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May 1, 2007

RealFoxy posted:

Vader was always described by Cornette as "Too nice to be a wrestler" and Stan was all gimmick in the ring but apparently a real nice guy outside of it too. Both would bruise the poo poo out of you in a match though

Foley also talks in his first book about how much of a total softy Vader is, IIRC.


C. Everett Koop
Aug 18, 2008
Can't post for 6 days!

New Japan's YouTube channel posts a free match once a week. Usually it's from the recent era and is to build up an upcoming event or match. But this week's is Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid from the Garden for the WWF Light Junior Heavyweight Belt or whatever it was called. Fink does the ring announcing!

May 6, 2007

Kinda of shocked New Japan has the TV rights to that match. I wonder how much stuff they have the broadcast rights to from when they did have a working relationship with the WWE

The Cameo
Jan 20, 2005

life's all about the ups and downs, baby

They don't have the rights to any of it, TV Asahi does. The broadcaster puts up the money for production and as such owns the recordings - whereas New Japan retains ownership of the IP and talent contracts in this arrangement.

It's why Kenny felt a little bad after Wrestle Kingdom - TV Asahi airs the main event of WK like an hour or two after the show wraps up, and there's a time limit so breaks can be inserted without cutting the match, and they went like five minutes over - to the point where when the announcer called that they hit 40 minutes, he turned to Gedo and said "do we go home now?", having planned another few sequences before the finish, and Gedo said "you got them going (referring to the crowd), just keep doing what you're doing".

Plus it's a match for a dead title featuring a guy who doesn't work for the company anymore and wasn't well-liked when he was there (and I'm pretty sure the WWF light heavyweight title of that era was essentially a New Japan belt at the time), so the effort expended to go at them for putting the match on youtube has about zero gain.

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