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Aug 7, 2008

I shield you because I need charge
Is not because I like you or anything!

Fuuuuuuuuuuck this game was/is good.

I wanted more gods to fight, and there were definitely bits that got waaaay too disorienting in the dark, but it's just killer moment after killer moment. The story is incredible. The character performances are incredible. I wonder how much better it looks on a PS4 Pro... seeing as it was already one of the more gorgeous games I've seen for PS4.

So if I'm reading this right:

Senua's mother claimed to have a "sight" that her father resented that she passed down to her daughter, who was plagued by mental illness that became stigmatized as "being cursed." One day, a plague came and killed a lot of people that Senua may have had a premonition about because of her sight, so her father blames her curse for the plague and locks her indoors. She escapes his captivity and goes to live in the woods, becoming beset by darkness and insanity made worse by her isolation, at which time the Darkness manifests as a result of her fear and resentment about her father. She finds Dillion and falls in love with him after watching him train from afar, but he and everybody else are killed when Vikings invade and burn their village. Senua's mother is burned by the Vikings [I may be wrong here - is the implication that she was killed by her husband?? The voices during the pyre sequence seem to suggest this] and Dillion is ritually sacrificed by the Vikings [blood eagle sequence.] She sets out with Dillion's severed head in tow to go reclaim his soul from Hell.

Surtr is very representative of the fear of the brutality of the Vikings, Valravn is representative of being a social outcast and having no one understand you, and Fenrir is the shadow of her father who speaks in his voice. She defeats each of these to try to get Dillion's soul back, but can only succeed by letting go of her grief. We see Hela, the death goddess, cradling the head, then shifting into Senua who drops it - implying that her fear of death is also let go along with her grief.

So, in the very first enemy encounter - we see her being cut down by a shadow enemy much like the kind you fight later in the game. It is stated that only the dead can enter Hell. Are we seeing a pure journey through the afterlife, in that case? Or some kind of limbo state? Or is it more like Senua's soul is darkened/killed, and she has to vision quest her way back from that defeat by darkness by venturing down into the depths of her trauma and finding resolution?

The game is obviously super magical-realist, so the blurring of these boundaries is definitely the fun part. It's bits of all these theories all at once.

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