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Feb 17, 2011

drat that was a while back then. Nice to see Uzi breaking keyboards again, this gif would have aged better if it was certain other chinese adc smashing keyboards.

I wonder if there will be any mid season transfers or drama. Only remotely notable one was Fly leaving Flyquest to join KSV/GenG. Freeze joined the 2nd place Turkish team and Coco left Turkey but hasn't signed with anyone.


Digital Jedi
May 28, 2007

Wow....that feels good

Fallen Rib

Killed By Death posted:

LCS starts on the 15th of June. Can't find any scheduling information for LCK, LPL or LMS. Rift Rivals starts first week of July.

That isn't that far away. Thanks!

Apr 3, 2012

Urthor posted:

Controversial opinion, Uzi wasn't even the best player on his team in the final. Karsa's jungle difference with Peanut won them this final a lot more than it was Uzi being good.

Uzi smashed caitlyn out of lane game 1 but that's because Caitlyn is actually garbage before she buys a third zeal so it's unsurprising that she sucks in a game that doesn't go 40 minutes.

Best ADC not best player in the world definitely.

Honestly I think Karsa had it really easy (although he played really really well, no doubt). Uzi and Ming played their lane so well, being incredibly oppressive while never feeling they could get ganked, Khan played like a total potato and suddenly Peanut was really limited in where he could go, especially with Sej against Skarner. He played a lot better when has was able to go toe-to-toe with Karsa and especially in G4 when Bdd had a champion that was actually worth giving kills to.

On the other hand I felt that Uzi really took initiative when it looked like KZ was about to slow down the game, especially in G3, which meant that all the kills on Irelia meant jack poo poo, since she couldn't split.

Apr 18, 2012
Hello I am a person doing a thing via buttons. It's amazing what electronic singnals traveling through space can accomplish.

Makes ya think.

Purple m&ms are the best.

rng had pick order, didn't they? otherwise i presume kz would have done the same thing fnatic did and forced the ezreal vs caitlyn matchup every game, except pray isn't a total potato even if he's not as good as uzi

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