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Vulpes Vulpes
Apr 28, 2013

noises, sounds, and sweet airs

Will post up (probably) a Scholar shortly.

edit: WIP

Jibreel, the Scholar


• Who are you?
Jibreel. Just Jibreel.


• How long have you been in the city?
Six years now. Six years of hustling to get where I'm at. Six years since the Grail ran me out of Montréal, those leech bastards. But Van city's a wizard town, so I thought it would be different. It's worse.

Fuckin' wizards.


• What arcane mystery brought you to the business?
I was hunting something for a client, an ostensibly mundane video game cartridge for an ostensibly mundane client. Some short run, 1980s oddity, a blip in media history. Recalled, ostensibly again, for heavy metals in the plastic casing. Disposed of. One of those "buried in the desert" type embarrassments. Money I was being paid, I was happy to fly out to whatever southwest toxic waste dump shithole that bit of tat ended up in, spade in hand, and dig one out.

Thing is, no one knew which southwest toxic waste dump shithole it ended up in. But I'm good at what I do. And I found a cart. After a long time, I did.

Have you ever heard of a game called "White Chapel"? No one has outside of obsessives. All the American releases have been destroyed. But I found one of the original Japanese carts, one that slipped through the recall. Even though some very serious people did the recalling.

That game killed my client, killed his whole family.

After that people came looking for me. Not because I had inadvertently gotten my client killed. Who gives a poo poo, right? No, they came looking for me because I had found a copy of
Howaitochaperu, when no one else could. They had things that they wanted me to find for them. And the more I investigated these things, the more I found that I wanted some of these things for myself.

I found that there was a whole other world beneath the one I thought I had known. And there was far more power up for grabs than I could pass up.


• What habits or comforts does your trade offer you?
It offers me a seat at the table. This world, the real world, is run by monsters and to keep up, you need power. The things I keep close, they give me power. The things I know, they make me valuable and in turn that gives me power. But unlike the monsters and the wizards, it's power I earned, power I hustled for and took.


• What do you desperately need?
I'm in someone's crosshairs. It's one of those things you can feel, like the pricking of your thumbs. I think that whoever made Howaitochaperu is still around, and I think that by finding that game, by feeding it fresh blood all those years ago, I've gotten their attention. And I don't like that.


• What do you fear will happen if you give into corruption?
This is a mean business, a knife-edge trade. I need to be careful about who I rip off- the Book Club has power in Van because we stand more or less together. if we fracture,
then we're just a collection of obsessive weirdos. We need to balance our greed with our need for each other.

And then there's the relics. The things we trade in are usually baptized in blood, and that blood can get on your hands, gloves or no. Am I going to end up as part of someone else's collection at some point, as blood on the knife that killed me or some mad ghoul guarding a hoard of garbage in the sewers?


• Do you want a big change in Vancouver, and if so what change do you want to have happen?
Wizards. The Grail runs Montréal. Everyone knows that, it's the way it's always been. They know how business works, how a city works. They're not human, they don't pretend to be. But the wizards here, the Council of Twelve? They're the most puffed-up, preening sons of bitches ever exist. They don't understand business. They've been blinded by their power. They pretend they're human, like us, but they're not. They have power they were born with, and they use that to look down their noses at us. At me. At someone with the kind of power I have, at my people, the Book Club. We're treated like the help, while they swing their hereditary power around.

Do I want change? I certainly do. I'd like to see the Council driven into the sea, to laugh while their towers fall.


Look: Male, Black,Tailored Clothing

Demeanor: Charming, Cryptic, Smug

Stats: Blood -1, Heart 1, Mind 2, Spirit 0

Starting Factions: Mortality 2, Night 0, Power 1, Wild 1

Corruption: ▢▢▢▢▢
Harm: ▢| ▢▢ | ▢▢

Your arcane network is a collection of powerful and knowledgeable mortals who trade in arcane items, relics, and ancient tomes. Some of their interests are legitimate and above board; others are the stuff of backroom deals and smoky rooms. They don’t trust you. You don’t trust them. That’s business.
Your arcane network has the following features: cops on the payroll, codes & signals, ritual meetings
Your colleagues include these NPCs (at least): Madame Valenzuela, Nancee Burdick, Cpl. Laine Nowlin, Merissa Ness, the Hsu Triplets, the Grimm, Councilwoman Cayla Bernstein, Christian Driscoll, Lanette Lacey, Lord Banda

Whose collection do you covet? Lord Banda
Who keeps things safe for you? The Grimm
Who suspects you’re scamming them? Councilwoman Cayla Bernstein

When you cash in a Debt with a member of your arcane network to obtain a worthy and useful gift without cost, they must offer you three things. Pick the one you want, but the others will never be “free” again.
When you hit the streets to consult your arcane network, you can roll with Mind instead of Mortality. Mark Mortality as normal. In addition, add this option to the 7-9 list:
» You owe them an object you haven’t yet acquired
When you refuse to honor a Debt to someone to whom you’ve previously sold arcane objects, add this option to the 7-9 list:
» Promise to secure a valuable object for them


The Book Club are the network of arcanists and collectors that I'm a part of. We're mortals, but we're linked by our obsession with power, with mysteries and wonders and horrors and, most of all, the buying, selling, stealing and trading of them. Aside from trade in arcane curios,
we also do a tidy business as appraisers in the city. If you have something occult and you want to know what it does, where it comes from or what it is, you come to me or one of my colleagues. No one knows as much as we do, not even the wizards, and we make a lot of our individual fortunes consulting for the supernatural community in the city. It's our territory, appraisal- most know enough to step on our toes, and those who do frequently end up disappearing. We run the gamut from scrupulously honest to openly corrupt in our appraisals, but that's what you get. I like to keep my rep mostly clean- I'll only run game on someone if it's for something that I really want.

You have a private collection of ancient tomes, books, and arcane objects that you have acquired over your years of less-than-savory deals. Tell the MC about your most prized possession and what dirty deeds you did to acquire it.

When you retreat to your private collection to research an occult occur- rence, object, or individual, roll with Mind. On a 10+, pick 3. On a 7-9, pick 1.
• You discover a previously unknown weakness or vulnerability
• You discover a previously unknown resource or ally
• You don’t attract any supernatural attention to your research
On a miss, you discover something terrible in your research that spells doom for you, your friends...or the city itself.


In a field like this, you need to keep a rounded collection, and I do. Tomes, weapons, wands, all that kind of ancient poo poo. But each of us in the Book Club have a particular obsession. The Hsu Triplets like divination tools and devices. Merissa Ness is into religious items. For the Grimm, the older the better. But I'm interested in more recent ephemera. I have all kinds of relics of the modern age- a black metal album with the true names of storm and war spirits backmasked into the songs, a vanity press role-playing game book with genuine demon summoning rituals, a Japanese murder-ghost imprisoned in a USB thumb drive, a laserdisc of Commando where at 41:52 Arnold looks at the screen and tells you the time and date of your death...all kinds.

»Scholar Corruption Move
When you exploit someone’s ignorance of the arcane for personal gain, mark corruption.

»Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, they get a Debt on you...and you have what they desire. Ask them to name an item they have been seeking; that item has recently turned up in your arcane network.

»End Move
When you die or retire your character, choose one character to inherit your collection of tomes and artifacts. They gain the Private Collection move so long as they care for and protect these arcane holdings.


When you appraise an arcane object, roll with Mind. On a hit, ask the MC questions. On a 10+, ask 2. On a 7-9, ask 1.
• What rumors or lies shroud this object’s value?
• What secrets or powers does this object contain?
• Who knows more about this object or its powers?
• Who would want to possess this object?

On a miss, the object is cursed. The MC will tell you what trouble pursues it.

°Arcane Detective: When you interview a knowledgeable NPC while pursuing the arcane, roll with Mind. On a hit, they offer you a concrete lead: an important location, supplier, or tome (your choice). On a 10+, you already have a connection in your arcane network that allows you to make good on this info. On a 7-9, the path forward is blocked or precarious for you at this time. On a miss, they tell you little, but your questions put them in grave danger.

» An expensive flat, a midsized car, a smartphone, reading glasses
» Arcane Bag: The bag itself has an agenda. When you find yourself in a desperate situation, reach into your bag for help. The GM will tell you what item you find...

» You’re someone’s hookup for relics and arcane items. They owe you 2 Debts.
» Someone has been tipping you off to your enemy’s tactics. You owe
them 2 Debts.
» You scammed someone out of something rare and priceless they cannot recover. You owe them 3 Debts.

Advancements Used:

Corruption Advancements Used:

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Vulpes Vulpes
Apr 28, 2013

noises, sounds, and sweet airs

Exmond posted:

Hows it like having a target on your back. What have you sacrificed to keep your safety?

"What's it like? It sucks, that's what it's like. I'm no psychic, but I've got that feeling, all the time, like someone's watching me. For all I know, they are watching me. I don't know who it is, but I know that they don't want anything good for me. I've been paying out like crazy for divinations- oracles, psychics, card-palm-tea-leaf readers, trying to get out ahead of this thing, whatever it is. It's cost me a lot of peace of mind, a lot of sleepless nights. I've been trading for anything to occlude me from that attention, wardings, whatever.

It's driving me crazy. And maybe that's what they want."

Exmond posted:

Hows your family doing back in Montreal. They miss you at all?

"They're fine. And so long as I stay away from Montréal they'll stay that way. The Grail made that pretty clear. Thanks for asking, I love talking about that poo poo."

Exmond posted:

Sounds like you don't have any friends but those in the streets know that is false. Name that one friend that always has your back and why they have your back.

"Listen, I'm a social creature. I get out there, I make deals. I do business. Do I have friends? Sure, as much as anyone else. Do I have acquaintances, business connections, that kind of thing? In spades.Thing is, to survive in this world, you need value. My business network, my knowledge, my assets, my connections, all these things give me value. Are all these people friends? Sure, we call each other friends, but it's not really that, not like friends on TV. And do you know why?

Because we're not children.

But then there's Ballard. I helped Ballard pro bono one time, not because there was a percentage in it for me, but mainly because it didn't cost me anything and I was feeling generous. Which I do once in a while. She was looking to defect from the Smoke Court to the Court of Shears and I was able to make an introduction. She swore an oath that she would be my boon companion ever after, and I said yeah, sure, whatever, but the thing is she took it seriously. And so she became my friend, and after a while, I became her friend too. Since then, we've always looked out for one another. It's certainly useful to have an in with the Otherworldly contingent in Vancouver, but it's not just that. It's good to just have a friend that you don't want something from, I suppose.

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