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How do you feel about Archnemesis mods on rares?
Incredibly fun, I love them!
They're alright
Needs more work
Almost as much fun as shoving a red hot nail under my fingernail
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Jun 10, 2001

:siren: Don't follow any build guides on sites other than :siren:

What is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is a free to play action RPG created by Grinding Gear Games. It takes place in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast where you kill monsters and grab loot. The game has a ton of depth when it comes to creating character builds, and the free to play implementation is one of the best of any game out there. Try it! There is a standalone client available from the website, or you can get it on Steam. It is also available on Xbox and PS.

The Xbox One launch trailer is actually a very good quick look at what the game is all about if you have never seen Path of Exile before.

What's this Fall of Oriath expansion adding?

6 more acts, for a single playthrough of acts 1-10. No more normal/cruel/merciless difficulties where you play through the same acts 3 times. After act 10 you should be high enough level to go right into maps. During the story, 2 events will happen that will permanently lower your resists to keep the effect of cruel/merciless in place.

The pantheon system, which is another tree of defensively oriented passive bonuses that can be freely swapped in town. Killing certain bosses unlocks additional bonuses.

More skills: Dark Pact, Charged Dash, Storm Burst

Performance improvements

An improved map that shows walkable space.

And more unique items of course.

I haven't played in a while, what has changed?

Things that have changed depending on how long ago you played:

Desync is gone.
Item filters are in. An editable text file that controls how items appear on the ground. Color and size of text, and hiding items altogether.
Premium stash tabs can be made public and you can price the items inside to be indexed on trade indexing sites.
The atlas system fleshes out the endgame mapping system. Now maps have a physical location on the atlas, as you complete the atlas you'll build up a bonus to your map tier drops and eventually progress to fighting a new endgame boss, the shaper.
Ascendancy classes - each character now has 3 subclasses that add another sphere grid to progress your dude.

What hasn't changed?

The respec system is still the same. You get about 24 respec points from quests, and can get more from orbs of regret, but there are still no full respecs, except on standard when they do patches that significantly rework the passive tree.

Trading is still entirely dependent on a website. GGG has added an official trade indexing site at which is now better than In-game trade chat is a bot infested scammer's paradise, stay away.

Free to play? :barf:

The store features purely cosmetic effects, and account features like stash tabs and character slots. There are no exp potions or boosts, no locked boxes that require real money to open, or any other stupid pay2win bullshit. You'll want more stash tabs eventually but you start with 4, which should last you long enough until you know if you like the game well enough to drop a few bucks on it.

Do I have to be online to play?


How do I play with goons?

New poe goon discord:

I'm copy/pasting this information from the previous thread - I don't know poo poo about the goon guild, feel free to let me know if any of this info is out of date or incorrect and I will update it.



We have a guild. We used to have two, but now there's just the one. How to get invited, courtesy of skyl3lazer:

Don't PM me for an invite. PM Skyl3blazer with a link to your SA profile, and in your profile include your character name in there.
The officers are: katasi, bugsy, dbk, pokchu, budgie, Hauki. Skyl3lazer is our leader.

Skyl3lazer posted:

Hello Friends,

As there is now the ability to see time since last logon to guild, I am doing ad-hoc purges. You're fair game if you've been offline for 1 month according to the game, so if you're actually playing you'll be fine. If it turns out we fill again and there's no 1+ month offline people, I guess the guild is Actually Full for that duration.

Basically it's time to start petitioning GGG to add some more guild slots is what I'm saying.

At the launch of 3.0 the guild purges will be much more frequent initially because this game is cool and good but doesn't allow for enough slots in the guild for everyone.

Skyl3lazer posted:

Man get ready for Beyond Thunderdome w/r/t guild invites.

If you don't play for 2-3 days at some point in the first two weeks of the league, expect that you wont be in when you come back

I'm confused and need a beginner's guide!

:siren: This game is really dense and this guy's youtube channel is a great place to have all sorts of important stuff explained! :siren:

Here's a beginner's video guide series by Engineering Eternity that will answer a ton of questions.

What are the classes?

Your class choice determines where you start on the passive skill tree, what skill gems you get from quest rewards, and what skill gems are available from vendors. That's it. Once you progress the story far enough you will unlock a vendor that will sell all of the skill gems, with a select few exceptions that remain drop only. Any class can use any skill or piece of equipment, assuming they meet the str/dex/int requirements.

Each class other than scion has 3 subclasses, called Ascendancies, that add a sphere grid to your sphere grid to further advance your character. Read about Ascendancies here. Completing the labyrinth will give you points to spend in one of the Ascendancy trees. You can only pick one of the 3.

  • The Witch
    Intelligence focused character, starts with the fireball skill gem. She starts at the north side of the skill tree. A good pick for any spellcaster or summoner type character.

      Witch Ascendancies
    • Necromancer: Focuses on minion boosts, but also allows minion buffs (offerings) to apply to the player. Very potent group support options available.
    • Occultist: Focuses on dealing chaos damage and curse potency. Also makes energy shield a much more potent defense. +1 Power Charge and +1 Curse available.
    • Elementalist: Focuses on dealing elemental damage, creating and spreading ailments. Helps mitigate elemental damage reflection. +1 Golem available.

  • The Templar
    Intelligence + strength. Old man who doesn't wear pants. Starts with the glacial hammer skill gem, on the northwest end of the passive skill tree. Suitable for all sorts of builds both melee and caster alike.

      Templar Ascendancies
    • Inquisitor: Focuses on ignoring resistances to deal obscene amounts of elemental damage, often via melee attacks. Great for spellcasters too. Consecrated ground available.
    • Hierophant: Focuses on making elemental totems more potent and allows more of them to be summoned. Also offers notable Mind over Matter boosts. +3 Psuedo-Five-Links available.
    • Guardian: Focuses on providing extra defenses to the player and party members/allies. Multiple support auras available.

  • The Marauder
    Strength. Barbarian brute. Smash things, lots of life. Starts with heavy strike, on the southwest end of the passive skill tree. Good for melee builds and also certain types of caster builds, one of his Ascendancy subclasses is fire damage and totem focused.

      Marauder Ascendancies
    • Juggernaut: Focuses on being more of a tank than Champion, but without the group benefits. +1 Endurance Charge Available.
    • Berserker: Focuses on dealing/taking lots and lots of damage and leeching lots and lots of life to survive. 40% Damage multiplier available.
    • Chieftan: Focuses on fire damage delivered via spell/attack totems, granting combat/defensive bonuses and life leech through them to the player. Ignite immunity available.

  • The Duelist
    Strength + dexterity. Suave motherfucker. Good for any kind of melee build (1h/shield, dual wield, 2handed). Starts with double strike, on the south end of the skill tree.

      Duelist Ascendancies
    • Gladiator: Focuses on blocking attacks and spells and/or making everything bleed to death and possibly explode. Good for 1h+shield or dual wield builds.
    • Slayer: Focuses on 2h melee with huge life leech, and instakilling enemies below 20% health.
    • Champion: Focuses on damage mitigation via fortify and being a tank in general, with taunts and minor group support. Permanent Fortify available.

  • The Ranger
    Dexterity. Excellent for bows builds, but she can be played with melee skills as well. Starts with burning arrow on the southeast end of the skill tree.

      Ranger Ascendancies
    • Raider: Focuses mostly on attack based builds, providing frenzy charge generation and phasing/dodge-based defenses. Lots of movement speed. +1 Frenzy Charge available.
    • Deadeye: Focuses on making projectiles (mostly from attacks, not spells) do fancy things like chain and return and apply extra damage. +1 Projectile available.
    • Pathfinder: Focuses on making flasks even more stupidly powerful, providing ailment/bleed immunity and poison delivery. Play if you enjoy pushing 12345 all the time.

  • The Shadow
    Dexterity + intelligence. Starts with viper strike, on the northeast area of the skill tree. Shadows can be played with many different build types, and tends to be focused on critical strikes and/or damage over time.

      Shadow Ascendancies
    • Assassin: Focuses on critical strikes and critical damage, as well as delivering poison and doing more damage with it. +1 Power Charge available.
    • Saboteur: Focuses on being sad while making traps and mines very much more effective. General lack of solid defensive options.
    • Trickster: Focuses on damage over time of any flavor, granting bonuses for kills with it. Relies on evasion and energy shield defenses. +1 Frenzy Charge and Power Charge available (together!)

  • The Scion
    The "advanced" class, starts right in the middle of the tree. Must be unlocked on your account by playing through the story and finding her in a cage in the area before the final boss of act3. (Note: I'm not sure if the Fall of Oriath is changing this at all.) A very versatile starting point with lots of easy to reach jewel nodes, although the nodes next to the scion start aren't as good as nodes at the very start of the other classes. The versatility of being right in the middle of the tree makes up for that though. Starts with spectral throw.

      Scion Ascendancies
    • Ascendant: Scion only gets one Ascendancy choice. Ascendant lets you pick variations of certain bonuses from 2 of the above mentioned Ascendancies. It also has the option of letting you place skill points on the main passive tree at the starting location of one of the other 6 classes.
What's up with these skill gems?

You socket skill gems into your gear to give your character abilities to use. Put a fireball gem in a blue socket and now your dude can cast fireball. If you link this with a support gem, like lesser multiple projectiles, now your dude casts 3 fireballs. Skill gems level up as you kill stuff, but the stat requirements also increase, so be careful. Generally speaking red gems are strength based, green are dex based, and blue are int based.

What's the best class?
That's not how this game works. All classes share the same passive skill tree, they just start in different spots.

What the gently caress is this skill tree??
The skill tree intimidates the gently caress out of people at first. Don't try to look at the entire tree all at once - most of your points are only going to be spent in one region of the tree.
Basically, the tree is split in 3; intelligence (blue), dexterity (green), and strength (red).

Every class shares the tree, they just start in different spots. Some of the nodes are much bigger; they are major keystones that more-or-less dramatically change your character.

If you are making your own build for the first time, something will probably be wrong with your character. This is normal and fine. One of the most common rookie mistakes is taking all offense and no defense. This isn't a game where you can comfortably kill stuff safely offscreen all the time and never get hit. Always pick up more %Life from the tree. Try to aim for at least 170% or so, but more is better.

What build should I play?

Updated 6/11/23 - Don't follow any build guides that aren't on or one of the following youtube channels. If the guide is not for the current patch, proceed with extreme caution.


The currency system, or what are these orbs? What do you mean there is no gold?

Orbs are consumable items that modify items in some way. They also have trade value with other players. Rule #1: if you're new and don't know how rare an orb you just found is, loving ask somebody or look it up. Any orb can drop anywhere, at any level. As a general rule, you are most often better off trading your orbs to other players for item upgrades, rather than trying to spam orbs on your own items to craft yourself something.

Note: these lists aren't in exact order of rarity, I just grouped them up to make it easier for new players to skim so they don't gently caress themselves over by wasting a rare orb they shouldn't have. A normal item refers to a white item, a magic item refers to a blue item, and a rare item refers to a yellow item.

Common Orbs

Orb of Augmentation - Adds a mod to a magic item that only has 1 mod. Feel free to use these, you generally can't trade them.
Orb of Transmutation - Turns a normal item into a magic item that may have 1 or 2 mods. Use these too if you want, or vendor them for 4 scrolls of wisdom a pop. Vendoring unidentified items gives you shards of transmutation orbs.
Armourer's Scrap/Blacksmith's Whetstones - Improves the quality of armor or weapons, which improves the base damage or defense. Normal items gain 5%, magic gains 2%, rares/uniques gain 1%, with a quality cap of 20%. There are a couple of different uses for these which I'll mention later.
Chromatic Orb - Randomly changes the colors of the sockets on an item. These are common but also important and you will want a lot of them at some point when you have a cool item with the wrong color sockets. The colors of the sockets are weighted based on the stat requirements to equip the item. An item that requires 150 strength to equip is going to roll red sockets most of the time.
Alteration Orb - Takes a magic item and gives it a new set of random mods. These are very useful and you will use a lot of them rolling flasks and jewels. You get alteration orb shards by vendoring identified items.
Jeweler's Orb - Randomizes the number of sockets on an item. Note that the itemlevel of an item (put the item on your cursor and type /itemlevel, or hold alt), determines the maximum amount of sockets you can get by using these on it. For items that max out at 6 sockets like chest pieces or 2 handed weapons they need to be roughly item level 50 to roll all 6 sockets.
Chance Orb - Upgrades a normal item to a random, higher tier rarity. Could be magic, rare, or unique if applicable. Basically gambling.

Uncommon Orbs

Glassblower’s Bauble - Improves quality of a flask, by 5%/2% for normal/magic flasks.
Fusing Orb - Reforges the links on an item to a random state that it's not currently in. So if you have an R G B item, using a fusing might make it R-G B, R G-B, or R-G-B. The odds are NOT equal though, the odds are weighted against you fully linking your item. Expect to burn hundreds of fusings for a 5 link, and over a thousand for a 6 link. It is often cheaper to just buy an item with the number of links you want rather than trying to link it yourself.
Alchemy Orb - Takes a normal item and turns it into a rare item with random properties appropriate to its itemlevel.
Scouring Orb - Turns an item into a normal item with no mods. Sockets and links are preserved, however. There are some really advanced crafting uses of this but that's outside the scope of this post.
Blessed Orb - Rerolls the numeric values of the IMPLICIT mods on an item. So say we have a 20% cold resist sapphire ring, say it’s magic and has +life and +fire resist on it. Using a blessed orb on it will reroll the cold resist percentage value only.
Chaos Orb - This is basically the US dollar bill of the PoE economy – always in demand, high use-value, most things for trade will be priced in terms of chaos orbs. It does the same thing an alteration orb does (rerolls an item with new random properties), but for rare items. So it’s a version of gambling, but a structured one – one of the methods of end-game crafting involves using an alchemy orb on a desirable normal item, and then chaos spamming it until the item is amazing. A chaos orb is worth roughly 2 fusings, although this can fluctuate a fair amount. Most of us mortals will use these primarily for trading, it can take a LOT of them to make an end-game white item into a great rare.
Regret Orb - Gives you 1 passive respec point.
Cartographer's Chisel - Improves the quality of a map. 5% for a normal map, 2% for a magic map, 1% for a rare or unique map.
Regal Orb - Takes a magic item and makes it a rare item, adding ONE random mod. A good use for regal orbs is using them on jewels that already have 2 good mods, hoping to hit a solid third mod.
Gemcutter’s Prism - Improves the quality of a gem by 1%.
Vaal Orb - Corrupts whatever you use it on. Corruption has a huge variety of potential effects depending on what kind of item you use it on. More importantly, a corrupted item cannot be further modified by any other currency orbs! Well, that is not entirely true, but let's just say further modifying a corrupt item is ridiculously expensive and just about never worth doing. So if a vaal orb fucks up the links and colors of your item, it is bricked. But good corruption effects are incredibly good and can take an already good item to insanely good status. Some examples of good corruptions are +1 arrow on quivers, +1 gem level on chest armor, or curse on hit effects on gloves.

Rare Orbs

Exalted Orb - The rich man's currency of PoE. If a rare item has less than 6 properties, an exalted orb adds another one to it. This is just about never worth actually using yourself. You should trade these, they have immense trade value. Generally most of the best items in the game are traded for exalts.
Divine Orb - Rerolls the EXPLICIT numeric values on an item. Using our sapphire ring example from earlier, a divine orb would reroll the life and fire resist only. Note that the range isn’t fully random, there are brackets depending on which specific life prefix originally spawned on the item – look up item affixes before you start considering using divine orbs on your things. If you have a ring that has +5 life on it, a divine orb will not change that to +70 life.

You won't find these so don't worry about it

Eternal Orb - These don't drop anymore, but they do still exist in some quantity on standard league. They let you create a snapshot of an item, and restore it later. So ultra rich crafters use an exalted orb and if the mod they got sucked, the eternal orb can restore the item back to how it was previously.
Mirror of Kalandra - This creates a copy of the item you use it on. A legal dupe. However, the duped item cannot be further modified by any other orbs. You better make sure the links, socket colors, and quality are exactly what you want beforehand. A vast majority of players will never find one of these. If you find one, you could have used all that luck winning the lottery, but instead you chose to win the privilege of copying some pixels one time. Good job.

I hosed up my build. How do I respec?
If you do all the quests that reward respec points, you should end up with 24 or so respec points. Yes, you have to refund skill nodes 1 by 1. You can use orbs of regret to gain additional refund points if needed. Note that once you get the hang of it, you can level really fast in this game (more on that later), so if you aren't rich it is easier to just make another character if you REALLY hosed up. Follow a guide and you probably won't gently caress up enough to need to reroll.

What league should I create my character in? What's a challenge league?
Challenge leagues are generally 3 or more months in duration and introduce a new mechanic or two into the game, along with a fresh economy. There are softcore and hardcore versions of the league for those who like the permadeath experience. Once the league is over, your character gets moved to standard league. Or hardcore, if you played the hardcore challenge league. Any character that dies in a hardcore league gets moved to standard.

Generally you can't go wrong playing the challenge league. Most goons play the challenge leagues. If you really, really like your character you can keep playing it in standard afterwards. There is nothing inherently wrong with playing standard if you want, but you're liable to be lonely, and also the economy is a dumping ground of every item that has ever dropped for the entirety of the game's existence. Plus you miss out on the new additions of the challenge league.

I keep dying??
Cap your resistances! (Maximum is 75% by default) During the story in the Fall of Oriath expansion, 2 events will happen that will permanently lower your resists. Later on in the game, elemental damage is generally balanced under the assumption that your resistances are maxed. If they aren't, some otherwise mundane attacks will start seriously hurting. Consider "overcapping" your resistances so that if you are hit with a -resistances curse you still have capped resistances.

On top of that, your flasks are really loving important. You always want at LEAST one bleed removal flask. It is a good idea to also have a flask that removes freeze, and a flask that removes curses. A "seething health flask of staunching" provides an instant heal, and removes bleeds at the same time - it is a great "oh poo poo" button.

Beware of the "corrupted blood" mod on elite monsters. It is a stacking bleed effect that stacks up as you hit them. It will kill you really fast, which is why you need a bleed removal flask.

Get even more life or energy shield than you think you need.

See the 2nd post for a more in depth post on defensive layers and how not to die.

Don't stress about gearing until after you beat the act10 boss.

How can I level faster?

For a detailed spellcaster leveling guide, check the 2nd post.

Zone layout cheat sheet:

vendor recipes that really help to level faster.
Weapon with +1 to fire, cold or lightning gems: 1x magic (blue) sceptre or wand + 1x Orb of Alteration + 1x fire, cold or lightning ring.
Weapon with 20 to 89% Increased Physical Damage: 1x Weapon + 1x Blacksmith's Whetstone + 1x Rustic Sash. The rarity of the Rustic Sash will determine how much physical damage you get. Be aware that the higher affixes carry a level requirement.

Other fast levelling tips:

Only stop to kill large groups of enemies. Run past individual enemies.

When you get to the town at the start of the game, check the armor vendor for any boots with move speed. They may not have any but if they do, buy it. You always want move speed on your boots while levelling.

Wearing chest armor slows you down. Don't equip anything in the chest slot if you feel survivable enough without it.

Some skills are particularly good while levelling that you can use and then switch to your main build later. Any skill that lets you do damage while moving forward is typically very good for levelling. As of this writing, fire trap, flame totem, and firestorm are the preferred way of levelling fast for any build that has the str and int requirements to use them. Craft a +1 to fire skills weapon using the recipe mentioned above, put flame totem and firestorm in it, and you are set for a long time.

From the first quest where you get the medicine chest from the tidal island, take the loving quicksilver flask.

For a full guide on how to level really fast, here is a good video that explains all sorts of things you can do. Don't freak out over the 2 hour duration, the most important information is in the first 15-30 minutes of the video.

If you have money to spend on levelling gear, here's a setup:

Vasudus posted:

Grand Spectrum (Viridian) x3
40% Goldrim
Wanderlust / Wake of Destruction
Berek's Grip w/ Level 21 Wrath corruption
String of Servitude w/ 60% Wrath Effect
-8 Cost Praxis
Karui Ward w/ Diamond Skin anointment
15/15 Lochtonal Caress / Maligaro's
5L Briskwrap

If leveling bow:
50% 5L Storm Cloud
50% 6L Tempest
Hyrri's Bite

If leveling wands:
2x perfect rolled Storm Prisms

What's with these races I hear about?
Races are very short duration leagues (typically 1-2hours) with sometimes crazy modifiers. The goal is to see who gains the most experience. You get rewards depending on how well you do. Please note that all races are hardcore, but some of them (Descent, Descent Champions, Endless Ledge) still reward you if you've died. Generally they break racing down into seasons lasting a month or two, and you get points depending on how well you do in each race. At the end of the season, the amount of points you have will get you a cool alternate art item reward.

Does this game have pvp?

Mostly, no. Every now and then they will run a battle royale mode on certain weekends only. The other pvp modes are dead as gently caress.

What's the difference between increased and more?
'Increased' stacks additively with other 'increased' sources. 'More' stacks multiplicatively with everything. This means that the gem 'Melee Physical Damage' gives you a 30% multiplier to all melee physical attack damage. Generally in your main attack skill setup you'll want to be cramming as many "more" multipliers in there as you can.

The wiki has a good article on this.

I'm poor as hell.
Here are some vendor recipes that you should always be on the lookout for.
  • Any item with three linked sockets, one of each colour = 1 chromatic orb
  • Any item with six sockets = 7 jeweller's orb
  • Once you reach level 60 zones, a full set of rare items (meaning helmet, gloves, boots, body armour, belt, two rings, amulet, 2x one-handed / 1x two-handed / 1x bow) vendors for a chaos orb. Two if unidentified, three if unidentified + 20% quality. Personally I prefer identifying all rares but it's up to you. If you need more scrolls of wisdom, you can vendor armourer's scraps or transmutation orbs. Try to haul back as many rares as you can to town each time - IDing them and vendoring them will give you alteration orbs and a slow trickle of alchemy orbs.
  • Don't use your currency to craft items if you can help it. Trading is almost always better value.
  • Oh and don't bother identifying magic items past level 10, unless it's in a slot you really need an upgrade for.

Once you become more familiar with the game with a better character and start clearing fast, you'll probably want to skip all the inventory tetris that comes with doing the above mentioned chaos orb vendor recipe and just keep killing stuff instead. You'll make a lot more currency in this game minimizing the amount of time you spend farting around with your inventory in town. Don't spend 5 minutes in town/hideout between every map - roll a bunch of maps in advance, and run them all back to back. Dump all the loot into a stash tab and ID/price it later.

I want to try out this whole trading thing and I joined trade chat and it is just a bunch of spam, this poo poo sucks.

There are a few third party websites and programs that make the trading process so, so much easier. Official trade search is your friend - it indexes public stash tabs and the official trading forums and allows you to search for items that way, filtering on what stats you want. I highly recommend at the bottom, turning "buyouts only" and "online only" to ON. This will show you items from sellers who are both online, and have a price listed they are willing to sell the item for. If you see something you want, first click the "verify" link on the listing - this will check if the seller actually still has the item, assuming they haven't sold it within the last few minutes. If verify checks out, then click the "whisper" link on the listing and copy that entire message to your clipboard and paste it in game. It'll look something like this:

@NameofGuySellingItem Hi, I would like to buy your ItemName listed for X orbs in LeagueName

Generally, they will invite you to their party. Accept, go to the social tab and click the party tab, right click on the seller's name, and click visit hideout. Wait a few seconds for them to find the item in their stash, they will open a trade window and put it up, you put up the currency, mouseover the item, click accept. Say thank you, and leave the party. Most trades are quick and easy and are more like trading with robots than humans. Yeah, sometimes sellers will be AFK or some poo poo, that's just life. Find another seller and move on.

Now, selling stuff is a bit more complicated. Premium stash tabs make this so much easier, though. If you have a premium stash tab, you can right click on it, make it public, and price the items, which will all be indexed on trade sites for others to see.

But I don't have any premium stash tabs, how do I sell my stuff?

Get a premium tab, there used to be some third party apps to help with this but they are no longer updated.

What endgame content does this game have?

Endgame areas are generated through the map system. Maps are items that start dropping at level 60+ or so. You place a map in the map device in the templar laboratory in the epilogue after completing act 10, (the master Zana, who only spawns in maps, can give you a "crafting bench" that lets you create map portals in your hideout) and it generates 6 portals to a high level zone. Dying, or leaving to sell loot, costs you a portal, and once all 6 portals are used up, you can't get back in the map zone you just created. Maps can be modified by currency orbs - you can use an orb of transmutation to make the map magic, and an augment orb to add another mod to it. You can also use alchemy orbs and chaos orbs to reroll rare maps. Mods on the map give bonuses to item rarity, quantity, and monster pack size in the map. Usually the more dangerous mods result in higher bonuses. If your character is good enough to run maps with tough mods, you get significantly more loot. Zana is really important, get her in your hideout ASAP - the map device you can place from her in your hideout gives a free quantity bonus to items dropped in maps. This bonus increases as Zana levels up.

Beginner maps start at tier 1 and contain level 68 mobs, with the highest and rarest maps being tier 15, or level 82 zones. Note that maps scale up in rarity and difficulty pretty quickly. Just because your character is level 80 doesn't mean you should expect to be doing level 80 maps!

Holyshoot posted:

Just want to put this here but https:/ is the most amazing thing for getting your maps. You use an easy to use UI and select the maps you have for trade and the ones you want and it pops in who has that combo. You can wait for whispers or whisper yourself. And it authenticates with poe official site so someone cant pretend to be you. This should be in the OP IMO. Here is a look at the layout.

Item Filters

Item filters let you customize how items on the ground appear. You can change the color of the text, the size of the text, play a sound when a certain type of item drops, or hide items altogether. It is extremely customizable and great for making specific things easier to see while hiding clutter. Creating an item filter involves editing a text file - fortunately other people make some pretty drat good filters that you can just download and use yourself. All you have to do is download the text file, plop it in the Path of Exile folder, rename it, and load it in the in game options screen. Easy. I highly recommend Neversink's item filter, which is a pretty good all purpose filter. Once you get more experienced with the game you'll likely want a more restrictive and customized filter for yourself than neversink's, but you'll know when you reach that point.

Here's an example of what it looks like:

No item filter installed:

With neversink's item filter installed:

Neversink's item filter shows too much poo poo how I can hide some of this poo poo?

Neversink made a site that lets you edit item filters, if you want to tweak his item filter to make it more restrictive, TheRat has a good explanation below:

TheRat posted:

1) Pick a base strictness
2) Select slick theme to avoid the eye-cancer that is the normal colours

3) Select the 'Customize' Tab
4) Decative most of the vendor recipes, keep the ones you want
5) Set up the chancing bases you want

6) Move Apprentice sextants up one tier.
7) Change sound on tier 1.5 + tier 2 currency to sound number 1
8) Adjust fontsize of all currency to max
9) Disable whatever currency you dont want to see

10) Change tier 2 unique sound to sound nr 3 (I dont want to hear the 'oh god I'm rich' sound for that crap)
11) Hide Tier 5 divination cards
12) Move Portal/Vaal haste/vaal disc to tier 2 special gems
13) Change Tier 1 special gems sound to sound number 6

14) Disable Special Bases and Rules -> SRS Crude bow

15) (This is the main body of work) Endgame Rare Items: Configure everything about rare drops

16) Map Item Rules->Edit appearance: Change T15 and T11-14 drop sound to sound number 8

17) Misc. Rules and League items: Show/Disable Endgame Utility Flasks

18) Select the 'Loot Simulator' tab
19) gently caress around with the loot simulator to see if you're happy with your filter.

20) Select the 'Style Editor' tab
21) gently caress around with borders/backgrounds/text colours if you want

22) Select the 'Download' tab
23) Name and save your filter so you can load it up in the future, then download it.

Useful Autohotkey Scripts and other stuff - Logout, invite-last-whisper, /hideout, /remaining, ladder-overlay and more - Item information, are the rolls on the item good, etc. - An expanded version of ItemInfo that price checks poo poo. Path of Building "Community Fork", aka "POB." The original version of path of building is dead as the dev got hired by GGG, you want to use the community fork. Anytime you see someone ask "Got a pob?" and/or random pastebin links when people are discussing builds, they are talking about this program and the pastebin links are one way to import builds to it.

Commonly used acronyms for discussing builds and poo poo in this game

Read posted:

CI - Chaos Innoculation (1 HP & Immune to Chaos dmg)
EB - Eldritch Battery (ES becomes mana)
MoM - Mind over Matter (30% of dmg goes to mana)
RT - Resolute Technique (Never miss, never crit)
BM - Blood Magic (Use hp for skills instead of mana)
IR - Iron Reflexes (Evasion converted to armour)

IC - Immortal Call
CWDT, CoC - Cast When Damage Taken, Cast on Crit
LMP/GMP - Lesser/Greater Multiple Projectiles
HoI/T/A - Herald of Ice/Thunder/Ash
WED - Weapon Elemental Damage
ST - Spectral Throw
EK - Ethereal Knives

DoT - Damage over time (like poison)
Aoe - Area of effect (anything that affects an area, like ice nova or whatever)
SC/HC - Softcore (standard) / Hardcore
IIR/IIQ - Increased Item Rarity/Quantity
MF - Magic Find (see IIR/IIQ)

SSF - Solo Self Found, an optional challenge mode you can pick on character creation that prevents you from interacting with any other characters. The game is not balanced around this and picking SSF does not grant any sort of drop rate bonuses.
TFT - The Forbidden Trove, a discord server that people use to buy and sell harvest crafts and other in game services (carries, etc.) It has a reputation tracking system to reduce your chances of getting scammed. Tonetta has an excellent post explaining how to use TFT here:

Old thread
Even older thread

Some useful links, mostly stolen from the even older thread:

Here's some gifs that are too big:
Mjolner Ball Lightning
Lightning Arrow
Spectral Throw
Just a cool dude

Thanks to everyone who posted information in previous OPs that I kept for this one. If I've left anything out, or something needs to be corrected, let me know.

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Jun 10, 2001

3.3 league is incursion league, starting June 1st. Lots of 3.3 info here.

3.4 league is delve, starting August 31st. Delve info here.

3.5 league is betrayal, starting December 7th. Compiled betrayal info here.

3.6 league is synthesis, starting March 8th. Compiled synthesis info here.

3.7 and 3.8 were legion and blight and I was burnt out so I got no links deal with it nerd.

3.9 is Metamorph, Compiled metamorph info here.

3.10 is delirium.

3.11 is harvest, Harvest info thread here.

3.12 is heist.

Leaving this guy here to be immortalized forever, thank you harbinger league.

Here's a good effortpost by Vasudus about defensive layers and how not to die. I was gonna put this in the OP but it's at the drat character limit so it's going here, deal with it nerds.

Vasudus posted:

Caveats: I am going to be speaking in general terms that may not always be 100% accurate. I am not trying to turn this into a wikipedia fight, so please don't quote one line and post a screed with formulas with a big YOU'RE WRONG. I'm trying to get across a general point; the individuals reading this can always read more in-depth poo poo on their own time. Righto, so on with the show.

I generally view builds as one of four types: Damage Avoidance, Damage Mitigation, Damage Recovery, and Raw Effective Health (EHP). I will be explaining each of these four archtypes along with their pros, cons, and examples. My definition of a 'good build' uses one of these archtypes as a primary and at least one other method as a secondary, which I will also explain later.


Damage Avoidance: Consists of -Accuracy, Dodge, Avoidance, and Evasion. These builds focus primarily on one concept: Don't Get Hit.
-Accuracy: Comes from three primary sources: Blind (-50% Accuracy), Enfeeble (variable%), and Dread Banner (variable%). This is listed first because it's first in the damage table: If a monster can't hit you in the first place, the other poo poo doesn't come into play.
Evasion: Rolled before dodge, and uses a complicated entropy system. I'm not going to get into the details of how the math works out, but the important takeaway is that it is NOT RNG. If you have 100 hits that are supposed to hit you with 50% evasion, 50 of those hits will land and 50 you will evade. Or rather, those 50 hits will then be rolled against dodge.
Dodge: Dodge is rolled when a monster attacks AFTER evasion, and comes in either Attack Dodge (melee/ranged) and Spell Dodge. This is pure RNG and does not use an entropy system.

Pros: You will be absolutely amazed at the crazy poo poo that a dodge-based character can 'tank'. Right before they go splat, because they most likely have little Damage Mitigation...
Cons: Weak to things such as degens (Metamorphs, Elderslayers), ground-targeted AoE abilities (Metamorphs, Elderslayers, Sirus), and other non-hitting damage fields.

Damage Mitigation: Consists of Armor, Elemental and Chaos Resistances, incoming damage conversions, and damage reduction sources such as Fortify. It also includes Block and Spell Block. The objective of these is that if you are hit, you aren't hit as hard. I'm not going to get into details about resistances other than this: I do not consider Chaos Resistance as optional anymore. I'm not saying you need to cap your Chaos Resistance, though that is nice, but having -60 nowadays will forever be a recipe for bad times. Get as much as you reasonably can.

Pros: Damage Mitigation builds laugh at many things in the game that give me heartburn. Armor smooths out most physical hits, getting 78%+ resistances makes things considerably easier because of how mitigation works.
Cons: Damage Mitigation primarily works on hits, not degens, and is often difficult to obtain in high quantity without sacrificing other things such as damage or other types of avoidance.

Damage Recovery: Consists of Leech above-and-beyond (likely with Vaal Pact or being a Slayer), excessive Life Gained on Hit, Energy Shield Gained on Hit, and so on. The general principle is that if you are hit, and you're hit hard, you recover your EHP back as quickly as possible to take more hits.

Pros: Damage Recovery works as an excellent secondary defense, and I'm a huge fan of excessive LGoH jewelry for many leagues.
Cons: Damage Recovery gets absolutely hosed in certain situations. Bosses like the Eradicator, no regen maps, no leech maps, and so on will totally gently caress you if this is your primary build type. You're also prone to being burst down before your recovery can do its thing.

Raw Effective Health: When you're going big or going home. The 9k Kaoms build. The 25k ES mana tank. You've seen them. Builds that have considerably beyond the standard amount of health expected.

Pros: Assuming you don't sacrifice your damage and you have other means to deal with incoming damage, these builds can survive some crazy poo poo.
Cons: A fair amount of builds that focus on high EHP sacrifice a lot of damage to get there. The longer a fight goes on, the better chance of getting killed. They also tend to lack other defensive layers, which leads to dying in situations where avoiding or mitigating the damage would have saved you.


Okay then so that's the four major build archetypes. Can you put your build into one of these holes exclusively? If so, you're probably going to get hosed in 3.9 more than previously. That's why Metamorphs are so loving dangerous (visual clues aside) and why some people are hitting a brick wall now on reds. Fights are lasting longer which leads to more opportunities for damage to bleed through. Think about some of the most popular builds this league and why they're doing good. You know what makes Necro builds so good? It's not the damage, it's the fact that you can stack a bunch of EHP without sacrificing anything and then pile on poo poo like Spirit/Bone Offering while their Zombies are leeching for them. The damage is extra, these builds would still be good if you cut the damage by 75%.

My Chaos Wander is another example: I'm Dodge capped running Dread Banner, have high evasion, and then Mistwall covers my rear end by providing 75% block against one hit followed by elemental avoidance if I do get hit. If all of that fails, I take reduced damage from hits while Elusive and while certain numbers of rares/uniques are near. Then I have fast recovery leech and a hefty source of Life Gain on Hit. It's layers upon layers of ways to not loving die.

Solution: Diversify your defensive layers. Run Dread Banner since it's only 10% mana reservation. Use a Granite or Basalt Flask. Get extra resists beyond 75%. Make your Chaos Resistance positive at least. Use the Mistwall shield if you're dodge/evasion based. This is all old advice, but now it's more important than ever because 3.9 changed the game and I think this is the direction things are going to be heading even more in the future.

EE has a good video. He uses different terms than I do but it's all the same poo poo.

Harvest league appears to be crafting focused, here are some resources to get started on crafting: - This is the bible when it comes to figuring out which mods are prefixes, suffixes, what itemlevel is required for a mod to spawn, and the rarity of a given mod. Bookmark this site. - This site will help you figure out the cheapest method to craft the thing you want and help estimate the cost of crafting the thing you want. It looks like the devs are planning to have this updated for harvest. - Here's a very quick crash course on basic crafting methods. - Ziz showing how to craft physical damage axes, including leveling and starter map weapons. These same concepts apply to other weapon base types. - Ziz jewelry crafting guide

If you want to try making your own build and want some generic tips and advice on what to include, here is a huge effortpost from Elentor

Elentor posted:


* Assuming it's a Life build, get 180%-200% life on a tree. This part must absolutely be prioritized if you're making a build from scratch or you might be tempted to spend 100 points scaling damage.
-- Have a High Life Pool. Aim for at least 6000, and shoot for 8k if your build is able to.
--- Yes, some builds struggle to have 5k, but try to go as high as possible.
* Max your Elemental Resistances, and 0%-30% chaos if Softcore, 75% in Hardcore. Spam white maps with Jun to unlock the double resistances with Chaos, to cap Chaos Res. as well.
* Have Flasks that Remove Ailments. Stuff like Bleeding, Curses, Poison, Freeze and Burning, and so on. Pathfinder's Master Surgeon gives you the Bleeding to all your flasks.
-- Remember that Einhar's Beastcrafting is your friend here.
* Have Reliable Ways of Recovering Your Life:
-- Life Leech.
-- High Regeneration (Vitality, The Agnostic Keystone, Tree Nodes, Stone Golem, Consecrated Ground, multiple conditionals like Adamant).
-- Emergency Heals (Enduring Cry, Escalation + Any Cry, Instant Heal Flasks, Champion's First to Strike, Last to Fall).
-- Situational Heals (Guardian's Time of Need, Trickster's Patient Reaper, Assassin's Noxious Strike, Occultist's Vile Bastion, Necromancer's Essence Glutton).
* A Guard skill (Arcane Cloak, Steelskin, Molten Shell, Immortal Call, Bone Barrier).

Have at least 3 of these, preferably more:
* Blind (Flesh and Stone, Jewel with Minions Blind on Hit, Saboteur's Born in Shadows).
* High Block (Way too many sources to list).
-- Also Life Gain on Block (Bone Offering, Testudo, Shield Affix).
* Dodge (Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics, Item Affixes, Elusive).
* High Evasion.
* +Max Resistances (Crystal Skin, Soul of Steel, Anointed Flesh on the tree, or Purity of x as Auras, Loreweave, Divine Flesh (sort of)).
-- Influenced Shields can have +2% to all Maximum Resistances, and +3% to Maximum x Resistance as prefixes.
* Damage taken from Mana (Mind Over Matter, Cloak of Defiance, Hierophant's Divine Guidance).
-- Also Mana Regen & Damage taken gained as Mana. You're probably an Archmage if you're doing this anyway.
* Fortify (Shield Charge + Fortify, or Vigilant Strike + The Vigil for super long Fortify on bosses, Hardened Scars, Champion's Fortify).
* Endurance Charges (Enduring Cry works on every build, pretty much).
* High Armour if your build can scale it really high (10k-100k). Right now you can enjoy Divergent Determination for that as well.
* Extremely High Regeneration to mitigate Degens (10%+ on Tree, too many Ascendancies to list. You can have 2000+ HP/s if you're going all in).

Consider having some of these as well:
* Life Leech that persists though Max Life (Glorious Vanity in the name of Ahuana for Immortal Ambition, Soul Tether, Slayer's Brutal Fervour).
* External Sources of Taunt (Decoy Totem, Jewel with Minions Taunt on Hit).
* Immunity to Corrupted Blood (Corrupted Jewel, Slayer's Endless Hunger).
* Enemy Accuracy Reduction (Dread Banner, Champion's Worthy Foe, Enfeeble).
* Enemy Damage Reduction (Inquisitor's Augury of Penitence, Necromancer's Plaguebringer, Enfeeble).
* % Reduced Damage Taken (Juggernaut's Everything, Assassin's Mistwalker, Trickster's Ghost Dance, Gladiator's Outmatch and Outlast, Arctic Armour, Flesh and Stone).
-- For the sake of simplicity I'm not distinguish reduced and less in this case, don't @ me.
-- If you're doing Cyclone or a Channeled spell, consider Infused Channeling for additional Less Damage Taken from Hits.
* Flat Reduced Damage Taken (Lioneye's Remorse, Immortal Flesh, the Anointable Persistence which no one remembers it exists).
* Fortify Boosting (Steadfast, Rampart, Crafting Affixes, Dread Banner, Unveiled Increased effect when Focussed).
* Phys to Elemental Damage conversion (Helm, Chest, Watcher's eye, not as easy as the others).
-- Alternatively, Incandescent Heart offers sick Life, Armour and Elemental Damage Taken as Chaos conversion.
* +Max Endurance Charges (4% Phys. Reduction for each EC and no easy access to Phys Reduction anymore, plus you can buff Endurance Charges in the tree).
* Immunity to Freeze (Unveiled Craft for Boots, Juggernaut's Unstoppable).
* Immunity to Shock (Stack Reduced Effect (Anointed Flesh, Ash, Frost and Storm, Soul of Arakaali, Item Affixes) if you can, or Avoid Effect otherwise (Crystal Skin, Thick Skin, Jewel, Items, Anomalous Purities, Saboteur's Pyromaniac).
-- Alternatively, just being a Pathfinder.
* % of your Life/Mana as Energy Shield (Hierophant's Sanctuary of Thought, Soul Tether, Unveiled Craft on Body Armour, Glorious Vanity named after Doryani for Corrupted Soul).
* Immunity to Stun (Unwavering Stance, Berserker's Rite of Ruin, Juggernaut's Unstoppable).

For Utility:
* Phasing - Have some way to move and get out of trouble situations (Phase Run, some nodes such as Freedom of Movement or From the Shadows, Raider Ascendancies).
* Movement Speed - If you can move fast, stuff can't hit you, and you escape faster.
* Reduce Enemy Speed - If you can kill and move fast, a lot of enemies can't hit you. Similarly, movement speed defines a lot of the AI's behavior, so reductions to an enemy's complete set of action speed can reduce their danger to you significantly. These are:
-- Hinder - Reduces Movement Speed by a varying amount (Blight + Spreading Rot, Void Sphere, Wither, Jewels that make your Minions Hinder on Hit, Singularity (which can be drat useful in an AG)).
--- Aspect of the Spider is pretty common and gives you a 30% Hinder.
--- Saboteur's Demolitions Specialist Hinders for 40%.
-- Temporal Chains - Greatly reduces Action Speed.
-- Chill - Too many sources to list, but the most common among all builds would be Skitterbot Aura.
-- Ash - 20% less Movement Speed (Chieftain's Hinekora, Xoph's Blood).
-- Maim - 30% reduced Movement Speed.


-- Try to have at least 500k DPS Boss Single-Target. Aim for 1m. You can have slightly lower if you're a DoT build. Having ultra high damage is a great defense (things can't hurt you if your Alt Arc or your Ice Shot cleared the entire map) but unless you know what you're doing try not to sacrifice too much of your defenses for that insane 10m damage in a new build. A lot of builds work terribly in practice because they've been PoB Warriored to death but not tested without legacy items on standard.
* Have a reliable way to deal both Single-Target Damage and have a nice Clearspeed. It's not uncommon for builds to use two skills for that (Molten Strike & Frost Blades; Barrage & Ice Shot) or to switch a gem like Greater Multiple Projectiles out before bosses.
-- This is often just the same skill nowadays.
* Movement Speed - You want to move fast, both to kill things faster and to dodge stuff. A lot of the good Move Speed buffs also apply to Action Speed or Attack/Cast Speed.
-- Rampage can increase your Movement Speed by very high amounts.
-- While Phasing itself doesn't increase your Movement Speed, Phase Run does.
-- Elusive adds 30% Movement Speed.
-- See other buffs below.
* Attack/Cast Speed - You want this as high as possible without breaking your mana.
-- Almost every Ascendancy contains something that boosts Attack/Cast speed so I'll skip those.
--- I'll just state that Adrenaline, which is a huge boost to everything, although usually reserved to Champion can be acquired by dropping a War Banner, but that involves you wearing a War Banner and dropping it.
-- Mechanics to try to include:
--- Tailwind increases your Action Speed by 10%.
--- Onslaught increases your Attack/Speed/Movement speed by 20%.
--- Rage can increase your Attack Speed by up to 25% and up to 10% Movement Speed (more if you're a Berserker).
--- Frenzy Charges increase Attack/Cast speed by 4% per charge (so 12% baseline).
--- Vaal Haste is used a lot in builds even when they don't turn Haste on normally, because of the ~30% buff to Attack/Cast speed and 10%+ buff to Movement Speed.
--- Funnily enough you can get up to 25% Attack Speed from Fortify (Champion's Unstoppable Hero, Rampart, Steadfast).
-- If doing totems, remember that Totem Placement speed is a thing.
-- Some skills scale off Cooldown Reduction instead. (Rolled/crafted in the Belt, Boots, the Unique Belt The Flow Untethered, Warcry-specific nodes in the Skill Tree).

Stuff to stack:
* Increased Damage - Every source of Increased Damage ends up in the same pool and don't stack multiplicatively with each other. Try to have at least 200% Increased Damage across the board. Some builds go for 500%, and some builds go for even further.
* Flat Damage - Particularly Physical Builds or Builds with low base damage. Notably, Abyssus being a monstrous damage boost.
-- Steel Rings.
-- Gloves, Rings, Amulets, Jewels with +Flat Damage.
--- Notably, the Belt Darkness Enthroned can add ridiculous amounts of damage. Have an example here.
-- Some Auras such as Wrath or Herald of Ice. A Flat Damage Chaos Aura exists, called Envy (United in Dream, Aul's Aprising, iLvl85+ Elder Mod for Amulets).
* More Damage - You're really gonna want to stack this as much as you can. There are too many sources to list, a few notable ones:
-- At least a few of your support gems, probably.
-- Seismic Cry - Absolute must if your main skill is a Slam.
-- Arcane Surge.
-- Elemental Overload.
-- Ascendancies such as Necromancer's Plaguebringer or more notably, Berserker's Aspect of Carnage.
-- Frenzy Charges - They add increased attack/cast speed, but also add more damage.
* An External Source of Damage/Support:
-- DoTs are really good because, even if they do lower DPS, you're still free to wander around and dodge stuff without losing DPS in the meanwhile.
-- Brands and Traps are the same. You can use Brands to trigger Elemental Equilibrium or apply debuffs.
-- Totems can do stuff on their own as well as buff you and they only need to be cast once (until they die at least).
--- Spell Totem + Wither goes hand-in-hand with Chaos damage builds.
--- Ancestral Warchief can do decent damage, apply linked debuffs (Bleed, Maim) and it buffs you with More Melee Damage.
-- Mirage Archer can do damage for you as you walk. It can even do damage if you have taken Ancestral Bond (lol).
-- Minions are really good in the early game to boost your damage.
-- Spectres and Animate Guardians have a huge utility potential.
* Critical Strike - Can scale very high, but it's hard to summarize it. If you're not gonna scale with Crits, take Elemental Overload if a caster, or Resolute Technique if an Attacker).
-- Otherwise, keep in mind this very peculiar rule about PoE: Your accuracy is rolled twice, once for Hits and once again for Crits. Yes, EVEN if you hit, your Crit Chance rolls again vs your Accuracy. So if you have 100% Crit Chance but 50% Accuracy, you will be missing 1/2 of the time, critting 1/4 of the time, and doing regular hits 1/4 of the time. Despite your 100% Crit Chance.
--- The Shield Lycosidae used to be popular on Crit builds because it gives you the best of both worlds (Your hit's can't be Evaded + Can still do Crits).
--- A low level Precision can be a huge boost to your DPS/Accuracy/Crit Chance.
* Damage Conversion - Phys to Elemental works wonders because of how many far more useful ways there are to boost Elemental Damage.
-- Before throwing in a Brutality, see if there isn't a combination that works better. Sometimes a single gem or aura won't make a difference, but stacking multiple elemental damage stuff will.
* Chaos Damage, in General - I had a wonderful guide for Chaos Damage but sadly this post is too narrow to contain.
* Stuff procced by Damage:
-- Impale - Impale works exceptionally well for Physical Damage and it's hard to go wrong by just shoving it in.
-- Bleeding, Poison, Etc - Bleed for Physical Damage, Poison for Phys/Chaos damage.
-- Burning - For Fire Damage.
* Reduce or Penetrate Enemy Resistance:
-- Helm affixes (Conqueror's Influence: Nearby Enemies have -% to x Resistance - Note that each Conqueror corresponds to one Element).
-- Curses like Frostbite, Elemental Weakness, Flammability.
-- Elemental Army.
-- Wave of Conviction.
-- Ascendancies like Raider's Avatar of the Veil, Pathfinder's Veteran Bowyer.
-- Elemental Equilibrium.
-- Supports like Lightning Penetration, Cold Penetration, etc.
-- Vaal Impurities completely negate the enemy's resistance during their duration.
* Enemy takes Increased Damage - This is its own pool separated from your own Increased Damage.
-- Helm affixes (Shaper's Influence - Nearby Enemies take Increased Phys or Elemental Damage).
-- Shock (Skitterbots being a popular source right now).
-- Covered in Ash.
-- Wither.
-- Maim Support.
-- Champion's Worthy Foe.
* Damage Over Time Multiplier - This stacks multiplicatively with Increased Damage, and is the reason why the values tend to be so much lower.
* Culling Strike - 11% more damage in theory, in practice it varies - But Culling Strike is always good. It allows you to skip boss' phases which can be really convenient against high-end bosses.
-- Slayer's Bane of Legends gives you a 20% Culling Strike which is pretty wild.
* On Kill Effects - These more often than not are some form of Corpse Explosion. They provide the defensive benefit that you won't be having them exploded against you, but more importantly their chain damage tends to be huge, able to clear up entire packs. These are:
-- Gladiator's Gratuitous' Violence blows up enemies with Bleed (10% of their Max. Life as Physical Damage).
-- Inpulsa's Broken Heart is notoriously good (5% of Max. Life as Lightning Damage), or Crusader's Affix on a Chest (3% of Max. Life as Physical Damage).
-- Obliteration (20% of Max. Life as Chaos Damage) and Infernal Blow (6% of Max. Life as Fire Damage).

For Utility:
* A decent Increased Area if it's not gonna hurt you, or +Melee Strike Range. Increased Area sadly is in not a great state.
* Make sure you have Mana Sustain:
-- Clarity Aura.
-- Mana Regen nodes.
-- Damage Taken Gained as Mana.
-- Mana Gained for each Enemy Hit is an unsung hero (Mana Leech Node, Affixes, etc).
-- For % Reduced Mana Cost of Skills:
--- Tireless wheel reduces Mana Cost by 15%.
--- of Efficiency suffix in regular Jewels for up to 5%.
-- For Flat Reduced Mana Cost of Skills:
--- Praxis is really useful to deal with high Mana Costs (aka Cyclone) before you have proper Rare Rings.
--- For high Non-Channeling Skills have -Mana Cost: Dropped Xopec's (Axoatl) or Unveiled Elreon's.
--- For low Channeling Skills have -Mana Cost: Unveiled Elreon's.
--- For high Any Skills have -Mana Cost: Dropped Elreon's.
* Immunity to Leech (Inexorable).
* Mitigate Enemy's Life Regen (Frost Bomb, Occultist's Void Beacon).
* Mitigate Enemy's Block (Degen skills, Block Chance Reduction Support to deal with all the PITA in Hall of Grandmasters).
* If you're a Minion build, consider the available options for an Animate Guardian (Perma-Fortify + Culling strike with Kingmaker, Increased Damage to allies with Dying Breath and Leer Cast, Nearby Enemies take Increased Damage in a helm, etc). It's very unlikely you can sustain this if you don't invest heavily in Minion Life/Resistance.
-- Alternatively, you can have almost permanent Frenzy Charges and Power Charges with Raise Spectre + Blood Magic (Carnage Chieftain, Old Fields Act 2 for Frenzy; Host Chieftain, Riverways Act 6 for Power).
--- The Blood Magic is there because the fuckers run out of Mana. It's not for you, it's for them.


Avoid Builds that rely too heavily on:
* Rare or Expensive Unique Items - It's likely you'll not find them on SSF, or afford them on trading leagues early on.
* Too many Unique Items - This makes hard to fill in the resistances and life gaps. Some builds that use too many Unique Items are already solved problems that took years, or are pretty obvious combinations, but if you're going for "making a new build" unless you have a super amazing insight I recommend sticking to a few key unique items in your build and seeing if it works with rares.
* Cluster Jewels - Again, unless you have an insight that revolves around Cluster Jewels, try to make something that works without them.
-- Of course, if you're an Aura Stacking sort of player you probably know all the mechanics of the game and this entire guide is useless.
* Timeless Jewels - You can certainly plan around shoving a Lethal Pride or Brutal Restraint in tree clusterfucks such as the area around Golem's Blood, but I hope you really know what you're doing if you're gonna build around a Glorious Vanity or Elegant Hubris. An exception to this would be if you found a Glorious Vanity that would just be perfect for something and instead built around it.
* Extremely Conditional Stuff - This should be self-evident but don't make builds that rely on your non-Pathfinder Flasks aligning up with the enemy being blinded at 5% and your Elementalist Pendulum aligning with the sun and moon.
-- A particular offender here are builds that toggle everything on PoB (Onslaught, Frenzy Charges, Power Charges, Rampage) against Bosses when they have no way to generate any of these without adds.

Don't fret if your build works great for some things but struggles with some content.
* This is pretty normal even for cookie-cutter builds. Notable examples include:
-- Hall of Grandmasters.
-- Bosses in general, even. Some builds are made just for clearspeed and money-making.
-- Cassia.
-- Can do Timeless Monoliths easily but can't do the Timeless Domain, or in some ironic specific cases, the opposite.
-- Can't do certain Bosses because they destroy your minions.
-- Are consistent but have Slow Clearspeed. Might as well toss melee builds on this side of the fence.
-- On the extreme side of the spectrum, there are builds that exist for single purposes but fail at everything else (Delving, Lab Running, etc).

A great post by Wuxi about leveling a spellcaster:

Wuxi posted:

Generally having knowledge about common layouts, good inventory management and just a general idea of what you're doing will make you faster than just using the strongest skills for any given moment, but using a strong setup will make the early game feel a lot smoother and thats worth something too.
Don't forget to pick up your future main skills and level them in your 2nd weapon set, so you don't have to rely on at best vendor level spells when you make the switch.
If you don't have the currency to buy every skill thats mentioned, they're listed in order of importance. Having the currency you need when you need it is one of the biggest things for going fast, at least for the first 3/4 acts, but its not always easy or even possible - there's nothing you can do if you don't get an Alch or Essence in the first two acts, even if its unlikely
Always check vendors for the 3L colour combinations you need and 10% movement speed boots in A1 (especially on wands) and for 4L from lvl24 on when you're in town anyway.
Don't wear body armour early, unless its the only way for you to get the links you need.
Know how many Transmutes and Alterations you need when and plan accordingly. Most builds need a bunch of Transmutes after Brutus and a bunch of Alterations at lvl16/18/20. Unidentified magic/rare items sell for Transmute Shards, identified items sell for Alteration Shards and Blacksmith's Whetstones/Armourer's Scraps (+surplus Transmutes) sell for the ID scrolls you need.

The meta Spellcaster
The colours you're looking for early are BBG, BGG and BBB.

Lvl 2: Freezing Pulse + Onslaught as Scion
Freezing Pulse + Onslaught + Arcane Surge as Witch
Freezing Pulse + Elemental Penetration Support as Templar
Stormblast Mine + Lesser Poison Support as Shadow
Lvl 4: Frost Bomb + Onslaught + Frost Blink
Freezing Pulse + Arcane Surge + Orb of Storms
Stormblast Mine + Swift Assembly + Lesser Poison
Lvl 8: Orb of Storms + Arcane Surge + Added Lightning, drop Freezing Pulse
Lvl 10: Flame Dash + Arcane Surge, drop Frost Blink
Pick up a Jade Amulet (as Witch)
Pick up Smoke Mine (as Witch/Shadow)
Pick up Vitality (if you have spare Transmutes)
Lvl 16: Pick up Skitterbots
Pick up Herald of Ash (level in your 2nd weapon set)
Lvl 18: Pick up Trap and Mine Damage (as Shadow)
Pick up Faster Casting (as Scion/Witch/Templar)
Buy Trap and Mine Damage (as Scion/Witch/Templar, if you have at least 3 Alterations)
Stormblast Mine + Swift Assembly + Trap and Mine Damage
Lvl 20: Craft two lvl20 Fire Damage wands*
Lvl 24: Pick up Flammability (or Elemental Weakness if you feel like you need extra damage right now)
Lvl 28/31: Pick up Armageddon Brand, Cremation, Swiftbrand, Pinpoint, Combustion, Desecrate, Controlled Destruction and Faster Casting (as Shadow)
Armageddon Brand + Swiftbrand + Onslaught (+ Faster Casting as your 4L)
Cremation + Pinpoint + Combustion (+ Controlled Destruction as your 4L)
Start using Herald of Ash
Drop Orb of Storms, Frost Bomb and Stormblast Mine
Get Second Wind if you still have an Orb of Chance left (you most likely wont)
Flame Dash + Smoke Mine + Second Wind
Flammability + Arcane Surge
If you only have 2 Orb of Chance drop Pinpoint for Lesser Multiple Projectiles
If you only have 1 Orb of Chance drop Swiftbrand for Faster Casting and add Elemental Focus as your 4L
Don't forget that you can buy Chances for Fusings and Fusings for Jewellers (and so on) in town. Fusings especially aren't really anymore than glorified Chance orbs in the early game.
~Lvl 32: Do Lab and ascend

This setup will get you through the entire campaign with ease. Flame Dash/Smoke Mine + Second Wind is as fast as you can possibly go, Armageddon Brand gives you great clear and permanent Onslaught till at least maps and Cremation melts bosses. Doing the Library quest will hurt your time somewhat, but this is for a fast and effective league start and not racing.
In order to get Onslaught on a Witch you need to start a Scion, kill Hillock and mule over all the goodies. This will cost you ~2 minutes. You will get another free check for the 3L you need/movement speed boots and having reliable Onslaught will make those 2 minutes up in no time.

*the vendor recipe for the lvl20 wands is: Magic Wand + Orb of Alteration + rare Ruby ring. Save any Alchs or Essences you find along the way for this. To get a Ruby Ring you can sell an Iron Ring + any red skill/support gem.
Do NOT augment these wands, use the open suffix to bench craft whatever resistances you need. As above with Chances you can buy Alchs with Regrets and Regrets with Scourings.
If you have really good currency management (or got lucky drops) you can also craft the level 8 version on one of your wands before Brutus, preferably cold: Magic Wand + Orb of Alteration + normal Sapphire Ring. Turn the same wand into the lvl20 fire version later to save a Transmute.

Some early game PoBs:
These have trees for Merveil/Vaal Oversoul/Piety/Lab and give you all the important nodes for fast leveling (Dark Arts and Elemental Overload), while at most needing 10 respec points, so you don't have to spend any Regrets after hitting BA/maps. You can freely spend points going for whatever build you want in the endgame, but don't forget that you'll be using fire spells for at least the next few hours. The trees expect you to kill all bandits, but if you're going for a crit build just help Alira. Its equally as strong during the campaign anyway.
I included Scion, but don't league start as Scion. Its not fun

Wuxi on melee levelling:

Wuxi posted:

Due to popular demand I'll be talking about melee leveling this time.
Melee is a whole lot of different from caster leveling, mostly due to needing new weapons every so often. As a caster you pick up a Driftwood Wand with the colours you need, often at lvl2, vendor recipe it at lvl20 and use that wand for the rest of the campaign.
Melee builds need regular weapon upgrades, which isn't the hardest thing in the world by itself, but they also need a lot of red sockets and keeping all your abilities slotted is as important as having an up-to-date weapon.
Your best friend for this is again a vendor recipe: Weapon + Blacksmith's Whetstone + Rustic Sash (magic or rare) will give you a magic weapon of the same base with 40-49% increased Physical Damage (magic Rustic Sash) or 50-64% increased Physical Damage (rare Rustic Sash). Essences of Contempt are also a great way to craft weapons, but much more RNG dependent.
Also important is what weapons you're going to use/craft on. Axes have the highest damage and best notables (Onslaught on Kill) and can be used with all the skills you want to use while leveling. You craft when you feel like your damage is lacking and you just got a new tier of axe base, but there are stand-outs: Boarding Axe at lvl11, Arming Axe (lvl26), Tomahawk (lvl39) and Siege Axe (lvl59). The first base you actually wanna craft on is usually a Cleaver (lvl16) though, since white Boarding Axes already bring enough power to easily get you through Act 1. Its a slower base, but generally the faster the base is, the better - Faster attack speed means higher QoL, faster movement from Leap Slam and better scaling with flat physical damage, of which you're trying to get as much as possible. Rare Rustic Sashes you'll get through Essences (mostly Woe, which is extremely useless for melee builds) and Rogue Exiles, but if you have nothing else and need the upgrade you can use an Alchemy. It also means that you can't sell your Whetstones for scrolls, unless you got loads (usually from Artisan's Strongboxes)
Another difference between the caster builds and these ones is War Banner. War Banner gives Accuracy and increases enemies physical damage taken, which is both good, but the real deal you'll get from activating it: Adrenaline, which is 100% increased damage, 25% increased attack speed and 10% physical damage reduction. The duration depends on the amount of stacks your War Banner has, so you can't use it all the time, but it gives you a big boost for boss fights or just generally when you feel like you need it. For bosses important is, that they usually have some damage reduction at the start of the fight, so don't blow your banner in the beginning. On Merveil for example, I usually wait for the first teleport in the 2nd phase. And don't forget to activate it again after the fight to regain the aura.
Another big power spike early are Iron Rings (and any other source of flat physical damage). Where caster builds can use resistance rings you'll have to deal with being a good deal more squishy, at least during A1/2. The added dps is well worth it though.

As you can see from the axe bases I'll be focusing on dual-wielding. Its lost a lot of power, both from losing the dual-wield more %physical damage and losing some viable leveling skills, which are now Slam skills that don't work as well with high attack speed setups anymore, but Bladestorm still reigns supreme and the question now mostly is "How do I get to 28 without losing my mind?"
Marauder and Duelist both have quite different available gems and starting passives, so I'll look at both separately:

Marauder suffers a bit more in the early game. The old progression of Ground Slam -> Sunder -> Bladestorm is a lot worse, since Sunder is now hot garbage and Ground Slam lost flat physical damage per level. You also can't use steel skills, since they don't scale with melee physical damage, which all the early Marauder passives give. It gets better in your 20s, when you get access to the very strong axe wheel, allowing you to drop Onslaught for a real damage support.
Early on you're looking for RRG, RR and as many R sockets as you can possibly fit.

Lvl 2: Pick up Ground Slam
Ground Slam - Ruthless
Lvl 4: Pick up Onslaught and Ancestral Protector
Buy Chance to Bleed, War Banner and Blood and Sand
Ground Slam - Chance to Bleed - Onslaught
Ancestral Protector - Ruthless
Lvl 8: Buy Dash
Buy Maim
Ancestral Protector - Maim
Dash is a lvl4 gem, but you won't have the Dexterity to use it until you pick up Versatility after getting lvl8 and doing Dweller
Lvl 10: Pick up Leap Slam
Buy Vitality
Don't over-level Vitality. The Marauder has not a lot of mana and Leap Slam is not cheap
Lvl 16: Pick up Flesh and Stone
Buy Blood Rage
Lvl 18: Pick up Faster Attacks
Buy Melee Physical Damage
Ground Slam - Melee Physical Damage - Onslaught
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks
Lvl 22: Buy Close Combat
Ground Slam - Melee Physical Damage - Close Combat
Lvl 24: Pick up Vulnerability
Lvl 28: Pick up Ancestral Warchief
Buy Bladestorm and Rage (Act 2)
Bladestorm - Rage - Close Combat - Melee Physical Damage
Ancestral Warchief - Maim
Drop Ancestral Protector and Ground Slam
You will need to have Flesh and Stone on a hotkey to quickly switch stances if needed. You will switch stances a lot, since it affects how Bladestorm works.
~lvl 32 Run Lab
Lvl 38: Pick up Brutality
Bladestorm - Rage - Close Combat - Brutality
A6 Pick up Fortify
Bladestorm - Rage - Close Combat - Fortify

From this point on you're good to go till maps. Keep your weapons upgraded, add spare supports to your Ancestral Warchief if you have the links and try to get used to the very fast paced playstyle of Bladestorm/Close Combat/Leap Slam/Stance Dance. If you're feeling comfortable with your mana you can add Maim to Flesh and Stone, opening up another link for your Warchief, but I wouldn't count on it.

Duelist has somewhat smoother leveling. Steel skills are a great addition to the leveling arsenal and you have access to more early attack speed increases.
You're looking for GGR, RR and as many R sockets as you can find.

Lvl 2: Pick up Splitting Steel
Splitting Steel - Chance to Bleed
Lvl 4: Pick up Onslaught, Ancestral Protector and Dash
Buy War Banner
Splitting Steel - Onslaught - Chance to Bleed
Lvl 8: Pick up Maim
Ancestral Protector - Maim
Lvl 10: Pick up Leap Slam
Buy Vitality
Don't over-level Vitality. The Duelist has not a lot of mana and Leap Slam is not cheap
Lvl 12: Pick up Shattering Steel
Shattering Steel - Onslaught - Chance to Bleed
Shattering Steel uses 2 Steel Shards per skill use, use Call of Steel often so you don't run out
Drop Splitting Steel
Lvl 16: Pick up Flesh and Stone
Buy Blood Rage
Lvl 18: Pick up Faster Attacks
Buy Vicious Projectiles IF you have a GGG somewhere
Shattering Steel - Onslaught - Vicious Projectiles
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks
Lvl 24: Pick up Vulnerability
Lvl 28: Pick up Bladestorm
Buy Ancestral Warchief, Rage (Act 2) and Close Combat (Act 2)
Bladestorm - Close Combat - Rage - Onslaught
Ancestral Warchief - Maim
Drop Shattering Steel and Ancestral Protector
You will need to have Flesh and Stone on a hotkey to quickly switch stances if needed. You will switch stances a lot, since it affects how Bladestorm works.
~Lvl 32: Run Lab
Champion Master of Metal means that you have to start scaling Impale. You will have to run Library to pick up the Impale support.
Pick up Impale
Buy Dread Banner (Act 3)
Drop War Banner
Bladestorm - Impale - Close Combat - Rage
Gladiator/Slayer No need to get Impale means you can skip Library, but you'll still drop Onslaught since your attack speed by now is high enough that Onslaught isn't worth wasting a main link
Bladestorm - Close Combat - Rage - Melee Physical Damage
Replace Melee Physical Damage with Brutality at lvl38 and Fortify once you get to A6.

From this point on you're good to go till maps. Keep your weapons upgraded, add spare supports to your Ancestral Warchief if you have the links and try to get used to the very fast paced playstyle of Bladestorm/Close Combat/Leap Slam/Stance Dance. If you're feeling comfortable with your mana you can add Blood and Sand and/or add Maim to Flesh and Stone, opening up another link for your Warchief, but I wouldn't count on it.

Some more leveling builds:
Both builds assume that you help Alira. As I said above, Leap Slam is mana hungry. If you want to kill all thats ok too, but I'd keep using 2 Mana Flasks till you get used to not running out of mana/flask charges.

Wuxi on how to survive the gauntlet event (not quoting the whole post because of character limits)

Herstory Begins Now on how to copy/paste items from in-game and the trade site into other useful places like POB and filterblade:

HOW THE gently caress LEECH WORKS

CubeTheory posted:

For people talking about leech, the cheat sheet I made for a friend to help understand it:

100 miscellaneous useful tips

EVIL Gibson posted:

Okay, serious video just was posted about top 100 tips from beginning to advanced. I watched it all the way though and there are things in there that I learned by have seen people ask in this thread all the time.

Especially now when people are flocking from whatever that game D4 became.

The tips mentioned

1) Follow a Build Guide
2) Start on Softcore League
3) Left-Click to Move-Only
4) Important Game Settings
5) Ignore Tooltip DPS
6) Get More Scrolls of Wisdom
7) Stacking Attributes Is Not That Good
8) Colour Affinity on Items
9) Weapon damage
10) Using Crafting Bench Early
11) Weapon Swapping for Gem Experience
12) Balancing Your Defenses/Offenses
13) Capping Resistances
14) Essences Are OP Early
15) Important Quests
16) Vendors Restock
17) Check Your Accuracy
18) Which Labyrinth Trials Are Left?
19) Quality & Rarity on Items
20) Get Lilly in Your Hideout
21) Attack Without Moving
22) Resetting a Zone
23) Max Number of Sockets (note:and how crafting can ignore it)
24) Quality Affects Links/Sockets
25) Rares Are Better Than Uniques (Mostly) 26) Dump Quest Items
27) Increased/More Difference
28) Hide Gem Level Up
29) Linking Items in Chat
30) Entering Rogue Harbour
31) Minimap Positioning
32) How to Start Trading?
33) Stash Tabs Sale
34) Vendor Recipe
35) Don't Get Banned (make sure to post Eyes of Zeal)
36) Utility Flasks Don't Stack
37) Fast-Clicking Vendors
38) Sockets on Corrupted Items
39) Sockets For Colourblind
40) Lockstep vs Predictive
41) Avoid Reflect in your maps
42) Changing Ascendancy
43) Alternative to Chaos Orb
44) Use Orbs of Binding
45) Kirac Missions = Free Maps
46) Second Ability Bar
47) Mass Favourite Maps
48) Where To Get A Loot Filter?
49) Gem Recipe (20 Quality)
50) Gem Recipe (Delevel)
51) Do You Have All Passive Points?
52) Don't Hoard Your Currency
53) Bulk Search on Trade
54) Undo/Change Your Bandits (Recipe)
55) Stash Tab Affinities
56) Path of Building
57) Check Divination Cards Before Buying
58) If You Get Spammed For Item, Reprice
59) Which Oils Do I Need?
60) Anoint Only Notables
61) Automating Flasks
62) Crafting Flasks With Bestiary
63) How to Sell Your Beasts?
64) Left Click Abilities
65) Be Less Specific While Searching
66) Block People from Entering Your Map
67) "Free" Quantity for Your Maps
68) Spam Your Orbs of Fusing, You're Good
69) Alternative 6-Link Sources
70) Affinity for Other Stashes
71) Resist Swap With Harvest
72) Bulk Selling Items
73) Did You Compete the Map?
74) Get a 5-Slot Map Device
75) Heist Trinkets for Incubators
76) Heist Trinkets for Mapping
77) Horizon Orb Tech
78) You're Secretly a Zookeeper
79) 3rd-Party Tools
80) Trading Etiquette Basics
81) Cheap Mystery Box
82) "Free" Aura
83) Panteon Bosses Location
84) Splitting Big Stacks
85) Where Is My Map on The Atlas?
86) Searching for Elder/Conqueror Maps
87) Searching for Veiled Items
88) Blocking Modifiers for Unveil (this vid showed me how and I never really got)
89) Removing Shrine Buffs (mainly how to not echo)
90) Importing Items to PoB
91) Approximate Search
92) Life Flask Boss Tech
93) Regex Tools
94) Colouring with Jewellers
95) Searching by "Recently Listed"
96) Divining Resistances with Harvest
97) Regrading Lenses Can Save You Currency
98) Buying Sets Easier
99) Tujen Haggle QoL
100) Beastcrafting Respects Levels
101) Poe.Ninja for Build Ideas
102) Fix Loot Displacement
103) Timeless Jewel Tool

Bolded is things new players won't immediately get and underlined are either very important and/or I learned something

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Apr 20, 2006

What time is it?

Dec 14, 2004

by Jeffrey of YOSPOS
This league's gonna be great.

Aug 30, 2006

Good job on the thread!

May 24, 2007
only text
Is this game any

Jun 10, 2004


from old thread

2h or facebreaker for grandpa totems? 2h has the constant upgrading a weapon but has more gem slots plus a disfavor eventually. But facebreaker has a shield and no need for a weapon.

Oct 23, 2007


can't wait for 3.0 to set myself on fire and run through 5 new acts.

Dec 14, 2004

by Jeffrey of YOSPOS
Here's a gif of Tyrael.

Jul 31, 2013
Thinking I'm going to try RF totems as a league starter. Change it up a little bit from Inquis FB totems.

Milky's guide still a good choice?

May 1, 2012

You think you can defeat ME, Ephraimcopter?!?

You couldn't even beat Assassincopter!!!
gently caress you funman

Aug 19, 2009

Rage Your Dream

ABombpk posted:

Thinking I'm going to try RF totems as a league starter. Change it up a little bit from Inquis FB totems.

Milky's guide still a good choice?

Yeah, I'm not sure there's anyone else who even bothers to make one and he's very active in the thread if you have questions.

i can still taste him
Feb 16, 2003
I read the whole thing. Good job on the new thread!

Thinking I will do my usual static strike max block gladiator to start the new league. Tanky and cheap, and a good way to farm currency for whenever I end up trying a low life cast on crit scorching bear trap chaos storm saboteur, or whatever

Aug 30, 2006

queeb posted:

from old thread

2h or facebreaker for grandpa totems? 2h has the constant upgrading a weapon but has more gem slots plus a disfavor eventually. But facebreaker has a shield and no need for a weapon.

Either is fine and you can fairly easily respec from one to the other based on the gear you have available.

Oct 21, 2010

Did somebody call about a Ravager problem?
I'm just slightly a fan of this game.

5200 hours is light play, right?

Dec 18, 2009

Just another jackass on the Internet
And you're just now starting to get the hang of it too! :haw:

<------ North of 2000 and still haven't :negative:

cinci zoo sniper
Mar 14, 2013

Act 0.

deep dish peat moss
Jul 27, 2006

Is storm burst any good? I didn't play the beta.

Jun 10, 2004


deep dish peat moss posted:

Is storm burst any good? I didn't play the beta.

wasnt in the beta, no new skill gems were in it, just supports

Dec 22, 2009

Just a few more days!

Oct 21, 2010

Did somebody call about a Ravager problem?

whypick1 posted:

And you're just now starting to get the hang of it too! :haw:

<------ North of 2000 and still haven't :negative:

You do not lie, sir. It was only recently I admitted to myself that maybe I've gotten pretty okay at the game.

Dream Attack
Feb 12, 2008

nothing in this world
Great new OP! Great time for new players to get into the game, too. I skipped the whole beta so looking forward to seeing the new 10 act structure for the first time!

Orange DeviI
Nov 9, 2011

by Hand Knit
I'm going flicker for pride week

Jul 21, 2001

Jusupov posted:

Is this game any


Apr 28, 2013

I agree with Dante, that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.

ABombpk posted:

Thinking I'm going to try RF totems as a league starter. Change it up a little bit from Inquis FB totems.

Milky's guide still a good choice?

I followed his 2.6 guide through the Act 8 beta and it went incredibly well. Highly recommend going the soul mantle + double kikazaru route as soon as you can equip soul mantle, getting level 20 spell totem at level 49 effectively quadruples your dps.

Nov 8, 2012


6 more acts, for a single playthrough of acts 1-10. No more normal/cruel/merciless difficulties where you play through the same acts 3 times.

:woop: cant wait to get back into this

Mar 18, 2006


I'm ready to post on page 1.

Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014


6 more acts, for a single playthrough of acts 1-10. No more normal/cruel/merciless difficulties where you play through the same acts 3 times.

Oh yeah how are they gonna do with the reduced elemental resistances that happen between the old difficulties now?

Kevos Setzer
Dec 1, 2004

I can transform, right?

frajaq posted:

Oh yeah how are they gonna do with the reduced elemental resistances that happen between the old difficulties now?

When you beat the Act 5 boss, you get cursed with the reduced resistance because of an in-lore reason. I'm not sure when the second reduction happens, but I imagine it will be similar.

Mar 7, 2008

Let's Clock Into The Sunset Together

Fun Shoe
I'm pretty drat excited for 3.0, I purposefully didn't pay any attention to the new acts or beta stuff.

Maybe this league I'll actually read the lore and listen to the discussions from NPCs (I'll probably skip it all to get loot faster).

Murder Noveau
Jul 25, 2007
Maybe death is a gift.
Thank you for a new OP, it is great!

I want to do something new for this go around. RF or Glacial Cascade mines to start?

Aug 27, 2007

[Dooting Stealthily]

Poe is good, play poe.

May 24, 2011

Murder Noveau posted:

Thank you for a new OP, it is great!

I want to do something new for this go around. RF or Glacial Cascade mines to start?

freezing pulse totem with loads of additional projectiles & sire of shards

Apr 27, 2013

by Lowtax
Are there any fun "hands off the keyboard" pet builds? I usually play summoner builds in games like these and I don't want to click too much.

Nov 20, 2005


Looking forward to getting horribly addicted to this again!

Aug 30, 2006

botany posted:

Are there any fun "hands off the keyboard" pet builds? I usually play summoner builds in games like these and I don't want to click too much.

Golem or Spectre build is what you're looking for I think

Jan 9, 2010

Aug 11, 2008

Lipstick Apathy
I havent played this in forever

should I just wait for the 4th to start again

Feb 11, 2014

Duelist with the Spartacus blood helmet represents.


cinci zoo sniper
Mar 14, 2013

eonwe posted:

I havent played this in forever

should I just wait for the 4th to start again


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