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Dec 15, 2012

See you in the

Sevit Axalethris, Duchess of Kethendi, Admiral of the Adamant Fleet, Breaker of Ulash-Nar
(PDF) (Orokos)

"I know a couple places in Gloomwrought that give the same kind of pitch. They're good, so if you're the goddess of this," Sevit pauses, smirking as arcane power rises within her, "I'm holding you to a very high standard." Her cane planted firmly on the ground in front of her, she closes her eyes for a moment, concentrating. Then, she lets loose. A maelstrom of magic bursts forth from her - abyssal, draconic, planar. In the same instant that her foes recoil at her presence, she's next to them, wielding a fiery chain that lashes across Loviatar's back. In the same instant, all surrounding her are rimed with a frost that feels like a thousand tiny daggers lancing through their skin. By the time Sevit is still long enough for anyone to see her, she's standing right in front of Loviatar, scales stony and tough - but gleaming beautifully like sculpted alabaster. Her expression is equal parts invitation and determination as she stands, a beacon of supreme confidence, staring down the Maiden of Pain.

ACTION POINT! USoMNT, I and all allies gain +3 to attack rolls and enemies gain +3 to attack rolls against me. UEoE, I gain resist 10 thunder.
Minor Action: Dragonfear (Close burst 10 vs. Will). Target G8 Priest (46; Hit), G12 Priest (37; Hit), Loviatar (52; Hit), O8 Priest (53; Hit), O12 Priest (42; Hit). All enemies take -2 to attack rolls and grant CA UEoMNT. G8 Priest is dazed UEoMNT.
Traveler's Tricks: Teleport to G11.
Traveler's Tricks: Teleport to H9.
Standard Action: Chains of Fire (Ranged 10 vs. Ref). Target Loviatar (44*; Hit), G8 Priest (35*; Crit Miss). G8 Priest takes 44 fire damage.
*Sorcerous Flux: Attack rolls switched.
Standard Action: Stalking Frost (Close burst 3 vs. Fort). Target G8 Priest (49; Hit); G12 Priest (39; Hit); Loviatar (53; Hit). G8 Priest, G12 Priest, Loviatar take 42 cold damage and take a further 10 cold damage if they do not end their turn at least 4 squares from where they started their turn.
Traveler's Tricks: Teleport to J7.
Minor Action: Draconic Majesty. Create a zone of fear in a Close burst 3 UEoMNT that moves with me. The zone is difficult terrain for enemies, and while within the zone, any enemy takes -7 to attack rolls.
Free Action: Gloves of Astral Quickness. Minor Action: Rock Armour (Stance). Until the stance ends, I gain resist 8 and am slowed.

Damage Summary: 86 to Loviatar, 42 to G8 Priest, 42 to G12 Priest.
Sevit Status: Draconic Majesty; Phase of the Sun; Resist 8 all; Resist 10 thunder. Position: J7
Others' Status:
All allies: +3 attack rolls; Champion's Countenance (+2 Fort/Ref/Will)
All enemies: -2 attack rolls; +3 attack rolls vs. Sevit; Grant CA
G8 Priest: 10 cold damage EoT if not at least 4 squares from start of turn; Dazed
G12 Priest: 10 cold damage EoT if not at least 4 squares from start of turn
Loviatar: 10 cold damage EoT if not at least 4 squares from start of turn

Sevit Axalethris   						 
HP: 139/139 (00 THP)	AC:   39 	Passive Insight: 23
Surges: 2/7 (V: 35)	Fort: 39 	Passive Perception: 28
Initiative: +12		Ref:  33        Action Points: 0
Speed: 8		Will: 42        Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common; Draconic; Primordial 
Resists: 15 cold (Sun) / psychic (Moon) / radiant (Stars)
Immune: Blinded
Saving Throws: +2

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Blazing Starfall        [ ] Second Wind                 [ ] Slaad's Gambit
Dragonfrost	        [X] Dragonfear                  [ ] Lightning Daggers
                        [ ] Divine Challenge	        [X] Radiant Wings
                        [ ] Blazing Corona              [X] Swords of the Marilith
                        [X] Chains of Fire              [X] Rock Armour
                        [X] Stalking Frost              [ ] Burning Bright
                        [ ] Sun and Stars               [X] Platinum Scales
                        [ ] Demon-Soul Bolts            [ ] Demonic Wrath
                        [ ] Sudden Scales
                        [X] Draconic Majesty            
                        [ ] Quickened Spellcasting    
MBA: +30 vs. AC, 2d8+14 damage.
RBA: Dragonfrost: +29 vs. Fort; 2d8+35 cold damage. Push 1 square.
Crit: +5d8 damage; target blinded USoMNT.
Item Powers
[ ] Sandals of Avandra (At-will): Shift half my speed.
[ ] Sandals of Avandra (Encounter): Don't provoke OAs UEoMNT.
[ ] Phylactery of Action (Encounter): Reroll saving throw vs certain effects.
[X] Gloves of Astral Quickness (Encounter): Free Action -> Minor Action if not dazed or stunned.
[ ] Gloves of Astral Quickness (Encounter): Immediate Interrupt as below.
[X] Staff of the War Mage (Daily): Increase the size of a blast/burst power by 1.
[ ] Belt of the Witch King (Daily): When bloodied, +HP 2x level of unused arcane power.
[X] Ring of Focus (Daily): 1/round until end of encounter, sustain minor as a free action.
[X] Ring of Personal Gravity (Daily): Self and adjacent enemies slowed/immobilized.
[X] Folding Astral Skiff (Daily): Unfolds into astral skiff.

Immediate Actions (descending priority; minions do not trigger)
-- When hit, if negates: +3 to Ref and attacks vs Ref UEoMNT (Enc [Gloves of Quickness])
-- When hit, if negates: +4 to all defs against the attack (Enc [Sudden Scales])
-- When hit in 1st turn, if negates: +7 to all defs until end of encounter (Day [Platinum Scales])
-- When hit by enemy within 5, if avoids: teleport 5 and attack (Day [Slaad's Gambit])

Soul of the Cosmic Cycle
After a rest, choose a phase. Phase must change the first time I am bloodied in an encounter.
Phase may change when I use a daily arcane attack power.
Phase of the Sun
 -- Start of Turn: Each adjacent enemy takes 7 fire and radiant damage.
 -- On-hit with Blazing Starfall or Dragonfrost: Roll a saving throw.
Phase of the Moon
 -- +AC equal to the number of adjacent conscious enemies.
 -- On-hit with Blazing Starfall or Dragonfrost: Gain concealment UEoMNT.
Phase of the Stars
 -- When an attack misses me, teleport 7 squares as a free action.
 -- On-hit with Blazing Starfall or Dragonfrost: Become insubstantial UEoMNT or until hit.

Champion's Countenance
While I'm at max HP, allies who can see me gain +2 to Fort, Ref and Will.

Action Point
Demon Fury: USoMNT, I and all allies gain +3 to attack rolls and enemies gain +3
to attack rolls against me.
Demonskin Tattoo: Resist 10 acid / cold / fire / lightning / thunder until end 
of encounter.

Other Defensive Features
Mettle: No damage from missed Fort/Will attack.
Greater Armour of Eyes: Do not grant CA for being flanked.
Ring of Personal Gravity: Reduce forced movement by 1.
Portal Mastery: 1/day, on death, regain half HP and disappear. Reappear on any 
plane on any permanent teleportation circle whose sigil sequence I have memorized.

Other Active Features
War Wizardry: Against allies, arcane spells take -5 to attacks and deal half damage.
Superior Will: Roll saving throw against daze/stun at start of turn, even if effect
doesn't allow a saving throw.
Hero's Poise: On saving throw success, allies within 5 who can see me gains +8 to
saving throws USoMNT.
Sorcerous Flux: When attacking 2+ enemies, swap 2 attack rolls after rolling.
Portal Mastery: 1/day, use Linked Portal or Planar Portal with no components.
Traveler's Tricks: On natural 18+ attack roll, teleport 5 squares after the attack.

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May 19, 2011

Everything by design.


Through the roaring display of magic, Silenna bursts forth, her coils constricting around Loviatar and keeping her firmly in place. <"Let us be done with this quickly"> she communicates to the rest of the party. Artheon slips around the side, ready to strike the moment the goddess is distracted, while leaving an opening for Merritt to charge in if he wants to.

Free: Assassin's Shroud on Loviatar.
Move: Artheon moves to L7.
Standard: Charge to I7-J8, invoking Sovereign's Charge to use Constricting Coils against Loviatar at 1d20+35=44. Hit for 2d6+3d6+29=53 damage against Loviatar. I gain +3 AC from charge, Loviatar is grabbed, and UEOMNT while she is grabbed I get a +5 to all defenses and any attack that misses me hits her.

Silenna: +8 AC, +7 NAD, J7-K8.
Artheon: L7.
Loviatar: Grabbed, can't gain CA.

Trigger: Any enemy hits me with a roll of the following: AC 45/46, Fort 41/42, Ref 44/45, Will 47/48, but not higher.
Immediate Interrupt: Use Warding Wind to give myself +2 defenses and make the attack miss.

HP: 140/140 (0)          AC:   37 	Passive Insight: 35
Surges: 3/8 (V: 35)	For:  34 	Passive Perception: 37
Initiative: +18		Ref:  37 	Vision: Low-light	
Action Points: 0  	Will: 40	        
Languages: Common, Elven                Speed: 9 (walk, swim, fly)

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Assassin's Shroud       [ ] Blinding Swarm            [X] Clinging Drones
Chill Wind		[ ] Camouflage Cloak          [ ] Fazing Fangs
Grasping Claws         	[ ] Claws of Retribution      [ ] Jaws of Ice
Savage Rend             [X] Constricting Coils        [ ] Primal Lion
Wild Shape              [ ] Darting Viper             [ ] Wall of the World
                        [ ] Elven Accuracy            
                        [ ] Feywild Sojourn       
                        [ ] Infiltrating Drone 
                        [ ] Second Wind
                        [ ] Serpent's Dash
                        [ ] Warding Wind

Item Powers
[ ][ ] Diamond Cincture (At-Will)
[ ] Gloves of the Serpent (Encounter)
[ ] Marauder's Armor (Daily)
[X] Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor (Daily)
[ ] Staff of the Serpent (Daily)

Badge of the Berserker: Charges don't provoke OAs.
Danger Sense: Roll twice for initiative.
Demonskin Tattoo: When you spend an AP, gain resist 10 of your choice UEOE.
Enraged Boar Form: When in beast form, +1 to attack and +2 to damage rolls on charge.
Fey Beast Tamer: CA against enemies in your companion's aura. 
Communicate normally with your companion and other creatures of the same kind.
Magnificent Beast: Can choose to become large when wild shaping to beast form. 
While you are in Large beast form, you get a +2 bonus to damage rolls and speed. 
Marauder's Armor: On charge, you get +3 AC UEOYNT.
Pileus Helm: Telepathy 5, resist 10 necrotic, resist 10 poison, +4 to saves vs necrotic and poison. 
Pouncing Form: When using wild shape to change into beast form, you can shift 6 squares.
Primal Resurgence: Once per day, when you become bloodied, you may regain use of a used primal daily power.
Quick Wild Shape: Wild Shape as free action on your turn.
Ring of Aquatic Ability:  Breathe underwater. Upon reaching milestone, swim speed doubles.
Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor: +3 damage to close attacks.
Ruthless Killer: When hitting target with grasping claws, can choose to immobilize.
Immobilize lasts UEOYNT or until you are no longer adjacent.
Serpent Form: When in beast form, you get resist 15 poison and +5 to Stealth.
Snake Fang Action: When you spend an AP to make an attack, 
each target hit by that attack takes 10 ongoing poison damage (save ends).
Sovereign's Charge: Once per encounter on a beast form charge, use encounter instead of MBA. 
On hit, target is also prone. 
Staff Expertise: Ranged and Area attacks do not provoke OA. Melee attacks have +1 reach.
Stalking Panther Form: When in beast form, +5 to Stealth and +4 to initiative.
Swift Predator: +1 speed and +1 square to shift in beast form. 
Venom Hand Master: Attacks ignore poison resistance and immunity.
Vicious Advantage: Gain CA against immobilized or slowed targets.
Wild Elf Luck: +1d4 on elven accuracy reroll.
Watchful Cobra (Fey Beast Companion)
HP:  70/70	        AC:   37
Speed: 8, climb 6	Fort: 37
Initiative: 18          Ref:  39 
Perception: 29          Will: 35

MBA: Melee 1; One Creature; +29 vs AC, Hit: 2d8+10
Aura 1 Enemies in the aura can't gain CA. 

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Saint Gladys - PDF - Reference

Gladys looks only slightly disturbed by the dramatic demise of the mechanical fiend. She sighs and offers the rest a consoling smile as she philosophizes: ".. Baator was full of those atoning, even the wardens in unknowing penance. This place seems full of those openly championing profanity. It is good of you to offer him to judgement, Silenna."


Stepping into this lurid mixture of blood and misery, Gladys for once can't hide her open disgust and simply scowls at the Goddess of Pain, a frown of severe disappointment on her face. ".. Pray tell how we can leave the actual Hells and enter a place fouler?" She steels herself and clears her expression, looking to Arka with a parent's smile. "Perhaps you should oblige them, my little owl." With one symbol and verse she blesses Arka to experience a wind of good fate. She steps aside and raises her primary symbol of Sune, casting her personal vitriol onto one of the Priests of Pain, damning him to receive exactly what he desires in no uncertain terms.

Minor: Favor of the Gods on Arka. The next time she misses before EOMNT, she can choose to reroll. She must use the new roll.
Move: Move to H16
Standard: Prophecy of Doom on Priest G12. Ally that hits the Priest before EOMNT can make it a Crit!

Saint Gladys of Sune  						 
HP: 143/143 (THP: 16)    AC:  40   	Passive Insight: 36
Surges: 7/10 (V: 35)	For:	36	Passive Perception: 29
Initiative: +22		Ref:	39	Action Points: 1
Speed: 7		Will:	42      Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Giant, Draconic, Goblin	
+1 Damage/Saves UEOE
Ongoing 7 Fire(Save Ends)

At Will			Encounter	           Daily
Astral Seal             [ ] Second Wind            [ ] Word of Comfort
Sacred Flame            [ ] Spirit Flame     [ ] Dismissal
                        [ ] Remorse                [ ] Stream of Life
                        [ ] Sever the Source       [ ] Radiant Armor
                        [X] Prophecy of Doom       [ ] Brilliant Censure
                        [ ] [ ] [ ] Healing Word   [ ] Good Omens
                        [X] Healer's Mercy(Ch)     [ ] Moment of Peace
                        OR                         [ ] Hammer of Fate [ ]
                        [X] Favor of the Gods(Ch)  [ ] Diabolic Soul [ ] Wrath
                        [ ] Shining Symbol         [ ] Divine Armor
                        [ ] Sune's Embrace(I)        [ ] Mass Cure Serious Wounds
                                                   [ ] Sune's Regen(I)   [X] Sustenance(I)
                                                   [ ] Flight(I)    [ ] Gloves of Healing(I)
                                                   [ ] Sovereign(I)    [X] Boots of Speed(I)
                                                   [ ] Timeless(I)    [ ] Whiteflame Armor(I)
                                                   [ ] Guardian(I)    [ ] Trollhide Bracers(I)
                                                                               [X] Calling(I)

Healing Word: Surge + 8d6 + 1d6(1) + 9
Healing Surges: +5 Healer's Implement, +3d6+4 Pacifist Healer, +1d6 Healer's Gloves(One Target)
Target Gains: +2 Attack, +6 Defenses against next attack, then +2 Defenses USOMNT
Last Legion Officer: When Ally Heals off spent Surge, Shift 1 or gain +2 AC/Reflex USONT

Implement: +27, +29(Astral Seal), +1 vs Bloodied, Crits +5d6
Melee: +23, 2d4+7     Ranged: +17

Resists: Fire 17, Necrotic 22, Poison 19, Radiant 15
Sanc. Touch: If Adjacent to Ally for Surge, grant Save. If Save, grant Surge. Heal Skill grant Saves.
Foresight: Allies within 5 cannot be surprised. Rolls Initiative twice.
Prophetic Action: Action Point grants a Move Action for a different round.
Terrifying Insight: Roll twice against Will. If both miss, Daze self UEOMNT.
Ordained: Adjacent Allies get +1 to Saves.
Saintly Grace: Cannot be Dominated. Dominates only Daze.
Pacifist: If damaging a Bloodied enemy, Stun self UEOMNT.
Superior Will: Save at start of turn to undo Save/Daze.
Focused Mind: +4 to Saves against Stun/Daze.
Eye of Judgement: Roll twice on Insight.
Saving Grace: On Save Success, forgo the Save to let an Ally within 5 Save at +7.
Supreme Healing: Healing Word targets two.
H. Symbol Expertise: After using Implement Attack, cannot grant CA USOMNT.
Ring of Flight: No Fall Damage, always land on feet.
Divine Health: Immune to Diseases unless above Level 30.
Eager Hero's Tatoo: After Short Rest gain THP 10 + 2 per Surge used since last Extended.

Klingon w Bowl Cut
Apr 1, 2009


Arch-Bard Marcus's PDF
Arch-Bard Marcus's Orokos sheet

"Look me up after you've reformed," Marcus can't help himself from saying, despite Gladys's intense glare.

He then raises his sword high and shouts, charging into the melee to smash his foes and their corrupt devices. The fury of thunder cracks inside the chamber as his blade connects with the foul priest he meets.

Keeper's Prescience Round 1: 1d20 16
Move:> to O-13
Minor: Battle Chant. Allies gain +2 power bonus to attack Loviatar on their next attack.
Standard: Earthquake Strike vs AC: 1d20+30+3 48 on O-12 Priest.
Earthquake Strike damage: 2d8+17 30

Hit: The enemy is knocked prone, and all allies within 17 squares of me can knock their next target prone and gain +5 damage against it.

Damage summary: O12 Priest takes 30
Status summary: O12 Priest is prone
Ally status summary: +2 attack vs. Loviatar, can knock next target prone with +5 damage

HP: 147/147 (00 temp)	AC:   37 	Passive Insight: 44
Surges: 07/12 (V: 36)	For:  36 	Passive Perception: 27
Initiative: +13		Ref:  36
Speed: 6		Will: 40        Action Points: 1       
Languages: All of them                  Vision: Normal

At Will			Encounter			Daily
Vicious Mockery         [ ] Use Vulnerability           [x] Verse of Triumph
Staggering Note		[ ] Words of Friendship         [ ] Wail of Anguish    
Wail of Anguish Attack  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  Majestic Word	[x] Increasing the Tempo     
                                                        [ ] Visions of Victory
                        [ ] Victorious Smite            [ ] Song of Courage
                        [x] Earthquake Strike           [ ] Despana's Strategem
                        [ ] Word of Vulnerability       [ ] Echoing Steps
                        [ ] Second Wind                 [ ] Veil
                        [x] Battle Chant                [ ] Lessons of History
                        [ ] True Prescient Warning      [ ] Haste
                                                        [x] Song of Transition
MBA: Piercing Songblade +5, +30 attack, 2d8+8 damage
Crits: +5d10
Item Powers
[ ] Piercing Songblade (Daily)
[ ] ESP Medallion (Encounter)
[x] Adamantine Hide Gloves (Daily)
[ ] Planar Stasis Boots (Encounter)
[ ] Luminary Ring (Daily)
[ ] Hellfire Lute power #1 (recharge 6): Can grant basic attack and healing surge
[ ] Hellfire Lute power #2 (recharge 6): Can add 1 or 1d4+1 to an ally's attack or skill check

!When allies spend action points!: 
-They can shift 1 square before or after the action
-+7 damage on hit, or +7 temp hp on miss
-When an ally is hit by an attack, they may make a basic attack with +3d10 damage (Encounter)
-Subject to forced movement: -2 squares (Encounter), can make MBA if ending adjacent to enemy (Feat)
-Targeted by a burst or blast attack: -4 attack to other targets (Daily)
Resists: 1 all
Danger Sense: Roll twice for initiative.
Virtue of Valor: Once per round when an ally within 12 squares bloodies or drops an enemy to 0 HP,  Marcus can 
spend a free action to give that ally 10 temp HP, and he gains the same amount.
Opportunistic Withdrawal: Moving doesn't provoke an OA from enemies Marcus has CA against.
Planar Stasis Boots: Cannot be teleported against will.
Battle Song Expertise: Marcus adds +1 to the number of squares he can push, pull, and slide creatures.
Bard Implement Expertise: Bard spells crit on 19-20.
Keeper's Prescience: Roll 1d20 every round, replace it with any d20 roll that turn.
Song of Rest: Allies gain +7 HP per healing surge during short rests.

Feb 4, 2005

Arka | PDF

Arka rolls her eyes as Lovitar talks, fitting an arrow to her bow innocuously.

When she and her priests raise their arms in exultation, the diminutive archer moves like a swooping bird of prey, closing on the nearest foul thing in her vision. Gladys's soothing words and illumination with Sune's crimson haired holy symbol do little to still the rising anger in her heart. As she closes the final meter between herself and a priest she hammers her weapon into the ground, drawing the string back to near the breaking point, before letting it go with a shattering 'twang' that sends the projectile squarely through the man's ribcage, sending the limp body back several paces to before landing with a bloody smear.

Sparing no time, Arka pivots and delivers another arrow at a distant priest, not quite so imminently fatal, but enough to put the man on his rear end.

Move: to F14
Minor: Quarry Priest in G12
Standard: Manticore's Volley vs AC: 3#1d20+34 42 41 53 - 2 hits, 1 crit, rerolling one of the hits - Favor of the Gods (Reroll): 1d20+34 42 - remains 2 hits, 1 crit
Manticore's Volley Damage (2x Hits): 4d12+54 76 damage + Crit + SA + Quarry + Accel: 7d10+56+30+24+12 169 damage + 5d10 13 damage -- 245 damage immediately, and 13 as an echo (EOET) - which more than kills it immediately
Free: Archer's Glory, gaining an immediate use Action Point and refreshing Manticore's Volley...
Free: Guidance of the Past - first two rolls of next shot - ignore roll with d30s from typos
AP: Manticore's Volley vs AC (O8) (GGNN): 4#1d20+33 44 (hit) 36 (drop) 35 (miss) 39 (hit) - 2 hits, 1 miss
Manticore's Volley Damage (2 hits): 3d12+54 64 damage + 5 (Marcus) = 69 damage and prone
Quarries: Priest (G12)

Arka | PDF

HP : 129/145 (THP: 00)    Passive Insight   :  29     Defense Sets :  AC/FT/RF/WI
Surges : 08/10 ( V:36 )   Passive Perception :  36    1 Base          41/42/41/38
Initiative : +28          Vision :  Darkvision        2 Adjacent      43/44/43/40
Speed : 10 (Fly 6)                                    3 OAs           45/44/43/40
Action Points : [1]

At Will
Twin Strike         Nimble Strike         Hunter's Quarry
Nature's Mask       Fey Doorways

[ ] Warding Shot         [ ] Pounding Barrage       [x] Manticore's Volley
[ ] Combined Fire        [x] Archer's Glory         [x] Guidance of the Past   
[ ] Guided Shot          [ ] Second Wind            [x] Sneak Attack

[ ] Attacks on the Run     [ ] Confounding Arrows   [ ] Unrestrained Aggression
[ ] Quarry's Bane          [ ] Howling Winds        [ ] Oak Skin
[ ] Weathered Resilience   [ ] Stepping Through the Veil

[ ] Raven Queen's Shroud (Encounter, Minor)
[ ] Raven Queen's Shroud (Daily, Minor)
[ ] Cloak of Accelerating Accuracy (Encounter, Minor)
[ ] Ring of Giants (Daily, Free)
[ ] War Ring (Daily, Free)
[ ] Bracers of Archery (Daily, Minor)
[ ] Unfettered Thieves' Tools (Daily, Standard)
[ ] Diamond Cincture [2] (At-will, Minor)

RBA: +30; 2d12+25 --- +2 to hit vs. quarry, +3 damage vs. isolated, +4 damage vs. bloodied, +3d8 vs. quarry (once per turn)
Crit: +7d10+17 initially, +5d10 at SOMNT

Archer       :  Can designate 7 Quarries, ignore cover and concealment vs. quarries, crit on 19-20, gain CA vs. Isolated, Deaf, Immob, Slow, Poisoned or Weakened
Elusive      :  +3 defs vs. Quarry hit UEOMNT
Doorways     :  Arka can teleport 3 as an immediate reaction when an attack misses her
Slippery     :  +2 saves vs. immob, restrain, slow, and escape - Save vs. Daze/Stun at start of turn
Reserve      :  Recover an expended encounter power when spending an AP, in addition to other benefits
Ghostly      :  Gain Phasing / Insubstantial when running/charging UEOMNT
Timeless     :  Count as Immortal, Fey, Shapechanger, Magical Beast, Humanoid, Shadow type


Jun 21, 2006

Nice guy.
Tries hard.
Loves hot dogs The Game.

PDF -- Orokos

Upon entering the blood-soaked room, Merritt involuntarily shudders and draws his wings close to his body. Lovitar's speech turns his stomach from revulsion, so he opts to ignore her - choosing instead to plan his attack. Upon sicking her priests upon the party, he draws his sword and spreads his wings to take flight. Merritt points his blade to Loviatar, proclaiming "with this blade, I shall rain blinding justice upon you! Face me!" With a gesture of his hand, a glowing symbol appears in front of Loviatar - marking her as his target.

After gaining a burst of speed, Merritt kicks his feet out and lands a solid blow on Loviatar's solar plexus - knocking her down and winding her. Once she's on the ground, he strikes her in the head with the butt of his sword. "Know that I have come to rain my vengeance upon those who would do harm to my brothers and sisters! Know that I have not come to bring peace, but a sword!"

MinorDivine Challenge on Loviatar
Free Lawbreaker's Doom
Until end of the encounter, when I hit Loviatar with an attack I deal +4 extra damage and she is slowed UEOMNT
Move (fly) to K7
StandardCastigating Strike vs AC: 1d20+31+2 41 3d12+17+5 32 +4 for 36
Loviatar is marked by me and takes 10 radiant damage the first time each round she makes an attack that doesn't include me

Merritt Carlisle   						 
HP:  169/169 (THP:)		AC:  40		Passive Insight: 35
Surges: 13/13 (V: 42)		Fort: 39	Passive Perception: 28
Initiative: +19			Ref:  35	Action Points: 1
Speed: 6 (Fly 8)		Will: 37	Vision: normal
Languages: Common, Elven, Supernal

Resist 15 Fire, Resist 15 Radiant
Immune to fear

Basic Attacks
MBA: 1d20+30; 2d12+16


Divine Challenge		Holy Strike			Ardent Strike

[ ] Action Point		[ ] Second Wind			[ ] Heroic Effort
[ ] Channel Divinity		[ ] Virtue			[ ] Shield of Discipline
[ ] Benediction			[ ] Red Death			[ ] Guardian's Counter
[x] Lawbreaker's Doom		[ ] Dispensed Justice		[x] Castigating Strike
[ ] Mark of Terror		[ ] Strength from Valor		[ ] Battle Awareness
[ ] Grave Smite

4/4 Virtue's Touch		[ ] Divine Aegis		[ ] Avatar of Undaunted Bravery
[ ] Wheel of Fate		[ ] Blood Oath Fulfilled

Item Powers
[ ] Gauntlets of True Striking (Encounter)
[ ] Gauntlets of True Striking (Daily)
[ ] Dwarven Legion Plate Armor +5 (Daily)
[ ] Amulet of Life +4 (Encounter)
[ ] Helm of Teleportation (Encounter)
[ ] Legacy Undying (Daily)

Divine Challenge: Target takes 17 radiant damage first time per round
	that it targets any of my allies with an attack power that doesn't include
Divine Sanction: Target takes 10 radiant damage first time per round
	that it targets any of my allies with an attack power that doesn't include
Battle Awareness: 1/encounter make imm. interrupt MBA against adjacent
	enemy that shifts or doesn't include me in attack
Guardian's Counter: An ally within 2sq of me is hit by an attack and I'm
	not included in the attack: The ally and I shift up to 2 sq as a free
	action, swapping positions. I become the target of the triggering attack,
	in place of the ally. After the attack is resolved, I can make a BA against
	the attacker
Benediction: An ally within 5sq hits with a melee attack: The target can
	either spend a healing surge or make two damaage rolls for the attack
	and use either result

Class/Path/Destiny Features
Guardian: Choose one creature to be my bonded charge. If an enemy attacks
	them, I gain +1 to attack against them USO the enemies NT.
Immobilizing Action: WHen you take an action point to attack a
	lawbreaker's doom target, immobilize target on hit
Strength of Conviction: Gain 10 + StrMod (7) THP when I reduce
	lawbreaker's doom target to 0 hp
Angelic Nature:
Reborn in Light: When I die, disappear in a flash of radiance. Each enemy
	in CB10 takes 2d10+4 damage and is blinded (save ends). I reappear in a
	column of light at the end of the encounter at full HP with all harmful
	effects ended.

Two-Handed Weapon Expertise: +3 to damage on charge attacks
Heavy Blade Mastery: Crit with heavy blade weapon on 19-20
Bitter Challenge: Divine Challenge damage slows target UEONT
Mighty Challenge: Divine Challenge adds +Str mod radiant damage
Weakening Challenge: Weaken target for the attack when it takes damage
	from divine challenge or divine sanction
World Serpent's Grasp: Knock slowed or immobilized targets prone on hit
Superior Will: Make saving throw to end stunned or dazed at start of turn
	even if not (save ends) effect
Honored Foe: Gain Wis mod THP when enemy marked by divine challenge or
	divine sanction damages me
Resurgent Attack: Gain +2 to next attack before EONT after I spend
	healing surge
Virtuous Recovery: Gain resist Wis (4) all USONT when spending healing surge
Divine Mastery: Regain use of divine encounter power when I spend AP
Crusading Wrath: Place divine sanction for encounter on next enemy I
	attack before EONT after using Divine Strength; Add Wis mod (+4) to damage
	dealt by sanction.

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