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Trisha Garuav
Jun 2, 2017

My brother and I were different from most kids; we gave our toys real, fully formed personalities.

Orangestripes: A cowardly, evil, lazy British tiger. We were his slaves and his catchphrase was “carry me, slaves”

Smart Dog: A British “mad genius” dog

Spot: A dog that goes “woh” and each series of barks translates to a sentence. The only non-talking character

Brownspot: A wise British dog

Scruffy: A 4-year-old puppy

Emily: A female dog

Truffles: A female dog

Hal: A dog whose catchphrase is “yo, bro”

Dumb Donkey: A derpy donkey with a Southern accent

We went on dramatic adventures with them in 2009, and in 2014 we did a "final season finale".

Before 2008 we also had Grampa, an elderly dog with a Southern accent.


a hole-y ghost
May 10, 2010

I wish I had pictures of my sister and I's old toys. our favorite one was a cat that freaking loves to drink piss and eat poo poo.

e: sorry I can't contribute more to the thread at this time but I like your thread and hope more people have stories to share!

a hole-y ghost fucked around with this message at Jun 3, 2017 around 19:26

May 15, 2004

and it was still hot.

I really think this is a lot more common than you've estimated. EVERY stuffed animal I had had personalities. I even apologized to them if I was accidentally mean or said something mean within ear-shot.

Each night before bed whichever animals were in my bed would have to battle each other to the death, last man surviving wins & gets to sleep on the pillow with me. It was always Dopey, my favorite teddy bear, that survived.

Also gently caress you I just spent like 10 minutes trying to search for an image of my bear... now I'm probably going to have to dig him out of my parent's basement sometime. Pretty sure that bear is something like 27 years old right now... Living in it's grand-parent's basement...

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