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Jun 21, 2013

Hey, I'm mikedaws0n, and I love Sonic. I especially love the reboot Archie comics and what they do with the series and how it's manages to craft it into a coherent setting. Enough so that I thought you could set a tabletop game in here.

Is this some Ken Penders bullshit?
Nope, it's the reboot continuity written by Ian Flynn and company! You won't find echidnas (outside of Knuckles), weird religious allegory, or...whatever this is...

Well in that case, what is this poo poo?
While you can learn most everything at The Archie Sonic Wiki, Here's a basic rundown of the game world:

The planet's overall geography is fairly similar to Earth's with continents that have vaguely similar names to those of ours. (Northamer, Soumerca, Eurish, etc.) Certain areas, for one reason or another, are known as "zones" (e.g. Green Hill Zone, Star Light Zone, ). The two biggest bodies of government are The Eggman Empire and The United Federation

The Eggman Empire is an empire ruled by the nefarious Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. It controls territory in every part of the world, and it's military forces consists of the Badnik Horde (robots) and the Egg Army (cyberized mobians). While the Empire itself is evil and does evil things, the people within it are not necessarily evil. Many fight for it because they have no choice, or because they need the augmentations Eggman provides, or because they think it's the only realistic solution.

The United Federation is a democratic republic of city-states, with cities located throughout the world. It's primary military force is the Guardians of United Nations, or G.U.N. While it does have a good reputation and will likely be accepting of the party, do keep in mind, that things aren't squeaky clean, with G.U.N. having taken part in a number of questionable operations, and in the past having had conflict with the Kingdom of Acorn, one of it's current allies.

On that note, The Kingdom of Acorn is a mobian nation located in the Acorn Archipelago led by King Nigel of House Acorn. It's biggest impact on the world is that it funds The Freedom Fighters, a collection of anti-Eggman resistance groups formed after Eggman's brief coup of the kingdom. Chances are, if the Eggman Empire is in charge of an area, then there's some group of Freedom Fighters fighting against them.

Recent historical events include The Shattered World Crisis (Basically the events of Unleashes), and the events of every Sonic game released prior to Unleashed. As a rule of thumb If something has at any point shown up in an official Sonic work, chances are it's canon to some capacity or another.

You are a group of adventurers who think you can increase your activity and profits if you joined together and formed an adventuring company. Your current funds, while not abysmal, are still fairly low. You'll probably need to do some brand-building.

As a side note, I have decided to include reputations as a mechanic. Much like in Fallout games, as you go on your adventures and whatnot, you will start to build reputations with the organizations of the world. Some things you can do over the course of the game will improve your rep and affect the world around you.

Alright, what can I play as?
Given the high flexibility of Fate Core, you can basically play as whatever you want. You could play as a mobian (Sonic furry), a human, even a reformed robot. You can be cybernetic, you can have super-powers, you can have advanced gadgetry, whatever you wish. The only limits I will enforce are no echidnas (Knuckles is the last of his kind) and if you are a magic user, explain what your source of magic is. It's a plot point that magic sources are extremely rare. Also encouraged is refeences to other Sega games. God knows I'll be doing it a lot in this campaign.

Can I play as the Sonic OC I made on deviantart when I was 10?
Doing this is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Hahaha, Sonic is so terrible.
Please keep in mind that you should at least have a general fondness for Sonic if you want to play this.

Okay, what other requirements do you have?
All that I have left to ask of you is to have a mic and dedication. If you can't make a session, alert me in advance so I can reschedule. I'm looking for 3-4 players. I have one person off the forums who is joining the game, so we'll work out relationships and stuff in-game.

We're doing this on Discord, so feel free to check out the discord server for this game:

Recruitment closes on the 19th, two weeks from the creation of this thread!

Have fun with this!

UPDATE! This game is going to be pbp in the discord chat.

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Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

Can I play as Coldsteel? This is important.

Jun 21, 2013

Waffleman_ posted:

Can I play as Coldsteel? This is important.

Yes, but I would recommend adding some depth to them to make them more interesting.

For example, Coldsteel is a faux-intellectual youth who desperately wants to look cool.

Feb 4, 2011

Aw I'd have been all for this if it was play by post, I'm UK based so the time zones would make a set time difficult. I'd have known another goon who'd definitely be interested too!

Jun 21, 2013

Skeletome posted:

Aw I'd have been all for this if it was play by post, I'm UK based so the time zones would make a set time difficult. I'd have known another goon who'd definitely be interested too!

You're in luck! I've decided to make this a discord text chat pbp!

Panic Attack
Oct 29, 2012

Float like a bulldozer
Trying to catch a butterfly

Finally, my sonic fan character John the Man can become a reality.

Mar 25, 2011

Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

Tonia the Bunny

If you follow sports, you might have heard of Tonia. One of the most well-known airboarders on Mobius, she enjoyed an illustrious racing career from a young age. Unfortunately, during the Acorn Grand Prix a few years ago, her board malfunctioned and sent her into a particularly nasty spill, breaking her leg. It never fully healed, and while physical therapy has allowed her to get on her board again, her professional career was clearly over. An investigation was conducted over claims of sabotage perpetrated by one of her biggest rivals, Lance Skylark, there was never any evidence found of misdoings.

Without a purpose, Tonia decided to become a freelancing adventurer, working for the highest bidder. Armed with a need for thrills, not the best sense of direction outside the racetrack, and a fierce dedication to her brand, she's eked out a pleasant existence outside of the public eye.

High Concept: Ex-Airboarder with Attitude
Trouble: Don't Have The Leg For It

Aspect: Adrenaline Junkie
Aspect: Wait, Where Am I?
Aspect: Brought To You By Our Sponsor

+4 Skill: Drive
+3 Skills: Physique, Athletics
+2 Skills: Rapport, Will, Contacts
+1 Skills: Resources, Empathy, Fight, Notice

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Feb 4, 2011

Pepper the Pangolin & Salt the Chao

Backstory: Pepper was born in the Rocky Jungle Zone and immersed in flora form an early age. Deep within jungle thicket, he lived peacefully, never disturbed by the Soumerca Egg Army. His green-thumnb flourished in such a lush environment. The humidity kept strangers away, and Pepper was content to spend his days curled in a lazy ball. Until Salt came along. A shooting star, landing in impenetrable tangles, Pepper found the Chao struggling in a mass of vines. Bringing the young'n back to his tree-top home, the cacaphony of Egg Army drones filled dense vegetation.

They were searching for the chao.

Pepper fled in a hail of gunfire, sleeping Chao wrapped in a bundle of cloth. He watched in horror as flames engulfed the home he had loved.

In months of travelling he found the world outside the jungle to be imposing. Years of heavy labour had given Pepper tenacity. Soft leaves gave way to harsh steel, roboticised Mobians proving far more ferocious than any jungle creature. Pepper pressed on, Chao tucked to his chest, through metal labyrinths that hurt his ears and belched black smoke. During their time travelling, he grew fond of the Chao, who he had named Salt. Salt was mischevous, but infectiously curious. He'd happily float past harmful badniks, or hug Chao-smugglers. The parts of this new world that gave Pepper anxiety thrilled the Chao.

Eventually, he found paradise. A luxurious Chao garden, nestled away from the world. Pepper's chao didn't play nicely. He warily avoided other Chao, almost drowned in the clear blue lakes. Pepper picked him up, and brought him to each new Chao Garden he could find. You can't rush these things, he thought- the root picks the soil.

Salt never chose a garden. Eventually, Pepper realised- he himself could grow a garden. They're nothing but leaves and water, after all. Sure, there's something mystical about 'em, but with enough patience, you can solve that.

Pepper and Salt have been inseperable since. His ultimate goal is to grow a Chao garden for not just Salt, but other wayward creatures. If he can crack a few Egg Army heads in the meantime, well, that only sweetens the deal.

High Concept:
Dozey farmer & his new liability
Trouble: His Danger-prone dependent - Salt isn't like Cheese. He's useless in a fight, and spends most of his time poking things that shouldn't be poked. Pepper's new-found job is to chase after him in these situations. Hey, you try baby-sitting a restless ball of curiosity that can fly.

Aspect 1: Grass for his pillow- Pepper is used to slumming it, whether that's in grassy steppes or jungle thicket. He can survive comfortably in the wilderness with natural savvy. Put him in an urban or industrial setting and he wilts unhappily. He's also naive when it comes to the workings of city-life.
Aspect 2: You can't hurry the crops- Pepper's incredibly patient. He's happy to wait out a problem and work out the best course of action. This probably means he's too slow to act for a lot of people; and often they'll think he's slow-witted.
Aspect 3: All I needs me'earth and me'Chao- Pepper cares deeply for nature. Any money he makes from adventuring goes towards finding the secrets of a Chao garden. It does mean he is overly protective of Salt, but also that he hates environmental disrespect. Sure, he'll fight the Eggman Empire with passion, but it also means don't tread on his crops...

Stunt 1: I'll be seein' ya: Gain a +2 bonus to a single Rapport roll providing you have met the opposing NPC at least once before.
Stunt 2: Rolling rush: Pepper rolls into a ball to use his momentum in a fight. +2 to attack with Fight whenever Pepper moves at least one zone unopposed before attacking.
Stunt 3: Grappler. +2 to Physique rolls made to create advantages on an enemy by wrestling or grappling with them.

+4 Skill: Physique
+3 Skills: Athletics, Rapport
+2 Skills: Lore, Fight, Empathy
+1 Skills: Will, Notice, Investigate, Stealth

(I even made my own lovely OC art donut steel)

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Dec 23, 2014


Count Vladimir Tremolo (pronounced tre-MELLOW) the 9th, Steward of Voivodia
Or just Vlad the Bat

Backstory: It's not nearly as grand as he'd like you to think.

For one thing, Voivodia is tiny, just a couple small towns and an ancestral manor and a whoooooole lot of farmland. It hangs off the Kingdom of Acorn like a weird, melodramatic leech. The land isn't even theirs, technically, but King Acorn lets them have it anyway, since Clan Tremolo have been avid supporters of the royal family, and it's better than leaving them alone to do who-knows-what. Vlad is the latest in a long line of potential successors, surrounded by a blur of nannies and tutors and courtly hangers-on since before he learned to fly. Even as a child, it felt stifling, and he learned to enjoy whatever moments of frivolity he could eke out when people weren't bugging him about "responsibility" and "ethics" and "young master please stop hanging from the chandelier you're going to-- oh dear".

By the time his father passed the mantle of responsibility to him, he'd straightened out a little. But only a little. As count, he threw lavish balls and elaborate feasts at the slightest provocation, all the while leaving his subjects to fend for themselves. This reflected poorly on him, sure, but it wasn't like anybody tried to stop him. Counts were just like that sometimes.

When the time came to defend his people against the Eggman Empire, however, all his noble bravado fell flat, and he ran and hid as badnik platoons razed the towns and burned the farmland and dragged villagers away by the score. Of course he was scared. Of course. But there wasn't much he could do, was there? better to just let it play out and rebuild with what was left. Evidently, his subjects didn't agree. Within a few short days, they were banging down the gates of the manor, demanding justice. Clan Tremolo, being fair rulers (with one notable exception) came to a decision.

Vlad would leave Voivodia for a time, to help "clear his head" and see what the world had to offer, while matters of state would be left to his many, many sisters. They billed it as a vacation, but he knew an exile when he heard one. While he didn't have much say in it, Vlad vowed that he would return some day to reclaim his rightful place as Count. This was met with a resounding "yeah, sure, whatever" before he finally took his leave. The world outside the manor walls has been strange and difficult to navigate, and by now he's gotten into more than a few scrapes just by saying the wrong things to the wrong people. Still, he knows there's beauty in it, somewhere. Besides, maybe this whole exile thing is an opportunity. If he were to, say, prove himself heroic and worthy with some miscellaneous do-gooding, then maybe his family would see fit to call him home. Maybe, if he does something really spectacular, they'll even hail him as a hero.

That's a pretty big "maybe", though. As it is now, he's still waiting for his big break, ambushing Egg Army patrols and rescuing the occasional captured Mobian on the side. He remains confident that it'll come any day now. Any day.

High Concept: "Vacationing" Nobility
Trouble: Sheltered Upbringing

Aspect 1: A Taste for the Finer Things
Aspect 2: On Leather Wings
Aspect 3: "I do not eat... chili dogs."

"What beautiful music they make!" - Make attacks with Provoke on opponents that would be usually unaffected (robots, animals, etc) by belting out an earsplitting wail
Untraceable Accent - Gain a +2 to Create an Advantage with Rapport when acting strange and ~inscrutable~
Flyover - Once per scene, spend a fate point to ignore movement penalties and obstacles that can by surmounted by just flying over them. Flying over pits, yes, flying through walls, no.

+4 Skill: Rapport
+3 Skills: Provoke, Athletics
+2 Skills: Deceive, Stealth, Notice
+1 Skills: Fight, Contacts, Resources, Investigate

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Oct 2, 2013

The dream and romance of any REAL man!

[Image goes here]
Claude Lecarde

Backstory: The Lecarde family, keepers of the blessed Spear of Alucard, had fought a deadly feud with the vampires of the world since the dark ages. Some say the fighting started when a vampire lord kidnapped the young bride of a Lecarde. Others say the Lecardes were just jealous that the vampires were always hanging out with beautiful women while they spent their Friday nights alone. General consensus leans toward the latter history.

Undaunted by whispers of their lack of luck with the ladies being the source of all their rage, the Lecardes constantly tried to bring their family into the limelight by hunting down the 'evil bloodsuckers'. Unfortunately as the vampires tended to be, if not the most upstanding citizens, at least tolerable in the communities they lived in, these crusades by the Lecardes seldom won them any friends. Instead they were often drummed out of town for starting brawls in the street and wrecking private property. This, of course, they blamed on the wily vampires, who they insisted were pulling all the strings from the shadows and turning everyone against them.

Finally we come to our hero, Claude. He was an aberration in the family line, a mix of recessive genes. Where his family was full of sleek, lithe black hounds he alone was born a big white puffball. He grew astonishingly fast, towering over his cousins even in his childhood. He never quite got the hang of the whole hating vampires business, and the deadly Alucard Spear was a harmless toy in his clumsy paws. But, tradition was tradition so, despite his demeanor, he was sent by the elders of the Lecarde to vanquish vampires and bring the Lecarde fame in the land!

Setting that aside, he decided instead to go see if he could make his family more popular by doing nice, heroic things like helping people and making friends. Now if only he could get people to look past the cursed spear and the Lecarde armor that barely fits his hulking form... But! With an unfaltering (and slightly vacant) smile on his face he keeps his chin up and looks for the next big chance to be a do-gooder.

High Concept: Gentle giant with baggage
Trouble: The sins of his fathers

Aspect 1: The family business - Lore, the occult, dungeoneering and monsterology were all part of this big dog's upbringing
Aspect 2: Big softy - Claude balks from mean-spirited acts or emotionally-charged violence, preferring to use his strength to help rather than harm
Aspect 3: Ignorance is bliss - Deep thought isn't Claude's strong point, but his laid back nature often protects him from the stress and stings of society

+4 Skill: Physique
+3 Skills: Will, Rapport
+2 Skills: Lore, Athletics, Empathy
+1 Skills: Investigate, Fight, Notice, Crafts

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Dec 10, 2013


Armadura the Nautilus, Former Admiral of the Meropian Army

" know PERFECTLY well why I did that, Striker, don't pretend you don't! The Mystic Melody has failed in the past, we can't keep relyng on it!"
"Admiral Armadura-"
"No, you let me finish! We can't continue turtling down, hiding behind the Melody! The Southern Oceans Egg Army's raids have become an unacceptable regularity! What happens when-"
"Admiral Armadura, this is the last straw! Your thoughtless counterattack has cost the lives of several good soldiers! All because you disobeyed an order from your superiors!
"...yes, I made a mistake, a grave mistake, but-"
"Silence! We have already decided what to make of you. By the authority invested in me by the Meropian Military Tribunal and Their Majesties King Puff and Queen Angelica, you are stripped of your rank and exiled from Meropis!"

[this isn't my character, of course. I just couldn't find a better picture of a Mobian nautilus. At least now you have an idea of how his anatomy works, although I imagine his hair-tentacles a bit longer]

And that's the long and short of it. I don't blame them for punishing me, honestly; I really don't. Those recruits, they... they were counting on me, and I let them down. Gunned down by that cursed squid's goons. I deserved to lose rank for that.

But I stand by my opinion: we can't let the Empire push us around like that. It's all well and good to protect your citizens, and to use everything you have to do so, but we can't count on a poorly understood and worse implemented magic song to shield us forever. We need to get them to stop, we need to be able to swim outside the city limits and access the resources of the surrounding oceanside. That's, uh, sort of like the countryside for you surfacers.

I'm not stupid. I know that the Eggman Empire is a war machine that perhaps cannot be stopped, although it's hard not to argue that Mobius would be a much better place without it. I didn't want to drag my people into a long, unwinnable war; I just wanted to hurt the Empire enough that it would consider us too dangerous to bother with, you know? He's involved in, what, a dozen different wars? Not even he has the resources to manage all of that.

Now that I'm an exile, I'm trying to approach this from a different angle. I still want to get the Southern Oceans Egg Army to back off, one way or another; I wouldn't even be above striking a deal with Robotnik himself, if it came to that.

Not with Abyss, though. She'll get no quarter from me.

High-minded ideals aside, well, a man has to eat. There's always work for people who know how to fight, and I know how to fight. Here's hoping this little outfit helps me keep a roof over my shell. Who knows, maybe they'll even help me defend Meropis, when push comes to shove.

Armadura's sheet
High Concept: Determined Field Commander
Trouble:Impulsive To A Fault
Aspect: No One Else Dies On My Watch
Aspect: "I'll have your head, Abyss!"
Aspect: Sometimes, You Just Gotta Improvise

Fight: +4
Will, Physique: +3
Notice, Empathy, Craft: +2
Stealth, Provoke, Rapport, Lore: +1

Trident Thrower: Armadura can attack at range using Fight, provided that he has a throwable weapon on him. Under most circumstances, he is equipped with two tridents balanced for throwing, so he could use this twice before having to find some other ammunition, assuming that he's not disarmed some other way.
*Two more stunts to determine in the future.

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Jun 21, 2013

Getsuya posted:

As soon as I get off work and read how this system works I'm putting up a character based off my favorite Genesis game.

If I think of the setting as being Sonic SatAM is that pretty close?

The bulk of the canon is based on the games and SatAM, with something similar to the events of SatAM along with the Genesis games having happened at some point. A good chunk of characters are based on SatAM characters with some differences to make it a more original setting. Off the top of my head, Snively isn't Eggman's nephew, the wolves and Dulcy are from different parts of the world and look more like your average Sonic character, Robotnik stopped roboticizing at some point and just gives his soldiers augmentations to give the illusion of free will, and Nicole has a hologram body.

Also this.

Feel free to message me on Discord if you have any more questions.

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Jun 21, 2013

Character submissions end Monday, June 19th, at 8 PM EDT!

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!

Maximilian Fawkes


Backstory: Young Maximilan is a bit of an odd case. According to their biometrics, they're a kid with no living relatives. According to electronic records, on the other hand, they inherited the high-class estate and riches from someone they, at best, had mowed the lawn for a few times. Now obviously anyone can tell you that there's something fishy going on, but as far as the government was concerned, if they could turn this kid's red hacking hat into a white hat, there was a great deal of potential to be gained from someone with a genius-level intellect and an innate understanding of code and circuitry.

A deal was less "struck" and more "imposed" on the Fawkes boy; they can keep this house and the funds they "inherited" without being adopted or thrown in juvenile detention for embezzlement in exchange for keeping G.U.N.'s electronic security up to snuff and occasionally making an upgrade to one of their machine plans. Maxie, already on a high horse from gaining the equivalent of a castle compared to other kids he knew, took this deal to feel even more self-important, living out a billionaire playboy's lifestyle despite being 10 years old. Willing to do whatever it took to get recognition and fame, Fawkes took to doing some vigilante work alongside schoolwork (not that he has to physically go there) and hanging out with 'friends.'

High Concept: Pint-Sized Programmer Playboy
Aspect: The G.U.N.'s worst-kept secret
Aspect: Self-Proclaimed "King of Games"
Aspect: Crazy Like a Fox
Trouble: "It's just a kid..."

Stunt: Blank Check. Once a session, spend a Fate point to throw an arbitrary amount of money at a problem.
Stunt: Staring into the Circuits. Gain a +2 to Overcome when using Investigate on complex machinery.
Stunt: You do not want to hit me. Can use Provoke in place of Fight to Defend against targets who recognize him.
Crafts +4
Will +3
Resources +3
Deceive +2
Rapport +2
Provoke +2
Athletics +1
Physique +1
Investigate +1
Notice +1

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Panic Attack
Oct 29, 2012

Float like a bulldozer
Trying to catch a butterfly

Art by Skeletome

Name: Cole, the Catnik

Backstory: Summary! Riddled with minor but numerous health issues from birth, when this cat found himself captured and roboticized, it was actually kind of a step up! Aside from the loss of free will, that is. Upon being freed he gathered up what was left of the metal suit and threw himself into tinkering until he could reassemble it into an exoskeleton. Now armed and newly confident, he set out to put his new suit to the test... and to hunt for upgrades.


Just about the only things Cole inherited from his parents were health issues; a shortness of breath, nasty allergies, and thalassemia - further exacerbating his shortness of breath and leaving him tired almost constantly. While hardly crippling, it sure left him miserable pretty much all of the time, and quickly saw him becoming an outcast from an early age. As a result, he turned to reading, videogames... and, mostly importantly, tinkering away. While he's not prodigy, a constant supply of scrapped bots and badniks meant he had a pretty easy time of finding bits to teach himself basic engineering with.

Unable to find work in this avenue, though, he soon found that holding down a menial part time job was difficult with his conditions. It was during one such job - a simple courier gig with an electric scooter rather than a bike - that he found himself ambushed and captured, taken to a conversion facility, and badnik'd. Panic, self pity and fear were soon replaced with relief, though. The suit did all of his movement for him, cradled his constantly exhausted form, and even filtered the air, helping with his allergies.

Even better, he wasn't sent out on raids against other people. He landed a pretty cushy guard job on one of Eggman's power plants, where he stayed for a number of months until it was finally raided and shut down by freedom fighters. While somewhat relieved to be free - boredom having set in - the immediate return of all his old health problems was a huge blow. That's when he got the idea to gather up what was left of the armour he'd been trapped in, along with whatever else he could salvage from his 'fellow' guards, and put together a more free will-friendly version of the badnik armour. It took him a while, but after a lot of tests, failures and pinched tails, he managed it.

The once shy, reserved cat rapidly developed a new persona behind the suit; cocky, confident... and admittedly still rather craven. Still, now he seeks to put his suit to good use; helping others, solving problems, and maybe finally fitting in. Maybe.

Of course, fitting in is hard when you're dressed like the thing that makes everyone elses lives a bloody misery. Whoops!

High Concept: Outcast badnik wannabe

Trouble: Augment Junkie – Always looking to improve his suit, with an obsession bordering on 'dude, this is getting weird'. On the brightside, he's developed a pretty good knowledge of where to hit a badnik to take it down quickest. On the downside… he's more likely to try and ensure as little damage occurs to said badnik as possible, so he can scrap it easily.

Aspect 1: I got roboticized, and I liked it – Getting roboticized is a nightmare for many, but Cole found it pretty liberating. Far from the healthiest of folks, the suit alleviated pains he had up until that point experienced most of his life; leading him to work on repairing the suit once he was 'freed' from it.
Positives; Can offer a silver lining for victims of the process.
Neutrals; Will still fight Eggman, but he'd much rather the people of Mobius tried to reason with him so they could all progress together.
Negatives; Doesn't see anything wrong with the process, even turning a blind eye to the literal enslavement.

Aspect 2: Junk Punk – He's a wizard with scrap… but that's about it. Cole's self taught. He's the guy who gets rejected from Battle Bots because his robot is made out of 100% recycled materials, needs to be monitored constantly and it's sparking harmlessly, but menacingly.
Positives; The suit and anything else he makes'll work! Usually.
Neutrals; Looks like scrap metal, assumptions abound as to its effectiveness.
Negatives; While some extra care is given to his suit, most of what he scraps up looks terrible, and are inefficient – limited uses, and possible failures.

Aspect 3: Craven – What it says on the tin. Cole's kind of a coward, even with the suit on, and especially without it.
Positives; thinks things through, and weighs up to risks/rewards.
Negatives; Well, he's a coward. Running away, not helping when the going gets tough, valuing his own skin over that of others.

Stunt: Pounce! - +2 for athletics checks specifically made to jump long distances, utilizing the powered legs of his suit.
Stunt: More speed, less haste - +2 to craft checks made to repair the suit, even in combat.
Stunt: Meowlton Core - Once per session, spend a fate point to overload the suit, providing a +2 bonus to the next two Fight, Shoot or Athletics checks. Take a -1 on one of these checks afterwards.

+4 Skill: Craft
+3 Skills: Athletics, Shoot
+2 Skills: Fight, Notice, Stealth
+1 Skills: Deceive, Resources, Investigate, Will

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Dec 12, 2013

[character ref here]
Eichary is an avian mobian from a recently unincorporated island which was formerly part of the United Federation. Once an important figure in the loose community there, he has been made a pariah for his failures in their quest for energy independence. Now he must forge a new path for himself off the island, out in the wider world.
High Concept (and Trouble): Free-Mobian on The Land
Eichary does not believe he is obligated to respect the 'contract' of any state. He will personally not accept payment in 'fiat currency' unless it can be quickly exchanged for material goods and will avoid at all costs any agreement that would put him in debt to someone else (though he has no qualms having someone in debt to him).

Reloading +4 [reusing shells and casing for projectile ammunition as well as specialized cartridge packing like creating subsonic ammunition]
Deceive +3
Provoke +3
Investigate +2
Stealth +2
Fight +2
Resources +1
Shoot +1
Physique +1
Notice +1

Transient People
Dec 22, 2011

"When a man thinketh on anything whatsoever, his next thought after is not altogether so casual as it seems to be. Not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently."
- Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

Hi everyone! Hopefully I'm not too late to submit an application!


Rush the Hedgehog

[Pic to come!]

Ever since he was a little child, Rush was fascinated by the secret truth of things. Not just their obvious purpose, or the ways they could be used, but the things that were only implied by them - that a pen could be used to write was obvious, but why was the pen what it was? Who had made it? When and for how what reasons? He pestered his family with such questions from an early age, and ate up all kinds of books and stories about the distant past when there was no one around to ask questions to. When he found out Professor Gale's column in the papers, it was a revelation to him: here were the journals of an honest to goodness archaeologist, documenting all the perils, hardships and triumphs of his profession as well as his findings! And best of all, there was a postal address at the bottom of them, which promised that all serious queries would be answered. Unable to contain himself, Rush wrote a dozen letters, each about a different Mobian civilization, and anxiously waited every day for the Professor's answer. His surprise when the rugged adventuring hedgehog himself showed up at his family's doorstep asking to speak with him was only matched by his sheer excitement at getting to finally meet his idol, and he spent the entire afternoon talking with him, endlessly soaking up stories of digs gone awry, close encounters with surprise avalanches and temple guardians, and even the occasional great triumph that had yet to make the papers. Eventually, however, it was time for the Professor to leave - yet before he did so, he asked Rush a question that changed his world:

"I'm not as sharp as I once was, you know. One of these expeditions might well be my last, and it'd be a shame if there was nobody left to pick things up where I left them. Would you like to accompany me on my next trip to learn more about archaeology, Rush?"

The following morning, Rush exchanged tearful goodbyes with his parents, and set out into the world at the Professor's side. No longer would he just be a history dork. Now, he was an archaeologist in training!

...OK, so he was still a huge history dork. But now he was a history dork going on adventures! And for the next few years, that's exactly what he did. At the Professor's side, Rush traveled the world, met people from many different cultures, and more than once faced danger across several years. And then, one day, everything changed.

It all began with a relatively simple expedition. A group of miners had uncovered an enormous underground shaft at the outskirts of Mobotroplis, leading deep underground...far deeper than any other cavern system on record, and straight as an arrow too, something that couldn't be anything but an artificial tunnel. Intrigued, Professor Gale decided to explore it, and enlisted Rush to accompany him in his grand descent. Together, they uncovered a hidden temple, its walls covered in Ancient Mobian script. The message etched on them was clear: "Within these walls, the true strength of those stout of heart and quick of wits shall be revealed". Though the etchings on the walls cautioned of danger within, all it served to do was encourage their curiosity. Making their way inside, Rush and the Professor braved countless traps and safeguards, meant to keep trespassers at bay. Eventually, however, with tenacity and creativity, they managed to overcome all of them, reaching a central chamber completely unlike anything either of them was expecting: it was full of advanced, abandoned machinery, corroded by the passage of centuries, yes, but still functional, with deactivated teleportation devices connecting it to who knew where. Overcome with enthusiasm at the enormity of their findings, Rush immediately began working with the machines, hoping to find some way to activate them. He succeeded...but perhaps too well. All of a sudden, one of the machines came online and shot a beam of mystical energy at the surprised Rush, leaving him dazed, confused, and full of a strange power coursing through him. The strain from the discharge was too much for the ancient make of the temple, much less sturdy than the secrets it had once protected, and it quickly began collapsing, threatening to bury them alive. In a moment of desperation, the Professor activated two of the teleporters and pushed Rush through into one of them before diving for the other. Just then, the temple came crashing down, but before he could find out what had happened to the Professor, Rush was whisked away, back to the surface. He did not hesitate to head back underground to find his mentor, but by the time he got back to the bottom of the underground shaft, the temple had completely crumbled to dust, with no traces left of Professor Gale or the mysterious technology it had once housed. All that was left of it was the newfound power dwelling within Rush, the ability to manipulate, transfer and direct the momentum of things in motion. Ashamed by the misfortune his impulsiveness had brought them Rush made a solemn vow: he'd search the whole world if that's what it took, but he'd find out what had happened to Professor Gale, and bring him home! But it was clear he couldn't do that alone. He'd need help...and so, the first step in his quest was to go looking for friends who'd join him in his journey.

High Concept: Apprentice Adventurer Archaeologist
Trouble: Always Rushing Headlong

Free Aspect 1: Channel of Momentum
Free Aspect 2: Live and Learn
Free Aspect 3: New Places, New Friends


Great (+4): Shoot
Good (+3): Athletics, Lore
Fair (+2): Rapport, Investigate, Will
Average (+1): Notice, Physique, Stealth, Fight

Momentum Transfer: Rush can assist anybody's Athletics or Fight rolls if he moved to a different zone during his previous turn, regardless of the distance between them. When he does so, his ally gains a bonus equal to the number of zones he moved through during his last turn.
Momentum Burst: When an ally assists Rush's Athletics or Shoot checks, he gains a bonus to them equal to the amount of zones they traveled during their last turn.
"Is that an ancient monolith?!": Rush gains a +2 bonus to Lore rolls to Overcome whenever the subject is ancient Mobian history and things that fall within its purview.

Refresh: 3

Jun 21, 2013

Submissions are closed!

It was tough narrowing it down, but I'm made my decisions. The heroes of this game will be:

Skeletome as Pepper the Pangolin and Salt the Chao
Grandmaster Thrash as Vlad the Bat
Getsuya as Claude Lecard
Panic Attack as Cole the Catnik
Transient People as Rush the Hedgehog

Those of you who didn't make it, I wish I could have been able to include you, but your characters and concepts may show up over the course of the game, and you are free to read the discord chat as observers.

With that set in stone, I want to ask you all the following prompts:

1) What is your greatest dream in life?
2) What is your greatest fear?
3) Give me your thoughts on each of your companions.
4) How do you feel about G.U.N., the Egg Army, and the Freedom Fighters?

Feb 4, 2011


1) What is your greatest dream in life?

I want to see Mobius as green as I remember it from when I woz a lit'lun. It won't be an overnight thing, it won't, but I want to see lush fields across the zones again. I know the whole bloody world's gone mad, and people like their big metal cities, but s'long as I've got a nice patch o'farmland to call me'own, I'll be beamin'. I'll do me'bit and then some.

2) What is your greatest fear?

Whenever I've tried t'get Salt t'settle down in a garden, it's never gone well. 'Ee doesn't seem t'get on nicely with the others...'cos 'ee's scared of 'em I'd say. Little bugger'll try t'chew the nose of an egg soldier, but 'ee won't play with spuds his age.

I do get a bit worried I do, that 'ee'll never find a home. Poor lit'lun isn't one for the big 'arsh world. I don't mind lookin' after him in the meantime though.

3) Give me your thoughts on each of your companions.

Vlad the Bat:
I don't understand all this fuddy-duddy finery. Fancy coats 'n big parties aren't me''thing really. I wonder what 'ee'd make of me'famous squash pie. I've a feelin' 'ee doesn't eat like th'rest of us, maybe that'll change his mind. Leaves me' a bit betwaddled, but I'm sure 'ee feels the same about me.

Salt gets on best with Vlad, and aspires to fly like him. His funny accent makes the chao cackle with laughter too. Plus, fancy feasts!

Claude Lecard:
Big bloke looks 'andy in a fight. Never seen him angry though- wouldn't want t'. 'ee's loverly though 'ee is. Part o'me wants to see which o'us is stronger. If I 'ave enough scrumpy maybe I'll ask for an arm wrestle.

Salt feels safe enough to clamber all over him like a giant playground.

Cole the Catnik:
It's a bloody shame wot's 'appened to him. The Egg Army'll take so much from yer. I've seen him tinkerin' away on all those metal bits, It's when 'ee gloats about 'em that turns me'stomach. Boy needs t'calm down and realise 'ee's still Mobian underneath all that scrap.

Salt is in two minds on Cole. Sometimes he's intrigued by all of his armour, and sometimes he reminds him a bit too much of an Egg soldier.

Rush the Hedgehog:
Oi! Slow down ye cheeky bastard! I appreciate yer keen t'get on with discovery but those bloody ruins aren't going anywhere! 'Ee's got some kind of power t'push 'n pull things, never seen 'owt like it. Wonder if I can get th'boy t'help with me'watering. Would make the job a good'n!

Try as he might, Salt could never keep up with Rush. It won't stop him from trailing him, though. Chao like shiny artifacts, after all!

4) How do you feel about G.U.N., the Egg Army, and the Freedom Fighters?

Egg Army:
The poor folks livin' in his regime aren't t'blame for what goes on. I reckon with enough patience we can 'elp em liberate themselves for good. Each of us might be a tiny seed, but we'll soon turn into a jungle, just y'wait.

G.U.N: I don't like all the bikes n'buggies they use, and can't say I'm that 'appy that they work alongside former Egg robots- but I 'spose we all 'ave t'get along for the greater good.

Freedom Fighters:
These lot are more me'style. Care about the lands they live on, they does, and pack a wallop when it comes to that Eggman. I can only hope I'll be able t'do 'alf the good deeds they've managed.

((Pepper speaks with a west country accent, think Hagrid in Harry Potter or the villagers in Hot Fuzz. If it's too hard to read let me know and i'll tone it down.))

Oct 2, 2013

The dream and romance of any REAL man!

Claude Lecard

1) What is your greatest dream in life?
I want to be a hero! Not the kind that kills all the monsters, like what my folks taught me, but one that makes everyone happy and keeps everyone safe. I want people to smile and wave when I go by, and people to feel more peaceful when they know I'm around.

2) What is your greatest fear?
When I was little my folks used to tell me all sorts a stories about big mean monsters. In the stories, monsters were always big and mean. Then I got big, real big, and somedays I think: I hope people don't think I'm a monster cuz' I'm so big and strong. I think it'd be the most horrible thing in the world if folks started being afraid of me. I don't want to be the monster in someone's story.

3) Give me your thoughts on each of your companions.

Pepper and Salt
He talks about making the land green again. I think that's really nice. That will make people happy, so I think it's a really heroic dream. Maybe after our adventure I'll help him out! I think I'd be good at planting trees. He doesn't care about my family or past, and Salt isn't afraid of me either. They're really nice. Being with them makes me smile.

Exploring ruins is fun! Of all the things my folks taught me, I think how to explore dungeons was the best (as long as it doesn't mean fighting monsters down in the dungeon...) Whenever Rush talks about exploring and finding out about secrets and history, I get really excited! I'm a bit big to fit into some of the caves and ruins around here, but if the place is big enough I'd love to go exploring with him! I just wish he would slow down a bit. It's hard for a big guy like me to keep up with him, and sometimes I can't understand what he's saying until a few minutes after he's done talking. I don't think my brain can keep up with him!

I'm confused, is he a vampire or not? My folks taught me all vampires are bats, but are all bats vampires? All I know about vampires is they suck blood and steal people's girlfriends, but Vlad doesn't drink any blood and he seems more worried about his people than getting a girlfriend. It's awkward, though, cuz' if he's a vampire that means our families have done a lot of bad stuff to each other. Even if he is a vampire, he doesn't seem so bad. Maybe if I can become friends with him it'll end the fighting between my family and them. That would be nice.

He's a good badnik! Or, wait, I think someone told me he wasn't really one. But he looks like one. And I guess he was, sometime? I dunno, it's confusing. I wonder if he could put any cool gadgets on my armor. When I look at him, I wonder if there are other badniks who are really just good people in armor.

4) How do you feel about G.U.N., the Egg Army, and the Freedom Fighters?
These guys help keep the peace and keep people safe, that makes them heroes! They don't really like my family, though, since a lot of my relatives have been arrested for fighting vampires when they shouldn't. I promise I won't make trouble like my family did, so hopefully they'll let me be a hero too like they are.

Egg Army
Cole is a good badnik, so maybe there are other good badniks? I don't know why they would want to attack people and do mean things. Maybe it's all a big misunderstanding. Maybe if we just sat down and talked with them we could help work things out. But, sometimes I see places and people where the Egg Army has done some really bad stuff, and it makes me angry. I don't like feeling angry, but sometimes I just can't help it.

Freedom Fighters
They're trying to make things better for people by fighting the Egg Army. It's kind of like my family and the vampires, they just keep fighting each other forever. It didn't really work out great for my family, and I don't know if it'll work out well for these folks either. Fighting, fighting and more fighting. How is fighting ever going to turn into peace? I don't really know what else they can do, but I wish there was another way.

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Transient People
Dec 22, 2011

"When a man thinketh on anything whatsoever, his next thought after is not altogether so casual as it seems to be. Not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently."
- Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

GOTTA ASK FAST: Rush the Hedgehog!

1) What is your greatest dream in life?

I want to write down the complete history of Mobius! Can you imagine all the things that we could learn from the past if we knew all there was to know about it? Not just big things like uncovering new technology or research...there's probably a thousand foods you'd love to have that you've never had a chance to try out before, or games you could sink hundreds of hours into without ever getting tired of them. There's a lot we can learn about the past, if we just stop and look back on it a little. I want to be the one to bring it to everyone. And I will! Count on it!

2) What is your greatest fear?

I don't know. I'm scared about what might've happened to the Professor since that incident at the temple, but even if he's, if he's, y'know...I don't think I could forgive myself, but I'd try make up for it, somehow. Somehow...

...I don't think I can do it. The Professor used to talk about how he was getting old and wanted someone to continue his investigations when he couldn't go out to research anymore, but I've never felt good enough. All I ever did was get in the way. Once I've found him, I think I need to help him find another assistant. Someone better.

3) Give me your thoughts on each of your companions.

Pepper & Salt: Pepper's kind of slow. It's so boring! He never does things except at his own pace, you know? I wish he'd kick it up a notch sometimes, but at least he's someone I can count on. He knows how to stay cool when trouble pops up, and with how some of the others are (not naming any names...), it's good to know I can trust him in a pinch. Not that I can't handle my own problems, but it's good to know there's someone around who can straighten people up while I take care of things.

Salt's a ball! Best. Partner. Ever. I think he likes exploring ruins almost as much as I do. I should slip him some ice cream when Pepper isn't looking! I bet he'll love it to bits.

Vlad the Bat: If half of what he says about Tremolo Castle's true, then I really need to visit it sometime once I've gotten the Professor back. That place sounds awesome! I bet it's real ancient, a blast straight outta the past. Vlad himself, though...ahhh, I just don't know. He talks a big game, but I just can't shake the feeling he's more bark than bite. With all the stories he's told me about his famous ancestors, I hope he can live up to them. Fingers crossed.

Claude Lecarde: Claude's alright. He talks a lot about being a hero, and I don't know if he's got the right idea on how to go about it, but his heart's in the right place. Sometimes I wonder though. It almost feels like he's holding the big guy's got a whole lot more to offer than he thinks he does. Maybe I should talk to him about it sometime. I don't think I'm hero material, but diving into all those ruins with the Professor taught me a thing or two about doing all you can when the chips are down.

Cole the Catnik: Hey! COLE! Cut that out, you're gonna blow us all up if you keep playing with that generator! Ugh...that guy. I bet he's never heard about putting his money where his mouth is. You'd think someone with a fancy suit of armour wouldn't be so scared of danger. He can talk a big game, but he can't keep up with me! I'll give him one thing though: he really loves working with all that junk he lugs around, even if it blows up half the time. He really needs someone to teach him how to fix that, but the guy loves his tech just as much as I love mapping out the past.

Oh, and his past with the Egg Army? I don't think it's fair to hold it against him. It's not like he had a choice about getting taken in and chromed up, right? Sure, he's kept that suit with him, but I haven't seen him try to use to take advantage of anyone except Robotnik's dumb goons. I don't think he's half as good as HE thinks he is...but I'm willing to give him a chance.

4) How do you feel about G.U.N., the Egg Army, and the Freedom Fighters?

G.U.N.: They keep people safe, and that's alright by me. Sometimes I worry that they're too overzealous, but they're on our side and I think we can trust them.

Egg Army: They're monsters! They enslave their fellow Mobians and turn them into robots, and Robotnik's off his rocker! They've got no respect for the past, too - the only thing they care about is using it as a weapon. I'll stop them in any way I can!

The Freedom Fighters: Man, where to start? They're kinda legendary. They've saved the world how many times already? We wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for them. Everything they do is history in the making! Maybe I should take notes from them.

Dec 23, 2014

"Ah, yes, zhere you are! Come, sit. I understand you are having some questions for myself."


1) What is your greatest dream in life?
"Well, there is my return to Voivadia, of course, but I do not think that counts so much. Now, if I could make Voivodia safe, now that would be a thing! I know I have not done zhe best job of, ah, serving zhe people, but I hope I may make motherland into a place worth living in. Call it, ah, my way of making amends for zhe past."


2) What is your greatest fear?
"I fear that, one day, I may be forgotten completely. My family, they try and sweep me under zhe rug, make it as if I were never born at all. I have seen it happen before, to aunts and uncles, distant cousins, but I will not let it happen to me. If I can make a difference, even zhe tiniest one, zhen perhaps the world will remember my name."


3) Give me your thoughts on each of your companions.
"I have had troubles before, with zhe common folk, and Pepper is no different. Perhaps with a long bath and some etiquette he could be presentable, but as-is he is simply impossible to deal with. If we have zhe time, maybe I could teach him zhe joys of high society. I am, uh, unsure how to feel about zhe chao, as well. Zhey keep laughing when i talk and I am not sure why."

"Claude's family and mine have, ah, how you say, a bit of a history. He seems much kinder than the rest of them, but I am afraid he may be getting the wrong idea about me. Maybe if I get some more sun or be talking very loudly about how much solid food I eat he will understand that I am not, err... zhe v-word."

"Now, do not laugh, because this thing I tell you is very embarrassing. But I am maaaaaybe just a teensy bit frightened of Cole. I know it is a silly thing to say, especially after how much he has been through, but I can't help it! It is zhe eyes, I think, on his suit. I can feel them
watching me. Still, I cannot be thinking less of him for zhat. He reminds me much of myself when I was younger, only with more robot parts."

"It has been such a long time since I have had anyone who would listen to my stories, and Rush is zhe best audience I could ask for. I do not think he believes all of it[, but zhat is no matter! He respects zhe history and zhat is enough. Perhaps I may even show him around zhe manor once I am reinstated. Provided he does not turn it into another one of his smash-em-up-dungeon-crawly things, of course."


4) How do you feel about G.U.N., the Egg Army, and the Freedom Fighters?

"An 'army', zhey call it! Pah! A pack of thugs and hooligans is more like, rolling around Mobius like a gang of, of, barbarians, taking what zhey want and burning everything else! I do not know what zhis Robotnik has in mind for our world, but I swear on my life that I will put a stop to it."

"Zhe Guardians of United Nations do zhere jobs admirably, but it would do them well to keep their stinking human noses out of our business. I cannot say i enjoy their choice in operatives, either."

"Now zhe Freedom Fighters! There is an operation worth talking about! Despite their many, many flaws, under Her Majesty Princess Acorn, they have become our greatest hope for survival. I tried joining zhem, once upon a time, but I suppose they were too busy. Too busy for me! Can you believe it?! Zhey surely have zheir work cut out for zhem."


Panic Attack
Oct 29, 2012

Float like a bulldozer
Trying to catch a butterfly

List retrieved... preparing response.exe. Generating responses... re- nah, just kidding. 'Sup?

1) What is your greatest dream in life?
Going heavy right out of the gate with this one, huh? Well, uh... honestly, I dunno. I guess if I had to pick something, it'd be nice to see a truce made between us and Eggman. The way I see it, there's gotta be some middle ground we can reach, or some kind of deal we can make; obviously, I'm not saying we let him continue on like he is now, but if he just chilled out and stopped acting so scrambled and worked with the world rather than against it, imagine what we could get done? Granted, I have... pff, absolutely NO idea if that's even possible, but a guy can dream, right?

2) What is your greatest fear?
Getting struck by lightning. I used to love storms! Now they're, uh, kinda a deathtrap, in that they'll turn my suit into one. A deathtrap, that is.

... Looking for something more philosophical than that, I take it? Ugh, I dunno. It's weird; two of the worst dreams I've ever had have been total opposites. In one, my suit suddenly closes up and I can't get it open again, no matter what I do. In the other, it breaks down, the core fizzles out, and I just collapse because I'm too used to living with it by that point.

Both of those are kinda scary thoughts. Not as scary as getting struck by lightning though! Or getting shot. Or punched in the face. Or getting involved in political discussions with people who care way too much. Or...

He continues on like this for a while.

3) Give me your thoughts on each of your companions.

... I want to like Pepper, but there's just something about him, y'know? Like, uh... lemme try to put it in words here. Is there a term for being humble yet arrogant at the same time? It's not even that I think he means it, but the guy just projects something akin to it. Eh, maybe it's just me. Well, nah, it's almost definitely just me. Plus I don't like the way he looks at me with pity in his eyes sometimes as if I need help. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM ALRIGHT!.. Uh, sorry about that.

I like Salt though! Sometimes. Usually, when he's, you know, over there, and not bothering me. It's funny when he inconveniences someone else, just not me. Also not funny when he touches buttons on my suit.

Lesse, uh... oh, Vlad. Yeah, I don't really know what to make of Vlad. I mean, past his fancy talking in that weirdo accent and all his 'refinement', I don't even think Vlad knows what to make of Vlad, y'know? I think he has the potential to be a pretty good guy, and... heck, I'd like to see him put his resources to good uses, right? If he ever regains access to them, anyway. That's about it, really. Uh... well, one other thing. He keeps staring at my helmet. Is it the eyes? It's the eyes, isn't it.
... Good, that's hilarious.

Who next, who - oh, Rush! Honestly? I like him! I, uh, don't think he likes -me-, but whatever. I've always kind of liked history. You see the occasional weird statue, or try and work out how some clearly unnatural terrain got made, and your mind starts to wander, right? So, someone who looks into that sort of thing, and with such gusto, is worthy of some respect, I think. Buuut that's just me. Mind you, not a fan of the way he puts distance between us whenever I start tinkering... I'm still learning, dude. Deal with it. That bit of shrapnel missed you by a mile anyway!

Claude. That guy. You, uh, can't miss him. I know who I'm using for cover when the Egg Robos start blasting!
Is what I wanna say, but even I have my limits, dude. He's just too nice. I don't have a bad thing to say about him. Granted, I don't really have any good things to say about him yet, other than the obvious; he's kind, his strength is handy to have around, and he just seems... decent, all around. No arrogance, no attitude, just a good guy.
I don't ever wanna see him get -mad-, though. I get the feeling that would be terrifying.

4) How do you feel about G.U.N., the Egg Army, and the Freedom Fighters?

G.U.N? I've heard of them, yeah. Ain't ever seen them actually -do- anything, though. Sure I don't exactly pay much attention to goings on, but still. I appreciate the need to defend yourself, but I feel like there's an arms race going on between them and Eggman, and it just keeps escalating...

Now... as for the Egg Army? It's not really a touchy subject. The simple fact is that yeah, 90% of the people in it don't wanna be. And for sure, we should help those people. At the same time, keep that in mind when you're fighting them! Go easy on your blows, don't aim for the head, that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, though. Some people are in the Egg army because that's where they wanna be, and most of those guys deserve a punch in the head or three. Just, uh, they also tend to be the most fanatic and weird about it, so... someone else can punch 'em in the head for me!

The Freedom Fighters? Yeah, I appreciate them. I mean, they busted me out, didn't they? Wish they hadn't messed up my suit so bad, though; took ages to get this far in repairs. Some of their more eco-warrior types get on my nerves, too. Not everything natural is great, y'know... Plus, some of their fresher members are a bit, uh, trigger happy. I keep the visor up for a reason, dude!

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