat to you what you already know. He did mention Jeeves as well right?

An aide or assistant: No? He didn't? Oh well okay then. Jeeves is technically a drone of the Hivemind known formally as 'Caretaker'. He sort of comes with the ship and also a part of the ship itself, like a sort of symbiotic organism that makes sure it's maintained when neither of us are inside it. And also he's probably the only being on this thing that knows how all weird squishy bio-tech works and how to fix it when it throws a screw. Or I guess that would be more like, suffers a sprain?

Choose and underline two three downsides of your sanctuary:

Difficult to access: It doesn't exactly exist in real space does it? Donny has explained it and reexplained it and reexplained it me and I still don't understand how we get inside it.
Tied intricately to your doom: And also the Overmind has no concept of the word privacy and watches all the time, it's really disconcerting, like living in a house made entirely out of glass. With an angry mob standing outside it.
Draws dangerous attention: And there's the err, slight little problem that comes with this too. A lot of people really don't like the Hirrilids and I mean really, a lot of them have lost friends, families, even entire planets to the swarm. So between Hirrilid scout probes, opportunistic villains hoping to cop some Hirrilid bio-tech or extremely unhappy refugees and/or law enforcement agencies from other sectors and civilizations, if people find out about the location of a scout ship they are going to come down hard on us both.

Bonds and Distinctions
At character creation you start with Two of a kind, and choose one other bond. When either you or your other half locks a Label, cross off one of your chosen bonds and choose a distinction.


Two of a kind: When time passes, you and your other half gain Influence over each other. When you or your other half pierces the other’s mask, mark a condition to take a 10+.

Fastball Special: When you perform a coordinated fighting maneuver with your other half, say who takes the lead and who assists. The leader rolls the adult move overwhelm a vulnerable foe. The assistant marks a condition.

Apr 26, 2014

Death, but with a gun

When we first came together...


The connection between our two halves was threatened by the crisis. How? By what?

It had to happen at some point.

I was stuck in this ever shifting escherian labyrinth, trying my hardest not to throw up, and trying to keep 50 children also not trying to throw up and doing a worse job at it than me safe, and something went wrong. I don't know if it was that incident with the Time Turner or the tampering of the A.E.G.I.S field that did it, but suddenly the labyrinth shifted forcefully and I got cut off from the others and shunted into a different part of the hotel.

By myself.

With no one around, the lack of lots of smaller voices in my head surrounding me suddenly sounded quiet, too quiet. And I turned around, and I wasn't there anymore, I was in space. And I wasn't on my own, I found it.

I found the Overmind, very briefly. I can't recall the conversation, all I can remember is a sense indescribable dread, and fear.

I don't quite remember what happened next. All I remember was I felt someone shaking me and Donny was there, and I was curled up tightly on the floor. Was I whimpering? I hope not, but when he told me if I was alright and I just latched onto him whilst trying not to blubber like a baby, so it was probably for the best no one saw that.

I'm not going through that ever again if I can help it.



When you have problems with your other half, you talk to Stardust .

I don't know man, sometimes Donny is just... Just...

Teddie waves his arms in mock exasperation

There are times when my friend, my very best friend and partner is just, like you know when sometimes you see a friend of yours makes a fool of himself or perhaps he gets a bit rowdy and belligerent and you think 'Oh god man what are you doing I really don't want to be here right now', but you don't say actually say it because you don't want to cause an issue or escalate matters? It's like that, except that errant 'You're making us look bad Donny' thought get's picked up by your friend and so you have to sort of keep it bottled up. Because an argument between two people who can read each others mind is quite possibly the worst social experience you can ever have.

But there's only so much bottling up you can do before it bursts, and Stardust in our little circle of freaks and weirdos is probably the person most suitable to sit down and listen to my bull-crap for a few minutes. I appreciate someone who isn't as afraid to go 'No Teddie that's a load of nonsense and you know it' to me occasionally, it's good for my mental hygiene


You are jealous suspicious of the relationship between your other half and Witchcraft, and you keep trying to interject yourself.

Do you know how many times Donny has been targeted by Hirrilid Infiltrators?

A lot, far too many times for my own mental well-being, you meet someone and they seem nice and normal right up until they reveal mandibles and talons and try to kill you. And that really puts a crimp in your ability to open up to strangers. See this is why I like hanging around PULSAR and Stardust, because they are really strange and more-then human people that are reassuringly and identify-ably weird, not people that look normal right up until the point where they Cronenberg up and try to eat you.

So please excuse my apparent paranoia about someone who gets all defensive about her actual identity whilst getting friendly with my best friend, I've still got nervous jitters about that bloody Mantid girl that tried biting Donny's head off on their first date.


You are roommates with Green Myrmidon attached to Cabin Antares.

Of course I'm with Donny in Cabin Antares. Scorpion House Represent!

Antares seems to be the immediate destination for a lot of the more, 'willful' children sent into our care. All the delinquents, the firebrands, the kids with powers from 'dubious' origins, they all eventually end up in Antares. Not to say that Antares is just the dumping ground of children too naughty for anywhere else, it pulls it's heroic weight as much as the other cabins, and The Stray, aging and on his way to the pasture as he is manages to keep that manic bunch in check somehow.



Take and give Influence to Green Myrmidon. Are you more or less trusting than your other half? if more trusting, give out Influence to three teammates. If less, give out Influence to one other teammate.

PULSAR - The only other person I've ever worked alongside other then Donny is Chloe, and it sort of works doesn't it? Our powers are nearly identical with some, changes to the origin here and there. And I don't feel comfortable around 'normal' humans anymore.

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Apr 10, 2010

Kid Hyperion

Name:  Troy Alba
Hero Name:  Kid Hyperion
Playbook:  The Outsider

Can Fly-Like it says on the tin.  I don't like doing know, bugs in the mouth, but I can.
Tough-It's not that I'm that tough, because I'm not.  But humans are just so fragile.  I mean, a single gunshot
 can kill them.  Just one!  
Heliokinesis- I learned it from my dad.  He's a lot better at it, though.  But I can do stuff to light.  I can
make lights brighter or dimmer.  I can draw the light into me to make me shine.  I can shoot beams of light out
of my hand, and I can give you the nastiest sunburn you ever had.
Stunning Beauty-People say I'm cute, I guess


Darkness-  So, you know how I said I could shape light and all.  It's true, but that only works if there's
 light around.  In darkness, total darkness, I can't do anything.  I can't fly either.  It doesn't take much
 light to make my powers work; even a glow in the dark sticker would work.  But I have to have something to work with.


Freak: -1
Danger: +1
Savior: +1
Superior: +2
Mundane: +0

Outsider Moves:

Belong in two worlds: You have the resources that come with your station. Whenever you contact your people,
roll + Superior. On a 10+,hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1, but your people make an uncomfortable
demand of
you. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to:
- receive a useful piece of alien technology that will allow you to use any ability from another playbook
once (choose the ability when you spend the hold)
- consult your people’s knowledge to ask the GM a question about the current situation
- clear a condition through the comfort of contact with your home

Alien ways: Whenever you openly disregard or undermine an important Earth custom in favor of
one of your own people’s customs, shift Superior up and any other Label down.

Not so different after all: When you talk about your home, roll + Freak. On a 10+, choose two.
On a 7-9, choose one. During the conversation, you:
- confess a flaw of your home; add 1 Team to the pool
- mislead them about your home; take Influence over them
- describe the glories of your home; clear a condition

On a miss, you inadvertently reveal more about yourself than you planned; tell them a secret or
vulnerability you haven’t shared with Earthlings before now.

Team Moves:

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, take Influence over them if you show
them meaningful affection, physical or emotional. They decide if it’s meaningful.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, they tell you what you should do to fit
in more. Take +1 forward to do it, and mark potential if you do.

Moment of Truth:

You embrace your home and call them for aid. They will answer your call—in force!—arriving
exactly when you need them to turn the tide. They fight and serve you for the rest of the battle. Of
course, when all is said and done...they’d probably like to take you home with them. You did, after
all, just prove yourself worthy.

You have a crush on Black Beetle but you keep it under wraps.
ou've been learning about Earth by spending time with PULSAR.
You are roommates with Stopmotion attached to Cabin Sirius.


You think you’re better than them. Give no one Influence.

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Apr 20, 2016

constantly attacked by giant snails

The Janus posted:

Hero name: Witchcraft

Real name: Margaret “Polly” King

Look: woman, East Asian, upscale clothing, concealing costume, character mask

Abilities: robot control, energy absorption

Moment of Truth: The mask is a lie, and some piece of you has always known that. Doesn’t matter if the others can see it. You’re the one that can do the impossible. Mask off. Costume on. And you’re going to save the drat day. Of course, you hope nobody nasty is watching…

Team Moves: When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if they see you as the person wearing the mask or the person underneath. If the former, mark potential and clear a condition. If the latter, take Influence over them if you reveal yourself to them.
When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them a secret about who you really are. Give them Influence, and shift your Mundane up and your mask’s Label down.

Labels: Danger 0, Freak -1, Savior 0, Superior 1, Mundane 3


❑ The Mask: You wear a mask and hide your real identity. Choose what Label you try to embody while wearing your mask: ❑ Freak ❑ Danger ❑ Savior X Superior
Once per session, you can affirm either your heroic or secret identity to switch your Mundane with your mask’s Label.
When you reveal your secret identity to someone who didn’t know it already, mark potential.

❑ Game face: When you commit yourself to save someone or defeat a terrible enemy, mark a condition and take +1 ongoing to all rolls in direct pursuit of that goal. At the end of any scene in which you don’t make progress towards that goal, mark a condition. When you fulfill your goal, mark potential.

❑ Dangerous web: When you reveal a trap you’ve left for someone using your powers, roll + your mask’s Label. On a hit, your opponent trips into it, and you get an opening or opportunity against them. On a 10+, take +1 forward to pursuing it. On a miss, the trap inadvertently leads to a dangerous escalation.

Secret Identity: Job: Intern, School: Schoolwork, Social: Close Relative

When the team first came together...


We saved the life of someone important, either to the galaxy or to us personally. Who was it? Why are they important?

Did you know Challenger is completely insane? Yeah! I didn't either.

I am willing to accept that the Cosmic House of Mysteries is a site of historical importance, and occult importance, and a multiversal meeting hub for some of the greatest minds of any galaxy, et cetera, et cetera. What it isn't, is safe for children. Or adults, either, especially in this case, because--look, I don't know if any of the other counselors think this. I may be completely crazy here. But what I think is that something was influencing Challenger, to make him bring us there.

That is to say: Challenger is usually, well, enthusiastic, and a lifetime of space-suited exploration across the cosmos has given him a somewhat skewed perspective on what is normal in the grand scheme of things. In my experience, though, he's not typically manic. That voice we heard over the PA, telling us to get the campers ready to head inside--there was something off about it. But then everything started happening, all at once and very fast, and I didn't have time to talk to anyone about it, because it turns out the house was extremely full of ghosts. I did some looking into that later, too: it's not usually filled with ghosts. Or rather, not usually filled with ghosts. There are some ghosts there ordinarily, it turns out. Just--not so many, and not so murderous. And not so in control of the mind of our Project Director.

He was in there with us, wandering between the kids in this very strange way, like--like he was pretending to try to help, but he didn't seem to be doing anything actually helpful. I'm aware that may very well be an effect of his age, but I've seen him move normally, too. He just didn't seem to be there, mentally, but he seemed determined to get deeper into the house... I mean, in as far as a space-warping puzzle of a semi-metaphorical haunted can have dimensional depth. I have no idea how long we were in there, and it felt like ages, and if I never suck up ghost-energy again in my life it will be too soon because that stuff burns like liquid nitrogen, but in between trying to keep little kids from falling down infinite stairs into an open ectoplasmic maw, I managed to catch Pointgirl's attention. We basically had to lasso the legendary space-faring octogenarian (or... how old is he, anyway?) and haul him back to Horizon3 with us during the evacuation.

Here's what I think: I think something or someone was trying to lure us there. I don't know if they were trying to lure us, or to lure Challenger and we were just incidental. I also think that turning off the Aether-Effect Galvanic Inhibitor Shield did something to Horizon3 that disrupted whatever they were doing to him, because I heard him say "OH--" in an open transmission just after Webster hit the switch. I tried to talk to the science staff about it but Dr. Awiszus basically shut me down entirely. I've never heard her be that forceful. It was extremely weird, but I admit that was just one of the many very weird things that happened that day, so... maybe I'm overreacting. But Challenger hasn't been around much since, even to make announcements. And that guy loves using the PA system. So I don't know.



Pointgirl knew you from your civilian life first.

My father hosts and sponsors and otherwise bankrolls a lot of events. It's part of the whole persona he works to project, his conscientious philanthropic guardian of mankind thing. Digging wells in the third world, art schools for underprivileged teens, healthcare for the supernaturally challenged, all that stuff. He raises money, he donates money, and there are a lot of galas and charity dinners and similar. They're really boring, although sometimes the adults let me sneak champagne. I guess that's pretty cool.

You know what's cooler than that? Being an actual CRISIS-affiliated teen hero who just gets to use her own name and show up in uniform to stuff. Which is how I met Mary for the first time. We were both in formal dresses and I was trying to play it cool, and I think she was trying to investigate my dad until Agent Aegis--did I mention he was there?--shut her down. And I couldn't even say anything about it.

I like Mary. Mary's really nice.


You refused to tell Black Beetle your secret identity when they asked.

I don't--no. I was about to say I didn't know what Black Beetle's issue is, but I do know. He's jealous, isn't he? I think that's got to be it. Myrmidon and I hang out sometimes, and I don't think Black Beetle's used to having to compete for his friend's attention. Which is silly--I don't want to steal Green Myrmidon from him! It's like he's convinced that I'm some sort of villainous... something. I don't know.

So no, I don't not like Black Beetle. I just don't feel comfortable with him poking around about my life outside camp.


You are roommates with Stardust attached to Cabin Rigel. And White Rabbit is there, too.

I like rooming with Stardust because it's nice to have someone to talk science with. And, honestly? Her life makes my life look normal, almost. And I grew up an only child, in a penthouse suite, with a housekeeper and a butler. I am aware that my life is very not-normal. I don't know if Stardust knows what normal is, which is actually sort of a relief.

And White Rabbit is... making the cabin more crowded than I'm used to. But it's not too bad.



You look up to your teammates; they seem to have this superhero thing figured out. Give two of them Influence over you.

Stardust and Green Myrmidon.

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Aug 12, 2010

Decor Aficionado


Hero Name: Pointgirl
Real Name: Mary Mueller

Look: Woman, White, Pretty Face, Casual Clothing, Iconic Costume

Bows and Trick Arrows: The Navigators inherited the A.R.R.O.W (Advanced Recon & Rescue Operative Weapon) modular system when CRISIS deemed it overly complicated for field implementation and rehashed the program to avoid a complete waste of their money. Now A.R.R.O.W is primarily taught to Navigators to make their own zip lines or capture and release frightened animals with nets. It has been met with notably less enthusiasm than other programs due to high equipment cost and DIY nature. It is not required to reach the coveted rank of Star Navigator. Mary is one of the few who stands by the system and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of A.R.R.O.W's seemingly infinite capabilities.

Acrobatics: Years upon years of gymnastics, rock climbing, and free running have left Mary capable of some grotesquely impressive feats of acrobatics.

Weakness/Limitation: Pointgirl always falls for the ploy. Be it a momentary distraction like a sudden "look over there" or someone throwing sand in her eyes again she just can't seem to think that far ahead of her foes.

Danger -1
Freak -1
Savior +3
Superior 0
Mundane +2

Straight. Up. Creepin'.: When you scope out a person or place, roll + Mundane. On a 10+, ask two. On a 7-9, ask one.
- what’s my best way in/out?
- what happened here recently?
- what here is worth grabbing?
- who or what here is not what they seem?
- whose place is this?
On a miss, you find yourself in over your head. The GM will tell you why this is a bad spot.

Pretty much a superhero: When you bring up your superhero name to someone important (your
call) for the first time, roll + Savior. On a hit, they’ve heard of you; say which of your exploits they’ve heard about and which Label they think applies. On a 7-9, the GM will tell you something else they’ve heard, and pick a second Label they assign to you. On a miss, they don’t take you seriously or mistrust you moving forward.

-Pull off a ridiculous stunt
-Save a teammate's life
-Reject someone who tell's you "you shouldn't be here"
-travel to an incredible place (or time)


When our team first came together we found signs that this incident was just the start of something bigger. What were the signs?

The Cosmic House of Mysteries isn't supposed to be that dangerous. This was supposed to be standard, run of the mill, first day excursion. We did the same trip when I was a camper here. "Oh no, the original trip was canceled but wait, what is this?" It's this little thrill ride to get the campers excited but... someone or something must have sabotaged our landing point. We ended up in a particularly esoteric wing. I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to even be allowed there. I mean, it's the difference between Ghost Comrade Kaspar and the Creeping Madness of Kron'tok. There's no way Challenger would have approved that trip or that the Hotel would even allow us in that wing.

When we got back I overheard some of adults talking about an "accident." Dr. Awiszus was quick to pass the blame onto Dr. Fusilier's tampering but I don't think anyone bought it. Even I don't think that was an accident.


Black Beetle is awesome, and you take every chance you get to hang out with them.

Black Beetle seems really cool. I mean, I've talked with GM a couple of times about their whole deal and it seems pretty awful. He makes it sound worse than the Infinite Empire or the Martians and, honestly, I believe him. These two have a huge cloud hanging over them and I get why that means Black Beetle can be a little more... reclusive. Every time I try to get him to open up and hang out things have a tendency of getting awkward though.

I wish he would give me a chance.


You’ve got to prove yourself to Kid Hyperion before you feel like a real hero

I don't think he's looking down on me. Not intentionally, at least. Maybe it's just me? It just seems like I'm an afterthought. Like, "Witchcraft will absorb the overloading current while Stardust can weld hypersonic chamber closed. Pointgirl will get the campers to safety." I might just be looking into it too much but I can't help but feel like my whole lack of powers must seem like a liability to someone like Kid Hyperion.

I hate feeling like a liability.


You are roommates with Pulsar attached to Cabin Vega.

I like Pulsar. I didn't really even notice the whole machine thing until she said something about it. I mean, I've been around a lot of weird stuff. Not that she's weird! I, uh, definitely managed to trip over that already though. I'm pretty sure I hurt her feelings. So, I did what I do best. I was honest. We talked about what it meant to be human, and I told her that I didn't think it came down to what we looked like or what our DNA was. That being human was an experience not a species trait.

I hope it helped.


Green Myrmidon
Kid Hyperion

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Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Hero Name: White Rabbit					Real Name: ???
Abilities: Cartoon Physics, Fourth Wall Abuse		Weaknesses: Erasers


Freak +3	Danger +1	Savior +0	Superior +1	Mundane -2

Newborn Moves

Blank Slate: You were created with basic understanding of the world. When
you learn something that helps you make sense of the world, write it down
as a lesson.  Fill in two lessons when you create your character; fill in
the other two when you've learned those lessons during play.

■  I am a living cartoon.
□  A superhero should _____
□  Always _____
■  Never hurt anybody who hasn't earned it.

When you embody one of your lessons, shift 1 label up and 1 label down,
your choice. If you cause misunderstanding, collateral damage or
unintended consequences, mark potential.

When you reject one of your lessons, reject its influence as if it were
an NPC. If you choose to have it lose Influence over you, erase that
lesson and write a new one.

When you approach your creator or caretakers with a problem, tell them
what obstacle you face or what you need to achieve, and they will offer
you something you need. The GM chooses one:

●  secret information
●  access to instruments, weapons, or resources
●  a way to temporarily boost or expand your powers
●  official and explicit backing

Regeneration: When you’re taken out, you can trigger an emergency
regeneration process. If you do, your body undergoes an unpredictable
transformation, and in mere moments, you’re back on your feet and ready
to fight. Clear three conditions, and choose three from the list below:

●  Change your gender identity or presentation
●  Change your physical appearance
●  Forget all your lessons 
●  Lose an important memory of a teammate; they lose Influence over you
●  Swap an ability with another one from the Newborn playbook

Not From Around Here: When you act clueless, goofy or confused to get out
of a sticky mundane situation, roll +Freak. On a hit, you create an
opportunity, a distraction, or a plausible excuse. On a 7-9, in addition,
you feel all the weight of playing the clown, and of the people staring at
you. The GM will shift one of your labels up, and one down. 

Team Moves

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them what makes
them proud or happy about the actions they took, and write down a new
Lesson based on it, either filling an empty slot or replacing an existing lession

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, if their response
helps you understand human feelings and problems, mark potential. If their
response confuses or offends you, shift your Freak up and your Mundane down.

Moment of Truth: Something snaps into focus, and you’re free of all the
pressure and expectations and doubts. You know what to do, and your body
and powers evolve to give you the strength to see it through. You’re new,
exceptional, amazing. Of course, when something like you appears, there’s
always someone who wants to control it.

When we first came together...

Kids always get where they shouldn't. But when Bee-Trish (she can control bees, but only one at a time) got lost and ended up in a strange lab, the counselors had to find her - but what even they didn't expect was she would find herself in the lab of the Time Taker! A villain that had bedeviled both the past and future, the Time Taker didn't expect the hotel to open a gate to his lap, or to have an insect-themed sprout muddling about in his lab, much less the young heroes that followed.

Normally, the Time Taker would probably be too much for an inexperienced group, but caught with his proverbial pants down, they interrupted the middle of an experiment to try and pierce a higher reality. When he threatened to throw the counselors and kid into a vortex between dimensions, Pulsar ended up smashing his machine. And out of a tube with a strange multicolored substance, a certain cartoon girl came tumbling out.

"Second first appearance! Speculators line up one at a time! No pushing."

... yes, White Rabbit. Maybe- here, take the italics, the bold text is needed for headers. Look, take it easy, this gimmick is wearing reallly thin.

"Psh, enough exposition, you ask me, you leave this on a cliffhanger. Two whole paragraphs? What is this, Tolstoy?"

Aa-as Time Taker ranted and raved about "liberating them from a simulated reality created for their amusement" and "how they'd doomed them all to be pawns of higher beings outside of the boxes we know", the whole lab started to dimensionally destabilize, and the teens had to escape with the escapee, but... how?

"Oh, I got time taken? Beats a deal with the devil to get a revival, but somebody's gotta give me my name back! It's copyrighted. Ish."

  • Pointgirl is an exemplary human; they show you around and tell you how things work.
  • The behavior of Green Myrmidon (and by extension, Black Beetle) confuses you again and again; you're determined to understand humanity better by studying them.
  • As an unexpected addition to the team, you were bunked with two other counselors, Stardust and Witchcraft attached to Cabin Rigel.

You're receptive to how people think and behave around you. Give Influence to all of your teammates.

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Nov 17, 2008

When the team first came together...


We drew attention and ire from plenty during the fight. One important person in particular now hates and fears us. Who is it?

We had to go find Bee-Trish, which took us to Time Taker. Weird, that we caught him, given that he's a time traveller. You'd think he'd go back in time to warn himself we were coming and then not get surprised. Although that would mean he wouldn't have had to warn himself, and then...

Ugh, stupid time travel. My rule with it, pretty much, is to punch it, which is what I did. Put a stop to him. Thing is, when the authorities showed up, they weren't particularly happy. Sure, sure, we caught Time Taker, but I'd destroyed his machine! The guy, Conrad Blackhawk, from the tech devision was super super pissed, said that he'd be keeping a tight eye on us for any other 'blows to national security'.

Whatever, that guy's got a huge stick up his rear end.



White Rabbit comforted you when you were at your lowest.

I wouldn't have guessed the depth of White Rabbit's sympathy, or empathy. It wasn't that long after we found her that I had some...relationship trouble. My situation didn't really make me Grade A date material back home, between the people who thought I was too weird and inhuman and the ones who just treated me as a novelty. I'd thought I'd finally found somebody who'd gotten past that and seen me...had *said* as much. It was good...until it wasn't. How do react when somebody literally calls you 'More machine than person.'?

Rabbit seemed to know about it, popped up at my door saying it was a 'dramatic entrance', and sat with me to listen to the whole story, complete with the back pats and the offered tissues. Which I suppose anybody could have done, but she had a way about her, asking just the right question at just the right time - were we really going to stick together, did I feel human, was *she* human...and I felt better, by the end. Hell, I was laughing!


Stardust knew you before you changed.


You are roommates with Pointgirl attached to Cabin Vega.



You try not to care what other people think, even if you can't shut everyone out. Give Influence to one teammate.

Going to give that to Pointgirl. They're roomies and so PULSAR has had to let her guard down with her, which makes her care more than with most others.


Name: Chloe McManus
Hero Name: PULSAR
Playbook: The Transformed

Abilities: Impenetrable Chassis, Body Config

Freak: +3
Danger: +2
Savior: 0
Superior: -1
Mundane: -1


I am not by body: When you take a powerful physical blow, you may roll as if you had two fewer conditions marked. IF you do, on a 10+ you must choose to lose control of yourself in a terrible way.

Not Human Enough: When you directly engage a threat in a terrifying fashion, mark a condition to choose an additional option, even on a miss.

Unstoppable: When you smash your way through scenery to get to or away from something, roll +Danger. On a hit, the world breaks before you and you get what you want. On a 7-9, choose one:
Mark a condition
Leave something behind
Take something with you
On a miss, you smash through, but leave devastation in your wake or wind up somewhere worse, GM's choice

Team Moves

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, clear one condition if they treat you like a perfectly normal person and mark potential if they praise your power or abilities.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them if they think you’re losing or gaining humanity. If they say losing, mark a condition and mark potential. If they say gaining, clear a condition and shift Mundane up and any other Label down.

Moment of Truth[/b]

It’s so easy to forget that you’re not your body, and you’re not the voice in your head—you’re both. Be the monster, and save them anyway. Smash down walls, and speak so ly. Because when you embrace it, you can do anything. Of course, putting on a display like this is sure to rile up those who see only the monster when they look at you...

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Apr 10, 2010

Kid Hyperion


We didn't trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?

We didn't trust each other at first. Of course we didn't. How could we? We came to the camp as strangers, all with different backgrounds, histories and values. Some of us were from earth, others were not. Some of us had great powers, others did not. Some of us had the memories of great triumph, others the memories of great tragedy. Some of us embraced our pasts, others ran from it. All we had in common was that summer, that place, at that time.

So how did we become friends? More than that, how did we become a team? It started the first day, although I think none of us knew it at the time. I had just gotten there. We Counselors had to get there before the campers, for a week of orientation. I checked in, and found my bunk, and my roommate. No lie, he impressed me as a grade A jerk. He was the son of two of the World Wonders, that self proclaimed organization of the Earth's protectors that was always getting itself involved in whatever problems the world faced, be they natural, human, or superhuman in origin. He impressed me as both being unnaturally proud and ashamed of that fact, and that he felt he was stuck here, in a stupid summer camp, wiping the noses of a bunch of brats, when there were real battles to fight, elsewhere. It was ironic, given what the two of us would go through and the way we'd feel about each other at summer's end, but I decided right then and there that I didn't like him, and decided I had to get out of there before I knocked the guy's teeth down his throat. We still had some time before orientation started, so I wandered over to the cafeteria to sit down and clear my head. If everybody else here were as bad as my new roommate, it was going to be a long summer.

So, orientation started, and it was largely garbage, the way that these things tend to be. There were a few interesting moments, like when they told us the basics of how the cube worked, but a lot of it tended to be the same sort of thing you always hear. "Remember you represent the camp. The staff is always here for you. Make sure all the kids feel included. Keep the kids out of classroom two until further notice because we think there's sentient mold in there that's out for revenge." You know, the usual. Mold allergies are so overhyped anyway. I spent most of my time checking out my fellow counselors. I must not have done a good enough job hiding it, though, because I got chewed out by Fury and told to pay attention. That was embarrassing.

So, anyway, the campers showed up and after they got settled in, we had our first excursion. They dumped us in this spooky house. Oh, they had a name for it, the "Cosmic House of Mysteries", but really it was just a spooky house. I don't mean to criticise here, but I'm not quite sure the administration fully vets all of these field trips, because that house was NOT kid appropriate. I'm not even talking about the murders....and there were a lot of murders. A guy who killed his uncle and then was chased by his uncle's cat; somebody being chased by gargoyles for some reason; haunted trees. That wasn't the worst of it. No. This place had spirits that ate people. Ate people! And they want us to bring kids there. It was all we could do to get the kids out in one piece. I remember I was stuck in a room at one point with some campers, when the lights went out. It was pitch black. That was a problem. It's not that I'm scared of the dark or something, but when most of your powers revolve around maipulating light, and there's no light, well, I thought I and the campers with me were done for. Stardust saved us. Seems like her powers aren't based on light, and she blasted those transdimensional spectres good. Of course, an entire wing of the house went with it, but it was pretty run down anyway.

I'm not going to say that first excursion was the thing that did it, and I'm not going to say that after it we were all good friends, but there's something about having to save a bunch of kids from extradimensional horrors that lets you know who you can count on, and that was when I started to think I might be able to count on some of my fellow counselors.


Tricky Dick Nixon
Jul 26, 2010

The body is but a vessel for the soul, a puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny. And lo, the body is not eternal, for it must feed on the flesh of others, lest it return to the dust from whence it came. Therefore must the soul deceive, despise and murder men.

Story thread is up!

Still looking for PULSAR's answer on the Issue #0 question, Influence given for both Witchcraft and Pulsar, as well as the group to come to a decision about who they impressed the most, but no need to rush that too much. Right now, let's get into the thick of it.

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