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Jun 19, 2005

I am looking for an affordable wedding venue in the Detroit Metro Area, preferably in Washtenaw, Wayne, Livingston, or Oakland, though I wouldn't rule out Macomb.

Max Budget: $20,000

Wish List: (from most to least valued)
  • Non-religious venue.
  • Ceremony and reception at same location
  • Provides everything except for DJ, photographer etc.
  • Doesn't nickel and dime for every god drat thing/willing to accomodate, i.e., basic necessities like coffee, tea, champagne toast etc. included and they will look the other way if, say, wedding favors are snacks for guests
  • Hotel nearby with shuttle service
  • At least 4.5 hr. bar, longer preferable
  • Has a solid premium bar with craft beer, better if options available for customization
  • More modern/not old and stuffy decor from decades past
  • Late night snack? One place we checked out provided pizza and breadsticks. That was cool.


Dr Cox MD
Sep 11, 2001

Listen Up, Newbies.

How many people attending the wedding, total?

$20k across 50 people is a totally different story than $20k across 200.

Jun 19, 2005

Whoops, forgot that detail. 140.

Dec 1, 2004
Something Witty

Grimey Drawer

Wellers in Saline was pretty great for my wedding. The style is more old-fashioned but I wouldn't call it stuffy, they do the whole thing there, there's multiple rooms to reserve depending on the size of the wedding, the food was very good, you buy the beer/wine/liquor for the (open) bar on your own (but that means that you pay retail price for it and you pick exactly what you want).

You'll need to provide an officiant, DJ, and photographer. We hired this guy: and he was awesome. Gotta recommend him.

Dec 5, 2005
what the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for!?

We had ours at the Rattlesnake Club on the river in downtown Detroit that would seem to check a lot of your boxes. We had the ceremony on the outside patio overlooking the city / river and the reception was inside in an atrium style setting. I believe it was $60 a plate with a five hour bar. I was very happy with the experience and we had a great coordinator from TRC to help us plan everything. I can give you her number if you are interested. It has a good mix of the old and the new I found appealing. Follow the link to see pictures

Nth Doctor
Sep 7, 2010

Darkrai used Dream Eater!
It's super effective!

Lipstick Apathy

Our reception was held here:
One of the major selling points was that they included the cake.


Jun 19, 2005

We really liked Wellers but their minimum guest count was 150, too high for us.

We ended up going with Stonebridge Golf Club in Ann Arbor. It's nothing too fancy, but it hit all the checks on our list. It's relatively cheap (depending on guest count and final list of amenities we want, ~$12-13k), very accommodating (can add any barrel of beer I'm thinking of at a reasonable upcharge, can add liquors or mixers not on the list at no added charge, allows for favors to basically be snacks for guests etc.), private ceremony and reception space in one location (including outdoor space for our guests), early morning access to the reception space for set-up, and it's in A2 so we have plenty of places for pictures, after-party, hotels to choose from etc. etc. etc.

In other words, it has tons of upside with little foreseeable downside, pretty much the exact opposite of every venue we looked at. We weren't excited at the prospect of getting married at a golf course, and the decor is vanilla, but whatever, it works.

I'll close the thread when I'm off mobile. Thanks to those who gave recommendations.

e: I should note my original post was slightly misleading. The $20k budget was for everything, including photographer, flowers, tux rental, cake and favors, decorations, wedding dress etc., which has since gone up. Our upper limit for a venue is $14k, so Stonebridge is perfect.

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