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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Pokemon Conquest, or Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition in Japan, is probably something you wouldn't expect, but this collaborative effort combines Pokemon with Samurai Warriors 3, which itself is based on a franchise based on the most famous period of Japan, the Sengoku Period. So you have people from that time period as characters in those games appearing in this game with their Pokemon partners on a fun DS adventure with mechanics from the 5th generation of Pokemon, as it was released in mid 2012. Cool, right?

As a turn based tactical RPG, you control Warriors linked with Pokemon to do battle in various kingdoms across the region of Ransei. The one who can unite the region of Ransei will be able to encounter the region's creator. Sounds pretty spiffy. With great character design, excellent music and, uh, interesting overall gameplay, this is definitely a Pokemon game to play. So that's why I'm playing it, cause it's pretty great, even if there are some problems with it that we'll see later down the line.

What I also want to dive into is the period of Japan's history this game is based on, the Warring States period, or Sengoku jidai. It's a crazy adventure of many prominent warlords and fiefdoms fighting for domination to control the capital of Japan and maybe being able to conquer the whole island for the first time in 50,000 years. And that's where you guys come in! See, I'm a nerd, but I'm not too knowledgable in this specific part of Japan's history (crazy I know), so I'd love to find out what really happened during this interesting time of love, honour and glory by people who know more about that time period and culture than I ever will.

I will be delving into some history and backstory slightly during the LP, but I don't feel like poring through thousands of historical texts and websites to get my accurate info, I do want to have fun with this LP, so I'll be sticking with Wikipedia, much as that might make some of you wince.

Also you might notice this LP is on this neat little offsite Rhematic in thanks to the rad Etrian Odyssey LPer Ragnar Homsar. Check out her LPs and give her site a read.


Part 1: Welcome to the World of Warlords!
Part 2: Type Advantage
Part 3: A Conquer North
Part 4: Fighting Off Foes
Part 5: Kenshin and Shingen
Part 6: Yoshihiro's Grand Day Out
Part 7: Super Effective
Part 8: Cold, Hard and Unforgiving
Part 9: The Enemy is in Dragnor!
Part 10: Hanbei and Kanbei
Part 11: Tolerable Postgame
Part 11.5: When THIS Happens!
Part 12: Fast Forward
Part 13: Triple Story Time
Part 14: Second Finale of Conquest

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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Just before we start, watch this video, it'll give you a quick lesson in the basic history of Japan. You could make a religion out of that.

Useful Words

Since this is an LP where I'll be talking about 16th century Japan, there's obviously going to be a few words that will be quite commonplace, but not exactly ones you'll know if you've only known English your whole life. So let's go over them:

Daimyō: Powerful Japanese feudal lords in control of land, subordinates only to the Shōgun. From dai 大, large and myōden 名田, private land.

Feudalism: A political system in medieval Europe that gave power to those with land in exchange for service or labour. Derived from the Latin feodum, fiefdom was a major element in Feudalism, as the land granted "in fee" could be returned for allegiance and service.

Shōgun: Military dictator of Japan and the true ruler as opposed to the Emperor, though they appoint new Shōgun. Short form of Sei-i Taishōgun (征夷大将軍, "Commander-in-Chief of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians"), they held power over Japan through military means during 1185-1868, with exceptions.

Emperor: Ancestral and current head of Japan after the Meiji restoration in 1867. From Tennō 天皇, heavenly sovereign, said to be direct descendants of the sun goddess Amaterasu, they have spent most of the millenium controlled by other political forces, aside from the times they overthrew the shogunate.

Samurai: Military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan, also referred to as bushi 武士, from the Chinese verb 侍, to wait upon or accompany persons, similar to the Japanese saburau 侍う, to wait for a chance, or to serve by one's side. They grew in greater number throughout the years and consolidated their power to became the political ruling class of Japan during the Ashikaga Shogunate.

Vassal: One with mutual obligation to a lord or monarch, in the context of feudalism, for military support and mutual protection in exchange for land or fiefdoms. In Feudal Japan, the powerful relations of daimyō, shugo and jizamurai could be considered equivalent to western vassals.

Retainer: A group of people in direct service of a lord or daimyō, the cornerstone of Feudalism. They wore heraldic badges to show their allegiance and would be supported by their lord in judicial processes, among other things.

Shugo: From 守護, military governor, appointed by the Shogun to oversee provinces in Japan, though as they began claiming land and greater power themselves, the position gave way to daimyō in a similar role. Some shugo lost power to their subordinate shugodai, while others strengthened their territory, dividing the country between their power.

Jizamurai: Smaller lords of rural domains as power became divided between a lord's sons, thus giving way to shugo to consolidate their power and take over the domains and oversee the provinces. Threatened by the shugo, the jizamurai banded together into leagues called ikki and uprisings occured when shugo attempted to seize control, also called ikki.

Ōnin War: A large civil war lasting between 1467 and 1477. Starting as a dispute between Hosokawa Katsumoto, a deputy to the Shogun and his father-in-law Yamana Sōzen, a powerful daimyō, Sōzen opposed the growing power of Katsumoto and supported the Shogun's newborn son, as opposed to the Shogun's brother, who should have been appointed as the new Shogun after the current one, Ashikaga Yoshimasa, was due to retire. Tensions grew as either side escalated the conflict and fighting broke out in the capital for control. While most conflict was defensive and political, there was much internal struggle to control the capital Kyoto, with different states vying for power in the vacuum.

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Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 1: Welcome to the World of Warlords!

Main Theme

Hello there, welcome to Pokemon Conquest, a neat Gen 5 side game that I've been looking to show off a lot.

Boy we sure have some options right at the start of the game. Before we continue, I advise watching this game's intro video to get an idea of what to expect in this game. Also the game's music is amazing, you'll notice.

So we're gonna play as the girl like always?

This LP will be slightly different as we're gonna be talking about Japanese history. Starting right now with our main character, Azai Nagamasa, a daimyō (or fuedal lord, get used to seeing these words a lot) from the Sengoku period in Japan. That's the main focus of this LP, on the leadup to the unification of Japan to the start of isolationist Japan and the Edo period.

Also in this LP, we'll be using Japanese names, so surname first, given name second. I would prefer our Hero be called Nagamasa, but because of the character limit, we're gonna be Azai. Uh, it can be a descendant, sure.


A man of many words I see.


So, this is Aurora's new Warlord...?

Hmm... Hey! Is that an Eevee?!

That's a Pokémon you don't usually see around here... Hmm?


Hey, you! You're Azai, right? Aurora's new Warlord?

We're from Ignis. That's the kingdom next to this one... And we've come to challenge you to a battle!

Five seconds in and we're already fighting to keep our house.

VS Aurora

Some real powerful contenders over there.

We should be fine, right?

Please, wait!


Well, the more the merrier...

Join forces if you like-it won't make a difference!

They're only moving up one space.

Please, let me help you! Okay, first things first: movement! Like this, see?

Okay, now it's your turn, Lord Azai.

We'll be going more in depth into how this all works in a bit, but let's just follow this through. Movement is simple though, every Pokemon has a certain amount of Range they can move each turn.

There's usually 2 options when you move to a given space, either use your move on an opponent in your move's range, or wait. You can press the B button at any time to rethink until you specifically click Wait, so take all the time you need to figure out your moves.

drat tutorials stopping our fun.

But you're gonna have to leave that castle in Aurora before you can settle in!

All right! Leave this one to me!

I'll remember this, you know! Don't think I won't!

You deal with that one, Lord Azai!

Now's the time, Lord Azai! You have to fight! Please select a direction in which to attack.

Every Pokemon in this game has one single attack they can use. You'll recognise them from the main series and they've been basically been ported over with some cool changes in certain cases. They also have an accuracy number that will vary from move to situation, as well as the expected damage the move will do. Usually it's lower, but sometimes it'll be slightly higher.

Our Hero isn't silent at least, he'll have some set phrases he'll say depending on the situation. So yeah, Quick Attack doesn't have the increased priority, since Speed doesn't determine attack order, nor does it hit one space away like in PMD, it's just Tackle with a different name.

Y-You're strong... Much stronger than they said you'd be...

What are we going to do now?! Lord Hideyoshi is gonna be mad...

Never mind that! Let's just get out of here!

Important characters like this girl have different emotions with their Pokemon, I'll try and show them off, since they're pretty cool.


After battle our Link with our Pokemon increases, which also boosts our base strength, as well as showing what happens to the enemy warriors. Again, there's more to this later, such as those gold circles.

Long Day

I've been on a journey with Jigglypuff here... B-But... Umm, i-if you don't mind...


Ah, a thou must, that was quick.

But it is a worry... It seems the flames of conflict have finally reached Aurora as well...

Main Theme

An area inhabited by Warriors, those privileged few capable of communicating wordlessly with Pokémon.

In Ransei, there is a tale of yore, passed down from generation to generation: If any one Warlord can conquer all 17 kingdoms of Ransei, then the Pokémon that created Ransei shall reveal itself.

The Warriors of the land all believe that this tale is true; indeed, it is what drives them all.

And as a result, countless battles are fought for control of the kingdoms of Ransei.

Long Day

Then Jigglypuff and I are going to have to become much stronger! But first, let's take a look around the kingdom of Aurora!

When system messages pop up like this I'll just have Oichi say them if need be, since she's basically tutorial lady right now.


Here's the region map, but let's just enter Aurora for now.


Move. You're in my way.

I-I'm sorry... There's a Farm not far from here, Lord Azai. I'm sure there'll be some wild Pokémon there... Let's go do some training!

We've got some wild Pokemon here. We can enter these areas with Warriors to train for experience and items and whatnot. There's usually more to do in a given area, but again, tutorial.

Let's pick our team and set off.


The scene is set, let us dance.

You're the Warlord of this kingdom, Lord Azai. Jigglypuff and I will follow your orders! So, what do you want us to do? Try to work together to claim victory!

Now that we finally have control, let's go over what this game is all about. You know you love it. Victory conditions are usually laid out pretty clearly on a given map, while Defeat conditions are often the opposite of the Victory ones. You can view the info of your team and the opponents, run away from battle at the cost of your monthly turn, save at any point (very helpful) and head to the Title Screen (much more useful later on).

Nice settings, we'll keep them as is to make my screenshot life much easier.

Now for the Info. Like a Pokemon's status screen, there's lots of juicy stuff to go over, but this game emphasises a Pokemon's connection to a Warlord, represented by a Link at the top. Most Warriors can Link with most Pokemon, but will have different Link caps, so those with 100% links can make that Pokemon the strongest it can be.

By pressing L or R from the center screen, we can view our Warrior or Pokemon respectively and then press Y to get more info. Warriors have their own stats that affect battle in the same way that a Pokemon's stats do, Power increases the Attack of a Pokemon, Wisdom affects your Warrior's skill effectiveness and Charisma increases your Pokemon's evasion. A Warrior's speciality will give you a hint as to what Pokemon they can 100% link with, but that's something to go over later. All Warriors have a skill that they can use once in battle to turn the tide, but they don't become too necessary as the game goes on. Finally, you can equip one item to use at any time, though some are simply passive.

Pokemon also have stats that affect how much damage they'll do and take. Unlike the main games, a species of Pokemon has a set number for their base stats no matter what, so its how their linked Warriors stats affect that that make each individual Pokemon more unique. Also similar to Gen 1's Special, both Attack and Defense categories from the main games are rolled into one for simplicity's sake, though type effectiveness is still the same as is Gen 5, so no Fairy type and Steel has its resistances to Dark and Ghost still. Speed affects a Pokemon's evasion, much like Charisma. Since a Pokemon species only has the one move, status moves are very rare and are usually paired up with other Pokemon stratigically (sometimes). And also like the main series, Pokemon have abilities, though like in Gen 5, Conquest Pokemon have 3 abilities they can have in most cases, though the ones we get at the start are always the same.

When we meet a new Warrior or Pokemon I'll be showing them off like this so you can quickly see what they do, if I remember when I'm recording of course. Oichi has high Wisdom, so her Sweet Song skill will recover more HP than another Warrior with lower Wisdom using the same skill. All moves also have a power ranking from 1 to 5 stars, so don't rely on base powers from the main game. Eevee will definitely pack more of a punch than Jigglypuff, unless it gets lucky with its Doubleslap.

You can hover over a Pokemon to get a lot of useful info, as well as its movement range. Its attacking range is not included in that, so be careful, as its best to get a first strike in this game. Not the best angle though is it?

Much better! By holding Y and then using the d-pad, you can rotate the camera or zoom in or out to get a better view of the map. It's useful, but the default view the game gives you is usually just fine, so I won't be messing with it too much.

You can also view your opponent's stats at any time during battle, if you want to know everything about them.

Alright, enough info for now, let's get moving.

Ouch, critical hits do double damage, remember. But this is the first map, so we're not facing very dangerous enemies.

Way ahead of you there.

This is the difference between Eevee and Jigglypuff. While Jigglypuff could do more damage, if the percentage chance of getting the different hits is the same as the main games (I don't know the exact details of everything to do with this game), then it has a 33% chance for 2 hits, 33% for 3, 17% for 4 and 17% for 5, meaning it'll hit 3 times on average.

A quick way to take out Pokemon is to gang up on them. The red number is the damage you do, the white number is their health. Sometimes I take screenshots midway through the white number dropping down, so if things don't add up sometimes, that's why.

Celebrate is a super good Ability that lets you chain kills and lets you have some nice mobility.

There are small events that happen in different maps, such as digging up items in the dirt patches.

One benefit of multi hit moves are the increased chances of getting criticals, but you want something a bit more consistent.


Fighting wild Pokemon isn't as lucrative as fighting other Warriors, but it has its benefits, the least of which being obtaining new items.

Long Day

The more time they spend together, the stronger this link becomes. This will make the Pokémon more powerful as well.

I think we should take a break. A Warrior can only do battle with their Pokémon or take them to visit a location once in a month. When all the Warriors in your army have moved, select Next Month to advance to the next month.


Yeah, like that.

Losing against a complete beginner like that... They need to get their act together! I'm not letting them mess things up for me now! I've got to make the kingdom of Aurora mine!

New month! What should we do? Well, we've still got some stuff to go over now that we have more control.

The menu is slightly different, can't do anything with passwords just yet, so let's check out the Gallery.

If you save your game while that Warrior is in your army, all their Pokémon will be added to the Gallery. Go to the Gallery to check the information about the Warriors that have been added. Warriors added to the Gallery can be used in Wireless Play.

At any time we can check out Pokemon in the Gallery to get all the info about them. The gold circle denotes Pokemon you've used in battle and have their info registered.

You can view a Pokemon's habitat, their cry and see all their stats and abilities.

Pokemon that we haven't registered have limited info, but you can see where they live and their cool rear end art.

Unlike Pokemon, you have to use a Warrior in battle to get any info on them. And yes, there's 200 individual warriors in this game, should be fun.

A Pokemon that has a 100% link with a Warrior is called a Perfect Link and will be displayed here.

You can also see the cool emotion art, but alas not with the Pokemon included.

And Oichi's info. The in battle info we get will suffice, so I won't be showing off the Gallery entries of every Warrior and Pokemon. We'll be here all day.

From the map, we can equip items to our Warriors, or view their info like we can in battle.

Pressing Y gives us the list of every Warrior currently on the map and lets us sort them in different ways, such as location, or gallery order. You might be wondering why this is a dedicated feature, but oh you'll see.

That place looks like it'd be full of wild Pokémon! It might be a good idea to do a little training.

Let's go!


If I recall correctly, Woopers have the Water Gun move. Some moves, like Water Gun, allow you to attack a wide area. Each Pokémon has a set move that they can use, so be sure to think about your tactics before entering battle!

The ravine map has some water, different elevations and random treasure boxes that the enemy can pick up. These are all mechanics we'll delve into later, but obviously only Flying, levitating and Water Pokemon can go on water. There are other hazards we'll see later. Also, Oichi, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon, so it's just Wooper, not Woopers.

Took out Meowth before we could even see what it could do.

Lord Azai, at times like this you should select the Warrior option. You see, battles aren't just about telling your Pokémon where to move and when to fight. It's a Warrior's job to help out their Pokémon on the battlefield. You can use items... And you can use Warrior Skills...

My Warrior Skill is Sweet Song. It can be really helpful when you're in a bind. Warriors can help their Pokémon in battle by using their various Warrior Skills. Warrior Skills can only be used once each in every battle or training session.

I only took 1 damage from that Water Gun, Oichi, calm down...

Top Speed is pretty great, increasing Range by 2, not that we really need it in this situation.

But might as well show it off.


We've done our battle, so that's our turn over. Next month!

Whimsical Time

You're Azai, right?

Hey! Mitsunari! Masanori! Leave them alone.

Come on, Kiyomasa! We need to have a word with these guys, or they won't know what they're doing!

Yeah... We hear that you're training your Pokémon a lot... But what for? What can you two hope to achieve?


Well, they're right, you know. You have to do more than just train. Eventually, you need to challenge another kingdom to a battle. If you win that, you can get some more Warriors and Pokémon to join you.

Strengthen your army, and win battles. Those are the tasks of a Warlord. But I'm sure you know that much, right?

Uh... Well, I... Lord Azai... If we really want to become stronger, we're going to have to challenge other kingdoms to battle. I think the time have come for us to make our move.


Select Warrior to take into battle into Ignis.

Hmm, who are we gonna take???

Time to turn the tables!


I never thought I'd see you over here... Well, two can play at that game! If it's a battle you want, I'm ready!

Fine! Then a battle it is! But Lord Azai is going to win!

Ho ho! Aren't you a cutie? I could do with someone like you in my army...

Don't call me "cutie"! I would never fight for someone like you, anyway!

Heh... Don't be so hasty... Once you see me in action, you might change your mind. All right! I think it's time for battle, don't you?

VS Ignis

Let's start our first kingdom invasion.

That looks fun to get over.

This is the battlefield of Ignis! Pretty impressive, huh? The pillars of fire and magma will stop you from getting near me... But my Chimchar isn't bothered by things like that!

More hazards! Obviously the lava is something only Fire types can cross, along with Flying and levitating Pokemon. The pillars of fire block our movement for now.

Let's take a proper look at our opponents now that we know what all these words and numbers mean. Sure, it's 3 on 2, but those 2 previous guys haven't changed much.

This is also a good opportunity to talk about the historical counterparts of these characters. We won't be going into too much detail about what they did, we'd be here all day, so we'll be going over their notable achivements in life, starting with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a servant to Oda Nobunaga (who's in this game, spoilers) and eventually grew to succeed him and finally unify the entire country and stop the warring states. He also made it so only samurai could bear arms. He passed away during his second campaign to Korea after the battle of Sancheon and was unsuccessful in completely conquering the area to start attacking China.

Here's the rest of them, since we've already seen what Bidoof can do. Also when I mean most Warriors in this game has a historical counterpart, I mean it. Hachisuka Masakatsu, also known as Hachisuka Koroku, was a daimyō and retainer of Hideyoshi. His clan was in control of water transport on the Kiso river and were useful to the Oda and Saitō clans. Maeno Nagayasu was a samurai and vassal under service of Hideyoshi. Obviously we have more info about certain people than others, but I want to give everyone their spotlight. Also I'm gonna be sticking with wikipedia for most of this info, so if I'm wrong, so be it, that's why you're more intelligent in this area than me :P

This seems fine, can't do much aside from let them come to us.

Ah goddammit I need to get used to counting squares again.

"you can recover in a hot spring."

These are very useful, but they're concentrated in the left side of the map, so if you wanna fight, do it over there.

Aww, the Bidoof can't follow its Fire buddies.

...It seems there are times when the pillars of fire disappear. Eevee and Jigglypuff can move across the area safely then.

Not much else to do but move back and let them come to us.

Before long, all the kingdoms will be mine!

Wuh-oh, we'll see what that means in a turn or so. Also it may look like that Ember only did 1 damage, but it's doing more than 10, the second number just hasn't appeared yet due to screenshot timing. Such is the curse of showing off move animations.

Here the increased range helps, since you want to start chipping away at the main Warlord as soon as possible.

This won't come to bite me, not at all.

Just in case you felt bad conquering kingdoms, they're evil so it's fine!

Uh oh

Oh okay, never mind then. Because of all these Embers being thrown around, eventually we'll get Burned. Status effects are in this game, but some work slightly differently. Burn remains the same. You still take risidual damage at the end of your turn and your Attack goes to poo poo. Just what we need right now.

Rocks fall and Chimchar and Bidoof take Fire type damage. We'll be seeing more of these kinds of hazards later on.

Ooh, lucky. Lullaby causes one random Pokemon in a 2 tile range to fall asleep. While asleep you can't do anything, though you have a chance of waking up when you get attacked. You're right, it doesn't pair well with Doubleslap at all.

This Burn is really annoying, where's the nearest Hot Spring?

poo poo. Guess we'll have to manage.

We're getting quite beat up here. Sometimes the AI will retreat slightly, but usually they still end up in range regardless. The AI's not too amazing in this game.

Since we ended up in this little corner, most of the map's hazards don't affect us, that's just how some maps work, sometimes you use them to the fullest, other times you barely notice what they're about.

Bit of back and forth. We're getting real beat up, let's change that.

Sweet Song is suuuuuper useful and will get us out of a lot of tough jams throughout this LP.

This might be bad.

Or, uh, maybe not. Don't expect to see a load of large numbers flying around unless you have supereffective damage. Sometimes maps just turn into pretty slow slugfests. Hopefully we don't have too many of those.

Of course the Hot Spring replenishes right on the final turn. Bah.


Very nice. Moves become strengthened at every 20% interval, turning your moves into +1 and going up to +4 and then to +S, where some moves change slightly to have less negative effects, or so. Though, uh, unlike other Pokemon games, I don't have the exact formulas, so I dunno if it's just +5 to damage or it's a percentage. Someone dig through the code and find out!

Long Day

But I have made a vow! I will be the one to find the Legendary Pokémon! And that means I will be back!

Congratulations, Lord Azai! Your second castle... I'm sure we'll start making allies before long. The only thing is...I don't know how...

Well, HELLO, what's your name gorgeous?

I watched your battle in Ignis. You're impressive for one so young. But if you don't even know how to make allies... Then I guess you've got a way to go before you can be considered a real Warlord.


Hey, don't be like that! I wasn't making fun of you. Tell you what, I'll teach you how to make new allies, all right? My name's Keiji, by the way. Just come to Ignis Castle when you're ready to learn!

We'll be doing that next time!

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Oct 9, 2012

The time has come. Soon, the bell shall ring. A new world will come. Rise, my servants. Rise and serve me. I am death and life. Darkness and light.

This is one of those games that looks really fun, but I could never find the time to really sit down and play. Looking forward to seeing you play through it, especially with the awesome new style!

Jan 3, 2014

Every puzzle has an answer.

I'm hyped for this! I played this game a bunch but burned out, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I missed.

Confession: since it's a Pokemon thread, I keep reading "Warlord" as Wailord.

Jan 11, 2016

Of course the monkey would have a Chimchar

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Boksi posted:

Of course the monkey would have a Chimchar

There's quite a bit of that in this game. Pokemon choices even for minor characters can have some serious meaning put behind them, and it'll be pretty nice once we get to said Warlords and Warriors to point it out. As it is, the only important one in this update is the one you point out: Hideyoshi was nicknamed "Monkey" by Nobunaga due to...well, not having the nicest face around, and Conquest follows that by giving him Chimchar.

Anyways, Conquest! This is a game I genuinely like but that has a lot of flaws that really needed fixing. Having a single move per Pokemon, for instance, gets rather annoying later on, and the game can get really slow as shown in the Ignis fight. But it's too early to talk about my issues with it, so for now I'll just happily follow the LP and add to it whenever I can.

Don't think I missed how you didn't give Oichi's historical information.

Jan 11, 2013

I've been looking forward to this! I haven't played conquest at all, so this is a fresh Pokémon experience.

Jun 14, 2015

slime time

Joining the ranks of people who played this and burned out; it'll be an interesting LP!

Nov 12, 2010

Objection! I object! That was... objectionable!

Taco Defender

Leraika posted:

Joining the ranks of people who played this and burned out; it'll be an interesting LP!
The gameplay seems really interesting, but it's easy to get tired of quickly unless you already know what you're doing.

Can't wait until I'm home and can actually read this(work blocks Rhematic for whatever reason. ).

Apr 5, 2011

Komi-san won.

Haifisch posted:

Can't wait until I'm home and can actually read this(work blocks Rhematic for whatever reason. ).

...What? Do they give a reason? That's utterly bizarre.

The only thing I could potentially think of is a distrust of Let's Encrypt certs because ???

Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

Glad to see this starting. I have never gotten very far in this game, so I am going to play along with this.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

We're going to get 200 warriors? Do we have to manage each of them every month?

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Glazius posted:

We're going to get 200 warriors? Do we have to manage each of them every month?

Thankfully no. You don't even have space on the region map to keep 200 Warriors, it'll become more obvious what to do as we go along.

Blaze Dragon posted:

Don't think I missed how you didn't give Oichi's historical information.

Well part of that was I was planning to do big write ups on important characters, but then realised I can just do that bit by bit over the course of the LP anyway and part because of that, yes. Part 5 should have that fine to talk about, thank goodness.

Glad to hear not everyone has completely completed the game, I plan to show everything off, as I usually do.

Jul 2, 2007

Remember that one time you totally botched that snap?

I've never even played this one, so I'm definitely excited to see everything! And you're definitely the right person to show it all off, excited for this journey!

Dec 13, 2011

This exists.

senpokku jidai

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 2: Type Advantage


Oh, that's right! I was going to teach you how to make new allies. Well, it's pretty easy... Not all Warriors are part of an army, you see. There are plenty of free Warriors around as well, ones that are unattached. For example... Um... Ah, I know! Go and have a look in that Cave!

Hm? Me? Nah. I'm a bit of a free spirit, so I'm not keen on staying in one place for too long. And anyway, I've got some things I need to buy in the Shop. See you later, Azai!

...He's gone. Where did he tell us to go again? The Cave, was it?

In such a case, they will not use up their turn.

Let's send in Oichi and see what sweet deals we can get. Depending on the location we enter, our 3 stats can affect how successful they are and give us larger benefits.

Let's get some use out of the portraits I've so wonderfully made.

Here at the Shop, you can buy and sell all sorts of different items! The prices are different for every customer, but items are always cheaper for those who are a little charismatic. Got all that? Great! Have fun shopping!

In the main series items are an absolute necessity, but in this game? Ehhhhhhh? Some of them are really useful, especially ones that give you loads of healing, but most of them have pretty meh effects that won't matter that much in battle and a good chunk are consumable, whereas Skills aren't. Also, there's much better things to spend your gold on, uh, much later. So look forward to that!

The items from the main series are exactly the same, but we'll go over new ones as we come across them (even though I won't be visiting the shop, like, ever). We won't be seeing most of them, however, as there are 99 unique Conquest items. The Crimson Grace recovers HP when standing on lava for 3 turns, while the Burn Block blocks, uh, Burn for 3 turns. Meh. Equipment, meanwhile, is something that a Pokemon can hold, though some of them break. The Strategy Tome increases a Warrior's Wisdom slightly, the Padded Cloak prevents Burns and Freeze and the Harmony Flute boosts link growth slightly.

Elements aren't found in Shops, but instead dropped by wild Pokemon, which we can use later. If I remember. The final category is Other which can be found by wild Pokemon or other means and are usually just stuff to sell. Finally, if your Warrior has over 60 Charisma, then shop's buy/sell rate is improved by 10% and up to 30% for 100 Charisma. Only one Warrior can enter the Shop at once.

"Ponigiri Shop?"

Hit me.

The Ponigiri Shop is a place where you can buy ponigiri to feed to your Pokemon to restore their Energy. Hmm? What exactly is this Energy, you ask? Well, it's kind of a measure of your Pokemon's enthusiasm, I suppose. The higher it is, the more powerful they are!

That's why you should be sure to drop by for some ponigiri if you've got a big battle coming up. In fact, how about I serve one up right now?

Which do you like the look of, Jigglypuff?

We don't have much in the way of options right now, but hey, I'm not gonna say no to free food.

Energy is something you don't really need to keep too much of a track of, since it's not hugely detrimental. Sure, higher Energy Pokemon will have slightly higher stats and gain more Link after battle, but is it worth using up their monthly turn? I dunno. Because the facilities in kingdoms use up a turn that could be better spent elsewhere, usually I find I don't bother much with all the nitty gritty. I'm sure our Pokemon will be fine. Probably.

Oh whoops, I thought the Ponigiri was a freebie, so we'll have to skip a month for Oichi to get her turn back. It's not going to change anything, you're free to take as much time as you need in most cases.


So you want me to join you, eh? Well, you're going to have to show me what you can do first!

Takatora is our first standard Warrior we can recruit. I suppose I should bring up the distinction between Warriors and Warlords. All Warlords have a unique sprite, a golden background and have higher stats (for the most part), as well as another feature exclusive to them that you may have noticed in the Gallery. Warriors and Warlords alike can be recruited in these small dungeons and for now we just have to beat him in 4 turns. Seems easy enough.

Takatora is based on Tōdō Takatora, a daimyō that is well known for allying himself with those who he believes are winners, such as Hideyoshi's half brother and Tokugawa Ieyasu (get used to seeing this name a lot).

Being the first recruit and that it's a 2 on 1 battle, it shouldn't be tough to take him down.

As easy as that. You can tell if you've recruited a Warrior (since all Warlords are Warriors, but not all Warriors are Warlords) by their dialogue when we defeat them.


Now we have a third Warrior in our army!


Defeating them in 4 turns, defeating them using a supereffective move, or defeating them without any of your allies suffering damage. There are, however, some free Warriors who can only be recruited by fulfilling certain other special conditions.

Whimsical Time

Oh! You again...

I hope you're not resting on your laurels just because you've conquered Ignis!


Because Aurora is surrounded by other kingdoms... And there's still Greenleaf and Fontaine to go.

You know, the Warriors of Ignis... They mostly use Fire-type Pokemon, right? Strong against Grass, weak against Water... Heh. Everybody knows that, of course.

Anyway, I hear that the Warlord of Greenleaf uses Grass-type Pokemon.

You know, I don't think the Warlords of either Greenleaf or Fontaine have any interest in trying to conquer other kingdoms. I reckon now's your chance to make a move.

Come on. We don't have time to stand around here chatting. We've got to get to the Ponigiri Shop and increase our Pokemon's Energy.

... It sounds like there's just no way of avoiding battle...


The more kingdoms you conquer, the more places you'll be able to travel to. You'll meet new Pokemon too. And each kingdom will have all sorts of interesting new locations to visit. Select a castle belonging to Azai's army to command your Warriors to move. You won't send me off on my own anywhere, will you? I'd like to stay with you, Lord Azai, if that's all right.

Two new kingdoms are available for us to take down. You can probably guess which one we'll be going for first. But first, let's have a look at what we might be facing.

Doesn't seem too tough, especially if we get some more Warriors with Fire types going.

Not much else to do except battle again. I won't be doing every single battle I can, especially against wild Pokemon. But I will recruit any Warrior I see (unless I gently caress up).


Uh, hmm, I suppose it's still early days for our army.

Opponents drop boxes when they faint, which anyone can pick up. If it's an item, you can equip it if you want, otherwise it goes to your inventory. If an opponent picks up the box then it's lost forever.

Knock out more things in future instead of leaving them on 1 health, please.

Takatora's now been added to the Gallery, meaning we don't need to worry about him for the rest of the game. Yay! Also when you get past certain Link thresholds a Pokemon's overall strength will increase.

Finally, some new Warriors to recruit. If we can knock them out in 4 turns we'll be golden. We especially want the guy with the Darumaka.

Eevee's range with the Warrior Skill is so good. Also here's some elevation. If a Pokemon is higher than 1 elevation, then it can't be hit by attacks. Pokemon at 1 elevation also have an accuracy bonus. It's usually pretty obvious when a Pokemon is higher than you, but those bonuses don't apply to half or quarter elevations. We'll see those more of that type of terrain later.

Darumaka already has really good Attack, but Run Up makes it a monster.

Holy moley, that's double Jigglypuff's Attack. If you can use Run Up to its full potential then we could start seeing big numbers. Rikyū is based on Sen Rikyū, a tea master under Hideyoshi and one of most influential on chanoyu, the Japanese "Way of Tea", more specifically in Wabi-cha, which emphasises simplicity.

We've already seen Tepig, so here's its trainer. Hideaki is based on Kobayakawa Hideaki, a nephew of Hideyoshi. He was a spear fighter instrumental in the Battle of Keicho, despite how reckless he was and was thus deprived of his domain by Hideyoshi. He was also know to attack women and children.

NICE, expect to see this guy a lot.

Eevee is just real good.

By having Pokemon with different move ranges you can attack one Pokemon multiple times no matter its positioning, so long as your Pokemon are free to stand in the required spaces.

Easy enough.

You might be wondering why Jigglypuff has so much strength. A Pokemon's strength takes all stats into account, so Jigglypuff's monstrous HP gives it a slight edge.


And then there were 5. I think we can take on Greenleaf now.

That means our Fire-types should shine! Water-types will be in for a long, hard battle, though...

You tell them.


I've heard a lot about you... But I didn't expect you to be this young. I suppose you need a bit of youthful energy in this rough old world. Maybe it's time for my generation to call it a day...

Whew... No rest for the wicked, eh? I suppose I'd better do what's expected of me...

VS Greenleaf

Should be more challenging than the last battle, but we'll be just fine.

Now this is a bit different.

You're thinking...strength, right? But strength alone is not enough. Do you understand what I'm saying? Doing battle is not just about defeating your enemies.

Not every battle is an all out slugfest, some kingdom battles have certain objectives to complete to win. You can still knock out all the opposing Pokemon, but that won't automatically win you the battle.

We'll split up to cover more ground. Also every turn the vine in the middle grows to create a bridge and shrinks back the next turn. There's a lot of cool things in this map to go over.

All right, Lord Azai! We won't let you down!

On these maps the AI is very predictable: rush towards the closest banner, do nothing except get to the banner, unless you're blocked or you feel like attacking.

Oh cool, hidden pitfalls you won't know are there unless you memorize their locations from previous playthroughs, that's not an annoying mechanic that continues to pop up over and over again.

Once the AI is on a banner, that's it, they're not moving unless you beat them up and get them off. Which makes them super easy to attack if they can't reach you with their attacks.

The different coloured grass patches are literally map warps that are more useful for the opponent than for you.

A refresher on our Warlord. Mōri Motonari was a prominent daimyō that began as a small jizamurai that took over a large part of the western mainland through marriage, adoption and assassination. He controlled a very large region and was known for his cunning and stratregic excellence.

Kikkawa Motoharu was the second son of Motonari and fought in many prominent battles of the Mōri clan with his brother, Takakage, both becoming known as the Mōri Ryōkawa, or Mōri's Two Rivers. He served under Hideyoshi in his later years.

Kobayakawa Takakage was the youngest son of Motonari and was a samurai and daimyō and fought in many battles to expand the Mōri clan's domain. He opposed Hideyoshi, but later became his retainer and swore loyalty, eventually becoming one of the Five Elders. He died before being able to make full use of this role, however.

Takamoto is the other Sewaddle trainer and is based on Mōri Takamoto, Motonari's eldest son. He had the opportunity to wield great power, being appointed a shugo by the current Shogun and had timely deaths of his neighbouring enemies. When seizing the Ōuchi territory, he died of food poisoning caused by a local samurai, who may have been forced to commit seppuku along with other accused samurai.

Grass Cloak makes Sewaddle a bit of a pain, so we'll send a bit of backup, since Charmander is trapped for 2 turns. Also we're gonna be seeing a fair amount of Bug Bite use over the next few updates, so there's no point in buying items since they'll just get eaten. And they will get eaten.

Oh god we're gonna be here forever.

The grass bridge grows back. Seriously, you see the animation at the end of every turn.

Ah finally, now we can get rid of this thing.

Or Jigglypuff does as little damage as possible. Sigh.

Now THIS is the power of Darumaka. None of our Pokemon have even really reached 20 damage in one attack up until now.

Ah goddammit, okay we'll bring Eevee back to make sure Snivy doesn't get the banner, since it will ignore Tepig and go straight for it.

Okay good, the AI is as dumb as I am, very helpful.

Occasionally one of the Warriors will perk up for a quote mid battle depending on how things are going.

Convenient. Now we can ignore Sewaddle completely and take on the Pansage.

Bloody hell, never mind Jigglypuff you're amazing. Five hits and two criticals? That's that guy recruited at the end of this.

A crit burn, very nice Tepig.

Unfortunately Eevee leaves it on 1HP, a bit of a shame, but it's past 4 turns anyway. Even then, I don't think you can recruit Motonari. Either he's impossible to recruit, or there's no way to reach and defeat him that quickly, since to recruit a Warlord you need to defeat them with a Warlord.

There's a lot of incidental dialogue that can occur during battle, such as with each different status effect. Motonari would say something different if we had defeated him normally. He also has very interesting incidental dialogue (as well as his regular defeat dialogue):

Your Pokemon, Eevee... It looks like you two have grown fairly close... Hey, by the way, I read that there's some faraway world where people put Pokemon into these little balls and carry them around! Pretty strange, no? Now where did I read that...? I guess the peaceful days where I can just focus on my Pokemon research are still a long way away...

Oh dear. Looks like you were too good for us.

And the vine bridge grows again, long after anyone would use it. Thankfully if you stand a Pokemon on it it stops moving for the rest of the battle, but it's still annoying. Oh yeah, let's talk about the other unique features of this map. Standing on the tall flowers will chuck you onto a nearby space, while standing next to the pink tree will restore your status.

Now that we've crawled out of the trap, it won't work again, so we're free to smack Sewaddle in the face. Run Up doesn't activate if you attack without moving.

By defeating the opponents with super effective damage we're able to easily recruit them. It's the most consistent way to obtain new Warriors if you don't reach them within 4 turns. Very rarely you'll recruit someone if you took no damage the entire battle up to that point. Also that slope Sewaddle was on is a good example of different elevations. The block next to Charmander is only 0.5, while the other two are only 0.25, resulting in +1 elevation to go up the whole thing. Get it? The basic rule of thumb is if your Pokemon has to jump up then it's +1 elevation all in one go, otherwise it'll walk up the slowly rising slope. I don't believe there's something that's 0.75 elevation high unless you go from 0.5 to 0.75. Man I'm talking a lot about this, huh?

Let's finish up this battle in one turn.


A very fun battle that hopefully shows why this game is pretty cool. Lots of ups and downs, some neat tactics and a lot of vine growing.


Surely now I can be left in peace? You are a more worthy Warlord for Greenleaf than I, Azai. I ask only that you take good care of my beloved kingdom.


You can place Warriors anywhere you have space, so let's make our other two kingdoms a bit less completely empty.

With 3 new Warriors we should be good to take on Fontaine... this update! Conquest updates are gonna be a bit longer than usual since if I split them by kingdom they'd vary in size too much, so let's continue on!

New month and a new kingdom! What we got?

Swapping Warriors is pretty easy, but you can't select an amount from the first kingdom and then more than that amount from the second one. Bit annoying, but eh whatever, let's use our new Grass guys.

Am I gonna say yes? Of course I will, yay tutorials!!!

This location here is a place where you can dig for gold! Be sure to dig powerfully to unearth as much as you can! What can be done with gold, you ask? Well, you can exchange it for goods at the Shop for a start. All right, it's time to start digging for gold!

Motoharu can spare his turn this month. The Gold Mine is pretty great as a way of getting free monthly gold with not much of a catch. Obviously the more Warriors you bring with higher Power the more gold you'll get, but we don't need it much right now, so I'll do it if I remember.

Let's go recruit that guy.


Murakami Takeyoshi was a prominent navel officer of the Mōri clan, fighting with Kobayakawa Takakage in the First Battle of Kizugawaguchi and successfully thwarting a blockade.

Om nom :3 You might think the Carnivine is trapped, buuuuuuuuuut

Carnivine levitates, basically giving it as much mobility as a Flying type, meaning it can float above any terrain as well as over enemies. They still activate map events, such as switches, however. Very useful, which is why we want one. Stealth is also pretty cool to have a chance of just dodging an attack (when you're on grass).

Simple enough, but Stealth is annoying to fight since it'll always bloody activate. Darumaka is definitely making its worth in gold.

Oh just die already.


Ooh, a Meowth, if you bring a Meowth with you to a Gold Mine then you get 50% extra Gold, free of charge. The game never tells you this and it's SUPER nice, so we'll be definitely taking advantage of that when we get a guy with a Meowth. One day.

I'll be cutting out the small minutia of moving Warriors around and that, but once we get properly started on a month to month basis I'll be detailing all the small things you won't be seeing for your sanity and mine.

We'll be going after Fontaine this month, so since we don't need our Fire Warriors to attack them let's recruit some peeps.

Ankokuji Ekei was a Mōri diplomat and a Rinzai (one of three sects) Buddhist monk, who eventually served under Hideyoshi.

Mōri Terumoto is Motonari's grandson through Takamoto. He worked under Hideyoshi and essentially founded Hiroshima by building its castle.


Fuckin first turn kill, I love Darumaka.

Ah that barely hurt! Oh yeah, wild Pokemon have a purple aura around them so you know who the Warriors are at a glance.

Super effective damage is basically the crux of this game. To not use it is just giving yourself a disservice and in a game like this, you'll want to speed it up when you can.

Good job, trainees, we'll make Warriors of you yet. Or leave you in the dust as the power curve increases, who knows.


We won't be using these guys next month against Fontaine cause we're doing that right now!

Fire-type Pokemon might find it hard... But Grass-type and Electric-type Pokemon should be real useful!

The heck is an Electric type?

Thankfully you don't need all the Warriors you want to use in one kingdom, you can bring them in from one other adjacent kingdom, very useful.



So you are Azai...? I'd heard that Aurora had a new Warlord... But I always thought that we would meet on the battlefield in Aurora, not here. Well, never mind. A battle is a battle, no matter where it takes place.

VS Fontaine

I don't think we have much to worry about, seeing that Strength difference.

What's your plan, Azai? Defeat is only a matter of time unless you do something.

Okay, looks like we'll have to overwhelm him quickly if they're putting so much focus on turn timers and brute strength.

Oh, uh, never mind. Guess we'll just take our time. Since we have super effective damage we don't have to give a poo poo about the 4 turn limit for recruitment.

It's a wave... A crushing black wave... But it will not sweep me away. I will continue to fight, continue to cry out...

The Flood Gates aren't really a mechanic since they're easy to manipulate. By closing the left one you can stand on the left side of the map without worrying about the water surprising you. You take a bit of Water typed damage (funny that) and then get shoved back onto land if you're caught in it, but that's all. The fountain deals a bit of Water damage if you stand next to it and will probably do more than the river... for some reason. Yeah, this map doesn't have much.[/i]

It is time to prove that I am worthy to stand on the field of battle!

Chatty lot aren't they? Let's see who we're up against.

Chōsokabe Motochika was a daimyō and not as prominent as Motonari. He gained control of Shikoku Island (the one to the right of the bottom left one) and spread his power and influence throughout the area. Then Hideyoshi came with 100,000 men, so he surrendered the island and served under him. He participated in many battles under him in Japan and Korea.

Chōsokabe Nobuchika was the eldest son of Motochika and served under Hideyoshi. While attempting to take over Kyushu with Hideyoshi and Motochika, he was caught in an ambush during the Battle of Hetsugigawa and was killed. Woo.

Chōsokabe Morichika was the second son of Motochika and was a samurai and vassal of Hideyoshi. Once the ruler of his father's old domain, he was turfed out by Tokugawa Ieyasu after the Battle of Sekigahara. He and his sons were beheaded after his defeat at the Battle of Tennoji after failing to defend Osaka Castle.

Fukudome Chikamasa was Motochika's vassal and has a JP wikipedia page, so I don't know anything else about him!

We've crossed the river and have become beset by foes! Oh heaven forbid!!!

We'll float over and give that Wooper a big smack, easy recruitment.

I, uh, don't think we're in much trouble here. Funnily enough in this battle where I purposefully entered overpowered... I end up overpowered!

Another one.

You might have already figured that friendly fire is definitely a thing, so watch out for that. Though I think Panpour will have a bigger problem than Sewaddle.

All that's left is the big guy. Will he be a dangerous threat?

Nope! Cause teaming up on your opponents 3 at a time makes this game laughably easy.


Yeah, using 6 Pokemon against the opponent is just unfair, since the AI cannot strategize at your level. Oh well.

Remember, you need to take out a Warlord with another Warlord to be able to recruit them regardless of other circumstances. We didn't really have that option, so it's not a big deal.

Long Day

But even though my castle is lost, my Pokemon will never leave me. Together, we will continue to resist the tides of fate.

Our fourth kingdom and three more Warriors. We actually have something resembling an army here!


... You've heard the stories too, haven't you, Lord Azai? The legendary Pokemon who is said to appear before the one who conquers all the kingdoms... The truth is that...right now... Ransei is on the brink of destruction...


A certain Warlord had set out on the road to conquest.

His name was Nobunaga... His stated aim was to conquer all of the kingdoms and destroy Ransei.


So... I think we should find this legenday Pokemon before Nobunaga does! That way, we can save Ransei! ...Luckily, Nobunaga's reach doesn't extend this far south yet.

Each of their Warlords is famed far and wide for their courage and strength. If we could get them to join us, our army would be truly formidable...


We're up against some pretty fearsome opponents this time... Pugilis, especially, is full of Fighting-type Pokemon. They might be too strong for Normal-type Pokemon like Eevee and Jigglypuff... And I have a feeling these Warlords might try invading our kingdoms, too... If we don't station Warriors to defend our castles, we could be in trouble...

Oh how hard could these guys be? We easily beat Motonari and Morichika.

O-Okay, maybe we shouldn't go for Pugilis juuuuuuust yet...

We don't have much in the way of supereffective damage for Violight, which have 2 Warlords we'll have to face down.

...And I don't even wanna know what's going on up there. Seems like we've got our work cut out for us.

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Aug 28, 2013

As I said in my previous post, there's logic in the choices for the unimportant Warriors. This update shows it well: not only are both Warlords joined by their children, grandchild and vassal, but the entire Mori clan uses and is most compatible with Grass types, same for the Chōsokabe and the Water-type.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

"What are you waiting for we have two neighbors in need of attacking! By the way neither of them threatens to attack us!"

Are we the bad guys?

Jun 14, 2015

slime time

FoolyCharged posted:

"What are you waiting for we have two neighbors in need of attacking! By the way neither of them threatens to attack us!"

Are we the bad guys?

No, because we're stopping the bad guy. It's okay if we trample all over everyone else in the process!

Feb 28, 2008

I wanna get a Super Saiyan Mohawk when I grow up!

FoolyCharged posted:

"What are you waiting for we have two neighbors in need of attacking! By the way neither of them threatens to attack us!"

Are we the bad guys?

Better we take those kingdoms than some other warmongering rear end in a top hat. :P

Jul 22, 2010

see, what you don't understand is he now has


it defies physics

FoolyCharged posted:

"What are you waiting for we have two neighbors in need of attacking! By the way neither of them threatens to attack us!"

Are we the bad guys?

It's Feudal Japan before they unified. Just about every territory was looking to expand whenever they could. It's true to that, even if it doesn't exactly paint us in a good light.

Oct 9, 2012

Recommended by 10 out of 10 Aragami

Wasn't there a Wi-Fi event () that gave you Motonari and Motochika?

Edit: Adding spoiler tags just in case

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Dec 21, 2016

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FoolyCharged posted:

"What are you waiting for we have two neighbors in need of attacking! By the way neither of them threatens to attack us!"

Are we the bad guys?
Look, somebody's got to unify not-Japan, it might as well be us. We're actually saving lives in the long run by ending the wars.

Feb 21, 2014

FoolyCharged posted:

"What are you waiting for we have two neighbors in need of attacking! By the way neither of them threatens to attack us!"

Are we the bad guys?

Maybe, but it seems like Azai is going on the path of conquest because it's what society is pressuring him to do. If not for that, he'd be happy to just stay in Aurora shooing pidgey away from the crop fields.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

FoolyCharged posted:

"What are you waiting for we have two neighbors in need of attacking! By the way neither of them threatens to attack us!"

Are we the bad guys?

No such thing as ethical conquering under feudalism, my dude.

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Aug 28, 2013

We're the good guys.

The victors write the history books, after all.

Jul 22, 2009

if only they'd made one fo these based on the three kingdoms so i could make giant infodumps

Jun 28, 2008

Glazius posted:

No such thing as unethical conquering under feudalism, my dude.

if the pidgey doesnt sing, kill it

Sep 11, 2007

It was good fun, this game. I did basically everything I felt like eventually but I burnt out on it for a long time before digging it up and finishing things early this month. Think I ended on about 195/200 warriors in the end, and all the Pokemon. Anyway, it had some neat ideas

Definitely have opinions on all the battlefields. Some are just so annoying it makes me want to scream. Quite often its just repeated animations that are a pain. Greenleaf is kind of neat but the banner gimmick can get a bit tedious. It's the drat bridge though, that's what really gets me. Fontaine is cool though, it's nice being able to knock enemies around with the water even if its not very useful. Opening and closing the dams is fun for making the AI freak out a bit too. Ignis is kind of just there. Looks neat at least.

Nov 3, 2012

I beat the game and some of hte post game but got too burned out to 100% it. Very excited to see you do this!

It's enjoyable, but everything is a bit slow, especially the UI it felt like. It added up. Maybe i'll dig it back out...

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Part 3: A Conquer North

We'll probably be starting a lot of updates on the way to recruiting a new guy. We need all the Warriors we can get!


Takayori Yoshida was a retainer of Motochika's father, Chōsokabe Kunichika (Sir Not-appearing-in-this-game). And that's all we've got. Look there's only so much info about certain peeps, alright?

Sure this might be slightly overkill, but hey might as well bring as many as you can if you can spare the slots. Spread the exp.

Surprise, surprise, Magikarp isn't too tough to take down.


There's nothing else to do this month, so uh, let's go fight some wild Pokemon. wasn't worth it. I won't be doing that again.


Last month of the year, so many more guys to recruit. Seriously, we need to find all 200 Warriors eventually.


So how do you train up Pokemon that don't have an attacking move? Well, very carefully. But seriously, you just keep using it and take damage and yeah you'll get there eventually.

This energy boost through Mood Maker is only temporary, so it's not a way to get a permanent fix.

Fukudome Norishige was a vassal of Motochika's and son of Chikamasa, the vassal of Motochika's from last update.

What are we gonna do with all these darn Warriors? Hopefully something soon!

Tani Tadasumi was a senior retainer of Motochika.

Yeah we can totally tell what's going on in there. If you guessed Piplup using Bubble on Tepig, then you were correct.

Mission success, good job B team.


It's Violight time. Tachibana Ginchiyo was head of her clan and being the only daughter of Tachibana Dōsetsu, she became head after his death. She married Tachibana Muneshige to continue Dōsetsu's line and defended the Ōtomo clan in the Battle of Sekigahara.

Tachibana Muneshige was Ginchiyo's husband, having been adopted into the Tachibana and retainers of the Ōtomo clan. He was a samurai and daimyō during the Edo period and eldest son of Takahashi Shigetane.

Harada Takatane is definitely an important figure in this period, but his fairly large page is only on the Japanese wiki. So oh well!

Ōtomo Sōrin was the head of the Ōtomo clan and one of the few to convert to Christianity. Close to Hideyoshi, he convinced him to intervene in Kyūshū against the Shimazu Clan.

Takahashi Shigetane (known as Shōun in his early years), was a senior retainer of the Ōtomo clan and father to Muneshige. He held out against the 50k strong army of the Shimazu with just 763 men for 2 weeks, but eventually committed suicide.

It's a tough place for Water-type and Flying-type Pokemon... Ground-type Pokemon are the best choice... But Grass-type Pokemon are also pretty strong against electrical attacks.

The heck is a Ground type?


Hmm. I was wondering what you'd be like... And I have to conclude that you're no match for me and my Shinx.


What's wrong?

You. You're a child. Talking like that to a Warrior before you've even done battle.

Fine! I'll stop talking and demonstrate my power on the battlefield instead!

You tell 'em, Oichi.

VS Violight

Our clan... Famed throughout Ransei for our Electric-type Pokemon... We built this place! It is a place in which to do battle! We do not intend it as a haven for the likes of you, Azai!

Christ that Shinx has some range. This map doesn't have much to it, but our opponents are pretty tricky since we don't have super effective damage, so I'm glad the map is a bit quiet.

Jigglypuff is loving this.

Nice Lullaby activation, but, hmm, as good as Darumaka is (and it's amazing), it can be a bit tricky to get it in the right space to attack.

Some good damage. Shame the Shinx barely holds on, but next turn we'll get her. Good to sleep the Starly too.

Wu-oh. You might be wondering what the coloured buttons are for. Press on them and the coloured metal tiles on the opposite side will become electrified. I was worried the AI would press it and just have a load of free damage. But they didn't.

Annoying, but it should be fine. Jigglypuff should be able to get through this, probably.

Alright, bit of a bad turn, but we're good.

Uh oh. Now lightning will randomly drop, which would be pretty bad if it hit Darumaka.

Okay Jigglypuff needs to calm down with this singing before she starts putting us to sleep.

Oh yeah, here's a real easy demonstration of something to keep in mind. If you attack a Pokemon from the back, you'll do more damage than if you attack from the side, which does more damage than if you attack from the front. Simple, right? And since all the big guys are asleep, let's take out this Panpour.

poo poo

Well that sucks, Darumaka could've really torn through the enemy, but super effective damage is nasty, especially when you can't avoid it due to the map layout. Oh well.

Hah, they attacked each other to get to Jigglypuff. Thank god it's a damage sponge.

Also it doesn't matter if it's the left side, or the right side, it still equals the same damage. But now we can knock out Pichu. Levitating and Flying Pokemon are great to do this with.

Oh yeah, have you been counting the turns? Well it's turn 16, which means we can't recruit anyone anymore unless it's through super effective damage. I could've taken out Ginchiyo last turn, but I was trying to take out Panpour to save Darumaka. You saw how well that worked out. I like to think I'm alright at strategy turn based games, but I'm gonna screw up here and there.

Oh well, while we're on a spree might as well knock out the Panpour.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. While I could've recruited him next turn with Carnivine, they'll show up again, probably.

Interestingly, Ginchiyo doesn't say anything if Muneshige is knocked out before her.

Oh yeah, accuracy drops, my kinda jam.

All of that damage was undone. Lovely.

Thankfully we hit, but man that 67% is miserable.

Ugh, no more please. I suppose bringing 4 guys didn't help, but I do feel that bringing 6 makes the game too easy. But then bringing 4 can be a bit tedious, so I dunno. Maybe 5 is the magic number? Maybe this is still the early game and I'm overthinking it.

Alright, just bird guy left.

I need to bring Sewaddle to every fight.

Oh thank god. Let's never speak of this again.

Even if one of your guys faint they don't miss out on link, thankfully. But yeah, that could've gone a lot better. I was too hesitant to start with and didn't prioritize knocking out peeps before the end of turn 4. Oh well!

Long Day

You don't mind?

No. My conscience is clear. This battle did not bring shame upon our family name. We protected our honor, and that is all that matters.

Whimsical Time

You... We keep bumping into you...

Looks like you've captured a lot of kingdoms now... Surely you're not trying to run them all by yourself?


B-But Lord Azai is the Warlord, the leader of our army...

Being a Warlord is about more than just doing battle, you know. Now, you can choose what goes on in your kingdoms in your absence... Or instead, you can delegate control of a kingdom to another Warrior.

Tsk. I think searching for Warriors and Pokemon is more important. Much more important!

Ha! You two never think ahead. You won't get anywhere unless you develop your army. ...But it's up to you, of course. Just be sure to give it some thought!

Thanks tutorial trio (can I make that a phrase?)


Alright, delegating is pretty easy, dunno why we needed the trio to tell us about it. Training increases the link between Warrior and Pokemon. Slowly. Remember that this will only apply to Warriors that have not used their turn when the month ends.

Search gives you a chance to just get a new Warrior at random, or for your Warriors to find new Pokemon. Warriors have a max Capacity and I'm kind of a purist of Perfect Link or bust, but you could get lucky with what you get.

Finally Develop increases the Energy of your army and gives you gold. Uh, hell yeah that's the best option. Free Energy and Gold? I'm not doing anything else with these guys, so they might as well stay in good fighting condition and pay for themselves why they're at it.

We didn't get much, since everyone kinda used their turn. Our army still has lots of room to grow after all.

New Year! There isn't anything that occurs at this time. Yet. But the year doesn't mean anything, just a way to track how long you've been going.

With this new month of delegation, now we can get something very important that the tutorial trio don't even mention for some reason.



Try and find the perfect partner for every one of your Warriors! Move adjacent to a wild Pokemon, and you will be able to select Link.

We can finally get our Warriors the proper Pokemon they deserve.

Warrior and Pokemon have warmed to each other a little. The better your timing when you press that button, the closer the Pokemon and the Warrior will become... When a Warrior becomes a close enough to a Pokemon, they will form a link. If you go on to win the battle, you can take those Pokemon with you. Now then, let's try linking with Magikarp.

This minigame is simple enough. When the orb hits the circle, press A. That's it.

How easy to link with a Pokemon depends on the Pokemon, so Magikarp is really easy to link with. You're able to press A multiple times on an orb if you're fast enough, though if you miss you'll be sent back slightly.

Once you successfully link with a Pokemon it disappears from the field, making it an interesting tactical decision if a wild Pokemon is giving you trouble. You can only link with one Pokemon per Warrior during a battle.


A match made in heaven. If you're not cheating and using an online guide like I am, you'll know you've got the Perfect Link when they comment on it afterwards. The gold symbol above a Pokemon doesn't mean it's a Perfect Link, it could be a 90% max link or so.

Remember to switch your Pokemon afterwards. Also, you can Link so long as you have Capacity, something that each Warrior has a different amount of. You can't just delete Pokemon whenever, annoyingly, you'll have to go over your Capacity to get rid of a Pokemon, so that's another reason I'll just be sticking with Perfect Link Pokemon.

So now we've got everything we'll be doing on a monthly basis, most of which I'll be cutting out, you'll be glad to know. Basically at the start of each month I'll be checking each kingdom to see what new Warriors have appeared and what wild Pokemon are around. I'll then check the Gamefaqs list of Warriors we have to see if we have any potential Perfect Links and then recruit the new Warriors. And then take over a Kingdom or something boring, whatever.

Let's get grandma her floating venus trap.

Fukubara Sadatoshi was a retainer of both Motonari and Terumoto.


Starly has some mobility on it, but it won't stop me recruiting that Meowth, we need our gold!

Ukita Naoie was a daimyō of the Bizen province. He was originally homeless after his grandfather was assassinated, but was taken in by Urakami Munekage. He eventually sided with Hideyoshi.

No more heroes, let's get out of here.


We're about to take on Chrysalia, but let's quickly do a password now that we can Link with Pokemon!

This is something we'll make more use of later (oh boy will we), but there's a couple cool things we can do for now. Passwords take one in game month to apply, so since this is the earliest we could use a password, this is the earliest we can activate it. Anyway, bug time.

Fire-type, Flying-type, and Rock-type Pokemon will be pretty effective there... But Grass-type and Psychic-type Pokemon will probably find it tough going.

Let's see how this one goes.


And little Pineco just gets more adorable every day! Ohh!


Your opponent in battle is to be Azai!

Azai? Is that the one who's been expanding his territory in the north? Or the other one? Ohh, it doesn't matter. As long as they want to play Pokemari with me, I don't care who they are!

Lord Yoshimoto...

Come, Azai! To the battlefield, where we shall play Pokemari to our hearts' content!

VS Chrysalia

Let's fight this, uh, interesting character.

This is a pretty fun map, with Pokemari balls around everywhere and other secrets hidden in the ground. There are shishi-odoshi on this map and while they don't scare away wildlife like they usually do, they instead cause a Pokemari ball to fall from the sky in a random spot.

Imagawa Yoshimoto is as interesting as his character looks. He was a very powerful daimyō and diplomat of the Tōkaidō region and attempted to become Shogun by marching the capital with Tokugawa Ieyasu. But after many victories, his army was sloppy and a small force by the Oda clan was able to infiltrate the village of Dengakuhazama and kill him. His crazy appearance is due to his counterpart being a fan of Noh (opera featuring masks and dance) and Waka (a type of classical Japanese poetry)

Imagawa Ujichika was Yoshimoto's father and became head of the clan at a young age, after killing Oshika Norimitsu, who didn't reliquish control when Ujichika became of age. He was a capable leader and strengthened the Imagawa before dying of illness.

Sessai Chōrō was Yoshimoto's uncle and served as his military advisor and commander, despite no real experience or training. His secured a peace treaty with Takeda Shingen and began advising Tokugawa Ieyasu, but eventually died of gout complications.

Ōkabe Masatsuna was a vassal of Yoshimoto, with other info locked behind the JP wiki. Fun stuff.

Asahina Yasutomo was a pretty famous officer of the Imagawa Clan with a long JP wiki page to his name.

As you'd expect, you can hit the Pokemari balls with attacks and send them in one direction and out of the map. Oh we'll be making use of this.

Ahah! Along with the balls, there are also hidden switches that activate fencing. Similar to the pits in Greenleaf you don't know they're there unless you step on them. Yeah, that does suck, doesn't it? Unlike the pits the fencing will return if you step on the switch again.

Quick to Poison, I see. Like the main series, you lose a small bit of health each turn. While Toxic isn't in this game, Poison Fang is, so getting badly poisoned is still possible.

Beautiful. The balls do typeless damage, so they're real nice if you can get the AI to line up.

Poor idea to poison the status healer guy that can also hit you really hard.

Are you fuckin kidding me?

Old guy on the move!

I need to get used to the enemies not getting blocked by themselves. Even with one of them in fencing doesn't change that, you can move through your allies no problem, but I just mentally block that for some reason.

poo poo. You activate traps before you can attack, so if the animation doesn't immediately go off you know you're hosed.

That's some damage, baby.

Alright, only 3 left, hopefully we can defeat them quickly.

Ow. Since we've been pretty enthusiastic about using the Pokemari balls, we're kinda running out. I wanna hit them some more, dammit!

This thing has a lot of HP, so I don't think we'll beat it in the 4 turn limit. the AI is such a dick.

That was a lot of build up for not much damage.

That's annoying, but I only brought you to register you, so whatever.

Well we can ignore the Sewaddle until we can recruit it with Darumaka. Since we don't have a super effective move on our Warlords, we can't recruit Yoshimoto anymore. A real shame.

Top 10 anime battles, the endless feud of Eevee and Spheal.

Not that Yoshimoto would want to be recruited anyway... his skill is one of the few that actually has a negative effect for some reason. Just use Oichi, man.

No recruitment for you, guess I should've brought Carnivine.

Easy enough to get you, since Darumaka is ridiculous. Shame it's not Rikyū's perfect link.

Alright, last one. If you could stay still forever that would be great.

Nice damage. Darumaka's still poisoned, but it's hanging in there.

Will you stop healing!!! It's like I'm facing a Gym Leader again, christ.

Guess I'm just in endless Pokemari hell.


This seems like a terrible idea and you're right, multi-hit moves and jaggy abilities really hurt. But Jigglypuff has the HP to survive juuuuuuuust fine.



Eh, 3/5 ain't bad, I'm sure we'll find the other 2 soon enough, probably.

Long Day

Lord Yoshimoto, you must understand. As a result of losing this battle... You are no longer Warlord of Chrysalia.

Ohh? Ohh...

Whomp whomp.


That's another kingdom down, leaving only Pugilis to go. How will we fare? Maybe that password could be the key to victory... next time!

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Jun 14, 2015

slime time

I don't recall Yoshimoto being worth the effort in general.

I also did way more grinding than you did, but that's just because I like seeing numbers go up, I guess.

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Jun 30, 2017

Thank gooness we all get along so well!

A 100-year time limit? That seems both incredibly long for the main plot and incredibly obnoxious for completionists who want to get every perfect link up to 100% or something similar. I can only hope it's removed in the postgame.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Huh, was this update the first time we saw a warrior whose starting mon didnt match their type specialty?

Sep 11, 2007

The Pokemari balls are neat but the traps are a pain if you forget where they are. Then again, if you do remember you can bait the AI into getting stuck which is always good. Violight gets annoying if the opponent has electric critters and hides out in the holes. Straight-up fights though, I always appreciate that.

Yoshimoto's problem is he's excellent defensively in a game where that's just not very helpful. This game definitely has balance issues, some characters are just better. One in particular is A Monster, even more so with their Perfect Link.

Rigged Death Trap
Feb 13, 2012


Epicmissingno posted:

A 100-year time limit? That seems both incredibly long for the main plot and incredibly obnoxious for completionists who want to get every perfect link up to 100% or something similar. I can only hope it's removed in the postgame.

Its 100 years and then the Meiji government takes your pokemon away

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry

I imagine somebody can only deploy one Pokemon, regardless of the links they have? Or can they actually get 'em out in pairs and such?

Oct 28, 2010

Glazius posted:

I imagine somebody can only deploy one Pokemon, regardless of the links they have? Or can they actually get 'em out in pairs and such?

Only one at a time. I feel that this game has a lot of strange limitations to it, and this is one of them.


Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Does evolution exist? I assume so from the talk about training magikarp.

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