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Nov 21, 2006

I wish that I believed in fate
I wish I didn't sleep so late
I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders

Everyone's favorite group of sadsacks are BACK, BABY!

On September 8, The National will release their 7th LP, and it's called Sleep Well Beast.

LP7 is the descendant of a string of critically-lauded, increasingly-commercially-successful albums dating back to the turn of the century:

2013's Trouble Will Find Me - link
2010's High Violet - link
2007's Boxer - link (still my all-time favorite album)
2005's Alligator - link
2003's Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers - link
2001's The National - link

1.	"Nobody Else Will Be There"
2.	"Day I Die"
3.	"Walk It Back"
4.	"The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness"
5.	"Born to Beg"
6.	"Turtleneck"
7.	"Empire Line"
8.	"I'll Still Destroy You"
9.	"Guilty Party"
10.	"Carin at the Liquor Store"
11.	"Dark Side of the Gym"
12.	"Sleep Well Beast"
At 57:37 of runtime, it is their longest album to-date! Hooray bleakness!


They're also touring, but many of these shows are sold out by now ...but really

Consider yourselves warned.


May 2, 2010

I'm really digging the songs they've released so far, particularly The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness.

Feb 6, 2008

Fucking zippers, how do they work?

Loving all the songs so far, but... No show in Switzerland??? gently caress that! I've seen them live a bunch of times and it's inevitably amazing

Her Dryer
Oct 14, 2012

System is genuinely one of the best songs they've ever done

Molestationary Store
May 21, 2007

ThatsMyBoye posted:

They're also touring, but many of these shows are sold out by now ...but really

Consider yourselves warned.

Fiftyish a ticket aaah. I wasn't super taken with their last album so i don't know if I'd want to spring that much for them.

Molestationary Store fucked around with this message at Aug 16, 2017 around 00:38

Rageaholic Monkey
May 31, 2005

Honestly, though,
you have played the game for a long time.

Don't you have anything else to do with your time?

They're playing the whole new album live on 9/5 (before the album comes out) and live streaming it too

Jan 11, 2004

when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire

Rageaholic Monkey posted:

They're playing the whole new album live on 9/5 (before the album comes out) and live streaming it too

Gah - they're playing it when I'm at work. Well, by that point, it's only a matter of days before the album is out... "Carin at the Liquor Store" is an early favorite, but of course I can't wait to hear the whole thing.

Jul 22, 2007

a negative influence

I heard the album live on Youtube (with passable sound quality) about a month ago. "Walk it Back" is the latest title for their live track "Checking Out of a Collapsing Space" and it still owns, though they've made it one of the most explicitly political songs of their careers (Rove's infamous "reality-based community" speech literally plays over the bridge). "Day I Die" is another good one, and way more hi-tempo than you'd expect from something with that title.

Aug 11, 2013

I have tickets for the in Dublin in either September or November, so excited!

e: Did they ever release Rylan on anything?


Jul 16, 2004

Who wants to play video games?

EmmyOk posted:

e: Did they ever release Rylan on anything?

No I think they've gone on to say that they've scrapped it or tore it apart and used parts of it elsewhere but yeah, I gave up on a studio version of Rylan after it didn't come out on Trouble Will Find Me or any of it's bsides.

e: I don't remember where I read it so I dug around and looked up the Reddit AMA they did a while back for TWFM.

So I guess they do have some form of a studio version from the High Violet days collecting dust but

It's still one of my favorite National songs and it's silly that I have to load up the Youtube video everytime I want to hear it.

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