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Dec 31, 2008

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. For I the LORD thy Sun God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of cosmic prestige upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.


Click Here Before Reading the Thread for the Authentic Experience

New tier list.

Adding pictures later.

Welcome to Marvel Future Fight! It's a phone game that plays like an actual in-depth ARPG-like.

General Info:

Hi. It's me.

So, you clicked on the thread. There's no turning back now. Sorry you're about to get sucked in to a game that is enjoyable and features over 90 playable characters with their own unique skills. It's kinda insane that this is a thing but it's working so far!

Marvel Future Fight is what I would call a Diablo/Marvel Ultimate Alliance-like game for your phone. While there isn't any true loot you equip, it's actually very close to what a traditional ARPG is that branches together the new 2016 stuff we've seen like challenge towers, maps, raids, etc.

The beauty of this game is that it is entirely free to play. Seriously, you don't have to spend a dime and you can max out plenty of characters. Got a love for Blade? You'll be able to max him out in your first few days of playing.

Netmarbu is the developer and they are incredibly generous in their rewards and gifts to players. We get free rank ups for character, free T2 tickets (an endgame upgrade), a daily log in chest to acquire new characters and much, much more.

I'll admit, it's kind of shocking because like most phone developers, these guys should suck. They should be money-grubbing and it should be painfully obvious but they don't portray that to the community. Yes, they're a business and they do plenty of things to make money but again, when I say this is free to play, it really is.

It's like this: If you love ARPGs, you'll enjoy this. If you love Marvel's universe, you'll love this. If you love to play casually, you will never feel behind. If you love a good grind, you'll be sunk in for the long haul.

Lastly, there really is something for everybody here. There's a story mode with over 100 levels. There's PVP. There's a really cool alliance/guild only battle mode that is arena-style and gives tons of rewards. There's endgame in solo big bosses like Thanos and his Black Order to test your characters skills. There's even a new challenge tower mode where even our veterans are still trying to plug away at to get to Level 25.

Ok and super lastly, Netmarbu had a cute little monster that we will miss, pour one out for a fallen homie. We thought this was the end of days and we would all have to quit. But we have forgiven them for their sins and appreciate their honesty and endless dedication to this game. Again: 90+ characters from A-listers to actual, true F-list characters that many fans have never even heard of. Waifus galore in Nico, Elsa Bloodstone and Daisy. Husbandos like Star-Lord if you are Clawtopsy and your love is very pure. Also, when Netmarbu says a patch will drop on X date at X time, it really drops at that exact time. That's appreciated.

OK, I've said my peace. Now onto the goods:

Tips for new players:

Step 1: Max out Sharon Rogers immediately. She will carry you through the entire game. No ands, ifs or buts about it. Get her to 6* and then focus on your fave chars.

The rest you can max out however you like! Do your favorites. It's all good!

Join an alliance: we have 7. Just post your name here after you apply to one of our guilds:
Marble Hebrons, Doctor Goons, Goonlactus, Worst Alliance, BOLTAGOONS, Waifu Squad, Buster Highmen

Do your daily achievements: you earn energy to do more content and earn crystals to buy stuff in the store!

Add friends. Add whoever. Add Goons. Get 50. You earn points for sending assemble points for them. This helps you buy more energy for free!

Buy the Stark Stash. $3.99 per month. That's all.
Got expendable cash? Buy the $9.99 monthly Biometric stash. It's free bios every day to level up your characters.

How to Play:

Here's some things to note:


Energy: This is how you do content in the game. Story Mode, Dimension Rifts, etc all take Energy to play. Many things don't require energy at all.

Crystals: How you buy things. Go to the store and see what you like. Costumes and Bio Packs are nice. Even their weekly tiered specials are good. That's really it.

Gold: Easily the time sink in this game. Everything costs Gold. You'll acquire ton of it but it will never be enough. Spend wisely.

Assemble Points: Send these to friends and use these on ENERGY.

Team: your characters you have. You level them up in content and raise their rank with biometrics. You can acquire biometrics many ways. Look at your characters to see how.

Lab: Item Shop to buy things you want more of (you can get most of this free by playing but may want to spend gold. Go through it and figure this out yourself. Pretty self explanatory. Collect anti-matter.

Alliance: Join one. You get rewards and we are all very active. Seriously, there's probably 150+ of us who log in daily and play daily. Many of us are from other Marvel games but I gotta admit, we have a very friendly community here. I haven't once seen poo poo go down and we will keep it that way.

Inventory: Manage all your crap you acquire here. You acquire cards in Dimension Rifts, ISO in Daily Missions, Norn Stones by playing the game itself, etc. You can sell most of your 1* ISO, Cards, etc.

Cards: This is when things get meta. Cards offer additional stats for your entire roster. If you're looking for a solid 5 to go after, they are: Marvel Zombies #2, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Marvel Zombies #2 Variant, Thors, 1872 Shaner Variant. This has a lot of Skill Cooldown and Dodge and some great attack bonuses too. There are lots of great ideas for card combinations, but know there's some winners here. Don't equip cards until you are ready! The number next to the card represents it's quality. 1-7 is how they go with 6 being the highest (7 is made with RNG combinations and it's super rare). Other cards that rock consist of anything that adds to your attack. Use cards to supplement stats that you are low on.

Achievements: Self-explanatory.

Mission: This is where you get to your Story Mode, Villain Siege and more. Go through and see the multiple different ways to play!
- Story Mode: Go through 12 chapters and dominate.
- Villain Siege: Go through and get bios for Kate Bishop and others. Use the tokens on awesome chars like Elsa Bloodstone and Akuma (Lash).
- Special Missions: Farm 10 chars here. Lots of fun ones here like Moon Girl and Crystal, for instance.
- World Boss: Think of this as a solo raid. These are crucial and what a new player will strive to be able to do 5 times per day. You'll get there. Awesome WB chars are Sharon Rogers, Loki, Gwenpool, Kate Bishop, Dr. Strange, Medusa and many, many more. The combos are endless--we all have our Fab 5.
- Daily Missions: Do them daily! It takes a minute tops to do it twice.

Arena: More modes to play! PVP, Challenge Tower (Shadowlands) and more are here!
- Timeline Battle: PvP. Take 3 chars in and crush it. It can get a bit redundant, but it's good to farm. You get crystals at the end depending on how you finish each week.
- Shadowlands: Love this mode. It's a 25 level challenge tower that gets progressively harder as you go. It'll require about 25+ chars to get through as well. Think of this as part of endgame.
- World Boss Invasion: 3 person "raid". Great way to farm bios for your chars and gold. Do it ONCE per week and get the Bonus and you'll receive 7 days worth of rewards. Seriously, at least do it once and get the Bonus Reward.
- Alliance Conquest: Risk, the Marvel Game. Think Risk...each area is dominated by a rival guild and it's your job to conquer it. Anybody can do this, but endgame players thrive here, I'd say. Definitely do this.
- Alliance Battle: Farm gold, bios and more for the battle. Takes about 3 minutes to do and helps your alliance earn rewards!
- Battleworld: PvP. 5v5 domination. Gets fun when you're crushing it.

Your characters:

This is where you sink in to really develop your teams and characters. For instance: I am a MODOK guy. He is family. He is the best character in the world and he is my widdle baby dumpling, yes he is *scratches his chin*.

But I'll be honest. He isn't good in this game. But my love is pure so I max him out.

Here's some things you do: When you click on your character, you'll see his damage type and much, much more.

Character Development

Characters have 5 skills they can max out and a passive. As they level and acquire more skill ranks (this is their star level), they become stronger and you can increase these items. For characters you love, you want to do this. When you see their stats, you'll notice you can reroll their Slot 1-4 gear items and their Slot 5 can have something called an Obelisk. Think of Obelisks as gems you equip in Diablo or modifiers for your character's stat sheet.
Roll them an ISO set. Don't do this for everybody because it's a gold sink. Do this for characters you love though. These are basically your "Runewords" from Diablo. I Am Also Groot owns, Overdrive and Hawk's Eye are too. Most people go for a healing set or a damage set here.
Ranks and Mastery: This is where you start sperging out and you're gonna love it. Oh man, there's nothing quite like being so autism that you max out a character to 6 stars, which takes 630 bios. Let's talk.
a. Rank Up: The Star Level. Get it to 6* on your faves. Costs gold each time. It's 10 for 1 star, 20 for 2, 40 for 3, 80 for 4, 160 for 5, 320 for 6. 630 bios total! Once you get that 4 star, you're well on your way and you'll even start to feel the difference in power starting at 3. I always believed the star jump from 4 to 5 felt massive as a new player.
b. Mastery: Red Stars. This is where you bump up your stats even more. It costs Norn Stones to do this. Do this again for your mains or characters you love. It's main purpose if for Leadership. A leader is your first character you slot on your team and gives the team an entire bonus. Want 45% Energy Damage bonus for your whole team? 6* mastery Star-Lord then.
c. Gear: We discussed this already.
d. Skill: Big. Forkin. Deal. As you acquire stars, you unlock more powers. Man it rocks. Some characters have amazing skills early. Some have garbage. Angela is a great example. Her skills leading up to 5 are kinda meh. Her 6 star skill is amazingly good though. Loki is another one like this too. His 5-star game vs. 6-star game is night and day. 6-star Loki is top tier. 5-star Loki is bottom. Kinda crazy. Level up your skills here though. Higher your skills, the more damage these cooldown powers do. Note: you don't have to max out all skills. Loki technically only needs his shield and illusions maxed. The rest can stay at Level 1. Also, more stars ya get, the better your Leadership skill is. Those skills affect your ENTIRE party. Pay attention to that when pairing characters. It's why Throot owns so much.
e. ISO-8: Discussed.
f. Uniform: Change the uniform here. Angela for instance, has a Secret Wars costume to make her even more va va voom, darling. It also increases all her stats 10%. Switch here.

5) Preview Skill: This rocks. You can actually test any character in the game! Go here, go to the training room and see what a 6-star is like. Like what you see? Now you know who you may want to main or max! Very cool feature. Details are just more stats on your character and 3 Person thing shows every character she synergizes with.
a. Those synergies are very important. When pairing a main, this determines your supporting cast for maximum efficiency. You can play however you want, but if you want to max your team, you’ll pay attention to this. Extra stats come with the right team. You may hear us refer to Team Pym here because of how well they sync up.
b. Zoom in. HELL YEAH, you know exactly what to do here bros. Get it how you live!

The Content:

This is where the game shines. There is a ton to do with more coming.

20) Mission/Arena: This is where you play the game! Here's what we got:
a. Story: The main component of the game. Go through the levels and dominate. Keep your characters alive and 3 star your missions. The higher your stars, the more XP you get. You can 1 star if you want to go to the next mission, but try to 3-star. Having trouble? Farm a level over and over to level up and then overlevel the story area. Rocks. Maps are usually about 1 minute to complete, so this is very fast stuff. It makes for a fun, quick game that you can pick-up and play at any time.
b. Daily: A great way to level. Simple daily missions you can run 10 times a daily. They can be done in as quick as 30 seconds. Simple two room clears with static level enemies.
c. Special: 5 levels to farm with 5 unique chars. Want to farm ultra obscure marvel character White Tiger? Do it here. You get a 30 minute timer daily to run this as much as you want.
D. Villain Siege: Boss Rush mode. It's pretty cool. And man, it gets really tough as you level up. Gold is also farmed here and bios and rare materials! Do these daily. The caveat to this mode is that you can only use a character once a day. So if you use your top character who is lvl 40 on the level 15 boss, you're an idiot. Thanks.
E. World Boss: This is a slightly newer mode in the past few months. This is some endgame stuff right here. You get to take in your 3 characters and 5 assists aka Strikers into battle against The Black Order. Thanos, Ebony Maw, Supergiant etc. This is where you farm Black Antimatter and Chaos Norn Stones to ASCEND characters to Tier-2. When you T2 a character, you are essentially maxing them out completely. They get a mega buff and a new Tier-2 Passive which is game-changing. It's a hefty price but if you have a favorite character, T2 that guy/gal. This is like a mini-raid and it’s pretty awesome.


Arena offers you your Timeline Battle (PvP), Team Up Play (play with friends, acquire amazing items, Battleworld (PvP, acquire rare bios and more) and Alliance Battle (which you can also access in your Alliance.

Timeline Battle: 3v3 PVP. Lets you spend Honor Tokens on other characters and items.
Battleworld: 5v5 PVP. Has an AI version and a live version to play against others. It's an arena style PVP.
Alliance Battle: Join an alliance and do what is essentially Horde Mode. It's a blast and has mega rewards.
Shadowlands: This is brand new. It's a Challenge Tower to acquire bios, gold, debris and much, much more. It's the ultimate endgame right now and is very tough. You'll work your way to completing this over time.
Co-Op: Owns so hard now. You can actually use clear tickets to have the game win this stuff for you. You fight random bosses with 2 other players live. Do the most damage and win better awards quicker.
Not shown here are Dimension Rifts: These have unique crafting materials called Dimension Debris that help you rank past RANK 9 on your gear. You will need a bunch of these so do them during Hot Time (this is the 3 hours in the morning and evening where content costs less energy and rewards are higher. This is from 9AM-NOON EST and 9PM-MIDNIGHT EST every single day.)

The Store: The store and uniforms are things you can spend your crystals on. If you want to whale, go right ahead. It's a great idea because game is cool and good. If you don't want to whale, that's OK. You can remain at Popcorn Shrimp status for as long as you want. Us Keikos and Belugas will hold the fort down for now.

Journey Growth:

Ask the thread what to do here.


HERE IS THE DIFFICULTY LEVEL ATTACHED TO FARMING AND ACQUIRING CHARACTERS, courtesy of butthead C. Everett Coop, man, husband, leader of free world:

Easy to acquire (bios can easily be grinded, no need to use any chests/rewards on them)
Combat - Captain America, Blade, Doctor Octopus, Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Venom, Kingpin, Bullseye, Sif, Deathlok, Ulik, Volstagg, Hogun
Blast - Iron Man, Red Skull, MODOK, War Machine, Vision, Daisy Johnson, Lincoln Campbell, Phil Coulson
Speed - Black Widow, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Green Goblin, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Agent 13, Elektra, Fandral
Universal - Ghost Rider, Ultron

Slightly difficult to acquire (bios can still be grinded but in limited quantities daily)
Combat - Black Panther, Groot, Nebula, Drax, Giant-Man, Warwolf, White Tiger, Hulkling, Gorgon, Beast
Blast - Malekith, Wasp, Yellowjacket, Lash, Wiccan, Songbird, Baron Mordo, Kaecilius, Ancient One, Crystal, Moon Girl, Maximus, Cyclops, Storm
Speed - Ant-Man, Gamora, Yondu, Elsa Bloodstone, Squirrel Girl, Wong, Kate Bishop, Karnak, Rouge
Universal - Thor, Loki, Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, Ronan, Black Order (Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive, Super Giant, Ebony Maw, Thanos), Satana, Hellstorm, Hela

Hard to acquire (only available through chests or through dimension shifters beyond your control)
Combat - Hulk, Hulkbuster, Red Hulk, Jessica Jones, Amadeous Cho, Ms. Marvel, Crossbones, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi
Blast - Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Sharon Rogers, Inferno, Mantis, Whiplash
Speed - Black Cat, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Sin, Gwenpool, Misty Knight, Hellcat
Universal - Destroyer, Angela, Jane Foster, Medusa, Robbie Reyes

Gimmicky Bullshit (either paywalled, only available after jumping through hoops, or under very limited circumstances)
Combat - She-Hulk, Carnage, Agent Venom, Wolverine
Blast - Sister Grimm, Enchantress, Ironheart, Dr. Strange, Jean Grey, Magneto
Speed - Kid Kaiju
Universal - Singularity, Hyperion, Clea, Odin, Dormammu

The Characters: This is everybody that is playable in this game. Look at all this!

Absorbing Man

Agent Venom

Ancient One




Baron Mordo

Black Bolt

Black Cat

Black Dwarf

Black Panther

Black Widow




Captain America

Captain America (Sharon Rogers)

Captain Marvel


Corvus Glaive


Daisy Johnson

Damien Hellstrom




Doctor Octopus


Dr. Strange

Ebony Maw


Elsa Bloodstone





Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)


Green Goblin




Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)





Hulk (Amadeus Cho)



Iron Fist

Iron Man

Iron Man Mark 44 (Hulkbuster)


Jessica Jones


Kid Kaiju



Lincoln Campbell


Lucas Cage





Misty Knight


Moon Knight

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)



Phil Coulson

Proxima Midnight



Red Hulk

Red Skull

Rocket Raccoon



Scarlet Witch


Sharon Carter






Sister Grimm




Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Spider-Man 2099

Squirrel Girl





Thor (Jane Foster)







War Machine




White Tiger


Winter Soldier




Racist Characters: If you self-identify with these, you're racist or oppressed depending on how you look at it, but luckily, these are super cool characters:



Jean Grey





Great Resources:

Get your cards information here:

List of striker bonuses for WB(and whether they trigger when hit or when attacking)

How many materials you need to max out Black Order characters.

List of comic cards and their possible rolls. for Strikers and their bonusii

Here are the stat caps, because I can never remember them:

Dodge rate 75%
Critical rate 75%
Critical damage 200%
Attack speed 130%
Movement speed 130%
Crowd control time decrease 75%
Skill CD time decrease 50%
Elemental damage resist 200%
Recovery rate 250%
Def penetration 50%

But since the gear gives you increases in numbers, not percentages, if you want more detail you have to crunch some numbers:

This is never a fun answer, but it's character-dependent. E.g. recovery does nothing for a character who doesn't have some innate form of healing or a heal set (limited by the fact that heal sets aren't worth rolling for in most cases, but that's another discussion).

Popular static rolls:

- Defense Penetration
- Recovery Rate
- Crit Rate/Dmg
- Dodge (e.g. Spiders)
- Ignore Dodge
- Elemental damage % (Ghostrider, Thors, etc.)

Then you need the activated roll to not be poo poo; again choose based on the character, i.e. do you value surviveability or damage?

The only activated effects that matter:

- Damage increased by % on proc
- Invincibility on %HP proc

The roll in the middle being good is just gravy, ideally it will be one of the stats in the first list

Honorable Mentions: Get your Nazi/Satan team ready for battle. Trust me, it's a good idea to utilize your top superheroes.

We also have a fantastic community here that makes it incredibly fun to chat about the game, Marvel and crack some jokes. Clawtopsy, I am almost 100% sure at this point, is Star-Lord irl and Greywords is Rocket Racon irl. I'm onto both of you.

If you're a returning player or new player, stay awhile and glisten. Game is constantly evolving and Mr. Netmarbu's patch game has been on fleek lately. Get it how you live, BABAY!!!!

Lastly, I have a lot more to add to this but for the sake of getting this new OP up in time, enjoy! We join Channel 859 on patch days (once a month) to talk about the new features when they launch. See you all in game!

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Saint Freak
Apr 15, 2007

I died on fleek, and so am cursed to roam the Earth forever, eternally on fleek...


A game tarnished by mutants

Poops Mcgoots
Jul 12, 2010

Lipstick Apathy

Posting while I wait for this whale game to come back online.

Jul 7, 2006

Can't wait to see the bio average from these "Epic Missions," think it's just like the Dr. Strange missions?



Aug 25, 2004

2015 NFL MVP


The Dave
Sep 9, 2003

P excited for those costumes

Dec 16, 2005

Ramadu posted:



Dec 31, 2008

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. For I the LORD thy Sun God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of cosmic prestige upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

The new patch will be up in a few hours. We will be playing with the X-Men. If you are a mutant, well...we need to talk.

If you believe strongly in the politics of mutant rights, well, maybe you have an affinity for magnets. Maybe you really like to play with magnets, stack them up a bit...shout phrases at your parents like Welcome to Die.

If you believe strongly in the politics of human rights, well lol at you have you been outside lately?

X-Men are here. Snap yo fingers around the world, gurlz!

Also, returning players, welcome back! New players, ask lots of questions. We're here to help.

C. Everett Koop
Aug 18, 2008

by Smythe


Sea Lily
Aug 5, 2007

Everything changes, Pit.
Even gods.

Sep 8, 2005

There's nothing refreshing like a sauna!

Reserved first page post for dontbelievehislies.jpg

Tom Gorman
Apr 30, 2004

Out here, everything hurts


Sea Lily
Aug 5, 2007

Everything changes, Pit.
Even gods.

fart simpson
Jul 2, 2005

Lipstick Apathy


Aug 25, 2004

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Oct 14, 2012

Canned Ferret


Schneider Heim
Oct 17, 2012


I am excited for native T2 Jean, I hope she is Strange-tier in terms of power, she has been shat on in the comics for long enough.



Tiny Chalupa
Feb 14, 2012

punchymcpunch posted:



C. Everett Koop
Aug 18, 2008

by Smythe

Schneider Heim posted:



Stunt Rock
Jul 28, 2002


Except in the game it's the opposite.

My Gimmick Name
Sep 11, 2004
So this is where I put the funny, right?

Do we have the price yet for the whalenito bundle?

Oct 23, 2002

This is a good phone game, play it.

a tea tree
Dec 20, 2006

Kirby began to wonder if he shouldn't have just eaten the Nemesis, instead.


X-MEN ARE HERE! 6-7-17! Get ready for 7 new characters, 2 new uniforms, and a massive load of new content WOOHOO!

This is a load I'm more than ready for.

Jul 17, 2009

And how do we do that? We hurt a lot of people...

Information from the Future!!!

Materials Needed for Research:

1100 Dimension Debris

1100 Norn Stone of Strength

800 Norn Stone of Chaos

5 Rank 4 Black Anti-Matter

3 Rank 6 Black Anti-Matter

1000 M'kraan Shard

1000 M'kraan Crystal

1000 Phoenix Feather

Parenthesis are deluxe rewards.

Epic Quest Steps:

Quest 1: Hero's Rage

[STORY MISSION] Clear 2 stages.

Rewards Wolverine Level 10 (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 2: Familiar Enemy

[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #1 - 100x Dimension Debris.

Rewards Wolverine Level 15 (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 3: Enemy Territory

[DAILY MISSION] Clear 1 Stage.

Rewards Wolverine Level 20 (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 4: Royal Consent

[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Homecoming Once.

Rewards 200,000 gold (300,000 gold)

Quest 5: Inhuman Alliance

[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #2 - 100x Norns of Strength.

Rewards Wolverine 2* Rank Up (150 crystals)

Quest 6: Going Rogue

[TRACKING] Clear Going Rogue once. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 10 Rogue X-Genes (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 7: First Aid

Rank Up Rogue to 3*.

Rewards 50 Energy (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 8: Pursuing Maximus

[VILLAIN SIEGE] Clear a stage.

Rewards 200,000 gold (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 9: Endless Pursuit

[STORY MISSION]Clear 3 stages.

Rewards Wolverine 1* Mastery (300,000 gold)

Quest 10: Friends and Enemies

[TRACKING] Clear Friends and Enemies once. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 200 Dimension Debris (150 Crystals)

Quest 11: Doctoral Research

[RESEARCH] Research Regeneration Device #1 - 1000x Dimension Debris.

Rewards 10x Beast X-Genes (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 12: Healed Beast

Rank up Beast to 3*.

Rewards 200,000 gold (40x M'Kraan Shard)

Quest 13: Lost Traces

[DIMENSION RIFT]Clear a stage once.

Rewards 200x Norn Stone of Strength (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 14: Request for Help

[RESEARCH]Research Mind Resistance Device #1 - 1000x Norn Stone of Strength.

Rewards 50x Energy (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 15: Fly in Style

[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 stages.

Rewards 200,000 gold (150 crystals)

Quest 16: Noises of the Jungle

[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Jungle Boogie once.

Rewards Dimension Chest: ISO-8 6* (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 17: Audience with the King

[TIMELINE BATTLE] Participate 3 times.

Rewards Wolverine Level 25 (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 18: Raging Storm

[TRACKING] Clear Weathering the Storm once. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 200,000 gold (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 19: Nature's Wrath

[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 stages.

Rewards Wolverine 3* Rank Up (300,000 gold)

Quest 20: Urgent Rescue

[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 stages.

Rewards Wolverine 2* Mastery (150 crystals)

Quest 21: Ancient Magic

[ISO-8] Enhance once.

Rewards 10x Storm X-Genes (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 22: Hoping for a Recovery

Rank up Storm to 3*.

Rewards 20x Storm X-Genes (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 23: City of the Dead

[TRACKING] Clear Weathering the Storm 2 times. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 100x Chaos Norns (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 24: Book of Reapers

[RESEARCH] Research Book of Reapers #1 - 800 Chaos Norns.

Rewards Wolverine Level 30 (300,000 gold)

Quest 25: Dancing Spirits

[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear 3 stages.

Rewards 20x Storm X-Genes (150 crystals)

Quest 26: Self-Sacrifice

Rank up Storm to 5*.

Rewards 200,000 gold (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 27: After the Storm

[VILLAIN SIEGE] Clear 2 stages.

Rewards Wolverine Level 35 (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 28: The Search of Wakanda

[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Jungle Boogie once.

Rewards Wolverine 4* Rank Up (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 29: Magneto's Revenge

[TRACKING] Clear Friends and Enemies 2 times. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 20x Rogue X-Genes (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 30: An Unfavorable Situation

Rank up Rogue to 5*.

Rewards 200x R1 BAM (150 crystals)

Quest 31: An Unexpected Development

[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #3 - 5x Rank 4 BAM.

Rewards Wolverine 3* Mastery (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 32: King's Advice

[DIMENSION RIFT] Clear 3 stages.

Rewards Wolverine Level 40 (300,000 gold)

Quest 33: Stolen Vibranium

[TIMELINE BATTLE] Win 3 times.

Rewards 200,000 gold (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 34: Semimetal

[STORY MISSION] Clear 5 stages.

Rewards Wolverine Level 45 (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 35: The Sub-Zero Search

[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 stages.

Rewards Dimension Chest: ISO-8 6* (150 crystals)

Quest 36: Blindsided!

[TRACKING] Clear Blindsided! once.

Rewards 10x Cyclops X-Genes (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 37: Fallen Summers

Rank up Cyclops to 3*.

Rewards 200,000 gold (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 38: The Difficult Search

[VILLAIN SIEGE] Clear 2 stages.

Rewards Wolverine 5* Rank Up (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 39: Heading to Attilan

[STORY MISSION] Clear 5 stages.

Rewards Wolverine 4* Mastery (300,000 gold)

Quest 40: Problem Solved

[TRACKING] Clear Friends and Enemies 3 times. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 200x M'kraan Shard (150 crystals)

Quest 41: Beginning the Research

[RESEARCH] Research Mental Resistance #2 - 1000x M'kraan Shard.

Rewards 20x Beast X-Genes (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 42: Burning Desire for Knowledge

Rank up Beast to 5*.

Rewards 200,000 gold (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 43: Homeward

[TRACKING] Clear Going Rogue 3 times. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards Wolverine Level 50 (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 44: Mansion Mayhem

[TRACKING] Clear Weathering the Storm 3 times. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 20x Cyclops X-Genes (40x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 45: The Road to School

Rank up Cyclops to 5*.

Rewards 200x R1 BAM (150 crystals)

Quest 46: Mental Anguish

[RESEARCH] Research Cerebro #1 - 3x R6 BAM

Rewards Wolverine Level 55 (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 47: Final Location

[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 stages.

Rewards Dimension Chest: ISO-8 6* (400,000 gold)

Quest 48: Searching for Terrigen

[TRACKING] Clear Blindsided! 2 times.

Rewards Wolverine 5* Mastery (50x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 49: Magneto's Might

[VEILED SECRET] Clear Magneto's Might once. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 100x M'kraan Crystal

Quest 50: Cannot Target

[RESEARCH] Research Mental Resistance #3 - 1000x M'kraan Crystal.

Rewards Wolverine 6* Rank Up (50x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 51: Grey's Problem

[VEILED SECRET] Clear Magneto's Might once. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 100x Phoenix Feather (20x Magneto X-Genes)

Quest 52: Weakened

[RESEARCH] Research Regeneration Device #2 - 1000x Phoenix Feather.

Rewards Wolverine 6* Mastery (400,000 gold)

Quest 53: Phoenix Rising

[VEILED SECRET] Clear Rise of the Phoenix once. Wolverine must be used.

Rewards 100x Clear Ticket (50x M'kraan Shard)

Quest 54: The Phoenix's Warning

[EPIC QUEST] All Stories Complete.

Rewards Wolverine Level 60 (400,000 gold)

Vodos fucked around with this message at Jun 7, 2017 around 08:37

Oct 14, 2012

Canned Ferret

Stunt Rock posted:

Except in the game it's the opposite.

fake news i dont think punchclops has any fist punches in this game does he? just eye punches

fart simpson
Jul 2, 2005

Lipstick Apathy

When does maintenance end

Dec 16, 2005

fart simpson posted:

When does maintenance end

Think we got just under 3 more hours. 11pm PDT

Dec 31, 2008

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. For I the LORD thy Sun God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of cosmic prestige upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

Good lord so 1pm CT, the lords time zone. Yikes.

Stunt Rock
Jul 28, 2002



Good lord so 1pm CT, the lords time zone. Yikes.

1 a.m. my man.

Dec 31, 2008

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. For I the LORD thy Sun God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of cosmic prestige upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

That's what I meant. 1pm 1am same thing!

fart simpson
Jul 2, 2005

Lipstick Apathy

Sounds like it will be done at 2pm.

Nov 9, 2004


Will not stand for this Korean War on Hot Time though. How dare they.

Sea Lily
Aug 5, 2007

Everything changes, Pit.
Even gods.

Hot Times With Mutants

Tiny Chalupa
Feb 14, 2012

Ugh drat needing sleep before another long day at work tomorrow. Looks like I'll miss when it first goes live
Gonna whale tomorrow though. Got costumes and magneto to get

Dec 17, 2009

Whassup! My homies!
Vive la France!


Clawtopsy fucked around with this message at Jun 7, 2017 around 04:12

Dec 17, 2009

Whassup! My homies!
Vive la France!

Clawtopsy posted:

HOT TAKES: how many crystals to unlock the magneto quest?

its like guessing a jar of jellybeans, closest gets a new avatar

entries must be received prior to official reveal, or severs going live, whichever comes first.

WIN BIG!!!!!!

I Love Loosies posted:


phosdex posted:

2000 to unlock with 20 mins of time. 250 for each additional 20.

MarcusSA posted:

2200 for sure.

Tiny Chalupa posted:


puncymcpunch posted:


wait i mean 4200 + 69

Starrett posted:

3600 crystals for magneto

Datasmurf posted:

1337 crystals.

Saint Freak posted:

1963 crystals recurring monthly and if you ever drop sub it removes him from your roster.

Vodos posted:

2600 crystals is my guess.

fart simpson posted:

69,420 crystals

Tom Gorman posted:


Mr. Maggy posted:

666 crystals, the number of the Beast

My Gimmick Name posted:

You get 1500 back so I'm putting it at 3601 crystals.

thechalkoutline posted:

I'm going to guess 3,300 if that's not taken

C. Everett Coop posted:


BGrifter posted:

2750 crystals for the Magneto pack. I'm guessing they'll tie it to a crystal pack size and the $69.99 CAD pack seems more likely than the 1750/$39.99 CAD pack.

Primpod posted:

1488 crystals for the holocaust survivor seems appropriate.

Dec 31, 2008

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. For I the LORD thy Sun God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of cosmic prestige upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

I'll guess 800!

Jul 17, 2006

Winner of the 'How Badly Will A Phone Game Milk Us Idiot Cash Cows?' Contest!

Answer: About $70USD for a bad character that unlocks the grind for another.

extra letters: star-lord star-lord star-lord star-lord star-lord star-lord star-lord star-l

I'll sneak in with a guess of 4400.

Jan 19, 2009

Carpe Noctem

drat it, is it still under maintenance? I could've slept longer


Sep 11, 2006

just as I was about to quit this game...netmarbu!!!!!

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