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Jul 26, 2012

"Tiger tiger doing what?"


Hello folks. I'm angling to start a regular weekly game session running Unbound for 3-5 players. Unbound is a card-based game where the players make up the setting as they go, so I don't have a gleaming game pitch to lure you in with -- just the absurdly pretty art.

The idea is to play a 4-6 session adventure in the setting, then deal with the fallout from that and play a new set of characters in a new 4-6 session adventure in the same setting, then do that a couple more times until you've got a linked series of stories exploring your setting and hopefully describing some greater arc within it. The twist is that each set of characters has a different core -- one group might be devout members of a church, the next soldiers, the third a crew doing cool crimes, and so on.

Gameplay-wise Unbound is squarely in the action-adventure camp, with detailed combat resolution systems based on your character's role (i.e. class) and a slightly looser 'dramatic scene' system that runs kind of like D&D 4e's skill challenges but hopefully with less janky maths.

The system is simple enough that I'm 100% okay with teaching new players. If it sounds interesting, don't let umfamiliarity stand in your way.

The Plan
  • We'll use roll20 to play the game. I've barely used it before so I'll be learning as I go, but it does support custom decks of cards and that's the key thing.
  • I'm thinking voice rather than text. Webcam optional since I sympathise with people who hate showing their face online.
  • I'm looking to run from 8 pm to midnight UK time on a week night. Maybe 8-11 if midnight is too late to stay up, but I can't start any earlier than that. This is my favourite time zone calculator in case you want to check what time that is local to you.
  • Once I've got enough players and a week night when everyone's free we can either set aside a session to do setting and chargen or try and get the lion's share done in-thread.

And that's all I've got. If you're interested post availability below and we'll see if we can get a critical mass of people together.


Fathis Munk
Feb 23, 2013

??? ?

Intriguing, I'll definitely look into the system.

Mar 15, 2008

Look at that post.

Is the week night part definite? I'm intrigued but there's no way I could do a week night.

Dec 10, 2013


I would very much be open to a weekly night. There are too many loose-feeling PBP games in these forum, and I'd welcome an Europe-based attempt at making something new.
Just as a warning, I'm not familiar with this game, so I'd have to ask you to teach me.

Jul 26, 2012

"Tiger tiger doing what?"

Radio! posted:

Is the week night part definite? I'm intrigued but there's no way I could do a week night.

I'm afraid it is -- my weekends tend to be crazy busy, so weeknights are when I'm free to game.

paradoxGentleman posted:

Just as a warning, I'm not familiar with this game, so I'd have to ask you to teach me.

That would be fine -- the basic system is 'player and GM draw a card, high card wins, aces low', with some extra complexity for skills and things that we can cover as they come up. Combat is a little more involved but, again, it's all stuff that we can cover as it comes up.

This is less interest than I was hoping for, though, so I'll hit up some other people I know who might be interested. Watch this space.

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