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I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Who: Everyone - Location: The Prison Fortress Pandemonia Druralax

You arrived in a brilliant flash of light, a vortex of energy. Alone.


Except for those that brought you here. "Alive if you can. Dead if you cannot." The nasty voice minced. It came from a squat pig faced creature. It's fellows were a motley crew all garbed in black leather, each holding wicked tools. They rushed you before you could get your bearings. When the portal closed you caught a glimpse of a robed figure before darkness descended.
---sometime later---
They TOOK from you. Freedom. Dignity. Everything. Even the light. Some of the guards could see without it. Others brought light sources, it were those times you cherished. The light. Even if you were going to be taken and tormented. It would seem the one in charge wanted you to show him how to use your "relic" it called them. Yours was kept in the room of lamentful answers along with other objects. Sometimes the sessions were filled with annoying questions other times the torture was unpleasant. There were 15 cells on this block along with one large holding cell. The entire structure was made from a bluish black stone while the doors were odd indeed. The guards fed the door you see. Made from glistening black carapace one could almost think they were breathing...

Hakon - Cell #14

Hakon sat in his cell. Waiting. He had palmed a human guard's coinpurse it was filled with coins made from chips of flintlike rock. They sparked when struck against Hakon's prison. "Hey. You got light young mister?" An aged voice asked from Cell #15. It was Jenkins. The wiley dwarf was lucid today. "Common boy. Let me eat some! The guards will be back soon and I need to find mushrooms!" The sound of torment echoed from down the hall. The orc from #11 Was in session. He had a shield his grandsire had left him. Apparently it too was special. Hakon and the new others were just being "broken in" the sniggering guard Thomas had said. Well the thing in the large holding cell had taken him when it was in #10. In any case there were others, the one in #13 had just been beaten again for disrespecting one of the other guards.

Riley Cell #12

Riley was curled up in a ball. The kicking she had had left her exhausted. The patron of her woe had sensed her trying to access his dreams. He had sent 5 goalers to send her a message. <Stay out>. A grey skinned elf from cell #9 called out. "Child. Are you alright?" The elfwoman had taken her own beating yelling at the guards. She sounded weak. "Just tell them what you think they want to hear. I'll try to protect you."
The lack of light had helped Riley dream and sleep. However the guards were like blanks to her and her captor was very aware of any attempts to meddle there. Very odd the guards didn't dream. Footsteps coming from below echoed. Someone was coming.

Emilio Ughi - Cell #8

The elfwoman in the next cell wouldn't shut up. Emilio was trying to wake up from this nightmare. But he wanted to rest. All attempts at making a deal with the guards for his freedom was met with laughter. Even his captor scoffed at his offers. We'll they'd see. Emilio remembered the symbols on the portal, beautiful but hard to look at. He saw that the men had shut it off by touching them. Emilio's door farted. It. Farted! What kind of crazy place was this? He needed to find out what the others knew. Something!

Amerigo Hieronymus Cell #7, relocated to the room of Lamentful Answers

This was no way to treat a revolutionary hero! To be thrown into some gulag! Amerigo demanded to see the man in charge. The guards had balked at first. No one requested that! But soon word was sent and Amerigo was strapped into a chair. The guards left shaking their heads as he took in his surroundings. There was a very dead orc strapped into a similar chair nearby, along with...why That was your book! This new information was grand but interrupted as a door opened with a chittenous grinding sound. A tall thin figure in a black robe entered, carrying a lantern. "So. You wished to see me? Are your accommodations not to your liking?" A richly aristocratic voice mused.

Patak - Cell #5

The guards were wary of you. So cautious after you killed 4 with an eating utensil that they wore full armor in a squad of 10 whenever they had to being you to be questioned. They usually come when you are asleep. The better to get their licks in. In fact the guards were coming now. Sharpening a stone from the corner of your cell, you still had time to hear the child being beaten, the old dwarf crying out to eat some light, and the elfwoman promising protection to the child. Not likely the last bit, Patak thought. Sharpening the stone some more. Maybe if there were others, they could kill the guards together?

Isiah Incipio - Cell # 6

The darkness didn't bother Isiah. His gold eyes glinted. He feigned blindness to the guards whenever he may be taken. That orc had been a hard case. Stubborn and spiteful. Which is why the guards liked the orc even more than the guy in Cell #5. The large area had some kind of riot happening in there. Jason's nostrils flared. Did they...jail one of the guard's? Too hilarious.

Abdul the Unbound - Cell #1

Acid. They had used acid on him. Rock hammers and somehow generated electric current through him. Abdul sat sullenly in the cell. He had broken the door once trying to get out. He remembered it's shrieking screams. Was it alive? His captor reminded him of his own lost master. He couldn't hurt the door if it could feel could He? People were talking. Like himself! Maybe they knew where they were.

Silth - The big holding pen

Silth had waited for the line guard to enter it's cell before taking it. Silth was clever. However they had found Silth out, somehow. Now Silth was in here. The other potential hosts gathered around Silth. Talking angry. A huge creature calling itself "ogre" was pointing at Silth. "I'm going to **** in your **** you **** ***. You got some payback due Thomas!" The ogre stabbed a big finger into Silth's host again.

Nikita - Cell #4

Dry. Dark. Terrible this place Nikita thought. His tormentors had needed several breaks while working on him. He wouldn't tell them anything. Nikita had a sense for this place though. Wherever he was it was deep. Very deep. No sound of water though which was perplexing. Come to think of it, the air didn't flow and the lack of Windows anywhere was an interesting design for this place. Nikita had been asked about his gift. Couldn't explain it yet was punished for it. Who were these guys and why bring him here? Others must have arrived the same way. Nikita looked out of his cell. Could see a fight brewing in the big pen, could hear the boots of guards coming. A voice called to Nikita from cell #3. "Don't worry my grotesque companion. It will all be over soon. For I, Jeltar Gantz Heronis III will break us all free! Hnnnngh! Uuuuugggnh!" The fat man painted. "We'll once I get a good grip.."

Ksenija Ceranic - Cell #2

Ok so the cell door isn't a computer and all of these monsters are like from a video holo. Just where did Ksenija land after falling through that wormhole. The tech was theoretical and not even close yet. The place had an odd assortment of thugs too. Costume party? Cult? The torture was real. Why did this guy want her laptop? Could he even use a laptop? What was a "relic he kept referring to. One thing for sure, if she could get some of the stuff the guards fed the bio-door. She could get out. She could hear someone trying to break out and a woman talking about the guards hurting a kid. This was bad. But what to do?

Ok so format. It's bold Character name - location, plain text for your post, italics for ooc domain/skill usage/ and clarification on what you're doing. If you write a couple paragraphs a simple "my guy breaks down door" in ooc/italics works wonders. Mortal skills are on the table. Your divine items are locked up and you each have had sessions in the room it is located in. You guys can talk together or try to do something.


I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Jamezbfod's success. Grants all other players in the cell block or holding pens a +2 bonus to your next actions.

If you act before the event, then the bonus does not apply. But if you want information or something before it, you can do that too.

Time is sort of fluid in these kinds of games, allowing for some flexibility.

Hakon - Cell #14
DC=6, Roll:7[+2](Applies)=9

A lot of guards arrive. The noise and commotion from other problem prisoners make them come in force. A four man squad of slack jawed pigment following a twitchy human carrying a lantern approaches. "Ugh, everyone wants to see the man today it seems. Fine. Fine. Back away from the door and well take you to him. No funny stuff or my friends here will take you down to the barracks to be their go-to gal. Wouldn't want to make you lose that will to live now do we? Pretty man like yourself." The pigment behind him show the first signs of anything in their cold black eyes. Cruelty and humor.

The human takes a lump of grey meat out of his pocket and let's the door smell it. The black carapace opens with a whine and the meat is fed into a tube.

You can go with them, or attack. The door is open.

Riley Cell #12

In your pain you dont hear the elfwoman speaking with the man in another cell. After they arrive on the block, the guards walk by your cell. Groups peeling off to each of the problem cells. The elfwoman had visitors. Riley could hear the snarls of the dogmen and an arguement before the woman started to scream. Her cries were cut off abruptly and soon the shouts of a captain were heard. "IDIOTS! The master will kill us for this. How can he get the secrets from her now? Quickly, we need to make this look like she hung herself. And stabbed herself. Missing her hands and feet..."

Silth - Host/Thomas - Holding Pen
DC=6, Roll:4[+2](Applies)=6

The ogre growled. "My name is Nelson you scragface!" He raised his fist but one of the other prisoners spoke up. "What if it be trickery Nelson! Thems could have placed em' in ere. We'll be gettin' it double hard if we hits him then!"

The Ogre seemed to weigh this then lowered his fist in disgust. Spitting on you, he turned his back. The guards arrival seemed to confirm the rumor. 5 black clad elite serpentine warders in riot gear stood behind a massive snakeman. His cobra's hood was flared above black armor. It hissed out. "What's going on here! Quiet on the block! No more trouble!"

Safe! For now. But Snake-Captain is here!

Nikita - Cell #4

Nikita could hear yelling. The sounds of fighting hadn't happened yet. A pair of guards stood outside of your cell speaking quietly. They were extremely tall and lithe. Behind their masks Nikita could see they had feline features. Their whispers could be heard if he strained to listen. One of the guards leaned back into your cell door, right outside the window in fact.

You can wait, listen, or act.

Amerigo Hieronymus Cell Room of Lamentful Answers
DC=10, Roll:5[+4](Applies)=9

The figure paused and then laughed. This went on for some time. It made a motion of wiping away tears under its hood. "I've been abducting transdimentionals like you for quite some time. But you take the cake." Lighting a cigarette a pair of red eyes sunken into a greyish-blue face stared into your very soul. As it out the lighter away you could see a...handgun in a holster at its side. "Listen. I'm going to tell you something, you're never going home. The only way you're going to leave here is if you tell me how to use your 'relic'. The other way is death. You can beg. You can try to bargain. And you can scream. There is going to be a lot of that before the end..."

As the master talks, you start loosening your bonds. " listening? The gall! Give me one reason I don't put the bore worms inside you right now you insignificant flea!"

Just missed the mark. He hasn't seen your attempts to loosen your bonds but he is miffed that you didn't listen to his villainous monologue.

Ksenija Ceranic - Cell #2
DC=10, Roll:9[+4](Applies)=13

Ksenija searches everywhere in her cell, before finding an area of one wall which was slightly different than the rest of the room. As she pushed she realized, this area wasn't rock. But densely packed soil. As if when the place was constructed this area was filled in then forgotten about. It wasn't quite loose, but if she worked at it...she could hear sound behind it. It couldn't be more than a foot or three thick.

Situation went from literally nothing to something. Nice dice!

Isiah Incipio - Cell # 6
DC=6 Roll:6[+4](Applies)=10

A very large Ursine guard saddled over, dropping a pot of something it had been eating. It's sticky sweet breath blasting into Isiah's face. "Whut you want small one. Sit down before Pooh decides to eat you!" It pressed in closer. "Unless you want another beating..."

You have lured a single but large stupid guard over to your cell. It is Pooh, known for his eating habits and bad temper

Patak - Cell #5
DC=10, Roll:12[+6](Applies)=18 Holy. poo poo.

The door splinters into four even pieces speaking gore as it does in a horrific scream. Quiet descends in the hall as Snake-Captain, Pooh, and the sniveling human lieutenant all turn as one. All the guards are shocked and momentarily distracted. One of them could be heard distantly "What the gently caress was that?!"

Success. All other players in the cell block or holding pens get a +2 bonus to your next actions.

Emilio Ughi - Cell # 8
DC=4 Roll:7[+2](Applies)[+4](non-app)=9

Emilio spoke with the elfwoman before the guards arrived. What he learned shocked him. If it could be believed.
This prison. The kingdom in which it sat. The lands. The very world itself...all existed underground. Driven beneath the world by a cataclysm, so far underneath it no one could reach the surface. If indeed anyone could they would find it scoured of all life. This place was in the Kingdom of Dolgar. The warden was something called a Biologian. Most of what he did was with living things. Not quite a learned man of science or one of those magicians. Somehow that portal and the majority of things in the fortress were all alive.

However the conversation was cut short by the guards arrival and the elfwoman's subsequent murder.

You found a clue!

Abdul the Unbound - Cell #1

After thinking about his own observations about the door and trying to communicate with it, Abdul came to the conclusion it was a simple creature. Like a crustacean or an insect created/bred for the purpose. It seemed that it was trained or conditioned to open for feeding when the guards let it smell the grey "meat. It was interesting to note that the guards fed it quickly, lest it bite them instead. You hear a loud bang as a door on the block screeches and dies. Seems someone else figured it out.

Door infodump.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Bonus update. All of you posted. Bonus update!

All cells are open or you freed yourselves into...other situations. One of you faces an NPC like yourselves. 3 of you are in the presence of the master! The rest of you have your own struggles with the guards. And Silth is reenacting HBO's award winning series Oz!

Good luck Everyone!

Ksenija Ceranic - The Unknown Corridor
DC=10 Roll:7[+2](Applies weakly but no punish)[+2](Bonus)=11

The earth slopes slightly downward before giving way beneath Ksenija's weight. Tumbling with a cry she falls into a wide corridor. The darkness of her cell gives way to the pitch black corridor. However this isn't the end. A faint glow from far to the left is extremely obvious. A cold wind blows from the right.

Ksenija is now in a large, very dark corridor. There is darkness to the right and faint luminescent light to the left.

Patak - Cell block proper
DC:12[-2](friends)=10 Roll:3[+6](Applies)[+2](Bonus)=11

The doors whine like hungry dogs and soon all unopened doors open on their own, wanting to be fed. A fat man comes out of one of them along with a crazed dwarf screaming about eating the light. Snake-Captain points at you and shrieks "Stop that huuuuuman!" As his fellow guards are attacked at just the right moment.

Some of the closet guards are occupied by other inmates. Lucky you!

Nikita - Cell #4
DC=6 Roll:9[+2](Applies)[+2](Bonus)=13

"Ok!" The guard says. "Please, I'll do it. Just don't kill my sister. The master killed the rest of our littermates. She's all I have left." She mews. The door opens just as Patak continues his rampage. To confuse things further a crazy dwarf and fat warrior charge towards the guards by the holding pens. The fat man shouts to Nikita, "Kill them! Or we'll never get out!"

The man oddly has a ring of convincingness to his voice. Compelling even. Fat man used compulsive voice [+2]. It felt wrong, like a violation but you also felt he was right even if he made you feel unclean.

You get out but you're being convinced to kill by Fatman's compulsive voice [+2]. You can give in or fight it.

Isiah Incipio - Cell # 6
DC=6 Roll:12!!!!![+8](Applies weakly but no punish)[+2](Bonus)=22 dice luck!

Isiah pulls! Pooh's neck thankfully snaps as his large frame cracks and breaks as it is drug through a very small hole. The blood and gore bathes the door and it opens making a slurping sound of...purring? Pooh was both obstacle and key in way. Isiah threw the corpse into the hallway adding to the carnage. A blood stained werewolf, he hadn't noticed the change come over him in his rage.

his body was a key nice dice!

Hakon - Cell #14
DC=4 Roll:6[+2](Applies)[+4](Applies)[+2](Bonus)=14

The nervous guard looked confused but then panicked at the jailbreak. "Quick! Take him and let's retre-, er! Um. Get this valuable prisoner back to the Master!" The pigmen each grabbed one of Hakon's limbs and soon were double timing out of there.

Hakon was roughly but quickly brought to a large chamber. The master was speaking with another bound prisoner. The red eyed master whirled around. "Just. What. Is the meaning of this INTERRUPTION!" Whipping out a small cylinder he pointed it at one of the pigmen and a red beam of light cooked it in about the time it took to blink. The sickening, sizzling, popping, smell of bacon filled the air. One of the guards vomited while the rest voided their bowels, adding to the aroma in the room.

Then suddenly a walrus-man burst into the room with another prisoner.
The master stood there gaping at the next interruption. "What the gently caress. Am I bring punked right now?"

The master pointed a rod at a nervous looking guard, then at the walrus-man. "One of you fucks better start talking before I start the BBQ."

Nervous guard is nervous and takes you to the master. The master is packing a microwave gun!
Nearby you can see:
A dead orc
And a glass case holding multiple items.

Silth - Host/Thomas - Holding Pen
DC=10 Roll:3[+2](Applies)[+2](Applies)[+2](Applies)[+2](Bonus)=11

The Snake-Captain turned his back pointing and shouting at a prisoner down the hall. His men started towards the commotion and this is when Silth struck! The barbs stung the Captain before he could shout and he crumpled to the floor. It wasn't long before all the prisoners were shouldering past Silth and joining the fray. The elite guard cut 3 of the dozen men down but they were angry and fought like devils.

Silth made to exit the cage but a large meaty fist smashed right into Silth's host. "Forget about me sunshine?" Nelson said as he smiled through black teeth. "Don't care what you are. You're going down Thomas." The ogre advanced on Silth, cracking his knuckles, a dark chuckle escaping his lips.

Snake-Captain goes down! Nelson has a bone to pick with Host Thomas. No damage from the punch it's just flavor.[/

Amerigo Hieronymus Cell #7, relocated to the room of Lamentful Answers
DC=6 Roll:5[+4](Applies)[+2]](Applies)[+2](Bonus)=13

" What, you mental midget! I've brought creatures to Underworld no one has yet conceived! I bred and created creatures and supplied the magi of heroticus with reagents none have ever known! The technomancers of teehl sing my praises every noon-stone! The artificers, steam-tribes, and darkemen behold my wonders! My plunders." He says pointing at you.

"None can figure out how I get them. And none of you will live to tell-"

At that some pigmen and a very nervous man enter carrying one of the other prisoners. The master whirled around as one of your hands came free!

"Just. What. Is the meaning of this INTERRUPTION!" Whipping out a small cylinder he pointed it at one of the pigmen and a red beam of light cooked it in about the time it took to blink. The sickening, sizzling, popping, smell of bacon filled the air. One of the guards vomited while the rest voided their bowels, adding to the aroma in the room.

It almost made you gag.

Then suddenly a walrus-man burst into the room with another prisoner.
The master stood there gaping at the next interruption. "What the gently caress. Am I bring punked right now?"

The master pointed a rod at a nervous looking guard, then at the walrusman. "One of you fucks better start talking before I start the BBQ."

An awkward situation. There is one less guard. One hand free!

Riley Cell #12
DC=6 Roll:7[+2](Applies)[+2]=9

Riley gets a brown robed guard's attention with her story. Oh no. It was Sweet Tooth. The mushroom-fungus creature smelled of poo poo as it greedily opened Riley's cell. "Got somethin' sweet for me?" It garbled as it pawed at Riley's clothes. "Takem off. Gimmie. Where you hid it? I gots to look now." It giggled as it's stinking breath washed inches from Riley's face.

She should give it to him. The knife she palmed off one of the guards.

Protip: Mushroom-fungus men are weak against bladed weapons. Bonus +4 to stabbing.

Emilio Ughi - Cell # 8
DC=12 Roll:9[+2](Applies)[+4](Applies)[+2](Bonus)=15

It was a tough sell, probably the toughest in Emilio's life considering the situation. The timing was bad, the mark was wary and close minded. But somehow he convinced the sub-warden Walrusman to bring Emilio to his item. In the chaos and death it was easy for both to slip away. Running through the corridors they both burst into the most horrific of smells. Burnt pigman, vomit, excrement.
The master stood there gaping at the next interruption. "What the gently caress. Am I bring punked right now?"

The master pointed a rod at a nervous looking guard, then at the sub-warden. "One of you fucks better start talking before I start the BBQ."

Nearby you can see:
A dead orc
And a glass case holding multiple items.

Abdul the Unbound - Cell #1 | Promises: Feed the Door?
DC=16 Roll:3[+2](Applies)[+2](Bonus)=7

The door doesn't respond. But soon it doesn't matter as they are opened by an imposing warrior dodging guards. It's bedlam out there. Guards dead. Prisoners dead. Everyone fighting everyone. "Oh gently caress, the golem is loose! They don't pay me enough for this shiite!" a dwarf guard cried. Three of them ran at the sight of you.

It would have been a massively hard roll even with animal skills. The things are very simple. However Patak delivers again with a grey/red meat buffet!

I am Communist fucked around with this message at Jul 3, 2017 around 22:54

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Hakon - The Interrogation Room
DC=10 Roll:10[+2](Applies)=12

"Fine. Slakeon, take him over there and manacle him to the wall." The Master said, gesturing at the wall away from The Eye and other treasures. "I'll deal with him later." The pigmen and nervous man (Slakeon) begin moving you to the far wall.

Suddenly, A giant ogre out of nowhere crash lands right on top of the glass case, destroying it and spilling the "relics" into a pile on the floor. You don't see the Eye.

You're about to be manacled.

" KILL! KILL KILL KILL! Them all!" Screams the master as he discharges his weapon into the Ogre, rendering him into a fine ash. The weapon glows white and the master drops it, pulling out a six shooter .45 handgun. The guards in the room draw their weapons.

He believed you. You are now downgraded from #1 on the bacon-lazer list to #3. Shame about the bondage. If you let them do it. The master is no longer looking at you and is distracted [-2] to any future sneakery by Hakon. Unless you call attention to yourself. The glass case is now broken.

Silth - Host/Thomas - Thunderdome
There are no prisoners to throw. They have all left the cell as previously mentioned and are dying/fighting the guards. [-2] to the roll. Lucky for you running is easier than fighting. The details will matter in this game and characters will die and the fate of empires swing in the balance. If there are any questions or clarify needed about things I have PMs, IRC, and Discord.
DC=6 Roll:4[-2]For aforementioned reason[+2](Applies)[+2](Applies)[+2](Applies)=8

Host/Thomas does a wired move where he makes a throwing motion at the Ogre. Nothing happens. Nelson did pause long enough for Silth to run with the Ogre hot on his heels. As you make it into the chamber where everyone else seems to be congregating, Nelson leaps to grab you and host/Thomas ducks instinctively.

The giant ogre crash lands right on top of the glass case, destroying it and spilling the "relics" into a pile on the floor. Silth doesn't see the stone. But sees a scene on the brink of chaos pushed over the edge.

" KILL! KILL KILL KILL! Them all!" Screams the master as he discharges his weapon into the Ogre, rendering him into a fine ash. The weapon glows white and the master drops it, pulling out a six shooter .45 handgun. The guards in the room draw their weapons.

The roll in spite of the penalty succeeds.

Ksenija Ceranic - Killswitch Control Room
DC=4 Roll:5[+2](Applies)=7

Ksenija entered a large room. A hangar. Massive and as far as the eye could see...giant beetle monsters. Rods that glowed red stuck from their heads, likely keeping them docile. There were hundreds and hundreds of them. At the end of the room was a large console. A monitor that was not a monitor showed the master in his current location. A red light displayed on the Master's head. Disturbingly whenever his concentration slipped in the vid feed, the beetles lurched and snapped jaws and claws. One of the humans that likely monitored this warehouse was a pool of parts. Pulped when a beetle must have lurched.

On the monitors you can see it...your Laptop!

You have discovered a doomsday deadman switch paradise. If the master loses his will, consciousness, or concentration. The unholy bioterrors will be released to destroy everyone and everything in the facility.

Patak - Cell Corridor

Isiah Incipio - outside Cell # 6
ABDUL the unbound

The rest of the guards are beset by Isiah and Patak and the motley crew of prisoners. Abdul shielded the men as they fought.

The battle is brief and the other prisoners took casualties. There were 3 of them left. A commotion was heard from upstairs in the quiet.

No more loose guards.

Amerigo Hieronymus Cell #7, relocated to the room of Lamentful Answers
DC=6(easier with one hand free and no failed rolls) Roll:10[+4](Applies)=14

Amerigo watched as the thief talked himself into being tied up as he finished freeing himself. Suddenly, A giant ogre out of nowhere crash lands right on top of the glass case, destroying it and spilling the "relics" into a pile on the floor. You see your book spill onto the floor amongst other things.

" KILL! KILL KILL KILL! Them all!" Screams the master as he discharges his weapon into the Ogre, rendering him into a fine ash. The weapon glows white and the master drops it, pulling out a six shooter .45 handgun. The guards in the room draw their weapons.

Yes three turns. One failed roll. One success after a failure while he was scrutinizing you not distracted. A final success without any bad situations or other things getting in the way. We must have missed each other in IRC, but I consider myself to be a hard but fair GM. If there are any issues about the length of time or difficulty of a repeated task after a failure or repeated attempts, I can be reach via PMs in addition to the discord and IRC.

Nikita - Cellblock

Fat man Roll:5[+2](Applies)=7
You Roll:8[+2](Applies)=10

The catwomen both nodded but as you all rounded the corner the Fat man stood before you, holding a dead guard's sword. "No one says no to me or drugs! Nobody!" He was bleeding from his nose, likely exhausted after you beat him. "I take no changes, you are too strong to live!" The battle raged all around you.

You shake off the attempt. He's in the way. Time for Nikita to take out the garbage. Everyone else is busy.

Riley Cell #12
DC=4 Roll:10[+2](Applies)[+4](Applies)=16

"Eeeeehyyy?" Said Sweet Tooth "I dun see nuthin' take off your-" The knife severs the mushroom's spinal column. He falls to the ground, his eyes screaming. Alive and paralyzed. The battle raging outside soon coming to a near close.

He's not dead. Yet. But he's down for the count.

Emilio Ughi - The Interrogation Room
DC=12 Roll:3[+2](Applies)[+4]=9

"I don't have time for thi-"

The master is interrupted. As suddenly a giant ogre crash lands right on top of the glass case, destroying it and spilling the "relics" into a pile on the floor.

" KILL! KILL KILL KILL! Them all!" Screams the master as he discharges his weapon into the Ogre, rendering him into a fine ash. The weapon glows white and the master drops it, pulling out a six shooter .45 handgun. The guards in the room draw their weapons.

You see your book next to a few others on top of the pile.

A very hard sell, considering he holds all the cards and the Master is really not in the humoring mood. Luckily a distraction has presented itself.

I am Communist fucked around with this message at Jul 5, 2017 around 00:04

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Update. Some clarifications. It takes time to sort out. Locations are all up to date and should be in each of your posts. Bad effects can happen if players don't know where the characters are located.

Skills actually need to be written into the post to be used.

Action stacking is not permitted.
Applying a skill trickery [+2] in Tricking the farmers wife into giving you a pastry and then chessmaster [+2] to beat the farmer at chess are two separate actions so its not one roll and not one act.

Not stacking actions:
If you use trickery [+2] to make the farmers wife distract the farmer to beat him with chessmaster [+2]. That is a single action and roll and gets the +4.

Anyhow on with the show!

Mood music:

Nikita - Cellblock

Isiah Incipio - Cellblock

The Fat man was fast for his size. Powerful strokes almost cut each of you. However soon between Nikita's timelessness and Isiah's bestial form they wore the nimble yet sweaty mindbender down. Severat blows from Nikita made the man lose his grip on his sword. Then the wolf had the man by the throat and it was over. Three of the remaining prisoners approached. "What now?" One of them asked.

ugh I lost the rolls for fatfight and didn't write them down. Let's just say you both killed him since he didn't roll better than one of you anyway.

Riley Cell #12
DC=0 Coup de grace

The pain and horror on sweet tooth's face was evident as the light drained from its shitstained eyes. Riley picked up it's sword. Sounds of people leaving and some prisoners fighting entered her cell. If she didn't walk out soon the door was going to close again. It began creaking shut.

Riley is now armed and dangerous!

Ksenija Ceranic - Killswitch Control Room

DC=10 Roll:7[+0(2)]Doesn't apply to hack[+4](Applies)=11

The code is beavering. Ksenija started to sweat. Bioglue=riparmsoff. Null values. It made no sense! Appears. Seed? Yes that was it! She ripped out the mainboard and the beetles all went still. The fight continued on screen, her laptop kicked.

No action stacking, sneaking to the machine was an act. Hacking an act. If she was trying to hide the hack from sysadmin that would be one act. No dice. Luck was on your side though, barely passed.

Emilio Ughi - Room of Lamentful Answers
DC=0 A craven auto success!

Doing nothing Emilio hid. The guards and the master deciding he was not a threat could focus on the real dangers. Everyone fighting for their lives could see the base selfishness of the act.

Greed -2 You have earned 1 FlawPoint to be used against you. The guards all get a +2 to all rolls while Emilio hides.(next round) But Emilio is immune to being targeted and will take no damage while hiding. Each round he hides he earns another FP.

Edit; you find your artifact

Amerigo Hieronymus Room of Lamentful Answers
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FP
DC=6 Roll:3[+0(2)]Doesn't apply to getting the gun[+2](Applies)[+4](Applies)
also no +2 FP!how does your flaw apply and where is the role play that is about this flaw? the stubbornness etc?=9

You can use Natural scientist to shoot the modern gun without penalty on the next action. What if the first action failed? Would Amerigo have pointed his finger at them?

Amerigo gets the gun. The master looks dumbfounded but then begins to pull something else out of his coat. Targeting you!

No bad feels, just explaining. If I called another player to the carpet for separate actions, I have to be fair. Note: Using your flaw is an auto succcess at the cost of gaining a flaw point to be used against you by the GM or another player. but it has to fit and be dramatic in the post and have an in character effect.

Hakon - Room of Lamentful Answers
DC=6 Roll:8[+4](Applies)[+2] (Doesn't Apply) The con was over? =12

The guard held his throat gurgling. "No0o0o!" He bwargled. The nervous man died in a pool of his own misery and blood. His death triggered one of the pigmen into action, it swung it's sword in front of Hakon. Getting in his way.

The con sort of stopped applying and new trickery was not written about. But you succeed in killing a guard by surprise.

Patak - Room of Lamentful Answers
Abdul the Unbound - Room of Lamentful Answers | FP: 1

Abdul and Patak enter the room. The master was squaring off against Amerigo. Hakon was fighting a pigman. Emilio was cowering. Thomas was begging another guard for a weapon! Spotting you both one enraged walrus-man charges the both of you!

No guards left to stop you getting there. A partner is waiting to dance.

Abdul. I am invoking your Pacifism [-2]. Mission Abandoning Patak: You cannot assist in the fighting unless it is to shield Emilio and try to convince him to stay hidden.
If you do this and roleplay it well, you also auto succeed in getting your crown back. And all previously earned flaw points are removed. IF you do it well (GM judgement).

Silth - Host/Thomas - Room of Lamentful Answers
DC=6 Roll:5[+2](Applies)[+2](Applies)=9

Slake the pigman shook his head at Thomas. Confused. "You went bad Thomas. Why should I help-" His look of confusion turned to terror as Silth killed him. The path ahead was open to The Stone. Everyone would be occupied. Silth no longer needed help.

The way is clear.

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I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

scheduled update

Riley Corridor outside Room of Lamentful Answers

Ksenija Ceranic - Corridor outside Room of Lamentful Answers

As you both make your way separately to the Room of Lamentful Answers, Riley bumps into Ksenija. As the two of you were about to speak you hear a loud voice throughout the facility:


Emilio Ughi - Room of Lamentful Answers
Flaw Points: 2

Emilio continues to make life harder for the rest of you. +2 To the remaining villains rolls. 1 more FP for Emilio.

Amerigo Hieronymus The room of Lamentful Answers
1 FP

The master draws out a sawed off shotgun, and Amerigo shoots him between the eyes. He falls over missing the back of his skull. Dead. All the lights go out bathing the world in red light.

The master is dead.

Hakon - Room of Lamentful Answers

Hakon dispatches his opponent, just barely. As soon as he does so he sees Amerigo detonate the master's head. It wasn't pretty.

All the normal lights go out bathing the world in red light.

There is no one between you and the EYE now!

Isiah Incipio - Penalty[Location: Cellblock]

All the normal lights go out bathing the world in red light.

The three men attack you it's almost as if you don't know where you are. You feel sluggish and slow, almost as if some outside force is hurting you. The three prisoners begin punching and kicking you.

Cell block. Hard times in the Cellblock. You are delayed.

Nikita - The Room of Lamentful Answers

Nikita exits into a corridor and a door shuts behind him in the gloom. He arrives in The Room of Lamentful Answers just as the master loses his head.

All the normal lights go out bathing the world in red light.

In front of Nikita is the pile of artifacts.

Nikita leaves and does not notice his companion's plight.

Patak - The Room of Lamentful Answers

Patak takes of the walrus-man's head with his axe. As you wrench it free, Amerigo finishes the master.

All the normal lights go out bathing the world in red light.

Time to get your crap and get out of here!

Silth - Host/Thomas - Room of Lamentful Answers

The stone is yours yours YOURS! Silth/Thomas is so happy. Then the lights go out. And the red ones come on. And the destruct message says there are 4 minutes to escape.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Everyone  - Location: Directly Outside Prison Fortress Pandemonia Druralax

Tutorial over. Your mistakes will now get you hurt or killed. I'm not going to talk about it anymore. I need accuracy in player posts because I mostly have to search on my phone.

The massive building floods with a highly flammable insanity inducing gas and a large fire elemental is unleashed. The entire structure is engulfed in flames. Each of you enters a very active situation. The underground city stretched for miles and was illuminated by the flaming structure and glowing stones high overhead.

About a hundred dwarven firemen begin fighting the flames, ignoring all of you for the time being. They seem to be using giant bladders filled with water to pump it into the masaive flaming complex.

Your artifacts in hand, you see that the sprawling city is illuminated in multicolored lamps. Further out and higher up, is nothing but darkness.

Streets run in every direction. You can go North, South, East, West or another compass direction. You each can go alone or together but you can't stay here.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Riley Heading NW

Riley clutched sweet tooth'z sword under her dirty clothing. She blended easily into the dark garbage filled alleys behind the well lit estates. Some howling beasts reminding her of dogs bayed at her passing. She finally went behind a lively tavern and sat down to rest. Out back it was quieter, but she could hear the boisterous neerdowells having a fun evening. They were completely unaware that blocks away, a part of their city was burning. A house of horrors put to flame.

No surprises. Riley takes refuge behind a busy tavern in a nobler, richer part of the city.

Hakon - Heading S

Passing other fleeing people and those heading to fight the fire, Hakon finds himself in a slightly more run down part of the city. Examining things with a thief's appraisal he could see it wasn't a slum by any standard but just below average income for a city of its size. Many doors were shuttered against the cold of the dark and torches rather than glowing globes lit the ways intermittently. Hakon wandered until he found himself outside a large rundown building. In a scrawled script it read: "Miss Greybeard's home for orphans"

A small light lit one of the lower bedroom windows, a woman could be heard singing to herself. The night wind blew cold and hard. Hakon got a whiff of himself. He needed new clothes and a bath.

Hakon has found: A run down orphanage.

Silth - Host/Thomas - Heading N

An armed an armored contingent of grey skinned elves and dour dwarves marched double time the opposite direction Silth Thomas was heading. More and more armed men and water carrying firemen were heading to the source of the disturbance. A floating disk covered in purple glowing witchfire soared over Silth's head, a severe looking hooded elf studyied you with glowing red eyes before looking away, speeding towards the fire. As Silth travelled he saw more floating disks heading that way. All seemed to come from a giant dark tower of stone that reached high overhead into the darkness. People didn't travel this way, and those that did usually bowed and got out of the way of the soldiers. They completely turned their gazes away from the disk riders.
"Oi! You dere!" Shouted a short filthy creature. It looked reptilian but walked like a biped. "Get outta da way! Hurries!" It looked worried for host-thomas. Perhaps because he was filthier than the creature. "They already noticed you look!"

A group of swarthy red skinned orcs was pointed your way by a dwarf pushing a cart. They started pushing their way through other formations of soldiers, causing an argument. They would not be distracted for long. "Common! To the sewers!" The dirty kobold whined. He looked about to bolt.

You can go with the kobold or try to slip away.

Isiah Incipio - Heading E
Nikita - Heading E

Nikita and Isiah headed eastward. It wasn't long before they came upon a great marketplace. Inquiries were met skeptically at first, but Isiah's bearing belied the ripped clothing you both wore and the ungodly smells from your time in the prison. Sweat, blood, and filth.

However upon talking to a shady looking merchant he had just the tip for both of you. "Don't see many humans that aren't slaves down here." Said the dwarf. "And whatever your friend is here either." He bit into an onion like it was an apple. Breath reeking, the odd merchant must not have a sense if smell. Which is likely why he was talking to either of you. "The black army is looking for recruits. They had a bad time of it in the badlands, most of their boys lost to the gigants. Just tell'em old Greer the onionman sent you. If you can pass muster, the mercs will take ye. Not many other crews will take boys needin a bath and without any proper gear."

Employment tip. Or you can keep looking.

Patak - Directly Outside Prison Fortress Pandemonia Druralax

Abdul the Unbound - Directly Outside Prison Fortress Pandemonia DruralaxFP: 1

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Directly Outside Prison Fortress Pandemonia Druralax
1 FP

The dwarves shied back from Abdul but his words calmed them. Soon with Patak's bolstering and Amerigo's help the firefighting organized and began beating back the flames. More firefighters arrived and soldiers began condoning off the area, evacuating the neighborhood. Hundreds were now involved in fighting to save the surrounding buildings. Even with the valient efforts and help from the three of you, the fire still blazed unnaturally hot. The sudden arrival of sorcerous forces on floating disks turned the tide. Wands showered water, ice, and spells of choking darkness onto the inferno.

Soon all the flames were quenched. Order was finally being restored when 3 disks touched the ground near Patak, and 3 more near Abdul. A group of soldiers walked up to encircle Amerigo and the rest.

A tall grey skinned elf addressed your trio. "I sensed something from each of you. You have our thanks strangers. Whoever." He said to Patak and Amerigo. "And whatever." He said to Abdul. "You are." Even so, I must ask you all to come with us to the black tower. The Magus will want to hear your tale." The building crumbled and crashed, sinking to the earth behind you.

The elf was polite and while non-threatening is asking you to go into their custody somewhere in a place unknown for unknown reasons and motivations. Do you go or try to leave?

Ksenija Ceranic - Heading W

Ksenija calms down. Her visions of the bioprison overlaying her reality pop with sudden clarity. Everything was made of stone. Mundane stone out here. She took a deep breath. She stunk. Her clothes were ruined.

Glowing globes without any energy sources lit the way, then gave way to torches, then burning animal dung. Then darkness. The buildings were delapadated and the homeless, drunks, and dispossessed reminded her of her own home. Except the people were something out of a fantasy sim. Dwarves, orcs, kobold, elves. Her laptop cheerfully supplied passively through her implant.

A shanty town is soon evident. Burning barrels, hovels, and mats to keep the cold wind from one's bones. A blind albino human woman sniffs the air as you walk by her makeshift shelter. "Hey. Newcomer. Come here. Old Sally knows them new ones from the old ones." She wrinkles her nose. The slave brand on her forehead prominent. " We all smell of poverty here girl. But you... tears form in her milky white eyes. Did they hurt you too? The dark elves? Come here baby girl, we won't let them hurt you anymore." She beconed towards you. A small pot of stew was brewing and Ksenija's stomach growls.

You find Sally amongst the discarded and the lost . She's one of the few humans here.

Emilio Ughi - Heading W
Flaw Points: 2

Following not quite the same route as the other female prisoner, Emilio soon finds himself somewhere he is "needed" indeed. He found himself in a poor district. No well lit avenues, no hope, at least until he arrived. A group of grey elven youth's dressed in fine clothing had cornered a homeless dwarf and were beating him in an alleyway. "Please stop I didn't mean to bump to you!" Cried the dwarf in pain. "I'll give you anything please just stop!" They hit him again and again.

The leader sneered. "We'll teach you, you lowborn scum! Just die already!" He said as he brandished a silver blade. Just as he raised it to strike, one of the group pointed at Emilio.

"What are you looking at SLAVE!" As one they all they turn to look at you.

Yikes. Plenty of downtrodden and greedies to trick into Faustian deals this scene

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Apr 19, 2002

Isiah Incipio - Greer's Stall
Nikita - Greer's Stall

Nikita:"Greer, tell me. What land is this? Who rules here?"
Greer looked at Nikita thoughtfully. "Well you're in the Granite region of the under-realms. This is Slate-Iron city. Ruled by the council of six. Did you just say you were a slave? No reason. Just curious." There seemed to be more than curiosity in the last statement.

Isiah got a little more information from Greer on the subject of the mercenaries. Directions and a name. "Gaol the Black. Rumor has it he was once a batallion commander of the enforcers. Tall orc. Red. Can't miss him or his temper. So please mind you manners. He is a friend of mine."

If you're both ready to go once Nikita finishes with Greer and there isn't anything else we can move to the merc hq.

Patak - Directly Outside Prison Fortress Pandemonia Druralax

Abdul the Unbound - Directly Outside Prison Fortress Pandemonia DruralaxFP: 1

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Directly Outside Prison Fortress Pandemonia Druralax
1 FP

Patak: "What assurances do we have we will be able to leave if we desire, with all we carry with us now?"
The elf looked taken aback by the admission. "Are you admitting to being a fugitive from justice? That you robbed and murdered the lawfully appointed representative of this prison and were the direct cause of the irreparable damage to this district? Regardless of any other circumstances, acts, or real or imagined grievances and situation? This you admit here. Now. As you try to hide your criminality by righting your own wrongs, separate and irrespective of anything else anyone else has done? Two wrongs do not make right and furthetmore-"
Amerigo chimed in timely confirming Patak's story.
Amerigo: "What the big guy said. We've just been arrested by an unknown party calling himself "The Master" who threatened to torture me to death. We're just trying to make sure we're not about to have a repeat experience. I'm happy to relay my experience to your Magus provided its not me being interrogated." 
The elf goggled for a moment.
"You too admit!? No one has ever heard of this 'Master' before. Had you not murdered all witnesses we could have investigated. Punished under the law. It does not excuse your crimes, your killings, your theft. There is no justification for this mayhem and destruction. Innocents died. Defenders if this city died to contain this. Now you admit you all are the cause?"
Abdul:“I would have an assurance as well. As such, speak from the heart before the Crown of Abdul-Sa’Ord: If we come along with you, you swear to do us no harm, nor will you aim to imprison us.”
The elf gestured to all city defenders and firemen present. As one all either too up defensive positions, casting positions, or offensive positions around you. Now the elf was angry.
TRUTH [+2]: Abdul got more truth than he could ever bargain for. "You believe I don't know a compulsion or geas when I see one? I would have guaranteed your safety regardless. We would have considered you heroes!" He spat angrily.

"We are a civilized society of Rules and Law! We would have arrested and prosecuted this master. Criminal scum! But now you try to enslave me on top of your other admitted crimes! The gall! I'll tell you now, you all will come and be judged or we will grind you down to dust no matter how many of us you kill. You will be taken. You will be arrested. You will tire. No power is infinite. I swear by the ancient kings and the undercourt, that justice will be served! You can surrender your magical objects and plundered weapons and come in peace or we will take you."

A couple disc riders already had left to send word of this new turn of events. There were many innocents as well as enforcers between you all and safety.

This is where flaws can fuel or de-escallate a dramatic scene.
Patak; Justice[-2] If Patak feels he has been done unjustly and fights, for every 20 men killed he gets 1 Flaw Point. If he chooses not to fight and that these people are just, erase any FP and get one single upshift to banked for any future act.
Abdul; Pacifism[-2] If any of your companions choose to fight, you will hinder them giving them [-2] to any rolls. You can erase all FP. If you convince your companions not to fight, you erase any FP and gain an upshot to be banked for any future act.
Amerigo; Pride and Stubbornness[-2] This isn't right! If you fight Erase any FP. If one of your companions joins you: Amerigo gains two upshifts to be banked on a future act. If not: No free upshifts.

Silth - Host/Thomas -Sewers

"I'm Torn-ear!" The kobold proclaimed as he led you deeper into the tunnels. Eventually they widened and got darker. While Silth didn't need much light to see, the pitch blackness was impenetrable. The kobold held host-thomas' hand, leading him the rest of the way. "Here it is! Here! Safeness!"

Silth was led into a large area lit by lichen and a glowing moss. Several other kobold gasped in fear and hid at the sight of Silth's host body. Many hissed in fear but Torn-ear spoke out. "This tall one is like us! He can helps us with our problem if we hides him." The kobold gathered around and started pulling and guiding Silth to a side passage. In it there was a wall with a tall lever. "Can you pulls it?" Asked Torn-ear hopefully.

What will Silth do?

Hakon - Orphanage

"Who is that? Oooooh a maaaan!" The greybearded female coped letting her nightgown open. When her eyes fell on the eye, she grew quiet and stared into it's depths unblinking. Hakon felt the will leave the female. To be replaced by his own.

First thrall! .

Riley Alley behind the tavern

The dream touches her friends faintly as if locked behind glass or underwater. The twins were worried about Riley but they were ok. The connection was tenuous and soon the dream faded as Riley was being kicked awake by a black armored dwarf. "Hey! No vagrants! I catch you around here again and you'll catch more than a beating!" The dwarf leaned in closer so witnesses couldn't hear. "Here take this coin. Get somewhere warm and far from here girl." He pressed a few copper coins into her hand. Straightening he bellowed, "Now off with ye!"

Riley discovers a mysteryThe dream world is broken off here. As if where she came from and where she is are wholly different universes. Which is incorrect. All dreams should go to the dreaming place. An interesting turn of events..

Ksenija Ceranic - Old Sally's Hut
No trap detected

Ksenija. "Tell me, what did they take from you?"
Sally sighed and put out two bowls for each of you. She spoke as she began to eat. "My innocence, my maidenhood, my beauty and youth, and when that was sight. Transferred in a healing ritual to a noble." She took another bite. "They used me hard girl. What did they do to you? Come. Sit. You can rest here. I will hide you from them. You sound hungry and tired."

Emilio Ughi - Alleyway w/ mugging
Flaw Points: 2

"I'll do anything to make it stop!" The dwarf agreed. The book shattered the silence if the night with a thunderclap. An underdog bated mournfully in the distance. Nothing happened.

"Bullshit." Said one of the toughs as he went to kick the dwarf again.

A fist the size of a large ham grabbed the leg as the now 8 foot tall powefully built dwarf rose above the gang. He threw the boy screaming into the rest as he delivered a very brutal but non-lethal beating. To each of them. The last scream was cutoff as he slapped the youth unconscious. The dwarf walked over to Emilio, towering over you.

"Is thank you wizard but I do not know your name. My name is Athrogate. Athrogate Stern. Call me Stern all my friends do. I owe you my life and will follow you wherever you go. Master."

]You have gained a follower! Athrogate Stern. His loyalty enforced by your artifact.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

If I'm posting your flaw I'm invoking it if it's not clear. If I don't say otherwise you reduce your count by 1FP unless I'm throwing you a bone and erasing all of it and offering other bonuses.

It's not a trade off.

It's being invoked.

If there's a split choice for flexibility and role play it's a IF the situation goes one way or the other. Hope this clears things up.

I need see your flaw referenced in some way .

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I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Sorry for being scarce. Work has been hectic due to RL dumb. Here is the update!

Isiah Incipio- Merc Hollow
Nikita - Merc Hollow

Greer tried to speak to Nikita again but as soon as a name formed in the dwarf's mind he had a mini stroke. Soon he was left sitting, slack faced when he tried talking to the both of you. The cumulative effect of the hex taking it's toll.

It wasn't long before you both reached the encampment located in Merc Hollow. The guards looked at Isiah curiously but his warrior aura carried you both through. A toad faced human missing both his ears guided you to the leader's tent. From outside an argument could be heard. Mostly about the losses in the wilds beyond the city. "Go on." Said the man. "But be respectful, the company may be on hard times but we are still the best in the six cities."

How you want to make your entrance is up to you both.

Patak - the Black Tower

Abdul the Unbound - the Black Tower


Amerigo Hieronymus Location: the Black Tower

As Abdul continued talking the commander looked pointedly at the golem and said. "Shut. Up. No one cares. What you have to say is meaningless. You just did what you did and used some of the most powerful magic we have ever seen on our minds. There are laws here you automation. Your surrend-"
Amerigo jumoed in and suddenly seemed to have quoted the most obscure laws, some of which had not been invoked in centuries. Patak's additional assurances and the fact that none of you erupted into violence gave the leader pause. "One moment." He turned his head and spoke into his sleeve. "Really. Really. Hmm. I guess if used in that way. Fine." He didn't look angry anymore. He pointed at Abdul and spoke to Amerigo and Patak. TRUTH [+2]"A word of warning before speaking to the Magus. Don't confess to anything, and don't let this one speak for you. We don't care about words of protest or innocence, we have the evidence. You have one chance to tell your story. One. Casting charges and aspersions on the dead is meaningless. So unless you have a time mage playback the crime scene, shut up. You all likely couldn't afford one anyway. So unless you have actual proof that isnt a confession to a crime, keep it to yourselves."

The leader then turned to his men. "Let them keep their weapons. We will escort them to the tower to see the Magus. Upon my word. Let them not come to harm before speaking with him."

With that scores of soldiers and a squad of disc riders escorted Abdul, Patak, and Amerigo through the streets to the tower. As the trio walked through the streets, they passed dozens of guard posts, patrolling guardsmen, and large red skinned elite orc enforcers. Had they fought they may not have made it out alive, the elf's words about his manpower not a boast.

Brought through three sets if large gates the size of small mountains, you are escorted below deep into the fortress-mage tower. It is practically teeming with magi, warlocks, and sorcerers. Troops of many stripes rush about their duties. Before long you are brought before two large brass doors. An elf guardian pounds on a large bell with a hammer.

Silence reigns in the hall as the door grinds open. The hush is oppressive in the dark space beyond. Suddenly two large bright sources of light appear and zoom in close. A thunderclap accompanies light as the space becomes visible. An extremely ancient golden dragon sitting on mounds of molten metal regards you.
"So, you have come. Tell me why you have disrupted the life of my city. I hear you fought the fire but may also be it's cause. Have a care, if you cannot prove what you say. You will suffer the consequences."

Don't gently caress this up now. The dragon before you is one of the council of six. It is beyond most mortals and runs the law enforcement arm of this government.

Silth - Host/Thomas -Sewers

The lever is pulled and fresh water flows into a basin below. The creatures all rush and drink thirstily. "Thanks you!" It says. "You is in slate-iron city. Ruled by the six. Dunno bout the rest of its. You hit your head meats?" The kobold asks curiously.

Hakon - Orphanage

The children are gathered, sleepy eyed. They start to ask who you were, but the Eye stops all of that. The indoctrination is easier than the grown dwarf, Hakon realizes. Children had less will and were more apt to be told what to do. Mistress Greybeard bowed low before you. "What do you command master of masters?"

You Now possess an orphanage.

Riley Alley behind the tavern

If it wasn't apparent, the dwarf was being watched. His face contorting into a visage of rage he began beating you. Cursing you. Repay his secret kindness with outing him to the nobles. He'd teach this street rat a lesson. Riley could hear it all muttered from the dwarf's breath. It would be a savage beating.

You can take a beating or enter combat.

Ksenija Ceranic - Old Sally's Hut

"I might know of someone. His name is Julto. A Smith to be sure, but a weird one. Come now it is time to sleep. I'll give you directions in the morn.

The night passed and you found sleep restful for the first time in a long time. Sally gave you some packed food from her meagre stores and directions to the shop. "Be careful. And I hope you find your girlfriend." She hugs you before you go.

You can go the short path through the slums or the long path around them.

Emilio Ughi - Alleyway

Stern shook the boys awake. When you made your offer it was hard to believe. But when they saw Stern they had to. Each of the noble children thought then asked for almost the same thing. Their inheritance now. They would provide clothes, money, and tell their friends. Not quite as creative as Emilio would hope. And no request for supernatural power, but Emilio could use any of the nobles' estates provided he could get them control.

]Seal the deal? Y/N? Or try for something deeper?

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Isiah Incipio- Merc Hollow
Nikita - Merc Hollow

"Ganelon, we will speak later." The man who could only be Goal said to a white bearded human warrior. The man left in a huff. Turning to you, Goal listened to your pitch. "You lads are lucky we need bodies now. You're hired, but will need to pass basic muster. A series of warrior tests and how you fare at them will determine what rank you start at. Promotion is common, due to the high mortality rate amongst the men."

"If you agree we can get you tested, fed, and rested. What do you say?"

There will be a test of:

They won't be the same for both of you and will be independent of each other.

Patak - the Black Tower

Abdul the Unbound - the Black Tower


Amerigo Hieronymus Location: the Black Tower

Patak: "Captivity?" The dragon asked puzzled. The plea was felt. Patak knew within his heart. But the dragon focused in on the detail like a gold coin missing from it's hoard. It could make the just decision but had to be sure. Justice

The dragon looked to Amerigo and Abdul. "What of the two of you? Tell me."

Silth - Host/Thomas -Sewers

The Kobold thought for a moment. "You can cleans here!" It exclaimed pointing at the water flowing. "Up above there is the book place. I could show you where." It added helpfully.

You can also just get directions if you want to ditch the kobold.

Hakon - Orphanage

As the orphans started their work, mistress Greybeard imparted the tale:

"Long ago the lands below once were the above. All manner of life lived on the surface and we had the love of the gods as we loved and honored them. But the kings of old grew wicked and the people sinful. The gods turned their backs from us. Then the great Adversary came. Without the protection of the gods he scourged the surface lands with fire and hate. All would be destroyed with all life ended.

But the ancient dragons and all of the archmagi banded together with the technologist and artificers, along with the clockwork emperor and they devised the way.

Sealing the power of elements into crystals of power they struck back with their magic, science, and armies. The Advesary was wounded. But he had one lasting punishment in store for the races. With a mighty display of power he sank the lands above into the lands below. So deep none can escape. In the chaos and underwars afterwards the new kingdoms formed. Each claiming a crystal with an element. This was in a time beyond remembering. The balance of power is maintained by each country having their crystal and able to deny that element to the others and them in turn.

The light crystal reaches across the whole underrealm to light the central stones of every capital each morn for example."

Hakon asked more questions. Areas outside the major cities had to get their own light. Otherwise everything existed in darkness, the way lit by the light you carried. There were underground rivers, lakes, and seas. There was rain and storms underground as the "skies" were so high and moisture formed and fell down below as rain.
There was ice and snow, but only near the Crystal of ICE and it's city. Lava and fire near the Crystal of Fire and it's city. Wonderous and dangerous creatures flew the 'skies' of underrealm and many monsters roamed the wilds away from civilization.

Mistress Greybeard knew mostly generalities from her education at the church of darkness. She didn't know much about geography or the names of lands outside her own home. Slavery was a punishment for debt, being poor, or breaking laws. Law was absolutely enforced. Life was hard in underrealm but ultimately needed the order imposed by the kingdoms.

Part myth, bedtime story, and actual information.

Riley A cage, slave processing

A fist was the last thing Riley saw as she was knocked into undreaming unconsciousness. When she awoke she was in a cage packed full of people. They were moaning in despair and misery. A large red orc clad in black armor with a golden eye emblazoned on the front of it shook the cage mightily. It laughed and cackled like a demon. As it pointed to the sign leading underground. It said in elegant dwarvish script: Slave Processing

All of Riley's belongings were missing. However under her clothes, it seemed they had missed her artifact.

The cart came to a halt and a cadre of chaos orcs surrounded it. A fat red-bearded dwarf addressed the caged filth and dregs.

" Well, you broke the law and now here you are." A man in the cage started to protest but was soon cut short by a sword thrust into his gut. The impaled man sprayed blood on everyone in the cart. People pressed and screamed before the dwarf silenced them with a shout. He continued. "You'll be stripped. Shaved. Inoculated. Branded. Chained and sold. Your lives are over, because you made a choice. Now they will be made for you." He gestured to the orcs.

"Process them."

People were dragged from the cage. Riley was small and there was an opening between one of the orc's legs. The gate to the outside loomed open. Riley had one chance to escape. If she wanted to.

You could escape, or try to talk to the Processor General.

Ksenija Ceranic - Julto's Shop

"It took longer than Ksenija thought to find the smithy. By the time she got there the shop was closed. Most of the craftsmen & merchants were closing up shop. A few taverns were just starting their nightly libations. Ksenija could wait here or try to spend the night in one of the taverns. In any case, the smith's sign said he would open 8 hours past stone's first light. Whatever that meant.

Shop is currently closed, it took all morning and afternoon to circumvent the slums. But no one molested you. Ksenija can either wait outside the shop or try one of the taverns.

Emilio Ughi - Alleyway

The offer rolls off of the first two. "Just want my money now!" One of them said. However one of the boys thinks it over. "I'll take it." He said hastily. The book glows and soon the deal is sealed in thunder and sparks. The boys look at themselves. "I don't feel no differently." The other two said.
"Sure ya do." Said Lordling Silver-tongue.
And they did. The lad smiled and thanked Emilio. "Come by our estates whenever you have need." The lad said politely. "After the funerals of course. I'll send your clothes and money. The others as well." He handed Stern a bulging coinpurse. "For the master of the deal, take care of him Stern."

With that the lads left.

One of them goes for it. He is lordling Silver tongue

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Isiah Incipio- Proving Grounds

"Good, Isiah. Follow your guide to your testing ground." Isiah was led down to a parade ground. Around it were weights and large objects. Several large men and orcs were attempting to pick up and throw a large iron ball with handles on it. The men cheered and or jeered based on how far. The guide explained: "This is the test of strength, how far you can throw the iron will determine how well you score. Simple enough right?"

Test or refuse

Nikita - The Pit

"We shall see how you fare. Follow your guide." Nikita was led to a wooden building nearby. Inside there was smoke and cheering. It looked like a cross between a fighting pit and a tavern. An thin elf stripped to the waist was wrestling with a large brute in a loincloth. The rules seemed simple. You won by pinning your opponent, pushing them out of the ring, or making them submit. The elf had technique but the raw barbarian power saw him thrown from the ring. The winner threw his arms in the air and the crowd began chanting: "Ogre-sun! Ogre-sun! Ogre-sun!"

Your guide pointed at the ring. "This is your test of strength. Win and it will improve your starting standing among us."

Test or refuse.

Patak - North Exit

Abdul the Unbound - A dark forgotten room


Amerigo Hieronymus Location: East Exit

To Patak and Amerigo the dragon squinted then seemed satisfied. "You may go." The dragon gestured with a claw to the sorcerers. "They seem more likely to cause each other trouble, release them separately at opposite exits."

And so Patak was deposited at the northern exit and Amerigo at the Eastern one.

Looking at Abdul the dragon sighed. "You my friend talk too much and can prove nothing. You will spend the night as our guest as we parse through your very verbose, long and unprovable story. We see how you have tried to sink these other two almost purposefully and we would know why. We sense no evil from you but yet you seem to be a source of it." It turned to a phalanx of guards and mages. "Take our guest to his quarters. I must ruminate on it's bullshit."

The elf captain that had counciled the trio looked pissed. "There goes my loving weekend you damned alien garbage. Follow me." Abdul was led to a barren room, the guards removed the light and shut and locked the door. Sitting in the dark, Abdul heard footsteps walking away. It was quiet. Very quiet. Testing the door, Abdul found he could open it quite easily if he wanted. He could look around and see what this place was about. Maybe learn something before being seen again. A pile of bones in the corner let Abdul know he might end up waiting a long time to be seen again by the dragon.

Amerigo and Patak are free to go. Abdul is a guest waiting to be seen again or not by the dragon it is extremely long lived and Abdul may end up waiting a very long time. The door is flimsy though and easily opened by a golem. You can look around if you wish.

Silth - Host/Thomas -Bookshop

Silth navigated the sewers as best he could after cleaning up. His clothing was still torn but at least he didn't smell of garbage anymore. He surfaced into the market square in an alley behind the bookshop. Making his way around the front and into the store he was greeted by multiple stacks of books. A clerk could be heard in the back of the shop. There were few patrons this early in the light cycle.

At the bookstore!

Hakon - Orphanage

The children took his instructions well. Some might get damaged or lost but there were more thralls to be had. Hakon's net was cast.

Add one mortal quality: Minor Spy Ring [+2] This can be used sparingly to get basic information about a target or a tip to find something Hakon is looking for specifically. Within reason, they are children after all.

Riley Escape! Slave Processing

The man resurrected and screamed. Whole and healthy! The guards spun around and all eyes were focused on killing him again. The soft tone resurrected the man again. Screaming. Half the chaos orcs ran around in confusion while the other half butchered the man into pieces. The scene was chaotic enough that Riley was able to escape unnoticed. As she ran through the streets she came upon a run down looking building. On the outside read a sign: Mistress Greybeard's home for wayward children. A light was buring in a couple of windows.

Perhaps she could find help here.

Ksenija Ceranic - The Pink Bear Tavern

A giant pink dancing bear in a cage at the far corner of the tavern raged against it's magical enchantment. The smell of smoke, cheap booze, and unidentified sweat greeted Ksenija. It looked like a scene out of the movie Space Wars with all the different races sitting around drinking and gambling. A patron got up to leave, dropping his coinpurse right at your feet. The man got too close to the cage and suddenly found himself being mauled. After the commotion, both the bear and man were dead. The bodies were taken out back and the tavern went back to business.

You got coinpurse. Their bad luck is your good luck. Luckily the roll didn't see your divine use get too out of control

Emilio Ughi - The Golden Crane Inn

Stern took Emilio to a fine inn and got Emilio a bath, room, and comfortable clothing. Food was ordered and stern told Emilio what he knew.

You can look at all posts previous to this one and have society/world information not in spoilers.

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Bonus Update!

If there are any questions PM me or message me on Discord or IRC

Riley Outside Mistress Greybeard's Home for Wayward Children

Sneaking in was an easy thing to accomplish, most of the noise and commotion seemed to be centered in one of the larger rooms. Riley Peaked into the inside and saw one of her fellow prisoners dictating orders to a handsome grey-beared dwarven lady and the many children of the orphanage. Interesting. Why were they fawning over him? He seemed to be directing them to different task but Riley couldn't quite hear. As she edged closer and pressed her ear against the door crack, a board creaked underfoot.

This will be an opposed roll of Riley's vs Hakon's skills, unless a divine one (Resurrection does not) or flaw applies as per the listed rules in the recruitment thread. Pick what you think would be applicable to not be detected.

Hakon - Orphanage

The orphans eventually brought you the information you sought. There were the mercenary companies located within their district, plenty of fighters from mild to unstoppable. The rougher neighborhoods with their bullies and street toughs, also the criminal enforcer elements. The orphans described many tough fighters, deadly killers, and even a few magi and sorcerers that would fit the bill. As he was receiving his report Hakon got the feeling he was being watched, it could be nothing. But the feeling persisted...

This will be an opposed roll of Hakon's vs Riley's skills, unless a divine one (the Eye does not) or flaw applies as per the listed rules in the recruitment thread. Pick what you think would be applicable to detect any potential watchers.

Silth - Host/Thomas - Bookstore

"Dats me, good ole Alfie. You need a book for readin friend? Anything in particular?"

You have found him!

Ksenija Ceranic - The Pink Bear Tavern

There were few games running that depended on numbers. One was a dice game where the "dealer" rolled two six sided dice. That number was the one to meet or beat. Rolling double numbers doubled the winnings, however there was a modifier to the game.

There were six seats around the table and a single die was rolled to pick a player to roll a single die.
That player is then "the chosen one".
They then roll the single die and get a number 1 through 6
They could then choose to add or subtract THAT number to the total rolled by the player whose turn it was.
If the total number was more than 12 or less than 2, The chosen gets the pot. If not, the dice roller whose turn it was gets the chosen's bet automatically. Win or lose.
The chosen could decide to not play the "chosen number" if the odds are bad.
Every non-rolling player makes a token bet into the central pot and one side bet to bet upon if the dice roller can meet or beat the dealer's roll.

Ksenija could see that the strategy was simple and the payouts large. It was a favorite of the patrons. She could see that the dice would be easy to jink if jerry rigged properly.

Emilio Ughi - The Golden Crane Inn
Flaw Points: 2

The innkeeper looked at Emilio's hand. His own greed sealed his fate and he shook on the deal.
Screaming as the very walls drug the innkeeper inside of them, the patrons fled.

The man was now the eternal servitor of the Golden Crane Inn. All money that changed hands would flow into the tables or bar and end up in the basement. The Innkeep now could be everywhere at once, in the Privy to hand a towel to a boarder that forgot it, to empty the chamber pots, to serve food and drink. He would also be able to bounce all ruff and tough clientele if they got out of hand. Hard a the stone of the walls, never sleeping, unresting. Emilio's new base of operations had a 24/7 servant. So long as the cash in the basement was untouched, Emilio would find himself with a good deal indeed.

So the catch is that the Innkeeper is bound to the inn. He is now bound to it.

Patak - North Exit, The Black Tower | 4 FP

"HOLD!" Said the Elf you encounted at the fire. The Magus wished for you to have this. A large bag of gear, armor, and weapons along with food and drink was passed to Patak. A bag of coin as well. "Not your fault you got saddled with blabbermouths. The Magus wants you to know he sensed Justice about you, and apologies for any inconvenience." The elf also give Patak a card. "If you are accosted for vagrancy or a minor crime, give them this. They will take it and leave you be. There are different laws for the different strata of society anyway. Good luck." The elf went back inside and the door closed behind Patak.

A carriage rolled up to Patak and a man looked at him from the driver's seat. "Just got paroled eh? Need a ride mister? I can take you to the merc quarter, the shopping district, or to the city gates if you like! Plenty of caravans about looking for guards ya know!" The man laughed as if at a private joke.

You are provided with money and stuff, and a possible ride to ADVENTURE!

Nikita - The Pit

Ogre-sun took a drink and saluted you. When he caught his breath you both met in a crash and a clash. He was strong but not stronger than Nikita. Grappling and shoving, pushing and punching Ogre-sun wore himself down. No matter how much punishment he dished out, you took it and didn't go down. Soon the ring was chanting your name! "Ni-ki-ta! Ni-ki-ta! Ni-ki-ta!"

When the time came and you pushed the giant down into the dirt, he tapped out. "Very good!" Your guide said as the crowd cheered. You hadn't even broken a sweat. The next test was on the archery range. Several hopefuls had put on armor and were standing in front of multiple archers. The arrows were shot at them and they had to catch or deflect each arrow before they were struck. It seemed that the blunt headed arrows were also enchanted not to pierce the armor, as several cadets took hits that knocked them down and the breath from their lungs. "This is your test of agility. We'll see how you do."

The goal is simple dodge or deflect the arrows.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Exiting The Black Tower
1 FP
Map of Granite Region

    • Granite region of the under-realms.
      • Slate-Iron city.

  • Ruled by: The Council of Six
      • Magus the Lawgiver
      • Lord Granite
      • Sentinel Supremis
      • Lady Goldshorn
      • Cardinal Sylvanis
      • Barris the White
  • Home to: Crystal of Darkness
  • Exits of City:
      • North
      • South
      • East
      • West
    • Exit of Granite Region
      • North

Isiah Incipio - Proving Grounds

The iron ball was extremely heavy for its size. However the technique that Isiah used was unknown to the men and at first they laughed at the ludicrous spinning. They stopped laughing as Isiah let the ball go with all of his werewolf enhanced might. The iron ball sailed further, much further than any other throw. Your guide coughed behind his hand, obviously impressed. "You passed." He said on the silent field. "On to your next test."

He led you to another testing ground. This one had two rows of men standing in a gauntlet, they were equipped with rubber lined clubs. A line of recruits waited. The one at the head of the line was actually a female elf. She ran through the gauntlet dodging and weaving, she didn't quite make it to the end. A large dwarf clubbed her in the shoulder and she fell to the ground gasping in pain. A human on the other side smacked her in the temple, felling her into unconsciousness. She was dragged away to the "promising" side. A medic saw to her wounds. Those that didn't make it far were taken elsewhere, likely to be seen to and sent on their way.

"The test of agility." The guide said.

Make it to the end without being struck. Fighting, interacting with the guantlet, or blocking the blows will see you disqualified.

Abdul the Unbound - A Dark, Forgotten Room | Promises: None!| FP: 1

Abdul awakens the following 24 hours later. Silence greeted him. The dust in the cell had not been disturbed.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Abdul the Unbound - Deserted Exit CorridorFP: 1

Abdul heard no one. There was a large sign and an open door that said EXIT that lead to some stairs. Apparently no one comes where they had put him.

You have an exit. You can choose to take it freely or

Hakon - The Mean Streets

Hakon stalked his target. The male orc was single and muscular, and was a bouncer at one of the seedier bars. He was capable enough, and a loner. He did often drink at a few bars in his off time but spent most if his time alone. Just doing his job but hardly a slouch at it. Possibly he was ex-military by his bearing and professionalism. An enlisted man not officer. The orc's coworkers and employer all confirmed this.

He can be the guy.

Emilio Ughi - The Golden Crane Inn [Stern brings ppl to you]
Flaw Points: 2

Stern brought four hopefully and one seriously abused ex-slave. The four emaciated men got the Stern treatment. Then Stern the bind woman to Emilio's attention. "This is Sally. She heard you're the man to see about her getting some payback against the nobles that took everything from her. Including her sight."

You have four beefy men and Stern. Get mortal quality: Security [+2](Defensive only) They'll get in the way so Emilio can escape. Meat shields basically. Also Sally is here.

Riley Behind A Seamstress Shop

Eventually Riley finds a place to hide. Right behind a seamstress' shop. A pile is cooling in the window apparently the proprietor lived there as well.

There is pie.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Outbound Caravan
1 FP

There was mention of wands but no firearms. It seems these things would be quite rare in this part of the under-realms where magic was most prevalent. There were three main Caravans leaving town. A hunter caravan, that would meander through the wilds and then sell the beast parts in the next city. A merchant caravan which would stop in multiple cities but slower throughout the under-realms. Lastly there was a monster fighter adventuring caravan for rich lords and fighters wishing to test their mettle and male coin at it. Nearby you saw Patak but the last warning from the dragon was still fresh in your ears.

No gun laws. Three caravans. A warning reminder that could be ignored.

Nikita - Proving Ground

Like a scene out of minstrel play, Nikita was able to move out of the way of the hexed arrows and crossbow bolts. If anything the archers took this as a challenge and began aiming only for Nikita leaving the other cadets alone. The guide and cadets stood in awe. No one had done this well other than Black Goal himself. "This test is done." Your guide told you. "Now into the next test. That of your cleverness." You entered a smoky tent and a wizened elf gestured for you to sit across from him.

"There is an underfox, a rabbite, and a head of lettuce before the river Styx. How to you get them to the other side of the shore? The rabbite will eat the lettuce if left unattended, the fox the rabbite if both left unattended. Any solution is permitted not the boring one. Do not try and magic the solution from the magic-wide-web. Or you will fail."

test of cleverness

Silth - Newhost Bookstore

It was closing time and Alfie asked if Silth would make a purchase. When Silth-thomas would not move he reached out to shake the man. It would be Alfie's final mistake. The barbs reached out and stunned Alfie and all Silth to the paralyzed man's horror crawled into his mouth and began painfully coring out the most intimate parts of what made him, himself. Rising and wiping its mouth, Silth-Alfie looked at the discarded host. He would need to get rid of it before it started to smell...

You are now host Silth-Alfie. Your combat and jailing skills fade to be replaced with those of a scholar!

Patak - Caravans | FP 5

The elf was left reeling. Mind blown by something that should have been so obvious. What change the elf could effect would remain to be seen. Patak was taken to the caravans. There were three main Caravans leaving town. A hunter caravan, that would meander through the wilds and then sell the beast parts in the next city. A merchant caravan which would stop in multiple cities but slower throughout the under-realms. Lastly there was a monster fighter adventuring caravan for rich lords and fighters wishing to test their mettle and male coin at it. Nearby you saw Amerigo, the last warning from the dragon was still fresh in your ears.

You blow someone's mind.choices choices

Ksenija Ceranic - The Pink Bear Tavern

Ksenija begins at the small tables. The night moves along with her moving up the high roller chain. Soon she finds herself after winning thousands of golden coins in the back room of the tavern. Several large guards of unpure giant stock ring the room. The final other 5 players sitting around Ksenija. A dark elf sorcerer, a large red chaos orc, a bald dwarf, a shady looking fair skinned half elf, and an enchantingly beautiful human female sat st the table. The dealer had a member of management whisper to him and he nodded. "All bets are doubled. Once you're out, you're out. That alright with all of you?" One by one the other players nod agreement. The dealer looked at Ksenija.

Will you play on?

Isiah Incipio - Proving Grounds

Isiah begins the gauntlet, the swinging of weapons whooshing by. A club strikes his shoulder but he grits his teeth and dodges more and pushed himself harder and faster. Soon he is panting heavily. He made it. "Very good!" The guide said. "Now on to your next test!"

Isiah was brought into a large tavern like area. A skinny orc was standing in front of a table. He gestured to it. "Here are two jugs. One can contain 3 liters of healing potion and another jug you can fill from a font of healing as many times as needed. That second container can contain 5 liters. You must give only 4 literss of healing potion to your commander. Too much and you will poison him. Too little and he will die. How do you do it?"

Hit but no damage. Onto the next test!

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Silth - Host/Alfie - Bookstore


Luckily it wasn't directed at Silth. A group of dwarves chased a vagrant past Silth as he opened the back door of the shop. No one even so much as looked in his direction. The area was clear and the body was hidden behind a rival's shop with care. Silth even propped and positioned the corpse with its hand on the door as if it was crawling to get somewhere safe. <"That ought to do the trick."> Alfie thought. That was odd. Silth hadn't had that happen before. <"What happen?"> Said the hosts conscious remnant. <"I'm hungry. Can we get something to eat."> The ghost of a personality whined.

Body Hidden!

Hakon - The Mean Streets
The Orc seemed to think on it, then began negotiating. He had heard odd sob stories before to reduce his fees. Hakon gamely went back and forth so as to give the proper appearance of an actual employer. Eventually the orc agreed to meet at the appointed time. Hakon went back to the Orphanage. His thralls were prepared. Mistress Greybeard asked, “Any other special preparations needed?”

There is a basement. Any special restraints or anything?

Abdul the Unbound - Deserted Exit Corridor
Abdul went the opposite direction of the exit, freedom, and good sense. While he wandered eventually he came upon the soldiers’ mess hall. The elf leader giggled at Abdul. “Are you serious right now? What the hell are you still doing here! Now we have to do things to you. bad things.”

The entire guard contingent, extremely pissed because they now would be missing their meals, dogpiled on to Abdul and took him down to material rendering. Bound in very large steel bands the elf got into Abdul’s face and spit in it.

“You don't know a good buy when you get one. Now see if you get it. Goodbye.”

The giant machines roared as they took your arm off at the shoulder and pulverized it. Pain. Unnatural and never felt before racked your frame. “How's the price of stupidity feel friend? If you'd taken the dragon’s hint and left, he could have forgotten about you. Now it's too late.” Abdul’s feet were soon fed into the machine, ready to be destroyed. “Give me one good reason we don't crush you to dust one piece at a time! Well? We're waiting.”

Now they have to break something. Take a single rank of damage from your mortal skills.

Isiah Incipio - Proving Grounds

“tldr; Barely passable.” The old man sniffs. “But he passes.” Your guide says, “Thought you could do better. A shame. Onto the next test.”

You were lead into a room. The white bearded man who was arguiny with Goal earlier sat across from a chessboard. “You play?” He asked. This would be the test of strategy.

A roll isn’t needed just to talk. You passed. Next chest.

Ksenija Ceranic - The Pink Bear Tavern
The games ground on until Ksenija lost the allotted amount. She decided to cash out. As she left a floor manager caught her hand. “It was wise of you to lose back those funds. The house knows you've been cheating. Don't ever come back. Keep what you've won off the patrons, and take this lesson with you. As well as your life.” His eyes were diamond hard and held yours an uncomfortable amount of time. He let you go. Out into the streets and dawnstone. It was what passed for morning down here.

They knew and let you off with a warning. And let you keep your money.

Riley - Behind a Seamstress Shop
A man dreamt. He was playing cards with horses. Anytime he lost they sat on him a bit his chest, crunching flesh off of him like apples. He screamed.

A woman dreamt. She would be married to a noble known for sadistic cruelty. Her merchant father was paid a large sum of money for her dowry. Her dreams were of an uncertain future.

A child dreamt. School. Ugh. Lessons about the city. The six. The crystals. Blah blah.boooring!

You get previous mentioned world info, minus the map. Dreams aren't really a good source for this unless specifically directed at someone in the know but you've had nothing good happen so far and you're trying so GM fiat for a win!

Nikita - Proving Ground

“Good enough friend. But you should try turducken. Stuff the lettuce up the rabite’s rear end, the rabite up the underfox’s rear end then eat the mess. Then swim across. You are correct, the do not need to live, just get across. Turducken!” He repeated, an idiot's grin and madness speeding across his face.

Your guide quickly hustled you from the room. “You passed.”

Nikita was then taken to his next test. There was a grassy field. Nikita was put in charge of two squads. One of archers and one of swordsman. He would face off against three squads. One of archers, one of swordsman, and an additional squad of pikemen. He and his forces would have to triumph in taking a flag on top of a hill made of rock and keeping it. Either until time ran out or the other forces defeated. All squads had non-lethal magic versions of their weapons. They'd smart but not really harm anyone. If anything they'd knock a person unconscious. “You have time to position your men on the first square of the field but no further. You can reorganize them as you see fit. Good luck!”

Emilio Ughi -  The Golden Crane Inn
Sally laughed. “Hurt them. I'll pay your devil’s price.” The book groaned with the effort it was exerting. Then latched onto Emilio’s own soul to power this effort. Screaming Emilio and Sally both. Emilio could see the damage wrought by this spell. One of the six’s own family members just got the short end of it. As magi entered the little girl’s room. A man with a dark presence turned and looked. Looked right at you.

Exhausted and overused, the artifact went silent. For how long would be anyone’s guess. Stern and the boys picked up Emilio and Sally as the phantom innkeeper made up their rooms.

Emilio awoke with a start. Clutching his chest. Something was partially missing, he could feel it. Sally startled Emilio almost out of his wits. “They're coming you know. The dark cardinal is coming. I hope you're ready.”

Your artifact has been overused. Continued use will damage you unless you give it time to recharge.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Merchant Caravan, going towards Granite-urg
The merchant leader haggled a bit with Amerigo but when he saw the human wasn't into it, just shrugged and offered him the going rate for caravan guard. The gun that Amerigo had made the merchant raise his eyebrows but he muttered “weird human magics.” Then went about his business.

A few weeks out of town and Amerigo saw why no one went outside the cities alone. It was completely dark out here. The only lights came from the caravan and those were swallowed up in the vast distance. Making camp one night, one of the elves took a lute out of his pack and started to sing.

“Above above, we once lived.
We carried our love of the sky.
The wicked kings of old disgraced the gods,
The adversary arrived and we began to die.
Crystals were made to save our souls,
Under the ground we were banished for the lie.
Return can we never. As all is dead beneath the sky….”

A few of the orc merchants clapped. One dwarf cried. Amerigo hadn't yet approached anyone, but now seemed to be the time if he wanted to speak.

An opportunity to chat or we can continue on.

Patak - Caravans | FP 5
The lead hunter, a ranger sized up Patak. Grunting, he nodded. “Our pay is the bounty on things we kill. The bigger the beast, or group of monsters the better.” The caravans initially set out together but soon the Hunters turned from the worn path. The lights the hunters used were small so as not to give away their positions.

A few weeks into the journey camp was made again. “This is odd”, one of the hunters said. “We should have found spoor or some monster sign. We've found nothing. Maybe the rumors are-"

“Belay that talk.” The lead ranger said. “ You'll spook the newcomers.” Patak was not the only new addition to this group. A survey teen magic user and a few grey orcs had joined as well. The girl flashed too white a smile and asked. “Whatever do you mean?”

“Yeah.” another orc chimed in.

“I said. It's nothing.” The lead ranger said as he stomped away.


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Apr 19, 2002

Ksenija Ceranic - The UnderMountain Inn
The walk was short. The businesses just opening around Ksenija. As she walked by the Blacksmith's business she saw him being arrested. A few fruit cart merchants gossiping said they found a body cored out from the inside being eaten by dogs and underpredators behind his business. A well muscled dwarf said nothing as he was taken away in chains. He stared at Ksenija as if he was about to ask for help. But said nothing.

The UnderMountain Inn loomed like a guided but squat bird of glory. It's proprietor, a blond bearded dwarf woman threw a sign towards the scene like to ward off evil. "Bad business that. The local guild has been eyeing his stall for almost 50 years. Now they can take it. You look in for a room luv?" She sniffed but was too polite to say anything about Ksenija's smell or poor clothes.

Your streetsmarts let you avoid something and put you at the most lax standard inn while not being a divebar/motel. You can pass the scene outside and get rest / cleaned up if you want. It's 10 gold per night. A platinum coin is worth 1000 gold.

Hakon - The Orphanage
The Orc arrived and was surprised when he was jumped by 50 orphans. Like the old mythological question asked in taverns by only the drunkest of men. How many orphans can he take in a fight? Apparently this orc could take on 30. Non-lethally. He stayed his hand at truly harming them.

He awoke to a dwarven woman putting drops in his eyes from some sort of phile. He tried to blink, but to his horror his eyelids were being held open, even his eye was being held straightforward, looking at an empty chair across from him. He tries to struggle, but he cannot move a muscle in his entire body, he is tied in place by dozens of belts ensuring he could not make even the smallest movement. Then Hakon sat in the chair across from the orc, a hungry smile on his face. “I see you are secure, good.” He looks the orc over, “I can see the fear in your eyes, but you don’t need to worry about that or what’s happening or why you’re here. You will understand your place in the world soon enough. All you have to do is look...” he places the Eye on a holder just in front of the Orc’s restrained face, and its begins to glow softly at first but more intensely with each passing moment, “listen to my voice…” Hakon continues taking his seat such that he would be visible through the gem, “and obey.”

For the next few hours, Hakon speaks, as the Orc can do nothing but stare helplessly at the Eye as its pulsing light bored into his mind and soul. The human took his time, working with utmost thoroughness and intensity. Speaking to the orc of how he would love Hakon more intensely than he had felt about anything before this moment, about how he would worship Hakon with every fiber of his being, about how Hakon was his God, his Master, his entire universe, about how nothing in the world mattered or would ever truly matter except Hakon. He made sure the orc would see him as the very picture of perfection, his every feature beautiful beyond words, his voice the very ideal of commanding and better than the finest symphony, even his scent the most wonderful smell imaginable. He continued, working each theme again and again until he was certain every beat of the orc’s heart from this moment forward would be a prayer of devotion to him, every word and thought existing solely to please him, until the orcs feelings towards him would be so intense and devoted that everyone else would seem empty and hollow by comparison, inducing a sort of focused sociopathy such that everyone and everything else would exist for the orc only as objects to be used to please his master.

On top of that Hakon went to great lengths to ensure that his new thrall would be filled with bliss at the mere notion of serving his master. That the feeling of blessed purpose that came with the knowledge that Hakon owned him down to his soul would be addictive. Hakon wanted to make it so that the orc would be able to push through pain and injury on his behalf, that whatever limits his mind imposed on him would be as nothing compared with the all consuming obsession to please his master. Finally, Hakon tried to instill in the orc the desire to be his master’s most obedient and useful slave. He would always be seeking to be stronger,faster better, more loyal, more devoted, more obedient. He would not be a puppet, but an active agent seeking always to better please the master he worshiped deep within every cell of his body.

When it was finished, Hakon took back the gem, and undid the restraints. Taking his seat once more as the trance faded, he spoke, “So now do you understand your place?”

A voice spoke in Hakon's mind.
<"I LOVE YOU. You are my existence I am of you and you are me. Our souls are bound together in love and harmony. Nothing else exists for me but to be your everything as you are to me. Beat me kill me destroy me. NOTHING. Not even death will keep me from you and your light. I will tell you the many ways I will cherish you and your mastery. I will...">

The litany went on through many variations. There was no pause as the orc breathed deep of Hakon's musky sent and stared at him unblinking in pure adoration, submission, and love. Mistress Greybeard grew concerned. "I'll run out of drops at this rate. Seems like you did a different number on him. He's a different orc now. I can tell."

The eye went dark. Spent.

Hakon and his orc captive are now linked mentally. Hakon could feel the orc empathically. His feelings adoration, submission. Also when close, they could share their thoughts telepathically. Even the orcs discomfort and pain. The effect was duller when distant. Hakon will have to be careful with that. The Orc is essentially a meat terminator, he will not stop until he is destroyed. (He is not bulletproof just describing his mindset.) Also you can rename him. Something more fitting. You gain the following mortal quality: Alpha and Omega Servant [+2]> Doing more like him may change this into something else. The eye is currently exhausted. It may be continued used at damage to Hakon's being.

Patak - Hunter Caravan | FP 5
The man looked around nervously then started to drink. When he'd had some more liquid courage, the man spoke:
"I speak not of god nor devil ye see. But of life lost and the Kursed Three. One an undead giant, of the true blooded kind. Ten meters tall and armored beside. It's club a slayer of man, beast, and children add to it's crimes. The second is a dracolich it's bones more ancient than time. It flies the underskies searching for prey to feed it's hunger and cruel mind. Magic and dark shadowfire so cold it burns even in water or brine. The last is no beast, but a human cursed by the last of the wise. A vampire of souls which no holy light can hurt or divine. It heals from pain and suffering and feeds on life force through fangs sharper than a trine.
These are the three that wipe out monsters and mortalkind..."

"Shut. Up." Yelled someone trying to sleep. "Your dumb legends are meaningless out here. Only an idiot or someone more brave than had sense would seek these unliving monsters out. If they're clearing the wilds, I say let them do it."

The now drunk man looked sheepish. But Patak could feel the the necromantic truth to these tales.

Copy that floppy. You do have an artifact made for this mission. The Kursed Three were not mentioned as being together or even operating in the same parts of the wilds. Patak can continue on his hunter trip or go for the big game.

Silth - Host/Alfie - Bookstore

The Alfie engram died with a whisper.
The map of the region and Slate-Iron city's position on it was one of the first books Silth saw. The ruling six were named. The laws were mostly normal as far as mortal bipeds were concerned. But the enforcement and penalties were harsh. Very harsh. Slavery, dismemberment, death. A book on mythology seemed to be the history of the place. Silth found a book that stated that the church of darkness was the authority on which books were deemed heretical, the enforcer judged which books were anarchistic. So beyond slate iron city and the region it was in, no news of other towns and other regions or even a world map were available here. However there was a banned library in the black tower and the HQ of the church of darkness. This last bit of information was one of the engram's memories.

Silth gleans all previous information posted before this post. If he wants a complete world map and the inner workings of the govt he will need to get into the banned libraries of either the black tower(enforcers, magus) or the HQ of the church of darkness (church, cardinal of darkness home to the crystal of darkness.).

Emilio Ughi - The Golden Crane Inn
Flaw Points: 2
"I do have friends that might take your deals." Sally said frowning. "I said I'd help you not give up my morality. If they take the deal that's their choice. I don't have any 'details' on the dark cardinal. My gifts let me detect that he found you. Not give me insight into his well wardedmind or any of his secrets." She thought for a minute. "He's a scary motherfucker. I didn't know my sight was taken to give one of his family members her sight. In any case he can call upon the crystal, his own dark miracles sourced from who knows where, and call upon the crusaders, knights, and inquisitors of the church to name a few of his tricks. That's just regular Sally knowledge. Likely he will call in favors of the other lords, send assassins the like until we are all dead. And just to warn you these pros will not be in the mood to talk or defect since you seem to be a newcomer to this city and hard underworld facts and life."

"These people are powerful and grind normals like us like one would ants. They have made mighty enemies disappear to get where they are. Be carefull Emilio." Sally advised.

Fewer downtrodden showed up than Emilio expected. About six of them. They balked at the soul deal. They were desperate but basically annihilation of their immortal souls was just too much. They were going to leave if Emilio didn't fix the deal somehow

Literally an impossible DC a deal no one would want. No one. Also you lucked out they didn't. It would have been the first time a PC killed themselves due to rank damage from artifact use.
Sally gives you what she has.

Nikita - Goal's Tent
Nikita's plan wasn't brillant but he and his men more than made up for it in tenacity. There were several points once battle was met that things almost ended in disaster for Nikita. The other in command of the second force was a much better strategist and countered easily. It as the charge by Nikita that took the enemy forces by surprise, allowing his archers to rain down on those below from the high ground. Another stroke of strength and luck, Nikita had knocked the other commander unconscious.

A horn blew and Nikita's men cheered. They had won!

Nikita's guide took him back to Goals tent to wait for Incepio. "Any questions you wish to ask before your friend arrives?"

Nikita wins! Goal the Black gives him a moment to ask some questions.

Isiah Incipio - whitebeard's Tent
The white haired man chats with Isiah for a while. Showing him the rules [it's just chess with different style pieces underworld themed]. The man seemed to take a shine to you. "This has been most enjoyable Isiah but I still must test you. Are you ready to begin?" The man was all business.

You can call this man friendly, and he could someday become your greatest friend. You both hit it off. But that has nothing to do with how he will test you. He respects you too much now to ever take it easy on you. Shall you play a game?

Riley - Behind a Seamstress Shop, Dreaming In Riley's Sanctuary

"Sure I'm Mindy!" The girl said. And took off laughing. Mindy and Riley played and laughed and had great childhood adventures. Time had no meaning in the dreamworld and yet it did. Mindy told Riley, "I wish I could stay forever!" In that way that only children could. But Riley would soon need to wake. Her body was not....

You have a dream friend. One you can find anywhere on this plane of existence.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Merchant Caravan
An arrow took the man through the neck and he died painfully before he could answer! "BANDITS!" screamed someone. Merchants dove for cover amongst wagons circled around the campfires. Armsmen, merchant private guards, and caravan guards all shouted and pulled hand crossbows, bows, and slings. Arrows and projectiles flew back and forth. Sometimes killing someone in the darkness and sometimes killing someone in the firelight.

"For Ishmal and his golden beeeeeeez!" The bandits cried and charged the barricades. Red skinned orcs lead the charge with feral looking dwarves berserker looking axemen following. They seemed to be directed by a lethal cadre of dark elves.
Amerigo touched his gun. Underneath it was an odd barrel he hasn't noticed. It said, "Incendiary Grenade". There was a wire that went to a button beside the trigger. What an odd thing to notice in a fight.

Carvan going to get rekt. Fight or run son!

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Apr 19, 2002

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Merchant Caravan
1 FP

The explosion obliterated the leading cadre of the bandits in a single shot, momentarily stopping combat for all involved. The merchant guard took the initiative though and with loses sent the bandits packing, leaving behind their dead. Sifting through the wreckage, the merchant leading the expedition held up a fallen bandit's uniform. "This from the Grenmalk-City guard. Our destination. This doesn't make any sense! They are one of Slate-iron City's vassals. Loyal to the capitol and the six. Just what is going on there?" Other elves and dwarves were cleaning up the mess. An orc walked up to you and roughly clasped Amerigo on the shoulder laughing. "Whadda you call that thing? Gotta get me one o' them."

You have gained a mortal quality Gun Wizard [+2] Like in a western, reloading won't be a problem. The BOOMSTICK part is out of grenades though.

Isiah Incipio - Proving Grounds

The game went on for a while, almost ending in a stalemate. White beard was good. Really good.[(White beard uses Tactics [+2] and Experienced Campaigner [+2]). However, Isiah proved to be the victor. It was closer than he would have liked, but the old man was extremely impressed. "I'll take him to see Goal." He said dismissing the guide. "A great game, I see great things in store for you...Captain."

Isiah got the feeling, even though white beard was keeping his tone neutral, that no one ever started at a captaincy.

When he brought you to Goal's tent you could see Nikita already there.

You now have mortal quality Black Legion Captain [+2] Which gives you access to training, weapons, and skills that can be used in a roll like your warrior prince. Also to order around those in the company that you outrank. A status as well as a mortal skill.

Silth - Host/Alfie - Minor Church of Darkness

Host/Alfie went to mid-dark mass. The place was surprisingly busy at all hours. Something about purging the original sins that caused the fall into the under-realms. It wasn't anything interesting. At the end of the long sermon the people fled to go to work or to their homes with a few queuing up to have private confessions. There were different booths scattered throughout the very large cathedral. It was poorly lit by candles, to give homage to the Dark Crystal. "May it glimmer in darkness in the Cathedral Fortress of the Dark Cardinal". Priests sat in one side of a private screen in a box and the parishioners on the other. A chance for silth?

Silth attends mass. Sees it may be time for confession.

Hakon and Daor - The Orphanage

Daor fawns and waits on Hakon's every need and whim. The orphans go out and case the streets, looking for what Hakon might need in a target. Many were unsuitable for they would be missed. Eventually they brought Hakon a list of 10 names. Very minor merchants and nobles but they had money and would not be missed. The eye continued to charge over the two week period but hasn't quite opened again.

10 names found. The eye is still charging up. Daor fawns over Hakon.

Patak - Hunter Caravan | FP 5

The lead ranger looked at Patak as if he were mad, but also with great admiration. He waved off the offer of coin. "Here take my cloak, get this man a healing potion and provisions. If you've not had a healing potion before I will explain to you how it works. It's effects are regenerative not instant. It would be too expensive otherwise. In any case good luck. Which creature are you going after if I may ask? I need to know what to tell your widow."

No charge. Who are you going after?.

Riley - Behind a Seamstress Shop

Riley awoke with a start and instinctively kicked out with her legs. It caught a large, mangy dog in the face as it was going to bite into her calf. It yelped in surprise but soon took on a starved look of determination and growled low in its throat. It would not go hungry this night.

Riley repels an attack to take a bite out of her.

Nikita - Gaol's Tent

"Ah, well. Based on your scores we would like to make you a sergeant. The head of our shock troops, mostly chaos orcs. As to your other question, we will find and complete the contract vs the gigants. While not true giants, they are quite large and are being led by a very unusual leader. Our weapons and magic had little affect on it oddly. In any case your friend just arrived, ah here he is!"


Ksenija Ceranic - The UnderMountain Inn -> Gear Shopping

Ksenija found a new set of clean but local clothing sitting on the chair where she had left them. Three tiny beings laughed as they stole her old clothing and drug it through what she had thought was a mousehole! Ksenija left the inn in better spirits than when she had arrived. She ended up finding a shop without a sign in a forgettable alley. Upon entering a surley human said, "Daaad! You gots a customer!" An elderly human appeared, smoking a pipe.

"Hello, hello. Do come in. Just what might a well dressed lady like yourself be looking for? Hmm?"

Ksenija finds dry cleaning is included in the exorbant rent. She also finds the fence.

Emilio Ughi - The Golden Crane Inn
Flaw Points: 2

"Well, we can see about catching a caravan. I'll have Stern and the boys gather our stuff. You got the coin to pay for the trip bossman?" Sally asked. "Protection through the wilds can be expensive. You could hire mercenaries and your own guides for cheaper."

You can hire the caravan if there is one, or make one of your own. Sally's Slate-Iron knowledge kicked in to give you the bonus option.

Abdul the Unbound - Material Rendering | Promises: One | FP: 4

Suddenly a queer look came over the elf's face. The words of Patak earlier crashing in on him along with the Golem's speech. The dwarves laughed nastily and began to grind the Golem's foot when the elf stopped them with a word.

"Is it justice for everyone?" He sounded puzzled. His guard companions looked confused as well. Then the elf captain came to a decision. "Throw it in the garbage. It's not alive. Justice doesn't apply to non-sentient toys that repeat the words of their old users." His following look spelled certain death for the golem if the being spoke again. The way out plain for him.

The dwarves started carting the Golem to the garbage outside.

GM serious chat: This is the way out. If the Golem allows itself to get out, he will be deposited outside.

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Apr 19, 2002

Patak - The Wilds | FP 5

The journey was dark and long. But soon Patak came upon the scent of cooking meat. Humanoid meat. He crept upon a very large fire roaring in the darkness. A large spit held a few orcs and humans. A colossal purple-bruised skinned true-giant sat facing away from Patak. Darksteel plates glinted in the firelight. The sounds of its ghoulish meal was sickening. Weapons both broken and whole stuck to the beast where they had broken through its armor. The body beneath didn't seem to notice the damage, or care.

It sniffed the wind a few times and Patak could swear the beast almost detected him. But it shrugged each time, continuing its meal.

Careful saved you from a surprise attack! You can go first now or prep.

Abdul the Unbound - The garbage FP: 4

Abdul laid for a while after his torturers left him. Soon a crippled dwarf pulled a cart along side his pile looting the dead, and looking for interesting items. When he came upon Abdul the dwarf blinked. "Here now, are you alright you alien thing? I'm The Tinker. Can you walk? We need to get you out of here."

A kind face. A rarity.

Ksenija Ceranic - Gear Shopping

"Oh." The fence snapped his fingers to his "son".
"Bring out the good stuff. The lady wants some catburgler gear." With that mainly thieves tools and kit were produced. They were renaissance fair style items to Ksenija but one object caught her eye. The price was steep but her computer confirmed it was the real deal.

"Its the last one I have, so it's price is high." It would cost all the platinum Ksenija had.

A bodyglove style outfit with pouches and pockets for small tools of the trade. Pitch black, blacker than Black. It can give mortal quality Stealth [+4], Plain sight Inop [-2] (Like we discussed)

Hakon and Daor - We be clubbin'
FP: 3

Hakon found himself enjoying things in spite of himself. Daor was an old hand at clubbing and soon Hakon and he were casing out places and taking down names. No one so much as glanced at the two of you. No one really cared. It was with much ale and good times that Daor brought Hakon back to their abode and they settled down for the night.

You find dozens of potential thralls during the clubbing/pub crawl. The Eye is almost about to open!

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Merchant Caravan
1 FP

The caravan leader shook his head. "They burned the supplies. We're too close to our destination to turn back. With good rationing we should make it." He looked at Amerigo. "You're not thinking about striking out on your own are you? That would be madness!"

Shall he stay or Ameri-GO?

Riley - Behind a Seamstress Shop

Basically this:
The dog and Riley fight. It's savage. But soon Riley beats the animal back and wins. She's panting but alive. Riley wiped the blood off as best she could, sniffling. She thought for a moment. This was a city. A city had shops and homes and even areas for the homeless. She could take refuge somewhere. There were signs that pointed to the beggars district and more. Where would she go? The streets weren't safe for someone like Riley.

Sorry Resurrection [+2] doesn't work that way. That would be regeneration. Luckily you win and take no damage. Natural 12 in any case. Riley might just be getting lucky!

Isiah Incipio - ♤♡◇♧payattention¥₩£€

Nikita - Gaol's Tent

Gaol laid all his cards on the table. "Isiah, you will take all our remaining 50 men and take the fight to the enemy. Nikita you will be in charge of the last berserk unit consisting of 10 of our strongest warriors. That is independent of Isiah's command." Gaol said.

"You can train with the men, train on your own, or leave immediately. The longer we wait, the more likely the gigants will grow in number or grow bolder. Greybeard and I will continue recruitment here. Your success or failure will decide the fate of the legion."

Each of you can train either: Yourselves(medium time) or your men(long time). Individually. Not together. Apart. No co-op training.
Or go now.(short time)
Leaving/quitting is also an option. The longer you take the harder the gigants will be to fight. But doing training could yield a bonus if your dice are good!

Emilio Ughi - The merc area
Flaw Points: 2

Emilio arrived and found lots of merc companies. He tried speaking with a local dwarf but anytime the poor fellow spoke he seizured and looked like he was having a stroke. No matter. Emilio found that the best company, the black legion was unavailable. Something about a contract gone bad yadda yadda. He soon found a few groups with good reputations.
The Fire Eyes: A magic based group but not as heavy on hand to hand combat. They had many good skills and magic to combat the dark and scry for enemies.
The Purple Dragoons: This group were mainly hunters. Their beast slaying skills and lore let them fund shortcuts and ward off rampaging monsters.
The Skippy Clan: Run by "Bad Dan" this former gladiator had a more traditional outfit. Swordsman, archers, and heavy hitters. Close and ranged combat. They were rough and tough.

Choices! Your book is almost charged.

Silth - Host/Alfie - Minor Church of Darkness

Silth watched as one of the human clergymen kept wiping his nose. "I have a cold!" He kept saying to his fellows. They gave him dirty looks. The man kept leaving through a side entrance, into the dark alley beyond. Then would return, a dopey look on his face. This repeated each mass. Silth's host started to get tired. He'd either need to rest or change bodies soon.

Skooma addict spotted!.

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Apr 19, 2002

Hakon and Daor - Orphange
FP: 3

The Eye opened. Hakon could feel it's re-awakening fill him with contentment and power. Through various means Hakon received information about the types of spellcasters in this world.
Magi/Mages/Wizards: Multiple years of study and apprenticeship. The multitool of magic users. As they rise in skill and study they can specialize in different magical schools. They are more limited in sustained use of their abilities but ultimately can cast the most powerful spells.
Sorcerers: Instead of studying, their claim to power is more innate and have natural understanding of magic. While it takes them less time to come into their abilities and they can perform more magical works, High Magical workings often eludes them.
Warlocks: These casters include blood magic, runic magic, and magical ability derived from a source of power. These sources are heavily guarded or kept secret. Whether it is derived from a leyline, font of power, a binding pact with supernatural beings, or the blood of innocent sacrifice a warlock is sheer POWER. The magic they have mastered is usually hard earned and guarded jealously due to its price.
Talents: Talents are people born with a single ability or a few abilities. This can be something minor like the ability to light a candle without a spell. It just works. Multiple repeated uses of a talent can exhaust the user. Major Talents are extremely rare and can include summoning major elementals, creating almost impregnable protective magical shielding, or teleportation.

There were candidates for each type.

The eye is charged!

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Merchant Caravan
1 FP

The leader looked relieved you would stay on. "They pay us taxes and most laws are similar if not the same. The government is different there. It's run by Baron Remosur and his knights. It's a lot less strict than the capitol. Which may or may not be a good thing." He says eyeing the dead bandits.

Silth - Host/Alfie - Minor Church of Darkness

Host/Alfie followed the priest into the alley. As the man bent over his skooma and inhaled deeply. He sighed. Relieved. Then stiffened. He turned and looked at Silth. "I SEE YOU BEAST I SEE YOU SEE YOU SEE YOU!" His eyes rolled wildly. Silth stuck him quickly and began the melding. What had the flesh husk meant? Silth would have time to reflect on this later.


Ksenija Ceranic - Caravans

Ksenija got her things from the inn and collected the tools needed for her journey. She arrived and there were a couple caravans available. A small hunter caravan that would be hunting mushroom-fungus men and another that was a north bound trade group. They would be heading north and stopping at towns along the way until they hit the border.

Ksenija is at caravan central. For caravans.

Riley - Near the Pink Dancing Bear Inn

Riley ends up in a merchant area. A sign proclaims the Pink Dancing Bear(under construction) as she enters the area. A closed blacksmiths shop is covered in hateful graffiti but utterly deserted. As Riley inspects the rear of the shop, she finds a loose board that could let her inside. Handy to know! She goes back out and starts casing the area. A few of the jewelry and weapons merchants ply their wares. Decent targets, decent gains. A few clothing merchants also aren't looking. Many marks for a young pair of hands.

A hideout. Choice between jewels, weapons, or clothing.

Emilio Ughi - The Merc Area
Flaw Points: 2

The more power hungry were the mage types, however they might be harder targets for a deal and the details. The least likely were the fighters but a deal could be struck if there were any rivalries in the company. It was really up to Emilio to pick a group to interact with more deeply. He didn't have much time before these companies were hired by someone else!

edit: book is recharged!

Patak - The Wilds | FP 5

The beast continued to eat. It grunted and then picked up another spit. It sniffed again and paused. Patak held his breath. He let it out again when it resumed eating. Studying the angle of attack and seeing the right moment, Patak was as ready as he could ever be.

You gain a free upshift to attack this one enemy in this one scene.

Abdul the Unbound - The Tinker's Shop | Promises: 0| FP: 4

Abdul followed the tinker. The man chatting amicably about the weather and other harmless chatter. As they came to a stop, the tinker fumbled with his keys as he opened the door. "Come in, come in." He said eagerly as he gestured for Abdul to enter. It was dark inside. "Well come on, what are you waiting for?"

The Tinker takes you to his workshop. Do you enter? Y/N?

Isiah Incipio - The Wilds

Nikita - The Wilds

Setting out immediately, the Black Legion deployed to complete their mission. The first week went by uneventfully. However in the second week one of the advanced scouts disappeared while exploring one of the valleys to the west of the legions forward base. The leader of the scouts reported to Nikita and Isiah in the command tent. "Sirs! Scout Jenkins is several hours late returning from his patrol. He's one of our best, so it's not like him to not signal us with a flare if he ran into trouble. What are your orders?"

You can now both collaborate or attack the problem individually from different angles. Or, ignore it and continue on.

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Apr 19, 2002

Patak - Kursed Giant’s Camp, The Wilds | FP 5

The great blow cleaved off a part of the top of the Kursed Giant's head. It fell over with a thunderous crash and lay still. The quiet that filled the crash was a stark contrast to the fast beating of Patak's heart.

Suddenly the Giant's hand swept out and slapped Patak away. The directionless strike only a glancing blow. Patak landed about 20 feet from where he had struck. Rolling with the force of the blow, he came to his feet easily and unharmed.
Boss Engaged

The true giant rose, several meters in height and pointed a black undead finger at Patak. "Kill you!" It's fingerless gloves were studded in shards of darksteel and diamond. "Punch you to death! Meat on my breath!" It roared as it vomited out the contents of its dinner. "Uuuuugh. Holy magic. Tickles me wrong!" It spat. The smell was horrible but it charged anyway closing the distance deceptively fast for a creature of its size. It swung it's fist and Patak dove to the side. Quickly Patak struck the giant several blows but they glanced off of its armor. "Nice try puny!" It bellowed as it tried to grab Patak. The warrior evaded and struck again at the beast's arms. Patak stuck a borrowed knife into the elbow seam on the giants arm, carving the arm a deep and long blow at the seam. "Ooooow!" The creature yelled, the holy magic making the wound more than an irritation. The giant scowled and paced away from Patak, circling more wearily. "What is your name meat? I want to know before killing you."

You got a big fight on your hands. What's your next move?

Isiah Incipio - The Wilds

Nikita - The Wilds

The potion given to Isiah did help as he followed Leeroy out after scout Jenkins. As the miles wore on, Isiah started to get an odd feeling. "Just over this ridge sir." The scout said. As Isiah topped the rise he looked down. Jenkins' body was at the bottom of the hill. As was Scout Leeroy and several other scouts.
"We can't let you get to the boss." The shapeshifter said. "Our guys back at the camp will take care of the rest of you." it said as it's mouth split into four parts and hissed hungrily.

Luckily for you, he didn't know you were a more than average human.

---Back at the camp---
Nikita waved goodbye to Isiah as he left, unknowing what was left with him back at the camp. As he passed the campfire he caught sight of some of the company regulars fighting. A knife fight! This wouldn't do. As a sergeant he had to break this up.

What a situation!

Ksenija Ceranic - Caravans

"Not enough guards. Not enough pay." said the female elf leader of the guards assigned to this caravan. "Dumb government contracts" spat another.
"Look, if you don't like it. Take it up with the six." A greasy looking dwarf said. "My government contact's brother suffered a mass of strokes due to a hex, the magi say. Nothing I can do about it, he's on paid leave taking care of it. I'm running this route with or without you." With that he left.

The two women complained more about cruel fate and government laxity about caravan security.

The leader of the guards(a private company on contract) wants more people for the long dangerous journey. The caravan master cares only about profit.

Hakon and Daor - Orphange
FP: 3

The enchantment wizard Hakon sought wasn't your normal wizard. He did things in ways that weren't normal but had really good results after multiple applications of his "treatments". He could enchant things, animals, people with a variety of effects. However it wound him down. Quite a bit. So the quality of work while almost archmage tier after working on it was great, his quantity was limited. A magi's mojo had limits even for someone was learned as he was.

He had vices though, and his daily schedule was as follows with slight time variations:
3:00 p.m. rise
3:05 Chivas Regal with the morning papers, Dunhills
3:45 cocaine
3:50 another glass of Chivas, Dunhill
4:05 first cup of coffee, Dunhill
4:15 cocaine
4:16 orange juice, Dunhill
4:30 cocaine
4:54 cocaine
5:05 cocaine
5:11 coffee, Dunhills
5:30 more ice in the Chivas
5:45 cocaine, etc., etc.
6:00 grass to take the edge off the day
7:05 Woody Creek Tavern for lunch-ale, two dearven margaritas, coleslaw, a taco salad, a double order of fried onion rings, carrot cake, ice cream, a bean fritter, Dunhills, another ale, cocaine, and for the carriage ride home, a snow cone (a glass of enchantedly flavored shredded ice over which is poured three or four jig­gers of Chivas)
9:00 starts snorting cocaine seriously
10:00 drops acid
11:00 Chartreuse, cocaine, grass
11:30 cocaine, etc, etc.
12:00 midnight, Wizard J. Thompson is ready to enchant.
12:05-6:00 a.m. Chartreuse, cocaine, grass, Chivas, coffee, ale, underclove cigarettes, grapefruit, Dunhills, orange juice, gin, continuous pornographic show by summoned elementals
6:00 the hot tub-champagne, Chocolate Bars, Alfredo pasta
8:00 Halcyon
8:20 sleep

Daor said you wouldn't even need to kidnap the wizard as he would be unconscious and unprotected until he woke again. The front door was unlocked and stray dogs were pissing in the stalagtite tower. However, Wizard J was the most creative artist at enchantment and magic in thus part of the world. So while the man was a hot mess, his habits seemed to fuel him rather than detract from his work.

He won't do skooma though. That's for real addicts!

Silth - Host/Priest - Minor Church of Darkness

Host/Priest sat in the mass and Silth suddenly felt...skooma. The body was saturated in it! Priests memories showed that he always "saw some poo poo" on skooma. Usually he dismissed it but Silth looked around the church and...alarm. There were other hosts here! Pink and smaller than Silth they resided at the base of the spine in most races. All except the few chaos orcs that appeared for service and left early. There weren't many. But they were all the same. Pink wriggling, small, beaked, and tentacled.

Holy shiit. Pisssss.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Merchant Caravan
1 FP

It is written in the reports that:
The setup seemed simpler than the capital. There were several undercattle farms that provided meat for the Baron and his lands. They also exported lots of it to the rest of the kingdom. Every eldest son attends training at the capital with the enforcers and general army, then with the church of darkness to become a paladin of the order. The duke then assumes command of the knights, each of which lives on subdivisions of the duke's lands and protects their people. Usually a town guard consisting of farmers willing to earn extra pay and young men are put under a local Sherrod. Often a retired veteran of the knights. This was usually supplemented by mercenaries from time to time and strong farmhands out of work.

Loyalty wasn't as ingrained as in the capital as the enforcement of law was somewhat saner here. Due to taxes needing to be paid and harvests and livestock can't be taken care of with dead people or missing limbs. It's completely feudal and hereditary.

It is written in the reports that people are happy.
It is written in the reports there are no problems.
It is written in the reports if you find a problem see your local sheriff.
It is written If you don't see him he will find you and help solve the problem.

Amerigo shuts the book just as a green light tried to reach out through the pages, through the very words themselves.

Try reading the necronomicon next.

Riley - Inside the Deserted Smithy, Into a dream of Slate-Iron City

Mindy started crying. "I don't want you to be hurt. You're my friend." The child didn't like that Riley was suffering. Wiping her eyes. She said, "Come over to my house. I'll feed you. I'll give you some clothes. Please Riley. I don't want you to hurt bad." She clasped your hands, eyes shining with tears.

Mindy's heart is going to break

Emilio Ughi - The Merc Area
Flaw Points: 2

After hours of negotiations the lead wizard blew out his white mustaches. "Phew. Mister you drive a hard bargain. We'll take you to the border in return you give us those wands we've been wanting. Delivery upon you getting there." He held out his hand. "Is it a deal?"

You don't have wands but the negotiations went that way. The leader didnt really leave you any room or words to make a play for his soul. But the trip is long and not everyone is a master wizard. You can do this with the book to settle on payment or get there and not pay them. You can always talk along the way.

Abdul the Unbound - The Tinker’s Shop | Promises: None! | FP: 4
Abdul entered the room. It was dark. Oh no. The parts were everywhere.

Suddenly he was rushed by two figures. Another trap.

"Papa! Papa!" They cried. The two enchanted wooden golems hugged Abdul. The man walked into the room wiping tears from his eyes. The children ran and hugged the dwarf. "Papa Papa! Who is this? Like us? Like us?" They said excitedly.

"I don't know." The dwarf said. Happiness in his voice. "But now that we've found him. We know that the gods of light are real. He's a miracle. Just like you. You're not alone my children. You're not alone." They all hugged each other, saying nothing more. Waiting for Abdul to speak.

His children are made of wood.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Patak - Kursed Giant’s Camp, The Wilds | FP 5

"Arrrrgh!" The rock struck something vital in the giant's skull. "I can't see!" It shouted as it struck where it thought Patak was. It began striking wherever it thought Patak could be.

He's on the ropes. It's in defensive mode and can no longer hit you. End it!

Hakon and Daor - Wizard's Place
FP: 3

Hakon's own greed and need to dominate and force the wizard to be like Daor hit him like a freight train when the process was complete. The hangover, drug shakes, the addictive needs of the wizard's body. While the wizard was made mentally to not feel it or even mind it, the transfer to Hakon at this distance was complete.

Even as the wizard was mentally chanting and thanking Hakon, Daor was cradling his master as Hakon passed out. When Hakon awoke some time later he was hit again with bodily cravings for drugs, aches, and anguish. Until the wizard detoxed or Hakon took some of the drugs he would feel these pangs of pain. Sensing what Hakon needed, the wizard offered him his stash.

The wizard is 210% yours. No diminished ability. Hakon however has gained Addiction [-2] which is in effect for skill (But not divine) based rolls.
It will go away in time if Hakon and the wizard stay clean but will affect rolls until it's cleared.
Hakon can take drugs now and it will remove the effects of this immediately for a limited time. Repeat if needed.

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp

The leader of the caravan guards smiles. "I like a woman who's direct. I'm Maven and this is Talks. We can't afford to pay alot, but we will take care of food and a spot in one of our tents. We're one of the few all female merc bands still around, the Salamanders. We'd love to have ya." As Ksenija was shown around she met a few of the others. Comraderie was good and while guarded they welcomed Ksenija well enough.

The caravan was soon underway. A week or two into the wilds and the first troubles started. One of the drivers had made a pass at his guard while they were camped. Far from the fires and people, Ksenija stumbled upon it while patrolling the parameter. He pulled out a wicked looking sword and swung at her. "No one turns down Garth and lives!" The woman was Amy, a smallish scout. She only held a knife. "There must be alot of dead women then, because who could stand you." Amy mocked him. Ksenija could tell though Amy was scared. And vs that blade wouldn't last long.

Ksenija in stealth has come upon a situation. What do?

Nikita - The Wilds

The normal soldier went down, easily. The other's face contorted and rippled around Nikita's fist. It looked like a melted was figure. "Thanks for the help." It drooled and smiled nastily. "We can't let your men near the boss." Other sounds of confusion and fighting were beginning to occur in the camp out of sight. With a snarl, the shapeshifter attacks!

You are being attack!.

Riley - Outside Mindy's house

The estate of Mindy's merchant parents was modest. Like a cottage back home. Cozy. Warm lights illuminated the walk way and a few windows. The day was starting to end. A sign on the front door proclaimed: Doc Granby's and Mama Granby's ointments and natural cures. This was the place Mindy had visualized in her dreams.

[quote="Rhjamiz" post="475051934"]

Silth - Host/Jeb - Minor Church of Darkness

The host's mind yielded the information:

What was the hierarchy of this Church?
Low: Lower-Priests, Inquisitors, Soldiers
Mid tier: Priests, Lead Inquisitors, Crusaders and knights
High tier: Cardinals, Grand Inquisitors, Paladins of the Crystal
Top: The Cardinal of the Church of darkness (Grand Cardinal)

Who were his superiors, and who were their superiors?
Silth was a priest who reports ultimately to Cardinal Thane.
Silth has three supervisors who out ranks his host with seniority acting as a buffer.

What about this Holy Book? Could he access it? Who could? What did it contain?
If Jeb was giving mass, he could access the book. All priests could gain access but it needed to be requested. Jeb hasn't read the whole book. But it contained the true history of the world, forbidden spells and rituals not to be tried under any circumstances, floor plans of many churches, and a geographical map of the world

Did this Church contain any hot enough to consume a body? And speaking of fire, was the Priest Barracks flammable?
There was a furnace to burn garbage located in the rear of the building. The barracks were flammable indeed.

Did this lowly Priest have any understanding or personal knowledge of the Dark Cardinal? His whereabouts, his power, his nature?
The dark cardinal was a mystery. A stable figure who had run the Church for about 517 years. A dwarf that cared not for politics and stayed out of the public eye. His edicts were followed by the cardinals and priests without question. One of the six, he must be powerful indeed and savvy with all that entails. He can excommunicate, terminate, and exterminate with a word. The dark cardinal's ties with the Crystal were honed to a fine edge and none have tried to contest his powers. At least as far as Jeb knew.

You got alot out of Jeb. Usually his brain is too drugged out to string together a sentence..

Emilio Ughi - Wilds, On the road.
Flaw Points: 2

The journey began. Two weeks into the trip and Emilio, Sally, Stern, and the boys had gotten used to it. There were a few monster attacks but the wizard's on floating discs obliterated them with their wands. Emilio suddenly realized these mages needed them to cast spells in combat. Otherwise they'd need to chant etc.

Sally let Emilio know periodically that someone was scrying for him. There was nothing to be done about it. The wards of the wizard's deflected most attempts but were not tuned to keep these things out.

Spending time with this group, Emilio discovered that there were about 12 apprentices. Their gear was used and worn and they slept in sleeping bags instead of in tents like their masters.


Isiah Incipio - The Wilds

The creature was caught off guard, it's brain pierced through. As it fell the necromantic essence crooned. The shapeshifter's body shuddered and rose as a very ugly zombie. Soon the mound of corpses was standing. Staring. Zombies shuffled and moaned mindlessly.

A dirty dozen zombies.

Abdul the Unbound - The Tinker’s Shop | Promises: None! | FP: 4

The Tinker sighed and told his story. He was lonely for many years. His wife had died young and he never had any children of his own. The man was an inventor and eventually started down the road of creating golems Abdul realized even though the man might not have known. He sold marionettes and toys to the rich and powerful but always felt empty. He had created the children to ease his lonely burden but soon it wasn't enough. One night after drinking heavily he decided to hang himself in his workshop. As he dangled at the end of the rope, dying he saw a flash of light. Suddenly one of his creations grabbed his legs while the other cut the rope. They were alive. Papa! Papa they said. A miracle.

Finishing his story the Tinker asks Abdul to stay. At least, if Abdul wanted for the Tinker to fix his arm.

Story. Offer

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Merchant Caravan
1 FP

The caravan reached the city without any further incident. As they rolled into town, cattle were being taken to market and merchants headed to the village square to trade. Everything was setup and all seemed normal. The caravan leader handed Amerigo his pay. "If you ever need work my friend come find me. I'm off to report this bandit band." As he started off a cheese seller approached Amerigo. "Buy some cheese from me rich fella?" He had too many missing teeth and his breath stank.

Oh I totally missed this ooc. Have a free upshift. No one's coming to arrest you and you can slip out of town unnoticed if you want. There are no caravans yet but might be once trades happen today.

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Apr 19, 2002

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp

Garth got a punch off into Amy's face before he was disarmed and at Ksenija's mercy. He looked surprised and fearful but then realized he wasn't dead. His face contorted with a sneer. "You want some of this too you frelling freller?" He grabs his junk with his free arm slowly. "You don't have it in ya." He turned and walked into Ksenija's blade. "Do ya?"

wow he rolled like really good as far as the fear factor. You do disarm him and you can stab him easily.

Hakon and Daor - Orphanage
FP: 3

Daor reports that there is a noble located on the far south edge of the city. While down on His luck, the noble still had money. More money than Hakon. Another list had various nobles to be visited and enthralled, but their holdings were closer to the wizard's abode and would take Hakon in the opposite direction. "Where would you like to go master?" Daor asked.

There is a noble down on his luck located on the southern edge of the city. His business dealing had seen better days. You can travel there and do him or enthrall about 7 nobles and gain access to their fortunes, but come under the effects of the addiction drawback.

Patak - Kursed Giant’s Camp, The Wilds | FP 5

"Littlefoot! you-" The giant's voice was cut off as the boulder crushed it's skull completely. The body slumped and then:

Power erupted from the body of the slain undead beast. Primal and pure it shot into the sky before descending and striking Patak to the core of his being. Light and energy had lit the darkness for miles around.

Patak slumped to his knees, momentarily shaken.

A roar could be heard in the distance and a loan on the wind. A fading heartbeat like distant thunder, walking away....far away.


Nikita - The Wilds

A few of the me were already dead. Your berserkers formed around you. None of them were replaced thankfully. About half of the regulars rallied around you as the shapeshifters attacked. About twenty of them. They were strong and initially had the upper hand. However as you rallied your troops, you began slaughtering them. Nikita picked one of the hissing creatures up and snapped it's neck. The fight seemed to last hours but was only a few minutes. The dead on your side totalled 27 regulars, and 1 berserker. The pile of shapeshifters was gathered and the remain ready to be burned. "What are your orders sarge?" Your second asked. She looked ready to fight some more.

Isiah soon rode into camp to the cheers of the men. However, an outlying picket suddenly screamed in terror as an undead horde shambled out of the darkness towards the camp!

The shapeshifter threat in camp is ended!

Isiah Incipio - The Wilds

"Siiilver." The undead shapeshifter slurred. Going silent once it had answered the question. The rest of the dead dumbly shambled after you. If they fell, they rose. They did not stop, they did not tire. They did not falter bit followed. Isiah could not outpace them forever but arrived in camp first, to the cheers of the men.

An outlying picket screamed in terror as the undead horde shambled out of the darkness towards the camp.

A question answered. A situation!

Riley - Outside Mindy's House

A butler answered the door with a sniff. Seeing Riley's appearance he started to close the door. "Beggar off. The Granby's don't traffic with street rats." It would seem that Mindy didn't run things here. But like all children wanted to help. Perhaps there was another way to get inside or to get Mindy's attention? The door wasn't quite closed and perhaps the man could be convinced. Possibly.

Emilio Ughi - Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 2

Most of the apprentices were scholarly teenage boys. A few girls. They wanted power and knowledge and so signed up to toil and do menial work in exchange for lessons from the master's. Cooking, cleaning, gathering materials and reagents. Running errands and messages. Of course they weren't the prettiest of people and so love and romance were things they pined for. With enough magic they could improve their looks or fortune. The teaching was slow and steady. Study was tedious. Plenty of wants and needs for Emilio to exploit. Faster study, great power, beauty. Enough that Emilio could drove a cart through. Yes indeed.

The apprentices could leave when they liked, no real contracts. They stayed out of their own desires. Emilio could understand that. He had been young once!

The wishes and wants of the young! Oh youth!

Silth - Host/Jeb - Minor Church of Darkness

Jen's superior looked doubtfully at Jeb. "You...want to give a sermon." It was obvious he knew about Jen's habit. However the hard gaze softened when he saw Jeb wasn't under the effects of Skooma. In fact Jen's eyes looked clear for the first time in a long time. "Have you refounded your faith my son?" The senior priest asked. "The crystal knows I've been praying for you. A miracle I'd say." The man wrote something on a piece of parchment and sealed it with wax. A symbol of an eye imprinted on it.
"Give this to Inquisitor Blaylock. He will give you access what you seek. The Dark Crystal be praised!" He said dogmatically.

Abdul the Unbound - The Tinker’s Shop | Promises: None! | FP: 4

"Wonderful!" The Tinker clapped his hands. The wooden children cheered and hugged Abdul. "Big brother!" They called him and laughed. The Tinker began his work on creating an arm for Abdul in between his commissions for nobles. Whenever someone came to pick up the work though, the Tinker hid Abdul and his children under a trap door to the cellar.
"They would not understand." He said sadly. "Miracles outside of the Church of Darkness are covered up. Their recipients killed. All evidence destroyed."

The days and weeks passed without incident. Abdul helped around the shop and played with the children. They were innocents just like he once was. The Tinker was almost finished with the new arm when one of his customers arrived early. It was an inquisitor. Abdul and the children had to hastily hide.

"The Dark Cardinal needs his entertainment! Is the music box ready for his daughter? You know the penalty for failure!" The dark elf loomed over the dwarf Tinker.

"P-p-please. I need more time. The parts I needed. Weren't available." The Tinker said wringing his hands. This wasn't exactly true. In fact the Tinker had the parts he just used them for your new arm.

The Inquisitor stepped in close to the Tinker and sniffed. "You're lying." Abdul could feel the crown resonate. The man was using a truth spell of some kind. This would not go well for the Tinker if Abdul didn't do something.

It is possible to block the Inquisitor's access to the truth. The spell will go off and he likely wouldn't be the wiser. Or Abdul could try something else. Or he could see how it all plays out.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp

The man looks surprised. Then smiles.
The light fades from his eyes and he crumples to the ground. Vital fluids leaking into a widening pool.

He dead.

Silth - Host/Jeb -Fortress of No Return

Inquisitor Blaylock welcomed Jeb into the Fortress of No Return.
The man sat in the sanctum, drinking wine. "I believe you have something for me?" He sniffed. Suddenly leaning forward he leered at Jeb. "Nervous? Something to hide perhaps?" He sniffed longer this time.
"Care to confess anything before you hand me that letter?"


Hakon and Daor - Southern Edge of the City
FP: 3

As Hakon went further south the pain he experienced lessened and then was just an faint awareness. Daor smiled, knowing his master felt better.

The noble was a furtive dwarf, paranoid and definitely down on his luck. He would enter and leave his estate at odd times and hours, often with several servants tow. He took different routes and consistently changed his schedule. However Daor and Hakon didn't see anyone following or stalking the dwarf. Shopkeepers and other locals said the noble often accused people of gang stalking him. Or that people were magical shapshifters secretly controlling the under-realms. Crazy. But it's what the nobleman believed. As such his business relationships had soured but he still had family money. The best time to catch the nobleman would be when he took his meals. He didn't seem to have any issues with those being on a schedule...

An interesting fellow.

Nikita - The Wilds
The dead shapeshifter's were disposed of. Isiah enteredd the camp, the question hanging in the air...

dun dum dun

Emilio Ughi - Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 2

One male and one female apprentice each. Each were completely willing, if Emilio's claims were true to gain ultimate power & eternal youth. In exchange to travel with Emilio and protect him.

Emilio pulled on the power of his book like he never had before. Light appeared through every wizard and apprentice present stabbing through them and turning them into raw and pure magical potential and power. This power destroyed them and soon was flowing into the two apprentices. Simple Wizards and Magi no longer as the power changed them. Beauty and grace, power and ill gained knowledge. Forbidden.

Lust grasped both of the former apprentices as lightning, fire, wind, and thunder burst from the skies. They copulated in front of Emilio, the last vestiges of their humanity spent.

A blackened crater glowed with an eldritch light and the former naked apprentices clothed themselves and then looked at one another with envy, greed, and abject hatred. Only the agreement they made prevented them from consuming the other. For they were a new thing. Their magic was powerful and instantaneous BUT they were hungry.

They had become vampires of a kind with none of the weaknesses inherent from the condition. They would feed on souls, magic, and the life force of their victims to fuel their spells and maintain their immortal lives.

Stern swore. "Shiiiit! Fuuuck! Piiissss!" Emilio's book slams shut. Depowered and...angry?

You have gained two powerful servants they have mortal quality Energy Absorbtion/Channeling [+2] as long as they are with you. The book is drained and it has not been fed the right kind of deals.

Patak - Kursedfall, The Wilds | FP 5

As Patak finished Kursedfall, the souls of the slain appeared before him. Hundreds. No thousands of lives ended by the monster. As one they all knelt and bowed before the champion who had defeated the Kursed Giant. The souls of the families who had lost loved ones and not seen them return I their lifetimes came before Patak and gave him honors. When the tide continued, it truly gave Patak an inkling of what he had stopped here this day.

Eventually all of the spirits faded, able to rest peacefully.

Very nice!

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Outskirts of Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

The vendor took Amerigo's coin and bit it. "Hmm real copper this is!" And secreted it away. The man looked at Amerigo askance then held out his hand for more coin. "The mayor had an argument with the local constables and their auxiliaries. He's looking to hire a troubleshooter to fix his issues with'em." He seemed to be withholding more information. Waiting to be paid one might expect.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Silth - Host/Jeb - Fortress of No Return

The Inquisitor blinked. "Is that all?" He seemed disappointed. "Was hoping for a real confession I was. Give me that letter." He said holding out his hand. The veins stood out to Silth. This humanoid filth before him...

Your racial hatred stirs. Do you give him the letter? Or swift death?.

Hakon and Daor - Conspiracy Manor
FP: 3

Hakon made his way around the maniac's mansion. It was oddly ordinary until one got to the study. A giant area was cleared and papers, notes, and pictures were all throughout the space. They were connected by push pins and string. Some items were circled, like a milk delivery schedule with the words "LIZARD OVERLORDS???!" and other conjecture in a massive conspiracy web. Examining it all would take time, but a good place to ambush the Dwarf would be in this room. Hakon had to defeat a lock to get inside so servants didn't clean in here.

Daor signaled to Hakon the Dwarf was coming down the lane and would be home in minutes.

A theory room.

Riley - Inside Mindy's House

The man hesitated and then let Riley inside. When Mindy, the Butler, and her parents gathered into the common room her parents had admonished Mindy and the Butler. The first for inviting the homeless(of which it was a crime not to report) into their home. And the second for bringing IT into their house. "What bewitchery did you do to out Daughter! She claims you stalked her very dreams. Are you a soul stealer? What do you want? Tell us or we will summon the enforcers!"

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp

"You killed him! Oh man!" Amy began freaking out. "Well be converted to slaves or worse. No evidence from the dead, we're not rich." The smaller woman began to panic even more when Ksenija said they were going to cover it up. Amy was beginning to make noise.

Ksenija can get rid of the body and hide it easily. If Amy helps. The methods and means are known to Ksenija. A shallow grave covered in rocks wouldn't be noticed by anyone out there. Amy's freaking out though.

Patak - Town of Sump, The Wilds | FP 5

Patak journeyed on. Soon he saw faint lights in the distance. A small community using torches. He arrived in town and as he walked the main street, people went inside and shuttered their windows. A larger home that could be the town mayor's residence sat in the middle of town. Nearby an inn's fireplace lit it's dark interior with a warm glow. A black wind began to blow...

You have arrived in Sump.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Outskirts of Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

"No catch, so do you want to hear the other rumors that you paid for or not?" When it became clear that Amerigo had misread what the man said, the guy took his hand off of the handcrossbow Amerigo hasn't noticed aimed at his belly. "Assumptions out here can get you dead, wastelander. Especially if you offend someone. The lord of this land has a curse upon his castle. A beast hunts his armsmen, which is why he has hired so many. Even bandits. They say it strikes after the glowstones discharge at the darkest part of evening. It hides during lightcycle. None know who or what it is."

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 4

Stern, Sally, and the boys stayed far from your two new servants. Lillith and Cain. The journey was slightly tense and soon a small village came onto view. A first stop on the way on this journey. Lillith purred. "Master Emilio, Cain and I hunger. We should stop and resupply as well in that town over there. Please?" She smiled evilly.

Sally shuddered. "We should resupply, but leave them two out here. In case the church's assassins have caught up with us." Stern slumped down on the ground. "I'm pooped boss I could use more food."

The boys looked at Emilio expectantly.

A place to pit stop.

Abdul the Unbound - The Tinker’s Shop | Promises: None! | FP: 4

The Inquisitor looked hard at the tinker. Then smiles smoothly. "I sense no deception from you, this time...see that you complete the work by the end of the week or else!" The man knocked over some other works on his way out. "Accidents happen."

He was gone. The Tinker fell to his knees. The children ran out and hugged him fearfully. " What are you going to do papa? You can't finish it in time."

"I know children." He said weakly. He looked up to Abdul and smiled. "Thank you my friend. I'm not sure what you did but I imagine this miracle cane from you."

OOC: cockblock

Isiah Incipio - The Wilds


Nikita - The Wilds

The men formed up on one side of the camp and the dead on the other. The mercenaries seemed extremely uncomfortable with this but were too well disciplined to act out. This likely had it's limits though. Gaseous moans from the zombies often punctuated the silence as the men waited nervously. The smell of burned shapeshifters wafted through the air.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Riley - Inside Mindy's House

Every adult in the room looked at Riley as if she was crazy. Or dangerous. Mindy's father shook with rage and he gritted, "Get. Out!" Mindy mouthed 'I'm sorry.' The butler pointed for Riley to leave.

A couple options in the roll for this. I chose the least brutal reactions since Riley is having a hard time. Both to the claim and threat.

Hakon and Daor - Conspiracy Manor
FP: 3

The dwarf entered the room and Hakon's service. The man calmed quite a bit when his will was taken from him.

The dwarf is normal thralled.

Isiah Incipio - The Wilds

Isiah didn't notice any of the men shy away from the pay. A few were wearing gloves though. The men didn't say anything when Isiah raised the dead and they got the horror of seeing men they cared about, fought with, and bled with rise as unholy abominations. But Isiah got the emotional animal impression he should be guarded always by his undead soldiers while he slept.

Nikita begins to take some of your forces! They seem to dislike the undead solution. While the soldiers under your direct command stay, the berserkers were needed for the assault. Dividing now would leave you with the dead who were less capable and less living soldiers who could adapt on the fly.

Yeah you maybe going to get an arrow in the back. Maybe from "shapeshifters". Nikita is taking men. Do you let this go?

Patak - Sump, The Wilds | FP 5

The innkeeper grunted. He showed Patak to a room with a tub and warm bed. "Supper is in an hour." The man shrugged at Patak's boast. Likely he had no idea what he was talking about. After cleaning up, Patak heard a commotion in the common room. Voices. He could go to sleep or go get some supper.

Silth - Host/Jeb - Fortress of No Return

Host/Jeb knelt and the Inquisitor smiled. "You lustful lad! I thought I'd have to force you." He fumbled with his beltloops and dropped his trousers just as Silth grabbed his arms and killed him. The moans of death brought no one. The guards likely dismissed for this reason. Soon Inquisitor-Silth discarded the priest-jeb corpse in the trap door made for that purpose.

Inquisitor-Silth is born

Nikita - The Wilds

The men pack eagerly, wanting to be gone. The coins were made easily. When the men were ready to go, another regular soldier approached Nikita. "Sir, a group of us living men want to leave with you. We see what we will become if we stay. Please. Take us along." He said pleadingly.

berserkers ready, coins made, a situation

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp - 2 FP

Amy sniffles and stops shaking. Soon she snaps out of it and the two of you bury the corpse in no time. It seemed it took longer than it had. It only has been moments since it happened.

Edit: Ksenija examines the sword Garth was carrying. It was magical and sentient. She didn't sense evil from the blade, merely frustration. At Garth. Magic Sword +1 /edit

You cleaned each other up and began the long walk into camp. It was time to sleep and your shifts were over. "Please. Sleep next to me. I don't want to be alone right now." Amy looked unsure again.

Ksenija could choose to do so, or keep her distance. Regardless the morning came. The master of the caravan took a head count and called a meeting when one of his drivers was missing. You and Amy stood with your commander. It was asked if anyone had seen him. Amy looked at you and...

Did Ksenija keep her distance?

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I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Riley - Dreamland

"Please help me!" Riley yelled into the void of dreams, where she made no substance so as to encounter the dreamland in its purest form. "I'm a stranger here and lost. I'm begging anyone to help me find my way."

The dreamland shifted. Suddenly darkening. <"Oooh. Booooo."> A figure shifted out of nothing. It looked like wisps of smoke shaped like a fairy with wings. <"Did I scare you?"> she tinkled. <"Don't be sad. How can I help you?">

An entity appears

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: The Beer garden Inn, Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

Amerigo finds the caravan master at his inn. The man listens and let's Amerigo know he will be leaving in a week. He was one of the first caravans to arrive alive in a month. So much business to be had. "Can I order you a position as a guard for my goods? I'll pay for your lodgings and pay you handsomely sir."

Guarding the goods

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Location: The Beer garden Inn, Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

"Maybe." The man said doubtfully. While he did think you a fine guard, he didn't know you well enough yet to trust you with running his business at that level. "Our next destination is a cluster of small villages, the moore-burrows. They have a harvest festival and are usually in the mood to buy goods for it."

As Amerigo looked in his book, he could see the Moore-burrows were a collection of small loosely associated villages run by local mayors. When trouble occurred they all came together to stop the threat in a common defense. Especially against outsiders. One village made cheese it's largest export, another a type of under-realms grain that grew in darkness, another village made cloths and textiles made from harvested underspider silks.

While not rich the communities traded with each other and sold goods to merchants in bustling trade. As far as a government they didn't have a standing enforcer force, or really any government body outside of the elected mayor. A tax collector came every season. For major issues they could send word to Slate-iron city and usually got a quick response. Every village needed staples that the merchants would bring and traded goods and in rarer cases where that wasn't enough in coin.

You have the guard job. Not sure he's convinced yet on the advisor/accountant role. The book yields the information with no other effects.

Riley - Dreamland

Riley's senses in the dream gave her more information than if she had met this creature in the waking world. It was serious. Deadly serious. Ancient even. The fairy being smiled. "Winter's chill, child of man. I can help you on the path to get there and I can give you the information you seek. Since you asked me to give it to you.

"The object you carry with you. The...artifact my kind call such things. It has great power. Greater than you can know currently. By using it. Feeding it's nature. You can transcend your mortal limitations." She smiled sweetly. "And then you can be reunited with your friends."

Holding up a finger, two fingers the ethereal being answered Riley's other question. "There are good people here. Some came with you to this realm. Some you have actually met but you tried to cause them harm. Don't deny it. I saw. Motivation and what you tried or meant to do doesn't apply."

"Manners matter more than morality to one such as myself. Such a mortal concern, good or evil. Ah well, it cannot be helped. Tell me Riley. Would you like some help? A gift to help you on your way to your goals?" The spritely woman floated lazily but watched Riley. To see what she would do. Would she be polite or offend?

Hakon and Daor - Conspiracy Manor
FP: 3

The noble dwarf nodded and gathered his staff in th great hall of the manor. They seemed confused when Hakon walked into the room but all fell silent when the eye opened and claimed their wills for Hakon's own. They were simple people these servants and would serve Hakon well. They all knelt before Hakon and praised him for he had saved then all. From themselves.

You now have a noble manor, it's owner and staff at your disposal.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - Fortress of No Return

Host/Blaylock looked through his desk and found the usual. People to be tortured. People reported to be arrested as apostates and then tortured. Torturing the ones reporting any false apostates or incorrectly identifying those that were. Several appointments with prostitutes both male and female throughout the day. A weekly appointment with the church apothecary for performance enhancing herbs and potions to keep up an aging inquisitors libido and energy. Collecting information from the inquisition's shadowmen, spies working for the inquisition. The daily review of the rotating troops and zealots to make sure they had enough zeal.

Truly the Inquisitor could call upon resources of the Church to prosecute his duties. For major actions there was a senior Inquisitor to report to, but Blaylock did not like meeting with superiors as doing that too often reduced his own relative autonomy enacting the Dark Cardinal's will. And his own persuits.

There were church servants and torturers that worked here and he could direct them to tasks but not indefinitely.

Blaylock did have access to some Dark Gifts. Such as truth magic, pain spells, and some binding rituals and spells. A few exorcism rites not used were also available in his mind. All inquisitors are very much in charge but report to a senior Inquisitor for major undertakings. His authority is basically limitless but high ranking priests, senior inquisitors, cardinals, and the Dark Cardinal himself can stop him pretty quick if he acts out of turn. You have access to the forbidden library and the church vault housing dangerous and wondrous things. You can order men's and church assets to do stuff but not for extended periods of time. You gain the temporary mortal quality Dark Inquisition [+2] this covers what I've described. You ditch the body or it dies then you lose this quality.

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp - 2 FP

The caravan master grunts when no information is forthcoming. "Probably wandered off drunk and got eaten by a Grue." Muttered the man. Amy shared a secret smile with Ksenija and soon everyone was dismissed to their duties.

When Ksenija had some time alone, she picked up the sword. It pulsed in her hands and she found she could not let it go.

<"I have you now! MWAHAHAHAH!">

<"Just kidding."> The blade joked. <" That idiot Garth got glue on the handle. See?">. When Ksenija looked, she could see that indeed, it was glue. <"I'm speaking to you psionic-ly. So you don't look crazy. However you can't speak that way to me, so keep it on the down low. I'm Percival. And yes I'm a magic blade. If you say the word: Auros : I illuminate your surroundings. I never need to be sharpened and I always cut true. I have been sentient for about 500 years. I give great advice unless you're an idiot. Then usually my owners die. From not listening. Thank you for not discarding me.

You gain Mortal quality: Percival, Sword of light [+2]

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 4

Sally looked untrustingly at the converted energy-vampires but nodded her agreement. Emilio's hungry servants took the news with mixed results about their feeding but didn't argue. As Emilio walked into town he started wheeling and dealing for supplies and transportation for the mage equipment didn't use animals. Stern and the boys into a wagon loaded with supplies.

The mayor of the town came out to see the rich merchant for himself. "Hello friend." He greeted Emilio. Lillith and Cain hissed at the man. Frightening him. A look from Emilio quieted them down. They were hungry.

"I don't suppose you could carry a message for me to the next village? I could pay you." The elderly man finally was able to say.

Carry the letter? Unleash the kraken?

Patak - Tavern Common Room, Sump | 5 FP

"Stew stew magic stew. Eat of me my humble crew!" A man danced around the room playing a lute. The workers of the town swayed to the tune mindlessly chanting along with the man. A large pot was cooking the innkeeper as the man screamed. The noises of the people made it sound like a party. "Help!" The innkeeper cried. "Its a mindweaver!" Patak felt the creatures regard as it pushed against his mind with its magic. It frowned when it hit Patak's resolve like an iron wall. It pointed at Patak "Put him in the stew too, beat him black and blue!" The guests numbly rose, stumbling towards the stairs and Patak.

Glad you didn't go to bed you would have found a mess in the morning!

Isiah Incipio - The Wilds

Nikita - The Wilds

The chaos orcs growled. "We not leaving our pay!"
Isiah's demands and threat was met with a group that supported him and his zombies, Nikita's berserkers and his lieutenant, and the soldiers who didn't want to end up as zombies.

The berserkers and men with Nikita would not leave without their pay and supplies.

The zombies moaned. Something had to give and Nikita and Isiah had to speak on it rather than vaguely hear the shouts of the other and wander off in opposite directions.

The chaos orcs are about to: lose control [-2] if they can't have their pay and stuff and will attack everything that moves, the men who want to leave with nikita also want their supplies and their money or they're going to try and take it from the camp. The zombies and living men with Isiah will kill to enforce Isiah's orders.

The fate of the Black Legion is in your hands brave godgamers!

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I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Hakon and Daor - Hakon's Manor
FP: 3

Daor came back from his errand in the midst of a rather large and uncommon thunderstorm. Daor had found five targets perfect for thralling. All had no familial ties and were the least likely to be missed.
1. A dark elf lieutenant in the enforcers. A competent fighter and connected. A loner and drinker.
2. A swarthy dwarf pit fighter. A slave to violence and murder. A single minded destination, destruction.
3. A half-ogre mercenary. Protection of his employers and their illegal and legal goods.
4. A human assassin. Contract killer. Employed by noble and merchant alike.
5. A chaos orc criminal. Collection, kidnapping and torture.

Each was good at what they were good at. Daor reported.

The highlights are what they are best at in ability.

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp - 2 FP

Percy states "Changes complete, mistress." When done. Ksenija behind studying her computer and the underlying Anti-Real equations outlining it's operation. It made sense but only if you looked at it just so.

"Almath Kil'da Emare dulwuxe" Ksenija said as she jumped. Like waking from a nightmare. It was night fall and Percy was calling her name. "My goodness. I thought that magic lightbook of yours had enthralled you!" The sword said in relief.

A terrible awareness creeped into Ksenija's consciousness. If she used the computer and the equation for its purpose, it would grow more powerful. She would grow more powerful.

Another fading concept: pushing beyond the artifact's boundary...would hasten this. If done correctly and not against it's nature. Though trying to do the opposite, was possible. To escape it...

Clarity? Madness?.

Riley - Dreamland

The smile the fairy woman gave Riley was the cat getting the cream. "Done. The bargain is struck. My immediate favor for your later favor." Magical energy reached out to Riley's dream self and her real self. Flowed into her in an instant. "You won't see me for a while child. Enjoy your gift." The creature turned bone white. It's eyes a blazing hue of winter blue. It's face a horrifying skeleton out of the dream realms worst nightmares. With a blood curdling laugh the figure was gone in an instant.

Riley awoke with a start. Lightning flashed outside with a distant boom of thunder. Rain fell.

Her heart pounding. The candle at her pallet's side flickered. Riley hurried over to the mirror. She got a sudden shock. Her eyes. They glowed with a deep hue of blue not there before. Hot noticible if she wasn't looking. But it was there. Her palms tingled. With a sense of wonder, Riley reached out with her hands and ice began to form on the mirror. She could feel the power within her now. Cold. It seemed the creature wasn't bluffing.

Riley has gained mortal quality Winter Magic [+2] The magic is different than anything in the under-realms. It is ice and cold style magic but requires no casting. Just Riley's will. Riley also permanently gains Godmother's Guidance [-2] The meaning to become clearer in time. For now Riley has a powerful gift. Why not take it for a spin?

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 4

"My two sons in Undertown. One is a butcher, the other a baker. I have not heard from either of them in weeks. The town is along the merchants road north. If you're heading that way." When Emilio asked about complications the man started. "No? None that I know of?" The man held out some gold for Emilio. "Its all I have. If you cannot find them please send word back. That way I'll know either way."

Take? No take?.

Nikita - The Wilds

The undead soldiers move to block berserker and soldier alike from gear, pay, and supplies. Those still with Isiah stood shudderingly close to the blockade and followed orders. The living fearing Isiah and the dead more than anything else.

Upon Nikita's admonishment and again non-help and not dealing with Isiah they all drew swords. Mercenaries. 'All mercenaries get their pay. What Isiah is doing by not paying for their current work completed is a capital crime in this kingdom. The breaking of a contract.' One of the men shouted. 'It wasn't in the contract to serve in a zombie legion.'

'Walking away without gear and supplies is a death sentence in the wilds. There was no guaranteeing they would find any bodies water working 100 miles of their location.' A scout yelled.

I may be misreading your posts. But I don't see anything these men hear outside of you calling them dicks for not wanting to become undead slaves and not planning ahead for it. The offer of fishing while cool isn't really helping them. Sorry these NPCs are being difficult. But the problem group is going down the rolls to violence more than the dice was anticipated. The undead and living are blocking supplies and gear for your guys as well. The men are paid weekly to maintain loyalty and the agreements. It gives them money to gamble with and trade amongst themselves.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - Fortress of No Return

The storm rained down on Slate-iron city. Thunder and lightning flashed as the downpour covered the city. Inquisitor-Silth tread the long path across the city and finally to the far west gate. A couple templars met him thete and bowed before him. "Inquisitor. Are you venturing beyond the city? You will require an escort." Checking his host's memories, Silth saw that he would. The vault entrance was outside the walls. More rain fell outside the walls. The men waited.

Do you go on? Y/N.

Patak - Tavern Common Room, Sump | 5 FP

The innkeeper growled. "I'm stubborn minded so it couldn't get me. You must be as well. It don't use magic but a natural ability. It tricks the eyes and uses suggestion once it's put the whammy on you. The 'song and magic' is a ruse. The poo poo is a smart bugger. Smashing its head or binding it with copper chains can stop it!" The innkeeper gasped in pain and passed out under one of the tables.

The mind thralls and weaver ignore the innkeeper. While Patak managed to knock them down, the thralls got more co-ordinated as the mindweaver focused and stopped singing. "Cut off his balls. I want to hear him sing like a pig." The mindweaver chortled.

The innkeeper is safe. The mindweaver is weak to copper.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Riley - Abandoned Shop, Merchant District

An odd sensation when interacting with the storm but then it passed. The rain soon turned to snow. People gazed up at it as lightning and thunder crashed as well. The inconvienence of the storm was all around Riley. Children played, adults slipped and cursed.

It works as advertised.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - Fortress of No Return

The men started to accompany Host/Blaylock then paused as the rain turned to snow. "What's this? An attack from our northern neighbors? They'd be fools to war with us again." The men knee their duty and followed after Inquisitor Blaylock. The pit that was the entrance to the vault was covered in snow. The guards retreating inside for warmth. A large darksteel gate loomed.

Someone messed with your storm. You can investigate the storm or continue to the vault if you want. I included the vault in case Silth didn't have any paranoia about someone jacking his storm.

Nikita - The Wilds

Ill let you get a few actions stacks/ed after this scene since you're waiting patiently for LLSIX. It is appreciated!

Ksenija Ceranic - Wilds Camp -> Onwards? - 2 FP

Ksenija didn't have to wait long. The leaders of the salamanders were...cheating the other women out of part of their pay. Sitting in the shadows she saw they would hold back a copper here and a silver there. Never enough to he noticed. Usually when counting it out there was a bit of slight of hand in pocketing the coin. Ksenija was no fool and once she spotted the trick she had the perfect blackmail material.

Amusingly enough the two leaders were also cheating. In each other with Stillia. A firebrand and homewrecking troublemaker. Ksenija had chased her away from Amy a few times. Like she was sensing the bond there.

The Caravan bypassed the small town and continued to the next larger one. This one was called Blacktone. It was home to a colony of dwarves. As it stopped in town, the mercenaries were given leave to blow off some steam. Most went to a tavern called The Sad Wench Inn.

Hakon and Daor - Hakon's Manor
FP: 5

The wizard appeared in a thunderclap and bowed deeply. He looked healthier but drained. He produced an armlet for Hakon. "I have thought long and hard on your problems master. And I believe I have a solution. I have used all my magckial know-how to create this!" The Armlet of Nullment. "It shuts any psychic pain and discomfort into the armlet. I love you master and hate myself for bringing you discomfort. Allow me to kill myself to make up for it?" He drew a knife. Ready to slit his own throat. In his zeal he didnt notice you haven't put on the Armlet yet.

Daor brought the bagged unconscious half-ogre into the basement. The children bound the man and left. There was less of them this time.

If you take the Armlet and use it, gain Mortal quality No pain. All gain [+2]. The half ogre could fight more children than Daor could.

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 4

"Rick and his wife Lori, my other son Shane lives nearby." The man gave directions. "Be careful of the governor in that town. He killed the last three mayor's because they disagreed with him." The man gave Emilio a few of his wife's cakes and left. When he was out of earshot Lillith and Cain asked "Can we kill them all now?"

Charge vampire? Leave town?

Patak - Tavern Common Room, Sump | 5 FP

The dancing singing mindweaver let out a high pitched shriek as the copper plate slapped into the side of its head with bullseye accuracy. The patrons of the tavern all stood still. Their instructions cut off. A feminine voice wept from the fallen mindweaver. "Give me back my children!" She keened mournfully. She spat at the innkeeper. "How could you do this to us, you're their father! Just give them back!" She wailed and began to rise. The tavern patrons turned jerkily towards Patak again. Picking up speed. "GIVE THEM BACK! I WANT JUSTICE! JUSTICEEEE!"

The innkeeper cowered under the tables. Turning his face away in shame and horror. "Weren't no woman. Was a devil. Lies! Lies! They're beasts! Wewrent no..." He babbled.

War God's Banner +2 covers all of it and trumps mortal quality, warlord +6. Oh shiii drama

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Patak - Tavern Common Room, Sump | 5 FP

It wasn't long before Patak, the mindweaver, innkeeper and the thralls were all seated around the common table across from one another. The innkeeper looked sullen and the mindweaver sniffled. Still in its male minstrel form. A customer came in from outside, took in the scene, then beat a hasty retreat.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - The Vault Interior

Host/Blaylock's escort left him to go to the guard barracks for food and to keep warm. He was free to roam the stacks and shelves that stretched underground for miles in large maze like structure. Figures could be seen holding small light sources in the distance. Once Silth descended they would be out of view.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Grenmalk-City markets
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

The Pieces he was looking to make a proper kit weren't hard to find. But the merchants regarded his requests with curiosity and suspicion. Amerigo eventually gathered what was needed and returned to his room at the inn that the caravan master provided.

You can now maintain your weapon.

Hakon and Daor - Hakon's Manor
FP: 5 + 3

Power poured into the wizard and he screamed. Hakon snapped the Armlet shut just in time. The wizard screamed and scream and soon Doar and all the thralls were holding their heads. The vocal scream stopped and the mental one did as well.

"I can hear them. Is this mind magic? It's. Brilliant!"

An accident. Your enchanter is now Mind Mage [+2] Its taxing but he is now one of the rare mind magi. He will need time to figure out and research the magic but think psionicist from D&D.

Ksenija Ceranic - The Sad Wench Inn- 2 FP

Ksenija sat in Stilla's room. Sure enough each leader paid her a nightly visit. Both bringing her a present after nightly fooling around. Each woman left to get back to the other. The missing wages clinked after Stilla shut the door.

Stilla put on a black cloak and lithely leapt out the window and into the darkness.

Follow Y/N? Or confront leaders?.

Riley - Merchant District

The tax collector went down in a heap. He cursed the weather and the street urchins. Well at least most of them would freeze to death he thought. "Humbug! Hum-bug!" He coughed wetly. When he stood he noticed the collections were gone. "Oh no!" He yelled.

Riley made off with the clunking bag. Full of copper, silver, gold, and a few platinum coins! If Riley's mysterious patron was watching or cared there was no sign.

Winter had come to Slate-iron city. Riley could not even feel the cold oddly enough.

Riley is no longer cold. Interesting. Also you have gained riches!

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Ksenija Ceranic - The Sad Wench Inn -> On The Trail of Stillia - 2 FP

Stillia looks around as she moves from shadow to shadow and past the torchlight of the poor village. The woman eventually gets some distance between the town and herself before finding a clear space. Percy quips mentally to Ksenija <"Could she go any further out of the way?">

Stilla stops and draws a circle on the ground and begins taking out ritual items and placing them at different points of the circle. She then disrobes and lights candles around the circle, bathing her nudity in the candle light. <"Oh a saucy ritual! You think she's going to summon the Adversary himself? That would be interesting."> The tone of Perry's voice was anything but interested especially with a theatrical yawn following it. Stilla began the ritual, swaying and dancing and chanting. Whatever she was doing she would be completing it soon.

Intervene or watch?

Isiah Incipio - The Wilds

The Bersekers thought on this. Then stood down. However this still left the mutineers to deal with...

Your big brass balls made them back down.

Nikita and Lt. Freda - The Wilds

Nikita's Lieutenant Freda hissed an inaudible whisper to Nikita. "That was close, but are you going to leave the rest to die? They are legion even if they don't want to become undead slaves for eternity. You have an obligation. I will follow you but I am reminding you that there will be questions later..."

The berserkers backed down. Now all that we left was the disobedient soldiers who saw a fate worse than death in their futures.

Your berserkers backed down. Your Lt. Is reminding you of stuff but she will follow your lead.

Hakon and Daor - Hakon's Manor
FP: 8

quote posted:

Restrained in one of the store rooms was the half-ogre his thralls had acquired. A mercenary specializing in bodyguard and protection work he would be perfect in the role of Hakon's chief protector. Hakon issues some orders and soon the staff of the manor have the half-ogre sitting up, his eyes held open and forced to stare forward, much like Daor had been before his rebirth.

Hakon placed the Eye in a holder set before the Half-ogre's face and set to work. He would spend the next several hours transforming the half-ogre's entire being just as he had for Daor. He spent hours drilling love and devotion to him into every nook and cranny of the half-ogre's mind, ensuring that the bodyguard would love and adore him with every fibre of his being, and view Hakon as a figure of godlike perfection who's voice, appearance, and even scent were wonderful beyond the ability of mere words to describe.

However, unlike Daor, Hakon weaved in another thread to his indoctrination. This half-ogre was to be his shield, and so Hakon made sure to emphasize his subject's new purpose in life. In between sessions strengthening the half-ogre's love and devotion to him to fanatical levels, Hakon instructed him in his new place as Hakon's warrior slave. Making sure his new duties were as natural to the half-ogre as breathing. Hakon made sure his bodyguardwould never be distracted, would never slack off, would never let up his holy vigil for even a moment he was awake. Here Hakon wove the two threads of the indoctrination together intending to strengthen both in the doing. The half-ogre's obsessive devotion would serve to make his drive to protect his master that much stronger, and in term the mental rewards that his programming provided for doing his duty well would only serve to intensify his feelings. It was a self reinforcing cycle, intended to leave him with the ultimate bodyguard, who worshipped him like a god.

The half-ogre resisted but in the end the hours and hours of attention from Hakon broke away the being's will until what Hakon wanted was accomplished. When released, the half-ogre pushed all the other servants away, including Daor. "No one gets within 10 feet of the master unless they have the same treatment as me. The less useful of you will taste test all food prepared for the master in front of me. No one gives him anything unless I examine it first. You may be thralls but people can enspell you, trick you, or force you through non-detectable means. Got it?"

Daor looked like he was about to object but then found himself in agreement. "Yes. We have to keep him safe. If 10 feet is the price I must pay, so be it. We have him in our minds and hearts. Amen."

The former Lord of the manor agreed too. "The lizard confederation and the imperial mindflayer axiom shift can take on any form of threat. Believe me master when I say this!"

You got security. And advice. Ignore it at your character's whim and peril.

Riley - Merchant District

With new clothes, blankets, and supplies Riley made it back to her hideout. She took over the bedroom and settled in to sleep.

In the dream world Mindy was having nightmares about Riley. She felt really bad about what happened and it made her sick. Monsters and streetmen did terrible things to Mindy's dream representation of Riley while Mindy cowered and cried. One of the boogymen grabbed at Mindy's hands. "You have to look, it's all your fault."
Your fault
Your fault
Your fault

The nightmares chanted around her. Showing her scene after graphic scene over again.

Is Riley going to chase off these dreamworld parasites? A lion scaring off the jacksons?

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 4

"Yes." The energy mage/vampires groomed. They wouldn't disobey Emilio. Yet.

Sally and Stern loaded the wagon and the boys took it out of town. As the groupwaited Sally looked at Emilio. "Do you want us around anymore boss? It's like you don't even think about us unless we talk to you. Just saying."

Vampires charged. If you don't mention your NPC followers for a few posts I'm going to stop tracking them. They don't have to be in all posts just referenced once and a while.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: The Beer garden Inn, Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

Gunpowder: sulfur, charcoal, potassium nitrate
The shell: metal alloy, 24-grain metal pellets

How available these material were here and the specialized tools to make them would need investigating but Amerigo know knew exactly how to make them and what the materials were.


Silth - Host/Blaylock - The Vault Interior

Host/Blaylock flound a case of jars with the exact specifications he was looking for. As far as a magical siphon or generator there was a scepter inside of a large metal and glass case. It's inscription read: Scepter of the Pretender Prophet Afar
From Blaylock's knowledge he was in part responsible for a mini uprising several hundred years ago. His divine powers a sham. The lab techs hadn't figured out how it stored magic, but it was suspected. Silth-Blaylock didn't find any lasers or bombs or items like that. But then again this place was huge.

likely item: success
Second least likely item: barely a success if it is what you're looking for.
Least likely item: not found.

Patak - Tavern Common Room, Sump | 5 FP

The female in male guise flinched. "Ok ok." She released the thralled men and they slumped unconscious. Snoring. "I an Marie, I am a mindweaver. I run a bakery shop in the next town over." She hung her head. "They are purple skinned and look human. Unlike me. They're in a cage inside a magical store room. Warders against all entry unless you know the password. They're just babies. Sure I had a litter of them but it's how my people reproduce."

The innkeeper blustered. "They're no better than animals. Monsters like you! You tricked me! They're not even a recognized sapient race so legally I can sell them if i like!"

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Riley - Mindy's Nightmare

"It's okay! This is a nightmare. Nothing can hurt us here. Ever."

The boogymen all stopped what they were doing as Riley shredded their compatriot and turned towards her. "That's not. Entirely....True." They hissed as they melted away.

Mindy ran to Riley and hugged her. She sniffed. "I'm ok. It was snowing outside, it has been for a couple of days. Are you warm? Are you safe? I'm so so sorry." The dream became more pleasant now that Riley had taken over. The darkness receded but lingered at the edge of the dreamscape.

Ksenija Ceranic - On The Trail of Stillia - 2 FP

Stillia was trying to communicate with her coven. Give a report of some kind. However, Ksenija's legacy. The god artifact. Changed things. Stillia screamed as the simple communications ritual was co-opted by hell.exe . A ruby red light appeared and a link opened. One that hadn't been touched since before the world was banished underground.

Stillia passed out right as a large cloven hoofed red demon popped through the slit created wetly and with a sound of tearing leather. Steam poured from it and it sniffed the air. "Ah. Ahhh! Some survived. The Adversary must know! His revenge was not complete." The horned head turned as grotesque goat's eyes sizzles in perversion and a nasty alien intelligence not meant for this world.

It doubled in height. "There is much evil here and darkness." It studied the female on the ground and a forked tongue licked a mouth full of sharks teeth.

Percy was speechless. <"H-h-how. How could this even happen? It's not possible...">

drat. A 12 on this. Like did your character's powers reach out into cup?! Crazy dice. The creature has not noticed you.

Patak - Inn Common Room, Sump| FP 5

The innkeeper flinched but said nothing. The mindweaver said, "They won't remember. Just wake up with a headache no worse than a hangover."

Upon hearing of the oaths the mindweaver swore. “I will swear off my ability to control minds except to blend in and to defend myself and the children only when in extreme danger.”

The Innkeeper spat. “I will release the children to their mother. I will send het regular monetary support until they reach the age of adulthood. But I refuse to be near these beasts."

Well it was as good as it could be. If Patak was satisfied Marie would depart with her children and the innkeeper would keep a low profile as long as Patak was at the inn.

The War God’s Banner guarantees it will be so. By right of Patak's victory he could choose the terms of their surrender.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - The Vault Interior

The storm continued. Snow and lightning for the better part of yesterday and ongoing today. A strange sort of magic interacted with it. Not interfering but changing the moisture output to snow. A major enchantment. But Silth could easily break that enchantment with his artifact stone. By using it he could see tendrils of blue tinged magic tracing back to the origination point of the spell. The echo of Blaylock was very interested in this. It was an unknown power, even in the long memory of the church. He had not heard if it...

Enchanted. You can trace the spell or break it. Breaking it loses the trail.

Hakon and Daor - Hakon's Manor
FP: 8

The chaos-orc was unavailable Daor reported. Jailed for a minor crime. Short of breaking him out and calling attention to your operations he would wait for instructions on that front.

He did however find a slave dealer with all manner of pampering and pleasure slaves. Male, female, and in between. Hakon could have his pick. Best of all they were fully trained and no one would look twice if they were purchased.

Ugh The chaos-orc is in county lockup. Not prison for petty crimes. He can be procured if you wish to hiest him. Daor found the perfect body servants for you. No one would even question if they were bought.

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road

The wagon continued north and the darkness wore on. A few weeks passed when suddenly Emilio's troupe came upon the site of a massacre. A large caravan was destroyed. Horses and mules mutilated. Body parts everywhere. Utter carnage. All of the goods had been wrecked and the foodstuffs defiled, salted, and poisoned. Stern reported. The boys drew their swords, on the lookout for danger. Cain and Lillith scanned the darkness, sensing nothing.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

Sally shouted suddenly. Her eyes blazing with light. "HE SEES YOU! The dark cardinal's killers are here!"

The sand erupted and shadows wearing black and shifting bodysuits surrounded the caravan. From behind an overturned cart a large knight strode forth. A nimbus of dark energy swallowing up the meager light as it came within a few feet of him. The knight unsheathed his grestsword and it glowed with a dangerous orange light. "Emilio I presume?" The voice dripped with venom. "The Dark Cardinal wishes to speak with you."


Amerigo Hieronymus Location: The Beer garden Inn, Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

The Tactica disolayed information on how the Slate-Iron city oligarchy came to be and the limits of its reach.

Within the border of the current region and Slate-Iron kingdom the power of the six, the oligarchy's reach only existed within its borders. These borders were respected, since other nations with other crystals could start a war of annihilation over such things. So most countries kept to their own affairs. Not for a lack of covert trying.

The six came to power many years after the fall beneath the world into the under-realms. It was a time of warlords and great strife. Civilization was nearly ruined. Factions within the lands fought to control their crystals and others' crystals as well. Within the region with the crystal of darkness the six each came from a faction descended from the original factions vying for power. Each seat represented something. The magus represented the law and enforced it. The dark cardinal religion. There was a merchant seat, one for nobles, a military seat, and another for magic users. Power players that kept each other in check.

To get away from them would be to leave this land. Head north. And not stop.

The cities scattered in the kingdom ranged from tiny to almost as large as Slate-Iron city itself. Their ways of running things differed from place to place. So long as they paid their tithes and obeyed the edicts of the six, most rulers could be as kind or cruel as they wanted.

The ruler of Grenmalk-City was considered extremely progressive in his kind rule for the region. Perhaps it's why he was having issues now.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Nikita and Isiah - challenge!
The wager is the control of the legion here and now.
The trial is combat to the pain.
Mortal qualities.

The fight was fast and furious. Nikita's toughness and brute strength as he threw hexes and tried to trip Isiah up with magic as the battle born lord used his experience and training with all the martial means he could muster. Blows were exchanged fast and furious. Isiah's stance and form at odd vs Nikita's magic and physical gifts. A hammer blow by Nikita knocked the shield from Isiah's grip, he kicked out and caught a glancing blow to Nikita's shin that could have broken a lesser man's bones.

The blade shrieked as it bolstered Isiah's forces elsewhere, unable to be used as more than a blade against Nikita. Several times Nikita was cut and luckily, the necromantic power was used elsewhere to reraise the fallen dead and those newly dead.

Blood trickled from dozens of wounds and Nikita began to tire. Suddenly a root took hold! Isiah's boot caught and Nikita punched the werewolf right in the has with a blow that could pulverized stone. Isiah rocked with it, tasting blood in his mouth. The sergeant was a very good opponent. Different. But good.

Isiah knew if he didn't end this quickly, it would be he that lost. With a roar, Isiah severed the vines and tackled Nikita to the ground.

Nikita fell stunned for a moment. The blood loss and grapple making him lose track of what had happened. His vision cleared, but too late. Isiah's fist and sword gilt hammered savagely into Nikita's head. Again. Again. And again. Struggle as he might, Nikita's resistance got weaker and sensing that he could kill the leader of the berserkers Isiah stopped.

A woman's cry brought Isiah's attention back to the battlefield. He was breathing heavy. But he won.

The sword surged with pride and....something else.

Nikita [+4] Vs Isiah [+6]
Nikita: 3+4 [+4]= 11
Isiah: 2+4 [+6]= 12
Winner: Isiah
Deaths: None

Berserkers & Freemen vs loyalists & dead legion
Winner: Loyalists & Dead Legion
Deaths: All but 3 berserkers and the Lt.

Berserkers fell and all of the mutineers were either cut down or killed by the tireless dead working in conjunction with the well drilled loyalists. Three hulking brutes were captured and the Lt. dropped her sword when Nikita fell unconscious before Isiah. "Wait!" She cried to Isiah. "We surender! Don't kill Nikita, please I beg you! We'll leave and won't cross you again Captain. It was a mistake!" The zombies closed in, in case it was a trick. One of the loyalist officers turned to Isiah and saluted.
"The day is won! Orders captain?"

The living men cheered.

The dead groaned.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - The Vault Interior

The men followed obidently.
An unseen observer on high scratched notes watching the people coming and going, unnoticed by Silth and his minders.

After returning to his offices, Silth/Blaylock went solo to track down the source of the enchantment. He soon found himself in a business district. The pink bear and a few other taverns nearby...he couldn't exactly pinpoint where it was coming from. But he was close. Several businesses were around and closed. One...seemed to be shut down by the authorities. Hmm...


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Apr 19, 2002

Hakon and Daor - Hakon's Manor
FP: 8

The mixture of dwarves and orcs went from despondent slaves to happy body-servants. Hakon's head of security grunted. They would do. Hakon relaxed until the Chaos Orc showed up on his doorstep. He was shown into a waiting room where Hakon could watch him through a spy hole. "Nice place." The red skinned orc said to a servant as he waited.

Servants thralled. Secure. The red orc has arrived.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - The Business District

Host/Blaylock entered the home quietly. There were signs someone was living here. Food. Clothing for a smaller frame. As Silth entered the bedroom, a familiar memory of the sleeping Riley hit his mind. The guard memory of Riley. From the prison. She slept before Silth. But soon began to Stir.

Silth finds Riley. He knows her.

Riley - Mindy's Nightmare

Whispers echoed in the beyond. Was that laughter? Riley didn't have long to ponder this. A sense of impending potential danger hit her.


Riley's eyes came open. Before her was an Inquisitor from the Church of darkness. Mindy had mentioned them once. He was inside her room! Not good.

Ksenija Ceranic - On The Trail of Stillia -> NOPE - 5 FP

Ksenija awakes with a hangover. Amy rushes into the room. Everything was too bright. Too loud. "Wake up! Quick!" Amy said excitedly but not in a happy way. "Stilla's gone missing, the captain and lieutenant are asking for volunteers to find them. They're gathering everyone up. The caravan master is going to hire a mage to locate his missing driver and Stilla! What are we going to do? If they pay enough they can find out what we did!"
<"Oh great."> said Percy mournfully. <"They're going to melt us all down for scrap. We're doomed!">

Murphy's law.

Patak - Between Sump and ???, The Wilds| FP 5

"Thank you sir, but no. I'm just glad to have them back." She said after she was returtned home. Patak tipped his cowboy hat and rode off on his new horse. The provisions kept in his saddlebags. He had learned something here about life and strange love. The badlands could be like that. As he road out of the torchlight and the glow faded behind him. A lone howl filled the shadows. The sound of adventure.

Patak has gained mortal quality Wildlands [+2] his tracking and experiences for the strange gave him a newfound knowledge and how to deal with things beyond the city lights.

Nikita and Lt. Freda - The Wilds

Wounds healed, Freda turned to Nikita. Freda stood tall abd addressed him. "We may only have a fraction of our men, but they are the toughest because they survived. We need to complete the mission and show up that puffed up prince of necromancy." She said hotly. She was a berserker too. She put a hand on Nikita's chest. "Don't you feel it in your warrior's heart? In your blood?"

Nikita did hear a roar in his ears. Would he listen to it or ignore it?

If you continue on the quest gain Mortal quality Berserker [+2/-2]. If you don't then we'll see.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: The Beer Garden Inn, Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

The Tactica opened to a page with info on it.
No one. You were reading a magically trapped page from an external source fed with a another being's consciousness. I display what you want to read. I contain the written knowledge if it exists. That is the limitation. I will not answer a direct question ever again. Stop listening to other PCs, Ronwayne. This artifact is as meta as it can be 4thwall 4thwall 4thwall.

The book closes huffily.

Nobody accessed it earlier that wasn't you. That would be silly. Or that file does not exist. :mystery:

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Apr 19, 2002

Isiah Incipio - challenge!

"What dead sir? They're all risen." The loyalist looked at Captain Isiah confused. The man saw about breaking camp. The ones with the highest deathcount looked morose. Since they had killed their friends and comrades of many campaigns.

The dead followed their orders. There were so many now.

When the officer returned he took Isiah's command rings with the others gingerly but professionally. As hard as that would be.

sorry the following can't happen as what I've already written has taken place. All dead are already risen. All fallen undead were re-raised during the battle as well. Otherwise your forces would have lost.
The burly captain of the Black Legion and the dead picked through the unrisen dead. Perhaps it would be best to use the bodies of those who had been loyal to him for this, but he could not bring himself to desecrate their corpses. Instead, he struck deep into one of the fallen corpses with the bone blade, carving out the vertebra that joined the skull to the neck. Shaped by the necromantic powers of the remnant of the dead archlich in his sword, these would hopefully allow his officers to control the dead just as the dead's heads had controlled them in life.

You can have the rings. But during your battle and your use of the blade to bolster your forces with divine power, as already written: Every soldier and dead person rose and undead were re-raised during the battle.

I am Communist posted:

Nikita and Isiah - challenge!
.....the necromantic power was used elsewhere to reraise the fallen dead and those newly dead....

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Apr 19, 2002

Isiah Incipio - Mysterious Valley, Wilds

Your forces leave, everything made quicker because the dead had nothing else to do. Leaving Nikita and his remnants behind. There were a few missing zombies, but there were more where that came from.You soon come to a valley. The darkness stretches ahead of your forces. A few scouts do not return on time. One of your lieutenants reports, " Our easterly scouts have not come back. Do we send a undead unit with commander to look for them sir?"

You begin journeying to continue your mission. Your forces are 75% dead, 25% living, 5% are officers equipped with the rings. Two scouts have not come back.

Nikita and Lt. Freda - Mysterious Hill, over looking a mysterious valley, The Wilds

"That's the spirit!" Freda grinned fiercely. You and your forces punch a hole through the undead picket line and make your way into the darkness. Hearty and tough, your small unit is able to move fast and avoid some bandit bands operating out in the darkness. Soon you find yourselves overlooking a valley. The lights of Isiah's forces can be seen at a distance. They have stopped and so have you.

Freda looks to you. "Do we watch or try and get ahead of them?"

Eh, to avoid another combat amd move things along, let's say you get out and crush some zombie heads.

Patak - The Wilds | FP 5| 2 upshifts Banked

Patak and horse soon come upon a peaceful scene. 50 caravaneers sleeping peacefully. Eternally. Their clothing was different than the locals. Several large wet puddles sat in front of each cart. Like the horses had turned to water. Odd.
It was if everyone of them was snuffed where they stood or slept. No signs of life or stirring and the goods were untouched. The howl out in the darkness again. Closer this time.

There seems to be signs of something out there.

Hakon and Thralls - Hakon's Manor
FP: 8 + 3

The transformation mentally was different but very effective. Like Daor and Hakon's head of security the Indoctrinator could be heard in Hakon's head. And without the arm band, feel what he felt. No mind magic but a subtle and ever pervasive charisma would be his tools as he brought others to the new faith. Nothing supernatural that would arouse more than normal suspicion.

The Indoctrinator bowed low to Hakon. Waiting patiently for instruction.

The chaos-orc gains: Indoctrinator [+2] think charismatic cult leader. But when he gets you in, he goes to work softening his victims up making them ready for the eye. This can be physical or verbal. He can collect and have dozens ready in a few weeks.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - Riley's Hideout ---> Fortress of No Return

Preparations complete, Inquisitor Host/Blaylock turns a corner and bumps into Inquisitor Halrn. "Oh ho ho. My good man. I hear you've been to the vault and now you've made an arrest. Do tell an old friend. What have you been up to?" He says conspiratorily. Hist Blaylock remembers this man as a rival not friend. However Halrn was no fool. He may be fishing, he may not.

ninja edit; oh, missed this: experimenting with Inquisitor powers SAFELY (no fireballs). Firstly, turning on Truth Sense.
¤ At some point, When Inquisitor Host Blaylock attempts to use his Dark Gifts...nothing happens! ¤

Riley - Fortress of No Return

It wasn't often that dreamers sailed into the realm of nightmares. It bled away from her, formless and ephemeral. The more she sought out an enemy, the more she found nothing. She was about to give up when a taunting voice caught up to her. Sharks swimming an ocean of screams. Predators without number. Not even thinking about Riley it seemed...
"What are you looking for? Trouble? Because those who actively seek it always find it finds them..."

Riley made an enemy? Ok. We can find her one!.

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 4

Deadpan, the Knight delivered Emilio's answer. "You tore out her eyes."
"If you make me tell you what you've done.I will break a piece of you for every word Ispeak." An aura appeared around the man.

Sally hissed quietly to Emilio, her eyes seeing the magical field clearly. "Its a truth aura. He's applying it to himself so you know he believes what he says. You can try to lie to him, but I dont favor those odds."

Failure. He mad.

Ksenija Ceranic - Blacktone - 5 FP

The leaders of the salsmanders don't show up, likely busy with Amy. The caravan leader and the rest of the salamanders meet the mage. After some distant explaining, the mage nods and begins to work his magic.

Ksenija gets into position. It would be now or never. Percy sounds nervous <"Uh, are we sure we should be doing this. Especially after last time?">

)Amy dispatched. Ksenija in position.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Mayor's offive, Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

Amerigo found the Mayor's house and was ushered in by a sharply dressed butler. He was made to wait. Moved to another waiting room. Then waited again and this repeated a few more times before arriving at a nicely appointed office. A large rotund man rose from behind an oak desk a pleased smile on his face. "Come in! Come in! What can we do for you? Mr....ah?" He looked at a loss.


I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Ksenija Ceranic - Blacktone - 5 FP

Ksenija spied a roof on a building next to the crowd. There were lose stones and tiles on it. However it looked pretty old and was crumbling in places. It would be a risk if she wanted to get up there and do something.

Isiah Incipio - Mysterious Valley, Wilds

The dead surrounded the living as meat shields. The going was slower but soon the scouts were found. Their bodies were twisted into agonising positions. Probably the work of shapeshifter's. The commanders called a halt and turned to Isiah for more orders.

A thick fog and mist began to shows the valley. It became harder to see.

Riley - Dreaming in the Fortress of No Return

The teddy bear's head turned 180 degrees to look at her. It's eyes deep pits of evil. "No..." the whisper said.
"Close your eyes now and be scared.
The darkness all around you
Close your eyes now and despair the dark is where I found you."
It tittered and sceeched.

Teeth bit into Riley's arm and she screamed. She awoke in her bed, the guard outside looking in.

A dream.

Patak - Strange Massacre Site, The Wilds | FP 5| 2 upshifts Banked

Patak was rewarded for his investigating. These were people from the northern kingdom. Some of the writings with them showed where they came from. There was a manifest of a sort, how many carts, Ice Golem's, and personnel were in this caravan. It would take alot of heat to melt them. And skill to not scortch the wagons and bodies. Odd. The dead were like someone had snuffed their lives out. There were tracks leading around the carnage. All from the same high heeled boot. Light on their feet. An elf or woman perhaps.

Hakon and Thralls - Hakon's Manor
FP: 11

It took a few days, but the nobles were easy to thrall. A party invitation and as they arrived from a carriage Hakon sent for them, they were quietly captured and thralled. They would be returned before they were missed.

A covered wagon arrived a few weeks later containing the huddling masses the Indoctrinator delivered. Mostly lay people and run away slaves. They were all gagged and bound, then placed in the center. The remote manor in which Hakon now resided was the perfect place for this.

The eye pulsed. Pleased.

Nikita and Lt. Freda - Mysterious Hill, over looking a mysterious valley, The Wilds
FP: 2

Nikita's mist soon shrouded the valley. Combined with the natural darkness he and his berserkers slipped through without incident.

Ahead of Isiah's forces, Nikita found several cages. Skeletons filled all but one. A scout lay bleeding and beaten badly, apparently left to die out here. "Water" he croaked weakly.

Emilio Ughi - Distant Village, Wilds, on the road
Flaw Points: 4

Every assassin and warrior drew steel. The knight shook. Was literally shaking with rage. "We care not how you accomplished your foul deed." He swung his greatsword in a wide arc, shattering a wagon as it was wreathed in a purple flame. "We already believe you." he said with the chill of a corpse. "Last chance. Give up. Or die."

No need to garner FP for greed. He's not taking the deal since he already believes you. He believes you to be an apostate wizard, your false miracles the whole reason they've been sent to kill you. Or capture.

Silth - Host/Blaylock - Fortress of No Return

The man frowns and attempts to get something out of you. It is a short conversation but Host Blaylock feels satisfied that Halrn won't come sniffing around again. At least where Silth could see it.


I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Silth - Host/Blaylock - Fortress of No Return

Host/Blaylock made his way to the massive cathedral fortress that was the center of the church of darkness. Pilgrims and worshippers were detained as he rose higher and higher. His inquisitorial rank letting him through where others were stopped. Security was high but he was admitted through the final door and into the presence of the crystal itself.

It was massive. His footsteps echoed through the empty chamber. A lonely sound.

Amerigo Hieronymus Location: Mayor's office, Grenmalk-City
1 FP, +1 upshift banked.

"Good to meet you! Well you see.." the mayor explained that the Lord kept on hiring soldiers and mercenaries. Some of them criminals. As to why the mayor wanted to find out. "I have to house, pay, and feed them all. The coffers are almost empty. And dark crystal help us when that day comes. They fight each other or suspect they turn to banditry to supplement their incomes. Several farms have burned and murders committed. Also men sent to guard the Lord's castle don't come out again. Needing more soldiers and guards. As you can see...its a pickle." The harassed mayor said.

99 problems


I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Hakon and Thralls - Hakon's Manor
FP: 11

The Thralls rise and now to their new master. The eye makes a curious him. Then shuts.

Eye shut. Charging. 1%

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