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Aug 31, 2006

Exmond posted:

What gang of vampires is currently harassing you and why haven't you taken care of them already?

They call themselves The Black Bloods, and they're some of the toughest motherfuckers I've ever met.

They started showing up about a month ago, and they've been causing nothing but trouble ever since. I'm used to dealing with vamps by now, but these guys? They're different. They're tougher, meaner, and way more aggressive. They fight more like feral wolves than vamps, and they don't go down easy, and it doesn't matter how many times I keep kicking their asses, they're always loving coming back, and their numbers keep increasing every time.

I've heard rumors that their leader is some big shot vamp, but nobody knows who it is. Their leader is a mystery, and the only ones who know their identity are the higher ranking members of their gang. I've been trying to gather some information about their boss, but the only thing I've gotten so far is that they want something from Haven. What that thing is, I've got no loving clue.

I'll find that motherfucker, and when I do, there ain't going to be anything in this world that'll stop me from tearing their loving throat out. Nobody fucks with Haven while I'm around.


And hey lets level with you, cause you and the city are friends. People have been leaving your crew, over your gently caress up. Hey we say it as it is. Something tainted your crew, some type of problem. The bad type of problem. The type of problem that fills you with shame. But you had to endure it, had to hide the problem away from external eyes. When your old crew-mates look at you in shame you turn away, knowing full well you deserve it. What happened?

Hey, first of all? Screw you for opening up that old wound, and second of all? Yea, I hosed up. I hosed up big time, but it ain't for reasons you're thinking.

I hosed up when I let Ian join my crew. Ian's 15, he's still a kid, and as a rule, I don't let kids join the Red Fangs, but when Ian came to me, and looked at me with those eyes... I couldn't say no to him. I guess I saw a lot of myself in him.

Ian's also a werewolf, just like me, but unlike me, he has a lot of trouble controlling himself when he goes full wolf mode, so I've been teaching him how to control it. I've also been teaching him how to fight, and how to defend himself against the vamps. I guess I might've become a mentor to the kid, heh.

Things were going great... until the Black Bloods came. Ian begged me to let him fight with us. I told him he wasn't ready, but he kept insisting that he was. We argued for a while, until I finally just gave up, and let Ian join us for the fight. Biggest loving mistake of my life.

I was right. Ian wasn't ready. One of the vamps pushed him to the brink, and he ended up turning. He lost control of himself, and he started going on a rampage. He hurt lots of people that day, and it took a lot for me to stop him, and Ian... God, the look on his face after he turned back and realized what he's done. It was painful. Haven meant the world to Ian, and the fact that he hosed up his home... it was too much for him, and If folks knew it was him that caused all that destruction, he'd get kicked out of Haven... or worse. I... I couldn't let that happen to the kid.

So I took the blame.

Nobody saw Ian turn, so I told them all it was me. I was the one who went out of control, and folks... yea, they were pissed. Only reason I'm still here is cuz of all the good I've done for the community, but my crew, and the people of Haven... they haven't looked at me the same way ever since. Some of them still believe in me, but others... they don't trust me anymore. They're scared of me. They think I'll lose control again, and go on another rampage. I've lost some of their faith, and yea, it loving stings, but it's better that I deal with this than Ian. I'm tough, I can handle this, but Ian... Ian's still young, and all this poo poo would break him if he had to go through any of it, and it's all cuz I let him fight when he wasn't ready, and now I'm going to have to live with that regret for the rest of my life.

The only other person who knows the truth about what happened that day, besides me and Ian, is Adrianna, and I didn't even tell her. She just came up to me one day, and asked me why I took the blame for Ian, and when I asked her how the gently caress she knew, she just said "I have my ways." loving mages, man.


Dec 10, 2013


Exmond posted:

Come on buddy, this is the city you are talking to. Your scared of getting to deep into it and fighting again? gently caress that, we saw the fire in your eyes when one of the youngsters you taught gave you lip. We know you wanna fight. And hey, dying? There is a lot worse things that dying.
Dalir clutches the tea mug as he listens to you; but his lips are curved in a smile. "You've always been very perceptive." He takes another sip. "And well-informed. However did you know that I had a fight with that Zero kid?"

He shakes his head. "I never liked the way they insisted on going by their tag, or nick, or whatever the term is. It's too much like the fair folk's customs, or certain vampire societies...but I digress. Yes, we had an...heated discussion. They were pretty out of shape, and it's my firm belief that you need a fit body to handle the rigors of monster hunting. I made it very clear to them that they weren't to go hunting on their own.

And yet they went ahead and tried to stalk a werewolf.

In the middle of the day, sure, and it was a Crimson Moon, who aren't that bad as far as wolves go. But still, following one without being fully trained and ready is criminally irresponsible. They even explained that they were only planning on studying, but that doens't make it much safer. When I heard of what was happening, I...exchanged words with Zero. We both said things that, I'm sure, we regret. I haven't heard from them in a while; I've been trying to get in touch with them again, but so far, no dice."


Vancouver ain't that bad. We are full of opportunities and you've made a long list of enemies. That one particular enemy, the one who will never forget, the one who is patient. They are still waiting for that opportunity and hey, we are a city full of em.
Who is this enemy and how are they tied to what giving in to your corruption is.
Dalir clutches the mug. There is no more tea. He finds a scrap of paper and writes something on it. "Don't read it out loud." He says, passing it to you. On it, there's a single name: 'Dalethor'

"He's an old fae, still bound by ancient rules and covenants; he never even shook off his vulnerability to iron, that most modern fae have learned to deal with. I drove him off several times in the past, but he never stopped harassing and hunting down anyone he can get his hands on. Apparently he's been asking of me lately: when one of my former pupils drives him off, he screams that I cannot hide behind 'squires and pages' forever."
He taps a finger on the table. "I don't think he gets that I'm not the spry young man that chased him down Main Street, shooting iron-tipped crossbow darts. For someone as old as him, a mortal lifetime isn't that long, and I provided enough of a challenge to be remembered. He'd love it if I jumped back into the fray, surely. But we're not all blessed with the fae's timelessness."

The Veteran's corruption move is "When you knowingly head straight into danger, mark corruption". My interpretation of it is that the Veteran isn't supposed to be back in the game fully: or at least, doing that means slipping into corruption, pushing himself more and more unsavoriness to catch up with his own failing body. This is why I'm playing him as reluctant to get back in the thick of things: the playbook itself implies that that is not prudent. I don't doubt that I'll have no choice but to do that, but Dalir realizes that this is dangerous.

Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, Dalethor relates to that corruption because he's a living reminder of Dalir's younger days, that literally did not age. :V


Vancouver figured that was your gig. We do love noble causes and corrupting them. What steps have you made towards giving the mortal world a bigger voice in the supernatural politics of Vancouver. How has the council of twelve (Wizard council) interferred with this plan?
I've kept in touch with mortals with an interest in the supernatural happenings in the city. My pupils, mostly, but there's a couple of folks that discovered it on their own. That young cop from the precinct, a couple conspiracy theorists Zero introduced me to... but I have to keep everything on the down low.
Why? Because this isn't the first time that I've tried to do this. Back when I was a hunter, I tried to do the same thing; but we were spied upon, and the would-be leadrs of the mortal alliance I was building were met with a series of unlikely 'accidents' that had the Council of Twelve's fingertips all over it."

His voice has become sharper, his expression grim as he describes this. "So this time, I'm leaving no traces, taking no chances. We only talk to each other in code, and we only teach the code in places where the wizards' magic can't reach. This conspiracy of mine is still budding, and until I am absolutely sure that we're too big to stomp on, I'm going to do my damndest to keep it hidden."

He smirks. "We're referring to it with different names, to keep any would-be listeners off track. Book club, bowling, football practice...but I'm hoping that once we're out of the shadows, we'll pick the same name that the first conspiracy had, to honor them. The Society of the Open Eye.

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May 31, 2007

Arguing about anime since 99

Cool, both of you are in! I'm probably going to forgo opening session moves and have you be in the middle of things. Lets get your debts out of the way, I'll be assigning you each one debt (That you are currently paying off) to explain why you are in the thick of it.

Someone relies on you for training or knowledge. They owe you 2 Debts.
Youíre working on something big for someone, and itís nearly ready. They owe you a Debt.
Someone keeps pulling your rear end out of the fire. You owe them 2 Debts.
Copperstone tracked the book down for you, but has some bad news for you. You owe them 1 debt

Jackie Cage
Someone is hiding you from someone, or something, powerful. You owe them a Debt.
Someone hired you for a job and you hosed it up. You owe them2 Debts.
Someone lives in your territory, benefiting from your protection.They owe you a Debt
You and Alexi go way back, he provides you drugs and cash, you provide the muscle. You owe them 1 debt

Also can you format a nice image of your characters much like shin hye did here:

Tricky posted:

Blood +2 | Heart +1 | Mind +0 | Spirit -1 || Mortality +1 | Night +1 | Power -1 | Wild +1
Harm: ☐|☐☐|☐☐ || Corruption: ☒☐☐☐☐ || Location: My Turf

May 31, 2007

Arguing about anime since 99

So it has been 5 MONTHS of urban shadows. Thank you for continuing to play and post, seriously. I'm quite happy we have been going on for this long and it has been a blast! I hope it has been fun for you!

I do like going back and doing a quick review, to make sure the GM isn't fully up their rear end and that everyone is having fun. So I have a few questions I wanted to ask the players.

Are you currently happy with your current PERSONAL storyline?
So this is aimed at the veteran players. We have the following
  • Shin-Hye is currently discovering about their sire as his history comes searching for him. The U.N. is in town, why?
  • Sal is currently dealing with Raymon and wanting to be adopted. Also her caul list needs to be shortened
  • Alanna is currently dealing with 5 problems and her parents are in town. It also looks like she has attracted the attention of Lady Glenrose.
  • Olivia is currently dealing with her future self, Dark-Queen Olivia. Also He-Who-Sings seems to be corrupting Olivia, or at the very least Olivia is getting closer and closer to he-who-sings.

If you don't like where you current personal storyline is, please holler and we will change it (or turf it).

Are you currently happy with the WORLD storyline?
So far we have a few things happening in the world

  • He-Who-Sings: is being summoned to the world, which is a bad thing. Various factions are for and against this. The songbook is an important component and factions want it, but nobody know's where it is.
  • That loving basement: That basement and the drug site still need to be investigated. It seems to be linked to Ivy's place being attacked and missing kids

Do you feel your character has had enough time to plan out, to ACT, instead of REACT?
Okay so with all that's been going on I am a bit worried I haven't given your characters enough time to ACT, instead of just react to whats going on. Please tell me if you feel this way and Ill make time for your character to act, to plan.

General thoughts?
Any other general thoughts or how to improve? How's advancing going along? Do you want me to push for spending more debts, or possibly change how advancement works?

Jan 21, 2014

I don't know what to put here. Guys? GUYS?!

Story stuff seems good, despite some of the goofiness: Breakdance fighting seems a bit OTT if that was 100% serious but it wasn't mentioned IC so maybe it's just a metaphor?

Also, it's fine to take things slow and make sure things get done right rather than needing to do something right away. It's the joy of PbP, you don't need to make a decision right away.

Overall, the only other major suggestion I'd have is to ask more questions and build from there. That's a lot of the joy from these games is that it's a collaborative story, and giving players some input on the fiction should be


Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

I'm pretty happy with how everything is going. I do hope to progress basement quest this session, at least getting in there to see what's up if not completely resolve it... since most of my outstanding promises are relating to that.

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