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Apr 25, 2004

Iím excited! I made an offer that the seller accepted for this beauty:

ohhh nice, it has garages too.


My home inspection is Saturday, Iíll take some more photos then. The garage looks like a grow house - the walls and ceilings are covered with foil faced insulation. Iím hoping itís structurally sound underneath. The roof is rubber and has some sagging areas that collect ponding water. Good news is the wiring is new, it has itís own electrical service from the street, the (electric!) garage doors are new and hot & cold PEX run along the back wall for 3 future sink hookups. I forgot which ones are double bays and which ones are singles but every demising wall has pass doors between them with hasps for padlocks. Iíll probably keep a double and rent the rest for storage until I can complete my water cooled VW collection, haha!

I also saw some old Verizon networking equipment in bay #1. Looked it up after the showing and they offer gigabit FIOS!


Apr 25, 2004

sharkytm posted:

Good luck on the inspection! Once this poo poo blows over, I'll be over to help out.
Friends with pickup trucks

Charles posted:

You get all six garages for yourself? That's...awesome. And weird setup, but can't complain
Edit: you will need 2 3-button remotes!
You know what, I just remembered the realtor opening it up. Bay #1 is manual and 2-5 are electric. The paperwork said that there are remotes though.

Tremek posted:

That garage is amazing for being in a pretty urban area, congrats dude.
This is going to be my first time living the city life! I've been spoiled with country living, with relatives on either side of me for the past nine years.

LloydDobler posted:

That's insane, I'm super jealous. Are they roomy inside or fairly tight with a car in there? Might want to keep 3 for yourself, like a double for the car being worked on and a single for the runner. I guess I'm assuming you already have 2 cars.
I want to end up with my '88 Cabriolet, '92 GTI and '18 GTI as permanent fixtures. I've got two MK3 Jetta VR6's that I might have there for the summer but they're getting sold and parted out by fall, most likely.

Seat Safety Switch posted:

Only six garages? Check your zoning to see if you can put in a Japanese-style puzzle parking arrangement. It looks like you've got some height available for that.
If I get some $ saved I really want to redo the roof with new membrane and build a deck on top. The previous owner built a small landing out the back door and I'd just continue that with some steps up to the garage roof deck. Maybe dress it up with a trellis and a classy looking privacy wall on 2 or 3 sides.

slidebite posted:

That looks awesome man, let us know how the inspection goes.

Do you have a back yard or is is your tiny garage taking up almost all of it?
From Google maps it looks to be about 50/50 ahaha

Wrar posted:

Garage owns. 6 bays, hell yeah. How deep does it go?
see ^

Apr 25, 2004

taqueso posted:

Are there dinosaur fossils on your roof?

The structure itself is sagging a little bit or the insulation underneath the rubber membrane is compressed. Roof top bird baths!

Apr 25, 2004

NitroSpazzz posted:

24' deep too... that's drat near a 12 car garage. Nice find
The spaces are tiny. I wouldnít want to work on anything in a single bay if I could help it

sharkytm posted:

You realize this is your first post in like 4 years, right? Ya bum.
I havenít had anything good to post

Home inspection went okay, found a couple issues that theyíre willing to fix. Thereís an abandoned oil tank buried in the side yard that theyíre going to have removed and the upstairs heat doesnít circulate.

The garage needs some of the overhead receptacles for the garage door openers finished. The wires are run, they just have blank covers right now. The meter has no glass cover, or lock - and most importantly it doesnít spin

Networking gear in bay #1

PVC pipe runs underground to the basement of the house. Should be able to snake some cat5e through, and itís only 15 feet max. The shutoff for the PEX is before the washer hookup in the basement so Iíll probably add two more shutoffs so I can winterize the garage and still do laundry.

Bay #2

Looking from bay #2 into bay #1

Bay #3/4

The panel in bay #5/6

~just things~

Apr 25, 2004

thek: holy smokes, nice setup!

Crunchy whatís the ď50Ē grille badge?

Iíve been packing up my junk and finally got access to the garages today. Should be in the house Friday night. You can see the new service mast up on the right corner of the roof but Iím still waiting on the garage meter to get the cut in half water jug replaced with a glass cover by National Grid.

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