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Dec 9, 2003
Your Reality Check (TM)

Here's the situation:

Small IT shop, small town, few dozen business clients half of which need or want some form of managed services.

I have found Atera to be my choice for the basic RMM platform, but I am dying trying to decide on a backup and AV platform.

Every single company that I look at, their MSP solution requires a much larger investment than I have (i.e. <50 devices). Some of them have basic managed AV, but most of those require an on-site console or device. These customers do not have the budget for small servers, nor could I sell such a solution effectively to such smaller customers. Some examples are: Webroot (which is technically a cloud AV). Webroot has a deploy-able agent and 100% cloud web based control from a dashboard, but is not a feature rich true anti-virus. ESET is a great feature rich true anti-virus, but requires hardware or VMs on site. What I'm looking for is something that is 100% cloud managed and doesn't need anything at the customer's location except the agent installed on each device, but is a true anti-virus solution rather than a cloud reporting tool.

Similarly to AV, MSP solutions are too expensive for this amount of customers, and/or require an on-site management console VM or server. I am having success with Acronis Backup 12.5, but at $70/yr per PC and a mess of keeping track of license expirations, it is far from the best solution. The typical customer just needs a NAS on their LAN, software on the machines, and a way for me to make sure things are working (which is what I have been able to do with AB12).

-No on-site hardware required except agents / Full management from cloud/web interface or console at my office.
-Reasonably priced for resale in an environment where total devices is <50, and customers need 3-5 devices each on average.

What are other small MSPs using in these areas? Also, please correct me if I am wrong in any of the above information.


Thanks Ants
May 21, 2004

Bless You Ants, Blants

Fun Shoe

I think you'd be better off for endpoint security with something like InTune which gives you the reporting from Windows Defender if you need to be able to show clients something, rather than chucking AV software at machines.

However, if you really want to be deploying AV software, ESET does have the option of deploying the management services into Azure ( and it can be multi-tenant as well so should do what you need it to.

Most NAS vendors now can utilise the popular cloud block storage providers as backup targets - I know Synology can backup to an Azure blob. You can set up your resource groups for each client to be able to split the billing out if you need to. For client backup, BackBlaze have recently started looking more seriously at reseller options so that's worth trying out as well.

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