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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

The Delver
Location: The Tower
Created Aspects:
Fate Points: 0/3 | Boosts: - | Consequences: - | Stress: [] [] [] | Mana: 1.[][][][][] 2.[][][][][] 3.[][][][][x] 4.[][][][][] 5.[][][][][] 6.[][][][][] 7.[][][][][] 8.[][][][][] 9.[][][][][x] 10.[][][][][x] 11.[] 12.[] | Free Mana Points: 382

Hands over a strange eye encased in an orb of deep crimson, The Delver peered into the strange receptacle, eyes scanning the planet below, looking ever as always for the telltale signs of magic, to learn the secrets of these alien wizards. Who were they, what could they do? The Delver chuckled softly to himself as the truth revealed itself, like it always did.

Overcome with Void to discreetly scry the Wizards, using Omni-Wand. Difficulty 26
4dF+5: 4
Ticking a Mana Box 10, a Mana Box 9 and a Mana Box 3 for a +22, gaining +2 due to True Power of the Ancients,, making this roll a 28 and thus a Success


Sep 23, 2006


Shadow Moses

The wizards are concentrated on a single island to the north of the main continent, in a complex fortification guarded by golems. Each wizard appears to have a charm that serves some purpose, perhaps it stops the golems from attacking, or it allows them to communicate across vast distances, or maybe it even lets them draw mana from the sources scattered around the world. Unfortunately scrying is not detailed enough to determine which of these is true without being detected.

Instead of using their golems to patrol the grounds, they are instead spaced out where each has a clear sight line to at least two other golems, and they remain stationary for most of the day, moving only to clear snow from their bodies or if a wizard blocks their line of sight.

The wizards go about their duties without any discernable pattern or schedule, at any particular time a half dozen of the wizards will be off the island, consulting with mortals who appear to be leaders, most likely puppets. The other wizards, numbering 20 or so, spend their days in research or experimentation, heedless of events in the outside world. It appears there is a rotation of duties, as one of the off island wizards swapped places with an island wizard at one point.

Dec 10, 2013


Marquise Adeleine de la Neraille
FP: 0 Stress: [][][] Mana: 1[][][] 2[][][] 3[][][] 4[][][] 5[][][] 6[][][] Mana Capacitors 10[][][][][][][][][] 15[][][][][][][] 20 [][][][]Bonus Aspects: Ice-Winged Familiar (1 Free invocation), Defensive Drone (2 invocations) Boosts: Stolen Momentum, I Have Everything Under Control Pure Mana: 275

The Marquise was actually kind of tense as her Palanquin marched towards the gathering of wizards. This was her first contact with alien wizards; people that shared her vaster point of view of the world. She didn't attempt to hide her presence, nor did she resist casual scrying attempts (although if they tried to dig too deep for her tastes, she was ready to push back). She wanted to maek it clear that she didn't come to make war, but she was prepared for it.

When the palanquin was in front of the gathered wizards, the Marquise dramatically opened the curtains, to reveal her and her floating assistants. "Greetings, fellow mages. I am Marquise Adeleine de la Neraille. We have much to discuss."

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