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May 7, 2008

feat. vitamin sex-c

the flintstones was a very long running american anime that was very popular. what people may not realize though is that long running popularity was due to the great gazoo showing up. similarly, jojo's bizarre adventure only really hits its stride once stands are introduced. but is the addition of a new, alien mechanic increasing the popularity of these stories their only similarity? or are they within the same universe. i argue that jojo's bizarre adventure is a successor to the flintstones, the great gazoo is actually a stand, and that the green baby in part 6 was the great gazoo resurrected

first off, i believe the great gazoo's ship is the origin of the stand arrow. as we all know, stands are because of meteorites and space bacteria. when fred first stumbles on the great gazoo in the flintstones, he comes upon a wreckage of some craft. what if the meteorite was actually what the great gazoo's ship was believed to be after the millenia had passed since the times of bedrock? in all likelihood, the great gazoo himself is a stand much like echoes act 3, and that's the reason only fred can see him. fred probably knicked himself upon the wreckage he discovered, drawing out his latent stand potential

the great gazoo himself is almost certainly a stand. not only can only fred see him, he's capable of magical feats that seem magic to humans such as stopping time, materializing and dematerializing objects, teleporting and more. further, his name is a musical reference:


Gazoo's name actually derives from the 1909 hit song, "King of the Bungaloos," by Charles Straight and Gene Greene. In it the narrator explains, "I just received a cable 'spatch from my ancestral home. It tells me I'm the great Gazoo, successor to the throne."

like echoes act 3, the great gazoo seems to have a personality and something of a will of his own, though he always tries to help fred, whom he refers to as "dum dum".

finally, i believe that the green baby is in fact the great gazoo resurrected. the great gazoo was "banished" from his home planet for "having invented a doomsday machine, a weapon of immense destructive power. His invention was a button which if pressed would destroy the universe in an explosive "ZAM," though he insists he made it on a whim ("I wanted to be the first on my block to have one!") with no intent of using it." I believe that in reality, this was the great gazoo hinting at his stand powers in the only way his prehistoric "dum dum" stand master could possibly understand (fred either never actually realized the true potential of the great gazoo or didn't care to make use of it). fred is a dum-dum cause he doesn't realize gazoo is a stand, and his banishment allegory is actually him telling fred about his capabilities. further, you'll notice that the great gazoo apparently has the ability to end the universe, which makes it likely that he could fast forward it to do what pucci wanted to do in part 6. dio probably stumbled upon this when watching the flintstones in egypt, and began the rituals to resurrect a fragment of the great gazoo's power for pucci to fuse with and make [made in heaven].

as you can see, it is very likely that the flintstones is in fact a prequel to jojo's bizarre adventure or at least jjba is a spiritual successor. there are far to many nods to the flintstones in JJBA that it could be a coincidence. in all likelihood, the great gazoo was the very first stand, even though he wasn't called one, and dio borrowed some of his power, which led pucci to receive c-moon and then made in heaven.


Oct 28, 2011

Barney could see and talk to Gazoo as well though. Hell, I think the kids could too.

May 7, 2008

feat. vitamin sex-c

Caidin posted:

Barney could see and talk to Gazoo as well though. Hell, I think the kids could too.

gazoo could be something like a shared stand, which may be how pucci got some of his power

edit: kinda like the boom boom family's tomb of the boom

Jul 22, 2009

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