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Jan 28, 2008

my shit posts don't die, they multiply

xiw posted:

My work's doing a harry potter christmas do, sorting hat event and all. It sounds like they ordered robes off ali express and all, and we have to make our own wands to bring along.

Turns out this was all practice for real life.

However I got sorted into gryffindor with a bunch of marketing people...

Marketing is like, 100% Slytherin though.


Mar 19, 2009

Anime for Trump.

i have emerged from the crucible somewhat alive.

In my experience it's architects that are the slytherins (pompous and annoying). marketing are hufflepuffs (friendly and cheery), engineering is ravenclaw (zero people skills and don't care about anything other than their slice of work) and then there is me, the gryffindor, making them all work together and trying to make sure they all dont kill each other.

I know i'ts been a couple of weeks so i'll just talk about the game now, and have the flavour epilogue later.

base mechanics

As i chatted to you guys over the course of the game, this was intended to be a civgame that was more manageable by me running it solo. birdstrike helped with with the initial setup a bit before he left for America, but the internals had to be made in such a way that it minimised the work to do on my end. One thing that probably wasn't evident in civ1+2 was just how COMPLEX solving each night was, with everyone having their own special passive abilities that changed how their points worked depending on multiple different factors. Doing the calculations to solve a night of civ could take 3-4 hours with the multiple checks and everything and honestly it's a complete nightmare.

Closed or Open?
So i came up with this system based on formulas. There were two ways to take it, either run it completely blind where you receive soft feedback individually, and never give out formulas, or make nearly everything public and risk min-maxers taking over.

In the end, given it was a test run of a new system i went basically completely open. I have mixed feelings about how it went. by making formulas open but providing them late, i was hoping that people could focus on going for a strategy and roll with how events and stuff emerged to try and determine the best path using what they had. What happened in a lot of cases was that people disengaged once their build was proven to not be the best way of doing things, or they felt that their individual input wasn't needed.

While i can certainly see why people went that way, the whole point of the game, with no scum or hidden evil was that i was trying to create a cooperative game where it didn't matter if you had to step out for a week or two, and your entire house could come up with a strategy in complete safety and work together to accomplish it. It was less about the individual people and more about having your own confirmed masonry to figure out how to try and win the game.

It's why i'm a bit conflicted about people saying they wished there was a Secret Evil or traitors etc, because that was never meant to be the point of this game.

Winners and grinners
I'm actually really glad from a game creation point of view that Gryffindor and Slytherin came first and second, because they took the most generalised approach to the game and tried to both obtain early points from events, win in quidditch, and grab exam points where it was feasible. The fact that houses still had to make hard and meaningful decisions on their effort even late game was particularly good. But there was also a lot of useless effort out there. Having 0 as a possible stat number ruined it, and in the future i think i would make 1 baseline for everyone.

Of course Ravenclaw chose their exam strategy because of 4/7 of them being Studious, which could have worked given the maths of everything but i think they entered the Event game too late to make up for not getting any quidditch points.

Hufflepuff, well i've said in discord most of what i wanted to say about them, suffice to say i'm sorry they all disengaged and i'm very happy xiw stepped up to keep the game moving.

Sorting: i was very surprised that nobody tried to game the system and nearly everyone just said 'put me into X house for flavour reasons!'
I tried to hint it with the wording, but basically you could have directed the house to put you in a house with no other pranksters or anything to make sure there wasn't too much doubling up of specialisations. but people just went with flavour for the most part. i underestimated people's attachment to their favourite houses.

A bit of a bum steer. they were an idea that needed much more refinement and while there are some neat ideas in the role it needs more work. I'm very thankful for all professors for putting in the effort to create puzzles etc for students. Realistically the game shouldn't have launched with professors in their state

Early months
Given it was a new game i was very aware of dumping too many rules and variables early in the game. That's why i disallowed private comms early, and slowly enabled them over time, as well as introducing new game mechanics. I was somewhat happy with this approach, but wished people had had more fun with Duelling!

Real time events
From a person point I really enjoyed running the Sorting Ceremony and Dance deathmatches and had a lot of fun there. I hope you guys enjoyed them too, bad puns and linking to all the puzzles ahead of time accidentally and everything

Quibblers (spectators)
Shoutout to Bifauxnen for reading along and proving me an out of game chatting point about the game. oh and blame her for 90% of the event rolls and for Keane winning the Headmasters Purse:). I had plans to make them be able to impact the game in other ways from the sidelines but without more of a cadre it wasn't to be.

Player feedback
This is all greatly appreciated, i won't respond to every individual point because they are all great ideas and i don't want to confirm what or what not to do for roles etc because i dare say it would all be quite different in a second iteration.

Everyone has valid points and while some i probably wouldn't incorporate for various reasons such as personal time, or not quite in matching what i want the game to be, that doesn't mean you're wrong! In fact if you think the game would be improved by doing it in X way, i highly recommend creating the game yourself and running it! Feel free to take anything from what i've done here and run with it. The most important thing is showing that you're dedicated to running the game through to the end.

I like to think that the reasons people still play my (somewhat sporadic) but ambitious games is that people know they can expect a game that will have effort put into it by players for the entirety of the game. If you're a player that meets that criteria, then you are the reason that i can make these things, and i hope part of the reason you play it is you know I won't abandon it or phone it in when my super cool role doesn't get picked or dies early or whatever.

For people that get too busy i completely understand the and real life trumps it every time.
For others well, that was your choice

As a writer i am always disappointed that i don't get to create a bigger story in these games. Part of it is that you are the ones creating the story, and imprinting a narrative over the top always feels kind of not right. Part of it is that after getting home from work, cooking dinner, spending 2-3 hours doing maths and and suddenly its 11pm and i haven't created the next day's events fuuucckk. It was very hard for me to get it all in in an evening, and when i DID manage to get something funny and interesting flavourwise down i would be up until 12:30-1am which is really not great professionally for me.

So i hear you but honestly if i run this or Civ again i can't commit to more flavour. I simply don't have the time to do it justice

ask away

The future
I could probably say a lot more here but i have been thinking about what to do next. Suffice to say that the first of November is coming up

Dec 17, 2003

Stand down, men! It's only smooching!

I think a baseline of 1 would solve all the issue-feelings I had of being a prankster but needing to study but not being able to study, etc. Otherwise I think the game was really awesomely put together & run, busb, and I hope you'll run more of them!

Jan 28, 2008

my shit posts don't die, they multiply

That was a really fun game, busb, I really enjoyed it!

Jan 28, 2008

my shit posts don't die, they multiply

busb posted:

In my experience it's architects that are the slytherins (pompous and annoying). marketing are hufflepuffs (friendly and cheery), engineering is ravenclaw (zero people skills and don't care about anything other than their slice of work) and then there is me, the gryffindor, making them all work together and trying to make sure they all dont kill each other.

My marketing department at my old place had to be yelled at (literally, me and our chemist were shouting with raised voices) to stop them from releasing a product that would have led to severe infections in infants because they unilaterally made changes to a formulation.


Nov 4, 2009

I apologize for the cage.

...- --- .. -.-. . / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. / -... .- -..


flavor ending


Sep 12, 2009

The most epic adventure ever undertaken

Today I was reminded of an amazing theory which should have been included in the favorite bit of fandom assignment:

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