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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Seriously?

Roland Mohr

The wizard hisses through his teeth behind his mask at the realization on who the mutant is, pulling the mask away from his face when he lays eyes on the amulet. "Sigmar's ghost.." His face is even paler than usual, worry etched into his brow and cheeks. He didn't feel he could look direa ctly at the amulet, and something about it just plain turned his stomach.

"That is an artifact of magic most foul, for certain. That the poor lad fell to it..." He shakes his head, holding his mask over his heart.. at least until Donrod seems as if he is going to smash the piece of jewelry. He jumps forward, grabbing the dwarf's shoulder and pulling him back half a step. "No! You haven't any idea how the magic is interlaced into that amulet, and destroying it may unleash something daemonic!" He releases the dwarf, glaring at the amulet. "The boy is lost to us, and that is dire enough without reality sundering itself into the realm of Chaos itself."

Roland adjusts his robe, sighing as he looks the boy over. "If we're to kill him, then allow me to perform his last rites, and do what I can to ease him out of his suffering. His father would want his son to experience some solace and comfort at the end of such misery, and actually proceed unto Morr's gates." In the interim, while the others discuss the boy's fate, Roland turns his magical senses and sight towards the amulet, trying to ken the function and form of the enchantments woven into the metal. If he can figure out how the curse has been formed, he might be able to unravel it safely.

ima cast deathsight which is a TN 5 and i have enough bonuses i shoulda insta cast it but here's a d10 anyways

[16:33] <Dyne> .roll 1d10
[16:33] <skybot> 10 (1d10=10)

Magical Sense vs 44: 1d100 17

John Dyne fucked around with this message at Jan 14, 2018 around 03:00


Apr 23, 2010

"Because the time has come, well and truly come, for all peoples of our great country, for all citizens of our great commonwealth, for all Australians to come together and build a new future for our nation."

- Kevin Rudd

Elise, ever the professional, waits to be sure the enemy aren't just feigning the retreat before going over to join the sad crowd at the mutant. Scratching her head at the ethical conundrum facing them, she spits and makes the sign of the hammer at all the mention of magic and chaos.

"loving magic turns my guts. Uh, no offence, Mohr. Anyone talk to the kid yet? Or what's left of him, anyway."

She squats down into the eyeline of the sitting mutant, snapping her fingers in front of it's face.

"Hey, you in there? Still speak Reikspiel? You're Johan, right? Your father sent us to find you. You wanna take that necklace off? Just...put it on the ground there, ok? Can you tell us how this happened? Who gave you the necklace, and where did the beastmen come from?"

Gossip (Johan) TN 44: 1d100 16

Not opposed to killing the kid and lying about it but would like to at least try conversation first, follow the wizard's lead on the amulet, explore the grove.

thatbastardken fucked around with this message at Jan 14, 2018 around 02:24

Apr 23, 2010

"Because the time has come, well and truly come, for all peoples of our great country, for all citizens of our great commonwealth, for all Australians to come together and build a new future for our nation."

- Kevin Rudd

also i'd like to state for the record that i'm glad this game is back and i look forward to be being drunken petty criminals who occasionally do heroics on accident with you all

Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010
I liked it--it was witty enough and a lot more impressive than I was expecting for a girl's toy cartoon. So I thought, "Hmm. I'm on Something Awful. I don't see a thread for this anywhere, but other people might like it--it's not like it would be the first cartoon for kids that SA's taken a shine to." So I made a real earnest thread and put it up in TV/IV. And I was both right and wrong, because the forum blew up and fell over, and the thread got raided to shit by FYAD, and in like I think two weeks the show was banned outright because people kept causing fucking drama.

Mariano Manzanedo

It was messy, and he hadn't landed a single blow worth discussing. But he had no new holes in his waistcoat, and the mage had been kept unhindered.

Mariano could call it a win, satisfiedly. A first step back. He brandished his sword, waving it in the salute of the duellist at his fleeing foes. "And should our blades cross again, pray you bring finer technique to our next bout! Or the same shall so occur!"

He unstraps the cloth from around his scabbard, wipes down his rapier, and returns it home. It is only then that he notices the beast sitting in front of them--and what remains of the clothes he wears. It does not take an Estalian to put the pieces together, but an Estalian will do so faster, and he clasps a hand to his mouth. "Oh, no."

He folds his other arm across his chest and walks carefully towards the mutant-that-was-Johan, shaking his head. "Oh, no no no. What in Myrmidia's name happened..." Chaos is not normally in his bailiwick. He focuses on the amulet, gears working in his mind, muttering to himself--and Elise, who is roughly at a height to hear him. "They kidnapped him to turn him into... this? It makes no sense. He could never hide mutation such as this. If they only wanted a great mutant they could have grabbed anyone. Did something go wrong? Or did he have the amulet already and it drew him to them?" He shakes his head. Slaying someone they are meant to return feels wrong... even like this. It does not feel like his decision, though he cannot argue with Donrod that it would be a mercy. He decides to wait, and watch how Johan responds to Elise.

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